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Korea Police College Episode Three Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: Police.University.S01E04

(Episode 4)

(If you do not prevent him,
it is going to be over for you too.)

(My One and Only Supervisor)

(My One and Only Supervisor)

– What?
– You impolite punk.

Hey, do you need to have red meat belly
due to the fact it is raining?

– Supervisor?
– What is it?

Why do you sound so down?
What is it?

You will by no means surrender, will you?

Give up what?
What are you speakme approximately?

You’ll by no means surrender on
going after the ones jerks, will you?

Gosh, do not you understand me?

Where are you?

Did you drink?
Do you need me to choose you up?

The jerks jogging the unlawful site
you are after…

They are the Police University’s…

Hey, Chul Jin.

Chul Jin. Park Chul Jin!

Chul Jin!

(Emergency Center)

Chul Jin.

Chul Jin!

Mr. Park. Mr. Park Chul Jin!

– Call Anesthesiology.
– Yes, sir!

My intestine feeling tells me
that this situation is dangerous.

That day,

you informed me that
you would continually be proper at the back of me.

It nonetheless hurts on wet days.

And I nonetheless flip round
in panic mode,

wondering a person may assault me
from at the back of. So please…

do not depart me alone.

I cannot appear to prevent the bleeding.

We’ll pass him now.

Chul Jin. Hey…

My gosh.

(Operating Center)

You have been the closing one
he spoke to at the telecellsmartphone.

Is there whatever you heard?

Hey, inform me.

The unlawful playing site.

Those darn jerks.

I’ll trap them.

I will trap them irrespective of what.

Hey, calm down.

Because of these scumbags,
Eun Ju died,

or even Chul Jin is harm now.
So how can I calm down?


I have to trap the ones jerks.

I’ll trap them…

and cause them to pay for this!

Hey, Dong Man!

(I have to…)

(I have to defend every body.)

(I consider that you will do well.)

He’s now no longer right here.

Why do not we meet up?

Yes. Will do.

(Do Not Enter, Police Line,
Investigation in Progress)

(Do Not Enter, Police Line)

Professor Yu.

Kang Sun Ho.

Yes, sir.

You stated
you will do whatever for me…

if I assist you out, proper?

Help me.

– Pardon?
– Help me…

in order that I can trap the ones jerks.

– What are you speakme…
– With your hacking skills,

we will trap the ones jerks.



– Are you…
– That’s proper.




Wait, keep on.

You stated you have been in college.

A laptop technology major.

That’s due to the fact hackers run away…

the instant I inform them I’m a cop.

At first,

I signed directly to the Black Net
to get a few information.

But I met you,
and we ended up chatting…

So you deceived me for a year?

Hey, I failed to lie to you.

I simply could not locate the proper time
to inform you.

When did you locate out
that I became Yoon?

That day on the police station?
Or right here?

You do not must consider me
in case you do not need to,

however I handiest discovered out recently.

And after I discovered out,
I became as amazed as you’re now.

So I became going to pretend
I failed to are aware of it became you.

I became going to, however…

Chul Jin were given harm.

I suppose it is the jerks…

of the unlawful playing site
which you hacked.

If you can assist me out
through hacking them,

I suppose I’ll be capable of get them.

Is that why…

you allow me get admitted
to this college?

You punk!

If I assist you,

does that make hacking felony?

The first time is tough.
It’s smooth the following time round.

And through the 1/3 time,
you might not even experience guilty.

That’s what you stated to me.

That’s why I promised you
that I will by no means…

smash any regulations.

I made that promise to you.

I’ll pretend
you failed to question me that tonight.

(Chungram Lounge)





Hey, in case you’re now no longer going to
have that yogurt drink,

I can assist cast off it.

But then again, he ought to
take a few probiotics too.

Of course.

Probiotics are essential.

I’ll get going first.

Our candy friend…

appears edgy today.

You understand how Professor Kwon…

placed Sun Ho to disgrace in his elegance.

He failed to get
any sleep closing night…

and rummaged thru books
all night.

I experience lousy.

That’s what your face says.

Honestly speaking, Professor Kwon
became too harsh yesterday.

Who can solution him properly
if he corners them?

I wager maximum of them might’ve
long gone speechless much like you did.

So do not be discouraged.


But I’ve surely by no means
given it a idea.

What it manner to grow to be an officer
and to defend the citizens.

What my stance is.

Then you may locate your solution
beginning now.

We simply were given into this college.
We simply commenced this journey.

You’re proper.

We simply commenced.

By the manner,

approximately that element you informed me
at the closing day of the training…

I surely got here to this college
due to you.

It’s you.


Which one?


Professor Yu had an pressing matter
to attend to,

so trendy elegance is canceled.

Mr. Hyun over right here…

will provide you
unique information…

at the curriculum and the material
you will want for the semester.

We’ll announce the date for
the makeup elegance as soon as it is decided.

We might not solution any questions.

How ought to he cancel his first elegance?

It have to’ve been an pressing matter.

He notified us thru a telecellsmartphone name.

He stated he’s going to post the report
and the syllabus later.

Is he now no longer feeling well?

He have to educate his elegance
even though he is now no longer feeling well.

His college students come to his elegance
even if they may be ill.

It seems like he would not qualify
as a professor.

Why do not we begin our meeting?

It’s a cerebral hemorrhage.

His surgical operation went well,

however we’re going to must wait and see
whether or not he’s going to awaken or now no longer.

He will awaken eventually, proper?

We cannot assure it for now.

Hey, Dong Man.
You have not eaten, proper?

Let me go back to the force.

You punk, it is already over.

The paperwork
has been processed already.

– Captain.
– What is it?

Do you accept as true with me?

Why are you asking me that?
You’re scaring me.

I accept as true with you, Captain.

What are you attempting to mention?

I suppose Chul Jin discovered…

a cause the gang
jogging the unlawful playing site.


So? Go on.

I suppose I ought to go back to the force
and inspect it myself.

I suppose Chul Jin discovered
conclusive proof.

How? What did he do?

I suppose it has some thing to do…

with the Police University.

Those jerks worried
withinside the unlawful playing site.

I suppose they may be at our university!

Was it you who harm his head,
now no longer Chul Jin?

Come on, Captain.

If you speak nonsense
with a critical face on,

it could be pretty convincing.
Thanks for coaching me that!

I’m critical! Chul Jin informed me that
over the telecellsmartphone.

Gosh, you pathetic punk.

Chul Jin is unconscious!

When will you develop up?

How dare you operate a ill person?

You’re insane.

And you name your self
his supervisor?


I’m telling you the truth!

Chul Jin stated it!

– Don’t comply with me!
– Chul Jin stated it!

– Go away.
– My goodness.

Stop following me!

(Tea Ceremony Club, Dahyang)

The excellent a part of campus life
is clubs.

Have you made a decision which one to enroll in?

This one.

Scientific Investigation
Research Club…

that Professor Seo Sang Hak leads.

It’s additionally referred to as SIRC.

Others suppose SIRC would not have
many activities…

due to the fact a public administration
professor is main it,

however in case you reflect onconsideration on it,
it is the handiest membership…

that offers with fingerprints, blood,
and DNA.


I heard there is a actual goddess…

withinside the dance membership.

A goddess.


Where can I fill out
an utility for the dance membership?

Join the judo membership
in case you need to peer a goddess.

Gosh, you scared me.

You can see me
in case you be a part of the judo membership.


What? He has the face for judo.

What’s your name? Sun Ho?

Kang Sun Ho.

I’m going to enroll in
the scholar council.

You’re becoming a member of it too, proper?

What? Yes.

The seniors desired me to enroll in,
and I suppose it is going to be amusing.

But I heard there are
handiest spots left.

Are we competitors now?

We can each get in.

Here it is. Let’s move test it out.

(2021 Student Council
Recruiting a New Member)

– What approximately his number?
– What’s your number?

– Get his number.
– It’s 010…

– What is it?
– You might not get this threat again.

Sun Ho.

If you need to win her love,
then be a part of the judo membership.

Goodness, Professor Choi.

None however the sturdy men
deserve the beauty.

You understand that, proper?

Why do you maintain forcing me?

You stated you need to increase
your bodily strength…

at some point of your interview.

You cannot change
your thoughts overnight.

Keep analyzing it.

– And then…
– Give me a while to suppose.

Did you write down his name?

Why failed to you?

(Student Council Room)

He’s tall, and he has precise grades.

I understand.

Are you right here to follow?
You can placed it there.

Oh, you understand we choose new participants
primarily based totally on their grades, proper?

– Good luck.
– Do you watched you will make it?

(Student Council Application Form,
Oh Kang Hee)

(Student Council Application Form,
Park Min Kyu)

Police officers…

shoot weapons now no longer to damage others…

however to defend them.

Remember that a bullet
ought to handiest be fired…

to store humans.

I wish you will learn how to shoot…

adequately and precisely.

Please exhibit it to us.

Take a deep breath.

As you breathe out,
placed your hands protecting the gun…

in keeping with your sight.

Once your hands are in line,
prevent breathing,

purpose your gun with the the front sight
with a rear notched sight.


And shoot.

(Police University)

(Kim Koo Library)

(Miranda Rule)

This has the episode of Miranda
of the Miranda Rule.

I idea it would be precise
to test it.

Thank you.

You do not want to study it all.

You simply want to study this chapter.

Kang Hee’s hand touched mine.

Kang Hee’s hand…

Kang Hee’s hand…

Are you listening?

– Hey, Kang Sun Ho!
– Gosh!

Get a grip.

I’m sorry. Can you provide an explanation for it again?

If you study right here…

It says you cannot use
the suspect’s statement…

as proof towards him
at his trial.

If you spot the following page,

it is going on and on,
however you have to study it.

– You want to memorize it.
– Okay.

There appears to be some thing going on
with Kang Hee and Sun Ho earlier.

I knew it. Like draws like.

Can’t you spot I’m analyzing?

I see. Sorry.

There’s no extra mercy
or attention for Cho Jun Wook.

this is an excessive amount of among friends.

There aren’t anyt any friends
with regards to love.

No. There’s no truthful play.

It’s a conflict from now on.

I can try this.

Goodness. Are you guys
going to be this childish?

If you are performed eating, allow’s speak.

Do you want Kang Hee?


You too, proper?

Since whilst?

Before I were given into this college.
What approximately you?

Way earlier than than you.

Witness, please come on in.

(2 years ago)

That wench…


I do not know it exactly.

But I take into account humans
coming and going round midnight.

Then witness, have you ever seen
the accused, who’s your mom,

starting an unlawful casino
in a warehouse…

and playing?

Yes, I did.

At night. Almost each night.

When I became analyzing for exams,
or even earlier than my judo competition.

That woman, that guy, him and her!

Hey, mister.


Your Honor.

To the ones adults
along with my mom…

who renovated standard housing
into an unlawful casino,

please provide them the most penalty
allowed through regulation.

Please, sir.

Then Kang Sun Ho,
we cannot be friends.

Okay, Park Min Kyu.

– There can be no truthful play…
– From now on.

– Gosh, truly?
– My goodness.

– Isn’t this unbelievable?
– Goodness.

What’s going on?
Why are you all abruptly so quiet?

Were you speakme at the back of my returned?

Keeping the dorm smooth is essential.

Call the roll!

Two in total, present.

All clear.



Something fantastic happened.


My gosh, unbelievable. Goodness.

Sun Ho.

It’s unbelievable.

Did you pay attention approximately Oh Kang Hee?

Kang Hee’s mom
became convicted 4 times.

– And it is fraud and playing.
– What?

On the day of our interview,

she became arrested
in the front of the college.

– My goodness.
– What’s going on?

– I’m scared.
– She’s cuffed.

Everyone is speakme approximately it
due to the fact closing night.

How ought to the daughter of a crook
grow to be a police officer?

How can you are saying that, Jun Wook?


Oh, my goodness.

Kang Hee have to have heard everything.

My gosh.

No manner.

Just for this week.
This is an emergency.

What approximately the report
and makeup plan from closing week?

Did you convey it, Professor Yu?

Guidance Director?

I’ll come returned later.

As for the report,

I’ll post them collectively at as soon as.

Professor Yu.

Are you canceling your elegance again?

Well, I were given an pressing matter.

What’s extra pressing for a professor
than coaching his college students?

Gosh, I don’t have anything to mention and all,

however I truly have an pressing matter.

Then simply depart.

You appear to lack ethics
as a professor.

Don’t shame different professors.

Just post your resignation
and depart.

I get what you mean.

But who’re you to inform me…

to post a resignation or now no longer?

This is my closing piece of advice…

to a loser such as you
in a well mannered manner.

Leave with out inflicting any trouble.

Did you simply speak right all the way down to me?

What are you doing in the front of
all of the college students, professors?

– Here, have a few.
– Thank you.

I idea you have made up your thoughts,
Professor Yu.

The college and college students…

I idea you have were given
a few distinctive plans now.

When area officers
come to the college,

they frequently have
a tough time adjusting.

But even so, you cannot try this,
Professor Yu.

My colleague is injured badly.

He’s nonetheless unconscious.

After this week, I can also additionally now no longer
also be capable of song them down.

This week is just like the golden hour.

I understand
that I should not be doing this,

however please understand
simply this as soon as.

I get why you need to try this,

however it is time you made up your thoughts.

Whether you will live a professor
or move returned to being a detective.

Darn it.

Hey, you have been asleep
for manner too lengthy.

Actually, by no means thoughts. Just sleep.

I’ll paintings spherical the clock…

and make certain I trap
the jerk who did this to you,

so simply sleep and relaxation up.

To let you know the truth,

I became beginning to be attached
to the college.

It’s amusing to watch
the ones clueless youngsters.

“I was like that too.”

It makes me a touch emotional
at times.

But I promised
that I’d continually defend you.

That’s why I’m right here again.

What I’m pronouncing is…

Don’t sleep for too lengthy.

What am I doing now?
He’s asleep and cannot pay attention me.


(Get lost, Oh Kang Hee!
Criminal’s daughter!)

(Drop out!)

This is insane.

This loopy little piece of…

Who did this?


Gosh, what became that?

(Get lost, Oh Kang Hee!)

(Criminal’s daughter! Drop out!)

(Criminal’s blood
is flowing in you!)

Gosh, this nonetheless appears so messy.

(Bookstore, Convenience Store,
Stationery Store)


Chul Jin were given injured some days ago,

so I wasn’t in my proper thoughts.

I’m the only who desires to trap them.

What I’m attempting to mention is…

Just overlook what I stated that day.

Bye, I’m off.

Unbelievable, proper?

She continually acted like
she became higher than every body else.

Is she seriously
now no longer going to drop out?

She desires to keep out
due to the fact she has no disgrace.

Like mom, like daughter.

If she turns into a cop
and her mom receives arrested,

will she simply allow her off?

No, I might not.

Even if she’s my mother,
she desires to pay for what she did.

And in case you’ve were given matters
to mention to me, say it to my face…

as opposed to doing it at the back of my returned
like a gaggle of rats.

Hey, watch what you are saying.

You’re one to speak.

Your mother is a playing addict.

No surprise you became out like this.

Let’s move, girls.

– Hello.
– Hi.

(Leadership Room)

Oh, Ms. Baek.

You want to peer this on our website.

Why? What is it?

Hey, appearance.
Oh Kang Hee is truly some thing.

– What?
– What’s going on?

She have to truly be out of her thoughts.

– Hey, appearance.
– What?

Check this out.

Kang Hee have to be so upset.

What will we do, Sun Ho?

What’s going on?

My daughter tells me
she desires to die earlier than me.

You little witch.

(Did you understand?
Oh Kang Hee’s mom…)

(became convicted 4 times
for unlawful playing.)

(They say youngsters are
a mirrored image in their parents.)

(If Oh Kang Hee
turns into a police officer, )

(it’s going to handiest tarnish
the public’s accept as true with withinside the police.)

(Did you understand?
Oh Kang Hee’s mom…)

I do not need you in my life!

When became this published?

Where is Kang Hee?

I wish it allows you cool down.

(Get lost! Drop out!)

Do I make you uncomfortable?



Because of my mistake
at some point of the Chungram Training.

By doing that,

you are robbing me of the opportunity
to remedy the problem…

on my own.

It’s now no longer smooth to befriend a person
who humiliated you withinside the past.

I stated that due to my mother.

Whenever I had an exam, she somehow
were given the proper solutions…

and made me memorize all of them.

She informed me to memorize the solutions
as opposed to studying to remedy them.

So later on, I were given to a degree wherein
I knew the solutions proper away…

with out understanding
why they have been the proper solutions.

Another family
wherein the mother’s the problem.


Hey, isn’t always this our first time…

having any such lengthy conversation
due to the fact turning into roomies?

Well, humans make friends
even at some point of wartime.

Oh, they get matters performed fast.

Did you spot this?

(Freshman Oh’s stunning secret)

(This put up has been deleted.)

(“Criminal Investigation”)

(Korean National Police University,
Oh Kang Hee)

(Korean National Police University,
Oh Kang Hee)

Hey, Kang Sun Ho.

By the manner, how did you understand?

Who else might do that, if now no longer you?

Why? Do you hate it?

A little.

It’s so childish,

however sort of candy on the identical time.

Oh, have you ever idea approximately
Professor Kwon Hyuk Pil’s query?

Do you understand your solution?

Not yet.

During the elegance that day,

you stated that we ought to
defend every body whilst we will…

due to the fact we are police officers.

I felt a touch guilty
after I heard that.

When I became a junior in excessive college,

my mother’s trial became held.

The prosecutor requested me
to face in courtroom docket as a witness.

So I testified…

that it became my mother who did all that.

The humans she became worried
withinside the crime with…

employed lawyers.

But my mother became poor,

so I became afraid she became going to
take all of the blame.

That’s why I testified.

I informed the judge
that they have been all in it collectively.

That my mother became worried in it too.

I handiest stated that to defend my mother,

however I suppose I handiest blanketed my mother,

now no longer others.

Hey. Please try this for us.

A man like me will by no means
be capable of make that sort of money.

But you may.

Please forgive them simply this as soon as.

I plead you, Detectives.

Help me.

Chul Jin were given injured some days ago,

so I wasn’t in my proper thoughts.

That have to have been…

the excellent alternative you had returned then.

And I do not suppose…

this is incorrect.

Let’s move. We want to get ready
for the evening-roll-name.

Why do not you move beforehand first?
I want to prevent through somewhere.



It’ll take me approximately ten minutes,
so please look forward to me.

(Do Not Enter, Police Line)

(Kim Dong Woon,
South Chungcheong 90J 1398)

All proper.

(Professor’s Office)

Professor Yu, I actually have some thing to…


What are you doing?

I want to invite you now, now no longer later.

Get out! Get off now!

I stated, I actually have some thing to invite you!

Darn it. I’m now no longer responsible
for this.

Professor Yu.

I heard you met
all of the truck drivers inside a week.


This is wherein they park
their trucks,

so that you have to’ve met a number of them.

I cannot consider you surely
met all of them.

Here you move.

Thank you.

I’ll test as quickly as I can
and go back it to you.

It rained plenty that night,

so I’m now no longer positive what were given stuck
on my dashcam.

The avenue there isn’t always paved,

so it became all muddy.

When it rains, the truck receives messy.

What are you doing?

It’s 8:fifty seven p.m., 14 seconds.

It’s 8:fifty seven p.m., 34 seconds.

It’s a grey sedan.

What’s the number? Four seven…

What’s the closing one?

Isn’t that 41?


Hey, it is me.

I’ll ship you a file,
so are you able to examine the video…

and get me the automobile model
and its plate number?


Where are we going again?

Aren’t we going returned to college?

Where did he move?

It’s nearly time
for the evening-roll-name.

What’s all this?

(Kang Sun Ho)

(According to the constitution…)

(The Miranda Rule)

“The Miranda Rule”?

Don’t you understand that I’ll get
a penalty for AWOL?

So why did you need to comply with me?
I’m so busy.

(Provincial Police Agency)

Are we going to a police station
proper now?



I odor some thing fishy.

I odor some thing fishy.

If you need to move up, simply move.
Why are you ready right here?

Be quiet.

Hey, Detective Lee.
You won a few weight.

I wager you are handiest
running from the desk.

– Gosh.
– My goodness.

Hey, Detective Kim.

I noticed which you modified your car.

Don’t get any bribes.

I’m looking you.

I sold it on a five-year
installment plan.

Don’t shoot your mouth off.

I became simply kidding. See you.

Hello, sir.

Hey, Senior Inspector Yu.

I heard you have been going to
hire me elsewhere again.

Thank you.

But Captain Choi isn’t always the type
to do that.


It’s now no longer Captain Choi who requested me.

I idea it would be a waste
to assist you to move.

I failed to need a in a position officer
such as you to be caught at college.

Oh, I see.

Anyway, what are you doing right here?

Oh, my colleague were given harm,

so I got here to choose up his stuff.

Oh, you mean
Inspector Park Chul Jin?

– Yes.
– I see.

They were given the actual wrongdoer.

They’re investigating him now.

They stuck him?

Oh, proper.

I blended it up with the Seongsu-dong
robbery case.


Gosh, how ought to you blend that up?

I understand, proper? Good night, then.

– Okay. See you.
– Bye.

– Hey, allow’s get going.
– Sorry?

Chief Han.

What’s this approximately? Why are we right here?

Didn’t you spot him earlier?

His face after I informed him
that the actual wrongdoer became stuck.

I can inform who is guilty.

They cannot conceal their feelings
in that instant.

But I handiest were given circumstantial proof.
I haven’t any proof.

– Gosh.
– What are you going to do?

Well, we’re going to must wait
till Chul Jin wakes up.

Darn it.

What did you need to invite me?

Oh, I’ll ask you later.

Is Chul Jin ok though?

I became truly determined
after I needed to get the money…

for my dad’s health facility fees.

It seems like Professor Yu
is determined too.

So please awaken quickly.

Oh, proper.

You stated you desired
to invite me some thing.

Are you now no longer going to invite me?

I suppose I heard my solution.


Why did you assist
the inebriated withinside the emergency center?

What do you mean?

“We want to defend criminals too.
They have rights too.”

Is that what you consider in?

Beliefs are not important.
I simply comply with my instincts.

Why make it so complicated
and query everything?

I do not have such beliefs.

It’s simple. Protect them
and trap them. Got it?

If you need to do that,
you will want to paintings out.

How can a vulnerable guy such as you
defend or trap anyone?

– Go away.
– Hey!

Guys, do you need
to win that lady’s heart?

– Of course!
– Of course!

– Here I move!
– Bring it on!

(Leave your judo membership
utility right here.)

You have time
to attend to your skin?

We have not received
a unmarried utility!

(New participants desired)

Just wait till you get to my age.

Sunspots scare me extra
than getting 0 applications.

You cannot see them now,
however they will grow to be seen later on.

You pulled a bait-and-activate me
after I became a freshman,

so I nonetheless must placed up with this.

What? “Bait-and-switch”?
What do you mean?

You stated this will be
the spotlight of my campus life.

Where are the boys?

I hate you!

What in the event that they decide
to cast off the membership?

Gosh, that is loopy.

We’d like to enroll in the judo membership.

Here come the boys.


I’ll educate you
the breakfall technique…

to peer in case you’re qualified.

Wait, there is a test?

Here I come!

Now which you’ve joined
the judo membership…

and can be studying from me,

you will grow to be the hardest cookies
withinside the whole college!

Maybe it would be easier
to simply drop dead.

Then she’s mine.


I need to strive one extra time.
Here I come!

– I’m sorry.
– He would not are aware of it yet,

however I joined the PR membership too.

– All proper!
– Eon Ju is a member.

I can cope with clubs.

No! I will strive one extra time.

– I won.
– I’m ok!

Bum Tae cannot beat me.

Look at that!

– My goodness.
– I’m ok.

– Oh, proper.
– It hurts.

– I despatched you the ones snap shots.
– No, I need to strive again.

I’m ok!

Jun Wook.

You name your self Mr. Popular.

Everyone might agree.

– Right, positive.
– That’s proper.

Can you ship me
the snap shots of every body…

who tagged “Korean National
Police University”…

on Monday night?

– Okay.
– Thanks.

No problem.

(Kim Ba Da,
Korean National Police University)

It became published on Monday at 9:30 p.m.

And the individual that published it
used the Wi-Fi…

withinside the foyer on the dorm.


Hey, did you pay attention?

They stuck the person
who published the video…

of Kang Hee’s mom.


So it became you.

What an unpleasant lady you’re.


My daughter tells me
she desires to die earlier than me.

Why did you do that?

Darn it.

Then I’ll move display this to Ms. Baek.

I did it
to enroll in the scholar council.

Darn it.

There are handiest seats available
at the council.

But they examine your grades,
so I can handiest be a part of if she offers up.

You did that
due to some thing so petty?

“Petty”? Don’t you understand
that the previous council participants…

have it smooth
even after becoming a member of the force?

If you need to “have it smooth”
as a police officer,

you ought to simply stop now, you idiot.

You’re now no longer going
to inform anyone, proper?

Go to the scholar council’s office
and withdraw your utility,

– Darn it.
– Or you will be…

too embarrassed to live in college.

Hold on.

How did you are aware of it became me?

That appearance for your face.

I can inform who is guilty.

They cannot conceal their feelings
in that instant.

Oh Kang Hee’s grades
are lots higher,

however with all the ones talks approximately her,
we should not allow her in.


She’ll destroy
the council’s reputation.

We definitely can’t take delivery of her.
There’s no manner…

Oh, she’s right here.

I’d like my utility returned.

Okay, right here.



I’ve decided
to withdraw my utility,

so that you cannot disqualify me…

for such unfair, ridiculous reasons.

Can I actually have my utility returned?


(Professor Yu Dong Man)

(Here’s the video evaluation result.)

(Here’s the video evaluation result,
384N 4178)


What? He woke up?

How is he?

(Parking Reserved
for Professors Only)

(Dormitory Rules)

I heard you joined the judo membership.

Yes, I need to construct strength.

Did you get into
the scholar council?

No, I implemented to enroll in the PR membership.

I’m a complete newsmaker.

Who else might be a part of
the PR membership if I do not?

So many freshmen
will follow subsequent year…

in case you do the promotion.

I’ll make certain
it is extra aggressive than ever.

It’s Professor Kwon’s elegance.

That’s it for trendy elegance.

May I…

solution the query you requested me
closing time?

The solution had higher be
worth of my time.

I stumbled upon a ee-e book
withinside the library.

It became a ee-e book approximately Miranda…

of the Miranda Rule.

Ernesto Miranda became a serial rapist.

He confessed to his rape charges
at some point of a police interrogation,

however the courtroom docket dominated his confession

due to the fact he had now no longer been informed…

of his rights to stay silent
and to discuss with an attorney,

so he ended up
being launched on parole.

Ultimately, this verdict…

set an instance that justice
can handiest be virtually realized…

thru lawful manner.

However, there are nonetheless
many controversies…

surrounding this decision.

I do not trust the verdict.

The rights of a person who kidnapped
and raped an 18-year-vintage lady…

aren’t important.

But perhaps
through following the regulations…

and accepting every body’s rights,

we will defend…

people who virtually want
to be blanketed from such criminals.

So my solution for your query…

stays the identical.

Be it an harmless civilian…

or a crook.

I consider that
every body ought to be blanketed,

withinside the body of laws…

and regulations we have to comply with.

Because we are participants
of the police…

and a regulation enforcement agency.

The verdict wasn’t made
to defend Miranda.

The officer who induced an accident
and led the crook to die…

failed to get disregarded and punished
due to the fact the crook became harmless.

We should not allow our emotions
do the judging.

We ought to depart it to the regulation.

Understanding the world
thru the regulation…

is the felony thoughts you have to learn…

withinside the first elegance
of the Constitutional Law course.

Kang Sun Ho.

Well performed.


Good job, Sun Ho.

(Hangang Medical Center)

I failed to understand bananas
have been this precise.

My gosh.

Chul Jin!

Hey, my head! I cannot breathe!

Hey! Are you ok?

You punk. You made me fear.

Why failed to you fear approximately me
whilst this failed to happen?

Look at him. He’s returned.

– He’s returned, Captain.
– Dong Man.

Oh, proper. You take into account the jerks
who did this to you, proper?


– Dong Man.
– Oh, it have to’ve been a massive shock.

Then do you take into account
the telecellsmartphone name we had?

You stated it has some thing
to do with the Police University.

– What?
– What?

– What?
– What?

What’s incorrect with him?

It’s dissociative amnesia.

He’s mentally shocked.

It seems like an entire part
of his reminiscence has been erased.

We’ll want to attend and see
if his reminiscence returns.

Let’s wait and see.

What do you mean?

You count on me to consider that?

You noticed how pleasant he became.

What? Wait, Doctor!

Shouldn’t we do an MRI test again?


It’s feasible to temporarily
lose a few reminiscence…

whilst you are in shock.

No, this is now no longer feasible.
That cannot happen.

We cannot trap the ones jerks
if he would not take into account!

(Yu Dong Man)

(Professor’s Office)

(384N 4178)

(Here’s the video evaluation result.)

(384N 4178)

It’s 4178.

Wait a minute.

Wait. Hold on!

Professor Yu!

– Excuse me!
– Professor Yu!

Stop proper there! Wait!

– Hey!
– Professor Yu!

Stop proper there! Hey!


(Korean National Police University)

Hey, you punk!

Professor Yu!

I stated, prevent!

It’s a grey sedan.

When it rains, the truck receives messy.

This is my closing piece of advice…

to a loser such as you
in a well mannered manner.

Leave with out inflicting any trouble.


(Korean National Police University)

Hey! Darn it…

What? What are you doing right here?

You requested for my assist.

Do you continue to want my assist?

What did you are saying, you punk?

You requested me to assist you
to trap the ones jerks.

Do you continue to want my assist?

I experience like I can…

defend the harm…

and trap the awful guys
after I’m with you.

A manner to defend my humans.

The proper manner to defend them.

Not as Hacker Yoon
however as a scholar of this college,

can I locate the proper manner…

as I paintings with you?

(Korean National Police University)

(Police University)

This is all of the material
I collected…

even as chasing
the unlawful playing gang.

I’ll come returned in a month.

These are the wrongdoer’s footprints.
They’re 285mm.

Could it’s Professor Kwon Hyuk Pil?

I can experience the stare.
But arms are quicker than eyes.

– I noticed everything.
– From wherein?

The second you inserted
that cord withinside the window.

That sly punk.

Let’s move. I’m going to trap him
irrespective of what.

What became that? You appearance like
you noticed a puppy.

If he appears adorable to you,
then you are already into him.

Hey, do not smile with teeth.

If a scholar right here makes
bodily contact…

to expose a sexual appeal,

they’ll be expelled instantly.

Oh Kang Hee, you are expelled!

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