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All spots, characters, firms, and occasions

portrayed in this show are imaginary.

Conveyance man/20s male

Month to month normal: 2.2 million won

Office specialist/20s male

Month to month normal: 3.8 million won

Low maintenance assistant/20s male

Month to month normal: 1.5 million won

Throughout the previous 3 years,

the month to month normal pay

increment of Korea’s laborers

was 151,000 won.

Then, at that point what might be said about house costs?

271 square meters in 2018 = 2 billion won

– > 2020 = 3.2 billion won

211 square meters in 2018 = 4.2 billion won

– > 2021 = 5.2 billion won

79 square meters in 2018 = 2.1 billion won

– > 2021 = 3.5 billion won

You can make a solid effort to bring in cash,

yet, it won’t ever best

capital increases on land.

3 years prior

Available to be purchased: Town House

Purchase every one of the unsold homes.

As far as I might be concerned, a house is something

you purchase low and sell high.

As far as I might be concerned, a house is cash.

Hyunrim, Sangnam picked

to hold 30 government workplaces

Hyunrim, Sangnam effective bid

in bioindustrial complex

Metro station improvement

project in Hyunrim, Sangnam

Hyunrim land value skyrockets

Shinbundang Subway Line

stretches out to Hyunrim

Hyunrim to be the second Bundang,

Land value takes off



You thought about

the ideal components, correct?

The costs are up 3-overlap

contrasted with 3 years prior.


What befell the persuasive execution?


I will not go. I will not abandon this house!

Hello! Nothing’s been marked at this point.

Quit contacting things.

Pardon me! Hello!

You can’t do that!

You’ll break that!


Hello! Stand by! Stand by!

Goodness, no, my bedding!

No! Get out!


I said I’m not leaving!


Look. We revealed to you we’d

drive you out on the off chance that you don’t leave.

You should’ve addressed your telephone.

I revealed to you I was on an excursion for work.

I got ransacked and lost my telephone.

How frequently do I need to advise you?

Indeed, however that is your concern.

We’re doing this legitimately.


What’s going on with you?

– Move.

– No, no, no!

Pause, stand by, stand by!

No, no, no!

Simply pause. Try not to go. Stand by.

– Don’t go. Try not to go.

– What are you doing?

– I truly have no place else to go!

– Stop!

– A plate of bubbled pork cuts, please.

– Okay.

You don’t need to.

You said you haven’t eaten today.

Relax and eat.

Much obliged to you.

Will you truly defer the execution?

Indeed, all things considered, after we exchange feelings…

Much obliged to you!

Many thanks!

For what reason did you lease a house

with an immense home loan?

It very well may be unloaded, this way.

I don’t think a lot about land.

The lease was modest.

Is it absolutely impossible to get my store back?

The property manager has evaporated

what’s more, I can’t contact him.

Is that so?

In addition, I lost my employment.

I was working for a magazine.

Then, at that point I was revealed to it will be

stopped when I got back.

Gracious, no.

Which carries me to the following inquiry.

Would you be able to give me some time

until I find a new line of work and another spot?

I heard you additionally purchased

the structure close to mine.

You should stacked.

So would you be able to kindly give me additional time?

Your pork cuts.

Feel free to eat.

Much thanks to you.


We should go.

At this moment?

I realized you’d comprehend.

You have that air about you.

Much obliged to you.

Great work, everybody.

Huh? That is my stuff.

For what reason is everything out here…?

The ousting execution

measure is finished. Get in.

What? How might you do this?

You said you’d defer it!

Me? Garbage.

I said we’ll exchange feelings.

Obviously, my assessment

was “no” from the beginning.


Furthermore, what you ate is the thing that you’ll get

rather than moving expenses.

Moving expenses?

Bye now.


Stop not too far off, you charlatan!


– You!

– Stop!

How might you do this?

You’re appalling!

You parasitic slime ball!

You’re cleaning a bug for its stow away!

You should’ve advised me from the beginning!

You got me pork cuts

furthermore, claimed to be decent!

Pardon me! Where to?

Beats me.

Where would it be a good idea for me to go?

Where would i be able to go?

Scene 1: A Man Who Buys a House,

a Woman Who Lives in a House

Go along. We’re nearly there.

Worn out, isn’t that so? Please.

Come inside.


What do you think?

Surprisingly good, correct?

It’s 200,000 won with

no security store.

There’s no spot less expensive than this.

Make yourself agreeable.

I’ll be going at this point.

Hello there, Mom.

How was your excursion for work?

For what reason didn’t you call? I was concerned.


I dozed all day as a result of stream slack.

I see.

How’s business?

You said your knees hurt.

Have you been to the clinic?

Try not to stress over me

also, deal with yourself.

Then again,

you care for yourself well,

so I have no concerns.

Obviously! You raised me well.


I’ll attempt to visit soon.


Believe it or not.

I can care for myself well.

Try not to stop now, Na Young-won.


Is your magazine recruiting?

July 3

October 12

Han-na: Sorry, no openings.

Seung-gyu: Sorry.

We’re releasing individuals, as well.

Myung-hee: Sorry.

Bo-ran: I got terminated, as well.

You keen on protection?


Shinnan Card: Notification

for past installment cutoff time

Dang it…


So this is it.

Month to month Magazine House

Hello, Young-won!

It’s been for such a long time!

I know!

Much obliged to you for reaching me.

I’m so apprehensive.

I trust I do well in the meeting.


You’re good for the work.

That is the reason I suggested you.

Huh? Truly?

This is my portfolio…

You’re in!

You didn’t investigate…

I’m certain it’s magnificent.

You have 10 years of involvement.

I confide in you. The work’s yours.



Much obliged to you.

You’re appreciative, isn’t that so?


Obviously you are.

Your magazine got ended.

Your life nearly got ended as well,

in any case, I saved you.

So get me a beverage.

Huh? Goodness, OK, I’ll purchase.

Since you’re one of us now,

I can be more easygoing, correct?

– obviously.

– Okay.

I’ll acquaint you with everybody.

Editorial manager Yeo suggested you,

so you presumably know her as of now.

I will expound on

Chamele-zone this time.

Yeo Ui-joo/Age 38

13 years experience

Key assignment: Interior plan

also, rebuilding articles

Note: Carpe Diem! YOLO!

Gracious! Chamele-zone!

That person is Editor Nam Sang-soon.

Sounds incredible.

Nam Sang-soon/Age 38

13 years experience

Key undertaking: Travel objections

and dwelling presentation articles

Note: Crazy for his sweetheart

The house I’ll cover is in Daechi-dong.

Since you referenced Daechi-dong…

My doll instructs at

a private foundation there.

Doll this and sweetie that!

I’m tired of it!

At any rate.

Those two are aides.

Yook Mi-ra/Age 27/Contract laborer

Note: Passionate

Gye Joo-hee/Age 27/Contract laborer

Note: Mask wearer, cell phone fanatic

I’ll once again introduce myself formally.

I’m the main editorial manager.

My name is Choi Go.

I’m the awesome! Go!

Choi Go/Age 49

Boss Editor

Key assignment: Confirming articles

and holding conferences

Note: Comes up with reasons to drink

It’s Day One. You’re excessively loose.

I’m heartbroken, sir.

I’m joking.

Here. This is your work area.

Much thanks to you.

You can talk nonchalantly to me.

You were brought into the world in 1986

so you’re more seasoned than me.

How would you realize that?

I read it in her

“Single Household Living” series.

As a matter of fact, I’m an eager enthusiast of yours.

Truly? Much thanks.

Kindly talk nonchalantly to me.

Alright, then, at that point. I will.


President Yoo! You’re here.

– Why squander energy on casual banter during available time?

– What? President?

It’s anything but with nothing to do.

We were getting comfortable.

This is the new supervisor.

She passed the meeting.

Make proper acquaintance. This is our CEO, Yoo Ja-sung.

Hi. I’m Na Young-won.

What? What did you say?

I suppose she’s apprehensive before you.

Her name is Na Young-won.

Na Young-won?


She has 10 years of involvement,

so she’ll do extraordinary.

I’ll need to see it to trust it.

How about we check whether she progresses admirably or not.

Month to month Magazine House

I’m certain he’s the jerk

who showed me out.

For what reason did I do that? For what reason would he say he is the CEO?

Be that as it may, for what reason didn’t he remember me?


Right. I didn’t actually

look proficient then, at that point.

No chance.

Youthful won.

Much obliged.

I heard you had another CEO. That right?

He looked youthful.

How could he get the magazine?

He’s the CEO of Jasung Real Estate

Speculation Company.

The land he has

is worth many billions.

Many billions?

He should be from a rich family.

No, he made his own fortune.

I believe he’s a conceived cash creator.

Gracious, right.

He additionally makes recordings.


I’m Gaeryong Yoo Ja-sung,

President of Jasung Real Estate Investment Co.

You don’t need to show me.

For what reason did a CEO of a land

venture organization purchase a magazine?

You’ll discover soon enough.


You’re the CEO’s elite editorial manager.

You have 8 houses here?

I will sell them all and

put resources into something greater.

I see.

So the reason for

your article is very clear.

You need to make your perusers

need to purchase this house.


An engaging article that

makes you need to purchase a house.

An article that brings in cash.

Cover the story in view of that.


Stand by.

He purchased the magazine to sell houses?

Furthermore, I’m composing the article?

Area: Hyunrim, Sangnam

Part region: 600 square meters

Building region: 191.74 square meters

Deal cost: 3.2 billion won

Befitting the apartment

that seeks after fashionable,

the floors are laid with

the best marble from Italy.

The windows, entryways and light fixture

are European creator brands

utilized in worldwide lodging networks.

I see.

For what reason would you say you aren’t recording this?

Gracious, right.

It’s planned so the white tone

also, normal light match well.


A cinema at home?

A completely programmed framework,

the best sound gear

also, amazing soundproofing…

It’s tantamount to

a significant cinema.


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