Drama Korea Police University Episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: Police.College.S01E02 — (Korean Nationwide Police College) You want to get into the Police College? Not an opportunity. Get out. Did you now now not listen me? You are now now not getting in. Only a second. Effectively, I am now now not optimistic what’s taking place. However why don’t we interview him first and… In the event you have no idea what’s taking place, please stay out of it. Professor Yu, watch what you’re saying. We’re endeavor interviews proper right here. That is exactly correct. We have no idea what’s taking place proper right here. What did he do? It is now now not like he devoted against the law. Effectively, is he your sworn enemy or some factor? If it’s some factor we need to acknowledge, please inform us now. Or, you inform us. It is some factor private. Is that so? If it’s some factor private, you shouldn’t convey it into this. Proper? Can we begin the interview now? Please help him get in. Gosh, study this. He did so poorly on the wise check. However he did fairly properly on the written examination. If I get in, I am going to work tough to assemble up my bodily energy. Actually? Then you definitely must be part of the judo membership. – Pardon me? – The judo membership. Make optimistic you be part of us. Judo? Not each physique can do judo. He is so unfit. Goodness. You will ought to take a few of English classes proper right here. You must study English additional. He cannot even talk Korean correctly. English? Come on. Professor Yu, why don’t you ask him a proper query? Do you watched dirtbags like criminals could also be rehabilitated? Sure. I trust the absence of crimes wouldn’t make a healthful society, nevertheless chances of rehabilitation do. Regardless of getting punished, reflecting on their wrongdoings, and making amends, being categorised as criminals… leads them to face prejudices and biases… and returned to repeating the equivalent offenses. – That genuinely breaks my coronary heart. – That little punk. On the other hand, for criminals that show no sign of rehabilitation, I moreover agree that they ought to be critically punished. I see. Is there some factor you want to say sooner than we wrap up? To inform you the reality, being a police officer is not at all times my dream. No. I by no means had some factor to call it my dream. To me, a dream exerciseturned into always a clean. However I observed somebody… whose dream exercise turned into entering into the Police College. Maybe, I carried out proper right here because of the reality I turned into copying that individual. However… the reality that I now had a dream… My father turned into over the moon whereas he noticed out roughly it. I had by no means seen him so glad like that. If I can title this selection a dream, now, I cannot give up on this dream. I will not be licensed but or have a protracted beforehand of me. However in case you ship an opportunity to this belated dream of mine, I’ll study tough and ship it my all. I sincerelywant to attend the Police College. (Interviewer) Let me borrow that. (Utility Kind) You cannot get in proper right here, you punk. All correct. Thanks for coming in. Thanks. That little… He’ll byskip. Hey, you. “Hey, you”? Effectively, what turned into it? What’s your title? Do not you already know who I’m? Proper. Did not we meet at Secho Police Station? No. Proper. I acknowledge by which I observed you. It is Jongno Police Station. No. Was it withinside the North Gyeonggi Province? Or turned into it in Mapo? Come on. You modified quite a bit. It turned into Gwangjin Police Station. Or turned into it in Incheon? Who’re you? All correct. Why don’t we take a smash? Gosh. That punk. Is there Inspector Yu Dong Man? (4 years in the past) The subsequent model police officer is… Superintendent Kwon Hyuk Pil of the Administration Division. I trust it truly is Inspector Yu Dong Man. Hey, get a grip. You cannot cross up there, blanketed in blood. Hey! Let me borrow that. Congratulations, Inspector Yu. I don’t need this. Let me say one factor. Do you watched this foolish picturegraph op… can conceal the reality that it’s a mess on the market? If we had each physique in proper right here as our backup, the rookie at my station wouldn’t have been stabbed as we speak. Hey! Come down. – You acknowledge? – Come proper right here. – Come on, man. – Let cross of me. Mannequin police officer, my foot! Actual model police officersshould not proper right here to purchase awards. These law enforcement officials who positioned their lives on the highway to fight the crimes… are the precise model police officers. Acquired that? Do not merely stand there. Get him out of proper right here. – Hurry. – Get him out of proper right here now. Everybody, please settle down. – Let cross of me! – Hey. Let cross! Hey. (“Two Completely different Courses of Police Officers”) Unbelievable. Gosh. Is not he the detective from sooner than? I cannot trust you ran into him proper right here. Do you already know who Albert Camus? I don’t. Do you already know what he said? “Failing to punish yesterday’s crime…” “is equal to encouraging tomorrow’s crime.” “It’s definitely a foolish factor.” Proper. It turned into foolish of me to cut back you unfastened. And our encounter proper right here as we speak… signifies how foolish you’re to have this form of pipe dream. Do you already know who Jonas Salk is? “Life is an error-making and an error-correcting method.” We’re accomplished proper right here, correct? That little… – My goodness. – Look. So what? Are you proper right here to say goodbye? Trying like that? Have a look at you scowling at me. Are you making an attempt to kill me collectively alongside together with your glare? I am going to in all chance get out by the purpose you graduate… as quickly as I go to the slammer this time. I must have one closing look at my wench. Do not title me that. You sound so ignorant. Fantastic. Good for you. You ought to be glad to be so sensible. I went via all that hassle, so that you simply wouldn’t emerge as like me. What? I sound ignorant? Cease it. Or I will kill myself! What an disagreeable feminine you’re. Everybody. My daughter tells me she wishes to die sooner than me. You little witch. You wench. That is adequate. Let’s cross. I gave you adequate time. You. Aren’t you a constable, correct? When my daughter graduates from this school, she’ll be an inspector. Did you already know that? Hey. Take an excellent study this jerk. And keep in mind his face. Acquired it? Do not promote it now. Promote it whereas the gold price goes up. Okay? Let’s cross. Fantastic. I am going to cross. Come on. That is adequate. I don’t want you in my existence! Simply 3 seconds. It should byskip in case you merely endure those 3 seconds. (Korean Nationwide Police College) (Korean Nationwide Police College) Why do you always show up after I‘m crying? Why do you always show up after I‘m humiliated? Sorry. Go away me alone. I don’t want to look you. That is correct. Solely a fool might depart because of the reality a feminine knowledgeable him to depart. My son is not at all times a fool. He can by no means be. Gosh. That fool. My gosh. (Bestie) I assume Seung Bum hasn’t had dinner but. He by no means skips a meal, you already know. By the method, who’s she? – Sorry? – She’s fairly, and he or she regarded nice. Do you’ve got acquired acquired feelings for her? Is she the trigger why you want to enter the Police College? I can inform out of your look, you discover. It is now now not like that. Do not deny. I can inform. My gosh. Is not that? Are you disenchanted? Lunatic. What’s there to be disenchanted? You look sullen. Mr. Yoon… As a result of Dad and I ate out with out you. Hey. Cannot I do this? You are being absurd, you punk. Why didn’t you inform me? Did you watched I might forestall you from going to college? Seung Bum… It baffles me after I mirror onconsideration on it. Why did you’re saying positive after I requested you to enlist withinside the navy collectively? – Get misplaced in case you‘re accomplished. – Hey. In the event you want to have a dialog, merely talk. Do not get offended. Dialog? Have we ever accomplished this form of factor? You don’t discuss some factor with me. You always inform me later. Darn it. You are the mature one, and I am greatest a ten-year-vintage youngster. Do not come after me. I am now now not merely disenchanted. I am livid. – Right here. – Thanks. I expertise excited on the idea of… beginning a model new semester. I see. In the event you stay on the school, you’ll acknowledge how I expertise, Professor Yu. I don’t have any goal of understanding that. My gosh. Hi there, professors. We’ll start the orientation for the model new semester now. I am Steerage Director, Baek Hee. For the science of public administration, Professor Search engine marketing Sang Hak… could also be the top professor for newcomers as always. Thanks. Professor Choi Hee Soo could also be in price of Judo. I am Choi Hee Soo. And for legislation, Professor Kwon Hyuk Pil. Thanks. – Why? – What are you doing? What I am doing now’s none of your online business. – Effectively, I wager it’s. – What’s up with this punk? And for analysis research, Professor Yu Dong Man who’s newly appointed is in price. Gosh. Professor Yu Dong Man. Sure. Oh, correct. I am Yu Dong Man. I got an essential title. He got a title. – For protection evaluation… – Are you on the school now? Goodness, you adapt so shortly. Gosh, I wager I’ve long gone clear on you these days. They are going to recruit additional officers in weeks. In the event you lose this opportunity, you cannot come returned even in case you want to. Darn it. Hi there. Listed here are your drinks. My goodness. That is sincerely… Maintain on. That is the signature of Go Beer. You ought to taste it as a result of it is. No, I am mixing it with soju as we speak. Me too. You must have ordered a stout. What’s incorrect with him? So what? What do you imply, so what? We’re monitoring many cryptocurrency exchanges now. We assume it is going to take 3 months to tune them down. Did you’re saying three months? Not three days or three weeks? Do you even acknowledge what number of cryptocurrency exchanges there are? We don’t have adequate finances to start with, and I am doing the entire exercise. It is killing me. Do not you discover how haggard I look? You have always seemed like that. Simply… Get down to your knee and express regret to Captain. Are you insane? This is ready my satisfaction now. Your satisfaction, my foot. You merely don’t want to lose face. And despite the fact that we uncover them, we cannot tune their accounts contemplating that they’ve modified the alternate. We ought to ask Yoon now. We ought to seize that jerks. Dong Man. Is that this because of the 100,000 dollars you misplaced? Effectively, despite the fact that it truly is the case, I completely cannot perceive. You didn’t even care roughly the case. The case belonged to Cybercrime Unit withinside the first place. My gosh. Or… Is it because of the one who died withinside the accident? Cannot you shut up your mouth, you punk? Severely. My gut feeling tells me that this instance is harmful. Who’re you to talk roughly the gut feeling? Gosh. I turned into going to tell you this after I have clear proof. – What? – They shut down the on line casino. They maintain slipping away. There’s some factor fishy roughly it. I assume that’s out of our league. You are writing a state of affairs instead of working. My gosh, critically. That is my gut feeling as a police officer. Your gut feeling, my foot. Cease that nonsense. What? “That is out of our league?” How must you talk like that as a police officer in Korea? Gosh, critically. There’s one additional, you punk. My gosh. You are now now not going to talk to me? Do you want me to express regret this time too? What did you’re saying? Sufficient. Let’s forestall this. It is now now not over. – You little… – I knowledgeable you to forestall. – I knowledgeable you to forestall. – Deliver it on, you punk. Gosh. Do you proceed to assume I am a loser? Reply me. Do you proceed to assume I am a loser? In the event you cannot ship me that punch, you’re sincerely a loser. Hit me. I said hit me. You don’t even care whether or not or not I get into college or now now not. “Did you do properly to your interview?” “I want you get in.” Should not you’re saying that first? “Are you able to title your self my buddy?” “Are you able to title your self my brother?” You are a loser who cannot even say that stuff. Go beforehand. Hit me, jerk. What roughly you? You have accomplished judo for ten years. You’ll be able to beat me and positioned me down. However you allow me ship a beating and fall on goal. Even now, you’re intentionally going clear on me. You are a loser, you punk. Would you forestall dropping? I could not lose anymore. I am going to by no means lose. Are you damage? It ought to damage. Let me see. Gosh, you lunatic. How roughly your interview? I did properly, you punk. Congratulations, you punk. That crazy punk. Maintain on a 2nd. (Want for admission) It is proper right here. Gosh. “You will have surpassed the 2021 Freshman Admission Examination,” “and you’re admitted to…” “Korean Nationwide Police College.” – “Admitted!” – Goodness. Hey. Oh, my gosh. Goodness. Hallelujah. I am admitted. Sure! I am admitted. Why do you check out it time and again once more? Cannot you discover “admitted”? Your 2nd son goes to be a police officer. A grade six civil servant. Dad, sincerely? Are you going to open it? Right here. What’s it? It is a junk mail message. Maintain on a 2nd. (Navy Manpower Administration, Navy Utility Outcome) (Mr. Yoon Seung Bum, congratulations on changing into a member of the Marine Corps.) (Mr. Yoon Seung Bum, congratulations on changing into a member of the Marine Corps.) Congratulations. (Mr. Yoon Seung Bum, congratulations on changing into a member of the Marine Corps.) Speak roughly greatest timing. Effectively accomplished. – Right here. – I want just a few too, Dad! Do not drink with out me. (Seoul Station) Get going. Give Solar Ho a experience, Dad. I can cross with the help of utilizing myself. You must see Seung Bum off. I even have a bit journey, so I must get going. Take correctly care of your self, every of you. Gosh, critically. In the event you develop vintage like that, you can be all alone and lonely! We’ll title you, Dad! You must get going. Seung Bum! What? What’s it? Hey, go to college while you full your navy service. I am going to attend your college entrance ceremony no matter what. I will be there the least bit prices, so go to college. – Hey. – Promise me that you might. I turned into going to anyway, you twerp. Did you watched you may be the greatest one with a college diploma? And Kang Solar Ho. Is not that your train? What are you talking roughly? – Hey. – Hurry! Prepare 17, 8C… Okay, it’s proper right here. You may have it. Oh, thanks. (Korean Nationwide Police College) You ought to be thirsty. I am going to cross get some factor shortly. No, it’s okay. – I will be fast. – No, don’t hassle. Sorry. Then I am going to get you water every time you’re thirsty… in the middle of our education. Why? I am just so glad to look you once more. I want to do some factor I can to look you as quickly as additional. What? Converse. – What? – Go beforehand and talk. Oh, it’s not something. I can convey this for you, your suitcase. Okay? Certain, in case you want to. All correct, I am going to convey it for you. Maintain on. Grasp on. Hey, I got it. No, I can do it. I must merely wheel it. Why is that this caught? Freshmen on the Police College? What? Sure. Me too. I am going to convey this to the meeting spot for you. No, it’s okay. I can convey it myself. Darn it. (Korean Nationwide Police College) It is nice to fulfill you all. I am Steerage Director Baek Hee on the Police College. For the next weeks, you’ll partake in our Chungram Coaching Program. “Chung” as in “blue”, and “ram” as in “cradle”. It encapsulates our willpower to develop expertise on this cradle. However not like its beautiful title, this intense, rigorous education program… will make you watched of your mom every second. However you ought to stay robust… and get via it. The future of the police. That is you. I want all of you full the education efficiently… with out one and all getting damage or giving up. Applause, please. What can I do to return to the precinct? That is crazy. (The Chungram Coaching Entrance Ceremony) That punk. I cannot trust you definitely acquired right here proper right here. Do you watched I am a joke? Actually, I don’t perceive why you’re being like this. You knowledgeable me I must repay my dad for the rest of my existence. Sure, it truly is correct. However you said your self… that existence is a method by which one works on correcting one’s errors. I am in search of to right my mistake proper right here. Letting you off like that turned into in actuality a mistake. You cannot get into this school, you punk. You could not even be in a position to set foot in proper right here after this. Do you perceive? I’ve already been admitted. We’ll see roughly that. (Welcome to the Chungram Coaching Program.) It is so nice proper right here. That is so superior. That is the Police College. – Hey! – Gosh. I knew you may get in. Proper? It is so nice to look you once more. I am Noh Bum Tae. I cannot trust you definitely acquired right here proper right here. By the method, how do you already know Professor Yu Dong Man? Oh, I met him a while returned. Fortunate you! They are saying connections are every little thing on this u.s.a.. – We’re additional like enemies. – What? We’re set after this education, correct? What? That is greatest the beginning, buddy. Let’s get via the education… and make it to the final admission stage. Okay? – Sounds correctly. – Sure! Wait, we could also be disqualified even at this stage? After all. I wager you acquired right here proper right here now now not understanding some factor. Tons of human beings give up in the middle of the Chungram Coaching. In the event you get on the drill teacher’s horrible facet, you could not even closing days. I marvel which professor could also be our drill teacher. Give us somebody who’s easygoing, please. Good to fulfill you. I am Senior Inspector Yu Dong Man. I will be guiding you males via the full education. Let me offer you a warning first. Do not stand out and behave your self. Keep out of hassle and cognizance on the education. If I spot you doing some factor humorous, you can be disqualified. No exceptions. We’ll now begin the education. – Fifty-one! – Fifty-one! – Fifty-! – Fifty-! – Fifty-3! – Do it correctly! – Fifty-four! – Arms the entire method up! – Fifty-five. – Watch your elbows! – Fifty-six. – Do it correct! – Sure, sir! – Fifty-seven! – Hey. How tons longer… – I cannot listen you. Should we do this? Do not inform me… this may occasionally cease with one folks dying. Who’s talking correct now? – Increase your arms. – Do you want to go returned residence? – Line up. – Halt! – Kang Solar Ho, you’re the heart. – Middle! Collect spherical him. – One, . – One, . You’ll divide into… 3 independent gadgets from this issue on. You’ll flow into, stay, and train collectively. And every unit might have a unit captain. In case your unit members fail to maintain up with the education, the captains could also be accountable for each physique‘s failure. Do not neglect about that. Regardless of this large threat, is there one and allwho’s brave adequate to volunteer? You all carried out to come to be police officers to protect our human beings. Can we greatest have cowards proper right here? Trainee Park Min Kyu! I am going to do my wonderful! Okay. What roughly for the second unit? Trainee Oh Kang Hee. I would love to volunteer. Nice All correct. For the caption of the 1/3 unit… You. Pardon? – Me? – Sure. It appears like you’ll be able to use just a few braveness. So you may be the captain of the 1/3 unit. Let’s examine if you might closing proper right here. Are you for precise? How petty. I idea you have been a grown-up. Why is he scowling at me? Cease apparent at me, punk. Is he soliciting for a beating? Cease apparent. I knew it. Connections always matter. I must work more durable. Get a grip, Noh Bum Tae. Had been you able to get in contact with the hacker, Yoon? Are you optimistic you males are shut? I am busy correct now. And there may be a baby I need to kick out of this technique too. – Who? – Kang Solar Ho. What? The youngster who made you get demoted? Bye. What? Gosh. That airhead. (Chul Jin) I sincerely have a horrible feeling roughly this. Are you able to merely get on the group chief’s correctly facet… and can be found returned to the drive? Gosh. Why does he maintain telling me he has a horrible feeling roughly this? (I sincerely have a horrible feeling roughly this.) A horrible feeling? Not doable. Severely. What’s up with Yoon? Monitor Yoon’s IP deal with. (Yu Dong Man turned into coming after us. How can you ship him proper right here?) (Are you making an attempt to get anybody caught?) Cost ahead! Left foot! Focus! Left foot! Left foot! Hey. You’d larger cognizance! – Left foot. – What’s up with them? Left foot! – Left foot! – They’re utilizing me crazy. Inform the primary and second gadgets to take the knee. First and 2nd gadgets. Halt. Take the knee. The 1/3 unit seems to haven’t any thought of rows and columns. Solely the 1/3 unit will shout for 3 seconds. I knowledgeable you to elongate the instructions, so that you simply have time to arrange. And I knowledgeable you so many occasions to move swiftly… Goodness. Solely the 1/3 unit will try once more. Flip left and cross returned! One, . – One, . – One, . What a mess. Inform them to forestall. Halt. Goodness. The errors of the unit membersmirror on the competence of the captain. Captain of the 1/3 unit. Assume a push-up place. Go down after I say, “one.” Come up after I say, “.” One. Two. One. One. One. One. If the captain’s abdomen touches the bottom, each physique withinside the unit will endure a drill. See? I knowledgeable you. You are now now not in form for this. Everybody withinside the 1/3 unit, anticipate a push-up place. – Assume a push-up place. – Come on. – Assume a push-up place. – Assume a push-up place. Go down after I say, “one.” Come up after I say, “.” – One. – One. – Two. – Two. One. – How odd. – Two. He turned into so disenchanted like a canine getting dragged to a pound. Why did he volunteer to train them? Do you really want to acknowledge the trigger in the back of it? Or do you merely want to get to acknowledge him? – Each? – Two. – One. – One. Hey. Are you all correct? The 1/3 unit is out. (The Kendo Shodan Examination on the Police College) Hey, try once more. Come on. Why are we trying this? Get out. The 1/3 unit is out. – Simply do it. – Do it. Sorry. I cannot cross clear on you. I need my unit to devour. I am going to do my wonderful too. It is over. Everybody withinside the 1/3 unit… together with the captain seems incompetent. Come on. I desired to be in Min Kyu’s unit. Gosh. I must have been the unit captain. Darn it. I cannot get disqualified proper right here. I cannot. They’re serving sausages as we speak. Sausages. How can they serve sausages as we speak? Let’s be honest proper right here. Should not Kang Solar Ho withdraw from this technique? Gosh. How can he lose to a feminine? How can a man like him be a unit captain… or a cop, no much less? Goodness. Hey. (Analysis and Lecture Constructing) What will we have subsequent? The uphill education? Oh, nice. We could not ought to roll or crumple at the least. – Good. – Who is aware of? They could make us roll down the hill. – What? – What? You, over there! What are you carrying? Are you critically carrying slippers correct now? I express regret. I am going to cross positioned on proper footwear correct away. Do you watched you’re the greatest one whose toes damage? Everybody proper right here has blisters on their toes from the education. Cannot you be additional thoughtful? Hi there, ma’am. I am Oh Kang Hee, the captain of the second unit. I express regret. I spilled water on her footwear. It is my fault that she’s now now not carrying proper footwear now. I am sorry. The 2nd unit, you’ve been warned. Are you all correct? Hey, their unit captain is so cool. She’s sincerely cool. Are you okay? Left foot. One, , 3, 4. One, . – Three. – Halt. Halt! Halt! – One, . – One, . That is the Chungram Hill… as regarded as “Panting Cross”, which the College is happy with. In the event you cannot even cross over this hill, how are you going to handle to seize suspects out withinside the discipline? All of you, proceed with the duckwalk. – The duckwalk? – Gosh. I am going to provide you with 15 minutes. The gadgets that fail to return inside 15 minutes… might have a tough night time time beforehand. (Panting Cross) Hold going. Do not forestall. Are you all correct? Hey. We ought to maintain going. We don’t have any selection. Hey, are you all correct? Sure, I am okay. Do you want to go residence? – No! I can do it! – We are able to do this! Then flow into it! Come on. Choose up the pace! Fingers in the back of your head. Hold them clasped. Guys, we’re practically there! Icy cold water is waiting for you to relax you down. Gosh. – Hold going. – Go on. We’re practically there. We’re practically there. Grasp in there. Everybody withinside the first unit made it. Hold going. You don’t have tons time left. What’s with the 1/3 unit? Bum Tae. I am going to stay in the back of you and help you. No, it’s okay. Simply ditch me and cross. Hey, time’s practically up. I am doomed. We keep and die collectively. Rise up. Captain. You’ll be able to do this. Let’s cross. – You got this. – Bum Tae, maintain going. – Bum Tae. – Bum Tae. – You are practically there. – You are able to do it! – You got this! – Stick with it. – You are able to do it. – Hold going! – That is it! – You got this! – Stick with it! – You are able to do it! – You are able to do it. – Simply a contact additional. You got this! – Come on. – You’ll be able to do this. – You are practically there. – Sure! Simply a contact additional. – You are able to do it. – You got this. – You are practically there. – You got this. – You are able to do it. – You are sincerely practically there. – Gosh. – Darn it. Everybody moreover for the captain… of the 1/3 unit may additionally moreover cross to the cafeteria. Captain of the 1/3 unit, duckwalk up this hill once more. – Rise up. – Get transferring! – Rise up. – Transfer it. Excuse me, Professor. He got in overdue because of me. Who’re you in search of to helpwhile you cannot even form out your very personal existence? What did I accomplish that incorrect? I am asking because of the reality I sincerely have no idea. You are at fault for now now not excelling. And for in search of to protect out whereas you’re now now not licensed to be proper right here. You don’t even acknowledge your home, and that is in actuality incorrect. Acquired not something to say, correct? Then cross returned down, you brat. Captain. Nobody’s trying. Let’s merely head returned, okay? Captain. – Are you all correct? – Sure, I am okay. – There is a bench proper right here. – Nice. – Are you okay? – Sure, I am advantageous. I am going to cross get just a few ache alleviation patches. I am going to cross get just a few cold water for you. – Wait proper right here. – We’ll be correct returned, Solar Ho. Thanks, males. Right here, have just a few water. You look parched. I turned into alleged to do this for you. Neglect it. You probably did this form of high-quality exercise. I don’t assume I am cut back out to information a unit. You are now now not cut back out for it? Captain. I by no means requested you for help. – What? – By doing that, you’re robbing me of the chance to treatment the issue… on my very personal. There is no such factor. Whether or not it’s for you, Min Kyu, or me… We have by no means accomplished this sooner than. I sincerely… I sincerely have no idea… what to do. Why don’t you… merely be your self? It is now now not sincerely roughly doing a high-quality exercise. We’re all merely doing our wonderful, you already know. Cease disturbing so tons roughly what others could assume… and merely do issues your method. – My method? – Sure. You allow me conceal in the back of you and helped Bum Tae as we speak. That is you. Hey, Captain. How did you even assume to sneak this in? I’ve accomplished quite a lot of analysis because of the reality I didn’t get in twice. And each physique says hunger is the most important hurdle on this education. Plus, I desired to thanks, Solar Ho. I felt so horrible earlier. I perceive, nevertheless I sincerely don’t assume we are going to do this. If we get caught, we are going to be expelled. Oh, correct. Okay. If that’s what you want… Are you telling me which you want to throw away ramyeon? Odor this. Have a look at these noodles. No. Solar Ho is correct. Solar Ho. Amongst each physique I met on the Police College, I assume you’ll make the wonderful cop. You blanketed our unit… and guided us on the correct path. I am optimistic you might come to be a sincerely cool cop. I idea I didn’t qualify to come to be a cop. Hey. What are you talking roughly? I felt it after I observed you. We might‘ve been in massive hassle if I turned into the captain. I might have already been lifeless… or devoted suicide with the help of utilizing now. Like he said, we shouldn’t have this. Throwing away meals is a sin. We’ll finish it in 30 seconds. Okay? Who’s that there? Who’s there? – No. – What’s taking place? Oh, no. – Solar Ho. – Come on. Solar Ho? What are you doing proper right here? What are you hiding withinside the returned? What’s it? Did you merely get in my method? You are consuming ramyeon? Include me. Come out! (Our u.s.a. has religion in those of you who byskip proper right here.) (Professor Yu Dong Man) Let’s meet. I need to talk to you roughly some factor in individual. (I need to talk to you roughly some factor in individual.) Reply me correct now. Who have been the others? I see. So you’ll take the autumn for each physique? Fantastic. Let’s examine whereas you’ll give up on that concept. Run 30 laps throughout the discipline. Let’s merely cross and inform him the reality. At this price, Solar Ho sincerely could die. Proper. We must merely endure the drills with him at the least. Cease. Goodness. Darn it. Why don’t you merely be your self? You allow me conceal in the back of you… and helped Bum Tae as we speak. That is what you do. Have a look at that. Hold working until you ship me their names. I turned into alone! Hey, do you watched I am a joke? Ought to I check out the security cameras? Be it 100 or 2 hundred laps. I’ll face the entire drills with the help of utilizing myself! I must have stopped them as their captain. However I couldn’t say no. It turned into my mistake to have eaten it with them. Because the captain of the unit, I even have embarrassed my unit. I don’t want my fellow unit members to look me mess up once more. Please allow me face the drills with the help of utilizing myself! You are not something nevertheless all talk. Han Min Guk. Go interior and do the roll title. Sure, sir. You are however now now not going to depart voluntarily? – Reply me. – Why? Why cannot I stay? All you ever did turned into have just a few ramyeon collectively alongside together with your associates. So do you watched this treatment is unfair to you? Is it? Get up, punk. To you, that’s all too clear. Breaking the principles comes clear to you. Doing issues which you‘re now now not alleged to. I don’t assume it truly is true. That is now now not true? How is it now now not true? Cannot you merely contemplate it… as a mistake and allow it cross? It wasn’t your first time. You have accomplished it additional than as quickly as, you punk. Dad could not have most cancers now. No additional most cancers. What must I do? (Go to college!) (New remittance, 5,000 dollars) Gosh. That crazy jerk. The place did he get this tons cash? You took out 7,000 dollars at 7:15 p.m. And also you took out 5,000 dollars at 7:18 p.m. The primary time is tough. It is clear the next time spherical. And with the help of utilizing the 1/3 time, you could not even expertise responsible. However you want to be a police officer? Do you get why you cannot be a cop now? And why you don’t deserve to attend the Police College? What? A belated dream? Goodness. You are all talk. No excuses? I do not have something to say. I am sorry. Okay. I turned into going to tear that mouth of yours in case you gave me excuses. I knowledgeable you it’s incorrect to stay proper right here while you don’t deserve it. And I moreover said now now not gaining data of your home… and performing cheeky turned into moreover incorrect. Did not I? You must depart to your very personal. – I am sorry. – Go away, you punk. I am sorry. Please ship me an opportunity. I’ll by no means smash the rule of thumb once more. I’ll adjust to the principles. I’ll alternate myself to come to be somebody… that belongs to the Police College. Only one likelihood. Please ship me one closing likelihood. Please? You moreover need to be value of a 2nd likelihood. And you’re now now not value of it. The captain saved saying that we shouldn’t devour it. However we have been those who desired to devour it. It is now now not Solar Ho’s fault. Solar Ho wouldn’t be going via the drills… if he gave away our names. He desired to protect us. Please don’t scold him. – What’s it? – Do not be shocked. It is roughly your little hacker buddy, Yoon. Sure. Did you uncover him? It is Kang Solar Ho. What are you talking roughly? Do not you don’t forget the youngster we rounded up a while in the past? That is him. Kang Solar Ho. He turned into your hacker buddy, Yoon. Gosh. I cannot trust… your on line buddy grew to develop into out to be your enemy in precise existence. This ought to positioned you in an honest spot. You acknowledge? How can that jerk be… If I need to be value of a 2nd likelihood, I’ll present it with the help of utilizing primary my unit to a victory on the closing education. And if I cannot however present it to you then, I’ll withdraw… with out making any excuses. So can you please… make up your thoughts after the education? Whether or not I should stay on this school… or now now not. (Police College) A miracle? A shock? If that’s what you’re hoping for, get up. I cannot even dream? Simply get to the issue and say you want me out. Hey, I got into the Police College. This brat, he continues talking as if we’re buddies. What’s going to you do roughly Kang Solar Ho? “Observe my coronary heart”? What’s her deal? – Who? – What? Who’s the feminine you’ve got acquired acquired a overwhelm on? I am going to inform you as quickly as we’re admitted formally. Then I must be rooting in your unit too. I refuse to depart. I will get in, no matter what. You could not give up, correct? Chul Jin. Hey, Chul Jin! I’ll… drop out.

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