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Korea I Live Alone Episode 270 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: I.Live.Alone.E270.181130-NEXT-VIU

(The End of Chilly November)

Good to see you.

We have a new superstar in Rainbow Club.

It’s the great actor Lee Si Eon.

– Why? – Why?

I was surprised.

– Why? – I thought you dominated the site.

Why are there so many articles?

(The great actor leased the entertainment ranking?)

I went through them all. I also checked the comments too.

The most impressive one was,

“I’ll think before I speak this year.”

(“Lee Si Eon Says He’ll Think Before He Speaks This Year”)

After I suffered by saying…

I’ll quit I Live Alone if I receive the Grand Award,

you’ll be careful about the grand award.

I’ll try to be quiet this year.

I liked it.


There was another one. He would like to…

try another show with I Live Alone members.

How can we do a show together with everyone?

Are you taking the producer too?

I get so many offers,

but I rejected them all.

– Can you iron your shirt? – What?

– I washed it. – Really?

Did you get many calls?

I must focus on my main career and do this as extra.

Then I look cool.

If I’m all over other shows,

and don’t focus on my main career…

Your opinion changed from last week.

Hold on. Something changed after you had a meeting yesterday.

– You had a meeting yesterday? – I didn’t have a meeting.

The director cleared his voice before he left.

He looked like a student dragged to a principal’s office.

So you should all focus on your main career.

That’s what I wanted to tell you.

I can tell your outfit today really focused on your main career.

You must always focus on your main career. You too.


That’s how you have a long run.

– What’s gotten into you suddenly? – What?

Did you get punched by the director?


It just came to my mind.

The first video today…

was a big issue last week.

(The Secret Party of Men was huge last week.)

It was huge, but why did the ratings go down?

I heard the producer is very worried.

By the way,

it’s strange.

Every time there’s President Jun…

It’s strange.

(They all know, but couldn’t say the mystery of ratings.)

I thought it was only coincidence.

– Seriously, – I doubted it.

it’s the curse of President Jun.

What were your items?

– Tennis. – That was okay.

Henry did all the work.

Another one was Ttotto Episode.

That was all thanks to Ttotto.

It was thanks to Ttotto.

You had these two. What happened?

The two weren’t enough.

(Unless it’s Ttotto or Henry, it’s hard to lift the curse.)

We needed Henry.

– I needed Henry to bring me up. – We don’t go along with him.

I think the three idiots were thanks to Henry too.

(Three idiots were all thanks to Henry.)

(I Live Alone)

(For the calendar shoot,)

(male members gathered secretly.)

(The three prepared a theme for July and December.)

(They’re going to compete with a total of 6 themes.)

(They head to Dongmyo for hot items.)

(They go crazy for stationery items.)

(With a handful of items,)

(they head to a dreary place.)

(Focus on me…)

(so that the background is blurry.)

(A battle to be the star begins.)

(Woo Ki Myung, “College King” main character)

(Bong Ji Eun appears.)

(Kim Chang Joo completes “College King”.)

(As the shoot begins,)

(the Secret Party of Men shows a terrible engagement.)

(Will the calendar shoot end safely?)

(Bong Ji Eun is way too absorbed.)

People complimented that I look pretty.

– This… – People complimented.

Maybe that’s why the rating dropped.

Who complimented and who said you are pretty?

People on the internet said I look prettier than they thought.

(Due to uselessly pretty Bong Ji Eun,)

(Woo Ki Myung rather closes his eyes.)

Dae Gil.

The photographer is talking less.

– He’s neglecting. – Yes.

(It’s a torture for both the photographer and models.)


Okay. Done.

(As soon as he says that,)

(they get off the plane.)

(He’s exhausted after emotional labor.)

Hyun Moo. You can turn around toward me…

and show me your side.

Just like that.

The eye line completes it.

– It’s not Chang Joo until then. – Right.

You look aggressive.


Can you grab Kian84’s hand in the back, Hyun Moo?

(They grab hands behind Chang Joo’s back.)

His hand was rough.

I still tried hard.

I did my best to meet the theme.

And you two can face each other.

And you two can face each other.

(It’s deadly theme.)

(There’s no other way except for laughter.)

You and Hyun Moo should face each other.


Look at how fat their hands are.

They’re both fat.

(This is like…)

Oh, my.

– Wait. Is this the right scene? – This isn’t right.

(They share sweetness through holding hands.)

My goodness.

(The members are agitated…)

The ratings will drop here again.

(and so are the ratings.)

(Right. This is…)

It’s a nightmare.

Look at me please.

(Meanwhile, they still make an eye contact.)

It’s this place too. I feel like I’m having a nightmare.

(They’re holding hands as if they’re having a night terror.)

– I need to see your face. – In a nightmare…

You often see places like this in a nightmare.

Kian84. You can look at Hyun Moo.

– There are those nightmares. – Yes.

– Look at me, Kian84. – What?

I can’t.

Look to the front, Si Eon.

(He just laughs like he’s gone crazy.)

(I said look at me.)


What is that?

– We worked many times together. – My goodness.

– Yes. Right. – That was a good one.

I really enjoyed this one.

(Ji Eun and Ki Myung met as Wang Geon and Gung Ye before.)

It looks like “A Frozen Flower” right now.

(There was Na Rae too.)

Right. Then we went out for…

– budae jjigae after. – Yes.

(We went out for budae jjigae.)

My goodness.

(He avoids the eye contact despite the love of 1,000 years.)

Why would you avoid the eye contact when we’re flirting?

I think we’re likely to break up today.

(Break up is expected in this situation.)


If there is an inferno,

– this must be it. – That’s the answer.

(Ki Myung got the right answer.)

That’s true.

The man in front is serious too.

(They look like they’re about to meet the king of inferno.)

Hey. Why would you frown?

It’ll be over fast if you look with love.

Don’t laugh.

What are you doing?

(Meanwhile, he’s free from all thoughts and ideas.)

– Can we move on? – The last.

– Yes, the last. – The last.


(This dangerous and narrow touch)

I can tell you’re clenching your teeth.

They’re professionals.

(He’s fatally sexy.)

Oh, my goodness.

That really wasn’t easy.

(Don’t Give That Look.)

– That picture looks great. – He’s a good photographer.

(Stop It. It’s Too Much.)

It feels like comradeship.

Why did I draw eyelines?

(Why did I draw eyelines?)

What do I do to look sweet?

(The photographer doesn’t miss the front shot.)

(Bong Ji Eun’s sexy parade continues.)

(He rolls his eyes wickedly.)





That look…

(His look is too shocking to speak.)

(He’s deeply absorbed.)

This is inferno.

Can you…

(They suddenly come back down to earth.)

That makes it feel like real inferno.


(The sculptor happens to welcome them to inferno.)

(A Photo from Inferno)

You should keep it to yourself.

Maybe I should.

Elementary school…

Is it kindergarten or elementary school?

(Children from the 1980s…)

(meet a child from Joseon Dynasty.)

– He’s bored already. – He’s bored.

(It was already boring to hear about the theme.)

– He’s bored already. – He’s bored.

(Stop yawning.)

It was so boring.

(It’s really boring.)

We can glue it.

(A child from Joseon dynasty shows himself.)

What on earth is this?

– Oh, wait. – What on earth is this?

What is it?

What on earth is this?

Are you a criminal of high treason?

Hang on.

(Are you a criminal of high treason?)

Why would you do that?

How is that supposed to be a child from Joseon Dynasty?


Why am I doing this when you’re kindergarten students?

What in the world is this?

(Hyun Moo became a traitor.)

What is this?

(The Joseon Dynasty child looks sinful.)

What is this?

Am I an executioner or what?

(Am I an executioner or what?)

– What on earth is this theme? – Hyun Moo.

What is this?

(Check it yourself.)

(The criminal who just shampooed)

How strange.

Did he wash his hair with sweet flags? It’s shiny.

It looks like I applied hair grower for mustache.

It’s so thick.

I’m too hairy.

– What is this? – You look like some kind of master.

What on earth am I?

I need to know what I am…

– before we start. – It’s accurate.

– 100 years ago, – A Turkish man?

a boy with big mustache.

I’m so hairy.

(The photo shoot begins without understanding the theme.)

You can fish here.

(He’s given up.)

– Kian84. – What do I do?

Pretend you’re swimming.


Good job.

This is the least I understand among everything I did this year.

– It’s my 1st time too. – “It’s his 1st time too.”

Give it to me.

I’m a child from Joseon Dynasty.

It looks like his braid is from his chin.

(It’s a strange and abstruse work.)




Isn’t it bizarre?

This is too much for calendar.

(His certainty is straightforward.)

Look forward to this. It’s high quality.

(Kian84 draws on the ground,)

(and Team Leader Hyun Moo climbs the top.)

(Two minions)

(I used that word ages ago.)

What do we wear?

(What are the minions going to wear?)

Why do clothes get thinner?

(Why do clothes get thinner?)

Hurry up before it gets colder.

You’re the star for your own theme.

I did weird things for yours.

– Is that all for them? – Yes.

They don’t need clothes. They’re only minions.

You look like a Japanese comedy duo.

– Kian84. Start drawing. – Yes.

– Is this all for me? – Yes.

– Isn’t there anything else? – No.


Where do I draw?


The sun’s setting.

– Seriously that was… – This one.

This is pretty hot on social media.

(He draws with a chalk.)

I put more effort in this than for mine.

(What kind work is it going to be?)

(Meanwhile, President Jun and Si Eon)

It’s ripped from rough climb.


What is that?

– It goes perfect with the body. – What is that?

– My muscles. – Are they morning buns?

– “Morning buns?” – I look like Hulk.

(He puts on a Hulk glove.)



He’s happy.

He’s satisfied.

Let me take a picture.

Look at this.

Let’s add this in the calendar.

Isn’t this supposed to be my work?

(The drawing is almost ready.)

– Moo Cruise. – This is my work.

– What is that? – Cliff.

He can’t tell.

– He drew it, but he doesn’t see it. – What is that?

– I couldn’t tell. – What is that?

It’s a cliff.

What did you draw?

– I… – What did you draw, Kian84?

– What is this? – Cliff.

– What? – Ocean and mountain.

– Cloud. – Is this supposed to be cliff?

– It’s cliff, but… – It’s not cloud?

What’s that white part?

– Cloud. – Isn’t that woman’s hair?

I need green, but there’s no green.

– I ran out of color. – Really?

Good job.

(Good job.)

– He doesn’t mean it at all. – No.

I still appreciated it.

– Camouflage cream? – Yes.

That is actually enough.

– Right. – That gave it out.

(They apply it on Hyun Moo.)

Hyun Moo. Here.

It’s not here.

– It stands out here. – Here.

It’s not here. It’s here.

Why does it stand out here?

– It’s the muscle. – The third eye.

Did it penetrate through the muscle?

– I was surprised. – Is it possible?

There was a circle.

I’m saving you.

It looks pretty good from a distance.

– Right? – Yes.

(The photo shoot begins.)

What are we going to do?

– Grab this rope. – You need to look cool, right?

I need to look cool.

The back of your heads is enough.

– Stay below me. – Lie there.

– This is cliff. – Oh, I see.

Yes. Si Eon’s method of acting.

That’s right.

– He really looks like he’s hanging. – He covers it up with acting.

– Yes. – How about we hang onto the rope,

and you try to cut the rope?

We’ll be hanging.

Is that what you think of me?

– Thank you. – It’s sharp.

Of course. I wouldn’t cut it for real.



All I see is you now.

Hyun Moo.

– Hyun Moo. No. – Hyun Moo.

We spent so many years together.

– Hyun Moo. – Hyun Moo.

(Hyun Moo)

(That’s weird. It was funny.)

It feels different in the picture.

Si Eon’s good at acting.

– This is awesome. – I did my best.

(President Jun’s vicious acting stands out.)

(They’re checking.)

Does it look like we’re hanging by cliff?

– Look at this. – This is nice.

– This is nice. – It looks like he got kicked.

Si Eon also kicked him.

– I’m falling to the ocean. – I’m cutting with a knife,

and he’s kicking.


This is good. We got it.

– This is nice. – This is the one.

There’s one that I’d like to try.


I’ll explain over here.

– Okay. – If you stay between the rocks…

Between the rocks?

As if you’re hanging there.

– This way? – Yes, you’re hanging this way.

– And you two… – Like we’re hanging by cliff?

It’d look real if you focus on the face.

– Yes. – This looked pretty real.

– What a good idea. – This is a good idea.

– Photographers are different. – He was different.

(The oldest lies down first.)

(I think I should grab his leg.)

(The younger ones get down to it by themselves.)

(Here comes the 2nd action.)

Come on. Let me go.

Let me go.

(It’s a desperate moment.)

(The minions grabbed President Jun.)

You jerks. You awful jerks.

(The minion says something to the team leader.)

I knew this old man would do this.

(To Hyun Moo who tries to survive alone…)

Let me go please.

You lived long enough.

(You lived long enough.)

It’s good.

It’s a good one.


(It feels more realistic upside down.)

That’s wonderful.

– But… – This is good.

(They all look very real.)

This is nice.

(It’s uselessly high quality.)

– Zombie. – Is this the zombie costume?

Here it is.

(Hyun Moo’s obsession to become a warrior)


(just zombies.)

A zombie?

(Why are you always the main character?)

(You can’t even tell who is who…)

(if you dress up as a zombie.)

(It’s his plan to look good alone.)


– Hyun Moo. – We have this.

Why is the general so fat?

Generals have fat belly.

– Why? – The soldiers do the fight.

– Is that to cover your belly? – You can’t hide your belly?



That doesn’t go with the outfit. This is right.

You were probably thinking “300”, weren’t you?

– Of course. – Sparta.

(This is what he wanted.)

It’s the other way around.

“It’s the other way around.”

– It was fun between us. – Yes.

– There’s even a rooster comb. – My head is too big.

Raise it up.

– The true warrior… – Where’s the sword?

– They aren’t even listening. – Where’s the sword?

Where did you put the sword?

– Why is your belly so fat? – Seriously.

When you look from the side…

His belly penetrates through the armor.

Zombie makeup.

Is this really a zombie?

It looks like you got hurt from escaping prison.

(Idiot brothers start dressing up as zombies.)

– Let’s go. – Let’s go.

– I should’ve been there. – Where’s the photographer?

– I had fun. – Sir.

Are you taking pictures in front of merry-go-round?

From there… Yes, toward me.

(The zombies are already in action.)

(The expression is ready.)

(I must look good.)

That’s crazy.

– My goodness. – We did our best.

– Isn’t it nice? – It’s pretty nice.

– Yes. That’s wonderful. – We wanted to be good.

It’s wonderful.

(That hurts.)

– Kian84. You must be serious. – Yes.


I did my best.

– Wonderful. – Hang on.

– Is that computer graphic? – No.

– Are they your eyes? – He flipped them.

I can flip them easily because of blepharoptosis.

(Enthusiastic performance)

Oh, my gosh.

He’s really biting.

He really bit me.

I did my best.

Kian84 is pretty good at this.


Kian84 is also good at making expressions.


This is also good.

The way you stretch your arm looks good.

Right. As long as you three are happy.

Let’s move on.

– It’s Kian84’s now. – It’s the last one, right?

– Is there still something left? – Now that we’ve done his…

– Just go home. – I can’t believe you.

That’s not it. The sun is setting.

– The sun is setting. – Are we dressing up…

– as old men now? – Yes, that’s the last one.

Here. The edges…

(Christmas 40 years later)

It’s the last one. Let’s muster up all our energy.

I still have energy left.

– But I only care about my ideas. – Right?

– I really don’t want to do this. – Muster up some energy.

When we were shooting my ideas, I paid so much attention.

But I don’t want to do anything right now.

As they’re getting older,

they don’t seem to have as much energy as before.

They don’t have much energy any longer.

What are you talking about?

– Kian84 is making fun of them. – It’s because we’ve been shooting.

I just want you to take good care of yourself.

When we shot calendar pictures two years ago,

he flapped his wings so vigorously.

Back then, you were full of energy.

It’s so sad to see his energy level get lower and lower.

I’m not that old yet.

– How do I put this on? – Like this.


[VIU Ver] E270 I Live Alone
“The Secret Party of Men Part 2”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

That’s Ma Ppak.

Like this.

(Si Eon looks like Ma Ppak.)

You have to push your hair back.


(Kian84 looks like Ma Ppak too.)

(Hyun Moo puts on a wig too.)

“Bok Gil.”

“Bok Gil, you brat.”

“What are you doing?”

Let’s put on some makeup. Come to me one by one.

(Fast forward 40 years)

Let me see.


Is he being penalized?

(What happened during the 40 years?)


Who has wrinkles like those?

Come here, old buddies.

I’ve seen a character like him in “Ureme”.

– That’s right. – I’ve seen it in “Ureme”.

My childhood movie.

– It looks so scary. – Who was that?

– My goodness. – It looks scary.

(Nightmare before Christmas?)


– Let’s muster up some energy. – It’s getting colder and colder.

We were the only ones left when the lights turned on.

– First… – Mr. Park.

Can you take a picture of these three first?

Our mouths are all that’s left.

That’s too sad.

Our mouths are all that’s left?

– My goodness. – It’s so sad.

I’m getting emotional.

(Here remains the Secret Party of Men.)

It’s a bit sad.

– Well… – Hyun Moo.

– You should look exhausted. – Bend your back a bit.

Your back should be bent the most.

– We should… – I have a question.

– Your back should be bent the most. – Is that decided?

And we should put our hands on his back.

(Like this?)

(My whole body aches.)

(Will they look like this in 40 years?)

(The Secret Party of Old Men)

I Live Alone.

(The shooting is going well.)

Kian84’s is losing hair.

(Hyun Moo ad-libs.)

He is going to have some hair planted.


(Cheers, The Secret Party of Men)

(Successful Dental Implants)

(Merry Christmas with The Secret Party of Men)

Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(They clean up after the shoot.)

– Gosh. – Gosh.

– Seriously. – Is it the same underwear again?

– It’s different. – What are you talking about?

Please put the two side by side. They’re different.

Are those the ones you bought with me?

No. Those are kept aside.

You wear those when you went shopping with Henry too.

I remember it clearly.

– Do you remember that? – You wore those in Suwon too.

– We saw those in LA too. – That’s right.

That’s not true. They’re different.

– How are they different? – There are subtle differences.

Can we put the three side by side?

Check the old videos. You won’t find those.

(There really are subtle differences.)

Cheap underwear usually comes in that print.

– Do they all have the same print? – I have 6 or 7 pairs.

What’s important is that I wash them.

You shower with your underwear on, don’t you?

I’m not that bad.

What amazes me the most is that…

you guys remember Kian84’s underwear.

I can’t really tell, to be honest.

Why would you remember his underwear?

(The shoot is over.)

You guys are cleaning up.

You all did a great job.

– Good work. – Good work.

(The Secret Party of Men is born.)

You’ve watched the second part of The Secret Party of Men,

which has been the talk of the town.

– Once you see the result, – Exactly.

you’ll be amazed.

– Are the calendars ready? – I have them here.

– Are they ready? – I have them here.

The thing is, I haven’t seen them yet either.

I got them today.

Each of you can have one.

But don’t open it yet.

It’s so cute.

There are two sizes.

This one is bigger.

That’s for the wall.

There will be two versions.

All the proceeds will go to good causes.

I hope many people will purchase it.

(She bursts out laughing.)

– What’s that? – What’s that?

It means that this photo isn’t included in the calendar.

– When you buy… – I have one too.

When you buy an idol group’s album…

– You get one randomly. – It’s called a photo card.


And this is what they’ll get?

– They’d hate it. – Na Rae got a picture of Si Eon.

– Yes. – He got Si Eon.

– I got Si Eon. – That’s right. That’s the worst.

– I got Hyun Moo. – He got Hyun Moo.

– What did you get? – I got a work of art.

A difficult work of art.

Let’s start from January.

“Rainbow Family Wins 8 Prizes”.

It’s just after I won the Grand Prize.

It was the talk of the town.

Hyun Moo’s face…

looks like the roaring lion in the beginning of a movie.


What is our biggest…

cheat code?

– Do you have any idea? – Endoscopy.

– Endoscopy? – Endoscopy.


Kian84 looks cute. Why do I…

– What about me? – Choong Jae looks the best.

– Is that after an endoscopy? – It looks like an electric shock.

This was March.

– April… – So many things have happened.

Oh, my. It’s Henney.

(“La La Land” for April)

“La La Land”.


Tall Long.

– Min Chic. – Min Chic.

– Ryan Gosling Rice. – Ryan Gosling Rice.


Don’t Speak English.

(Don’t speak English.)

(Don’t speak English.)

(He told the native speaker not to speak.)

Don’t Speak English.

In May,

– My goodness. – Si Eon…

and Kian84 were suspected to be on bad terms.

They went on a trip to Ulleungdo.

– Ulleungdo. – During the trip…

He said his underwear wasn’t wet even though he fell into the water.

It was absurd.

– This is so cute. – I was out of my mind.

– It’s really cute. – He’s holding a ladle.

– It’s such a high-quality calendar. – It is.

– Time has passed by so fast. – We’ve seen enough.

– I think we should stop. – What about June?

– We should move onto June. – Why is she doing this?

– What is it? – A witch who brings rain.

(Witch Dhalsim)

Thunder, lightning, gusts, showers,

– strong-wind warnings… – It’ll rain a lot next year.

– Time passes by so fast. – It’s finally July.

Let’s see July.

Do you know which picture was chosen?

(Kian84’s “College King”?)

(Si Eon’s “Joseon Dynasty Kids”?)

– “Zombies”. – “Cliff Hanger”.

– “Cliff Hanger”. – I vote for “Cliff Hanger” too.

– “Cliff Hanger”. – “Cliff Hanger”.

“Cliff Hanger”


Like this. “Let me save July.”

I like it.

You guys look like actors. It looks like a movie poster.

And then…

I’m sorry to say this,

this is more fun than watching The Secret Party of Men.

– This is more fun. – I know.

(Na Rae’s honest remark hurts.)

This was the biggest hit of 2018.

– What is it? – This is why…

The Secret Party of Men was born too.

Jangan-dong Goni, Nonhyeon-dong Gambler,

and the Player of Players, Hannam-dong Bardem.

(After The Secret Party of Women’s October…)


December. Let’s see.

(Hyun Moo’s “The Warrior and the Zombies”?)

(Si Eon’s “Retro Pang Pang”?)

(Kian84’s “Future Diary”?)

1, 2, 3.

(What’s the result?)



That looks great.

Merry Christmas.

– It looks good. – It has a nice feeling.

– It does. – It’s a good picture.

It’s the best one.

It feels a bit weird.

It pretty much sums up our year.

That’s right.

(Sometimes, it was exciting.)

(Sometimes, it was scary.)

(It was fun alone,)

(but it was a lot more fun together.)

(We enjoyed our food,)

(confirmed our friendship,)

(and realized what truly matters to us.)


(and we will continue…)

(to make more memories.)

(I Live Alone)

(A Day in November Like a Christmas Present)

– I’ve put up my Christmas tree. – Already?



I moan a lot these days.


You’re all swollen up.

(She looks like this every morning.)

(She manages to get out of the bed.)

Gosh, my back.

It aches so much.

(She looks tired.)

(She drags her heavy body to the living room.)

– Why is he doing that? – She is in bad shape.

(Wilson must be tired too.)

(She turns on the sign first.)

(It’s a new neon sign.)

My goodness.

(Its splendor brightens up her mood in the morning.)


(What is Na Rae staring at?)

What is that?

– Do you see that? – Alcohol?

– Beer mugs. – Did people drink that much?

No. Wait.

(Did people drink that much?)


Did you host a big party there?

Did you have 100 guests?

It looks like Wilson drank too.

(Wilson looks drunk too.)

(What’s next to the remains of a big party?)

(Are those candle waxes?)

Are those candles?


troubled myself again.

This Sunday, I have a fan meeting.

– I haven’t held one in a long time. – Really?

It was my birthday last month.

They got me a cake…

– and cooked me a feast. – Really?

I thought it would be nice if I do something for them.

So I decided to make candles.

Using beer mugs,

I made beer candles.

– It’s lovely. – It contains Na Rae’s identity.

– Yes. – I love the mugs.

I got the stickers made.

They are designed like beer logos, and I stuck them on the mugs.

That’s a great idea. I love the mug.

How many are there in total?


When will I finish making these?

You could’ve asked a candlemaker to make them.

– But you are doing it yourself. – She’s devoted to her fans.

(A great gift is made with devotion.)

(She goes to the storage to look for tools.)

(What are the nickel kettles for?)

You should drink makgeolli before you get started.

That’s not it.

Comedian Hong Yun Hwa knows how to make candles.

She said nickel kettle comes in handy when you make many candles.

– Nickel kettle? – It must come in handy.

It’s easy to melt wax and pour.

My goodness.

(She takes out portable gas stoves to melt the waxes.)



Where do I begin?

I didn’t have any experience in candle-making.

It must’ve been tough to do it all by yourself.

I am worried.

What if I do a terrible job?

(She gets the wax first.)

By the way, how can you make it look like beer?

It’s called gel wax.

It’s transparent.


(Instead of cutting it, she tears it.)

Is this how it’s supposed to be done?

Is this the right way to do it?

(The wax comes out of the kettle.)

This is strange.

– Do you just melt it like that? – Yes.

Does that become candle?

– That becomes candle. – Really?

(As soon as it’s put on the stove, the gel wax melts fast.)

(The lump that was sticking out falls into the kettle.)

As it melts, the volume decreases.

This is fascinating.

(She has to add the dye at 90℃.)

(The thermometer is inserted in the kettle.)

That’s cool.

(To melt the remaining lumps, she stirs using a glass stick.)

Why isn’t this melting?

(The thermometer gets in the way.)

– It must be hot. – The thermometer must be hot.

It was hot.

Oh, dear.

– What? – No way.

Did it fall in the wax?

(It fell in the wax.)

What do I do?

(It unexpectedly has a full bath.)

The thermometer fell.

What do I do?

– Use wooden chopsticks. – My goodness.


It’s hot!

It’s hot.


The position of The Secret Party of Men is threatened.

– Na Rae is amazing. – Our position is threatened.

Na Rae is incredible.

The three of us combined can’t beat Na Rae.

– We are ruined. – That’s not true.

(She held the stick that’s been stirring the hot gel wax.)

I held the stick with which I used to stir the wax.

It’s hot!

(She threw it.)

It won’t work. I need tongs.

(She goes to the kitchen to get tongs.)

(She’s confused because it’s her first time making candles.)

My gosh.

It’s over 100℃.

It cracked.

– Did it crack? – It broke.

(It’s gone.)

This is crazy.

(She changes to a new thermometer.)

It’s going up.

This is not easy.

I shouldn’t have done this.

I should’ve just bought them drinks.

My fans must love that more.

(Her fans would love drinking more.)

It was really tough.

It must be. How can you do all of those alone?

You have to stir the wax.

It’s hot.

(The gel wax hits her face.)

(You are really bad at it, aren’t you?)

“You are really bad at it, aren’t you?”

I have never seen such a caption.

When I decided to make candles,

I read a lot of blog posts.

I thought that was enough.

But when I actually did it,

it was tough to get the right temperature…

and to constantly stir the wax.

It’s not easy to learn it by just reading blog posts.

I won’t be able to give it to our members.

I will give it a try…

and perhaps give them the bad ones.


(She’s mean.)

This is how much I love the members of Rainbow Club.

– It’s ready. – Yes.

I am the expert. I am the owner of Na Rae Bar.

(It’s time to be Ms. Park of Na Rae Bar.)

You add a dye to get the color you want.

This is the color of lager.

– Crocodile? – Lager.

– Right. Lager. – The beer.

Should I add a little bit of brown?

(Ms. Park of Na Rae Bar adjusts the color with her heart and soul.)


Let’s do this.

(Her heart pounds.)

(Shall I pour it now?)

– The color is lovely. – It really looks like beer.

Look at that color.

(The color is perfect.)

Why are there no bubbles?

(There are no air bubbles.)

(It’s like flat beer.)

(This won’t do.)

To create air bubbles,

I used my technique.

It’s my skill.

You have to move the kettle up and down.

(This technique saves even the flat beer.)

Your wrist snap is important.

You need the snap to create air bubbles.

I got it.

(She’s great.)

I got it.

(I am Ms. Park of Na Rae Bar.)

(I am like an AI when it comes to drinking.)

(I am the illusionist of the drinking scene.)

I want to try that.

(Wake up, soldier.)

I drink for a reason.

– Of course. – It was all for that.

You’ve drunk so much.

Look at those air bubbles.

– There are bubbles. – It looks like real beer.

(To make it look like real beer…)

I am shaking my hand to make air bubbles.

That’s my technique.

(They look perfect.)

I am utterly shocked by my own talent.

I need to open a candle studio.

I need to get customers.

(What will she make next?)

It’s fun to make candles.

– Next is stout. – Stout.

– Really? – Yes.

(Her skill of creating air bubbles got upgraded.)

– There are more air bubbles. – This is crazy.

(While enjoying the pouring,)

I filled all the mugs.

– There are so many. – Did you do that all by yourself?

Should I start melting soy wax?

What I wanted to do was…

to create a layer on top that looks like foam.

It’s got a meaning too.

It symbolizes that my popularity will never die like the foam.

That’s why I want to put the foam…

that never will go away.

But foam will disappear one day.

That won’t.

– That’s soy wax. – Soy wax.

(Soy wax overflows like her desire.)


(Wishing it would turn out nicely,)

(she moves her wrist as if she’s stirring makgeolli.)

(The wax completely melted.)

(She cools it down a little bit.)

You have to add the fragrance oil…

when the temperature is around 60 to 70℃.

It’s too complicated.

It’s complicated. It takes a lot of work.

You can’t do it without the thermometer.

It smells incredible.

It smells like real candle.

(Since it’s nice, she adds a little more.)


I will pour it now. I will pour it.

Don’t stop me.

– Shouldn’t it be hardened first? – Wouldn’t it get mixed?

– The bottom layer is already hard. – Is it hardened?

It hardened while I was preparing the soy wax.

Will it turn white?

It’s turning white.

(As soon as she poured it, it started to solidify.)

How fascinating.


It’s nice.

It makes me want to take my mouth to it.

It shouldn’t overflow.

It’s just enough.

– It really looks like beer foam. – That’s incredible.

That’s my skill.

I will make it neat.

– She’s very dexterous. – This is my skill.

She’s an expert when it comes to these things.

It’s nice. Look at this.

I finish it in one pouring.


(They look more real…)

(than real beer.)

After pouring so many drinks…

I could do that.

You would’ve drunk a few glasses if you did it while being drunk.

(She would’ve drunk the wax.)

(She doesn’t have much soy wax.)

That’s it.

This one is a shame.

I didn’t get to fill one.

– You should give it to us. – You didn’t have enough soy wax.

It’s a shame.

I should give it to Hyun Moo.

(She decides to give it to Hyun Moo.)

I can’t believe I actually knew it.

You should’ve made one for me too.

So I brought them today.

– Really? – Yes.


Thank you.


– Oh, dear. – I decorated each one.

I don’t want to open it.

It’s pretty.

– Na Rae Corgi. – Thank you.

– Isn’t it pretty? – So much.

This beer looks so tasty.

(They’re satisfied.)

– Mine… – Dark beer.

Mine is awful. What is this?

– It’s… – No, it’s cream ale.

It’s cream ale.

– You put in so much effort. – It’s the same size.

– Really? – Yes.

– What? – It’s the same size.

– That’s this size? – Yes.

– Mine… – Black beer.

– It’s… – No,

– it’s cream ale. – Cream ale.

– Excuse me. – Yes?

What happened? Did you drink some?

Did you drink from it?

You’re an amateur drinker, so you should be satisfied.

– Is this barley tea? – You can’t drink anyways.

– There’s no foam. – Gosh.

This smells so good.

I added two scents. Lime and jasmine.

– Oh, right. – Do they have different scents?

Yours doesn’t have a scent.

(Yours doesn’t have a scent.)

Is this garbage?

I put my nose to it, and I couldn’t smell anything.

What is this?

I don’t want to burn this.

I’m going to burn it all up tonight.


Let me make the big ones.

– What are you making now? – I can’t go empty-handed.

– Are you making snacks? – No, that’s not it.

(She steps into the kitchen.)

I’m meeting up with somebody later,

– so I wanted to test it out. – This is a good size.

What’s that?

(Why are the cups so big?)

Well, you know…

I have to meet somebody for work,

and I have a crush on him.

– He’s like the first snow. – I wonder who it is this week.

He’s pure white and innocent.

(Who’s like the first snow to Na Rae?)

(Na Rae is making a gift for somebody.)

I was already making them, and I had some wax left.

Hey, that’s too big for leftover wax.

– Hello? – That’s not nice.

If you had leftover wax,

– you should have added some. – I’m sorry.

What is this?

– Gosh, Na Rae. – You said you had leftover.

That looks like a urine test.

– This is for a physical. – A urine test?

It’s about the same size.

This is the right size.

That’s what it looks like.

(She has no ingredients left, but she adds 2 big cups.)

Two cups?

I was going to make two and take the better one.

– Hey. – Oh, dear.

You should have brought the one you messed up.

You didn’t even complete Hyun Moo’s.

Oh, goodness.

I have to get ready.

(She finishes making the candles quickly.)

– Oh, dear. – It’s all over my butt.

– Oh, dear. – My gosh.

I’m going to be late.

(There are traces of her hard work.)

(She gets ready quickly.)

– I’ll put them… – Are you a detective?

in a shopping bag.

(She takes the candles with her.)

Let’s go.

(She goes out.)

Where are you going all of a sudden?

I have to get my hair and makeup done and work.

Why do you need to get your hair and makeup done for this person?

– Why? – Because I need to work.

We’ll watch and see what it is.

I hope it’s a photo shoot or a film.

– We’ll be watching. – We won’t leave you alone.

My back.

(She arrives at MBC after getting her make-up done.)

– “You’re getting ready for…” – What’s this?

– Is she acting? – A radio?

(Her face is the busiest.)

I warm up my mouth before I work.

I have to do this myself, so I’m getting nervous.


It’s special documentary to commemorate the founding of MBC.

It’s called “Bear”,

and I’m a bear in it.

I’m just joking.

I’ll be narrating the trailer.

– Really? – I’ve done a cameo role…

where they took my voice,

but I’ve never done it in a documentary.

I’m actually really nervous.

– “Nice to meet…” – What’s this?

– What’s this? – “Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, dear. Nice to meet you.”

It sounds weird.

(She feels empty trying to do it alone.)

(She takes something out.)

I don’t understand what she’s doing there.

– What’s that? – What is that?

Baby Wilson.

“Oh, dear. Nice to meet you, Jung Hae In.”


– Jung Hae In! – “Oh, dear. Nice to meet you,”

“Jung Hae In.”

I’m working together with Jung Hae In.

Oh, gosh.

Are you going to be Son Ye Jin?

(This man won many ladies’ hearts immediately.)

(Jung Hae In, Korea’s favorite younger man)


– Jung Hae In? – No, no.

Thank you.

– Is he your manager? – Yes.

I’m really nervous right now,

so I don’t have an appetite.

I have to welcome Hae In with my energy.

I’ll just take a spoonful.

I had no appetite.

That looks so good.

I had rice and soup.

Hey, are you sure you had no appetite?

– Yes, 1 spoonful. – 1 spoonful…

I added exactly one spoonful.

You added seaweed too.

– That looks so good. – You’re incredible.

– I had no appetite at all. – Goodness.

That’s so much.


I’m going to eat a little.


– Just a little bit. – It looks so good.

It looks good.


(It sounds like an ASMR video.)

She’s hungry again.

I was wondering if she was going to do this again.

(She adds radish kimchi the 2nd time.)

You have to be a master to eat like that.

– Na Rae… – You’re chewing first, right?

(Does it go straight to the esophagus?)

I ate it like noodles.


(She eats a spoonful because she has no appetite.)

(She finishes her meal.)

I can’t digest it.

– I couldn’t digest it. – Of course not.

– It makes me feel bloated. – I couldn’t digest it.

– What’s that now? – Soup?

– I drank the soup. – Hey.

Soup is good when you can’t digest food.

You have to push it back with soup.

I can’t digest it.

(She eats a spoonful when she has no appetite and can’t digest food.)



– Jung Hae In? – No, no.

(Is he finally here?)

– Hello. – He’s a staff member…

– Hello. – on the documentary.

– He was going to explain it to me. – This is the script.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

You’ll be narrating the trailer…

along with Jung Hae In.

– Yes. – Another one…

is a radio trailer. Your voice will be recorded.

– Just me? – Yes.

(She feels pressured.)

My voice is not easy to listen to on its own.

– Will that be okay? – And…

I’ve heard from people that your voice is very charming.

– From whom? – He doesn’t mean it at all.

Look at him.

I thought he was from “Avatar”.

From whom?

– The viewers. – The viewers?

I’ve never heard that before.

Yes, I know.

You’re always working…

“Yes, I know”?

– What… – Maybe you didn’t hear it.

What are you talking about? I have internet on my phone.

I see.

– What? – What was that?

It’s supposed to be funny.

You can have a look. Before you look… Yes…

– What? – Never mind.

(What is he saying?)

– Are you all right? – I am. I’m just tired.

Are you tired?

It’s been like 10 seconds since we met.

– Are you tired already? – Right…

If you look, this is the radio version.

– Hold on. – MBC’s…

Do I make the bear sound?

No, it’ll be in the background.

– It’ll be there the whole time. – I see.

I thought I had to make the sound.

We thought about that before.

– They thought about it. – Hold on a second.

They thought about it.


– He’s funny. – I know.

I thought this was a prank.

– What? – Since you’re doing it anyways,

it’ll be good to make it funny,

so we were trying to do that.

– Are you a rookie comedian? – No, I’m not.

I’m not. I work here.

– You’re not a comedian then? – No, I’m not.

– Is this a prank? – No.

Is it really Jung Hae In?

You aren’t bringing Jung Hae In from Boryeong, are you?

I don’t know his address, but I’m sure it’s Jung Hae In.

– Jung Hae In, the actor? – Yes.

– Do I have to focus on this? – Yes.

– It’s like the signature of MBC. – Yes.

– “Finding the Sounds of Korea”. – Finding the sounds of Korea.

The sound of a bear will be heard with your voice.

(The sound of a bear will be heard with your voice.)

You can start with “this sound”.

“This is the sound of a bear,”

“telling you to watch the foundation anniversary special documentary”.

– You’ll hear the bear. – That’s interesting.

This was… Wait a second.

– I have a pen somewhere. – Let’s see.

– Here. – Okay.

– The pen is warm. – Yes.

He was sitting on the pen.

It’s winter.

You’re unique.

I’ll read in the same voice…

– up to this part. – Yes.

– I can go back to my normal voice. – Yes.

“Hi, I’m Park Na Rae of…”

Can I introduce myself as the gorgeous comedian?

The gorgeous comedian?

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

It’s because of the timeline.

– Wait, I suddenly feel upset. – Please don’t.

– I don’t believe it. – You have to speak quickly.

You can cut down on the sound of the bear.

– That’s too important. – What?

How can you ask him to cut down on the sound of the bear?

It’s because of the time.

I always call myself the gorgeous comedian…

whenever I introduce myself.

I think it should be added.

– Is it okay for me to add it? – Add it please.


(His lips are shut tight.)

– Are you a comedian? – No, I’m not.

– Right? – Yes.

– What? – A fool?

It ends with “You’re a fool if you don’t watch it”.

– I don’t believe it. – That’s cute.

Viewers who don’t want to be a fool will end up watching it.

That’s ridiculous.

The viewers know better.

They might not have time.

– We’re all busy nowadays. – You’re right.

I don’t think it’s good to call them a fool for it.

You can make it sound cute.

They might take it as a joke.

– I have to make it sound cute? – It’s cute.

You can make it sound cute.

People will think you’re cute.

I’m not a very cute person.

– I don’t know how to do this. – Let’s see.

Could you show me an example?

I’ll try to do what you do.

I really don’t know how to sound cute.

Well… Should we get rid of it?

You can just show me what to do.


You’re a fool if you don’t watch it! Something like that?

You’re a fool if you don’t watch it.

You’re a fool!

– You’re a fool! – Yes.

That’s good.

– It’s good? – Yes.

– It’s good? – Yes.

The sound of a bear will continue being heard.

I’m not important.

It doesn’t matter. You’ll hear the bear over my voice.

Can you hear my voice?

They’ll control the volume.

I think you’ll only hear the bear.

This is the radio script.

– Yes, that’s right. – Okay.

You’re going to talk…

– with Jung Hae In. – This is the important part.

– There’s going to be a preview. – Okay.

It’s like the movie “Your Name”.

It’s bright.

That’s why they wanted me.

“Your Name”.


It’s bright.


You just have to be bright?

– Yes. – It’s like an animation.

Let’s try reading this together.

You can pretend to be Hae In.

– I’ll give it a try. – Okay.

The best animal on the earth!

– Intimidating! What is your name? – What is your name?

– Isn’t he very good? – You two are good together.

He’s like a gem. He needs to be recognized for it.

– You’re very good. – Thank you.

– Did you want to become a comedian? – No.

He was very good.

– You two are good together. – I’m greedy of your talent.

The story begins now. You have to act it out.

There is a thug and a mom…

that needs to protect its cub.

You’re the thug and I’m the mom, right?

– Please go ahead. – Okay.

Who dare eats the salmon here?

This is my turf.

You sound…

more like Superman.

Can’t you try to sound more like a thug?

You’re bringing it out of him.

“Who dare eats the salmon here?

This is my turf.

You sound like someone from “Rustic Period”.

(He sounds like a character from “Rustic Period”.)

Doesn’t he sound like a bear from the present?

Could you try it again like a bear from the present?

“Who dare eats the salmon here?”

“This is my turf.”

That’s much better. He was very good.

It’s Jung Hae In again.

“Mom, it’s so scary here.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll catch it for you. I caught one.”

“Who are you?”

– “Give me that salmon!” – He’s good.

“I have to feed my baby.”

“Take my punch!”

– Is this how I should sound? – Yes.

You’re like two comedians.

Should I sound more like a tired mom?

– Why don’t you give it a try? – Okay.

“Give me the salmon!”

“I have to feed my baby.”

– “Take my punch!” – I like that.

You do?

I don’t know what he’s thinking.

Did he end up recording instead of Jung Hae In?

He is funnier than the three of us.

We’re going to shorten the rest of the parts.

We have to go now.

– Are we going upstairs? – Yes.

I’ll take this to you later.

There was a part where we’re a couple, but he didn’t read it.

– Which way? – Here.

– This is the dubbing room. – It’s a bear.


(Everyone is serious here.)

(In the center is…)

The animal most loved by humans,

the bear.

We introduce you to the world of bears.

He has a very nice voice.

– I was very nervous. – Was only his voice nice?

He had a halo over his head.

“Mother bears give birth…

by themselves…”

He has a nice voice.

Yes, he does.

He’ll go first.

– Okay. – Then you’ll go together.

– Okay. – That’s how we’ll do it.

Would you like to go in?

No, I think…

he’ll feel uncomfortable.

It’ll be over soon.

It’s okay if he takes a long time.

He might be happy to see you.

I’ll watch from afar.


“It’s the survival of the fittest in the wild.”

He’s so handsome.

I’m so nervous I can’t watch.

“An outlaw showed up in this area.”

An outlaw.

What’s this?

It’s a bear.

Run away!

“We can see how nervous everyone is.”

(He finishes his line.)

He looked at you.

My goodness.

He must have felt someone watching him.

What is this filter?

Doesn’t it look like a drama?

“It’s much smaller than the male,”

“but is known to charge fearlessly.”

– Is he talking about me? – Yes.


This is like a music video.

He’s handsome.

Sir, Park Na Rae is here.

He did “The Tears of Amazon”.

It’s Producer Kim Jin Man.

Producer Kim Jin Man?

I enjoyed your documentaries.

Thank you.

We’ll talk to Jung Hae In when he’s done.

Are you two close?

No, I’ve never seen him from this close.

I was sitting far away from him at the awards’ ceremony.

(At the Baeksang Arts Awards)

(She said hi from afar.)

(Come visit Na Rae Bar.)

(He looks nervous.)

(The message didn’t seem to be passed.)

That was a no.

– Let’s meet him and talk together. – Okay.

Whenever you’re ready.


(Hae In records alone first.)

I’m nervous.


“The ruler of the woods.”

“The symbol of strength.”

“The mysterious animal.”

His voice was very pleasant to listen to.

You should be preparing your lines.

– Why are you staring at him? – I was looking at the monitor.

“Finding the sounds of Korea.”

“Finding the sounds of Korea.”

Your voice is so husky.

“The challenge to find the answer to it…”

“starts in Korea.”


(She can’t practice her lines because she’s mesmerized with him.)

Can I try the last line again?

This video is too long.

The camera slowly…

shows him from bottom to up.

We were fully shown on screen from the start.

That’s right. They didn’t zoom in on us.

We don’t need it.

It’s time to meet him.

– I was so nervous. – You look very nervous.

I was very nervous.

“Into a new world.”

“Exploring the wilderness.”

All right.

Good job.

– Good job. – Good job.

It’s your turn.

– Finally. – Is it your turn?

It’s nice to meet you, it’s nice to meet you.

– This is Jung Hae In. – Hi.

– Hi. – Hi.

My goodness.

I remember what you said at the awards’ ceremony.

Of course. I invited you to Na Rae Bar,

but you turned me down.

I’m sorry.

– I don’t hold grudges. – Okay.

It’s an honor.

– Nice to meet you. – Same here.

– He’s very tall. – He’s…very…tall.

Why are you stuttering?

I was thinking of that day.


Na Rae has to make a 30-second-long comment.

You can watch her do it…

and the next part is together.


Let’s try the 30-second comment first.

– Okay. – Take a seat.

I was watching from outside and you were very good.


How are you so good?

(He tidies up in a hurry.)

He’s instinctively trying to get away.

– No, he isn’t. – Watch him.

He backed away instinctively.

I have to get away.

Come on.

Should I leave the pen here?

I’m a fan too.

(I’m a fan too.)

– Thank you. – Of course.

– I enjoyed the drama you were in. – Thank you.

I could buy you food too.

Why don’t we get together…

with Eun I next time?

I want to meet with you one on one.

Okay, that sounds good.

– Okay. – Have a seat.

All right.

I was joking,

so he could relax since we’ll be working together later.

All right.

– Are you okay? – Yes.

You can start.


“Finding the sounds of Korea.”


“Finding the sounds of Korea.”

“This is…”

“the sound of a bear telling you to watch…”

“the MBC foundation anniversary special documentary.”

Hi, I’m the gorgeous comedian Park Na Rae…

of I Live Alone.

“Bear”, the MBC foundation anniversary special documentary,

will air on Monday, December 3 on 11:10pm.

– You’re good. – It will be narrated…

by actor Jung Hae In.

You’re a fool if you don’t watch!

(You’re a fool!)

The assistant director drew a circle. He was satisfied.

Jung Hae In and Park Na Rae are good.

I love it.

Thank you.

– Was that okay? – It was perfect.

The assistant director told me how to do it.

It was nice.

– You did a good job. – Is it over?

Yes, it is.

He doesn’t want to hear it again.

– It’s over. – It doesn’t matter.

Yes, it is.

The assistant director will record over your voice.

– This will air on the radio, right? – Yes, it will.

– Hae In, come over here. – Okay.

– It’ll be better inside. – Okay.

It’s time.

It’s time?

– Was that okay? – “It’s time.”

Wasn’t that…

to weak?

It was exactly…

– what we wanted. – Really?

– It was very good. – Okay.

Next is the preview.

How do we have to start?

The strongest animal on the earth?

“Intimidating. What is your name?”

“What is your name?”

– “What is your name?” – They’re good.

(The producers show them an example enthusiastically.)

– Like a voice actor? – Like an animation.

Yes, like an animation?

– Shall we give it a try? – Yes.

Are you going to stay standing?

(They both don’t answer right away.)

Which is better for you?

(Gazing at Na Rae)

Gazing at Na Rae.

(Let’s do what you’re more comfortable with.)

– I feel more comfortable standing. – Me too.

He was considerate of you.

He was considerate of me.

(Grabbing the earphone)

– Put the earpiece on. – Okay.

(Na Rae gets ready as if she’s used to it.)

(He hangs his earpiece on his ear and gets ready.)

(Swallowing hard)

Why are you swallowing hard like that?

That’s so awkward.

(An awkward silence continues between them.)

(Glancing over at him)

Have you been a narrator for a long time?

(It’s cliche like the first question on a blind date.)

Time flew by.

Wait. Isn’t this how you wear it?

You can wear it like that…

or you can put it over your ear.

Do you put it over your ear?

No wonder it’s curved.

Why are you asking such a useless question?

You aren’t curious about that.

– He was wearing it differently. – Just put it in your ear.

It’s like she’s asking him to do it for her.

No, that isn’t true.

– Look. – Wait a second.

Why would you ask how to wear an earphone?

You only have two ears. It’ll fit one or the other.

You won’t stick it up your nose.

Right here.

You couldn’t have not known that.

She probably did radio longer than Jung Hae In.

I can’t believe how brazen you are to make that face.

(Looking innocent)

I couldn’t say anything.

Sit down, you smarty pants.

(Kian84 is thinking back to the past by himself.)

Watch the look on Kian84’s face.

Come on.

You were playing around with him.


This hurts my heart.

– Why? – What?

The beginning is always beautiful.

Of course.

There are only beginnings.

– It doesn’t go anywhere after that. – That isn’t true.

I’ve never done this before.

– How does it work? – Like this.

(She’d put it on without even looking at it.)

Like this?

– Wear it over your ear like this. – I see.

(This filter makes him look even more handsome.)

I can barely see his face with this filter.

I can’t see his face.

What do you mean I was strategic?

Wear it over your ear like this.

– Pull it like this. – I see.

You’re so sweet.


Thank you.

You did it.

No wonder it felt weird.

You’re the weirdest.

– What is wrong with your voice? – Stop it.

Let’s give it a try. Since I don’t have time,

I’ll call you by your last name.

– Okay. – Okay.


(The opening comment)


– “The strongest animal on earth.” – Park.

– “Intimidating. What is your name?” – Jung.

“What is your name?”

That’s good.

“Mom, it’s so scary here.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get it for you.”

“I’ll feed my baby.”

“Take my punch!”

(She even acts it out.)

You look awkward.

“What are you looking at?”

That’s good.

Let’s run it to the end.

(She’s good at this.)

This is very hard.


That was very good, but we’ll try it again.

You don’t do it again if it’s very good, do you?

– I was lying. – I see.

Let’s try it again.

– What is it that you want? – It’d be nice…

if you could make it sound more animated.

(It has to be bright and exaggerated.)


“The strongest animal on earth.”

(She controls her tone as asked.)

That was good.

(They do it easily.)

We’ll move to the next scene.

The cub is pestering its mom.

(The cub is pestering its mom.)

– Think of me as your mom. – Okay.

Should I call you Hae In if it’s hard for you to imagine it?

– Hae In. – Yes, Mom.

– I was trying to help him relax. – Let’s go then.

Mom, it’s airing on…

December 3 at 11:10pm.

– Mom, it’s December 3, 11:10pm. – Wait.

– Mom, at 11:10pm. – Wait.

Stop it.

Why are you biting my bottom?

Aren’t you going to watch it?

(The funny Na Rae makes him smile.)

– Mom. – My goodness.

– Let’s watch it together, Mom. – Goodness.

That’s good. Let’s stop there.

– We’ll go on to the last part. – Okay.

The assistant director…

will explain how this has to be done.

The polar bear couple…

aren’t children or an animation.

They’re all grown up.

– Is it for adults only? – It’s for adults.

– This is what she wanted. – You’ll know if you see it.

They’re all grown up.

They show their love for each other.

– Goodness. – Make it sound loving.

– This is funny. – Yes, it is.

They’re like humans.

Like this.

– Let’s give it a try. – Okay.

[VIU Ver] E270 I Live Alone
“Dubbing with Jung Hae In”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

“The polar bears face a crisis of love and war.”

“Nothing can stop us from loving each other.”

“My goodness.”

“I love that.”

What are you doing?

This is for the entire family.

Who told you to turn it into an R-rated film?

(He is about to pass out.)

It’s in the script.

(The gasping sounds wouldn’t have been in the script.)

– “I love it.” – My goodness.

Wait a second.

Mr. Kim.

(Wait a second.)

Was that too much?

I’m sorry.

Should I make it sound funny too?

– Yes. – Go with the flow.

He was very considerate.

I can’t wait to see it.

We’ll record it and choose one later.

(We’ll record it and choose one later.)


This worries me.

– Are you okay? – Yes. What about…

if we do it like we’re in the 70s?

(Will they be able to make it into a 70s version?)

(He suddenly takes the lead.)

– Make it sound old. – That would be nice.

I like that idea.

– Okay. – I’ll go along with it.

I know what to do.

This is nice.

– We’ll try it again. – Okay.

“Nothing can stop us from loving each other.”

“My goodness. I love that.”

What are you doing?

Why are you moving your body like that?

“Are we allowed…”

“to do this here?”

“Someone is watching.”

“It’s a bear.”


The voice doesn’t go with the scene.

It was too exaggerated.

“What are you doing?”

I didn’t know I said that.

(She stops before anyone tells her to.)

I’m sorry. I went overboard.

Let’s try it again in that version.

“Nothing can stop us from loving each other.”

“Yes, baby.”

What was that?

Did you say “yes, baby”?

Children will watch this.

(She gets a warning.)

“I love it.”

“Come here.”

“What are you doing?”

“I love it.”

Wait a second.

Good job.

– I don’t think he’ll use it. – Is this okay to air?

It airs at 11:10pm.


Even teenagers will…

be sleeping by then.

– It’s love and war. – Yes.

The polar bears face a crisis.

(They dub it to fit the title.)

– I enjoyed that. – He must’ve had nightmares.

Why did you say “yes, baby”?

– Good job. – Good job.

– Was that okay? – It was great.

Can you air that?

We’ll have to talk to the review board.

I see.

(It might not pass.)

All right.

Let’s do this part in the style of I Live Alone.

This is the last part.

This is why they casted me.

Just be yourself.

Let’s go to the studio of I Live Alone.

– Okay. – Okay.

– Let’s move to the studio. – Okay.

Do you live alone?

I live with my parents.

Do you plan to move out?

Yes, I do.

I’m thinking about it.

– Really? – Yes.

That’s great.

This is the studio for I Live Alone.

– I see. – He was at our studio.

Look at how unfamiliar this looks to us.

– Was it here? – Here.

Yes, here.

(The door opens…)

– This is it. – He’s coming in.

(They never expected this situation.)



(He’s hesitant.)

You didn’t even tell us.

– This feels strange. – Right?


This is where we watch the videos…

for I Live Alone.

This is Wilson.

Wilson is popular these days, so he got a sweater.

– He used to be naked. – He has a sweater.

He’s getting ready for winter.

Please say hi. This is Wilson.


(He’s polite.)

– Please have a seat. – Okay.

I’ll take a picture…

at the end.

– Isn’t this all right? – Yes.

She wanted to sit next to him.


this is very nice.

– You’ll sit here later. – I explained it to him.

– Please sit here. – You’re explaining so much.

I’m President Park instead of President Jun.

– President Park. – Yes, please call me that.

– Okay. – You’re Member Jung Hae In.


I’ll ask you many questions.

– You need to answer them. – Okay.

If I’m being rude, you can step on my foot.

– If you’re feeling uncomfortable. – It’s all right.

(He can use it to cut her off.)

You’re very handsome.

– I’m really puffy today. – What?

– He said he was puffy. – I had two bowls of rice.

– Really? – Yes, so I’m pretty puffy.

If you meet Hyun Moo in person, you’ll be shocked.

You’re one-third his size.

(He’s one-third of Hyun Moo even when he’s puffy.)

– I’m not. – Hyun Moo is about this big.

(They’re talking about members of Rainbow Club.)

I think Sung Hoon was amazing in the triathlon.

– Did you watch it? – He’s a fan.


Only if he changed faster.

I know. That’s what we said.

– He should have changed faster. – He’s saying the same thing.

(They pitied him because he was so slow.)

(They were so impatient.)

Which other episodes did you enjoy?

I liked watching Kian84.

When he cut his hair before…

When he cut his hair with a pair of scissors?

(He gave himself a haircut with office scissors.)

(Instead of becoming Won Bin, he got a bald spot.)

He enjoyed that episode.

Men can relate.

(What kind of hand gesture is this?)

What do you mean? He just enjoyed watching it.

– You watched many episodes. – I try to.

When I turn on the TV, it’s always that channel.

It’s hard to change the channel.

– Thank you. – Thank you so much.

It’s really fun.

– He looks neat. – You think he looks neat?

I’m just envious of him because he’s handsome.

– Why are you yelling? – Why are you mad?

– What? – Then…

here are today’s guests for The Rainbow Live.

Wilson’s friends are living alone…

all over the world.

Let’s check out the daily life of the bears.

– All right. – It feels like everybody left,

and Na Rae is left alone.

– That might be the future. – That’s right.

Hae In and Choong Jae could be sitting here.

(These two next to Na Rae?)

It’s okay.


They filmed this for two years.

Look. Aren’t they gorgeous?

(Brown Bear, today’s guest)

Gosh, that startled me.

– It’s a panda. – There’s a panda.

Pandas are intelligent, so they find hidden cameras easily.

(Go away.)

They’re good at finding the cameras.

– Is this… – A polar bear.

It’s a polar bear.


He was surprised by how I reacted.

(He’s getting used to The Rainbow Live.)

(The video was taken in Kamchatka.)

Where’s Kamchatka?

Kamchatka is east of Russia.

The forest is dense,

so 20 percent of brown bears inhabit the area.

20 percent of brown bears?

It’s a village of brown bears.

How do you know so well?

I learned a lot thanks to the narration.

You should have a lot of knowledge then.

You’re a professor about bears,

– Hae In. – He’s an expert.

He’s wandering about.

Brown bear likes to lie down.

He’s kind of like Kian84, who’s a free man.

Male bears sleep wherever.

“Wherever”? Great.

I loved your wording. “Wherever”.

You’re treating him like a guest on our show.


– Isn’t it wonderful? – This is no joke.

– Oh, dear. – You can’t beat this.

What area is this?

It’s called Valley of Geysers.

– He knows everything. – I know.

It’s from 40 to 70°C.


Isn’t that too hot?

Brown bears have thick fur.


– So the temperature… – They like the hot spring.

– It’s paradise. – is comfortable for them.

It’s their world.

There’s steam, so that means it’s really hot.

– It is. – This is a pool party.

This is amazing.

He’s taking a bath.

Do you like hot springs, Hae In?

Yes, I like to take a bath,

and I enjoy hot springs as well.

She’s asking him about his preferences.

She made a connection.

No, it was natural.

– That was very natural. – She found the chance.

– There’s a chipmunk. – There’s a chipmunk as well.

It’s Si Eon.

– It’s Si Eon. – He’s eating something.

(There are many guests today for The Rainbow Live.)

This is the part I narrated earlier.

Bears have a good sense of smell,

so they take acorns…

– the chipmunks collected. – They eat acorns?

They steal them?

– They smell and find it. – Oh, dear.


Oh, dear. He’s taking all of it.

– The chipmunk can’t do anything. – It’s only watching.

– He’s taking everything. – You can’t fight.

It must be an acorn restaurant.

– Oh, my. – “An acorn restaurant”?

He’s going to make an acorn jelly for us.

Spring is a mating season for brown bears.

Is it? Don’t you want to date as well?

She brought it up.

That was very natural.

– I think about it a lot, – Yes.

but when I film and work hard,

I get tired and I’m busy heading home to sleep.

What is your ideal type of woman?

– You were just watching bears. – I…

like women who look pretty when they smile.

Smile, Na Rae.

Okay, good job.

You look prettiest when you have no expression.

I thought about something funny at that moment.

– I just laugh a lot. – I see.

– I’m smiling. – Okay.


– I laugh a lot. – You have beautiful teeth.

Oh, dear. Hae In.

I didn’t get veneers. They’re mine.


None of these are mine, but this is mine.

– Veneers? – Did I shock you?

– No, it’s okay. – These teeth are mine.

Let’s keep watching.

(They continue watching the bears.)

Where is this?

This is Kurile Lake.

Gosh, what’s that in his mouth?

– It’s a salmon. – A salmon.

(He’s hunting for salmons.)

It’s breeding season,

so they swim 20,000km from the Pacific Ocean…

– to breed. – How many are there?

From 1.5…

– to 3.5 million. – He was very knowledgeable.

It’s an eatery for the bears.

– It’s a restaurant. – It’s a buffet.

– Wait. Why are they fighting? – Why are they fighting?

It’s a good spot,

so there are many bears.

They have to compete and win…

– to eat many salmons. – People line up and fight too.

– Right. – They fight sometimes.

– Do you like to eat? – I love to eat.

I don’t think you gain any weight compared to how much you eat.

I work out a lot too.

I gain weight according to how much I eat.

Is this an interview of Hae In?

What is this?

I’m hoping he relaxes and starts talking about himself.

I thought you were a reporter.

How much do you work out per day?

– Around 1.5 hours. – Every day?

Yes, I gain weight as soon as I eat.

– Goodness. – It’s tough.

You take good care of yourself.

(There’s an unusual guest.)

It’s big.

Who is this?

He’s like the chief of this region.

Boss bear.

He steals the salmons other bears caught…

instead of hunting them himself.

Can’t he hunt? Why does he steal them?

It’s not easy to hunt,

so it decided that stealing is easier.

When it comes to ramyeon, it’s tastier to steal a bite…

than cook it for yourself.

– It’s true. – I steal somebody else’s.

How sneaky.

I always say I don’t want any.

It’s tastier to steal a bite.

I agree. My mom always does that too.

I know.

(The video is over.)

– Is this over? – Yes.

That was quick.

You explained everything so well.

No, thank you.

That was very quick.

Just like me, the bears…

live alone.

Do you plan to live alone?

I plan to move out. I’m getting things ready.

I have to look early next year.

Then I’ll invite you back as a member.

– You promised. – Okay.

Do you see this?

Hae In keeps promises.

Is that good?


Some people make promises and just leave,

so we hired a lawyer.

We have a notary.

This has been recorded,

and we had it notarized.

If you don’t come back, we have to…

His eyes are shaking.

If you don’t come back, we have to take legal actions.

Please come back.

– Yes, I will. – All right.

See? He accepted it.

– You did a good job. – I did my best.

– Great job. – Great job.

Na Rae recruits guests.

Of course.

I hope to see you at the next Rainbow Live.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

Thank you.

She looks satisfied.

Thank you for your hard work.

Bears Live Alone.

Did I say everything I need to say?

– Yes, you did. – If my comments were…

vulgar in any way, please edit them out.

I will edit a lot of your comments.

He became very surprised from time to time.

– All right. – Thank you very much.

I will make sure to watch the documentary.

– Thank you. – Thank you for having me.

– Thank you. – Thank you for your hard work.

– You did a splendid job. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you for your hard work.

I have a present for you.

– A present? – What present?

It’s nothing big.

You should have waited until the producer left.

I was afraid Hae In would leave.

– You see Wilson behind you, right? – My goodness.

This is baby Wilson…

– of I Live Alone. – Thank you so much.

– Please open it. – Okay.

Take a look.

Take a look at the back.

(is there something on the back?)

– What is it? – What is it?

You are now an official member of Rainbow Club.

What should I do?

There is nothing you can do.

The words were embroidered so that they don’t come off.

I see.

He might take off its top.

This is something I made…

for another occasion.

Then I heard I will see you today.

Let me help.

Oh, it’s in the shape of beer.

– I heard you like to drink. – Yes.

– Gosh, it’s very different ours. – It’s really big.

(Mine is this big.)

Why do you keep holding that up?

His present looks small because Hae In’s face is small.

– I mean, that’s why it looks big. – Stop talking nonsense.

It will take 150 of this glass to fill that glass.

(Hyun Moo used a finger while Hae In used two hands.)

– It’s a souvenir of Na Rae Bar. – It’s written here.

– Thank you. – There is a Welsh corgi as well.

(Na Rae, the Welsh corgi)

Na Rae, you are too much.

We have known each other for years.

Please don’t misunderstand.

It’s not like that.

I won’t be able to use this.

Thank you so much.

– It’s nothing. – A lot of mine went there.

– You can bring this to Na Rae Bar. – Okay.

I will bring real beer.

It’s okay. Just bring a glass.

I have a beer dispenser at home.

– You have a beer dispenser? – Of course I do.

You will be able to enjoy draft beer.

– Thank you. – I almost forgot.

Every guest we have on I Live Alone…

– takes a photo with Wilson. – I want a photo as well.

We take a photo every week.

Those photos are taken with my phone.

– You didn’t know, did you? – What a trickster!

That didn’t happen in three years.

– Here you go. – Should Wilson be in the shot?

– He doesn’t need to be in it. – Really?

– They are taking a selfie! – “He doesn’t need to be in it.”

How could you abandon Wilson after recording a bear documentary?

I mean…

– My goodness. – Hae In over a bear.

(Only a part of Wilson is visible.)

I can tell that Na Rae is serious from her face.

I am a fan of Hae In.

– A fan? – You don’t look like a fan.

(Are you sure?)

Na Rae is a bear and Hae In is a salmon.

– He got caught. – A bear and a salmon.

– A bear and a salmon. – He is a prey.

She hunted him.

Did you contact him?

– Did you? – Of course she did.

– Did you? – I bet he blocked her already.

Maybe she drank with him already.

Hae In and I exchanged text messages.

– Let’s see them. – What?

– Let’s see them. – Was it…

– a formal conversation? – It wasn’t like that.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Na Rae, I am in a shoot.”

“Hello, I am a beautiful comedienne, Park Na Rae.”

“Make sure you come to Na Rae Bar sometime.”

“Hello. You must have been tired since you came back to Korea today.”

“Thank you for the invitation.”

“I will be sure to go when I become free after the shoot.”

“The weather is cold.”

“Look after your health as you work.”



My goodness.

(Continue reading.)

– It’s a polite comment. – That’s not it.

He wrote, “I will work with energy. See you again.”

When you send a text message to someone you don’t know very well,

– you fix the typos. – Yes.

He wrote “Werk” instead of “Work”.


(Hye Jin is right.)

– He must have been busy. – Seriously.

“I will werk with energy.”

It sounds like he was talking to someone…

when he got the text message. “Who is it?” “Oh, it’s nothing.”

(He put no effort into it.)

That’s how he sent it.

“I will werk with energy.”

Seriously, he is very close to Song Eun I…

– and Moon Se Yoon. – He is very close to Song Eun I.

I will be sure to recruit Hae In…

as a member of Rainbow Club.

– All right. – Thank you for the presents.

I will watch your movie.

Okay. I will invite you to the premiere.

– Come with Eun I. – Okay.

– Send me a text message. – Okay.

– Thank you. – Thank you for your hard work.

– Let’s go. – Let’s go.

Hae In is a saint.

My goodness.

I saw a color I haven’t seen in a rainbow.


A man whose presence is as white as snow was next to me.

It brightened my soul.

White isn’t a part of rainbow.

It’s a color I never see in Rainbow Club.

– I am surrounded with black, – Black!


and white smudges on black.

He was something else.

– Jung Hae In. – Thank you.

– Let’s go. – You aren’t letting him go.

– Thank you. – If he doesn’t come, it’s on you.

– Thank you for your hard work. – How many times did they say that?

I know.

– Bye. – Bye.

– Thank you for your hard work. – Bye.

(This is incredibly nerve-wracking.)

(Customer number 1,002.)

(I want to make an OTP card.)

(He tries internet banking for the first time.)

(Where do I log in?)

(Install, download, enter, and authenticate again?)

(He is trapped in the Mobius strip that is internet banking.)

(He inhales an unpeeled kiwi in a confused state.)

(Sung Hoon’s Banking for Dummies)

(In Canada, a country of fantasy,)

(Henry and his father’s third story unfolds.)

(They wear sunglasses at the same time…)

(and drive through the beautiful leaves with swagger.)

(Henry’s father brags about Henry all the time.)

(Don’t do that.)

(Henry and His Father’s…)

(Fantastic Date)

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