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– –

Do you hear something?

Around there.

Stand by. Stop where you are!

Analyst Cho.

Analyst Cho.

Chief Kang, where right?

This is Dispatch Four.

I think Dong Bang Min left the emergency clinic.

We’ll look through the area.

How about we go.

This is Dispatch Five. Chief Kang.

Chief Kang, do you hear me?

Investigator Cho!

Investigator Cho!

You said we were family.

Who right?

Don’t you recollect me?

Come here.

Is it true that you are alright? You practically fell.

Is it true that you are alright?

I heard a goshawk’s cry,

what’s more, a 12-year-old came up talking like I was his sister.

Then, at that point I saw Dong Bang Min.

Chief Kang.

I really saw Seung Ah seconds ago.

I think…

I think we were medicated with something.

Would you be able to walk?


Chief Kang!

Is it accurate to say that you are OK?

Somebody medicated us, making us daydream.

In transit up here, I smelled something like a spice.

It was difficult wasn’t only one individual’s doing.

I’ll call for reinforcement…

furthermore, search the instructional hub’s area.

How about we get you to a doctor for an exam.

Alright, we should.

This is Dispatch Two. Chief Kang, we discovered Dong Bang Min.

He’s sound sleeping on a seat outside the emergency clinic.

Mr. Dong Bang.

Youthful Master!

We’ll take care of him. You can go.

Don’t you see we’re exploring him?

Would you be able to knock it off?

Kwak Man Taek was uncovered as the executioner some time in the past.

How much longer should you torture our young expert?

This is the last admonition.

Say that once more. What?

Are every one of you high on something?

Don’t, Dae Shik. Stop it.

– Darn it. – I said stop.

Youthful Master!

What’s happening?

Is it true that you were watching me in the event that I raised a ruckus?


Do you think this is the ideal opportunity for that?

What’s going on with you?

– Dae Shik, don’t. – Let go. Release me.

– Drop the demonstration. – Stop it.

How about we go.

This is Dispatch Two. Chief Kang.

You said something occurred at your dormitory.

Is it true that you are alright?

Both of you, get back to the station.

I think Dong Bang Hyeon Yup is behind what happened around evening time.

We should talk about this later.

– Let’s go. – Okay.

(Voice 4)

(Sonang Village’s Secret, Episode 12)

(Paradise is observer to our mysterious violations.)


(Overseer Kang Kwon Joo)

Your understudies are developed and your hands precarious.

I’d say you were presented to an opiate drug.

Is it a similar segment?

Analyst Cho, I can clear you in a short time,

be that as it may, Director Kang, your condition is serious.

To flush your framework,

I’ll put you on a 30-minute IV dribble.

Investigator Park, you can leave.

With Agent Han, continue to investigate Dong Bang Min’s past.

OK. Call me any time.

I will.

Much obliged to you.

On the off chance that it hadn’t been for you,

I’d have tumbled off the precipice.

You’d have saved me as well.

At the point when you’re medicated,

your blame or dread can show up as a mental trip.

I believe that is the thing that we took.


It seemed like Dong Bang Min as a youngster.

Chief Kang.

I believe there’s a mole in Vimo Provincial Police Agency.

Somebody who reports to Dong Bang Hyeon Yup.

It’s Captain Park.

Hi, I’m with Detective Cho.

I heard.

You’re OK, isn’t that so?

I’m fine. What does the underlying post-mortem report say?

Kwak Man Taek gulped something many refer to as the Vimo plant.

They tracked down a lot of taxin, a painkilling substance.

A painkiller?

This plant is uncommon and just develops on volcanic debris like Vimo Island,

also, taken in enormous sums,

it can cause visualizations and cardiovascular breakdown.

Kwak Man Taek had been taking it for quite a while,

furthermore, today he ingested too much.

It will have placed his heart in overdrive, causing his passing.

Coincidentally, Director Kang…

We likewise have Gong Su Ji’s underlying examination result.

Her cut injuries are indistinguishable from the ones on the dead family.

Much obliged to you.

I think we took the Vimo plant too.

That nutrient beverage. Who did you say it was from?

What’s with the beverages?

The Criminal Affairs Unit is giving them out to everybody.

He said it was from the Criminal Affairs Unit.

It’s by and large like the Vimo Welfare Center chief danger case.

He was an outcast as well,

furthermore, he was everything except pursued away before we discovered the guilty party.

Hello, Detective Shin. Did you discover anything?

We looked through all floors right to the top.

We didn’t discover anybody dubious,

be that as it may, close by the instructional hub we tracked down a consumed Vimo plant.

Vimo plant?

Analyst Cho.

I think I got the qualities of Dong Bang Min’s characters.

The voice message and email from Circus Man were the signs.

There were three foundation clamors.

I distinguished something almost identical and broke down it.

The originally was the Circus Man…

attempting to inhale due to asthma.

The middle chief character…

made the sound of a tapping finger.

From the third character,

I heard the sound of a breaking neck.

– A breaking neck? – Yes.

As though the individual disapproves of bones, joints, or muscles.

– You didn’t get anybody, then, at that point? – No.

They’re actually looking, yet I question they’ll see anybody.

Is it truly not Dong Bang Min?

The emergency clinic is over ten minutes away via vehicle.

It’ll be the residents.

You should’ve seen them pamper him.

Goodness, what’s this about Director Kang having fantasies?

They smelled an unusual plant and both daydreamed.

Criminal investigator Cho suspects…

somebody spiked the nutrient beverages.

The beverage you gave me at the medical clinic. You brought it.

Indeed. They were here.

I took a couple of nutrient beverages.

I am sorry, sir.

The American analyst took note.

All things considered, we figured out how to affirm that…

the Vimo plant water works.

Alright. You can leave.

I put stakes in a no man’s land…

furthermore, made Sonang Village from nothing.

I took in individuals with no place to go…

furthermore, took care of them my blood so they would thrive.

They are my products of the soil realm.

In the event that you hurt my realm,

hope to address the cost in blood.

How might we resume a case…

that was shut with the casualty’s passing?

Kwak Man Taek made a bogus admission.

We’re gathering proof on…

Dong Bang Min’s disease and openings in his Seoul vindication.

I will demonstrate it when he is explored.

A man admitted that he perpetrated the violations.

You even discovered the body and weapon.

Indeed, even in Seoul,

Shin Chang Seob was cleared,

what’s more, I thought it was all acceptable.

As of this second, Vimo Provincial Police Agency will drop the case.

Move everything to Park Hyun when he shows up.

Chief General.

You realize that implies we’re just hurrying to close the case.

You’re from the Golden Time Team and have no ward here.

I gave you full power.

I completely coordinated by the Korea-US extraordinary arrangement.

What more should I do?

It seems like you need to ease off before we discover proof.

Am I wrong?


Is this why you needed the case shut to general society?

You realize Sonang Village controls this island.

What did the elderly person offer…

as a trade-off for delivering his grandson?

Watch your language, Inspector Cho!

Must I say this myself?

Investigator Cho.

You sued your receptive dad for youngster misuse.

There’s discussion that it was so you could take his cash.

There’s even talk that the one…

who mishandled your sister was you.

Official General.

Whatever you say, this case is shut.

Get back to your nation and get over your misery.

The top of an association takes a couple of lines from a report…

to criticize somebody?

Utilizing somebody’s shortcoming to prepare them.

It’s undeniable where you discovered that.


Simply recall that until I’ve been formally supplanted,

this is as yet my case.

Analyst Cho.

Analyst Cho defeated grievous maltreatment and turned into a cop.

You know it’s hard to beat the injury of kid misuse.

Your avoiding island matters since you’re an untouchable…

is the same than impassion toward abusive behavior at home.

In the event that we overlook the activities of Sonang Village,

a much more dreadful beast will arise.

What are you discussing?

I don’t get it. You need us to retreat now?

I actually have two additional days, and I realize I can fix this.

I previously cautioned you about this.

I advised you on the off chance that you raise a ruckus, you’ll be returning home.

Also, presently, I’m getting these extremely upsetting reports…

that you’ve been breaking the arrangement.

Indeed, even your dad imagines that this need…

for retribution of yours has become a fixation.

What’s more, you accept all that trash from him?

In case there were any sort of vengeance, it would be on that sleaze ball himself.

It doesn’t make any difference, Derek.

What is important is that you are a US resident…

what’s more, a Los Angeles cop.

What’s more, in the event that you don’t agree,

you will lose everything.



Then, at that point from now into the foreseeable future, I’ll would whatever I like to do.

Allow me to apologize for Commissioner General Kam’s benefit.

Do you know why I turned into a cop?

I needed to show my receptive dad…

what a genuine cop was, and that he wasn’t one.

That he was a piece of waste.

However, regardless of how enthusiastically I had a go at, not all that much.

Analyst Cho.

You’re now an extraordinary cop.

Hello, Chad.

I’ve found the room leased by Dong Bang Min…

upon the arrival of the episode.

Just a single surveillance camera caught him going into room 1203.

Also, he remained there for 55 minutes.

What’s more, I additionally got an opportunity to converse with the cleaning staff,

saying the room was loaded up with an overwhelming smell of alkali.

They say a portion of the enhancements cosmetics items smell like it.

Great work. Get back securely.

Indeed, Cap.

We’re discovering increasingly more conditional proof.

Have trust.

Analyst Shim.

Here are Sonang Village’s fiscal reports.

Dong Bang Hyeon Yup is the head and there are 50 occupants.

They split the pay from workmanship…

on a for every family premise.

It’s spotless on paper.

Much obliged to you. Extraordinary work.

Hi, Capt