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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are invented.

Look here, Editor Na.

Manager Na Zero-won!


We’re here.

I’m grieved.

You were sufficiently thoughtful to drive

also, I nodded off on you.

It’s difficult to battle rest

at the point when you’re drained.

I’m worn out as well, so you can get out at this point.


Much thanks to you.

See you tomorrow.


I went excessively far before.

I’m grieved.

You don’t need to move out all things considered.

What’s happening with him?

He was sorry first.

Such is life.



She’s most likely crying

tears of appreciation.

I surmise I can compose a remark.

(House purchasing Café)


(Get warning of new post)

(YoungForever has another post.)

She’s posting like there’s no tomorrow.


I’m withdrawing to Jasung TV.

I’d prefer to track down another channel.

Kindly suggest.

Mythical beast: Why out of nowhere?


What you should do

while gathering seed cash

is acquiring information by

perusing land books.

What’s the utilization of social event seed cash

at the point when you can lose everything

in the event that you don’t think about land?

You can have a weapon and shots,

however, on the off chance that you don’t have a clue how to utilize it,

you will pass on a ghastly…

Do I need to hear this at home, as well?

No big surprise he has not many devotees!


It’s simply something individual.

In any case, kindly suggest some able

land channels.

Mythical beast: as far as anyone is concerned, Yoo Ja-sung

is Korea’s top land master.


What’s this?

Is it accurate to say that she is clashing?


Scene 5: You Must Live

in Your Home to Know It

Scene 5: You Must Experience

a Person to Know Them

Why didn’t you say something?

Was this entertainment to you?

I thought we were accomplices.

In any case, did you consider me

as diversion?

Hello, Shin Gyeom!

(First Lady Lunch Box)

Pardon me.

Will this do another 1+1 occasion?


We don’t do 1+1 with new things.

There was that other time.

No, there wasn’t. Not even once.

Gracious! Investigate this.

First Lady Lunch Box is 1+1.

Huh? Truly?

I’ve never seen a lunch box go for 1+1.

I get it’s an advancement

since it’s another thing.

Save our seats outside.

I’ll pay the clerk.

So she realizes you’ve been acting poor?

I asked why you looked so blue.

You’re crushed.

You know,

getting captured involved time.

I think

there’s only one approach to turn this over.

Reveal to her how you feel.

That you like her.


“I like you such a lot of that

I needed to help you.”

Go for an immediate assault.

Then, at that point she will not be frantic any longer.

She may even respond.

Disregard it.

This isn’t an ideal opportunity to admit.

It’s the ideal chance to admit!

An emergency is a chance. OK?

OK then, at that point. Continue being a killjoy.

Editorial manager Na Young-won: How was the shoot?

Call me when you

get to Seoul. How about we talk.

An emergency is a chance!

Try not to examine. Admit!

You know…

I wasn’t attempting to delude you.

I’ll come clean with you.

I know

why you did it.


You were helping an associate

attempting to set aside cash.

I’m sorry I misread your honest goal.

Thinking back, I was the one

who misjudged you

furthermore, got carried away.

It was hard for me.

So I surmise I needed somebody to depend on.

I was earnest in needing

to be your accomplice.

Definitely, I know.

Furthermore, I’m truly appreciative.

Would we be able to in any case be general store mates?


Lift up your drooping

base with Damoa-up!

Molding clothing

after a competitor’s foot advertisement…

The pride of our magazine…

I advised you keeping up with

cash is primary goal.

Yet… The previous CEO…

He didn’t put advertisements like this.

Particularly something so revolting…

What’s happening with you?

You appear to favor the previous CEO.

He’s currently in

the odds and ends shop business.

You can basically find a new line of work

as low maintenance assistant.


I’ll serenely place in the advertisement.

That will be all.

Congrats! Congrats!

Congrats on

your triumphant an honor!


What’s this?

You didn’t have the foggiest idea?

Our CEO is getting a chief honor

at the current year’s Magazine Day.

I’m grieved. We didn’t have the foggiest idea…

For what reason didn’t you advise us?


It’s not all that much.

– Wow! Congrats!

– Congratulations!


This is the reason you’re on his boycott.

What the?

A particularly toady.

He ought to be the pioneer

of sweet talk group not promotion group.

I’ll say.

He’s berserk to score high with the CEO.

Don’t bother.

Everybody, smoothly follow me.


I have an idea.

Since you’re getting an honor,

what about a component story on you

in the following issue?


I’d prefer you placed in more advertisements.

As I said, it’s not much.

Obviously it’s exceptional!

You’re a rising star in

the magazine business,

getting an honor

90 days after you dominated.

Individuals should know you’re

the CEO of our magazine.

You suspect as much?

I surmise there might be

a special impact.

In the event that individuals know

the expert of land is CEO,

the houses we’re advancing

will sell better.

It’s a lucrative thought.

Correct? I progressed nicely, correct?


You should’ve thought about this sooner.

The cutoff time is close.

You’ll need to get going.

I’m heartbroken.

Goodness, indeed, then, at that point… Your component story…

Supervisor Na could compose it.


– Editor Na?

– Yes.

She’s your selective supervisor

what’s more, she did numerous meetings

at her previous work.


Aren’t there more able editors?


Such is life…

The others have a great deal

on their plate at the present time.

Then, at that point it would not benefit from outside input.

You’ll need to compose well.

If not, I’ll get another supervisor.

How might he tell her directly?

So embarrassing…

Get another editorial manager?


He should think I need to compose this.

Youthful won, you helpless thing.

It would appear that CEO Yoo is distraught at you.

Will you be OK composing the story?

Goodness! Is it true that you are searching for another spot?

The CEO said I don’t need to move out.


He was irate about

the solicitation for a rebate.

He’s acceptable at this point?

Then, at that point what’s going on with him?

Better believe it, all things considered,

I thought things were acceptable…

In any case, I suppose they’re not.

He’s so hard to sort out.

I can’t accept you’re composing

an element story on him.

I feel frustrated about you.

In the event that you need any assistance, let me know.

I’ll help you bounty.

All things considered,

would you be able to compose the component story?


You’re mind boggling.


Since when did you surrender that without any problem?

You have a particularly persevering soul.

On the off chance that you overcome this,

you’ll become significantly more.

Battle on!

Help me, my foot.

Month to month Magazine Home

Month to month Magazine Home

How about we leave, both of us

surrendering everything

Hi! Ideal to meet you!

(Lee Soo-Jung/Age 49)

(25 years experience of editing)

(Key errand: Checking grammatical errors,

adjusting sentences)

(Note: Comes in just for seven days prior

the cutoff time! 2 months living in Jejudo)

Under that star

You’re a finished Jeju individual at this point.

No doubt. I was at first stressed

at the point when you said you were moving to Jejudo.

Is it true that you are on a tight eating routine? You look more slender.

I eat just vegetables

like the vocalist Lee Hyo-ri.

Veggie lover!

I’m doing yoga like Lee Hyo-ri.

Going on like this,

I may get men

in “only ten minutes.”

Only ten minutes, my foot.

You’re simply 50 years old

yet unmarried.

What, you jerk?

That is the thing that I would’ve said.

Be that as it may, in the wake of living in Jejudo,

I don’t blow up.

I get this is on the grounds that

the spot is great.

Jejudo is so mending.


You like Jejudo that much?


Try not to stress over remaking

what’s more, come to Jejudo.

On the off chance that you sell your condo,

you could purchase a few houses there.



You can lease your homes out,

go for strolls on the oreums

what’s more, surf in the sea.

Jejudo is heaven on earth!

Should I ask my significant other to

leave everything and go?


What use is that?

Your better half is obsessed with

your children’s schooling.

She drives your children

right to Daechi-dong.

Would she live in Jejudo?


There are private foundations there, as well.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a PC,

you can take classes

from Daechi-dong mentors.

In any case, it’s unique in relation to

as a matter of fact being there.

Furthermore, the scholarly

environment is extraordinary.

Isn’t that so?


You living in Jejudo?

No can do.

Ui-joo, Ui-joo, Yeo Ui-joo.

Come here for a sec.

Sure. What’s happening?

What’s this mistake here?

It’s anything but “unhesetatingly.”

It’s “unhesitatingly.”

Gracious, I committed an error.

Some error.

How might you commit this error?

Perhaps this is on the grounds that you

unhesitatingly misconceive things.


Furthermore, here.

It’s anything but “subtly.”

It’s “daintily.”

Gracious, another slip-up.

How could a supervisor of more than 10 years

commit this sort of error?

Possibly this is on the grounds that you think gently.


Errors mirror one’s capability! Alright?


You said you don’t get frantic

in the wake of living in Jejudo.

For what reason would you say you are getting so frantic?

What? Frantic?

When did I get distraught?

I was simply offering guidance.

You’re excused.

Huh? Alright.

Does he generally wear

shoes to an overview?

Indeed. Be that as it may…

A couple doesn’t most recent three months.

He strolls a ton.


That is unimaginable.

This is to improve things.

At the point when she covers me,

she’ll know how extraordinary

a land master I am.

She’ll understand what a simpleton she was

to withdraw to Jasung TV.

Area: Gangjun-gu, Seoul

Parcel region: 560 square meters

Building region: 330 square meters

Deal value: 12 billion won


You’re purchasing this house?

Huge houses aren’t famous these days.

Since families are getting more modest.


Everything you can see is a major house.


A house of 330 square meters.

A sum of 13 rooms.

Going from 2-man rooms

to 8-man rooms.

It tends to be renovated to a sharehouse

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