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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

Are you tirelessly assembling seed cash

to turn into a mortgage holder?

Are you putting to utilize

the tips that I gave you?

Gracious, obviously!

I’m doing the schedule well

also, concentrating up hard.

I’m doing so well.

You believe you’re progressing nicely.

Be that as it may, don’t be prideful.

There may come a period

you need to surrender.

To endure, set a reasonable picture

of your ideal home

furthermore, consider the big picture

at the point when circumstances become difficult.

An unmistakable objective makes extraordinary inspiration.

My ideal home…


What sort of spot would it be advisable for me to purchase?

A spot I can rest with no concerns.

A spot I can appreciate

getting things done without help from anyone else.

A spot I can change

however I need

to coordinate with my taste.

A spot existing just for me.


I’m doing too here.

Scene 6: You Are in My Heart

Scene 6: You Are in My House

You truly are a decent individual.

I needed to commend you.

As the book said,

the force of a commendation is incredible.

I thought it as it were

dealt with straightforward individuals.

Yet, it’s anything but a high level individual

like me into a whale.

Indeed, Secretary Hwang?

There’s a purchaser for

the spot you’re living in.

OK. Start the agreement

measure tomorrow.

Move my stuff to another vacant spot.


Hello there, Young-won.

What’s going on with you?

I’m searching for my hand cream.

I surmise I didn’t bring it.

I’ll loan you mine.

Much obliged.

Not once more.

What’s going on?

This sack is misbehaving nowadays.

I’m heartbroken.

It’s OK.

I get that you’re setting aside,

however, isn’t this going excessively far?

The zipper is a certain something,

be that as it may, take a gander at the condition of this sack.

What’s this? Buti?

It used to be “lovely.”

The letters tumbled off.

So now it looks so desolate.

Purchase another pack.

It’s as yet useable.

I need to set aside to purchase a spot.


Amazing. You’re advising me to utilize this?

Not discard?

Give it here.

I can

still use it

a few times more.


No doubt, you’ll purchase a spot.

Before long.


(Tune: “Group” by Rain)

In my lodging, got the hundred dollar notes

Hundred dollar greenbacks

Hundred, hundred dollar greenbacks

In my lodging, got the hundred dollar notes

Hundred dollar greenbacks

Hundred, hundred dollar greenbacks

Blazing lights fold over me

I ask that time will stop

Yet, I’m not going to cry better believe it

After the lights go off

Stop that!



So it’s membership craziness

once more.

It’s Rain’s “Pack” this time?

How might you come to function

dressed that way?

We should “pack” up on you

furthermore, show you out.

Actually like the astonishing

lights covering me,

I feel like I’ve become

the star of this world.

What’s going on with you? Talk.

I went to a clairvoyant

prior to the upcoming arbitrary membership.

She said I’ll get it

in the event that I spare my words.

So I’m not going to talk by any means.

You’re truly something.

Essentially it’s anything but boisterous.

I have a truly positive sentiment this time.

I think I’ll get it.

Since I’m feeling so acceptable.


He’s uproarious in any event, when he’s not talking.

The CEO is in this visit room, as well.

Why you…!


How about we give a series of

acclaim to Editor Nam.

Your determination to win a membership!

I profoundly praise that.

I don’t have a clue when, however I trust one day

you’ll be similarly as persistent

in your work.

Which Metro station bathroom

did you take that from?

What’s going on with the CEO?

Praising us?

I don’t have a clue.

He’d typically blow up

in that circumstance.


I should advise you…

Then, at that point the CEO’s commendations were genuine?


I thought he was laying

the preparation to fire us.

It’s a help that it’s anything but.

You know,

on the off chance that you need the commendations

to proceed, watch out.

So the CEO doesn’t discover.


I need this…

He discovered.

Huh? Your meaning could be a little more obvious.


S… s… s… s… sir!

What did you mean seconds ago?

Laying the foundation to fire you?

No matter…

Since we normally don’t get praises,

we misconstrued your expectation.


you worked that hard to not get terminated?

We will not botch it any longer,

so if it’s not too much trouble, proceed

with the commendations…

Or then again not.

Do I by any chance need to say it?

What do we do?

Praises are for individuals

who merit it.

– They’re not whales.

– (Compliments Can Make a Whale Dance)

I sat around and cash.

Indeed, CEO Oh.

We’re here.


Goodness, no.

Alright. I comprehend.

What’s going on here?

Chief Oh’s canine is debilitated.

She needed to go to the clinic.

She inquired as to whether we could do the meeting

at the point when we shoot tomorrow.


However, we’re as of now here. What in the…


I should say something.

For what reason would she say she is getting?

You’re a decent individual.


Chief Oh! I called to have a word…

Her canine is debilitated.

You will not shout at her.


Chief Yoo?

I called to have a word.

To give an expression of solace.

Your canine is wiped out?

Keep it together.

How about we go.

What was that?

I thought he’d blow up.


Where’s the CEO?

He went to cover a story with Editor Na.

Goodness, OK.

Since he’s not uttering a word,

he’ll let this slide, isn’t that so?

It seems as though it.

Be that as it may, no one can really tell when he’ll detonate.

Whatever. I’ll manage that then, at that point.

It’s acceptable he let this slide.

Ow, my neck.

I’m biting the dust here.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why

I’m so worn out nowadays.

Quit drinking each day.

Take nutrients.

Since you raised nutrients…

My dollface said she’ll supplicate

I win the membership…

(4 clients left the visit room)

Disclose to Editor Na to leave

the visit room, as well.

Furthermore, make another talk room

without Editor Nam.

Try not to incorporate him.

Gracious! Who’s covering

the draftsman Lee Hyun-suk?



It’s me.

Who was that?

Who was that knave?

All of you would prefer not to peruse your writings,

so I’m talking like this.

Why I should…

I ought to erase him, not the visit room.

I very need to

win the membership.

– I very need to win the membership.

– Stop!

Goodness. OK.

Indeed, I’m close by.

For what reason do I continue to think

about her commendation?


Pardon me, sir.



Allow me to off at the bus station

around there, please.


Mi-ra dispatched a thing

at a workshop close here.

It’s done sooner than anticipated.

So I’m getting it returning.

OK, then, at that point.

See you tomorrow.


You’re a decent individual.

You will not release me alone.


Much obliged to you.

I could’ve come alone.

It’s a thing our organization needs.

I don’t mean anything by this.



Much obliged to you.

So you can make it yourself here.


Need to attempt it?

As far as you might be concerned, it’s free.

Free of charge?

It’s OK. I’m working at present.

I’m going on a review.

Out of nowhere?

I’ve needed to review

this region for quite a while.

Gracious, OK. Well…

Then, at that point what should I…

Kill time by making that.


I’m off.

Single apartment complexes

with few number of families.

Low productivity in light of the fact that

it’s difficult to set up

a home belt line

like an emergency clinic and tremendous box stores.

You can’t go to the metro station

without taking the transport.

On the Metro,

you need to move twice,

furthermore, pass 15 stops to

get to downtown Seoul.

Openness is amazingly poor.

In a word, it has no venture esteem.

So then, at that point,

for what reason am I burning through my time

looking over this spot?

I know praises

can make a whale dance,

in any case, isn’t this a lot moving?

I, Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung?

Right! Stop!

Yoo Ja-sung…

Take a few to get back some composure!

Supervisor Na Zero-won!

How about we go right this…

You’re back.


This is for you.



For what reason would you say you are giving me this?

I chose to be

a mortgage holder on account of you.

The tips from your recordings give me trust.

It’s anything but much,

in any case, it’s a badge of

my appreciation to my guide.

Such is life.

I’ll go remove this cover.

(Qualities of couples

with an enduring relationship)


– Why are you moaning?

– Yikes. That is so peculiar.

So for what reason would you say you are moaning?

Since I’m desolate.

Shouldn’t something be said about your sweetheart?

He unloaded me.

Gracious, I’m grieved.

Come clean with me.

Am I not alluring as a lady?

Am I really unappealing?

Try not to be so difficult on yourself.

You’re a truly extraordinary lady.



On the off chance that you quit swiping your Visa

like there’s no tomorrow.


Goodness, and in the event that you quit talking so mean.

Likewise, in the event that you don’t turn alarming

at the point when you’re smashed.

Gracious, and…

Advise me to get reawakened, why not?

Change that bent character.

Why you…

Make a sound! Talk!

Make a sound, huh?

It dissolves in my mouth.


for what reason would you say you are getting me supper?

It’s compromise.

I’m exact with regards to reimbursing.

It wasn’t something as extraordinary as sushi.

I needed to eat sushi.

In the event that you don’t care for it, you can leave.

Gracious, no, sir.

A container of purpose, please.


I requested this is on the grounds that

I needed to drink it.

On the off chance that you don’t care for it,

you don’t need to drink.


I’m so going to drink it.


Not one content.

Simply disregard him.

Proofreader Nam: Editor Yeo…

I need to crap genuine terrible.

Would you be able to come out

also, hold my spot in line…?

What poo is this?


So irritating!


Manager Yeo, please…

If it’s not too much trouble, save me…

I’m beseeching you… If it’s not too much trouble…

He’s so irritating.

Why ask me!?

Go ask your doll!

She’ll be worn out from instructing.

I can’t request that she do this.

What the?!

I worked, as well. I’m worn out, as well!

Do I resemble a sucker? Huh?

A plastic specialist with his own

practice in Cheongdam-dong.

In the event that you come here,

I’ll set you up with him.


You think that will make me

go there at this hour?


So irritating.

What’s this?

What use is this?

Lodging costs will fall

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