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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

You should be eager.

You were unable to eat as a result of me.

Kindly stand by.

I’ll present to you some late-night snacks.

– No, it’s alright…

– I deny your refusal.


They’re now back from

fixing the hardware?


Those clods.

Ja… Ja… Ja… Ja… Ja-sung!

What are you doing here?

The storage compartment was open.

We… we… were taking out

the gear…


What brings you here at this hour?


Gracious, me.

I recalled that I needed to accomplish something.


What’s that?


Goodness, this…

Thought you’d be here and

needed to share a bite.


Supervisor Na is inside, as well.

How about we all eat together.

Really? Supervisor Na is here, as well?

I had no clue.

How about we go in.

Alright. Go on.

That was close.

You nearly got captured.

If not for me,

he would’ve seen the sack.

I needed to ask you.

Keep the sack at your place.


It’ll be more secure there.

If it’s not too much trouble?

What might he have done

without me? Sheesh.

Scene 10: Long-standing House,

Long-standing Relationship

What’s up, Dong-beom?

I know. It’s been for such a long time.

Gracious, the storyboard?

– I think I have it.

– Dong-beom?

I’ll email it to you.


Much obliged for the ride, sir.

Forget about it.


who’s that you were conversing with?



He’s a beautician I worked

with at another magazine.


I suppose you’re very close

since you call him by name.


We’re companions.

Will you quit tending to me

so expertly?


We’re not simply chief and staff any longer.

Shouldn’t we sort out

what to call one another?


I’m so used to calling you “sir.”


I was just considering myself once more.

Do what you feel is good.

Take as much time as necessary…


I had a good time today.

Indeed. Great.

You should be drained. Go on in.

Youthful won.


Then, at that point

see you tomorrow.





Goodnight, Young-won.

You, as well, Ja-sung.

Gracious, my.



What? Ja-sung?


Long time no see.

I haven’t seen you in some time.

Obviously you haven’t.

You’re so up to speed in dating

that you overlooked

turning into a property holder.

No, I didn’t.

I’m considering everything…

“Destitution” in turn around?

“Is it me”?

Thinking will not go anyplace.

I trust you don’t think

you needn’t bother with a home

since you currently have

a sweetheart. That is obsolete.

Obviously not!

Is Editor Nam wiped out?

Why’s he so late?

He just called.

He’s going home to relax today.

Goodness, dear.

He was meeting his sweetheart yesterday.

I get it turned out poorly.

Helpless person.

The entire office knows.

Even more motivation not to come.

I thoroughly comprehend.

I would’ve turned in my abdication.

I acknowledge.


Gracious, s… s… s… s… sir!

I didn’t mean I planned to stop…


Then, at that point advise me at whatever point you need.

I’m generally prepared to acknowledge.

Editorial manager Na!

We should arrange our inclusion plan.

Indeed, sir.


I truly would like to

hand in my renunciation.

I’ll plan it so we can do the cover

furthermore, meet together.

Tell me when the date is set.

Indeed, sir.


I truly need to call you Young-won.

I needed to keep down hard prior.

You progressed admirably.

Try not to commit an error.

Obviously not.

Eat with me today.

Simply both of us.

I don’t figure I can.


Did Editor Yeo beat me to the punch once more?


Beginning today,

I’m getting a light meal

what’s more, going on a study.

A review?


You said on Jasung TV…

You should have an eye

to pick a decent home.

The most ideal approach to foster that eye

is studying.

The local you live in.

The organization you work at.

Start from that point.

The more your heels wear out…

The more you’ll create

an eye for appraisal.

Then, at that point we should go together.

No, it’s OK.

I can pass without anyone else,

watching Jasung TV…

Why watch Jasung TV

when Ja-sung is here?

How about we do it together.

What you should do

prior to going on a review is…


Discover the normal cost

of the objective homes

through different

housing market cost applications

also, twofold watch that

on the MOLIT site.

Then, at that point you won’t ever be ripped off.

Truth be told.

You truly concentrated a ton.

I’m not the bygone me who thought

review was a survey.


Give this a shot after breakfast, huh?

What is that?

You’ll formally meet

your better half’s family.

You need a suit.

This was discounted at

the retail chain.

Get a discount.


You don’t care for it?

I parted ways with her.



No explanation.

We dated for such a long time.

There’s no science.

Also, I won a membership.

I’ll possess a loft.

I don’t need anything so for what reason would I wed her?


Is it true that you are crazy?

For what reason did you hit me?

Consider how she hung tight for you!

Is it true that you are seeing another lady?

Huh? Is that it?

Whatever. Allow me to eat in harmony.

Did you undermine her?


Indeed, I undermined her!

That is the reason I said a final farewell to her!


So irritating!


Go to her right now and cower.

I did.

Ask in the event that you need to.

I did.

Get her covered!

I attempted.

Here is the material you requested,



Is it true that you are crazy?

Is it true that you are insane, Editor Na?

No, I…


I requested that she consider me that.


Calling me “sir” made me

appear to be excessively definitive.

Yet, why just Young-won…

I was going to request all from you.


Boss Editor.


How about we remove this load of titles

furthermore, call each other by name.

To construct solid compatibility.

We should begin the gathering.

What was that?

For what reason would he say he is out of nowhere going American style?

Report to me the recommendations by tomorrow.

Be that as it may, tomorrow…


The publication group is

heading off to some place, isn’t that so?


For 2 days, we’ll go to an old estate

in organization with us.

We’ll accomplish charitable effort

furthermore, put that in the magazine.

Goodness, 2 days…

For what reason are there such countless occasions?

Goodness, please, Ja-sung.

A magazine should compose

new articles each month.

In the event that you need, you can come,


I’m not so inactive…

Be that as it may!

I’ll go.

It’ll be a great idea to accomplish humanitarian effort.

Great reasoning, Ja-sung.

Much thanks to you, Ui-joo.

Then, at that point we’ll all go with the exception of Young-won.

What? Why not Young-won?

I have a gathering with

a publicist tomorrow.

Truth be told.

I’ll set up the upcoming timetable

in the gathering text.

Wai… wai… pause!

Gracious, dang it.

I don’t figure I can

make it tomorrow, all things considered.

I recollected that I have

a significant gathering.

I don’t have the foggiest idea what that is

yet, it’ll be nice to come, Ja-sung.

It’s nice to make

a colleague with the proprietor,


Choi Go.

What’s happening with you?

He said he had a gathering.

Believe it or not, Choi Go.

Indeed, Choi Go.

Absolutely, Choi Go.





Sir, I’m heartbroken.

I need to be called Chief Editor once more.

Being called by my name causes me to feel

as though we’re on a similar level.

I feel peered down on.

Is that so?

On the off chance that that is the thing that you need,

then, at that point we will not do it.

Much thanks to you.

So it’s settled that

you will abandon me.


Hold up.

I nearly didn’t will see Young-won.

I’m heartbroken.

I advised you not to commit an error.

Then, at that point I did.

It’s OK.

Where will we go to review around evening time?

Since we overviewed well during the day,

we should go out on the town around evening time.


We can do that?


It’s a date

be that as it may, an up-date on Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung’s

best film ever.


We should watch a film.

You said the last film you saw

was “Taegukgi (2004).”


Won Bin, who plays

the younger sibling, is a father now.


Won Bin has a child?

We should do it.



I didn’t know there

was a couple’s set menu.


Individuals go out to a movie theater

regularly out on the town.

Presently I at long last feel like

we’re seeing someone.


Looking at the situation objectively,

this is our first genuine date.

You’re correct.

Need to get a few beverages after the film?

I’ll look into great spots close here.

Would we be able to go to my place?


It’s anything but on the grounds that I

have different goals.

I enlivened my place

so you would be agreeable,

however, you didn’t get to

appreciate it before you left.

It’s a disgrace it will squander.

We should make snacks then, at that point.


The film for Hall 6 will start.

Kindly enter.

I will rush to the washroom.

You go on.



Manager Yeo! What are you doing here?

I came to watch a film, obviously.

I came alone,

however, it appears as though you accompanied somebody.


I came alone, as well.

I see.

Stand by outside. I’ll go out at this point…

Greetings, Young-won.

OK. I’ll be there immediately.

Youthful won has quite recently requested that I come.

She’s at the beautician’s

in any case, she lost her tote.

Editorial manager Na is at the hairdresser’s?

Indeed. I’ll be going at this point.

Appreciate the film.


She should truly abhor

watching the film with me.

I disdain it more.

Proofreader Yeo says she’s leaving.

Stow away for somewhat, then, at that point come in.

For what reason did he need to sit close to me?

What a misuse of cash!

The film is beginning.

Youthful won.


What are you doing here?

You came to see a film

with that companion?


You said you were going

to meet Editor Nam…

He continued staying away from my calls.

I didn’t have whatever else to do

so I came to watch a film alone.

I see.

Then, at that point I’ll be going in.

– Don’t.

– What?

President Yoo is inside.

I chanced upon him.

Try not to demolish your evening

by running into him.

Have drinks with me.

Such is life…

My companion…

Advise her to come, as well.

We can have drinks together.

Goodness, all things considered, old buddy

should come,

in any case, she unexpectedly said


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