The best technique to make a lost larger part

Trimmings – Ingredients

1 meat 1 kg 2 lost 1 cup 3 salt to taste 4 ginger crushed garlic 2 tablespoons 5 onions 2 tbsp 6 almonds 6 to 8 tbsp 7 to 6 tbsp 6 to 8 tbsp Spoon 11 yogurt 1 cup 12 cooking oil an enormous piece of a cup

Bit by bit Instructions

1 Wash the meat and put it in a sifter and finely cut the onion and fry till splendid. Fry the almonds and margarine and grind them finely. 2 Wash the Kashmiri peppers clean and air pocket them in an enormous piece of some water Blend a lot almonds and spread in it. 3 Heat cooking oil in a compartment, add ginger, garlic and meat and cover over low warmth. 4. In forty to 45 minutes, the meat will condense in its own water. Add onion paste and mix and add salt, coriander, cooked cumin seeds and hot flavors and put it on the tail over low warmth. Take it off

  1. Chicken Nizami Recipe
  2. Trimmings – Ingredients

1 chicken 1 kg 2 salt to taste 3 ginger crushed garlic 1 tablespoon 4 onions 1 tablespoon medium 5 fixed red peppers 8 to 10 pieces 6 white cumin 1 tablespoon 7 turmeric 1 teaspoon 8 crushed coconut 2 tablespoons 9 poppy seeds 2 tablespoons 10 Hot flavors one tablespoon 11 yogurt an enormous part of a cup 12 new cream a huge part of a cup 13 milk four tablespoons 14 saffron, a dash of turmeric 15 green peppers three to four tablespoons 16 green coriander a huge part of a bulge 17 cooking oil four tablespoons

Bit by bit Instructions

1 Wash the chicken and keep it clean. Add an enormous piece of some infection water to the coconut and blend it to make coconut milk. 2 Fry finely hacked onion in cooking oil till splendid. Mix and pulverize finely. 3 When onion is splendid, add ginger, garlic, crushed flavors, salt and turmeric and fry. 4. Then add chicken and fry gently. Add an enormous piece of some water and cook on low warmth. In the wake of cooking for 20 minutes, add coconut milk, blended yogurt, finely cut green chillies and green coriander. Put it in a hot dish and start with Shermal or Taftan.

  1. Reversal Recipe
  2. Trimmings – Ingredients

1 goat meat 2 kg rice 2 cups 3 cups lentils 1/2 cups 4 potatoes 3 tablespoons medium 5 salt to taste 6 ginger garlic 1 tablespoon crushed garlic 7 garlic cloves 3 to 4 tablespoons 8 fixed ginger 1 inch piece 9 onions 3 to 4 tablespoons 10 tomatoes 3 Medium number 11 Proven red peppers 4 to 5 Numbers 12 Proven pepper 6 to 8 Numbers 13 Turmeric 1 teaspoon 14 dim pepper 1 teaspoon 15 chicken powder 1 teaspoon 16 hacked red pepper 1 tablespoon 17 green peppers 3 to 4 Number 18 Yogurt Half Cup 19 Cooking Oil as required

  • Bit by bit Instructions

1 Wash the meat clean and put it in four cups of gurgling water and at the same time add a sliced onion and ground dull pepper. Right when the meat is half-relaxed, separate the yakni. Add ginger, garlic, salt, dim pepper, green pepper and meat and fry. 4) Soak gram lentils in steaming hot water for 30 minutes, then add turmeric and air pocket till the lentils stay open. Fry with and steam the lentils.

  • Juice throat equation
  • Trimmings – Ingredients

1 liter of milk 2 cups of yogurt 3 cups of sugar 4 cups of cardamom 2 to 3 tablespoons rose a few drops

Bit by bit Instructions

1 To make juice, first make cheddar from new milk. For this, keep the milk rising in an ideal holder and with respect to an air pocket, add yogurt. 2 Boil the milk on high warmth and cook when the water separates. Take it off and pour a couple of cups of very virus water in it. 3 After saving it in a cool spot for five to seven minutes, when it is absolutely cool, put it in a muslin texture and hang it. Right when the cheddar is throughout dried, place it on a smooth surface and handle it with your palms. 5 Knead until the cheddar grains are gone, then make little lumps of it. 6. Add multiple cups of water to the sugar and separate it. Pound cardamom in it. Permit it to cook on medium warmth. 7. Right when the syrup arrives at limit, cover it with masterminded cheddar balls and cook on medium warmth. 8. Open the top each a couple of moments in the center so that Do not rise up out of the foaming skillet. 9 After cooking for 10 to 12 minutes, when the juice becomes springy, take it off the broiler and add rose liquor. ں۔۔

6 Fry an onion in four tablespoons of cooking oil, fry the retained rice it, then add ice and salt and let it cook. Warmth up the cadavers. 8 Cool and sprinkle salt and hacked red chillies on them then fry splendid in cooking oil. 9 spreads.

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