Drama Korea Police University Episode 5 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea Police College Episode 5 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: Police.University.S01E05

(Episode 5)


That little…

Hey, you punk!

Professor Yu!

I said, stop!

The jerks running the illegal site
you’re after…

They are the Police University’s…

Hey, Chul Jin.

It rained a lot that night,

so I’m not sure what got caught…

– on my dashcam.
– Thank you.

It’s a gray sedan.

– What’s the number?
– Isn’t that 41?

– It’s 4178.
– The truck gets messy.

This is my last piece of advice…

to a loser like you
in a polite manner.

Leave without causing any trouble.


(Korean National Police University)

Hey, wait!

Hey! Darn it…


What are you doing here?

You asked for my help.

Do you still need my help?

What did you say, you punk?

You asked me to help you
to catch those jerks.

Do you still need my help?

I feel like I can…

protect the hurt…

and catch the bad guys
when I’m with you.

A way to protect…

my people.

The right way to protect them.

Not as Hacker Yoon…

but as a student of this school,

can I find the right way…

as I work with you?

You won’t regret this?

You don’t know what will happen,

who you’ll meet,

and what kinds of dangerous things
await you.

I may not be able to protect you.

Will you really be okay?


Look at this punk saying yes
without any hesitation.

It’s because I trust him.

Bird, not you.

He can be a little obnoxious,

but he’d never embarrass me.

You always have something to say,
don’t you?

So what’s your answer?
Are we in this together?

Well, sure.

Let’s do it together!

Then what can I do first?

First off…


Go back inside and sleep.

– Sorry?
– You punk.

You shouldn’t be out and about
this late.

If you’ve got things to say,
talk to me during the day.

Don’t you know
you can be reprimanded for this?

Right, I’m sorry. Good night, then.

Hey, Kang Sun Ho!


One, two!

All right. Everyone, halt.

– Halt.
– One, two.

– All dismissed!
– Dismissed!

– Hey, did you see that?
– Why is he running again?

Hey, where are you going?

– He’s running again.
– Let’s go eat.

Come on. Let’s go.

Are you sure you won’t regret it?

– Where?
– You won’t find it.

– What was that?
– I’m starving.

You look like you saw a puppy.

Who? Me?

– When?
– Just now.

When you were looking
at Kang Sun Ho.

What are you talking about?

Gosh, looks like
someone’s in trouble.

If he looks cute to you,
then you’re already into him.

Hey, you got the wrong idea.
What is she saying?


You heard I’ve been going
on blind dates every weekend?

It’s not true, right?

That’s crazy.

When I close my eyes,
I can still hear him breathe.

What are you talking about?
He’s dead.

Breathe with people who are alive.

Professor Yu.

Oh, no! You’re not hurt, right?

Gosh, what did I tell you?

I told you to come to the judo gym.

At our age,

it’s natural for the legs
to become weak and give out.

I swear, I tripped on something.

A real man must have strong thighs.

Oh, dear.

Gosh, you.

Darn it.

The college is next week, right?

Yes, the PR club is preparing
for it this year as well.

The student council will assist us
with the schedule and documents.

The judo club will demonstrate…

a judo performance this year.

Is that so?

That’s great.

Oh, right. Professor Kwon,
you have a seminar regarding…

public order this afternoon, right?

Yes. I need to leave by 1 p.m.

You should get going now
since you’re leaving for Seoul.

– Why don’t we wrap up our meeting?
– Shall we?

Good work.

Professor Yu looks like a student
when he does things like that.

That’s what you call
someone who can’t act their age.

What’s wrong with it? It’s cute.

Oh, Kang Hee!

Why did she have to
spew such nonsense?

Kang Hee.

What was that?

Kang Hee.

Kang Hee.

Kang Hee.

(“Criminal Investigation”)

I must’ve gone crazy.
What’s wrong with me?

I must be out of my mind.

Kang Hee.

Kang Hee.


Hey, don’t smile with teeth.

My teeth?

Oh, you’re here.

I’m glad I ran into you.

– Follow me.
– Sorry?

What’s going on?

Why do you need to check
the dashcam of Professor Kwon?

We don’t have much time.
I’ll explain later.

Just stall him for ten minutes.

You’re not going to
rob his car, are you?

That’s illegal…

Hey, I’m not robbing his car.

I’m just going to check
the dashcam in his car, that’s all.

But you didn’t get his permission.

I’ll tell him later.

I’ll check the dashcam first.

But still…

What’s your problem?

Let’s say the door
to someone’s house is open.

I went into that house.

Can you call that a crime?

That’s housebreaking.

Since I was in the house already,

I watched their TV.
Can you call that a crime?

I guess you can’t call that a crime.

You see? It’s the same thing!

But I’m sure his car is locked.

Professor Yu.

I may not be familiar
with investigation studies,

but I don’t think it’s right
to break the law…

while investigating.

It’s most important
to follow the rules…

and investigate
according to the law.

If that’s difficult, then you should
ask them for cooperation.

You’re wrong, you punk.

The most important part
of an investigation…

is catching the culprit.

You’re only half right.

You need to follow the law
while investigating.

But there’s only one rule
I’ll follow this time.

It’s to arrest the jerks
who act up…

and break all the rules they can…

as soon as I can.

But still…

If you want to question
my method of investigating,

then come to me
after gaining some experience.

There’s not much time.
Are you in or not?

I’m not sure what the answer is,

but I hope your rules are right.

(Professor Kwon Hyuk Phil)

– This is driving me crazy.
– Yes, this is Kwon Hyuk Phil.

If you want to question
my method of investigating,

then come to me
after gaining some experience.

Yes, I’m on my way now.

Okay. It’ll take only ten minutes.

Professor Kwon!

I wanted to ask you something.

Now is a bad time. Let’s talk later.

There’s something
I’m really curious about…

that I couldn’t even
sleep a wink last night.

Could you spare me a minute?

– What’s it about?
– Sorry?

Oh, the thing is…

Oh, right. I was studying the law,

and I was wondering
what the polygraph test was.

That’s more related to…

the criminal investigation
than the law.

Oh, right. It’s related
to the criminal investigation.

So what I really
wanted to ask you…

Article 329 of the Criminal Act.

It states that theft is conducted…

when the offender takes
the other’s belongings…

against their wills.

So how is that different
from embezzlement?


– Sorry?
– Even if your face doesn’t show,

your body gestures can’t lie.

The cognitive dissonance
that occurs when you speak.

– What’s it about?
– Sorry?

And the movements of your pupils.

Touching your nose
as if you’re anxious.

And you clenched your fists
as if you want to protect yourself.

Sun Ho,

is it your specialty
to waste my time?

I… I’m sorry.

You must be open. No.

You need to be open.

It’s most important
to follow the rules…

and investigate
according to the law.

Gosh, why did he have to
make me feel guilty?


Just go in.

Just go in before I change my mind.

Gosh, just go in
when I’m breaking the rules.

I can feel the stare.

It feels like someone caught me.

But don’t worry.

Hands are faster than eyes.

Goodness, I didn’t know
this car was yours.

I was just looking
because it looked so nice.

I saw everything.

From where?

The moment you inserted
that wire in the window.

I see.

What do you think you’re doing?

How could a professor
conspire with a student?

I know, right?

How could a professor…

Anyway, where were you
at 9 p.m. on March 2?

– What?
– What were you doing…

last Tuesday night?

You drove past 39-gil, Ginseon-ro.

There was no path other than
for truck drivers.

Why were you there?

It’s not that difficult a question,
is it?

It sounds like
you’re investigating me.

It’d be so nice if you could
just answer my question.

Why should I answer
such an absurd question?

Are you pleading the Fifth?


Kang Sun Ho.

Why are you standing there
watching us?

– Go back inside.
– Oh, okay. I’m sorry.

I’ll talk with you after my seminar.

Why? Are you running away again
like you did yesterday?

What did you say?

I called you, but you ran away.

Don’t cross the line.
This is my last warning.

I’ve already crossed it, you punk.

You’re going too far.


What are you guys doing?
You’re professors.

You’re yelling and screaming
when a student is watching.

Are you crazy?
Did you lose your mind?

– He…
– This punk…


I have a temper too.

But I hold it in
since we’re at school.

Or should I show my temper too?


Where are you going?
We’re not done talking.

You can finish that talk with him
out of school later.

You should be a good example
to the student, not fighting.


Gosh, that punk…

That little… Gosh.

– Hey! Does he have a death wish?
– Gosh, seriously.

You punk!

Gosh, you can’t even do
one thing you’re told to do!

You should have clung to his pants,

or you should have knocked him down
or something.

That’s the basics of investigation.

Right. I don’t know that.

I got in last week.

Investigation Studies was
canceled all week.

I didn’t have the time to
learn the basics of investigation.

You punk, stop talking nonsense.

What? You didn’t have the time?

Is that what a student
of this school should be saying?

Before you say
something smart to me,

study investigation first.



(Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency)

Hey, you punk. Are you serious?

You made Detective Joo ask for
a warrant from the prosecutor?

You punk, are you out of your mind?

What am I supposed to do then?

We should at least get a warrant
to get Chul Jin’s phone records.

I know, but why are you doing that?

I know how you feel.

But you’re not on this team,
and you don’t have the authority.

How many times
do I need to tell you that?

That’s what I mean.

If you know how I feel,
then let’s get them.

Let’s catch those scumbags.

I see. You’re going to be
arbitrary like that,

and you’ll stop when
Detective Joo gets hurt, right?


You’re not the only supervisor
of Chul Jin and Eun Ju.

I get why you’re being so arbitrary
and making a fuss like this.

But if you keep getting my team
into trouble,

I won’t let you get by.

I’m sorry…

for handling it like that.

You’re not the only supervisor
of Chul Jin and Eun Ju.

(Kim Eun Ju)

Hey, where are you going?

We’ve got the IP address
of the illegal gambling gang,

so we’re going out to investigate.

But why are you going out,
Sergeant Kim?

Well, they were on my radar
in the first place.

Gosh, it could be dangerous.

Don’t worry.
I won’t die before my wedding.

Right, did you give the invitation
to Captain Choi?

Not yet.

We’re having a gathering tomorrow,
so I’ll give it to him then.

I see.

Captain Choi will be shocked.

He will be shocked indeed.

When he sees
the name of the groom, right?

– Eun Ju.
– Hey, hold on.

Gosh, wait. Eun Ju.

– Let me go.
– Gosh, Dong Man.

– Wait.
– Dong Man.

– Hey, calm down.
– Gosh.

Eun Ju!

Eun Ju! Let me go!

– Let go of me!
– Dong Man.

Eun Ju!

(Professor Yu Dong Man)

(Yu Dong Man, Son of Yu Seok Dae
and Bang Yong Soon)

(Kim Eun Ju, Daughter of Kim Doo Ik
and Hong Yoon Hee)

(March 9, 2019, Saturday 2 p.m.)

(Biz Wedding, 1st floor, Maria Hall)

Hey, start from the shoulder
and land on your back.


Sun Ho is not here yet?

He said he needs to meet…

the PR club and the student council
for arrangements.

Well, he left his phone at the dorm,

so I couldn’t tell him.

I will go find him.


Yes, that’s right.

A police university student
should try to learn on his own.

(General Introduction
to Investigation Studies)

But still,
what have I done so wrong?

I got you.

Shouldn’t you go to the gym
right now?

No, it’s okay.

It’s for the school
information session,

and I’ll be practicing
tomorrow as well.

By the way,
are you going to read all these?

Is this the spirit of the freshman?

– I’m going to study.
– I see.

By the way, Na Rae.

How can I acquire dashcam footage…

as legal evidence?

Well, you need to get a warrant.

A faster way, other than that.

Request assistance in
the investigation?

But do freshmen learn
about evidence acquisition?

Well, I wanted to study in advance.

Good for you.

Since I’m a straight-A student
in Investigation Studies,

should I teach you about it?

– You’re a straight-A student?
– Of course.

That’s amazing. Really?

How did you study for it?

– Well…
– I’m really bad at it.

Gosh. I knew it.

If you teach me, I’ll treat you.

I told him not to smile with teeth.

I’ll teach you if you ask.

If you teach me,
I’ll learn with all my heart.

Okay. Then drop the honorifics.

Excuse me. Hello.

Can I take Sun Ho with me?

I need to talk to him
about the information session.


You should have called me.

I would have come right away.

No worries.
Then again, it’s not that important.

And about that
investigation studies…

Why don’t you try image training
before you read all those books?

You should become
both the assailant and the victim.

Think before you learn
from someone else.

When are you going to think
on your own?

What? You didn’t have the time?

Is that what a student
of this school should be saying?

Think before you learn
from someone else.

When are you going to think
on your own?

Hold on. What’s the deal
with Professor Kwon Hyuk Phil?

(Professor Yu Dong Man)

If you’re still awake,
come here at once.

He can come here if he needs me.

Why should I go?

(Barbecue Pork)

Why didn’t you go to bed?

Why didn’t you have dinner?

I asked you first, you brat.

You know, the dashcam.

I was looking up ways
we can get our hands on it lawfully.


First, try requesting a warrant…

And if they declined the request?


Ask to view the evidence…

What if
the suspect might destroy it?

– “Suspect”?
– The day of Chul Jin’s accident,

there was a vehicle tailing him…

on the same road, at the same time.

The vehicle belongs
to Professor Kwon Hyuk Phil.

That’s why I wanted
to check the dashcam footage.

Maybe he just happened
to be driving by…

because it’s near the school.

How do we know
if it was a coincidence…

or if it was staged as such?

When you’re investigating,

you must leave open
all possibilities.

You never know when
and where something will turn up…

and blindside you.

This is all the materials
I collected…

while chasing
the illegal gambling gang.

Every single page is the outcome
of the detectives’ hard work…

and countless sleepless nights.

I’ll come back in a month.

Sit back down.

I’ll give you a brief rundown,
so listen up.

The Cybercrime Unit found out…

about a new illegal gambling site
that accepts cryptocurrency.

In our joint investigation
with them,

my team found out
that this site was actually…

a huge enterprise
operating on and off-line.

Which is why Chul Jin and I…

started doing the legwork.


In law enforcement, “legwork”…

refers to the process of collecting
info necessary to solve a case.

We also use various other techniques
to figure out the motive…

and confirm the location
of the crime scene.

An existing modus operandi
can also be used to uncover…

additional crimes.

We can also trace stolen goods
and refer to things…

like forensic analyses,
phone records, and alibis.

Here’s an example.

If the police receive a tip
that there is…

an illegal gambling site
that accepts cryptocurrency…

The police will launch
an investigation.


During the investigation,
the police find out…

that the gambling site
also runs an off-line casino,

so they make a move to catch
the person who actually manages it.

What would that be?



Then the police find out…

that they use
a unique game terminal…

that they created.

So the police plant a tracker
in the terminal,

so they can track it and raid
the operational headquarters.

They’re using the modus operandi,
I guess?

“I guess”?

They’re using the modus operandi!

Lower your voice, you punk.

Yes, sir.

But they can no longer track it
due to an unexpected accident.

they’ve obtained a program…

that lets you trace
major cryptocurrency accounts.

So the police could’ve caught
those jerks by tracing…

the transactions when they were
turning their coins into cash.

But I stepped in
and hacked the site.


I’m sorry.

Well, anyway,

so they moved
all their major accounts,

the site’s now gone,
Chul Jin got hurt,

and the investigation is back
to square one.

But why do you think that
the person who attacked Mr. Park…

was someone involved
in the gambling site?

The jerks running the illegal site
you’re after…

They are the Police University’s…

Hey, Chul Jin.

It’s just my hunch as a detective.


do you really think
we can catch them?

Listen carefully.

No matter how competent you are
as a detective,

you can’t control everything
or predict unexpected situations.

That’s why some cases
are solved in a few months,

whereas some take decades
to be solved.

And in that process,

you may lose your colleagues
on the job, which is unfortunate.

And in some cases, the offenders
end up committing additional crimes.

Each metropolitan precinct’s
investigation budget…

is 300 dollars a month.

The case investigation budget
is only 180 dollars,

which means there are times
when we end up losing suspects…

due to our low budget,
which is ridiculous.


if we do not give up…

If the police persevere
and do not give up,

justice will prevail.

So no matter what the case is,

let’s never give up.

Do you understand?

– Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir!

(Lecture Hall)

Let’s go. I’m hungry.

– What? What is it?
– Where’s Sun Ho?

Gosh, you scared me.
He told me we can go ahead.


I thought about what we could do.

How about
we cause a minor collision…

and ask him to show us
his dashcam footage?

That’s not against the law.

– I’m sorry.
– No.

You’re right.

That’s like a sting operation.

– Right?
– As long as we get what we need.

Let’s go.

What’s up?

The thing
you wanted to get your hands on…

by causing a scene
at the parking lot that day.

(Fishery Management Office,

It looks like you were mistaken.

Isn’t there a program that tells you
whether videos were manipulated?

Go check.

Where are you going?

Oh, Captain.

Right, the book.


(Professor Yu Dong Man)

Don’t tell me
people here look down on you…

because you’re not
a Police University graduate.

What’s with you?
Don’t you know what I’m like?

It’s not like
your heart is made of steel.

I know you also get hurt
by people’s words,

just like I do.

Gosh, what’s with you today?
Are you not feeling well?

You see,

I knew you and Eun Ju
were planning on getting married.

I thought feigning ignorance
would help you move on.

That’s why I pretended
not to know about it until now.

If that’s what you’re here to say,
just go. I don’t want to hear it.

While trying to track down
the gambling ring…

Yes, we lost Eun Ju.

But that was an accident, you fool.

Dong Man,
let’s not turn Eun Ju’s death…

into one of those pathetic,
soppy movies.


Eun Ju’s death two years ago
was an accident.

But Chul Jin’s case is different.
It was not an accident.

So please, Captain.

Just like you pretended not to know
about me and Eun Ju all this time,

turn a blind eye to this
just a bit longer.

I must catch those jerks
no matter what.

I want to finish
what Eun Ju was working on,

so help me out here.

Gosh, you crazy punk.

I brought you
Chul Jin’s phone records.

There isn’t much,
but you’ll see a suspicious number.

It’s a burner phone.

If you just start digging and end up
getting hurt like Chul Jin,

you’re dead meat.

Gosh, he never listens to me.

You’re not even giving me
a cup of coffee?

(Illegal gambling gang,
dead police officer)

(“Sergeant Kim Eun Ju Dies While
Chasing Illegal Gambling Gang”)

(The late Sergeant Kim Eun Ju)

– How are you?
– I’m totally fine.

Gosh, I can’t wait
to get out of here.

It sounds like you’re
back to your old self.

How come you sound so down?

Just hang up.

Gosh, I wish it’d rain.

Why is the weather so nice?

Professor Yu.


The dashcam footage
wasn’t fabricated.

And the hours
aren’t fabricated as well.

– Are you sure?
– Yes.

– Okay.
– Professor Yu.

Let me come along.

To where?

Aren’t you going
to the fishing place?

Let’s watch the footage together
and listen to their statements.

– We need to check the scene too.
– What about the roll call?

– I can go alone.
– No.

Let me come along.

You said all sorts of variables
could stab us in the back…

during an investigation.

Wouldn’t it be better
if there are two of us?

– Here.
– What’s that?

(Permission slip, Kang Sun Ho,
Approved by Yu Dong Man)

What… This is…

(Korean National Police University,
Kwon Hyuk Phil)

It’s him. Professor Kwon.

He comes 2 to 3 times a week.

Why is he so obsessed with fishing?

That’s not why he comes.

People who come here
often have problems of their own…

because they’re distressed
about the money they lost.

Professor Kwon
gives them legal advice.

Is that working?

Of course it is.

(384N 4178)

(384N 4178)

(384N 4178)

We’ve confirmed
Professor Kwon’s alibi.

The time Chul Jin
hung up the phone…

was 9:14 p.m.

Sir, is there a sidewalk…

that leads to this fishing place?

It’s exactly 1,300m away
from here to the scene.

If you can get there
within eight minutes,

then Professor Kwon’s alibi
won’t be valid.

By the way,

may I ask why you are
so desperate…

to find out whether
he’s the culprit or not?

I mean, I don’t think
it’s reasonable to doubt him…

just because he was on the same
road at the same time that day.

These are the footprints
of the culprit…

left at the scene
where Chul Jin was attacked.

Because it rained that night,

we couldn’t preserve them
as evidence.

But I could presume his size.
It was 285mm.

His feet are quite big.

Then could Professor Kwon’s size…

That’s right.
His shoe size was 285mm.

Do you need
any more reasonable doubts?

Let’s go.

He didn’t even follow the procedure.

How could he take
a student with him?

You’re right.

It looks like Professor Yu
likes to put us in a pickle.

Gosh, Professor Seo!

Gosh, you scared me.

Let’s see.

Where could a professor
and a student have gone…

so late at night?

I think it’s somewhat romantic.

How long did we take?

Eight minutes and five seconds.

You see? If we walked
a little faster, it’d have worked.

Yes, I was right.

It’s highly likely
that he got himself caught…

on the surveillance camera
and walked to the scene.

That sly punk. I’m going to
get him no matter what.

Professor Yu.

If it’s proven that the suspect
couldn’t have reached the scene…

within the given time,

then he will be cleared
of a charge…

because his alibi could be
interpreted differently, right?

That’s true,

but in this case,
he lied about his alibi.

What is it?

– The rain.
– What?

You said it rained
on the day of the incident.

That day, it says
there was 15mm of rain per hour.

The stone bridge we came across
sinks when it rains here.

Even if he made it
out of the bridge,

he wouldn’t have gotten here
within eight minutes.

You taught us that we need to
exclude the suspect…

from the list of suspects
if his alibi is valid…

so that we can specify
another suspect.



Professor Kwon…

should be excluded
from the list of suspects.

My gosh.

I’m rather glad though.

I’m glad that a professor
from our school isn’t a suspect.

Do you think I’m pathetic?

Because I missed the things…

that you caught
when you’re my student?

Not at all.

I didn’t realize before,

but it’s really difficult…

to chase someone…

and to catch someone.

My emotions get in the way
of my reasoning.

So how could a professor
be better at that than a student?

Then what do you think is important?

You know.

People matter the most.

I don’t even know
how investigations work,

so I’m sorry for mentioning…

rules and the law.

You can keep doing that.


When I do whatever I want
for my investigation,

you should put a stop to that.

I can’t always be right.

I am wrong sometimes,
and I also make mistakes.

Just like you said, I’m a human too.

That’s why
every cop needs a partner…

and why 2 are better than 1.

Anyway, about today…

You just got lucky,

so don’t get all arrogant.
Behave yourself, okay?

Yes, sir.

So we can put Professor Kwon
in the clear now, right?

In the clear, my foot.

Now, there’s just less chance of him
being the culprit.

– Professor.
– Which is why…

we should go and ask him directly.

If he really isn’t the culprit,

we will apologize to him properly.

Hey, this reminds me…

I need you to look into this now.

It’s Chul Jin’s call log.

(Call Log)

I shall tell you more
when I’m back from the restroom.

My gosh!

Professor Yu seems quite drunk.

Oh, no! My goodness.

Let me see.

– My goodness!
– Gosh.

Give it back.

Gosh, I’m so sorry.

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

Don’t tell me…

you did that on purpose. Did you?

No, they just slipped
out of my hands.

I guess it’s an important document.
Gosh, I’m really sorry.

Right, let’s try using a hairdryer.

I’ll go get it quickly.
Give me a second.

We can just print another copy!

(Korean National Police University)

Then the student council
will manage the attendees…

of the admission info session.


Right, the Chungram Sports Festival
is around the corner.


I heard the team that wins
will be granted special leave.

Really? That is awesome.

With that said, Kang Hee…

If you’re okay with it,
on your first day off…

Kang Hee.

I’m sorry I’m late.

The books were due today,
so I had to stop by the library.

Why did you run
when you knew you’d be late anyway?

– Have some water.
– Thanks.

Thanks, I went through it.

Let me ask you one last question.

Are you sure you only went
to the fishery that night?

Were you really there
the whole time?

Look, Professor Yu.

I’m doing this to confirm
that I can stop suspecting you,

so please answer my question.

I was there the whole time.

Are we good now?

Then did you see anyone
on the road…

I did.

On my way to the fishery,

I saw someone throwing up
on the side of the road.

He wobbled a bit.
I guess he was drunk.

Why didn’t you tell me sooner…

Right, shouldn’t you
have asked about that first?

Before you tried
to break into my car?

A junior colleague of mine
got attacked…

by an unidentified man
near the school.

I thought anyone here
could be a suspect,

so I made the mistake
of suspecting you.

I apologize for my rudeness.
I admit that it was out of line.

This will not happen again.

That’s all?

(Korean National Police University
Judo Club)

I accept your apology,

but it won’t really cut it.

Let’s have a match
and let it all go.

Sure, I’m totally fine with that.

But your legs are awfully weak.

Are you going to fight
with your mouth?

– Let’s begin.
– The first one to get a point wins.

Ready, start!

– Come on!
– Bring it on!

– My nails…
– What happened?

Are you okay?

Gosh, let go.

Hey! Darn it!

– He’s really cute.
– Goodness gracious.

– Hey, move your feet.
– Okay.

Are you done cleaning?

We’re almost done!

I heard some students sneak out
after the evening roll call.

You know you’ll get
30 penalty points for that, right?

If you get caught
sneaking into the girls’ dorm,

you’ll be severely reprimanded…

regardless of
what your reason may be,

so you’d better keep that in mind.

– Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir!

(Oh Kang Hee)

I feel like those few stressful days
gave me wrinkles.

It’s today, right?


(Korean National Police University)

Are you all excited
to be here today?

I’m Kang Myung Joong
in my second year.

It’s nice to meet you all.

You do need good grades
to get into…

the Korean National
Police University,

but a strong sense of duty
is equally important.

The police emblem you see here…

shows a sea eagle soaring
with the rose of Sharon.

Only then
can you become a police officer.

I suggest you all give it a shot.

You’ll be expelled if you engage
in an inappropriate relationship.

“For the Nation, Justice,
and our Honor.”

It’s the Police University’s motto.

On the left,
you see the Coexistence Tower.

(Judo Club)


Here comes the food!


The three of you can share it.

– Over here!
– Fried chicken.

Thank you.

– Enjoy the sausages.
– Here’s your drink.

– Attention!
– Okay.

Professor Kwon
wants to say something.

Everyone in the student council,
the judo club, and the PR club.

You all did a great job today.

By the way, where’s the professor
in charge of the PR club?

Oh, there he is!

No, I don’t want to.

Why did you step out
when we were deciding…

who’d be in charge of each club?

I trust that you’ll do your best
to promote our school.

– Here we go
– Here we go




– Bunny!
– Bunny!

– Bunny!
– It’s you!

– Busted!
– I saw it too!

– Park Min Kyu and Kang Sun Ho lost!
– You lost!

Drink up

– Drink until you drop
– Drink until you drop

Go for it.

– Bottoms up!
– My gosh!


– What’s wrong?
– I have to use the restroom.

Clearly, the student council
can’t beat the judo club.

Even the professor in charge is…

Sober up, will you?

Let’s not forget
that we’re professors.

– Here.
– What are you doing? Drink up.

– Thank you.
– Wait! I’ll come to your rescue.

– What?
– She’ll drink that for him?

– What is going on?
– My goodness.

She saved me.

Hey, try to sober up.

Tell me your wish

I drank that for you,
so I get to tell you my wish.

Yes, go ahead. I’ll grant your wish,
whatever it may be.

Then have a judo match with me
every night.

– My gosh!
– Every night?

You little…

Why do you keep stepping on my shoe?

My foot hurts.

Follow me.

What is wrong with you?

Can you sober up or not?

Gosh, I’m sorry. Your foot…
I hurt your foot.

I’m so dizzy.

Hey. You only had three glasses.

Will you pull yourself together?

I’m so sorry!

Oh, my. Kang Sun Ho!

How old are you?

I was born in 1980.

– Why are you asking that?
– I’m the same age as you!

What? All three of us
are the same age.

Let’s be friends.

– Hyuk Phil.
– I already have many friends.

Then why don’t just the two of us
become friends?

This is an official event.

Why don’t we wrap this up
and go home?

My gosh, have this before you go.
It’s on the house.

It’s a stir-fried gizzard!

You’re so kind, Professor Go.


You were a professor?

I taught the kids…

how to use their knives
in real-life situations.

That’s when they started
to call me Professor Go.

“In real-life situations”?

Oh, I was convicted twice.

Don’t worry. I haven’t
caused any trouble for ten years.

I’m running a pub
near the Police University…

so that I can lead a good life.

My gosh, you’re so funny.

Is there another pub near here…

other than this place?

There are some.

But Professor Go’s pub
is the best one.

It’s like a hideout
for people of our school.

Sir, do you remember the guy
whom I came with…

who has a big build
and a deep voice?

He’d go, “Hey, Dong Man.”

You know that detective, right?

Of course I do.

You’re talking about that detective
with broad shoulders, right?

Did he drink here last Tuesday?

Last Tuesday?

Did he?

Gosh, I can’t even remember
what happened yesterday.

Of course.

That’s only natural. I can’t even
remember what happened yesterday.

By the way, do you have
surveillance cameras?

You must have one since it’s a pub.

– Kang Hee, it’s so cold.
– Be quiet.

– Why isn’t he picking up?
– It’s so cold.

– Just hold still.
– It’s so cold.

He’s so heavy. What do I do?

(Kang Hee)

Hey, do you think it’s really okay
to ignore her call?

You punk!

If you’re a loyal friend,
you shouldn’t pick up.

I know this best.

Wait, what time is it now?

– It’s 1 a.m.
– What?

If they get caught outside…

They’ll get disciplinary action!

– No!
– Oh, gosh!

– Goodness.
– I can’t walk.

– Hey.
– Gosh, this is crazy.

Hey, get up.

(Korean National Police University)

Hey, you need to walk quietly.

If we get caught,
they’ll give us a severe punishment.

I got this.

Oh, here it is.

– Darn it.
– Gosh.

Got you, you rats.

Oh, gosh.

These rats.
They’re having fun, aren’t they?

Oh, gosh.

Wait a minute.

This will get you
in serious trouble. Do you hear me?

– What was that?
– This is fun.

I got you, you rats.

Where are they?

I’m going to
remove all these stairs.

Gosh, Kang Hee.

Be quiet.

This is driving me crazy.

Let me see.


The codes of behavior
within the residence hall.

Article One.

Students cannot enter
the residence hall…

of the opposite sex
for private reasons.

Article Two.

Students must have
a healthy relationship,

and they cannot go beyond
moral limits.

I can’t breathe!

Please keep quiet.

Article Three.

If a student here makes
physical contact…

to show a sexual appeal…

and does something to disgrace
Korean National Police University,

they will be expelled instantly.


I can’t be expelled.

Come on, Kang Hee.

Will you be quiet?

Oh Kang Hee!

Oh Kang Hee!

Oh Kang Hee!

– They will be expelled instantly.
– Oh Kang Hee!

– They will be expelled instantly.
– Oh…

– They will be expelled instantly.
– Oh…

You will be expelled!

Oh Kang Hee, you’ll be expelled!

(We’d like to thank Hwang Seung Un
for her special appearance.)

(Police University)

Since it’s her mother’s trial,
Kang Hee must want to go.

If we win
at Chungram Sports Festival,

we’ll get special leave, right?

Who on earth are you?

I’ll do anything to help you.

But why don’t we participate
in Chungram Sports Festival first?

What did you do to Kang Hee?

What else can happen between
a man and a woman in a storage room?

What are you imagining?

– You crazy punk.
– I should take responsibility.

I’m going to win this to give
my special leave to Kang Hee.

If he’s the culprit,
he will show up…

on the day
of Chungram Sports Festival.

I got you, punk!

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