Drama Korea Police University Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea Police University Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: Police.University.S01E01

(Korean National Police University)

(Korean National Police University)

(Korean National Police University)

– Salute!
– Salute!

– I’ll continually keep my integrity.
– I’ll continually keep my integrity

– Number ten.
– Did you notice that?

– Number 18!
– I did it!

– I did it!
– Come on now.

My gosh.

Let me borrow a few chips.

I’ll simply play one game
and pay you returned twofold.

My goodness.

Would you want to gamble?

(Wanted: Yellow Suit,
Illegal VIP on line casino mortgage shark)

I’ll continually be righteous.

All proper, right here we move.

All in.

Here’s a straight!

My gosh, do not be so impatient.

– I actually have a complete residence.
– A complete residence!

Sorry, honey!

This need to be an unfortunate seat.

Don’t blame me.
Blame the water going for walks beneathneath it.

I’m sorry.

Wait. You’re creating a mistake.

Wait. This is…

How come you are so strong?

(Taekwon Hall)

I will maintain the honor
beneathneath any circumstances.

Hey, prevent him!

Oh, gosh.

(Yoo Dong Man)

– Salute!
– Salute!

I am proud to be…

(Korean National Police University)

a scholar on the Police University.

(March ahead for your dream!)

(2021 Freshmen Recruitment)

(Way Out)

Put that down!

Get him!

Hey, you punk! Get him!

Move! Will you move?


What’s happening?

Hey! Why are you…

Watch wherein you are going!

Stop proper there!

Stop, you punk!

Hey, scum!

What changed into that?

(March ahead for your dream!)


Hey, I simply were given off.

I’ll be there in 3 minutes.


(Police University)

(Episode 1)

(The twenty first National High School
Judo Championship)

Isn’t he that man?

What changed into that?

(Nammun High School)

Three minutes, my foot.

Don’t be silly.

(Yoon Seung Bum)


The attitude appears weird.

What’s incorrect with this?

Gosh, what is incorrect with that element?

Let’s use Camera One first.


– You stated it.
– Are you kidding?

– That’s ridiculous.
– Totally.

He’s right.

Make positive now no longer to overlook the timing.

My intention is Park Eun Ji, now no longer a medal.

I could not make it
to the finals anyway,

so I’m simply going to invite her out.

You idiot.

What will you say?

“I love you. Be mine.”

“You’re extra valuable than a medal.”

– Are you for real?
– Yes.

She’s extra valuable than a medal.

– What’s your best type?
– A woman.

Eun Ji is a woman.

Of route. How could you realize
approximately love?

Of route I do.

It’s whilst your coronary heart receives ticklish
which you need to maintain scratching it!

Eun Ji, you are all I actually have.

“Seung Bum, you are all I actually have too.”

“Let’s love every different forever.”

What does he like a lot approximately her?

What makes them need to win
so desperately?

What makes them laugh?

I do not understand.

I assume I get it.

This is my simplest shot
to get a bronze medal, at least.

How can I surrender at the match
with a trifling hand injury?

It’s nonsense!

I get this, so why can not you?

You brat. It’s now no longer like you’ve got got
different arms.

Don’t be stubborn!

Arms get healed
even if they are damaged!

This second will by no means come again.

And I’m going to do what I need
at this second…

with none regrets.

Are you positive
this isn’t always approximately losing?

Nobody desires to lose.

Hey! Oh Kang Hee!

Oh Kang Hee?

(Oh Kang Hee)

(Hancheon Girls’ High School)


You can do it!

I have become curious…

to realize why she changed into
so determined to play.

Where did she…

discover ways to come to be so passionate?

(Hancheon Girls’ High School,
Oh Kang Hee)

– You can do it!
– That changed into excellent!


Of route I do.

It’s whilst your coronary heart receives ticklish
which you need to maintain scratching it!


What are you doing there?

(I love you. Be mine.
You’re extra valuable than a medal.)

Hey, what is that?

(I love you. Be mine.
You’re extra valuable than a medal.)

I notion he preferred you.

Hey, wherein are you going?

Darn it!

Wait! Stop!

No, please! No!

a button to shoot confetti)

Are you okay?

Kang Sun Ho, that loopy punk. Gosh.

Hey, wait!

What’s happening?

(Judge, Clocking and Records)

The digital board.
Did you do that?


How disgusting it is.

No, it is now no longer like that.

(Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency)

Gosh. You’re now no longer placing it
withinside the proper spot.

Goodness, prevent being a crybaby.

Why did you move there alone
withinside the first location?

I were given intelligence.

It stated that jerk
withinside the yellow suit…

is the large shot of the VIP on line casino.

– And then?
– He changed into an everyday thug.

We have been approximately to do the operation.
You must have simply waited.

How ought to I probably do that?
I’ve misplaced 100,000 greenbacks.

So why did you throw away…

all of your safety deposits
and loans?

You punk.
You did that on purpose, proper?

Gosh, it hurts. My waist.

(National judo excessive faculty

(Hancheon Girls’ High School
Gong Se Young, 63kg or less, 2nd, )

(Oh Kang Hee, 52kg or less, 4th.)

(Live a lifestyles with out regrets.)

(Oh Kang Hee)


Yes, sir.

(Yoon Digital)

(Yoon Digital, Yoon Taek Il)

I advised you to look at out
for the laptop virus many times.


I swear I wasn’t going to click
that advertisement.

It changed into that mouse.

That mouse moved with the aid of using itself.
That’s what befell.

You’re now no longer going to alternate
your laptop, are you?

Your lease is seven-hundred greenbacks a month,
and the deposit is 10,000 greenbacks.

Had it been one thousand greenbacks,
I could have modified it an extended ago.

What do you watched?
How approximately I enhance the lease…

and purchase a brand new laptop?

I can repair it for you.

You ought to use it
for some other ten years.

Just do not inform my…

Just do not inform Mr. Yoon.

You’ve grown so nicely.

Who could assume that
you would long past via hardship?

No one could.

You’re 19 now.
I wager you may ought to stand alone.

Mr. Yoon has been via loads.


Why did you deliver him right here?
He must be studying.

– Go interior.
– It’s now no longer like that, Mr. Yoon.

Go interior now.

Gosh, permit’s get a few sleep.
It’s overdue.


You ought to byskip out
in case you overwork like that.

My goodness.

How fortunate you’re to have sons
who take care of you.

I’ll get going.

Right, Dad. You failed to forget
to return back to high school day after today?

To seek advice from approximately my university.

What approximately your class?

Not yet.

(Kang Dong Young, Han Young Sun)

You need to be Sun Ho, proper?

I am…

a chum of your dad.

I’m Yoon Taek Il.

Would you visit my residence with me?

Say which you misplaced. Say it!

(Yoon Seung Bum)

No, I may not. Never.

Go away, you jerk.
Go returned to wherein you have been.

Get out of my residence.

I misplaced.

Get out.



(Raising the Best Talent
That Will Lead Future Society)

What does your father do?

What does your father do?

All the dad and mom besides yours
have come.

You have not advised them, proper?

I’ll simply observe to any university.

I’ve taken care of out…

all the colleges that offer
scholarships and dormitories.

I’ve revealed it out for you.

I’ll simply choose certainly considered one in every of those.

I’m privy to your situation.

But do not you’ve got got a dream?

Things you need to do,
locations you need to head,

goals you need to realize.
Don’t you’ve got got such things as that?

(Dream process)


How approximately a public official?

Even when you have right grades,
you must increase your strength…

to get in there.

It’s a country wide university
with a unique purpose.

They offer faculty expenses
and dormitories.

They help in lots of ways.

You’ll be a police executive
when you graduate.

How right will it be?

If you do not have anything
to depend on,

you would higher select a secure option.

– I’d like that.
– What are you going to devour?

– I’ll have tangsuyuk.
– Tangsuyuk?

– Can I?
– Sure element.

Dad desires to watch for you
and feature jjajangmyeon earlier than we move.

What time are you performed?


I’ll be studying
till overdue at night.

(Korean National Police University,
Application Guidelines)

(Oh Kang Hee has uploaded a post.)

(On my manner to the academy.)

(Police University
Preparatory School)

(The maximum recognition rate)

The Police University?

Why? Is there something?

No, not anything.

How’s it going
together along with your written test?

I slightly surpassed the cut-off score.

You’ve performed nicely in it, proper?

I’m nevertheless nervous.

I’ll simply die if I do not get in.

I’m doing this due to my dad.

Why do you need to visit
the Police University a lot?

Because it is my dream
to come to be a police officer.


(PS Delivery Service)

– Let’s move.
– Okay.

(March ahead for your dream!)

(March ahead for your dream!)

(March ahead for your dream!)

(Korean National Police University)

Player four, on standby.

Player four.

Player seven stands.

The participant draws…

There’s loads happening right here.

– The banker…
– Hello.

You can location your bets
the use of your cyber cash.

Yes, I’m aware.

I realize the drill, of route.

But wherein’s the restroom?

Yes, move beforehand.

The making a bet system
makes use of their unique technology,

so it will be taken
to the headquarters if it breaks.

But how are we going to interrupt it?

There’s a manner.

I were given the location. Nice, we were given it.

You’re all lifeless meat.

You’re lifeless meat.

Hey, you misplaced 100,000 greenbacks.

I changed into advised I needed to spend that lots
to discover wherein the VIP on line casino is,

so I had no choice.

Also, why could I spend
my very own cash…

if our finances changed into large sufficient
to start with?

You loopy fool.

Do you watched all and sundry else
remains in the finances…

due to the fact they can not do what you probably did?

Even years ago,
you spent your very own cash…

to trap the voice phishing ring.

The specific quantity changed into 13,000 greenbacks.


But I controlled to trap them.

It’s now no longer smooth to music down
cryptocurrency transactions.

Even the Cybercrime Unit
struggles with it.

That’s exactly why
I labored at it for over a 12 months…

and controlled to come to be a VIP…

to get into that on-webweb page on line casino.

Now, we simply want them
to transport the making a bet terminal.

Then we will positioned
all of the higher-ups in the back of bars,

so simply take a seat down returned
and get geared up to celebrate.

Thanks to you, my head can be
at the slicing block quickly.

Gosh, I’m traumatic.

(Applicant ID)

(2021 Admission
Korean National Police University)

Because it is my dream
to come to be a police officer.

Darn it.


(Yoon has logged in.)

(Hey, why are you so overdue?)

Don’t you’ve got got your exams?

You’re taking summer time season classes.

(You’re taking summer time season classes.)

(It’s nearly over.)

(What approximately the element
I requested you for?)

Here, the web account
backtracking program.

(Oh, thanks! Have you determined
on which university to use for?)

(Why are not you answering?
Computer engineering, proper?)


Answer me, Yoon.

It’s now no longer even a tough question.
Why is he all quiet?

Sir, is your ID “Bird”
due to the fact you are a birdhead cop?

Hey, I advised you
to simply drop the honorifics.

You’re impolite to me
all of the time anyway.

Oh, it need to be this man.
Your on line buddy.

You communicate to him each night
and inform him all of your secrets.

Hey, get misplaced.

Why need to you
continually be so imply to me?

What? Got a trouble with that?

The terminal is at the move.

You little…
Why failed to you inform me sooner?

What? What are you doing?

Where are you going?
Captain advised us to be on standby.

Be on standby, my foot.

I’m so traumatic proper now.

Gosh, wait!

(Applicant ID, Kang Sun Ho)

I implemented to the Police University.

The written examination is day after today.

(Bird has logged out.)

You’re nevertheless up?

Are you going somewhere?

Who requested you to return back
at this overdue hour for a process?

Who cares what time it is?
I want to earn cash.

Then I’ll go along with you.

It’s okay.
Go returned interior and do your element.

You can not even see nicely at night.

Let me include you. I’ll drive.

See? How satisfactory is it
that your son were given his license early?

You must visit bed.

(88M 6791)

Hold on! Slow down!

Captain will punch you
in case you get some other ticket.

Criminals do not obey the rate limit
whilst they are at the run.

This is why
we lose them all of the time!

Goodness. Are you positive…

we are going there on our very own
with out the others?

I’m giving up on my lease,

and I’ve maxed out my loans!

If I lose the 100,000 greenbacks,
I’ll come to be homeless.

No one advised you to do it.

I needed to do it
due to the fact I’m a police officer!

Make a proper right here.

Don’t move over 30km in step with hour
in residential areas!

Dad, are you positive it is right here?

It’s in addition up the street.

Goodness, preserve on.

Wait! Slow down.

– Gosh.
– Hold on, careful!

(2021 Admission Written Examination)

(Missed Call, Bestie)

What’s happening?

Hey, what is up?



What? You dodged?

(General Ward A)

You determined to raid a scene
to your very own,

triggered an twist of fate,
or even harm harmless civilians.

Why do not you be a captain
or maybe a chief…

and do some thing you need to do?

What will you do now?

My point, exactly.

What do you watched?

– I’ll music them down.
– As if…

Hey, move beforehand.


They’re already long past.

– What?
– Darn it.

Track them down, my foot.

You punk. The on line casino is empty.
They’re already long past.

Why can we continually ought to smooth up
the mess which you make?

These scumbags…

If you move beforehand and do anything
with out permission again,

you will be requested to resign.

Just hearthplace me now, then.

Actually, no.
I’ll do it of my very own accord.

I get which you’re turning into a coward
with age,

however sufficient is sufficient. Okay?

Causing an twist of fate and hurting
civilians? Yes, I’m sorry.

I realize it is horrible,
and the guilt is using me loopy.

But in case you exit there worrying
approximately the whole lot like a wimp,

it is now no longer like criminals can be
anticipating us to arrest them.

Our finances is so small.

How are we going to trap anyone
with that finances?

– We continually ought to be on standby.
– Hey.

Why need to we continually be on standby?

I’m embarrassed, annoyed, and sorry.

It’s using me loopy too.

Do you genuinely ought to try this,

Must you try this?

Look, I’m simplest wearing
my underclothes now.

What do you say? Take this off too?
Just say so!

Yoo Dong Man,
have you ever misplaced your mind?

He’s my manager,
however he is a bit loopy.

Oh, I see.

Anyway, I’m genuinely sorry approximately this.

My manager feels so terrible…

that he could not supply this to you
in man or woman.

We’re jointly responsible
for the twist of fate.

– It’s okay.
– Please take it.

No, it is okay.

Should I take this off too?

Hey! In large daylight?
We’re on the health center now!

Right. In large daylight,
on the health center.

Did you genuinely ought to kick
this 40-12 months-antique guy withinside the shin?

Goodness gracious.

– Darn it.
– You did not anything to be happy with.

You punk.

Chul Jin were given harm again
due to you!


Darn it.

Darn it.

It’s a remedy though.
Your son failed to get harm.

Oh, proper.
He’s your simplest son, proper?

No, I actually have sons. The different one
need to be on his manner right here.

My gosh, you need to be reassured
to have sons.

Gosh, your son is right here.

Of route I’m reassured.

It’s most cancers.

It’s tough to identify level one most cancers.

I need to say,
it is all way to the twist of fate.

You’re announcing he’s going to be okay
upon getting surgical treatment, proper?

So that he’s going to be okay,

I’m suggesting Robot David surgical treatment.

How lots will that be?

It’s non-advantage surgical treatment,
so it will be round 7,000 greenbacks.

Or he ought to take the antique treatment.

He ought to remove…


No, it truly is now no longer what I meant.

We’ll take Robot David surgical treatment.
We’ll take that irrespective of what.

Oh, gosh.

How did get that most cancers?

He’s so type and diligent.

– My gosh.
– Where is his health center?

I’m going to look him proper now.

You may not be capable of see him anyway.


While we are at the topic…


My dad…

Can you lend us a few cash
for my dad?

Let us borrow 7,000 greenbacks
for his surgical treatment.

I’ll make certain to pay returned
when I come to be successful.

It’s 7,000 greenbacks?


(Yoon Digital)

You appear like you are carrying
all of the burden to your shoulders.

Come on. Lighten up a bit.

You have a own circle of relatives and a home.

Okay, Mr. Yoon.

Stop calling me that.

Won’t you name me your dad?

The warmness is rising,

and this 12 months’s summer time season…

Hey, prevent it already.

Stop it! We have no cash!

He’s been hurting his teeth,
and he could not see a dentist.

He slightly treated the pain
with the aid of using taking painkillers.

In South Jeolla Province,

– a warmness wave warning…
– We’re so poor!

The complete nation…

Hey, permit’s simply scouse borrow a few cash
from the pawnshop.

You realize how he rips off
cash from the elderly, proper?

Is it a criminal offense to scouse borrow cash
from the ones men?

Last 12 months, the government
predicted the quantity…

What do you need me to do?
We haven’t any higher option!

It changed into fifty four billion greenbacks.

Due to the ever-growing
variety of on line playing sites,

– the police introduced…
– No.

– That they’ll conduct…
– I located a manner.

They introduced that they’ll
execute unique regulations.

Let’s pay attention extra from Reporter Kim.

This is an workplace at Busan.

A financial institution declaration may be seen
on one in all their monitors.

(Mr. Yoo Dong Man. We are unable
to increase your mortgage period.)

(Please pay the overall quantity
with the aid of using August 31.)

Darn it.

Gosh, that is so annoying.

Oh, proper.

– Hello.
– Hey.

Hey. Please try this for us.

A man like me will by no means
be capable of make that type of cash.

But you may.

You can store my dad.

It’s simple.

The cash that humans use
to guess in this webweb page…

is stored as cryptocurrency.


We’ll hack the cryptocurrency
bills of the terrible men…

who run the ones unlawful sites.

I’m positive the cryptocurrency
they used to guess on the ones sites…

will emerge as
of their most important financial institution bills.

When they switch their cash,

ought to you operate this program
and music down their bills?

Dong Man. They’re transferring
their cash.

Then you must music
their most important account first.


They can not record us anyway
due to the fact it is unlawful.

We’ll simplest scouse borrow sufficient cash
for the surgical treatment.


My gosh. You continually repair
humans’s damaged computers.

You’ve stepped forward loads!

I located it.

(How lots
are you going to switch?)

Hey, if I press Enter now,
we can not flip returned.

If this is going incorrect,
we would emerge as in prison.

Didn’t you watch
“Tazza: The High Rollers”?

We must move for it
despite the fact that we do not win.


We were given it. We were given their account.

Dong Man.

I assume they are being hacked
with the aid of using a person else.


(Deposit completed, 7,000 greenbacks)

We did it!

Yes, we did!

What are you speakme approximately?

What’s happening?

What’s happening? Wait.

Corporal Joo!

I’m running on it!

(This web site can’t be located.)


All their web sites and bills
are long past.

There’s no manner
we will trap them now.

The 12 months we spent running on their
case changed into fascinated about not anything!

Since I take pity on you,

I may not will let you resign.

I’ll switch you
to some other department.

You’re suspended. Get out of right here!

How are we able to trap the criminals
if we comply with all of the regulations?

Also, this wasn’t even my fault.

Some lunatic messed up
with our work.

You’d higher close your mouth!

I do not want a cop such as you…

who rides the excessive horse
on our team. Get out.

Get out, you punk!

Please permit my dad take
that robotic surgical treatment.

Make positive to kill
all of the most cancers cells…

proper then and there.

It looks like your dad
is genuinely upset.

His more youthful son
will deal with that.

How antique are you, with the aid of using the manner?

I’m so sorry.

I’d be extra comfortable in case you simply
scold me or supply me a beating.

Just like the way you deal with Seung Bum.

Get a few rest.
You have surgical treatment day after today morning.

Gosh, your sons
paid on your surgical treatment…

with the cash they earned
from their part-time jobs.


(Lobby, Counter)

(You have surpassed the written examination.
See under for information…)

(at the bodily cappotential test
and in-man or woman interview.)

(Oh Kang Hee,
You have surpassed the written examination.)

Run! Keep going.

Okay, you surpassed.

(Korean National Police University)

My goodness.

You want to get a few sleep.

– You see…
– Goodness.

I’ll make certain I trap the ones jerks
irrespective of what…

earlier than I sleep or drop lifeless.

You’re suspended proper now.

Right, it truly is why
I want you to do something.

What? Me?

Today is my first day returned at work!


Those hackers…

cashed out the coins, and I’m positive
a financial institution account changed into involved.

Contact the financial institution for cooperation
and discover the transaction time.

If they withdrew the cash
proper away,

get the CCTV pictures too.
I’ll provide you with an hour.

But why…
Why do you want to trap them?

I need to ask them…

how they controlled to hack
into the account in a single blow.

But we will lock them up first.

These criminals.

– Here.
– Can we get extra lettuce?

– Sure.
– My unique large wrap. Here, Dad.

It’s okay. You devour it.

– I’ve already eaten loads.
– I’ll devour myself. You devour it.

Come on. You have been discharged today,
so that you need to devour nicely.

– Here.
– Okay, I’ll devour. You move beforehand.

It’s so right.

I digest the whole lot so quickly.
I ought to use the restroom.

– Can we get a bottle of soju?
– Sure.

You have been discharged today.

Your medical doctor stated
you should not drink.

It’s for you, now no longer me.
Looks like you can use a drink.

– Here you move.
– Thank you.

(Water and Coffee, Self-service)

My head hurts
after I consider Seung Bum.

But after I consider you,
my coronary heart hurts.

How ought to I deal with you men
the equal…

whilst you are so distinctive?

And you do not act withinside the equal manner
Seung Bum does to me.

You by no means whine or communicate approximately things
you need to do or have.

And you by no means advised me
approximately the admission consultations.

I spoke for your teacher
at the phone.

I heard you’ve got determined
to visit the Police University.

You eventually have something
which you need to do…

and are keen to make it happen.


so glad to look that.


the most cancers cells died off
due to the fact I’m so glad.

What? What approximately me?

Am I now no longer getting any soju?
Come on, Dad!

I’ll simply have one glass.

– Give me a few soju, please.
– You punk, who do you are taking after?

My gosh, thank you.

Is it right?

Oh, is it your first glass?

My gosh.

What brings you right here, Detective?

Well, the element is…

So you probably did this due to
your father’s health center bill?

This befell due to the fact
that guy triggered the twist of fate.

Can’t you simply permit it move?

We permit the twist of fate move.

Hey, that is distinctive.

Then what do you need us to do?

What could you’ve got got performed?

Let’s be honest. How else ought to we
have made 7,000 greenbacks overnight?

Even if there has been no different manner,

it does not imply you may scouse borrow.

Is it incorrect
to scouse borrow from terrible humans?

We’re now no longer the ones
you must be after.

Shouldn’t you trap the ones jerks
that ran the unlawful playing webweb page?

We’ll lock you men up first,

then we will additionally trap them
and lock them up withinside the equal cell,

so do not you fear approximately that.
Hey, move.

Your call.

What is your call?

Kang Sun Ho, Yoon Seung Bum.

What? Hey, how come
you’ve got got distinctive surnames?

That’s personal.
Is that crucial now?


We’re 19.

Profession, excessive faculty scholar.

Namyang-dong 37-1, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

– And you?
– Can’t you inform we stay together?

You little…

You violated the Information
and Communications Act.

Detective Park, they are able to visit prison
for 3 years for this, proper?


When all of your buddies are enjoying
their a laugh university lifestyles,

you men can be stuck
on your miserable prison cells.

Thanks for your crook record
won from stealing from terrible men,

you may not be capable of get the process
you need,

and you will ought to surrender
on all of your goals.

Your lifestyles can be hopeless.

Oh, did you pay attention that?

The sound of your lives
being doomed.

Goodness, you gutsy idiots.

Hand them over to the prosecution.

Mr. Yoon.

Please forgive them simply this once.

They’re so young,
and that they have a vivid destiny beforehand.

I plead you, Detectives.

Please supply those boys
some other chance.

Get up, Dad.

I stated, get up!

Please. I beg you, Detectives.


Get up.

Open your eyes extensive and see…

the final results of your reckless action.

– Stop.
– And by no means forget…

which you need to continually be responsible
on your very own decisions.

I stated, prevent!

Darn it!

It’s unfair, isn’t always it?

But it is now no longer just like the regulation
will move smooth on you…

simply due to the fact you are poor
and had no choice.

How dare you try this whilst you must
be repaying him for elevating you?

You pathetic fools.

Don’t get down to your knees…

to shield your sons’ destiny.

It is as much as them
to shield their very own destiny.

Let them manage such things as this
on their very own from now on.

Thank you.

Thank you a lot.

No trouble.

Are you positive approximately this?

This manner, the ones fools
will study their lesson…

and make certain to by no means
positioned their father via this again.

You’d higher live out of my sight.

If we go paths again,

I’ll display you what is genuinely unfair.

If you try this,
you can not go back to the station.

You’ll be transferred
with out a doubt.


(You have surpassed
the written examination.)


Let’s simply enlist for the army.


(Computer AS, Wireless devices)

Get in.

Seung Bum isn’t always geared up yet.

(Yoon Digital On-webweb page Service)

Where are we going?


Yes, hello.

You continually open your store…

irrespective of what happens.
What’s gotten into you today?

I’m taking my son
to his university interview.


Have you heard of
Korean National Police University?

Korean National Police University?

Oh, my! Isn’t it nearly impossible
to get an admission?

So you’ve got heard.

He simplest has to head via
an interview.

He’s nearly a scholar there.

Oh, my! That’s excellent news!

Yes, it is.

My son, Sun Ho,

desires to come to be a police officer.

My gosh, Taek Il.
You need to be ecstatic!

Of route I am.

I’m so happy with him.

I’ll purchase you a drink quickly.

I’ll communicate to you later.

I’m so sorry.

You must reflect
to your wrongdoing…

and examine tough…

to pay returned for what you probably did.

It’s your first time to have a intention
to come to be something.

So make certain to come to be
a police officer.

That’ll make up for the way I begged
on your forgiveness.

Won’t that be sufficient?

Yes, it will.

Hurry up and devour this.

You may not be capable of solution anything
on an empty stomach.

(Korean National Police University)

(2021 Freshmen Recruitment
Final Interview)

My son, Sun Ho,
desires to come to be a police officer.

Of route I am.

I’m so happy with him.

So make certain to come to be
a police officer.

Mr. Yoon…


I will…

make certain to get in!

I’ll get in…

and come to be a police officer!

That’s right to pay attention!
Hurry up and move interior!

Of route you may get in.
You’re my son.

(2021 Freshmen Recruitment
Final Interview)

My grandfather…

(Kang Sun Ho)

We will now begin
the very last interview…

for the forty first batch of
Korean National Police University.

Do now no longer make any noise,
together with small talks.

Make positive to sit up straight straight
till the end.

As quickly as your call is called,
solution loudly and get up.

Do you understand?

– Yes, ma’am.
– Yes…

Do you understand?

– Yes, ma’am!
– Yes, ma’am!

Good luck, all and sundry.

I implemented to this faculty
due to the fact I need to study…

crime scene research first.

Are you considering advancing
to a regulation faculty later?

Yes, I’m thinking about it.

It’ll be satisfactory to have…

a clever man such as you in our force.

I wish you may alternate your mind
and stay with us.

Yes, I’m hoping to achieve this as nicely.

(Entrance Application Form)

Goodness, I’m sorry. Are you okay?

I changed into simply genuinely nervous, so…

This allows me relax.

I’ve been making use of to this faculty
for 3 years in a row.

If I fail again, I’ll by no means be able
to use to this faculty again.

My call is Noh Bum Tae.

I’m Kang Sun Ho.

I’m Cho Jun Wook. Nice to fulfill you.

– Hi.
– Nice to fulfill you.

Examinee variety 002618, Noh Bum Tae.


are not you going to solution?

So what I’m announcing is…

I… I assume…

You must take it smooth.

Why do not you’ve got got a sip of water?

Thank you.

(Very nervous)

So what I’m announcing is…

My grandfather…

changed into a constable in a small town.

I grew up…

looking him serve the citizens.

I desired to comply with the example
of him.

That’s why I actually need to…

– come to be a great officer.
– Become a great officer.

– I actually need to…
– I actually need to…

– come to be one.
– I actually need to come to be one.

I actually need to come to be one.



You got here to look me
in the front of my class, proper?

– Sorry?
– Did you observe to this faculty…

due to me?


It’s additionally my dream
to come to be a police officer.

Examinee variety 002623, Oh Kang Hee.

– Yes!
– Wait.

Good luck.

Did you realize
the primary plainclothes officer…

changed into a thief?

There have been such a lot of thefts…

that they employed a thief, announcing
thieves realize every different the best.

So the French police
employed the reformed thieves.

From then on, the crime rate
sharply dropped with the aid of using sixty eight percent.

The 2d offense rate
changed into decrease than 20 percent.

The international grew to become upside down
whilst thieves have become police officers.

I’ll study with the mindset
of a thief on sites.

I’ll study with the mindset
of a sufferer withinside the workplace.

(Entrance Application Form)

Examinee variety 002630, Kang Sun Ho.



I’m examinee variety 002630,
Kang Sun Ho.


You’d higher live out of my sight.

If we go paths again,

I’ll display you what is genuinely unfair.

I advised you.

That you may not be capable of get
the process you need…

and could ought to surrender
on all of your goals.

I advised you that
your lifestyles can be hopeless.

You need to get into
the Police University?

Not a chance. Get out.

Did you now no longer pay attention me?

You’re now no longer getting in.

(Special way to Kim Kwang Kyu
and Kim Hyeong Mook)

(Police University)

– “You are admitted.”
– Amazing.

– “Admitted”!
– For real!

Who is she?

She’s pretty, and he or she appeared satisfactory.

I can deliver this for you.

– Freshmen on the Police University?
– Yes.

You can not get into this faculty,
you punk.

Let’s get via the training…

and make it
to the very last admission level.

Wait, we may be disqualified
even at this level?

– Assume push-up position.
– If you get on his terrible side,

you may not even remaining days.

Can’t you simply consider it
as a mistake and permit it move?

It wasn’t your first time.

You’ve performed it extra than once,
you punk.

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