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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.


Do you like me?


Somebody that is multiple times better…

Do you mean yourself?

You as me, isn’t that right?

I’m correct. Right?


this be answer enough?


For what reason did I inquire?

Manager Na Zero-won.

Supervisor Na Zero-won.

Huh? Goodness…

What did you simply say?

I said…

I mean…

Do you like me?

Will this be answer enough?


Take a few to get back some composure.

I advised you to drink, not become inebriated.

Please. I’m correct, huh?

I realize when to really try to understand.

You paid for the easy chair and espresso.

You prevented me from purchasing drinks.

You’re getting me drinks now.

You say it’s regarding

lawful issue or productivity.

However, it’s anything but a pardon.

Since you like me,

you need to treat me well,

so you rationalized!

Since I’ve brought it up,

simply be straightforward and advise me.

Like a man!

Be valiant!

Will I truly be straightforward?

I did this is on the grounds that I showed compassion for you.


You shudder at burning through 10,000 won

since you are attempting to set aside.

I had sympathy toward you.

I assisted you with loving I help the poor.


The penniless?

I can’t really accept that you got that thought.

I’m Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung.

The last mythical beast of our age

to ascend from a trench.

You think I turned into a mythical beast

to be with somebody like you?

You think I made my fortune

just to be with somebody like you?

Get it together!

How would it be a good idea for me to respond?

I should kick the bucket.

Kick the bucket.

I can’t go to work tomorrow.

I shouldn’t have been pleasant to her.

Me, similar to Na Zero-won?

Me, Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung?

Na Zero-won who has nothing?

I’ll increase the volume.

What a heap of junk!

I’m grieved.

Goodness, no.

I wasn’t conversing with you.

(9,300 won)

For what reason does my vehicle have a taximeter?


It’s my vehicle. A taxi.

Taxi? Is it accurate to say that you aren’t the escort?

I’m a cabbie.

Then, at that point shouldn’t something be said about my vehicle?

– What?

– What?

Goodness, no.

I think I called a taxi

rather than the driver administration.

I’m unfortunately please

turn around to Itaewon.


I can’t really accept that I committed this error.

I’m awesome.

The psychological harm

she did must’ve been immense.

I’m squandering cash, time and feelings.

This is all a result of Na Zero-won.

Na Zero-won. Na Zero-won.

Na Zero-won!

Hi, sir!

What a flawless morning!

Beautiful morning?

– Yesterday…

– Oh.

Did you return home well?

I passed out. I don’t recollect a thing.

Goodness, I see.

You looked extremely plastered.


I should end my drinking days.

Or then again end my life.

Right. I revealed to you I was purchasing,

however, the bill was more than I anticipated.

I was figuring we should part it.

What amount right?

380,000 won.


However, we had two glasses of draft brew

also, six packaged brew.

As a bite, we had shrimp gambas.

The complete is likely

under 100,000 won.

That chicken plate of mixed greens was on the house.

You recall entirely well.

It isn’t so much that you don’t recall.

It’s that you would prefer not to recollect

what you did yesterday.

I felt so humiliated.

I’m heartbroken.

I’m grieved about yesterday, as well.

You’re grieved…

You were off the mark and you lied.

You think sorry will cut it?

That doesn’t make what you disappeared.


The sensation of affront

you left me with…

That will not disappear

with “sorry.”


What am I going to do?



– Hi.

– Hello.


Did your cover end late?

You look so drained.

You know how it resembles.

Indeed, I know.

I’m additionally extremely drained.


What about some sweet espresso

to re-energize our energy?

Is it true that you are purchasing?

It is safe to say that you are insane?

The individual who was

expected to purchase pork ribs.


Be that as it may, who fortunately moved away without purchasing.


Who is that fortunate lady?

Her name is

Na. Youthful. Won.

Manager Na should purchase.



We have

another lender.


Well really,

I planned to inquire

Proofreader Na to purchase espresso,

since she got out if of gratitude to you.

Then, at that point I recalled your insightful comments.

Savvy comments?


You said it’s just correct

you purchase the espresso

to help work proficiency.

So I’ve come to amenably inquire.

I progressed nicely, correct?

What might be said about my work effectiveness?


In the event that I purchase espresso,

your group will perform well.

In any case,

what might be said about me?

I have the most significant

position in this organization.

My work proficiency will diminish.


He said Editor Na should purchase espresso.

Pause, however last time…

Right. Last time, I purchased espresso.

I’m profoundly lamenting that second.

I shouldn’t have squandered

my cash like that.

What’s the most costly

espresso on the menu?

Green tea cream latte mixed.

Much else costly?

Overhaul the size to a huge.

Add Java chip sprinkles on top.

Add hazelnut syrup.

What’s more, sprinkle beating.

What’s more, a few shots of coffee…


Include all that you can.


What’s going on with him?

He should truly lament

purchasing espresso last time.

At any rate,

I’ll have what he’s having.

– Me, as well.

– Come on.

Youthful won doesn’t have any cash.

I’ll purchase.

It’s OK, Ui-joo.

– I’ll purchase.

– Forget it.

I revealed to you I’ll help you save.

Month to month Magazine Home

Much appreciated, Ui-joo.

I’m getting a hunch.

Huh? About what?

I thought I lost my touch last time.

Yet, presently I’m certain

that CEO Yoo likes you.

Not this once more, please.


Last time, he purchased

espresso in your stead.

Today, he advises you to purchase espresso.

What do you believe he’s doing?

He’s playing back-and-forth.

No, he’s not.

What’s your opinion about him?

He’s morose, yet he’s not awful.

It’ll be enjoyable to be a tease.

Stop it!

I disclosed to you he doesn’t care for me.

I’m disclosing to you he does!

On the off chance that you don’t trust me,

ask him yourself.

Ask him straightforwardly on the off chance that he loves you.

– Ask him…

– I did.

I asked him!


– I’m going off the deep end. You asked him?

– (Episode 4: If I Could Renovate My Life…)

The customer of last quarter’s

inside uncommon “Change”

was a recently marry couple

living in a month to month leased house.

The customer picked for this quarter

is a single parent living

in a little single room.


Change the customer.


Who might be intrigued

in a solitary room inside?

Changing a solitary room

will not draw consideration.

Change it to the excursion lodge

I put resources into.

Sir, however that’s…

This extraordinary is to assist

the minimized…

I should transform somebody

other than the customer.


Do you mean me once more?

Indeed. I can’t work with somebody

who can’t help contradicting me.

I’ll serenely change the customer.

I didn’t accepting this magazine

to accomplish good cause work.

Be that as it may, in the event that you help, you’ll feel remunerated…


I don’t have a clue.

I assisted a burdened individual,

however, rather than feeling compensated,

I was misjudged.

He was misjudged

in the wake of assisting

a burdened individual…

He’s maxim that to you, correct?

Also, he said he lamented

purchasing espresso…

That was focused on you also.

He’s pestering you efficiently.

What would it be advisable for me to do now?

So for what reason did you ask him?

Why act thoughtlessly and get on his terrible side?

You said your hunch was correct.

You said you were certain he loved me.

Huh? Who right?


When have you at any point paid attention to me?

What are you going to do now?

I’m so stressed over you!


I heard somebody moved into #707.

Do they realize what occurred there?

On the off chance that she did, she wouldn’t have moved in.

She lives alone, what’s more.

What are…

…you discussing?

We’ll be going at this point.

What occurred at #707?

Nothing. It’s nothing.

What do you don’t mean anything”?

What was the deal?

I think it’s anything but a year prior.

A lady about your age inhabited #707.

She ended it all.

Word got around

also, nobody needed to live there.

Some moved in without knowing.

However, they didn’t most recent a month.

They said

there was a phantom.

Please. There’s no phantom.

It’s the fourth Industrial Revolution time.

Artificial intelligence leaves vehicles these days.

Phantoms aren’t genuine.

No compelling reason to express gratitude toward me.

I’m getting month to month lease

from an extra condo.

An extra condo?

More like it’s extra

since someone kicked the bucket here

furthermore, the spot isn’t selling.

No, stand by.

It’s anything but like

I wouldn’t have moved in the event that he advised me.

I did this is on the grounds that I had compassion for you.

I had compassion for you.

I assisted you with loving I help the penniless.


Help the destitute?

What a chuckle!

He acted liberal

in any case, he unloaded this put on me

to get lease.

No, stand by.

Essentially he didn’t inquire

for a security store.

We should imagine I didn’t hear it.

It’s the fourth Industrial Revolution period.

It’s the fourth Industrial Revolution period.

The fourth Industrial Revolution period…

The fourth Industrial Revolution period…

It right?

It right?



Manager Na, need a late evening

nibble with me?

It’s late. Perhaps I shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t.

Huh? Manager Na!


Somebody kicked the bucket there?


I was unable to remain in light of the fact that it feels frightening.

So I came out to kill time.

Did you converse with Ja-sung?

Some even saw a body

being gurneyed out…

You knew?

That CEO Yoo was my landowner?





you’re truly going

to remain here the entire evening?

I’ll be fine.

I’ve regularly gone through the night outside

doing photograph shoots.

Then, at that point what about

going to my second house all things considered?

Your subsequent house?

What’s your opinion on my subsequent house?

It’s astounding.

You have a colossal yard

what’s more, a wonderful waterway see.


Isn’t that so?

It’s the ideal spot to kill time.

You’re correct.

Looks delightful.

Need to arrange something?

Requesting take-over here is an absolute necessity.

Not once more.

Would you like to be poor?

In any case, since you feel down today…

It may seem as though pestering,

be that as it may, you need to control

motivation purchasing, as well.

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