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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

When did this sever?


I need to get another one.


I shouldn’t squander anything.


Right, right.

I was frugal to say the least

what’s more, set aside

105,200 won in seven days.

I’ll get 100 million won seed cash


105,200 won in seven days.

That is 420,800 won

in a month.

That’s… 5,049,600 won in a year.

To get to 100 million won…



20 years?

“In a matter of seconds,” my foot!

I’ll be 50 years old.

No chance.

How might I set aside quicker?

A decent method to scale back

on ways of managing money

is the very economical technique for

spending just 10,000 won a day.

It’s the 10,000 won schedule.

(Try not to be obligated to the upcoming me.)

Spending just 10,000 won.

You can do it, correct?


This is a 10,000 won schedule I made.

Task Spend 10,000 won a Day.

Until the day I become a property holder,

the present me won’t ever be obligated

to the upcoming me.

Mythical serpent: I trust you succeed.

Battle on.

Secretary Hwang

Indeed, what’s going on here?

Sir, there’s a purchaser for

the spot you’re living in.


I’ll sign the agreement

also, move out tomorrow.

Hi. Hello.

– Good morning.

– Good morning.

It is safe to say that you are alright?

Huh? About what?

You lost 5 million won

in light of the easy chair episode.

Gracious, that.

The CEO said the organization

will pay the costs.

Truly? No chance!


I was so stressed. That is great!

That inhumane man who just knows cash?

It occurred while accomplishing organization work.

In the event that the organization didn’t

assume liability,

he stressed there’d be issues

with the Labor Law.

I surmise he got lawful guidance

in the event that you sued.

In any case, it’s anything but like him

to be so liberal.

At any rate, I’m glad for you.

Your life was harsh

however, it could be improving.

Much thanks to you.

Next is the new ad we got.

Where right?

(Competitor’s Foot Zombie)

They need this as an advertorial

in the current month’s issue.

The promotion charge is 30% higher than others.

Boss Editor, put this

in the current month’s issue.

Huh? I don’t figure we can…

Every one of the spots are full.

Then, at that point abbreviate the Special article

also, put this in.


Sir, this isn’t right.

A competitor’s foot promotion in

Month to month Magazine Home?

It’s repulsive.

Before you turned into the CEO,

we painstakingly chose advertisements

also, ran them negligibly.

Keeping up with pride is primary goal.

– Is that so?

– Yes.

Then, at that point dropping is the lone way.

Believe it or not.

We should drop this promotion…

Not the promotion. You, Chief Editor.

On the off chance that you disagree with me,

I’ll drop you.

From this organization.

I’ll smoothly place the promotion in.

However long I’m CEO,

poise isn’t primary goal.

Keeping up with cash is.

On the off chance that it brings in cash,

I will run it.

Get it?


The business’ generally noble

magazine has fallen.

Nothing will change by protesting.

Manager Yeo, make your dobira (mid-cover)

one page. Put it in there.

Not my article!

Disclose to Editor Nam to do it.

You insane?

My article is an exceptional about

Korea’s building legend

the late Lee Dong-wook.

In the event that it turns into the confronting page

of the competitor’s foot advertisement,

the dispossessed family will be so furious.

Also, my extravagance inside article?

It’s OK to be

the confronting page of the advertisement?

You truly need to know?

Both of you, shut up!


Assist me with excursion. Please.

Cut yours this time, Editor Yeo.

Next time this occurs,

I’ll cut his twice.


Dang it!

This is crazy.

I’m so focused!

To vent,

we should get sweet espresso.

You’re purchasing?


You insane?

Manager Na, you purchase.


You don’t need to pay

5 million won for the rocker.

Try not to pretend obliviousness now.

No chance.

She may be ravenous,

be that as it may, she saved 5 million won.

You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?


You had compassion for her yesterday,

in any case, what use was that?

You’re sucking her dry.

Sucking her dry?

She saved 5 million won.

She can purchase some espresso.

Isn’t that so? Editorial manager Na?

So? What do you say?

– You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?

– You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?

– You’re purchasing?

– You’re purchasing?

You’re purchasing?


– She’s purchasing!

– She’s purchasing!

She’s purchasing!

It’ll cost around 20,000 won

I swore not to be obliged

to the upcoming me.

In any case, I can’t say no.

Hello, the upcoming me.

I’m unfortunately your 10,000 won is mine.

Editorial manager Na Zero-won?


Because of you utilizing organization reserves,

she doesn’t need to burn through 5 million won.

So I advised her to get us espresso.

I progressed nicely, correct?

In the event that you settle on what to drink,

text Mi-ra, please.

This is a 10,000 won schedule I made.

Task Spend 10,000 Won a Day.

Until the day I become a mortgage holder,

the present me won’t ever be obliged

to the upcoming me.

Would it be a good idea for me to not take out the whipped cream?

Quit going to and fro.

Who’s going to and fro?

I just go forward.

I need a cut of cake, as well.

The soft one.



What will you have?


I don’t need espresso today.

Try not to purchase mine.

Then, at that point,

your charge card, please.



You need espresso?

I’m purchasing.



It can help all of

your work effectiveness.

Those being dealt with work better

since they’re feeling acceptable.

The one purchasing will not

since they’ll be feeling terrible.

As the CEO of this organization,

I can’t have even one individual

be less effective.

Here, take it.

Indeed, sir.

Much thanks to you.


Is this seriously?

The CEO is purchasing espresso.

It’s the first run through in the 3 months

he’s been here.

Better believe it.

He’s about cash.

The competitor’s foot advertisement says everything.

However he’s purchasing espresso?

In any event, when he paid for the easy chair?

Isn’t it abnormal?

However long we get espresso, what difference does it make?

You lucked out.

You’ve set aside cash once more.

I know.

I’ll have a latte.

No, mocha.

Scene 3: Living with a Parasite

I think your idea is better.

I’ll utilize this as the fundamental photograph.


Great decision.

I was getting ravenous, as well.

Need to get 1+1 gimbap

at the general store?

– Sure.

– Great.

How about we check whether there’s another thing.

Gracious, First Lady Lunch Box.

– Look.

– (Special cost: 6,000 won)

You need to get this all things being equal?

I do.

Be that as it may, it’s costly.

I’ve begun an undertaking

to spend just 10,000 won a day.

Just 10,000 won for

transportation and living expenses.

I need to save on eating out.

Fish kimchi and Jeonju bibimbap.

Spread soy sauce and bulgogi.

It’s in a dead heat.

Hello! Look at this.

First Lady Lunch Box is 1+1.

Huh? Truly?

I’ve never seen a lunch box go for 1+1.

I get it’s an advancement

since it’s another thing.

We should get this.

It’s 3,000 won each.

Wonderful. We’re getting this.

Save our seats outside.

I’ll pay the clerk.



I can’t accept this is 3,000 won.

I’m lamentable, isn’t that so?


each and every piece makes a difference.

What’s more, one day I’ll have

cash to purchase a house.

Be that as it may, since you’re so capable,

I bet everything pays you a ton.

You’ll presumably procure enough

to purchase a house soon.


I will work here

just for a couple of months.


My energy right presently is workmanship photography.

I need to concentrate artistic work appropriately.

“Why take craftsmanship photographs

that don’t bring in cash?”

“Would you like to be poor?”

You planned to say that, correct?


Would you like to have a forte?


It’s outstanding that you have a fantasy

what’s more, that you’re daring

enough to follow it.

Your drive to challenge yourself

is awesome.

Truly, I’m somewhat desirous.

Month to month Magazine Home

Greetings, Honey.

Get back home after 10 PM today.

Once more? How might I kill time…?

Hi? Nectar?

What do I do up to that point?

Lunch box: 3,000 won.

Store side dishes for supper:

5,000 won.

In the event that I head back home,

I have 2,000 won left today.

OK. Amazing.

– Whoa, huge news!

– Yikes!

What’s going on here?

The pork ribs place

across the road is shutting down.

It was on TV and struck it rich.


There’s consistently a long queue. Why close?

They got a ton of objections

from neighbors.

They’re moving to Jejudo Island.

The present the last day.

I never went, thinking I’ll go

when the publicity faded away.

This will not do.

How about we all go there today.

I can’t.

I eat plans with my sweetie…

It’s dropped. She has a make-up class.

OK. We should go.


You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?


You should be distraught.

Supervisor Na, you purchase.


You got a good deal on

the rocker and espresso.

You should purchase.

What do you think?

All of you concur, isn’t that so?

That’s right.

You’ve had best of luck

so why not celebrate?

What do you say?

– You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?

– You’re purchasing, isn’t that so?

No matter. Sure.

Gangnam, Yeouido. Gwanghwamun, and so on

An area with simple access

to capital business areas.

A condo near the work environment.

A low structure just five stories high.

Low floor region proportion

will permit it to turn into

a skyscraper condo

at the point when it’s remade.

Alright. Pass.

Secretary Hwang.

At the point when Geumma Apartment

goes ahead the market,

get it right away.

I advised you not to take a gander at the camera.

You requested open

photographs of you working.

I feel off-kilter taking photographs.

Try not to act naturally cognizant

furthermore, investigate there.


It’s six individuals, so it’ll cost

somewhere around 100,000 won.

Not be obligated to the upcoming me?

I’ll be obligated to 10 days of me.

It would not benefit from outside input.

Since I’m purchasing, I’ll go hard and fast.

I’ll purchase.

Didn’t you choose to utilize

a 10,000 won schedule

so you could set aside to purchase a house?

Then, at that point how would it be advisable for me to respond?

It appears as though I can’t receive in return.

Did they get you espresso?

Did they pay for the rocker?

No, however…

So why get them drinks?

Quit being a sucker.

Figure out how to escape I

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