Drama Korea I Live Alone Episode 269 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea I Live Alone Episode 269 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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(Late autumn with cold wind)

Good to see you.

– Good to see you, Hwasa. – Yes.

– Sister. – Lately,

it’s very hard to meet you.

Your mole got darker.

– Let me see. – I put on a thick makeup today.

That’s a lot of makeup.

That’s “Temptation of Wife”.

(That’s “Temptation of Wife”.)

I’m grateful to Hwasa…

because after the housewarming party,

Na Rae Bardem became a big issue.

(Born from Hwasa’s hand)

(Completed by Si Eon)

(Na Rae Bardem)

I knew it was going to be great.

– Really? – Really?

– Yes. – Na Rae Bardem?

But she wasn’t trying to be Bardem. It was supposed to be Kardashian.

Right. I didn’t intend it to be Bardem,

but Si Eon had to ruin it.

– “Ruin?” – “Ruin?”

– “Ruin?” – Hot or cold?

I poured oil and set it on fire.

– Right. – You lit a fire…

– on the gas gun, and it exploded. – “He lit a fire.”

I found it really hilarious.

I knew she was going to do well.

When I meet my in-laws in future, that’s what I’m going to wear.

– Hey. Put it away. – I’m serious.

The first video is…

on our youngest member, Hwasa.

I heard it’s like “Country Diaries”.

– Is she playing Il Young’s Mom? – Yes.

She’s also wearing Il Young’s Mom’s cardigan.

Hwasa went to visit her grandma in Namwon.

– Yes. – Let’s watch.

(Namwon, Jeolla Province where leaves are shedding)

(Train to Namwon…)

(arrived with Hwasa.)

(She appears wearing the same color as flowers.)

Wait. Isn’t that what Kian84 wore…

– to Gyeongju? – No.

(Daily hanbok?)

Hello, Namwon?

(What brings you to Namwon today?)

I know it’s good to be busy,

but you need to take a break.

Did you match the color of the wardrobe behind?

– It’s the wardrobe color. – “Wardrobe color.”

Namwon is also my father’s hometown.

My grandma lives in Namwon.

So, I visit Namwon from time to time for a rest.

I’m here today for a break.

Do your parents live in Namwon?

My parents live in Jeonju.

They visit…

– like home. – They visit.

I also go to Namwon all the time for fun.

(Hwasa is hanging around the station.)

(She smiles looking at some place.)

(One car appears in front of her.)

– You’re early. – Is someone picking you up?

– Her father. – Who is he?

– Oh, it’s your father. – My father.

I haven’t seen that car seat net in a really long time.

I was going to buy it, but they don’t sell it anymore.

– Dad. – Yes.

Did you arrive early?

(He sticks out his hand as soon as she opens the door.)

They grabbed hands.

You must be very close to your father.

How can you hold hands with your dad?

It’s not a crime.

I’ve never held hands with my dad.

– Really? – Yes.

I don’t remember it either.

I don’t remember the last time we held hands.




– Oh, my. – Oh, my.

– She’s very cute. – She’s cute.

(Meanwhile, Henry and his father were stiflingly silent.)

They were quiet. I’ve never seen Henry that quiet before.

They were quiet at first.

This must be less stiff.

– Do you have siblings? – Two sisters.

– That may be why. – Look.

(What does a father mean to the youngest daughter?)

He’s a very old man.


An old man?

He has a very warm heart.

Above all, he’s the person I love and respect the most.

Your father must be happy.

(They move to Grandma’s.)

Namwon is so nice.

The weather is very nice today. It rained hard yesterday.

He’s using dialect.

– How friendly. – Yes.

I’m hungry.

– Are you hungry? – Yes.

There’s rice cake underneath.

– Rice cake? – In here.

Do you keep rice cake here?

You’re kind of an event guy.

An event guy to your dad?

Rice cake.

Oh, my.

(He prepared a lot of rice cake and honey.)

Did he prepare honey too?

That smells nice.

Right? Is this acacia honey?

Yes, acacia honey.

– Don’t dip too much. – I know.

(One big bite)

That looks delicious.


Is this rice cake just made?

Yes, it was made this morning.

I ordered it for you.

You’re such an event guy.

He’s happy.

Why are you so sweet today?

I was excited that you were coming.

(I was excited.)

It’s awkward…

– to hear that. – It’s awkward.

I can’t believe a dad can say he was excited.

I got to admit your father is really sweet.

(So sweet)

Call Grandma.

– Grandma? – Yes.



Who is this? Hye Jin?

– Oh, Aunt. – It’s Hye Jin.

– It’s a holiday. – I know. It felt like a holiday.

In country,

the whole family gathers when someone visits from Seoul.


– Do you want to talk to Grandma? – Yes.

– Okay. Here. – Yes.

– What’s she doing there? – Hye Jin.

– Grandma. – Yes.

I’m on my way.

Okay. Hurry up. Everyone here is bored.

– Your grandma is charismatic. – Oh, Grandma.

I’m on my way.

Okay. Hurry up. Bye now.

– Okay. – Oh, my.

(Okay. Hurry up. Bye now.)

(Hanging up)

She’s chic.

(It’s a long way to meet her chic grandma.)

How about some music?

(DJ Hwasa’s selection of music)

– Oh, we should listen to this. – Which one?

This is perfect for winter.

It’s perfect for the cold weather.

(What is it?)

(“Cafe of the Winter” by Cho Yong Pil)

Isn’t this a really old song?

Isn’t it too slow?

What do you mean?

Don’t think music must always be fast.

(Father prefers BPM 180. Daughter prefers 7080 music.)

Hwasa seems to like retro. Even her clothes.

(Even her clothes)

– It’s Il Young’s Mom fashion. – It’s the latest trend.

– Dad. When I get married… – Yes?


I’m going to sing this with my husband.

What is it?

– Dad. Do you know this song? – Yes?

– What song? – This song.

– This song? No. – No?

(“Your Everything” by One Plus One)


(I love you)



Why do I know the lyrics?

Be honest. Are you 53?

– Me? – Yes.

Don’t I look young?

There are only two people who know this song among us.

Don’t pretend not to know.

You’ve never heard this song before?

– Si Eon. Do you know this song? – I don’t.

(Automatic play)

You’ve never heard this?

– I don’t know. – I don’t know.

(We don’t know.)

– Why… – Do you like that one?

– What? – I’m a rock on the seashore

(“The Rocks on the Seashore” by One Mind)

(It was born 11 years before Hwasa.)

– What? – I’m a rock on the seashore

I don’t know that one.

(I don’t know that one.)

You’re a rock on the seashore?

Why do I know this song? This is crazy.


You even dressed up like Sammi Superstars.

(You even dressed up like Sammi Superstars.)

(He may not know the song,)

(but he likes his daughter’s voice.)

It’s been a while since we went on a date.

– That’s very nice to see. – Nice.

(Colored autumn street under clear blue sky)

(Go past the creek in front of the village,)

(and enter the wavy road.)

We’re here.

(They arrive at Grandma’s.)

Let’s go meet Grandma.

(As soon as she hops off…)


(they hold hands.)

They’re holding hands.

Look at them holding hands tight.

How awkward.


– Hello. – Hello.

Oh, my.

(Oh, my. An Hye Jin’s here.)

– They all recognize you. – Yes.

It’s a family town for the Ans.

(It’s a family town for the Ans.)

– I haven’t heard it a long time. – They’re all your relatives.

– Right. – Most of them are the Ans.

That’s awesome. It’s interesting.

(She goes to her grandma’s greeted by her relatives.)

– There she is. – Yes.


– You’re home. – Aunt.

She’s my oldest aunt.

Goodness. You came a long way.

(Cousin’s grandmother 1, Grandma)

– Cousin’s grandmother? – Cousin’s grandmother?

– Yes. – Hye Jin’s here.

It feels like a community hall.

You’re here.

My goodness.

“A distant relative?”

I definitely can’t memorize it today.

It felt like a community hall.

But I saw it coming.


(Grandma is the oldest elder in the Ans.)

How old is your grandmother?

She’s 91.

– She’s very healthy. – She’s healthy.

– When are you leaving? – Me? Later tonight.

– What? – I have to leave tonight.

– Tonight? – Yes.

Meet your mom before you go.

I can’t.

– No? – No.

It was an unexpected day off.

– My mom and sisters were working. – What a bummer.

It’s not easy for Hwasa to get time off.

It’s a happy day, Grandma.

I can’t even walk.

– You? – I feel dizzy.


I can’t see or hear.

– Then guess what I say. – Okay.

– I love you. – My.

(I love you.)

I love you too.

Me too, Grandma.

– Hwasa’s amazing. – She’s very nice.

You’re so pretty, but why aren’t you pretty in pictures?


I think she just hit the nail on the head.

She doesn’t find the photos pretty.

– It’s too thick. – It’s too thick.

(Grandma finds everything lovely when she’s just Hye Jin.)

Look how big your feet are.


– Hye Jin. – Yes?

– Let’s eat. – Yes.

(Let’s get ready for lunch.)

– Yes. – Eat?

You bring out the big table as I expected.

– They set up the table. – The table’s going to break.


I’m going to start charcoal outside.

– Charcoal? – Charcoal?

– Eel’s here. – Really?

(Her dad prepared eel for his daughter.)

– Do you like eel? – I love it.

– Namwon’s known for eel. – Really?

– Jeolla Province is known for eel. – Yes.

Eels are going to dry up.

– My goodness. – No.

Wait. If eels are going to dry up,

I’m going to tell my grandpa to raise them in advance.

I’m going to tell him this is the blooming business.

I’ll tell him to raise eels.

(Let’s benefit from Hwasa.)

(Her dad goes outside to get the charcoal ready.)

(Meanwhile, Hwasa…)

(sets spoons and chopsticks as she’s the youngest in the family.)

– Where did your aunt go? – Here.


Right. They always look at you like that.

Because it’s difficult for her to walk out.

(Getting up)

(She leaves the room.)

(She sits in front of TV.)

What’s she doing?

A book?

(Grandma took out a mysterious book.)

What are you doing, Grandma?

– Lee Sang Tae. – What about Lee Sang Tae?

I’m going to tell him to come.

But I can’t find his number.

It has everyone’s number in the village.

– Each country has it. – Really?

There it is. Here.

– Let me see. – Lee Sang Tae.

Yes, we got it, Grandma.

– How about his home… – Is that you?

Give it to me.

Hye Jin.

(Not me.)

Are you home?

– He answered. – Hey.

– Hey. – “Hey.”

– Hey. – “Hey.”

– Hey. – “Hey.”


My Hye Jin misses you.

(When did I say that?)

Hurry up.

Come eat.

It’s all set. Hurry up.

Stop talking.

By stop talking, she meant,

– “I want you to hurry up.” – Yes.

That’s a very good meaning.


– What? – Your uncle’s leaving.

He’s shy.

– Uncle. – You’re here.

– Her uncle. – Her uncle.

– Uncle. – Come here.

– Uncle? – Uncle?

– Uncle? – Uncle?

Who’s your uncle?

Uncle is…

your father’s cousin.

(After greeting guests,)

(her dad’s burning charcoal.)

– He’s burning charcoal. – That’s amazing.

– Are you lighting a fire? – Yes.

Isn’t that what you find in museums?

It’s a brazier.

That looks really delicious.

Even my grandpa uses an electronic grill.

Even the restaurants use electronic grills.

Where else would I be treated like a princess?

You were always treated like a princess.

There’s nothing my dad can’t do.

He’s the typical dad who can do anything.

(Burning charcoal is something only expert campers do.)


(But the reckless newspaper swag…)

(lights the fire easily.)

– That looks good. – He lit it fast.

(He replaced gas with a piece of paper.)

But charcoal is not burning.

You shouldn’t say that when he’s burning charcoal.

It doesn’t burn fast.

– What is that? – What?

What do you mean?

(He rips again.)

(His hands move faster.)

Why does he keep adding newspaper when the charcoal doesn’t burn?

Are you sure this is right?

(Newspaper and his heart are burning.)

– He sweated so much. – Gosh.

He wanted to look cool to his daughter.

– He’s flustered. – Yes.

Is there a torch?

– Should I go look for it? – Yes.

He can’t save his face.

(What was the problem?)


(Sorry, daughter.)

It didn’t burn.

There’s no hole in the brazier.

The fire wouldn’t start.

(He returns with a torch.)


(This time, he has an item.)

(Her face verifies the effect.)

(The hero lines the eel right away.)

Dad. It’s not roasting.

It is. Look.

– Wait. Sir. – Sir.

– He’s pretty much tearing flesh. – Yes.

– You know that’s very hard to cut. – Yes.

– Are you having raw eel today? – Yes.

– Dad. It’s not… – It’s hot.

(Hollywood action)

– Gosh. – We’re embarrassed.

– Look. – My dad is never this sloppy.

See? It’s roasting.

– Dad. Let’s leave it. – Okay.

Yes? Oh, thank you.

(An item is added.)

I’ll fan lightly.

– There is a fire. – I know.

See? Dads can make everything work.

(Seasoning and…)

– That looks good. – My goodness.

I’ll apply sauce on three.

Do everything you want, Yeob.

(For your information, he’s Yeob.)

– My goodness. – To your dad?

(Shocking nickname flips their eyes.)

– My goodness. – To your dad? Really?

– Yes. – Hwasa.

– Did you just call your dad Yeob? – Really?

What? I was only joking.


This is my most shocking moment in I Live Alone.

You call him by a nickname.

Do you want me to test if you’re an insider?

– “Insider.” – “Insider.”

You need to guess what an insider is.

– I have no idea. – Isn’t that a popular person?

– No, it’s a bit different. – What is it?

When there’s a meeting,

the person who leads the group.

– What does it stand for? – Insider.

– Yes. – What’s the opposite?


Since he draws webtoon…

Since he draws webtoon, he knows young people’s words.

I’m good at that.

Young people’s culture.

He’s asarabia.

That means a collaboration in the past.

You need to guess what an insider is.

Tell your aunt to bring a plate.

Will you?

– Dad. – I don’t know.

Dad. Guess what this is.

(What does her hand sign mean?)

– What is that? – How are we supposed to know?

– Wait. What is that? – What is that?

Is that Park Nam Jung dance?

(Insiders’ dance 7 years before Hwasa was born)

Is that Park Nam Jung dance?

I think I know. Save?


– No. – That’s this one.

– That’s this one. – No.

– Why are there two fingers here? – I know.

– What does this mean? – An answer.

– No. Yes. – No.

Just see it as it is.

What is that?

– Is this a letter? – “Oh, no?”


(Si Eon is winding up a spring.)

– What is this? – “You know?”

“You know what I mean?”

– No. – “You know what I mean?”



– “You?” – “You?”

– You. – No.

– Did you make this? – No.

What is this? It’s driving me crazy.

The answer is…

(Is it really Park Nam Jung dance?)

(Is it you as it looks?)

– The answer is… – Yes.

yes as in an answer.

– “Yes?” – How is this a yes?

– Oh, it’s a yes. – How is this a yes?

– It’s a yes. – It works.

This is N.

– It’s a yes. – It works.

(Everyone failed the test to be an insider.)


This is how insiders answer now.

When people ask you if you had lunch…

Like this.

(Even when they ask smiling…)

(Even when they ask romantically…)

(Even when elders ask, respond in an insider’s way.)

You respond to Lee Soon Jae this way?

– Do you have one more? – I do.

An insider test. Are you sure MAMAMOO didn’t make this?



– She’s left handed. – In the past…

I got it.

– You got it? – Is it easy?

5℃. 5 to 5.

When the temperature is 5℃, cream and coffee 5 to 5.

– No. – That’s the coffee ratio.

The coffee lady is here again.

– This is… – Wait.

When the temperature is 5℃, add cream and coffee 5 to 5. It’s good.

You have to flip it, don’t you?

– No. – I will flip you.

– 5℃ and 5 to 5. – Really?

– 5℃? – 5℃ and 5 to 5.

It’s something to do with pronunciation, isn’t it?

– Right? – You’re nearly there.

– Right? – Try saying it fast.

– 5℃ and 5 to 5. – 5℃ and 5 to 5.

5℃ and 5 to 5.

“Where did it go?”

“Where did it go?”

Why would they say such an old expression?

“Where did it go?”

– All right. – “Welcome.”

– You got it. – It’s “Welcome.”

(The answer is “Welcome.”)

– That’s it. – It’s like “Unexpected Q’.

– It’s fun. – That’s how it works.

Are you still attached to that show?

I am waiting for the second season.

(Season 2 is unexpected.)

It’s nice to shoot.


(She wants to play the Insider Game with her dad.)

– You have to look at me. – Try this.

Eat it..

(It’s nice and golden.)

– Gosh. – It’s hot.

(She tries the grilled marinated eel.)

Grilled eel you eat in the countryside…

can’t be compared to any grilled eel you get in Seoul.

It’s because you eat it with the fresh air of the countryside.


– It’s good. – Is it good?

What can’t you do, Dad?

Earning money.

(He’s kidding.)

He makes jokes like a true insider.


The outsiders like us can never understand.

It’s fine. Your daughter is earning.

Is it true or not?

Why are you laughing so hard?

– It’s just that… – Should I put more sauce on it?

I was surprised because you were so down-to-earth.

(Meanwhile, a meal is being prepared in the kitchen.)

(She’s slicing sooyook.)

– It’s sooyook. – It’s sooyook

She cooked it well.

It’s a mountain of rice too.

– That’s like yukgaejang. – My goodness.

I brought it.

(Hwasa brings in the grilled eel.)

My goodness.

(The Jeolla Province style lunch is plentiful.)

You can’t see the table.

– That’s incredible. It’s sooyook. – How many dishes are there?

– Japchae. – Nobody would care about japchae.

Deep fried laver looks delicious.

(And there is a variety of side dishes.)

Look at those side dishes.

Whenever I’m in the countryside, I really enjoy eating namul.

When you live alone,

– you never get to eat namul. – Right.

– I crave for it. – It goes bad easily.

– It goes bad easily. – Right.

It takes a lot of work too.

This is like…

a wedding reception.

Thanks to Hye Jin,

– we get to have a feast. – Come.

Please come here.

– Come on. – Come on.


– Thank you for the meal. – You’re welcome.

– Thank you. – Thank you, Hye Jin.

Thank you for the meal.

– I’ll get you freshly cooked rice. – Eat a lot, Grandma.

This is what’s lovely about the countryside.

Because we live alone, we eat alone.

In the countryside, everyone gathers and eats dinner together.

Try the deep fried laver.

The deep fried laver?

(She is asked to eat the deep fried laver.)

(He passes the deep fried laver as if it’s a mic.)

– Deep fried laver. – It’s deep fried laver.

– “Excited”. – How much will she enjoy it?

It’s so big too.

(It’s got a nice crunch.)

(She’s satisfied with the sound.)

Right. That’s the sound.

(She continues to eat the deep fried laver.)

– That’s the sound of Namwon. – It is.

– Eat the grilled eel. It’s good. – Okay.

– Eat a lot. – Eat a lot.

Have some grilled eel.

Do you want a drink?

– We already drank. – Did you?

The elders call it “morning class”.

You can put it there.

(They take care of each other and share the love.)

(Hwasa is sitting very close to her grandmother.)

What is this?

I think it’s bracken.

I harvested it in the spring.

(It’s bracken her father harvested himself.)

He farmed it.

Dad grew all the ingredients used in the dishes.

It’s the true organic meal.

That’s bean sprout japchae.

My wife cooked it.

– Did Mom cook everything? – Yes.

– Really? – Yes.

Mom got up early in the morning and cooked everything.

Did she go to work after that?

She cooked all of those?

She’s incredible.

She couldn’t come because of her work schedule.

So I didn’t expect her to do anything.

But it turned out…

she did all the cooking.

That made me a little emotional.

(Her mom’s food made here emotional.)

(She feels her mother’s love from her food.)

When you don’t go home on holidays,

– you don’t get to eat the food… – Right.

your mother prepares for you.

– Right. – That breaks my heart.

That breaks your mother’s heart too.

She cooks because she wants to feed her children.

– But she can’t feed you. – She feeds you and packs you food.

(They finish eating.)

What do you have to do today, Dad?

I have to remove the weed from balloon flower field.

I didn’t get to put straws on the field because of the rain.

– Really? – Yes. I have to do that today.

– Are you going to help him? – Yes.

– Let’s go. – You’re paying for the food.

We should have the next girls’ day out in the countryside.

– We… – You want to go to Illo again.

Do you think Illo is the only place we can go?

There’s a fishing village and many more.

Do you want to go catch long-legged octopus?

Stop it.

– Next, we are going to have GWP. – GWP?

“Girls’ Work Party”.

– Hey. – Or GMP.

“Girls’ Mudflat Party”.

Why would you put the word “party” there?

– If it’s fun, it’s a party. – Yes, it is.

I love parties so much.

(She loves parties.)

The boys will have one too.

Let’s go. The shoes.

– Where are you going? – Wear those.

– The rubber shoes? – Yes. Try on the rubber shoes.

– It’s big. – Is it big?

– It’s big. – Is it big?

Give her my fur boots.

The fur boots.

That’s UGG.

– Right. – That’s the original UGG.

(She wears her grandmother’s fur boots and goes outside.)

Look at those persimmons, Dad.

– Look at them. – They took a lot of them.

(They will be taking her dad’s cultivator.)

– It’s a cultivator. – A cultivator.

– Sit. – Have you driven it before?

Yes. I’ve driven it when we were planting rice.

(I will start the cultivator.)

[VIU Ver] E269 I Live Alone
“Hwasa Visits Grandmother”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

My goodness.

(Chan Yeob the Manly Man uses his full power.)

(The cultivator is started.)

That’s the joy.

When he starts the cultivator, he becomes really tough.

He was turning the lever like this.

(He turned the lever like a tough man.)

When he did that…

– He’s tough. – He’s the manly man.

(He’s strong.)

That’s it.

(Chan Yeob is the best.)

When you do it the wrong way, your jaw gets fractured.

(It starts moving with the splendor like a tank.)

Your knees.

– Move back a little. – Like this?

If this hits your knees, they will hurt.

Your father is so sweet.

(They look sweet even from the back.)

(They go through the alley and run into a corner.)

(Changing the gear)

(He’s fascinated.)

He changed the gear.

(He’s a manly man.)

(Chan Yeob is the best.)

– You should try it now. – Okay.

You have to hold this part.

– Don’t you need a license? – No, you don’t need one.

– Really? – Really?

And Dad was next to me.

All right. I got this.

(She’s very driven.)

(The rattling sound sounds so peaceful.)

– Can we go a little faster? – Right.

Raise the RPM.


It’s the theme song of “Country Diaries”.

(Hye Jin’s Story)

This is easy.

(Hwasa finds it easy.)

(It’s easy, isn’t it?)

I will do the rest now.

(Dad will do the rest.)

(He speeds up.)

(The cultivator runs wildly.)

It’s fast.

It looks fast, but it’s actually going at 15km per hour.

– Really? – Yes.

(It’s running at the speed of around 15km per hour.)

(Even the loud cultivator sound…)

(sounds peaceful in the autumn.)

I will drive.

I’m fine.

(And there’s the father and daughter.)

I loved driving the cultivator with Hye Jin the most.

I just kept looking at her.

I wondered if we would have a chance to do that.

It was fascinating that she was driving with me.

That’s why I kept looking at her.

She was enjoying it.

(Making another memory with his daughter,)

(he arrives at the destination, which is filled with work.)

In the spring, I sent you the bracken I harvested.

This is bracken.

Did the bracken we ate a while ago come from here too?

Right. It came from here.

(He farmed the ingredients.)

(The dishes were cooked with the organic produces he farmed.)

The napa cabbages.

Yes. They are the napa cabbages. These are radishes.



(It reminds her of her group.)

(There’s rattling noise.)

(Chan Yeob the Manly Man appears with the thundering noise.)


(The father cuts the weed,)

(and the daughter weeds the field.)

(This is not “Field Experience of Life”.)

You are not going to ride a unicorn later, are you?

(He uses his full power.)

I will scrap the weed.

(I can’t lose to him.)

(They work in perfect harmony.)

(The father and daughter worked together…)

(and finished the work in no time.)

(It couldn’t be better.)

Let’s go.


(She stands up.)

(She looks relaxed in the back.)

– It’s nice to be in the back. – Yes.

That’s what I always did as a kid.

It’s so fun.

Hip hop.


Like in a music video?

It looks so different.

Hip hop.

– It looks pretty similar. – Farmer swag.

(Farmer swag)

Hip hop swag.

Shoot your next music video there.

(That sounds like a good idea.)

We’re back.

What took you so long?

– What happened? – We went to the fields.

I thought you had a cultivator accident.

– Always be careful. – Of course.

That’s what I’m most worried about.

Don’t worry.

Even after I die…

(What are you talking about?)


(Hwasa gives her grandma kisses so that she won’t worry.)

(Hwasa’s dad is preparing something in the kitchen.)

(He’s suddenly slicing cucumbers.)


You’re very good.

I think that’s enough.

– This is enough? – Yes.


Okay. Good.

(Where are they taking the cucumbers?)


– The door was open… – Will you lie down?

Take off your glasses too.

My eyes watered.

– Lie down. – Why?

She’ll put some cucumbers on your face.

I’ll do something cool for you.

I don’t want it.

– Grandma, stay still. – I don’t want to.

– I don’t want it. – Stay still.

I don’t need it. Stop it.

Come on. Stay still.

(She is lying still.)

They usually love it in the end.

Stay still.

Stop it.

(She turns over.)

– I’ve never done it in my life, – I should do it.

but no one has told me I’m ugly.

No one has told me I’m ugly.

When I went to Jeju Island, a man told me…

– Suddenly? Is it about her date? – It’s a confession.

He told me I was so pretty and asked me where I came from,

so I told him I was from Namwon.

He said I must be pretty because I’m from where Chun Hyang was born.

He couldn’t even look at me.

I’m from the same town as Chun Hyang.

Grandma, I love you.

Lie down. I’ll put the cucumbers on your face.

Will you do it for me?

Her grandma wants to do it for her.


I got married at 17, and at 19…

She suddenly talks about when she got married.

She should appear on “Radio Star” soon.

She has so many stories to tell.

– Do you see well now? – Yes.

I had to carry things on my back every single day.

Was it called Hanyang then?


(It was a long time ago.)

I lived in Seoul for a while…

after the liberation.

– Liberation? – In Seoul?


(You get to hear about Korean modern history.)

(The cucumber face mask is ready now.)

You don’t need them on the nose.

She’s moving them to the chin.

(She pays attention to the end.)


I’m getting sleepy.

(Let me see.)


She’s doing that so that the cucumbers won’t fall.

(I need to press them down.)


– She’s funny. – They should stay in place.

They should stay in place.

(Mom is so funny.)



– Is that your grandma’s phone? – Yes.

It’s your grandma’s phone?

(Special cucumber face mask at Grandma’s in Namwon)

– Grandma. – What’s that?

You should film many videos while she’s alive.

When you miss her, videos are different from pictures.

You’re right.

My mom must have been very happy.

She’s usually alone.

But she had a good time today.

It’s very thoughtful of my daughter.

(Grandma’s beauty salon is closed now.)

You startled me.

Go wash your face.

Don’t your grandma’s blankets smell like her?

– Yes. I love it. – They have a special smell.

It’s nice, right?

Grandma, I’m getting sleepy.


Are you leaving after eating?

High five.

Are you going to sleep here tonight?

Grandmas always want you to stay overnight.

My grandma says that every time too.

Like this.

With your hand.

I don’t know how to do that.

How would I know your secret sign?

– Secret sign? – A secret sign for the insiders.

Why didn’t you test your grandma too?

It’d take about three hours.

Why didn’t you show her “5°C 5:5”?

Like this.

Hye Jin, do you want to eat something?

Do you want some more eel?

(Eel again?)

Let me think.

Are you eating eel again?

Of course. You should.

No, Dad. It’s okay.

(He knows what it means when his daughter says it’s okay.)

This time, it’s grilled on a frying pan.

You must be hungry after working.

The pillow I used when I was little…

– It’s there. – There?

It’s still there?

– Yes. My grandma still has… – I found it.

the pillow I used as a kid.

(The tiny pillow is full of memories.)

I used it as a little kid.

My goodness.

– She still has it? – It’s a pillow for babies.

Are you a baby again?

I used to sleep on it every night.

She’s kept it all these years.

I didn’t know this pillow was so small.

(Grandma has stopped time.)

(Baby Hwasa has already fallen asleep.)

I fell asleep so fast on that pillow.

Of course.

You always sleep well at your grandma’s place.

(Dad is showing off his cooking skills.)

That looks so tasty.

(He grills some more eel with love.)

(He prepares all the food himself.)

(The loving dad delivers the food to the room.)

It feels like holidays.

Hye Jin.

– Eat while it’s hot. – Okay.

Eat the vegetables too.

Eat the cabbage.

Wrap it in the cabbage.

I should feed my daughter.

(She enjoys it like it’s the first time.)

It’s such healthy food.

It is.

How many eels are you eating?

Why do you like eels so much?

Why do I like it so much?

I’ve always liked eels since I was little.

My uncle would send eels to Seoul.

I was still a trainee.

I’d grill them in the room with the other members.

That would have given you so much energy.

It gives you energy.

I love eels.

(She is famous for her love for eels.)

The cabbage tastes so good.

It’d taste great even just with some rice and soy sauce.

Cabbage tastes great in the countryside.

– It tastes so good. – It’s so sweet.

Why don’t we eat like that in Seoul?

I don’t know.

I’ll give you the last piece.

– You ate a lot of ssamjang, right? – Yes.

I’ll give you just a little.

– You eat too much salt. – She’s giving you just a little.

Dad eats too much salt.

– This much ginger? – Yes.

(Ginger and chili peppers)

I’m going crazy.

It’s like a tower.

(Open your mouth.)

(The youngest daughter is so cute.)

What about me?

– You? – Yes.

You should have given it to your grandma.

She has no teeth left.

– Why didn’t you give any to her? – She can’t eat eels.

She was just joking.

Are you sure?

What should I do?

– Why are you only feeding your dad? – I’ll give you kisses instead.

(I’ll give you kisses instead.)

(Grandma feels okay after Hwasa’s kisses.)

We’re finished.

We ate so much. Let’s take a little walk.


It’s very nice to take a walk in the countryside.

Grandma, we’re going out.

– Don’t take too long. – Okay.

“Don’t take too long.”

(The father and the daughter hold hands together.)

They’re holding hands again.

At first, when my hands sweated,

– Exactly. – it bothered me.

But my dad seemed to…

– Your dad. – always want to hold hands.

So I just let him hold my hand.

Does he hold your mom’s hand too?

Yes, he does.

He’s very sweet.

– He is. – He’s amazing.

(She enjoys the autumn with her sweet dad.)

The colors are beautiful.

– The view is so beautiful, right? – Yes.

Come here.

There’s a new path here.

When did they make it?

– It’s been a while. – I didn’t know.

It continues all the way to the stream.

It’s so nice here, Dad.

– Right? – Yes.

It’s really nice.

It’s especially beautiful in the autumn.

With the fallen leaves.

In Seoul, they sweep away the leaves right away.

You never get to walk on fallen leaves.

You never walk on soil either.

I’ve been coming to Namwon instead of Jeonju lately.

It’s because I want to be somewhere less crowded.

I still have some happy memories…

left in this place.

You used to run around the place as a kid.

These days, I’m always home.

It’d be a hassle to go out.

That’s right.

It’s a bit of hassle to go out.

The thing I was the most disappointed by you was…

Whenever I was leaving for work, you clung onto my leg…

while begging me to help you make your debut as a singer.

– When you were in middle school? – Yes.

Since it’s a tough path,

I tried to talk her out of it.

– He was against it. – Yes. He didn’t want me to do it.

But she wanted to become a singer,

so she made a lot of effort.

She paid with her phone…

to download more than 20,000 songs and videos…

in her old computer.

I didn’t download that many.

You spent about 30,000 dollars.

– No, I didn’t. – You paid with your phone.

I was scolded a lot…

since my dad was sensitive about money matters.

But it was fun back then.

I hung around with Whee In back then as well.

She and I enjoyed it so much.

Listening to music…

made the trip between Seoul and Jeonju feel shorter.

– Is Whee In your hometown friend? – Yes, she is.

Your hometown friend became your group member.

The rooftop house you used to live in was so dirty.

It seemed like you and your friend never cleaned the house.

Seeing you living like that…

broke my heart.

That rooftop house…

– Really? – You seemed to have a hard time.

There was a puddle of water in the house and the wall was dirty.

Oh, no. My goodness.

(She didn’t expect to see her father’s tears.)

It broke my heart the most.

You told me over the phone…

that it’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter…

since it’s a rooftop house.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t afford to rent a nicer house for her.

I was worried and upset, but I couldn’t express it.

He was sad.

I think that was…

the hardest time.

I had to pay the rent every month.

– It was the hardest time. – It must’ve cost him a lot.

I always feel apologetic towards him.

I think I’m still a bad daughter.

Hwasa, you’re making me look bad.

– You haven’t seen a bad child. – Shall I show you?

They say that when you talk about your parents,

if you cry a lot, that means you haven’t been good…

to your parents.

I cry whenever I talk about my parents.

I think I cry a lot because I feel guilty about being a bad daughter.

I think I haven’t done anything for them.

– You can start from now. – Of course.

This is driving me crazy.

She’s so good to her parents, but still tears up.

(Hwasa expressed her affection at Hyun Woo’s Summer School.)

– I’m embarrassed. – I have a heavy heart,

which means I’m not confident to say that I’m a good daughter.

Mom and Dad, you gave the flowery path,

but I don’t want it anymore.

I’m actually enjoying walking on this bumpy road.

Now, I will put flowers…

on the road ahead of the two of you. I love you.

Now, I can see what she really meant to say back then.

I ended up in a lot of debt.

But as soon as Hwasa started to make money,

she paid off my debt first.

– It’s so good that we have no debt. – That’s great.

That’s so nice of her.

Now my wife and I can live with more confidence.

She worked hard to become successful.

You’re incredible.

– That’s not true. – Goodness.

– She’s still very young. – She’s only 24.


She’s so mature.

While living alone in Seoul, she must’ve craved a lot of food,

but we couldn’t give her enough money.

So I still feel bad about it when I see her.

Since she’s very busy these days,

– He can’t see her often. – we can’t talk to her often.

So we have a new habit now.

We go to bed in the evening and wake up at late night.

We wake up around 1:30am…

– to check our phones. – Oh, no.

I miss my mom and dad so much…

at late night…

– when I come home after work. – I understand. You feel empty.

Somehow, I feel empty.

So I call my mom and dad in the middle of the night…

even though I know it’s not appropriate.

My dad always picked up almost immediately.

I talked to him at late night many times.

I think he can’t sleep at night because I might…

call him at night.

In fact, our lifestyle is completely different…

– from our parents’. – That’s right.

But they always pretend they were up…

– when we call them at night. – Exactly.

Although they were sleeping.

– They woke up to your phone call. – Yes.

(Unlike her father’s worries…)

– I was happy. – In that house?

– Yes. I miss those days. – You were happy?

You miss those days?

Of course it was the time when I was the most pathetic in my life.

But I was so passionate back then.

Our parents have a different point of view when they think of it.

– I was happy there. – All right.

Since it’s in the past now, it feels like good memory, right?

– Back then… – But I didn’t listen to you.


You’re so cool.

– “Sorry.” – “Sorry.”

– That’s it? Now, we’re good? – Bump my fist.

– Good. Now, it’s over. – Is it?

Your father will become the most popular person in Namwon.

When you see your junior singers or trainees…

having a hard time, help them out.

You became successful relatively quickly…

without going through too much hardship.

You were lucky.

So be nice to your junior singers.

Try to be a good senior singer.


An Chan Yeob. An Chan Yeob.

– You should… – An Chan Yeob.


– That’s a rare sight. – Right.

– That’s new. – Usually, they say, “Yes, Dad.”

– She said, “An Chan Yeob.” – “An Chan Yeob.”

I’ll try that too.

My dad is 77 years old.

(She makes others want to copy her.)

Try to be considerate of others.

(The daughter acts cute while her dad is advising her.)

(She can’t stop crying.)

I liked walking around while holding my dad’s hand,

driving the cultivator with him.

I should drive a cultivator with my dad too.

I liked it when my grandma put cucumber on my face.


I also liked it when I helped my aunts…

prepare a meal.

Every single moment was so…


Dad, is your back okay?

I just have to be careful.

– Really? – Yes.

Will you give me a piggyback ride?

That’s a piece of cake.

But you might hurt your back.

I won’t hurt my back.

Even though I have a back problem,

I can always give you a piggyback ride.

– Right? – It’s like a movie.

– Exactly. – I’m slipping down.

You should hold me tight.

That’s so heartwarming.

(I will always be there.)

(I Live Alone)

(The Secret Party of Men)

Oh, right.

I should start preparing for the guests.

– Hang on. – I think he got more stuff.

– His house looks smaller. – It was smaller than I thought.

I bought some mandarins.

(He’s preparing for a party.)

(Mandarin, party food number one)

That’s why you prepared fruits.

(Bread, party food number two)



(Is it okay to serve to the guests?)

He put his nose too closely to it.

Just in case.

I think you got some crumbs inside of your nose.

(He sees if it went bad by smelling it.)

(He seems to have failed to do it.)

(But he decided to serve it at the party.)

This is a feast.

A feast?

(He calls Kian84 who will enjoy the feast.)

– Yes, Si Eon. – Did you bring your hanbok?

– Hanbok? – Hanbok?

– The one you wore in Gyeongju. – Why?

– I’m still at home. – Sorry?

I’m still at home.

Then just rest at home. I’ll cancel the party.

– You’ll cancel it? – Yes. So don’t come.

Okay, Si Eon. Get some rest.

– Kian84. – Why?

– Hurry up. – Okay. I’ll be there soon.

Where are you?

Clean your house while waiting for me.

I cleaned my house already. It looks like a new house.

– A new house? – I’m leaving now.

– Okay. – Bye.

You know the calendar we make every year, right?

We need photos for July and December.

– We gathered at Si Eon’s house… – Just as you had a girls’ party,

– to take photos for the calendar. – we had a boys’ party.

Hang on. The cast members of I Live Alone…

– should all be in the calendar. – We’re the cast too.

– In fact… – You should’ve asked us too.

There are only female members in a few months.

You guys always call me by a boy’s name…

like Jin Soo or Min Sik.

Then why did you leave me out?

(You called me Jin Soo when I dressed as Jin Sook.)

(You should’ve invited Jin Soo to the boys’ party.)

I, Jin Soo, am disappointed.

Why aren’t they coming?

(He just has to wait for his guests now.)

[VIU Ver] E269 I Live Alone
“The Secret Party of Men”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

I can’t find the doorbell…

– Look at you, Kian84. Hi, Hyun Moo. – There’s no doorbell.

– Kian84, you look great. – Someone bought me this jacket.

– I won’t buy new clothes this year. – Come on in.

– Where should I put my shoes? – Right there.

– Is this the porch? – Yes.

Why isn’t it separated from the living room?

This is a European-style apartment.

– European style? – Yes.

European people will complain.

– Si Eon, did you clean your house? – Yes, I did.

(The European-style feast for the boys’ party?)

(Find out in Part 2.)

– It’s a European-style apartment. – European style?

– Si Eon, did you clean the house? – Yes, I did.

– It’s culture shock for him. – It was Hyun Moo’s first time…

– for coming to my house. – It was so small.

– My goodness. – How do you live in this place?

– Hyun Moo, sit here. – It’s so small.

I mean…

I think it’s smaller than the studio apartment I’m living in.

(You seemed surprised to see Si Eon’s house.)

I was quite shocked, which I didn’t expect.

– Well… – You must’ve been tired.

Did someone pull your hair?

It was so frustrating.

I felt like the house got smaller when I left his house.

Sit down. It’s distracting because you guys are standing up.

– There’s nowhere to sit. – You can sit here.

– Sit down. – Si Eon.

Have some apple, Hyun Moo.

All of a sudden?

I prepared this for you guys.

It says, “The feast begins.”

The house is full.

This is chocolate.

You should eat it.

I received this bread two days ago. Kian84, try it…

to see if it went bad or not.

That’s true friendship.

Let us know if your stomach hurts.

“Let us know if your stomach hurts.”

– Si Eon, – Yes?

– this is my first time here. – Yes.

Shall I show you around?

– Showing him around the house? – I’ve seen it all.

– You can just turn around. – It didn’t take much time.

I had a look around the house.

I’m serving you in the most luxurious way possible.

– I mean it. – It’s delicious.

It’s not that I’m criticizing you.

– Criticizing me? – I’m just saying…

What… What’s going on here?

– Are you going through a hard time? – It’s just…

You know I’ll move to a new house soon, right?

I’ve been waiting for that day…

since I got the contract for the apartment three years ago.

Are you saying that you packed your things in advance?

No. I just didn’t clean the house.

– I’ll clean it when I move out. – Right.

I’m sure that your new house will be just as messy as that.

No. I won’t live like that once I move.

– I’m serious. – From now on…

I’ll keep my new house clean.

(We’ll use this video clip as evidence in the future.)

It’s not that dirty.

– But it’s not organized well. – I see.

– Visit his house. – What?

I have claustrophobia.

I’ll invite all of you, so look forward to it.

Si Eon, I think I’ll be sick that day.

I didn’t even tell you the date.

– I’ll have a shoot that day. – I’ll be sick that day.

I’ll block your number.

I’m so hungry.

Shall I give you a bowl of cereal?

No, I’m good.


It’s new.

– Even the mandarin isn’t good. – What?

Is mandarin not good either?

It’s hard to find mandarin that doesn’t taste good.

Si Eon, I feel like I’m on a trip with my college friends.

– Do you? – I feel like…

That’s one of the good things about my house.

People don’t take off their coats,

– It’s so cold in here. – so they can leave quickly.

I’m freezing.

– Hyun Moo, that’s not important. – Okay.

– We’ll have a photoshoot today. – Yes.

I told you to prepare something…

– for July and December. – Yes, you did.


we need photos for July and December.

And it’s for one calendar.

But we have about six different ideas.

Will we go for all the six ideas?

Yes, we will.

And we’ll select the best one?

Of course.


we have a lot to do. Did you prepare everything?

I worked hard on this.

I think I worked hardest to prepare for it among us all.

You prepared clothes, right?

– Yes. – I prepared this.

– What’s that? – My idea was the best.

– Where did you get this? – When I…

What’s this?

It’s a bundle.

For July,

Kian84 and I will dress as children in the 1980s,

and Hyun Moo will dress as a child 100 years ago.

– What is that? I don’t… – My goodness.

I don’t understand.

The encounter of children from the different times.

We’ll play with water together.

Then you have to wear whatever the others brought…

even if you don’t like their ideas.

– That’s right. – To go for all the six ideas.

I don’t mind to wear them,

but I just don’t understand the whole idea.

They’re children from the 1980s, and I’m from Joseon dynasty.

What was your theme?

– What kind of theme is that? – Well, I…

– Children in the past. – If you think about it,

you and Kian84’s ideas were not so great either.

– My idea… – Let’s hear what they say.

– was good. – All right. Guys.

Hye Jin and I will be the judge of that.

– You guys evaluate us. – Okay.

That’s why you asked me to bring this.

This is Kian84’s signature outfit.

This is the hanbok I wore when we went on a trip…

to Gyeongju.

– I found this in the pocket. – What’s that?

– Gosh. Hold on a second. – What’s that?

It’s the barley bread packaging wrap.

– My gosh. – In Gyeongju,

we ate barley bread.

It’s barley bread. He kept it until that day.

– It’s just the package wrap. – I’m relieved.

Barley bread.

(They found an artifact in his hanbok.)

– The barley bread we ate… – Didn’t you wash them?

– I washed them. – It was so hot that day.

I forgot to empty the pockets.

What about July? Is this for July?

I have a few reference photos here.

The overall theme is retro.

One is retro…

For December, I’d like to portray…

– the liberated youth… – I like this idea.

through young people riding Disco Pang Pang.

I think it’s a good idea.

Don’t be too disheartened even if it’s not chosen.

He’s yawning.

– He’s bored already. – He’s bored.

Stop yawning.

It was so boring.

It’s really boring.

It’s so boring.

– Kian84, what are your ideas? – I worked hard on this.

I came up with great ideas.

– Do you read “College King”? – Yes, I do.

– I’m Woo Ki Myung. – You are?

Hyun Moo is the female lead, Bong Ji Eun.

And Si Eon is Kim Chang Joo. My cartoon characters.

– You mean this man? – Yes.

Si Eon looks like that character.

Dressing as his cartoon characters is a good idea.

Will you try this on, Hyun Moo?

– That’s Ji Eun’s beanie. – Does Ji Eun…

– wear a beanie? – This…

– He must think that I look… – I like it.

better than Si Eon at least…

seeing that he chose me to dress as Ji Eun.

You’re a 20-year-old college girl.

Wear this tennis skirt.

But it’s winter.

You want me to wear this?


I hope this one won’t be selected.

Since it’s a story about young people,

I want us look young,

– vibrant, and cheery. – Like first love.

– I dressed as a college girl. – I like this idea.

– I wanted to describe… – But why Hyun Moo…

innocence and youth.

Anyway, show us the next one.

What’s this?

This is…

– like a future diary. – A future diary?

It’s 40 years from now.

We have aged.

– But we still live alone. – 40 years later?

Hyun Moo…

– He has passed away. – might be gone.

Let’s try this.

– Let’s let Hyun Moo live. – That’s realistic.

I felt depressed at that moment.

You better finish work earlier than you do now.

– He passed away while living alone. – My photo is there instead of me.

So what is it?

This is…

– It’s a Christmas theme. – In December?

We’re old men…

having a Christmas party.

So do we wear makeup?

My theme is a Christmas party we have when we get old.

(The Christmas party they’ll have 40 years later)

I thought it’d touch our hearts.

Do you know what’s the scariest thing I can think of?

Imagine ourselves sitting here…

– watching videos 40 years later. – Have you lost your mind?

(What if they still host I Live Alone?)

And one of us is gone.

– As I always say… – There’s his photo on his chair.

We put his photo in his chair.

As I always say,

people don’t die at the same age.

– Please say that line. – What line?

“My, it’s good to see you again.”

“My, it’s good to see you again.”

(Jun Hyun Moo, been on the show for 46 years)


“Those who are gone are gone,”

“and those who are left move on.”

(I Live Alone, Episode 2,200)

My goodness.

“I’m not sure who will be able to come back next week,”

“See you next week.”

“I’ll see you if you survive.”

See? Kian84 always has his own philosophy.

– I think it’s a good idea. – I thought hard to come up with it.

– Right? – The future diary 40 years later.

– What are your ideas, Hyun Moo? – I’ll tell you.

As you know, I’ve developed…

a sporty image.

– A sporty image? – Yes.

Sung Hoon motivated me a lot.

(Recently, Hyun Moo started to desire…)

(a sporty image.)

(But he never does any exercises.)

So I prepared things like this.

(He prepared sporting gear.)

I brought mountain climbing gears.

– Are they yours? – Yes.

I bought them in Switzerland.

Do you actually go mountain climbing?

You don’t even go to Mount Gwanak.

Why did you buy things like this?

I’ve never seen climbing ropes before.

Why would you buy this?

Just hear me out.

I saw something…

– that’s popular on social media. – What is it?

It’s like they’re flying in the sky… I’ll show you.

We can’t fly, right?

So they posed on the ground instead.

Like Superman flying.

That was a very good idea.

– They drew buildings. – It looks as if they’re flying.

– The photo was taken from above. – That’s cool.

I want to take a photo like this.

– I like this idea too. – We can draw on the floor.

It’s a good idea. I like this.

– It’s good, right? – Yes.

It’s much better than this, right?

I’ll put on the gear.

Kian84, draw a cliff.

– I’m the team leader. – Okay.

The two of you…

are my minions.

– Your minions? – Not minions. What do you call it?

I used that word ages ago.

– Minions? – Minions.


While climbing the cliff,

they slip.

(They slip while climbing the cliff.)

You’ll hang from this rope.

(The athletic leader will save the two.)

– We’re like props. – That isn’t true.

I feel the responsibility as the president…

– and want to express that. – You’ll lead us.

That’s right.

– That’s a good idea. – In December,

I’m going to become a warrior.

What do you want to do?

– I have a thought. – What is it?

– A zombie. – A zombie?

A zombie.

(Zombie 1, Zombie 2)

You’re a warrior and they’re zombies?

It had nothing to do with the season.

Winter zombies are the scariest.

Why are you always the main character?

You always take the good part for yourself.

– Because of the responsibility. – What?

– Responsibility? – I have to take care of you.

I’ll put you in the front.

– That’s meaningless. – What?

I have a strong sense of purpose.

I’m the only one that needs to look good.

You can’t even tell who is who if you dress up as a zombie.

It’s the same in “Cliff Hanger”.

I was going to be higher up on the cliff…

– and blur the other members. – What?

You’d have to look closely to tell who it is.

(Which idea did you like the best?)

40 years later.

Everyone is self-centered.

– I liked it the best. – Come on.

It has a message.

The message is always important.

Kian84’s idea?

I don’t even remember what it was.

He just blames everyone.

How are they going to decide?

You can look forward to it.

(They finish their meeting.)

I brought it.

I took my car.

– Kian84’s car? – In the back.

– In the back? – Yes.

(They try to put their luggage in the back seat.)

– Why? What is it? – I was shocked.

Look, it’s a plastic bottle.

– How is that a car? – It’s his trash.

Do you collect trash?

No, but I was going to throw it away at once.

– What’s all that? – I’ll throw it away at once.

It went from the trash house to the trash car.

– What about the recyclables? – Stop it.

I have no problem driving that car around.

You need to clean.

(He can’t get over the shock.)

Would you like to ride in the front or the back?

I’ll have to sit in the front.

(What kind of question is that?)

This is unbelievable.

Do you toss it back after you eat something?

(Yes, to the back.)

(His cool way of getting rid of trash)

(Evidence video from Episode 252)

I always need water. Would you like a bottle?

No, I’m fine.

I’m okay. You get it from there?

I have a lot of water. This is a new bottle.

How do you keep new bottles with the trash?

I got it from the back, not the floor.

The ones on the back seat are new.

– The ones on the floor are trash? – Yes.

(Si Eon changes and comes out.)

– Get in the back seat. – Okay.


(In the back seat?)

(The second trash attack)

– You’re bound to be shocked. – What is this?

I’m going to throw it out.

Should I put my things in the trunk?

Yes, you don’t have trash in the trunk, do you?

Is this a car or a piece of trash?

That’s what I thought when I saw your house.

The trunk is clean.

– Goodness. – Look at this.

My goodness.

It’s nice and soft.

There are 20 empty bottles here.

– Goodness. – Shall we go?

Yes. Are you okay with driving?

Here we go.

Let’s go.

– The weather was nice. – That’s a relief.

The air was much fresher outside.

Isn’t it the first time the three of us are going somewhere?

– Yes, it’s nice. – It is nice.

I’m looking forward to going to Dongmyo…

because I’ve never been to the toy street there.

It’s a fun area.

I saw Ryeo Won visit.

(There is a toy wholesale market across the street.)

(He has a lot of memories in Dongmyo.)

(Let’s have a men’s party.)

That’s when you brought it up.

That’s right.

We need to have as much fun as the women did.


We’ll have fun.

The car shook a lot.

It’s a manual car.

– Why? – It’s more fun.

I don’t think we can have as much fun as the women did.

He looks dazed.

I felt nauseous.

Si Eon wasn’t feeling good in the back either.

It was a novel experience.

He looks sick.

Drive carefully.

My goodness.

You were very sick.

– I was very sick too. – Really?

Look how tired I look.

Hand me a black plastic bag when we get off.

I feel like I’m going to be sick.

– Open the window. – It was that bad?

– I had acid reflux. – I wasn’t joking.

I had acid reflux.

(Having acid reflux)


It’s very realistic.

I feel like I’m in a storage room.

(Clearing his throat)

Dust kept piling up.

(He keeps clearing his throat.)

The car and the house both have fine dust.


I haven’t had this feeling for a long time.

You don’t easily get carsick now.

It feels like I’m in 1988.

This is a feeling I haven’t had for a long time.

I feel sick.

(They drive on as they get carsick.)

(They finally arrive at Dongmyo.)

– That was hard. – I can’t wait to get off.

– We’re here. – I need to get out.

I feel much better.

I felt so much better when I got out of the car.

– It was so refreshing. – You’re escaping the car.

It was a great choice to take the motorcycle to the market.

(It was slow, but they didn’t get carsick.)

(It was a pleasant drive.)

Let’s go.

This is a really fun street.

I’ve been there and it’s fun.

There is so much to enjoy.

– What is that? – I smell a stationary store.

– It smells like stationary. – I know that smell.

My parents used to own a stationary store.

– Really? – Yes.

It’s Tetsujin 28-go.

– I haven’t seen that for a while. – Amazing.

They made it well.

– What is that? – It’s a figure sitting down.

That’s cool.

This is exciting.

I think we’ll find something here.

They have a lot of stuff.

(They see various toys.)

It’s a chick.

Why do you like things like horses and chicks?

(In the summer)

Do you still carry the horse around?

No, but I still have it.

This is amazing.

Didn’t you say you want to be a warrior?

Yes, a warrior that kills zombies.

– Here. – That’s nice.

(He finds a weapon for the warrior.)

(This is nice.)

(Swinging it)

Why are you suddenly doing Taekkyeon?

It’s Muay Thai.

– Look at all this. – They have wigs.

I heard they sold many for Halloween.

I think this is perfect for Hyun Moo.

It’ll make him look like a slave from 100 years ago.

(A slave from 100 years ago)

– Kian84, wear this. – What?

It’s a hat for kindergartners.

(He turns into a kid.)

– That’s nice. – It looks cute.

– It’s nice. – What about you?

I’m not going to wear one.

Si Eon is good at finding things. I was surprised.

Those who know what to find see it easily.

(Hyun Moo shows interest in a muscular costume.)

You’re only looking for items for yourself.

I was only looking for my things.

They even have a Superman costume.

– Where? – Here.

– Superman? – It’s Spiderman.

Don’t look for cool costumes, but ones you’re going to wear.

This will look good on you.


– I don’t like it. – I’m sorry.

You need to look like a zombie.

Can’t I be Batman?

Batman looks too good.

Can’t we choose costumes that look good?

My dream was to become Batman.

– It was? – Yes.

I like Batman.

Can I buy the Batman costume?

– Can’t I be Batman? – Just buy it.

– I want one. – You’re like a little kid.

He loves Batman.

He bought a Batmobile in LA.

– That’s right. – It’s Batman.

(This car)

I’ll buy this for you, but you have to do as I say.

– No. – Wait.

– I won’t buy it. – Come on.

I’ll buy it for you and you do as I say.

Do as you say?

– At the shoot? – Yes.

– I bought you for 29 dollars. – Let’s go.

Si Eon is cheap.


– Is this everything? – Yes.

Hyun Moo.

(He calls Hyun Moo.)

Why are you putting them on me?

Didn’t you play with handcuffs when you were young?

It was popular when I was young.

Should we buy it for Na Rae?

“This is me”.

(This is me.)

We bought it for you.


Yes, tighten the cuffs.

– What are you doing? – What are you doing?

We bought them.

Why are you handcuffing her?

(You know how I feel, right?)

(Trust me, Kian84.)

This is me.

You live in Namcheon-dong, don’t you?

It’s been upgraded.

That’s right.

Do that again.

(I love it.)

I’m glad we bought it.

– Thank you. – Thank you.


– Si Eon is from Busan. – Yes, I am.

– It’s a sword. – A sword?

– Blow it up – Yes.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

It’s this.

It’s a nice sword.

I like it.

You got several things.

– There is so much to see. – Seriously.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(They walk pass the alley where there is a lot to see.)

Did we buy everything?

– No. – What do you need?

We need to find wigs.

We need one for Si Eon.

Hyun Moo.

That was very cute.

That’s a popular item.

(Among idol groups,)

(and even Ma Dong Seok loves it.)

The ears lighted up.

– You should’ve bought one. – That’s right.


(Can’t take her eyes off of it)

– That’s so cute. – Wear it around.

Walk down garosu-gil wearing it.


Will we wear it?

– Let’s buy it. – It’s cute.

– It’s so cute. – It’s for team building.

If nothing else works out for the shoot,

let’s just all wear this.

That’s a good idea.

– You’re a rabbit. – I’m a white rabbit.

– You’re wearing the right color. – You’re a rabbit.

– That’s so cute. – If you…

upset me,

I’ll make you pay.


I’ll make you pay.

So make sure you listen to me.

Okay, Hyun Moo.

Should I lift this ear when you talk?

– You can lift one ear. – It’s so cute.

I’m listening, Hyun Moo.

– What? – What?

– What? – What did you say?


Look at this store.

It’s a Christmas store.

This is amazing.

Look at this.

– Christmas. – Christmas is coming.

They have rings.

How do you find those things?

– Can’t we each wear one? – Hurry up.

I’m hungry.

Wait a second.

You went to buy props for the calendar shoot.

You aren’t there to buy matching rings.

I brought that ring.

– Me too. – Really?

– Did you bring it? – Yes.

– Really? – It’s cute.

Let me see.

– It lights up. – Oh, wow.

– It’s cute. – 1, 2, 3.


(Men’s group forever)

– Hyun Moo. – Hey.

Si Eon kept picking things up.

You’ll soon be able to wear that.


Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

(Bursts into laughter)

We bought so many things.

(They finish shopping.)


Lift the right ear if someone speaks from the right.

(They greet everyone.)

This store has so many things to see.

– Cars. – We don’t care about the calendar.

You’re just buying things.

It’s a trip to Dongmyo.

That one is 11 dollars.

You don’t move it with your hand.


What is it?


– Oh, wow. – It evolves.

It was very interesting.

(It turns into a robot and moves around.)

It moves.

It even moves forward as a car.

That’s amazing.

They have all kinds of things.

I forgot why we were there.

(It turns back into a robot.)

– It was so interesting. – Is this how you move it?

There it goes.

We forgot our purpose.

This is amazing.

He’s totally into it.

(It makes sharp turns and moves fluidly.)

I think we need this for the shoot.

I think I need this.

– I need this. – Why do you need that?

Why do you need that?

Be honest. I really want this.

This is great.

This is bad. You are getting greedy.

I forgot the theme of the calendar when I saw that.

Men are all kids.

– That was cool. – Wasn’t it?

I think we need this for the shoot.

It can help me fight zombies.

Can you buy me a Lamborghini?

A Lamborghini?

– Here. – A Lamborghini.

I think we need this for the Joseon Dynasty.

No, we don’t.

They forgot their purpose…

and are there to buy toys.

(The idiots are absorbed in the toys.)

– Aren’t you going to buy one? – Me?

– I’ll buy you one. – He already took mine.

He’s already ringing it up.

Kian84 is fast.

– Goodness. – Unbelievable.

When you go to a stationary store as a kid,

there are so many things you want.

– It was like that. – We all feel that.

I wanted to buy it for no reason.

It was like a wonderland.

There were many costumes and party props.

They even had robots that transform.

I loved it.

I felt like I was a kid again.

Children and adults are the same when playing with toys.

We weren’t able to have all that when we were young.

I think that’s why…

we still love toys so much.

– All right. – Let’s eat there.

Should we eat standing?

(They go to a snack shop to relieve their hunger.)

– Let’s eat standing. – This looks delicious.

Let’s put all this down.

We look like wholesale dealers.

What would you like?

We’ll have two portions of tteokbokki,

– fried food, sundae… – Sundae.

We’ll also have a fish cake each.

All right.

– Two portions. – This is driving me crazy.

We need to dip fried food in it.


– Can we have some fried food? – Mix everything in it.


You need to mix everything in sundae.

(They each have a fish cake as soon as they order.)

– Fish cake is the best at markets. – You’re right.

– Here. – Thank you.

Hyun Moo.

Do you want sundae?

– Yes. – Yes.

– Is this two portions? – Yes.

How is it so much?

The portions were huge.

You need to dip fried food in it.

We were just going to relieve our hunger.

It looks so good.

(They had a full meal.)

Did you starve, Kian84?

Do you need anything else?

– They gave us so much. – You ate everything.

We weren’t planning to, but it smelled so nice.

(Shoveling it in)

(He has one more ladle full of fish cake broth.)

– That’s so refreshing. – We should’ve had noodles.

You’re right. We ate more than a bowl of noodles.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

– Bye. – Thank you.

(Thank you.)

You couldn’t just leave.

The broth was so good.

(They reboost their energy with the deep broth.)

All right.

Let’s go.

The rabbits are leaving.

It’s hot.

– Good job. – It’s hot.

It’s really hot. The temperature range is huge.

(They drive for a long time.)

Why can’t I pull the seat belt out?

It keeps tightening.

– Oh, no. – It was weird.

– Let me breathe. – Oh, no.

I can’t pull the seat belt out.

– That’s safer. – He’ll suffocate.

– He said that’s safer. – That’s uncomfortable.

– You can pull it out. – I’m going to cut this seat belt.

It’s only been a year since I bought that car.

(While he is struggling with the seat belt in the back seat,)

(they arrive at the destination.)

– We have so much stuff. – Yes, we do.

(Where are they headed?)

I came 4 or 5 years ago.

It looks like an abandoned house.

They have an amusement park here.

– Oh, wow. – It’s scary.

I don’t like the atmosphere.

(Rides and statues are abandoned around the place.)

(It even has unidentified objects.)

(You’ve never been to a place like this, have you?)

– This is interesting. – Hi.

– Hi. – Do we pay here?


(They pay the entrance fee.)

– All right. – Do you have tickets?

(They go in.)

– It’s spacious. – Yes.

– Hi. – You were setting up.

He’s the best photographer in Korea.

You came early.

I had to bring a lot of equipment.

– Put your makeup on first. – Okay.

What should we start with?

The light makeup.

It’s hard to take it off once you put it on.

Let’s start with the old school theme since it doesn’t require any.

– Over there? – Yes.

Hye Jin should have gone…

and helped you with it.

She’ll look too good,

so she shouldn’t be part of it.

Check this out.

Put it on.

Are you the focus of this shoot?

– You look like Kim Mousse, – Kim Mousse.


I love that style.

– You look good in it. – What is it?

What is it?

You look like a cartoon character.

You look like a cartoon character.

Should I cover you?

It’s okay.

(Hyun Moo gets changed too.)

– Hyun Moo. – Oh, no.

What are you doing?

Hyun Moo, here.

– The cute glasses? – Yes.

I look cuter than the minions when I’m wearing these.

– You look cute. – Don’t I?

Should I create a cartoon character?

(He doesn’t know how he looks.)

You look like a Japanese comedian.

A Japanese comedian.

You’ll use this microphone with this costume.

I don’t think I should wear these.

It takes away the retro look.

– You need to hold this microphone. – Of course.

Don’t I look cool?

Is that what you think?

– Are you a fly? – Are those sunglasses or a ribbon?

Let’s go.

This is nice.

– It won’t collapse, will it? – Of course not.

(They start their shoot.)

That will help emphasize the retro look.

It was very old.

(Childhood memories of the ride…)

Look at that.

(and the touch of a retro DJ)

(How will the photo turn out?)

Hyun Moo and Kian84…

– can sit here. – Okay.

Si Eon will do what he’s doing.

Let’s go.

If the concept is Disco Pang Pang,

someone should fall off.

It’s an intense ride.

(He wants something like this.)

For now,

we will pretend this ride is going slow.

Let’s put some distance between the two of you.

You are the director.

Let’s put some distance between the two of you.

He came up with the concept and directed the shoot.

That’s right.

Si Eon is the director.

(Si Eon is the director for the first shoot.)

On the count of three, raise your legs.

– Okay. – 1, 2, 3.

Very nice!

– Very nice! – That was nice.

That was nice.

I almost broke my back.

– Very nice! – My back hurts.

(Only the director is satisfied.)

On the count of three, jump.

The photographer will count to three.

Make sure you press the shutter button.

1, 2, 3.


(Their screams fill the space.)

Hold on.

1, 2, 3.

My goodness.

(The photographer continues to yell, “1, 2, 3.”)

It took forever.

(Only the DJ is excited at this disco pang pang.)

– What is this? – The focus is on the mural, not us.

– We are hardly visible. – No one will know who we are.

Everyone wants to stand out.

Let’s do something dynamic.

Why don’t the members jump…

instead of sitting?

You want one of us to roll on the floor, right?

That’s the last shot.

Do you want to try it?

I will show you a jump.

I will show you the power of an old man.

This is what I want.

Focus on me…

so that the background is blurry.

I am doing that.

(They won’t even be visible.)

My goodness.

– What’s the point of a group photo? – Listen.

This is my shoot.

Jump on the count of three.

1, 2, 3.

Again. 1, 2, 3.

What are they doing?

No one will know who we are.

I can only make out Michael Jackson.

It’s a part of my plan.

Michael Jackson grabs your attention.

Shall we change positions? This is getting a bit monotonous.

Why don’t you play a DJ who rides with the customers?

Sometimes, DJs move to the center.

– People wouldn’t know you are a DJ. – I know.

People would think you are a mad middle-aged man.

You know what’s popular these days, right?

– If I do this… – You shoot out wind.

That’s the shot.

(Do you mean something like this?)

(Shooting out wind)

Let’s do it.

If you pretend to shoot out wind, we will jump back.

– I will stand like this. – Okay.

– Please count to three. – Hold on.

Okay. Keep on going, okay?

1, 2, 3.


The photographer began to take sequence photos.

– It was exhausting. – What is this?

Are you celebrating Dano?

It looks like you are jumping ropes.

The two of you should jump in sync…

– one last time. – Let’s synchronize our jump.

1, 2, 3.

– I bet he got a good shot. – That’s how you do it.

I think you missed my face.

(Did they get it this time?)

This one is nice.

(They get an okay this time.)

All right.

This is…

Let’s move on to your next idea.

– Did it require makeup? – There is no next idea.

Makeup? What was your next idea?

We need to go into the water.


Wouldn’t we freeze to death?

What should we do? Should we go with my idea?

– Let’s do that, Bong Ji Eun. – Okay.

(They go to shoot “College King”.)

– I can’t wait to see it. – It was…

I think “College King” will be a fun concept.

– The shoot is going well. – I know.

– I felt so bad for Hyun Moo. – Why is it so long?


(He did this to Hyun Moo.)

He looks a bit scary.

Doesn’t he look scary?

Do I look like Bong Ji Eun?

I don’t know. Let’s keep going.

I might look cuter with a hat.

– He looks pretty. – Who is he supposed to be?


(She hates it.)

– He looks pretty. – He does, right?

Why does he look pretty?

Why don’t I look pretty like him?

– Why don’t I look pretty like him? – Do I look pretty?

Do I look pretty?

– Come here. – Do I look like Bong Ji Eun?

(He is a pretty one who doesn’t know that he is pretty.)

– You look a bit scary. – Why do you say that?

You look grotesque.


There are some people who look scarier with long hair.

– I know what you mean. – It’s a bit like that.

Raise it a bit.

Maybe he should be Bong Ji Eun.

No, it’s decided.

Hold on.

All right.

He looks like a beggar!

(He looks like a beggar!)

(His looks remind them of cheerful music.)

Give him an empty can.

A beggar.

People like him are good at cutting taffy.

My goodness.

Why don’t I cut my hair like Kim Chang Joo?

– You should cut your hair. – Will you do that?

– Cut it. – That’s right. It’s too long.

He acts like my manager.


– For goodness’ sake. – What?

(Bong Ji Eun’s tennis skirt makes him flustered.)

– Hurry up. – Bong Ji Eun.

What are we doing?

What are we doing outside?

(Kian84 completes Chang Joo’s bob haircut.)

He is good at cutting hair.

I had to cut his hair.

For goodness’ sake.

(Ji Eun complains as he takes off his pants.)

– Doesn’t he look similar now? – Cutting his hair did the job.

– He is like a slave hunter. – You look similar.

(He looks like he was hunting slaves.)

(There is a big resemblance.)

(He sees the resemblance.)

(Na Rae dressed up as a slave hunter once.)

(I am full.)

That meme will never cease to be funny.

A slave hunter.

A slave hunter.

I am Woo Ki Myung.

He was the only one who looked cool.

Every concept was like that.

(Si Eon happily checks the photos.)

This is nice.

I like this photo.

Hyun Moo is hiding.

My goodness.

My goodness.

My goodness. My goodness.

(He has a broad back.)

This is like the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Hyun Moo, tuck your top into the skirt.

You pay attention to details.

You have nice legs.

My legs are like SHINee’s.

I look pretty.

(Even my silhouette looks pretty.)

(The memories of the shoot makes Kian89 choke.)

What’s taking Hyun Moo so long?

Are you ready?

(Woo Ki Myung wants to see Bong Ji Eun.)

Ki Myung.

The background music is perfect.

Ki Myung.

(A man with long hair continues to look for Ki Myung.)

For goodness’ sake.

– He is a girl in a university. – He looks cute.

I look cute.

Ki Myung.

(He forgot to shave his legs.)

(Kian84 takes a step back.)

Kian84 is startled.

It’s scary.

(Woo Ki Myung is shocked.)

How long is Bong Ji Eun’s hair?

She has a bob haircut. I will cut your hair.

Show me Bong Ji Eun’s face.

– What? – Do I look similar?

– Show me the webtoon. – Save for the face, you do.

Save for her face, I don’t remember her looks.

(I don’t remember her looks.)

The photographers are keeping quiet.

Don’t run away.

You need to conclude this.

– This is her. – They probably want to leave.

– What? She is really cute. – This is her.

– She is really cute. – I can’t be her.

She is a university student.

– Okay? – The hairstyle is similar.

– Really? – I can give you a haircut.

I should cut it to here.

You should cut it since you drew the webtoon.

Instead of looking fresh, he looks aged.

Will people know who I am supposed to be?

Of course they will. My webtoon gets many views.

I hope they will see me as a woman.

Hyun Moo.

– You look like her. – Bong Ji Eun?

Her bangs are forked.

(He gets everything right except for the face.)

I will give your bangs a trim.

Hold on.

(Ki Myung works on the details.)

It’s not your real hair, is it?

– I hope I don’t cut it. – Are you cutting my real hair?

I can’t tell.

You should see the difference.

(He avoids Hyun Moo’s real hair…)

(and gives him forked bangs.)

What is that?

– My goodness. – What is that?

(He looks pretty much like Bong Ji Eun.)

You are set, Hyun Moo.

Who is he supposed to be?

He is Chang Joo.

Who is he supposed to be?

He is Chang Joo.

(He is Chang Joo.)


(Is he an executioner?)

– A son of a rich family. – A son of a rich family?

Is there an executioner in the webtoon?


I really look like a beggar.

Let’s go.

He looks like a beggar.

Here is what I think.

I am a university student and you are a first year.

– He is… – A first year?

Yes, you are 20 years old.

20 years old?

He took a 30-year-old break before he enrolled.

He is “College King”.

20 years old?

(What is that?)

Can you remove my leg hair with photoshop?



My goodness.

– Now… – Hold on.

– My goodness. – Hold on.

Did you wear fur pants?

– I wore UGG boots. – My goodness.

You know who Chang Joo is, right?

The two of us are getting to know each other.

That’s right.

Then you joined us as a third wheel.

It’s an uncomfortable situation.

When I am in the middle,

they would hold hands behind my back.

Like this,

the two of you could face each other.

My goodness.

– His hand is really thick. – Exchange looks…

behind my back.

His hand is really thick.

Why is your hand so stiff?

– Let’s walk. – Your skin is rough.

You could sit…

on a hill.

This is my first time to wear a skirt.

It’s cool and nice.

It’s good to take off my pants.

– You might become addicted. – I felt like I was naked.

This would be a good choice.

They could ride together while I am alone behind them.

I can’t help but do this.

(Hyun Moo tries to get used to a skirt.)

I couldn’t help but do that.

– The two of you can ride together. – Shall we do this first?

– Let’s do this first. – Okay.


– It might not turn. – It turns.

It turns.

Once you take a seat,

I will turn it.

– You two can go on the yellow one. – The yellow one?

Si Eon.

Wait. Isn’t that a beggar?

Why is he…

Ride together?

– We have to ride together. – You two are in love.

– I don’t want to do it either. – This is crazy.

I don’t want to do it either.

(This is crazy.)

I feel like I’m not wearing pants. It feels really weird.

Let’s hurry up and get it over with.


– It bugged me. – He’s careful.

– The skirt makes me act like this. – What?

– Right. You must. – Now I understand why women do it.

– Seriously? – Yes.

(Bong Ji Eun boards carefully.)

Why did I bring this up?

There’s hair.

(He almost looked undignified.)


Hey. This skirt is too short.

It’s inconvenient to wear a skirt…

– to an amusement park. – I know.

We are flirting. We need to look sweet.

You two pretend to be sweet,

and Si Eon in the back doesn’t care.

– Just enjoy the ride. – The skirt is too short.

That’s Dae Gil. Dae Gil.

(Hey, Dae Gil.)

Smile. You need to smile.

(A sweet couple and one slave hunter)

(So, they start to get emotional.)

What is that?

(One autumn day when the wind was cold,)

(a 20-year-old girl knocked on a returnee student’s heart.)

It’s disgusting.

I hate this filter.

– It’s a dirty filter. – How dirty.

It’s a dirty filter.


– My goodness. – Isn’t he somewhat cute?

Somewhat. Yes.

(Acting cute)

– I hate this. – Are you acting?

I hate how you look pretty.

You hate it because I look pretty.

(With Chang Joo who’s looking for Dae Gil,)

(their autumn is recorded in each photo.)

– What a good photo. – He’s a good photographer.

This photo looks more retro.

Right. It’s a good one.

(It’s fatally young.)

– He’s just… – A slave hunter.

(When they were enjoying in their own way…)

How about cuddling?


They should kiss.

How about cuddling?

(Ki Myung lowers his eyes in front of Ji Eun’s beauty.)

What’s with that look?

(Hyun Moo directs acting with a slap.)

– We’re flirting. – I can’t focus.

Oh, I shouldn’t do this.

What do I do? Stay like this?

(It’s already hard enough to focus.)

It bugs me so much that it might show.

I feel like I’m wearing my underwear only.

It feels naked.

– It was the first time. – I’ll pretend you’re a woman.

– Of course it feels naked. – I’ll approach you to kiss,

– and you back out. – Like this?

How about this?


You’re not smelling, are you?

(They concentrate again.)

What a beautiful…

Oh, my goodness.

– It’s frightening. – He must shoot in the distance.

He has such thick hair.

It’s really frightening.

(Ki Myung approaches.)

(Ji Eun is coy.)

(His friend is bugged.)

(Method of acting out from the cartoon)

– Maybe I should become an actor. – That’s a good one.

Everyone’s good.

So I don’t like it.

(Their best acting makes you frown.)

(Next week)

What? Next week?

It stops here?

(Their emotions go beyond the line.)

(If there is an inferno,)

(this must be it.)

(Time to come back down to earth)

(What’s with that face?)

(Terrible calendar gate that makes you regret seeing it)

(No one knows why they’re doing this.)

(Am I an executioner?)

(Method of acting to be remained on the calendar)

(He’s really biting it.)

(President Jun who shows off a green old age…)

(and the guys who returns with best acting)

(What on earth are they doing?)


(Uselessly high quality photos greet them.)

(Their greed doesn’t stop.)

(What were you three doing?)


(I’ve seen this face on “Ureme”.)

(Hong Kong Granny Ghost)

(The more it goes,)

(the worse they get next week.)


(The guest of Rainbow Live appears.)

(Hello, I Live Alone viewers. I’m Actor Jung Hae In.)

(The sweet young man…)

(starts a fire in Na Rae’s heart.)

(I love it.)

(She flounders in the young man’s addictive charm.)

(How about going sexier?)

Who’s your ideal type?

(She asks a parade of sexy questions without breathing.)

(What do I do?)

(He even joins the Rainbow Club?)

(The Trendy Young Man and a Funny Woman Who’s Good at Dubbing)

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