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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are invented.

Well… then, at that point…

Will we say goodnight here?

Since somebody may see us.

Indeed. You should be drained.

Go get some rest.



Is this genuine or is it a fantasy?

That was so hot.

Something great going on?

You appear to be feeling acceptable.


Goodness, obviously I am.

I’m having a beverage with you here.

Definitely, right.

I ought to ask you exactly the same thing.

You’re all grins.

No doubt.

Something’s going on.

Something great.

What’s going on here?

You know the young lady that I like?

She said she wasn’t

keen on dating.

So I was unable to reveal to her how I feel.

On the off chance that somebody truly extraordinary goes along,

I may adjust my perspective.

So I will advise her.

This weekend.

Yes? That is extraordinary!

Expectation it works out.

I need to know who’s making you

all energized this way.

I’ll uncover a certain something.

She’s somebody that satisfies you.

So you need to associate with them

what’s more, see them constantly?

No doubt, there is somebody like that.


Who are you discussing?



I was discussing you.

Stop that. So cheesy.

Something’s happening with you.

What? Sheesh.

Scene 11: A Home Reflects its Owner

What a decent vehicle!

This is programmed.

There are numerous vehicles, so how about we split up.

Editorial manager Na, ride with me.

Gracious, OK.

Me, as well.

Would i be able to get a ride, as well?




You should take CEO Yoo’s vehicle,

Youthful won.

– What?

– What?

You said you needed to talk about work.

Gracious, right, right!

I can discuss that

while heading to Seoul.

Is that alright, sir?

Definitely, sure. How about we do that.

Have a protected drive back, everybody.

Indeed, sir.

– What are you doing? Go.

– Oh, alright.

– Go at this point.

– I’ll see you tomorrow.

– Bye.

– Bye.

You behaved like you thought often about Young-won

so how is it possible that you would send her

into the place of extreme peril?

It’ll be awkward

for her returning.


It’ll be awkward for us also.

So awkward.

Do you have plans

this evening?

Indeed, I do. Also, it’s vital.

Goodness, I see.

I’m going out on the town with

my sweetheart Young-won.

Goodness, please.

How will we respond?

Gee… All things considered,

Ui-joo felt awful

about unexpectedly

disturbing our date,

also, sent a wine blessing coupon.

(Blessing from Yeo Ui-joo)

(Wine Gift Coupon)

We should go to an eatery

what’s more, pay a corkage charge…

– Let’s return home.

– What?

All things considered, similar to I said last time,

I have no ulterior rationale.

I enriched my place

so you would be agreeable.

It’s a disgrace it will squander.

How about we go shopping for food.


Gracious, Ui-joo needs to video talk.

It’s OK. Accept the call.


Is it true that you are cheerful?


Pause. Where right?

Is it true that you are at CEO Yoo’s place?

Gracious, my gosh!

Simply a sec.

Say hello there, Ja-sung.

Gracious, uh, OK.

Much obliged for the blessing.

Simply that?

There’s something different

you ought to be grateful for.


My blessing!

You didn’t get it?

Gracious. I neglected to offer it to him.


Sir, I trust you truly like my blessing.

Gracious, much obliged.

Then, at that point I’ll let both of you be. Bye!

She advised me to offer it to you,

be that as it may, I neglected.

– Whoa.

– Ta-da!


Amazing, she didn’t need to.


I don’t trust her.

She’s insane.

I had no clue.


You know, isn’t that so?

This is your creative mind.


I know.




What is on your mind?


Gracious, I’m heartbroken.

No, pardon me.

– For what?

– Huh?

Will we watch another film?

An activity film.

No matter,

I ought to go. It’s past the point of no return.

Gracious, take a gander at that point…

I’ll drive you home.


Why a café?

I might be her odds and ends shop mate

in any case, I would prefer not to

admit my affection there.

Is it sufficiently heartfelt?

You’re truly going to do it this time?

This weekend is D-Day.

Hold up, I can tell what’ll occur.

The disappointing mystery squash will end!

Be that as it may, how will you respond

in the event that Editor Na turns you down?



I’ll never surrender.

I’ll pause.

Until she says yes to me.


We should begin the day vigorously!

Indeed, sir!



Supervisor Nam.

What’s with that sack?


I thought I brought my pack.

Yet, I took my mom’s.

Manager Nam!

How long would you say you will be that way?

Get a hold of yourself!

I’m heartbroken.

I need to,

however, I can’t…


Simply ignore it

also, fail to remember it, similar to me.

I’ll get back at him by

dating a greatly improved person.

I’ll make my ex lament losing me.

How fortunate

that you can do that.


– Good morning.

– greetings, sir.

Boss Editor, a word.

Indeed, sir.

What are you doing down there?


You shut the entryway.

It’s a propensity.

Come in.

Indeed, sir.

What is it, sir?

Did you finish the prep

for the upcoming gathering?

What? Goodness, indeed, obviously, sir.


How about we have that gathering this evening.

What? So unexpectedly?

Since it should be tomorrow,

Not all things are prepared…

You just said you completed the prep.

How about we simply have the gathering tomorrow

since we have different plans…

I have different plans tomorrow.

You could change that…

…yet, you would prefer not to.

We’ll have the gathering this evening.

Indeed, sir.

Great day.

Would you be able to do it? If it’s not too much trouble?


I’m so distraught!

Why? What’s up?

I just dropped

my dermatologist arrangement

to plan for the gathering today.

You can go next time.

There will never be an open space.

I held up a month.

The following accessibility is a month after the fact!

I’m so irritated!

You have no an ideal opportunity to be.

Get ready for the gathering.


What’s that, Editor Nam? What’s that?

Drawers that need an

advertorial idea conversation.

For what reason did you simply bring them like that?

Is it true that they weren’t going to collect it?

They were.

In any case, the gathering got

climbed to this evening

so they said they couldn’t amass it.

OK, alright. Amass it, speedy!


I will pee first.

You have no an ideal opportunity to pee. Hold it in!

Gather it then, at that point go pee.


Boss Editor…

What? What?

This is all a direct result of CEO Yoo!


For what reason is it so bothersome?

– (CEO Yoo’s birthday D-1)

– Huh?

Tomorrow is CEO Yoo’s birthday.

Do we have to arrange a gathering?

We should imagine we don’t have the foggiest idea.

Because of him, I need to work

without peeing.

– Right?

– obviously.

He couldn’t care less about us.

We should not think often about him by the same token.

No compelling reason to arrange a gathering

for a self centered man.

We could basically say,

“Cheerful Birthday”…

For what reason would we…

That is unusual. For what reason did you stop?


We should simply zero in on

planning for the gathering.

Inform me as to whether I can assist with anything.

I feel awful I can’t go to the gathering.

Simply work effectively at the meeting.

It’s the first occasion when that big name couple

is opening their home.

We got huge loads of sponsorships


I know.

I asked why you offered to

do a meeting a specialist passed over.

You need to purchase CEO Yoo

a blessing with the cash?

Goodness, I wouldn’t say that…

Head over heels.

How might you like a particularly egotistical individual?

You don’t have any acquaintance with him. Dislike that.

Dislike that.

So you’re disturbed individuals

are insulting him?


So head over heels!


You said you’ll pull for us.

OK, alright. I will, I will.

I’m pulling for your affection life.



What’s up, Photographer Shin?

I’ll inspect it and

give input at the gathering.

Indeed, sir. Then, at that point I’ll leave.

The individual that left was

your subordinate, Yeo Ui-joo.

The individual that just

stepped in is Yeo Ui-joo

who is attached to your sweetheart.


I’m likely the solitary individual

that can say this.

Then, at that point say it.


Changing a booked gathering unexpectedly.

Is that satisfactory or not?

Will the staff revile you



Obviously they will.

What’s more, Young-won needs to hear all that.

Will she feel better or not?


Obviously she will not!

In the event that individuals revile

Youthful won before you,

you’ll feel terrible, as well.

Isn’t that so?

What are you attempting to say?

You’re the CEO.

But on the other hand you’re Young-won’s sweetheart.

So please

quit pondering yourself

what’s more, care about others too!

Try not to let Young-won

hear individuals knock you.

This was Yeo Ui-joo,

Youthful made’s dear companion

who cherishes her without question.

Great day.

I love her more than you do!

The nerve!

This tablet is additionally a supported item.

So it must be uncovered

in the present shoot.


Coincidentally, will Ja-sung like it

on the off chance that he gets another tablet

for his birthday?

I bet he will.

Did you set up a gathering

for him consistently?

I needed to.

Yet, his work consistently starts things out.

He couldn’t care less about his birthday.

He most likely doesn’t have

any great memory about it.

I trust he makes some great memories tomorrow.

I needed to ensure he did,

in any case, he said he had plans for supper.

On the off chance that he had a sweetheart with him,

I’d be glad.

Yet, I think he’ll be working.

I’m concerned he will exhaust himself

also, become ill.

You’re correct.

I heard he fell once,

also, that you saved him.

He revealed to you that?

Goodness, it came up in some way or another…

In any case, CEO Yoo

owes you a great deal, correct?


He more than took care of me.



Stop, Honey!

What’s this?

Is this for me?

You think I got it for me?

This is incredibly costly.

You’re continually setting aside cash.

On the off chance that my objective is cash,

your objective is by all accounts photography.


Become famous and take care of me.

Make it to the top.

That will legitimize my spending

multi month’s worth

of my coaching charge on this.

Ja-sung was the one to focus on

who upheld my fantasy.

If not for him,

I would’ve surrendered photography.

I see.

No big surprise both of you are truly clo

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