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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

You’re here.


Much obliged to you.

For being home.

For being close by.

Scene 8: House + Love = Home

Is it accurate to say that he is still snoozing?

Goodness, sir.

What are you doing here?

You said you’ll be at

your mom’s home.


I returned last evening.

You did?


You even saw me.

Don’t you recollect?

I did?

I must’ve been excessively tanked.


I see. So you don’t…

You don’t recollect…


Did I accomplish something incorrectly?

No, you didn’t.

I’ll be set for work now.

What amount did I drink?

Much obliged to you.

For being home.

For being close by.

It was pointless alcoholic talk.

I got invigorated in vain.

What was I anticipating?


What do you call this tone?


For what reason would you say you aren’t all working?

Sir! Come investigate this.

This is the pack that

sold for 1 million won.

Supervisor Na got it’s anything but a blessing! From a man!

Somebody said he was a fan

what’s more, approached to convey it to her.

A fan?

A man requested that I convey it

at the point when I was tidying up.

I envy you.

Was this blessing since he’s a fan?

Also, not on the grounds that he’s keen on her?


For what other reason give a particularly costly blessing?

– Don’t you suspect as much, Photographer Shin?

– Huh?

Goodness, definitely, I presume.


For what reason would you say you are making nothing to joke about?

Quit fooling around and will work.

Indeed, sir.

This is no joking matter.

Yet, how about we will work.


I envy you.

What’s with the moan?

Do you feel awkward

getting this pack?


What use is that?

Allow this sack to resign

also, recruit this child.

It’s so beautiful!

Huh? What’s this?

There’s a note.

(I’m continually pulling for you.

– An aficionado of Editor Na Young-won)

Mythical beast: That’s a consolation.

I’ll keep on establishing you on.

I’ll generally pull for you! Battle on!

Indeed… Farewell…

I’m continually pulling for you.

I’m an editorial manager at Monthly Magazine Home.

We’re facilitating a market.

I’d prefer to welcome you.

Could it be Dragon?

Greetings, Dragon. Sorry this is so unexpected however

did you go to the marketplace yesterday?


Somebody saying they’re

my fan sent me a blessing.

I was contemplating whether it was you.

(Message from YoungForever)

I think I disclosed to you I was unable to go.

(Message from Dragon)

So it wasn’t Dragon.

I’m grieved. My misstep.

Expectation you have an extraordinary day.

What is she doing during work hours?

For what reason are you meandering

around during work hours?

Goodness, I went to the bathroom…

You didn’t go there

to accomplish something different?


He should be a mystic.

I trust you’re not ignoring your work

since you’re amped up for that blessing.

I’m cautioning you.

Keep hidden and

public issue discrete.

Indeed, sir.


Where are the meeting

inquiries for now?

I messaged them to you

the second I had the opportunity to work.

Why didn’t you disclose to me that?

Better believe it, you are normally acceptable

with that stuff. For what reason did you…

In the event that you had prepared her well,

I wouldn’t shout at her at the present time.


Why’s he taking it out on me?

I’m grieved. I caused this…

No, it’s OK. Try not to stress over it.

It’s anything but a colossal error.

His temper is deteriorating.

Without a doubt.

– Clean-cut and perfect.

– (Second House Cover Interview Questions)

The inquiries are acceptable

what’s more, not excess.


However long she takes care of her work,

it’s not my concern.

Utilize this as the primary photograph

for the adornments corner.

You can pick the photograph

for the closeout…

Gracious, right!


You must’ve gotten the man on camera.

Youthful won’s fan who purchased the sack.

Discover him for me so I can show her.

Goodness, definitely, sure.

Simply a sec.

That Nam Sang-before long is no assistance by any means.

How would it be advisable for me to respond?

These are the lone pictures of him.

That is really awful.

– Then I’ll be going at this point.

– Hey.

There’s another photograph.

What are you discussing?

You’re a photographic artist.

How might you not recall what you took?


Discovered it.

That is him!

Amazing, you got him great.

Print it out for me.


Gracious, there it was.

I neglected.

Goodness, astonishing.

He resembles a work of art.

You truly don’t have any acquaintance with him?



What do you think?

He’s truly attractive.

Disregard it.

I have a ton to do today.

Kindly leave so I can work.

Quit being so hesitant.

Advise me.

Will you meet him on the off chance that he calls you?

Goodness, he truly looks so attractive…

Attractive, my foot!

Set this photograph aside at the present time!

What are you doing during work hours?


What’s happening?


How long have you been remaining there?

I didn’t realize you were there

what’s more, raised my voice.

I asked what’s happening.

Supervisor Na failed to remember your severe admonition.

She was immersed with the man

who got her the pack.

She wasn’t being proficient

so I was censuring her

as a piece of staff preparing.

I progressed admirably, correct?

You’re the person who can’t

separate private and public issue.


Wouldn’t you be able to see the clock?

It’s been five minutes

since noon started.

She’s off the clock now.

On the off chance that she tackles her work competently,

it doesn’t make any difference

on the off chance that she takes a gander at his photograph,

on the off chance that she meets him or on the off chance that she dates him.

I have no goal of getting included.

If it’s not too much trouble, keep out of

the staff’s private matters.


Indeed, sir.

Gracious, indeed, what about

we eat what Editor Na needs today?

What would you like to eat?

Marvelous! Partner Yook

discovered the man’s number.


– It’s you!!

– (Busted!)

You’re the one

who gave her the pack, correct?


You looked bothered

the second I discovered his photograph.


This was you.

You resembled this.


I disdain you.

Okay. It’s me. Cheerful?

You’re no assistance by any means.

You hesitant blockhead.

So who was that person?

An associate?

No. I’ve never met him.

I didn’t need it to lead back to me.

What’ll you do?

It’s a short time

before they discover him.

I can witness what’ll.

You’ll get busted.

I’ll race to you regardless

My affection for you

is unqualified

My affection for you

is additional exceptional

I’ll cross the Pacific and the Atlantic

I’ll even cross the Indian Ocean

In the event that you call me, I’ll rush to you

I’ll hurry to you regardless


No doubt, that looks fine.

What is this social carelessness?

Before you fault society,

think why society

betrayed you.

You talk about the membership to such an extent

that we lost interest.

The declaration is tomorrow?

No. It should be last evening.

The worker for the membership

site shut down.

So the declaration is deferred.

I remained up the entire evening taking a gander at it.

In any case, you can in any case move?

Indeed, indeed, yes.

A decent mystic said…

That you’ll get it this time.


In any case, that great mystic…

You did what he advised you.

Definitely. You have clairvoyant abilities.

So what was it this time?

There’s not much.

You didn’t quit washing or quiet down.

Indeed, there is something.

I stayed by it altogether.

Also, I’m going to

stay by it until I win.

What’s going on here?

There is something.

So what’s going on here?


Then, at that point I’ll tell just you…


What’s going on here?

Try not to inquire.

It’s better not to know.

Insane jerk.

Reel it in.

The CEO is particularly

fickle today.

We’re ready to converse with you like this

since he went out.

Alright, then, at that point.

While he’s gone,

I’ll go get some espresso.

My adoration for you is unique!

The spot we’re covering today

is a subsequent home.

It’s for individuals who need

balance between serious and fun activities

so the focal point of the plan

is rest and recuperating.

Yet, it goes past singular requirements…

In the event that she tackles her work competently,

it doesn’t make any difference

in the event that she takes a gander at his photograph,

on the off chance that she meets him or in the event that she dates him.

I have no aim of getting included.

Why say thanks to me for being close by?

I realize he was tipsy,

be that as it may, why say something like this? Why?

In the event that advancement works out positively,

we’ll have the option to…

Core interest.

Where is your head at this moment?

I particularly advised you.

Separate private and public issue.

I’m heartbroken.

In the event that advancement of

the subsequent home works out positively,

we’ll have the option to

effectively sell the spot

planned for optional lotting-out.

Area: Yangyeong-weapon,

Gangwon-do Province

Parcel region: 720.66 square meters

Building region: 373.17 square meters

Deal cost: 1.4 billion won

The landscape should be

not the same as the city

to be well known as a subsequent home.

The sea see is

what a many individuals need.

To oppose the moistness

of a seaside region,

we utilized materials

with high mass per unit.

Befitting its motivation

as a resting place,

we introduced a superior boundlessness pool

to make it on par with a pool estate.

At the point when I purchased this house

per CEO Yoo’s recommendation,

it was more for venture purposes.

You settled on a great decision.

This subsequent home is close to Seoul.

With the expansion

of encompassing the travel industry framework,

the cost of the house

is constantly rising.


– I’m not going to sell this house.

– What?

I love it here.

My place in Seoul is stodgy,

be that as it may, here, I feel loose.


I will settle here after I resign.

I see how you feel.

A house is a spot

that should be agreeable

regardless of whether you just stay there for a day.

Correct? You comprehend me impeccably.

Where do you live…?

Pardon me.

Would i be able to get some water?

Sure. I’ll be directly back.

Talk about private issue


Try not to burn through this time

with talk that doesn’t bring in cash.

Indeed, sir.

Go to the vehicle and get our magazine.

To provide for the property holder.

Indeed, sir.


This is the condo’s

the executives office.

A lady who says she lives in #5501

continues to request to open the principle door.

She does live with me.

Her name? Na Young-won.


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