Drama Korea Police University Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea Police College Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

Korea Police College Episode 6 Under Indonesia Eng Sub
File: Police.University.S01E05

(Episode 5)
That little…
Hi, you punk!
Professor Yu!
I said, block it!
Jerseys go to an illegal online website
you are following…
They are University Police…
Hello, Chul Jin.
It rained that night,
so now i’m no longer good what was given is stuck…
– my dashcam.
– Thank you.
Gray sedan.
– What’s the number?
– Isn’t that 41?
– It is 4178.
– The truck gets dirty.
This is my last advice…
to a failed person like you
in a moral way.
Leave out and create any problem.
(Korea National Police University)
Hi, wait!
Hello! Darn it…
What are you doing here?
You asked for my help.
Do you continue to seek my help?
What do you say, you punk?
You asked me to help you
to hold those jerseys.
Do you continue to seek my help?
I feel like I can…
watch out for danger…
then catch the bad guys
while I was with you.
How to guard…
my people.
The right way to watch them.
Not Like Hacker Yoon…
however as a student of this college,
I can find the right way…
as I draw with you?
You may not regret this?
You do not know what will happen,
you can meet him,
and what kinds of dangerous news
be careful of yourself.
I can’t watch you.
Will you be honest right?
Check out this punk that says yes
without a doubt.
It’s because I believe him.
Bird, now he is no more.
It can be a stressful touch,
yet he would not embarrass me in any way.
You usually have something to say,
Now what is your solution?
Are we in this together?
All right.
Let’s do it together!
What can I do first?
First off…
Go back inside and sleep.
– Excuse me?
– You punk.
You shouldn’t be out and about
this past attribute.
If you have things to say,
contact me all day.
Can’t you see?
might you be reprimanded for this?
All right, I’m sorry. Good night then.
Hello, Kang Sun Ho!
Thank you.
One ,!
Everything should be. Everyone, stop.
– Mass.
– Alone,.
– All fired!
– You were fired!
– Hey, did you see that?
– Why is he going again?
Wow, where are you going?
– He’s leaving again.
– Let’s eat and eat.
Come on. Let’s
Do you hope you have no regrets?
– Where?
– You may not get it.
– What turned out to be that?
– I’m starving.
You seem to notice the puppy.
WHO? Me?
– What?
– Right now.
When you were searching
eKang Sun Ho.
What are you talking about?
Gosh, it looks like
the person is in trouble.
If he seems to favor you,
and you have certainly entered into him.
Hi, you bought the wrong idea.
What do you say?
You heard I was going
on blind days each weekend?
Now that is no longer true, should it?
That’s ridiculous.
When I drew near with my eyes,
I can still notice her breathing.
What are you talking about?
He is useless.
Breathe with living people.
Professor Yu.
Oh, no! You don’t hurt us anymore, should you?
Gosh, let me tell you what?
I let you know that you are back in the judo gym.
In our age,
it’s a leg medicine
appear as stakeholders and exit.
I swear, I stumbled over something.
It’s beautiful.
A real man needs to have strong thighs.
Oh people.
Gosh, you.
Darn it.
University next week, right?
Yes, PR membership is preparing
so even in these 12 months.
The student council will help us
and timetable and documents.
Judo membership will show…
full judo performance in these 12 months.
Is that right?
That goes forward.
Oh, that’s fine. Professor Kwon,
get a meeting about…
Social order this afternoon, should you?
Yes. I want to go the 1 way route.
You need to proceed now
on the grounds that you are going to Seoul.
– Why not wrap up our meeting?
– Singa?
Beautiful paintings.
Professor Yu looks like a student
while doing things like that.
That’s what names it
a person who cannot make his or her age.
What’s wrong with it? It’s lovely.
Oh, Kang Hee!
Why he needs it
have you released so much nonsense?
Kang Hee.
What turned out to be that?
Kang Hee.
Kang Hee.
Kang Hee.
(“Criminal Investigation”)
I need to have a long time ago.
What is wrong with me?
I need to get out of my mind.
Kang Hee.
Kang Hee.
Hey, don’t smile with your teeth.
My teeth?
Oh, you’re right here.
I’m glad I bumped into you.
– Follow me.
– Excuse me?
What’s going on?
Why you want to explore
Professor Kwon’s dashcam?
We don’t have a really bad time.
I will give an explanation later.
Just block him for ten minutes.
Now you won’t
robbed his car, didn’t he?
That’s illegal…
Hey, I’m not robbing his car anymore.
I’m just going to check
dashcam in his car, that’s all.
But you didn’t get his permission.
I will let him know later.
I will check dashcam first.
What is your problem?
Suppose the door
where a person lives is open.
I went to that residence.
Would you say that is a crime?
That breaks into a house.
As I have already entered into the abode,
I watched their TV.
Would you say that is a crime?
I bet

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