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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

House purchasing plan…

You have entered some unacceptable secret phrase.

Who right?

You have entered some unacceptable secret word.

Jasung TV

Try not to be tricked by

this charlatan Yoo Ja-sung!

Who right?

It’s security.

Gracious. Simply a second.

How could you get in here?

I moved in here one minute prior.

You moved? I wasn’t told.

It’s anything but an abrupt move.

Check with the property manager,

President Yoo Ja-sung.

Goodness, Yoo…

I’m grieved.

This spot was vacant for quite a while.

However, I got a call that sounds

could be heard from here.

Lock up well. Goodbye.

I am sorry for the difficulty.

However, where’s all your…

I’m Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung,

President of Jasung Real Estate Investment Co.

Why Gaeryong?

It’s anything but “a winged serpent

that is ascended from a trench.”

I began with nothing.

Presently I’m an example of overcoming adversity.

You think this just happens to other people?


It just happens to other people.

Not every person can succeed

through land.

Discard that feeling of rout.

Rather than reviling the dimness,

light a flame.

I will end up being your candle.

On the off chance that you utilize my strategies and put forth a valiant effort,

I ensure

you can possess a house, as well.


Scene 2: Hope for My Own House

Less upkeep expense

contrasted with little edifices.

Because of dynamic deals,

liquidity is superb here.

It’s the region’s milestone

what’s more, driving loft.

Precisely 9 minutes 13 seconds.

A high rise

with a grade school.

Otherwise called ACES.

It’s anything but a tram station.

You can appreciate different administrations

that are all in arm’s span.

It meets every one of the necessities

consummately. Pass!

Pardon me, sir.

– Why don’t you let me do the review…

– No.

I just trust my eyes and feet.

I need to do the legwork

what’s more, see with my own eyes

to know whether it merits putting resources into.

The number of condos are up

available to be purchased in that complex?

Two in the 80-square-meter range and

one in the 120-square-meter range.

Then, at that point it’s around 2 billion won altogether.

I’ll send the cash at this moment.

Get them all.

Indeed, sir.

Move 2 billion won

to Hwang Dong-hyung, complete



Wouldn’t you be able to see that?

It’s input more costly here.

Go around there.

Indeed, sir.

I never endure a misfortune in cash.

You realize that.

Month to month Magazine Home

Region for normal use, parcel region,

building region, absolute floor space…

Property review is an absolute necessity…

What’s happening with you?

You’re here!

You let me stay

without a security store.

So I’m doing this to

reimburse your benevolence.

Try not to get carried away.

I’m getting rent from an extra condo.

Try not to squander labor superfluously.

However, I need to show you my appreciation.

Gracious, and I watched Jasung TV.

You removed time from

your bustling timetable to give

expectation and dreams to

vagrants like me…

I did that to advance my organization.

No other explanation.

However, it’s great data.

Do the others at the magazine

think about it?

On the off chance that they don’t, I’ll advise them…

They all know.

Huh? In any case, you have not many supporters.

It was forlorn…

Content somewhat revolutionary

get recognized later.

Try not to do anything idiotic.


In any case, I’ve decided.

I’ll do what you say,

also, become a mortgage holder.

Battle on!

Do what you need.

Presently get out and will work.

Editorial manager Na Zero-won.

Indeed, sir.


You’re here right on time.

Hello there.

Here you go.

Gracious, much obliged.

You feeling alright?

No doubt.

Did CEO Yoo take you home well?

Did he request gas cash?


I’ll be condemned.

That cash cherishing tightwad?

How is it possible that he would set 30,000 won for every individual?

He’s a tycoon.

How might he be so parsimonious?

I don’t believe he’s that parsimonious.


All things considered…

I’ve come to lease a condo of his.

What? The better spot is his?

It’s somewhat convoluted,

be that as it may, he rented it to me

just with a month to month lease.

What? I don’t trust it!

He’s not an individual to be so liberal.

He never endures a misfortune in cash.

He should have some other expectation.

I don’t think so.


Indeed, she is an occupant.

She’ll be living there for some time.

Does she know

what sort of spot #707 is?

I informed you not to talk concerning it.

Watch what you say.

Watch what I say?

I’m not making things up.

She’d never live here on the off chance that she knew.

Presently it really feels like my home.

Pardon me.

To turn into a mortgage holder,

you should initially set aside.

The base sum

of cash to purchase a house.

That is called seed cash.

Be that as it may, what amount?

It’ll vary between individuals.

However, in the event that you need to set aside cash,

you should learn

the amount you spend and quit squandering it.

Month to month lease: 400,000 won.

Mother: 300,000 won.

Gas bill: 8,000 won.

Power: 32,000 won.


Web and link: 40,000 won.

Telephone bill: 89,000 won.

Complete: 999,000 won!!!



Simply relaxing for a month

costs me 1 million won.

This is the reason I can’t set aside.

I didn’t squander anything.



You didn’t squander anything?

I surmise I saw such a large number of recordings.

I’m seeing things.

We should hit the sack.

Here’s your espresso.

Coffee: 4,000 won

Americano: 4,000 won

You actually say you didn’t squander anything?

One mug of espresso daily is OK…

One mug of espresso daily is 4,000 won.

Seven days is 28,000 won.

A month is 120,000 won.

A year is 1.46 million won.

I didn’t realize it was that immense.

In any case, I can loosen up when

I drink some espresso.


Attempt to peruse “destitution” in switch.

“Neediness” in turn around?

“Is it me”?

Right, Na Zero-won!

Would you like to be poor?

Without a house?

No, I don’t.

You actually say you didn’t squander anything?

This machine charges you

an expense of 1,200 won.

Go to your essential bank

furthermore, pull out cash.

Goodness, however…

I need to go across the street. It’s far.

What is “neediness” in invert?

“Is it me?”

Okay, okay.

I’ll go, I’ll go.

– Dibizara half off!

– Awesome, isn’t that so?

half? That is insane!

It’s OK. I’ll pass.

I need to set aside cash.

Gracious, wow.

In cases like this, purchasing is saving.


Take a gander at my truck.

The first cost

is more than 1 million won.

The current complete is 480,000 won.

I saved in excess of 520,000 won.

In cases like this, purchasing is saving.

Installment sum: 480,000 won

All out cost: 1,008,000 won

Absolute markdown: 528,000 won

Greetings, Editor Park.

What’s happening?

Right. Purchasing is saving.

Would you like to be poor?


Okay, I will not get it.

Overseeing okay?

Indeed, sir.

You know an advertorial (*ad article)

is required, correct?

It’s an architect mark rocker.

The organization dropped off the item.

Since you have 10 years experience,

I’m certain you’ll realize what to do.

I’ll give a valiant effort.

– Okay.

– Retail value: 5 million won

It’s equivalent to the security

store for a rent.

(Tune: “Any Song” by ZICO)

For what reason would you say you are altogether down?

What’s the issue? Say something

The energy is so desolate

Is this the pattern these days?

For what reason is everything dull for you?

It’s dull for me as well

Mention to me what I had the opportunity to do

I’m turning on the bluetooth now

It is safe to say that you are insane?

Mood killer that unusual tune at this moment!

You’re making the energy so desolate.

It’s extraordinary in the event that we start the day

siphoned up with energy.

Quiet down.

Smoothly plunk down and take care of your work.

Did you come here to play?

I feel extraordinary as though I’ve

come here to play.

Take a gander at this.

It’s a disagreeable region

in Gyeonggi-do Province.

Maybe that is the reason the opposition

for the lodging membership

is just 2.3:1.

I’m at last going to win.

Get off.

Quit talking jabber.

In the event that you would prefer not to lose,

present to me a movement objective article.

Indeed, sir.

You’re going crazy once more.

Simply answer your telephone!

I have a call.

Answer your telephone now!

This is Nam Sang-soon at

Month to month Magazine House.

Gracious! You need to change

the meeting plan?

Gracious, dear.

Okalie dokalie.

I’ll accept this call outside.

Indeed, yes. Gracious, no, sir. Not in the slightest degree.

It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s alright.

Is he applying for

a lodging membership?

Not simply applying.

It’s his labor of love and expectation.

He says in the event that he needs

to wed his sweetie,

a superstar private institute educator,

he has to possess a condo.

That will cause him to feel more certain.

Winning the membership

is his solitary expectation.

Since he’s poor,

also, is living with his folks

whose solitary resource is their home.

He’s penniless?

You have a membership account, correct?

Goodness, I…

Might you want to

– (5 years prior)

– open a membership account?

What is that?

It qualifies you to purchase

a loft at a low cost.

There’s a membership store,

membership portion…

The previous you open

the record, the better.

You can store

20,000-100,000 won a month.


I can scarcely pay the lease,

so I’m here to drop my investment funds.

So you don’t have it?

How will you respond?


The populace is dropping.

House costs will drop.

A membership account

will get pointless.

Right, Young-won?

I’m going to a storyboard meeting now.

I shouldn’t have dropped my investment funds,

not to mention open a membership account.

I should’ve set aside when I was more youthful.


I can set aside beginning at present

furthermore, purchase my own home.

I can do it.

Is it accurate to say that you are occupied?

How about we conceptualize on

the house and advertorial.

Come sit here.

Is it true that you are dozing here?

You don’t return home?

This is my home.

I eat, rest and do everything here.

Huh? Supervisor Na.

Will you pardon me for a piece?


Alright, OK. Stay quiet, stay quiet.

Okay! I got it!

Come investigate this.


– Limited release Shade tent: 1.2 million won

– It’s really sweet, correct?

1.2 million won?

It’s a restricted release

that opened at 2 o’clock.

It’s so popu

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