Drama Korea Police University Episode 3 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea Police College Episode Three Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: Police.College.S01E03

(Episode 3)

If I need to be worthy
of a 2nd probability,

I’ll present it with the help of utilizing principal my unit
to a victory on the ultimate schooling.

And if I can’t nonetheless present it
to you then,

I’ll withdraw…

with out making any excuses.

So can you please…

make up your ideas
after the schooling?

Whether or not I deserve
to reside on this faculty…

or now not.

Gosh, I should’ve been out of my ideas.

What on this planet did I merely say to him?

Darn it.

Captain! Are you ok?

Gosh, you might be sweating.

It is all my fault.

If handiest I hadn’t urged
ingesting ramyeon…

I am sorry, brother.

We should’ve listened to you
when you said we should always not devour it.

Why did you reside up and wait?
You should’ve merely lengthy gone to mattress.

How ought to we, after what we heard?

What? What did you concentrate?

We didn’t concentrate the whole lot,

nevertheless we heard the best way you said
it’s possible you’ll lead our unit to victory.

Solar Ho.

You applied to totally different universities
equally to this faculty, correct?


Why might he need to transfer
to a particular college?

Does it even make expertise to you?

Us, abruptly beating
the alternative groups.

– Darn it.
– Darn it.

(Scholar Title: Kang Solar Ho)

(Scholar Title: Kang Solar Ho)

(Dad and mom Deceased,
Guardian Yoon Taek Il)

I questioned why his ID changed into Yoon.

(Guardian Yoon Taek Il)

How dare you try this when you should
be repaying him for elevating you?

You pathetic fools.

(Scholar Title: Kang Solar Ho)

– One, , 3, 4.
– One, , 3, 4.

– One, , 3, 4.
– One, , 3, 4.

– One.
– Three.

– Two.
– 4.

– One, , 3, 4.
– One, , 3, 4.

Thus far, Four folks
have dropped out.

And three had been expelled.

So there are 60 of you
on the second.

We now have each week left
on this schooling.

Based mostly on all your performances,

the second unit is thrashing
all the totally different models.


The 2nd unit
led with the help of utilizing Captain Oh Kang Hee…

is likely to be excluded
from the ultimate schooling session.

On this schooling session,

the first unit
led with the help of utilizing Captain Park Min Kyu…

will transfer up in the direction of the 1/Three unit
led with the help of utilizing Captain Kang Solar Ho.

Now, I will inform you what you can be
educated on on this session.

From all the method over there…

to proper right here.

– From all the method over there…
– Transfer.

Extraordinarily superior
medical schooling.

Simply contemplate it
as a survival paintball match.

From proper right here, bang!
Right here goes each different one!

What’s with him?

Do not inform our enemies
roughly my loss of life.

Every unit is likely to be break up
into groups.

– One will assault…
– Cost!

Whereas the alternative group
practices protection.

It is one of many ROK Military’s
actual drill periods.

The Chungram Coaching is…

a condensed model
of the ROK Military’s schooling.

That is why we have to try this.

So we are going to do it over there?

A lot of the trainees
who don’t get in…

are pushed out on this stage.

Gosh, nevertheless I am optimistic…

at the least various us will make it.

If we don’t want the entire group
to be disqualified,

we wish our captain to return again up
with highly effective methods and plans.

– Solar Ho.
– Sure.

– We’ll be ok, correct?
– Sure.

Is it ok with you?

So? What is going to you do
roughly Kang Solar Ho?

Not optimistic. What should I do?

What are you hesitant roughly?

Do you now not want
to return to the precinct?

Darn it. I perceive.

What should I do roughly that?

Simply disqualify him…

and hold to get help from Yoon.

Then what roughly Kang Solar Ho?

I perceive who Kang Solar Ho is
as a result of reality I seen it with my private eyes.

Gosh, why are you being like this?
That is so not such as you.

You do all varieties of reckless issues
when you need to lure criminals.

Go residence. Get misplaced.

Nicely, why don’t you…

merely give up
on the illegal enjoying webweb web page…

and easily beg Captain in your knees?

I can beg him with you
in case you want me to.

Get out! Go residence!

Get misplaced, will you?

I will depart once I finish this.
Why are you so indignant?

Darn it.

You are already having
a method meeting?


As you said,
this isn’t actually roughly profitable.

I merely have to do my very nice…

attributable to the truth that is my remaining probability.

I am pleased to concentrate this.

Sure, merely do the whole lot you want,
so that you just may not have any regrets.

This second will on no account come once more.

And I will do what I would like
at this second with none regrets.

Hey! Oh Kang Hee!

Hey, what’s with that smirk?

That sounds much like
what my crush as quickly as said.



Who’s the woman you’ve got bought bought a crush on?

Oh, it’s…

What changed into her name?

Overlook it.
It is none of my business enterprise anyway.

I need to forestall
leaping to conclusions.

Nicely… I changed into questioning,
merely in case,

if the spiel roughly your dream
of turning right into a cop changed into all a lie.

However you have got proved that I changed into incorrect.

Nobody proper right here is larger critical
roughly this than you might be.

So roughly me leaping to conclusions,

I will express regret to you correctly
as quickly as we’re formally admitted.

I will inform you…

who it’s
as quickly as we’re admitted formally.

Hey, you will greater maintain your phrase.

Then I should be rooting
to your unit too.

Then I should be rooting
to your unit too.

I refuse to depart.

I will get in, no matter what.


Hey, males.

Guys! Consideration.

Throw a number of ideas round.

Brainstorming collectively
frequently works, you acknowledge.


– That is random.
– Concepts?

I imply, you acknowledge. Simply one thing.

It will likely be one thing.

Is not that your job, Captain?

In any other case,
why will we even desire a captain?

Hey, come on.

Solar Ho is saying
we ought to make use of our teamwork.

The group spirit.

Teamwork! Sure!

We’ll manifestly lose.

What is the level
of getting a method meeting?

Hey, Sung Soo.

– Do not be like this.
– Let transfer.

Let’s be sincere. Do you actually suppose
we’re capable of beat Min Kyu’s group?

That group has
various essentially the most highly effective males.

You inform me. Am I incorrect?

I want an individual
ought to present me a number of pointers.

Why don’t you…

transfer converse to Professor Yu Dong Man?

He is our schooling advisor, you acknowledge.

And also you individually perceive him.

He’ll possible present you
a number of pointers.

(Let’s meet.)

(I need to converse to you
roughly some factor in individual.)

Overlook it.

He is of no need anymore.


Ought to I merely swallow my pleasure…

and get down on my knee?

Gosh, severely.

Even when I get down on my knee,

I should get a lead, at the least.

Goodness, this will make me
lose face.

(Professor Yu Dong Man)

What are you doing proper right here?

I bought right here to ask you some factor, sir.

I suggested you that I will lead my unit
to a victory,

nevertheless must you help me out just a little?


I actually need to
hold analyzing proper right here.

I would as a substitute die than withdraw.

So I am decided to win,

nevertheless must you help me out
solely just a little?

Do not come nearer!


Stand there and converse. Proper there.

Simply as you suggested me,

I have to repay my dad
for the comfort of my life.

I have to face on my private.

So must you please help me?

Please, I urge you.

– Professor Yu.
– High-quality! Do not come any nearer.

Did you merely conform to help me?

Gosh, that airhead.

That is giving me a headache.

If you happen to help me,
I will do one thing for you.

You name it. I will do one thing
you inform me to do.

What’s the issue?


I haven’t got any clue
how I ought to organize…

for the ultimate schooling.

What did you are saying, you punk?

Gosh, what’s so powerful roughly it?

The area is determined, so it’s
obvious how your unit ought to maneuver.

How can you now not come up with
a method for such an clean mission?

When you graduate
from Police College,

it’s possible you’ll develop to be a squad captain.
How can you request from me for help?

– Gosh.
– Does that imply…

it’s possible you’ll help me for precise?

No, it is now not what I supposed.

Then I will come once more
at noon the subsequent day.

– What?
– I will see you the subsequent day. Thanks!

Hey! That brat…

Thanks a lot.

That loopy…

My gosh.

Darn it!

He can’t even come up
with a method,

so how does he suppose
he’ll management in proper right here?

Fight method.

I haven’t got any idea moreover.

Why are there so many?

Hey, ace.

How is the steerage going?

I am now not getting ready one thing particular.

That technique you watched it’s possible you’ll
beat us simply, correct?

No, I supposed that we’re going to do our nice
as we frequently have.

That is handiest courteous
for the opponent group.

That is type of cool.

– I can do it myself.
– The place should I positioned it?

Over there. I will do it.

It is ok. I am completed with my lunch.

Identical to you.

Did you reside up all evening time?

– No.
– Oh, ok.

The best suggestion I can present
to your unit…


why should I help your unit?

It is now not merely me…

who needs to win
on the ultimate schooling.

All of my unit members
need to byskip this.

You punk, how must you promote
your private unit members?

Of path I ought to advertise them,
if I should.

That is my remaining probability.

Even in case you try this,
it’ll on no account work.

Do you watched it’s possible you’ll promote
the unit product of airheads?

What do you imply?

Earlier than creating with a method,

you should get to grasp
higher roughly your unit members.

You are now not even capable of profitable,

nevertheless you might be handiest in quest of a way
to win. That is why this may not work.

What’s it? Are you disillusioned…

as a result of reality you didn’t get to concentrate
the answer you waited for?

No, sir. Thanks.

A miracle? A marvel?

If that’s what you might be hoping for,
get up.

Do not you watched
you ought to grasp your house?

Since that’s your remaining probability?

A miracle, a marvel, a dream.
Cannot I even want for them?

Simply get to the purpose
and say you want me out.

No matter!

I am optimistic he understood me.
Gosh, he’s one in all these headache.

Oh, you proceed to haven’t understood me?
Okay, then.

What are you speakme roughly?

Goodness, I couldn’t have completed this
all with the help of utilizing myself. Thanks.

Did not you get any sleep remaining evening time?

– I did.
– Come on.

The lights had been on all evening time
to your workplace.

My gosh.

Why did she check out on my workplace
all evening time?

She’s one dangerous girl.

There are…

handiest causes
why you can’t sleep at evening time.

Both you’ve got bought bought too many ideas
or you might be lonely.

The answer for every is the equal.

Simply comply along with your coronary heart.

Severely, what’s her deal?

Excuse me.

Gosh, she’s so bizarre.

“Observe my coronary heart”?

No matter.

Gosh, I ought to easily get a number of sleep.

Darn it.

Will you please allow me
get a number of sleep?

Hen, did some factor manifest?

I couldn’t get on-line for a concurrently
as a result of reality I changed into busy.

I desired to meet you too.


(I desired to meet you too. Hen.)

No, it changed into nothing.
I handled it already.

You scared me.
I am pleased to concentrate that.

Oh, correct.
I got into the Police College.

This brat, he continues speakme
as if we’re buddies.

However I don’t suppose I can hold
analyzing proper right here.

It is an extreme quantity of to take.

(However I don’t suppose I can hold
analyzing proper right here.)

You are giving up already
after I merely congratulated you?

(You are giving up already
after I merely congratulated you?)

It is now not that I am giving up.

Somebody suggested me to.

He said I am handiest seeking out a way
to win after I am now not capable of it.

Gosh, this brat.


Are you optimistic he actually said that?

Did he actually say that handiest?

(Did he actually say that handiest?)

Earlier than creating with a method,

you should get to grasp
higher roughly your unit members.

You are now not even capable of profitable,

nevertheless you might be handiest in quest of a way
to win. That is why this may not work.

You are one proficient man
in relation to hacking.

Why do you sound intimidated?
It is now not such as you.

(Why do you sound intimidated?
It is now not such as you.)

(Hen has logged out.)

I contemplate that you could be do correctly.

Guys, we can have
a method meeting later,

so please inform anyone to assemble.

Captain! Did you come again up
with a plan?

Kang Solar Ho.

Let’s play the subsequent day’s recreation
truthful and sq….

so that no individual receives damage.

Of path.

However Park Min Kyu,

you may not be able to defeat
us the subsequent day…

in case you can’t make any modifications.

Are you males capturing a business?

Come out, anyone.
We’ll begin our remaining drill.

– What?
– What’s this?

– Wasn’t it the subsequent day?
– Are we going to do it in the present day?

– What is going to we do?
– Hey, what should we do?

– What’s this?
– Solar Ho.

The drill changed into imagined to be
on the subsequent day evening time.

Gosh. Why so abruptly?

All correct. First and 1/3
unit captains, come out.

The group that draws out the alternative
group’s flag first will win.

You have got an hour.

What’s higher vital
than profitable…

is not all the time having any injured members.

Preserve that in ideas.

– Sure, sir!
– Sure, sir!

All correct, you fools. Let’s begin.

– Let’s begin!
– Let’s begin!

The primary unit, get shifting.

The 1/Three unit, adjust to me.

– Sure, sir.
– Sure, sir.

Transfer ahead.


I’ve set up the smoke shell.

– The flagman, transfer up.
– Sure.

Let’s assemble.

Sure, sir.

Solar Ho, what’s our method?
Simply inform me.

Are we hanging first?

Or marvel assault?

No, we’re…

Assemble, anyone.

– Assemble.
– All correct.

Okay, allow’s cheer up.

– Cost at them no matter what.
– Let’s get it completed shortly.

The primary unit, allow’s transfer!

– Let’s transfer!
– Let’s transfer!


going to give up.

What did you are saying? We give up?

– Hey, we can’t give up.
– Darn it.

What are you speakme roughly?

We would not pull out the flag.
That is our method.

– My gosh.
– Was that the method?

We would not make it
with the help of utilizing taking the bull with the help of utilizing the horns.

So we’re capable of block the first unit
that’ll come for our flag.

Nobody will pull out the flag
on the quit.

After which?

If handiest one people
might make it through the quit…

That technique we should always get an opportunity
to pull out the flag.

– That is correct.
– Proper.

I acknowledge your level,

nevertheless there should be an individual who guards
the flag at Min Kyu’s base camp.

I don’t suppose so.
I assume most of them will come down.

They won’t expertise the need to obtain this
as a result of reality they suppose we’re weak.

However we at the moment are not, you acknowledge.

We have moreover come this far.

So, males. Do not be intimidated.

I agree with you males.

Positive element.

It is now not over until it’s over.
Do not be intimidated.

– Positive element.
– Of path.

– We are able to try this!
– Positive.

– Third unit, we’re capable of make it!
– Sure!

– Let’s try this.
– Let’s transfer.

– We are able to do it!
– That little…

All correct. Let’s try this.

Guys, reside to your perform
and be on defend.

We’ll take them down
whereas they arrive close to sufficient.

The primary unit, prepared.

The 1/Three unit, prepared.

So can you please make up
your ideas after the schooling?

Whether or not I deserve
to reside on this faculty…

or now not.

We’re all prepared.


How ought to that jerk
be the unit captain?

“We will give up?”

He should be loopy.

Hey, what are you going to do?

I will transfer there first
and pull out the flag.

No method. They’ll raid us all…

if we depart our perform.

Darn it.

You are now not coming?

Sung Soo.

I don’t suppose that’s correct.
Do not transfer.

Make optimistic you don’t regret it
once we fail.

You males are such cowards.


Is not it too quiet? It is odd.

They should be scared to loss of life.

Hey, allow’s get it completed.

– Let’s transfer!
– Darn.

My gosh.

5 died withinside the primary unit.

Eight died withinside the primary unit.

5 died withinside the 1/Three unit.

What’s gotten into
that foolish captain?

Solar Ho, I suppose our method
is working, much like you said.

– Hey, we’re going to win.
– Proper.

Hey! Goodness.

– My gosh.
– Gosh, he’s our member.

He approached us so abruptly.

Hey, why are you proper right here anyway?

Sung Soo went in alone
to pull out the flag.

I tried to forestall him,
nevertheless I couldn’t. Sorry.

– What?
– What?

My gosh. Simply now?

You should’ve stayed there at the least.

Are you telling me
that no individual’s guarding that time?

What is going to we do, Captain?
Hey, Captain.

Solar Ho. What is going to we do?

– What should we do?
– My gosh.

We need to defend our flag,
so allow’s transfer once more to the underside camp.

– I will reside and cowl from proper right here.
– Retreat.

– Everybody, retreat.
– Retreat.

– Everybody, cost.
– Cost.

What is going to we do now, Solar Ho?

Solar Ho. Captain!

I’ll present it with the help of utilizing principal my unit
to a victory on the ultimate schooling.

And if I can’t nonetheless present it
to you then,

I’ll withdraw
with out making any excuses.

What’s higher vital
than profitable…

is not all the time having any injured members.

Preserve that in ideas.

Solar Ho!

Kyung Hoon, to 10. Two.


For now, we have to guarantee
none people receives damage.

– Let’s defend proper right here correct now.
– Bought it.

– Jun Wook, to eleven.
– Eleven.

– You go to 3.
– Okay.

Bum Tae, journal!

Bum Tae!

Hey! Are you ok?

– Are you all correct?
– Solar Ho.

It hurts.

You every did nice.
Let me care for the comfort.

– We’re counting on you.
– Guys! Cost!


– The third unit, 4 out.
– The first unit, 6 out.

The first unit, 1 out.

What occurred?

Everybody’s lifeless withinside the primary unit.

The 1/Three unit is the winner.

– We acquired?
– Did she say “1/Three unit”?

– We acquired?
– For precise?

– How did this manifest?
– We acquired!

– What occurred?
– Did we actually win?

– We acquired!
– Maintain on, males.

Who changed into it that shot the paintball
on the quit?

– What?
– Who cares? We acquired, Solar Ho!

– We acquired!
– We acquired!

– We acquired!
– Sure!


You punks. Be quiet!

(Emergency Working Room)

(Workers Solely)

– Do not worry.
– Please take fascinating care of him.

How’s Sung Soo?

We’ll have to see
how he recovers after the surgical remedy.

– Hey.
– I’ll…

drop out.

You had been correct, Professor.

I am actually underqualified,
nevertheless I tried to maintain out.

And I changed into boastful
as a result of reality I didn’t perceive my place.

I changed into clueless.

I am sorry.

Sit down.

Come on, sit down down.
Let me have a research your leg.

I requested the nurse…

to get me these provides.

I can dress your wound.

Maintain on.


Gosh, are you ok?


My goodness.

Was it roughly 5 years in the past?

Once I wanted to arrest
a dirtbag in Incheon,

I got so carried away…

that I omitted my colleague’s damage
and chased him with the help of utilizing myself.

Gosh, I nonetheless regret it every day.

Had I managed to carry my cool,

my colleague
might have on no account been stabbed.

Hey, the lesson proper right here is that…

Do not suppose which you frequently
have to look instantly forward.

It is ok to indicate round
as quickly as in a concurrently, all correct?

It is ok to make errors
when you’re nonetheless in class.

Study from them and don’t repeat
the equal errors out withinside the sphere.

And no individual acquired or misplaced
in modern-day schooling.

(Emergency, Ambulance Entrance)

That brat. At the least he understood
what I said earlier.

What’s he doing?

That is dishonest!

Sure, Yu Dong Man talking.

– You jerks!
– Hey, what are you doing?

– Come on out, jerks!
– Sir.

– My gosh!
– I will kill you all.

– Sir!
– Hey!

– Cease.
– Please settle down.

What did I obtain this incorrect?
Why should I positioned up with this?

I am warning you. Put that down.

You want. No! I don’t have to!

– Hey.
– Settle down.

– Settle down, please.
– I will slit my wrist!

Do not come near me! Hey!

Keep away, you jerks!

– Get misplaced!
– Please settle down!

– Go!
– Hey!

Hey, do it’s essential die?

Sir, please. Do not try this.

Do not inform me
what I can or can’t do.

Who do you watched you might be?

Clearly, we’re the police
who’re proper right here to serve and defend.

Goodness, it is dangerous.

Let the kid transfer. Come proper right here.

Maintain on a 2nd.

Appears like we need to get him
dealt with sooner than arresting him.

– Hand him over.
– Sure, sir.

What’s your deal?

– Sir.
– Sure.

Behave your self and get it dealt with.
Whenever you sober up just a little,

we are going to get your assertion.

You are dangerous.

Do not blame alcohol.
That is all you.

However even in case you are
the biggest scumbag on the planet,

we need to get you dealt with first
as a result of reality you might be damage.

As cops, we should
make sure you get dealt with first.

So be quiet
and easily get that dealt with, ok?

– Okay!
– Good.


Who’re you?

– Me?
– Sure.

I am a professor
on the Police College.

And also you?

He is…

a freshman on the Police College.

(Emergency Heart)

– Nicely completed.
– How did he calm him down?

I marvel what is occurring.

– Are you ok?
– Are you ok?

Goodness, research your faces.

You all look scared white.

The purpose of our remaining schooling…

changed into now not to get higher flags…

nevertheless to look how correctly you hear
and comply along with your unit members.

Though it changed into a total mess.

You should on no account neglect
what you expert in the present day.

That method, it’s possible you’ll develop to be
a police officer…

who can defend your fellow officer
on the scene.

From now,

I will watch how it’s possible you’ll change
from the mess you might be.

– What occurred?
– What’s he saying?

– Did not we fail?
– What?

What’s he saying?

That technique you all handed,
you airheads.

Be quiet!


Good work, anyone.


– you will have previous due-night time snacks.
– Sure! Snacks!

(Barbecue Pork)

– Sure!
– We made it.

Solar Ho, I am so relieved.

– Good work, Jun Wook.
– Goodness.

– Let me be a part of you males!
– Positive.

Solar Ho, how did it go together with Sung Soo?
Is he ok?

They said the surgical remedy went correctly.

He’ll get discharged quickly
and return.

– I am so relieved.
– We made it!

I am so pleased!

I will inform you…

as quickly as we’re admitted formally.

Then I should be rooting
to your unit too.

Did you frequently like baseball?

I want we are going to get alongside.


Congratulations to you too.

Oh, roughly that misunderstanding
I had…

Let me express regret. I am sorry.

It wasn’t a misunderstanding.

I sincerely bought right here to this faculty…

attributable to you.

It is you.

Captain! Come be a part of us.

– I will get going.
– Okay.

Maintain on, Kang Solar Ho.

As you said, I suppose
I should do my nice from now.

Congratulations in your victory.

There is no winner or loser in the present day.

He said there could also be no winner
or loser in the present day.

Congratulations on getting accepted.

(Korean Nationwide Police College
forty first Batch Entrance Ceremony)

You look wonderful.

Excuse me, do you acknowledge
during which Bum Tae is?

– Are you Bum Tae’s father?
– Sure.

Hiya, sir. I am Bum Tae’s
closest good friend, Cho Jun Wook.

– Oh, howdy.
– Bum Tae!

– Sure?
– Your father is correct right here.

– Bum Tae!
– Dad!

He is my dad.



– You are proper right here.
– Hey.

Maintain on, Dad.

My, the uniform matches you so correctly.

My son, you might be actually good-looking.

Nicely completed, Solar Ho.

Thanks for the whole lot, Dad.

The ceremony will start quickly.

Everybody, please take your seat.

Freshmen, please stand with the help of utilizing
to your seat.

I will sit down over there,
so hurry up and go to your seat.

– Okay. I will goodbye.
– Okay.

(Korean Nationwide Police College
forty first Batch Entrance Ceremony)

You had been assigned a perform proper right here
attributable to that incident, correct?

No, now not precisely.

I am so sorry…

for what occurred.

I seen Solar Ho’s personal profile.

You should’ve lengthy gone through so much.

He is nonetheless younger,
so he might make errors.

I perceive that he’s doing actually correctly,
so the whole lot is okay.

Additionally, I will guarantee to guide him…

to develop to be a wonderful police officer,
so don’t worry.

Thanks, Detective.

No, I imply, Professor.

Thanks a lot.

Freshmen, I welcome you all.

On pinnacle of authorized
and academic data,

I indubitably want
that you could be develop to be officers…

with an upright character
and excellent management…

so you’ll be able to speak with
the residents and relate to them.

I’ll root for all of you.

Salute to the president.

Salute to the president.

– Salute!
– Salute!


– Comfy.
– Comfy.

Freshman oath.

– Freshman oath.
– Freshman oath.

– Freshman oath.
– Freshman oath.

– As I be a part of the Police College…
– As I be a part of the Police College…

– As I be a part of the Police College…
– As I be a part of the Police College…

– I’ll obey all rules.
– I’ll obey all rules.

As a scholar
of the Police College,

I’ll carry out my responsibility
and accountability…

– with honor and pleasure.
– With honor and pleasure.

– I solemnly swear…
– I solemnly swear…

that I’ll commit myself
to my research.

– March 5, 2021.
– March 5, 2021.

– Police College scholar,
– Police College scholar,

– Kang Solar Ho.
– Oh Kang Hee.

About face!

About face!

Salute to your mother and father.

Salute to your mother and father.

– Salute!
– Salute!

(Korean Nationwide Police College
forty first Batch Entrance Ceremony)

(Korean Nationwide Police College
forty first Batch Entrance Ceremony)

Hey, Detective Joo.


Who known as that punk?

Detective Joo.

I heard you bought a lead on the jerks
who run the illegal enjoying webweb web page.

What roughly it?

Did you music down
the cryptocurrency alternate?

Did you music down
their cryptocurrency transactions?

You brat. Yu Dong Man!

Come on, Captain.

I suggested you I should lure those jerks.

You don’t handiest belong proper right here.

You are now moreover a professor
on the Police College,

which means that this instance is
now not your business enterprise.

Overlook it!
I can take a look at it myself.

Why are you being like this,

There are infinite enjoying rings
on this nation.

Why waste all your money and time
on them and wreck your private profession?

Why are you doing this?
What’s your purpose?

Why do I desire a purpose…

to lure criminals after I am a cop?

– Hey.
– Hey, during which are you?

They will now not present me updates
on the investigation,

so I need you to carry me up to date.

Simply return to the precinct,
and none of that is mandatory.

Hey, severely!
They won’t take me once more.

Then what? Are you going
to reside on the college?

– Sure.
– To get Yoon’s help?

– No.
– Why now not?

You idiot. I taught him…

that he ought to repeatedly
adjust to the principles.

So how can I make him
illegally hack the webweb web page once more…

just so I can lure those scumbags?

That may make me a hypocrite.
Am I incorrect?

Hey, don’t you worry roughly a element.

The best distinction is that
I may not be on the precinct.

Nothing else modifications.
I will hold to music them down.

I will lure them with my private palms
and return to the precinct,

so merely guarantee
you maintain me up to date…

on what is occurring
with the investigation, ok?

It is easier said than completed.

Gosh, you little…

I am slicing you a number of slack
as a result of reality I nonetheless expertise so dangerous…

for chasing that dirtbag
when you had been damage.

Proper, I am correctly conscious. That day,

you suggested me that
you will frequently be correct at the back of me.

Hey, a 12 months will fly with the help of utilizing very quickly.


It nonetheless hurts on moist days.

And I nonetheless flip round
in panic mode,

questioning an individual might assault me
from at the back of. So please…

don’t depart me alone.

Hey, what’s with you in the present day?

Are you already drunk?

Overlook it. The worst element that
ought to manifest is me loss of life on the job.

Gosh, don’t make
such ominous remarks.

Oh, correct.

Your droop changed into correct.

Yesterday, I got a reputation from…

– The place are you going?
– The restroom.

That little…

(Yu Dong Man changed into coming after us.
How can you ship him proper right here?)

(Deal with him
sooner than the quit of the day.)

You are showing irregular these days.

Is a few factor up?

Hey, carry on.

This man is a police detective,
so guarantee you don’t velocity.

– Okay.
– Nice.

Get going.

(No Caller ID)



If we rush this,
issues might transfer south.

Let’s present it a number of higher time.

(Korean Nationwide Police College)

The orientation will quit this week,

so please very nicely put together
for the whole lot.

Sure, optimistic element.

– You are teaching the first class.
– Sure.

Go clean on them.
Do not scare them off correct away.

Nicely, then allow’s wrap up
the meeting proper right here.

– Only a second.
– Sure, Professor Yu.

What do I need to put together
for the orientation?

Simply nail down the path
of your path for your complete 12 months.

I see.

– One higher query.
– Positive.

When’s my flip?

I am optimistic the schedule
has been emailed to you already.

I see.
I’ve not checked my e mail but.

Nicely, I will be off then.

Detective Yu is lastly
turning right into a precise professor.

– Hiya.
– Hiya.

– Hiya.
– Hello.

– Do a wonderful job.
– Pardon me?

I said, do a wonderful job.

I will be wanting you your complete 12 months.

– Sure, sir.
– What’s with that smirk? You punk.

I will be teaching
the Constitutional Regulation path.

I am Professor Kwon Hyuk Pil.

You will get an F in case you are late twice
or omit even merely one class.

The equal goes for when you fail
at hand in any of the assignments.

You may’t request a grade change.
There is likely to be no exceptions.

You get an F twice,
and you can be expelled.

Since that’s our first orientation,

allow’s converse roughly the connection
among the many police and civilians.

(Labor Union Protest Case, 2018)

That is the exhausting work union protest case
from 2018.

Does completely every individual perceive roughly this instance?


After a long-status confrontation
among the many police and protesters,

Four of the protesters got injured,

they usually all had been arrested.

Many criticized…

the police’s abuse of energy
in the direction of innocent civilians.

The style the police handled the case
changed into intently criticized.

It is a completely well-known case.

Can completely every individual inform us higher
roughly this instance?


This exact protest changed into completed
in an ambush type.

The police ordered them
to disperse Three instances,

nevertheless the protesters refused.

The protesters’ actions
threatened public order.

The police had been merely
following the legislation,

and I suppose the way they handled it
changed into acceptable.

My gosh, he’s fascinating.

All correct.
Does completely every individual suppose in a different way?

Kang Solar Ho, why don’t you
inform us what you watched?

Maintain on a 2nd.

Appears like we need to get him
dealt with sooner than arresting him.

Earlier than taking them down…

I imply,
defensive them should’ve been…

the police’s precedence,
now not arresting them.

Protesters are also civilians
whom the police should defend.

All correct.
Then proper here is each different instance.

A police car transporting
an apprehended murder suspect…

got into an coincidence.

The murder suspect
changed into severely injured…

and at last died.

His personal family demanded compensation
from the federal government,

insisting that the coincidence occurred
concurrently on dependable responsibility.

And the courtroom docket ordered
that the bereaved be compensated.

The prosecution now not has
the right to indict the case,

and the officer
who triggered the coincidence…

changed into disregarded and punished.

Kang Solar Ho, who do you watched
changed into “protected” on this instance?

The murder suspect? The police?

The bereaved
now that the case can’t be indicted?

– That is…
– No.

I would like Kang Solar Ho
to answer this query.

It is…

Did not you are saying merely now…

that the police
should defend anyone?

Did you come again to this faculty with out
even fascinated by these issues?

Or, do you now not care in any respect?

Reply me.

I express regret.

I am now not optimistic.

Simply so that you just perceive,

these issues are on no account
allowed in my lessons.

Not answering…

and giving an answer
which you can’t once more up.

That is it for in the present day.

Are you all correct, Solar Ho?

That changed into so scary.

(Korean Nationwide Police College)

(Organizational Chart)

(Cybercrime, Chief Han Jung Sik)

Yu Dong Man talking.

Hey, it’s me. Chief Han Jung Sik.

Why don’t you cancel your switch
to the Police College…

and easily transfer
to Seocho Police Station?

Their Violent Crimes Unit
is short-staffed.


Nicely, Captain Choi
requested me to ship you there.

We are not looking for you once more proper right here,
so forestall calling me.

There’s some factor.

There’s genuinely some factor, nevertheless…

What ought to it’s? Darn it.

(Professor Yu Dong Man)

Gosh, that punk, Chul Jin.

He said his scar hurts
whereas it rains.

(Yu Dong Man changed into coming after us.
How can you ship him proper right here?)

(Are you attempting
to get each individual caught?)

(Deal with him
sooner than the quit of the day.)

(If you don’t forestall him,
it will likely be over for you too.)

(My One and Solely Supervisor)

(My One and Solely Supervisor)

– What?
– You rude punk.

Hey, do it’s essential have beef stomach
contemplating it’s raining?

What does rain have one thing
to do with beef stomach?

How are they now not associated?

When your scar hurts,
you should have a number of meat.

– Supervisor?
– What’s it?

Why do you sound so down?
What’s it?

You’ll on no account give up, will you?

Hand over what?
What are you speakme roughly?

You will on no account give up on
going after those jerks, will you?

Gosh, don’t you acknowledge me?

The place are you?

Did you drink?
Do you want me to decide on you up?

The jerks strolling the illegal webweb web page
you might be after…

They’re the Police College’s…

Hey, Chul Jin.

Chul Jin. Park Chul Jin!

Chul Jin!

(I should…)

(defend anyone.)

(I contemplate that you could be do correctly.)

He is now not proper right here.

Why don’t we meet up?


Professor Yu.

– Kang Solar Ho.
– Sure, sir.

You said it’s possible you’ll do one thing for me
if I help you out, correct?

– Assist me.
– Pardon?

Assist me…

so that I can lure those jerks.

– What are you speakme…
– Together with your hacking expertise,

we’re capable of lure those jerks.



Are you…

That is correct. I am…



(Police College)

There seems to be some factor
taking place with Kang Hee and Solar Ho.

I knew it. Like attracts like.

Kang Hee’s mom
changed into convicted Four instances.

How ought to the daughter of a prison
develop to be a police officer?

These jerks concerned
withinside the illegal enjoying webweb web page.

I suppose they’re at our college!

That is my remaining piece of advice
for you. Depart this faculty quietly.

He’ll get up, may not he?

I can’t guarantee that.

If I help you,
does that make hacking authorized?

These darn jerks.

I will lure them
and cause them to pay for this!

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