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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are invented.

I like you.

I said I like you.

I realize this is abrupt.

You can take as much time as is needed to react.

– I can stand by…

– I like you, as well.


I said I like you, as well.


Huh? Editorial manager Na?

What are you doing here?


Gracious, this.

I came here for this.


I left this in CEO Yoo’s vehicle

while covering a story.

What brings you here?

I came on the grounds that I was stressed over you.

You said you’d be home,

be that as it may, I was unable to contact you.

I stressed you were debilitated.


I’m fine.


Editorial manager Na.

How about we go have brew at Ja-sung’s place.


Gracious, no, no.

I need to head off to some place.

Indeed, then, at that point.


Scene 9: A Flower Blooming

in a Ruined Heart

Scene 9: Flowers Bloom

in a Damaged House

Did you rest soundly last evening?

Indeed, I’m eating now.

(Indeed, I’m eating now.)

Then, at that point… it is safe to say that we are seeing someone?



You appear to be content.

You said you were

hoping to put resources into Jejudo.

Did you at long last discover something?


I think I improved.

Na Young-won’s heart.

Seeing you so glad,

I suppose you truly hit it big.

Better believe it, sure.

It’s hit and blasting okay.

I, Yoo Ja-sung’s… heart.

Hello there, Editor Nam.


Sit down.

How’s your nose? Allow me to see.

It’s okay.

– Don’t say that.

– Ow.

It must’ve harmed genuine awful.

No, I’m alright.

How might you be?

You got hit by a piece of a pig’s bone.

(My affection dollface)

For what reason would you say you aren’t getting?

I need to prepare for work.

I’ll accept private calls later.

What’s going on with you?

Declining to take your sweetie’s call?

– Amazing.

– hello!

Gracious, sir!

Accomplished something great occur?

I’ve never heard you this merry.

Gracious, sure.

Would it be advisable for me to cause you to feel surprisingly better?


Gracious, indeed, Editor Nam

didn’t take his better half

sweetie’s call

since work hours are going to start.

That is to say, flaunting at work

that you’re seeing someone

is so cheap.

It’s a stupid conduct

that ignores

your admonition to keep things

proficient at work.

Isn’t that so?

Indeed, obviously.

What do you think

about his brilliant conduct?

Great, correct?

Indeed, excellent.

Very brilliant. I’ll be off.

Indeed, sir.

See you later.


I should take ownership of what I said.

No not recommended conduct.

Keep things proficient…


Goodness, astonishing!

For what reason do you look so changed?

She changed her style.

It looks so great on you.

Much obliged.

Doesn’t Ui-joo have that dress, as well?

Amazing, you have a sharp eye.

I loaned her my dress.

Amazing, I wouldn’t have known.

It fits you consummately.

Much thanks to you.

Gracious! Proofreader Nam!

I heard you won a membership.


At last!

Much obliged.

OK. We should all will work.

The CEO is frowning at us.

MBTI is a character test.

It examines individuals into 16 kinds.

Individuals do it a great deal these days.

For this issue,

I’d prefer to compose an article

on inside plan inclination

by MBTI type.

I need your test results as tests

so if it’s not too much trouble, give the outcomes

to me by today.

What amount of time will the test require?

10 minutes.

You can perceive how viable

you are with others.

– Is that so?

– You look pretty today.

I wonder who will be viable with me.

I think

the most viable individual

is me, Choi Go.

Eat with me.


What’s happening with you?


For what reason are you on your telephone

during a gathering?

I’m heartbroken. It’s anything but a significant content.

What’s going on here?

Is it business related? Allow me to see.

Gracious, no, no. It’s own.

I’m heartbroken.


I don’t have a clue what it’s identity is,

however, advise them to quit messaging

during work hours.

You’re grinding away.

For what reason do they keep messaging?

So discourteous!

They should be crazy.

Keep in mind!

Chief Yoo said to zero in on work

during work hours!



I progressed nicely, correct?

Indeed, you progressed nicely. Great.

So when will you send in your outcomes?

What results?

The MB whatever…

Here’s the updated storyboard

for the subsequent home.

I’m grieved about before.

It’s alright.

I realize I shouldn’t,

in any case, I can’t handle my sentiments.

Would it be a good idea for us to simply open up to the world?

Reveal to them we’re dating?


No, we should not.

You said to keep things proficient.

On the off chance that we date transparently,

I’m stressed people’s opinion.

Furthermore, they’ll likewise be

awkward around me.


You have a point.

Then, at that point I’ll be more cautious from now into the foreseeable future.

I’ll give a valiant effort

so individuals will not discover.


On that note,

how about we go eat


That is just plain dumb.

Why not?


We should go.


We were welcome to

a publicist’s establishment.

We must have lunch there.

I disclosed to you that in the gathering prior.

I know, I know.

Okay, I’ll go.


Supervisor Nam isn’t coming?

He has a meeting with a modeler.

He’s eating there.


Try not to stay there. Sit elsewhere.


This is what’s up with you.

You are thoughtless.

What do you mean…?

You have numerous chances

to converse with me during covers.

I need to converse with others

during casual gatherings.

Indeed, sir.

I’m heartbroken.

Anybody who’d prefer to

talk with me, if it’s not too much trouble, sit.

The early bird gets the worm.

They’re delaying

since they all need to sit.

The opposition is furious.

You should feel so extraordinary, sir.

This is such an honor.

Here we go.

I’ll serve you first.

Offer that to me.

I’ll serve.

It’s alright. I’ll do it.

I’ll do it.

I need to serve you all today.


Here you go, Chief Editor Choi Go.

You buckle down constantly.

I like that.

Your articles are consistently

right on the money, Editor Yeo.

I anticipate your work.

Goodness, bless your heart.



The workplace is running

on account of our collaborators.

Much obliged to you for your persistent effort.


– Thank you.

– Thank you.

Hold out your dish.

All of you got one, isn’t that so?

Eat up and we should battle on!


You left out Young-won.


Gracious, dear.

I overlooked Editor Na Zero-won.

No matter.

It’s OK. I’ll do it…

This is what’s going on with you!

You have no presence!


In the event that you didn’t get one,

you should’ve made some noise.

For what reason didn’t you say anything?

This is the thing that I don’t care for about you.

There’s one remaining here.


Much thanks to you.

You planned to offer it to her at any rate.

You could’ve offered it to her pleasantly.

All things considered, she wound up

getting the greatest one.

It’s peculiar how

the greatest abalone was left.

Eat up.

Did you have meat?

Indeed, even abalone stalls out in my teeth.

I’m grieved about before.

I was cold to you so they

wouldn’t think about us.

I trust you’re not disturbed.

Goodness, no. I’m not.

You progressed admirably.

On the off chance that you make a big difference for this,

nobody will speculate anything.

Could it be any more obvious?

I complete things

at the point when I set my heart to it.

Sir, what are you doing there

with Editor Na?


Manager Na!

This is what’s going on with you!

Quit irritating me!

It’s noon!

Talk about work during work hours!

Why meddle with my private time?

This is the thing that I don’t care for

about you. This!

For what reason would he say he is so cruel on you today?

You must’ve accomplished something incorrectly.


I didn’t do anything incorrectly.

Why’s he like that?

He has such a temper.

What’s more, why walk like that like an elderly person?


How long are you going to

pull that pack around?

I can’t keep it in the studio.

Somebody may see.

Then, at that point send it to Editor Na’s home.

What’s more, reveal to her how you feel.

We’re busy working.

Somebody may hear you.

– No one will…

– Hear what?

Manager Na!

Who shouldn’t hear what?

Goodness, nothing.

You should have a significant arrangement.


Definitely, your look is amazing.

You appear as though a famous actor.

Aw, shucks.

I was at Ui-joo’s last evening and…

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll be going in at this point. Bye.


(Month to month Magazine Home)

Get it together.

What a disgrace.

For that look,

that pack in there is awesome.

Quiet down.

I nearly got captured as a result of you.

We should simply go.

Why’s this is a direct result of me?

(My adoration doll)

Supervisor Nam.

Goodness, Editor Nam. Goodness, dear.

You should be depleted

from the meeting.

Did you eat?

Indeed, I did.

Simply a sec.

I have something to give you.

What’s this?

20% rebate coupon for

Shinna Hotel Wedding Hall.

Try not to be moved right now.

20% rebate for

Jung Ongdal Saem-mool wedding cosmetics.

Stand by, there’s additional.

20% rebate for

Park Sul-nam wedding hanbok.

What are these for?

Your meaning could be a little clearer.

You got a loft and you proposed.

You’re getting hitched soon, isn’t that so?

So I arranged these blessings.

What do you think?

You’re so moved, isn’t that so?

Gracious, right.

I’m so moved.

That is staggering.

They’re large names in

the wedding business.

I used to work at a wedding magazine.

I utilized every one of my contacts there for this.

I twisted around in reverse

to get these coupons.

Why go to all that difficulty?


How might you say that?

For what reason do you think?

Editorial manager Nam and I are extremely close.

He resembles a sibling to me.

I arranged this as his sibling.

Much thanks to you.

Try not to express gratitude toward me yet.


I’ll assist you with getting the least expensive costs

on everything wedding-related.

Stop that.

Why give him endowments he doesn’t need?

For what reason would you say you are hosing the mind-set?

Is it accurate to say that you are desirous?

Be that as it may, I have awful news.

I can’t do this for you

at the point when you get hitched.


Since he’s the one to focus on

I consider as a sibling.

My sibling, Editor Nam.

I love you.

Your older sibling

loves you a great deal.

Much appreciated.



She is by all accounts content with my acting.

Is it this simple to fulfill a lady?

– Hello?

– Hello, sir.

The water spill fix work

has quite recently wrapped up.

Your tenan

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