Drama Korea I Live Alone Episode 268 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea I Live Alone Episode 268 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: I.Live.Alone.E268.181116-NEXT-VIU

– Good to see you. – Yes.

– It’s already middle of November. – Yes.

We always prepare something at time this of the year.

What? The year-end party?

– There is a year-end party, – Yes.

but the calendar.

– Oh, calendar. – Rainbow calendar.

It’s already time to make it.

(Starting with Hyun Moo’s self-calendar in 2017,)

(it contained photos of members in various costumes.)

(Fat seagull in 2017)

(Rainbow life guide in 2018)

(It was filled with a different theme every year.)

I don’t need to say it.

I’m sure it includes our trip to LA.

– We also must not miss this. – What?


– Emergency. – Emergency meeting?

(Emergency meeting of Rainbow Club on the day of scandal announcement)


(Say hi to my girlfriend.)

(The emergency meeting caused a romantic shock.)

– Let’s not include it. – Why not?

There are photos we must include,

but we only added your birthdays for anniversary.

If you have any other ideas, let’s share it.


day of reborn.

– Dhalsim and Kian84. – The rebirth day?

(The model sister presented him with the 2nd part of life.)

(After a wild man,)

(a patient,)

(and a caterpillar,)

(he was reborn with a cute theme.)

He was reborn, but he’s back to his old self.

People should always be the same.

That’s how scary people’s bodies can be.

The instinct to go back.

I don’t know about anything else,

but I’m going to add August 24.

– Why? – What about August 24?

The day President Jun is reelected.

– You must exclude it. – You must exclude it.

– Don’t you dare include that date. – Get rid of August 24.

As I was reelected on August 24,

I signed an almost lifelong contract.

– With whom? – With whom?

– With myself. – What?

“Let’s try harder.”

– How shocking. – And stamp.

We have Rainbow Live ready.

I heard someone very close to Na Rae is coming.

– I call him bro. My bro. – Bro.

Then how does he call you?

– He calls me Brother. – “Brother.”

– He’s a man. – Yes.

The best fisherman in the variety show.

Microdot. Come on.


(He debuted in a hip hop duo All Black.)

(17-year-old Dok2, 14-year-old Microdot)

(Now he sweeps the stage as he performs.)

(The trendy rapper Microdot)

(A shoulder greeting like bros.)

– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you my foot. – Hold on.

– You’ve met before. – When was he here?

Oh, right.

Were you on “Happy Together”?

– Yes. – Right.

They don’t remember.

(Microdot danced the Maori dance.)

(And this man was awestruck by it.)

Good job.

– I… – Didn’t you know I was there?

He didn’t take care of me at all.

(The truth teller from New Zealand)

– Why didn’t you take care of me? – When?

Oh, my. You even took a photo together.

Am I in the photo?

– You are. – Oh, my. You’re here.

He’s in the photo.

I know. What are you doing?

I was a big fan.

Honestly after the show,

it felt like someone put me in the washer,

ran for an hour and a half…

and just left me in there.

– I was also on that show before. – Yes.

He was spinning together.

We kept spinning together.

– I’ll take good care of you today. – Okay.

I was having a hard time back then.

– Pleasure to meet you. – Yes.



you told Na Rae…

that you really wanted to be on this show.

Actually for a few months,

I kept telling her I wanted to be on here.

When I finally got the call,

Na Rae didn’t tell the crew.

I did tell them once,

but why…

How do you feel to be here?

(How do you feel to be here?)

You’re flustered, aren’t you?

It feels familiar.

I don’t watch any shows regularly,

but I always watched I Live Alone.

I’ve always wanted to sit in the center chair.

(I’ve always wanted to sit in the center chair.)

– I’ll let you sit there. – Thank you.

I’m very happy right now.

– I didn’t know. – He’s a big fan.

Actually when I turn the TV on,

I Live Alone is on six different channels.

– Right. – That’s true.

It’s the same show at same time,

but you look different in every one of them.

– That’s right. – He has puffy eyes in one.

He looks normal in the other.

– “Normal.” – “Normal.”

(His puffiness differs in each channel.)

It’s the first time to reveal Microdot’s life…

– on the land instead of ocean. – Yes.

It’s the very first time.

I’m actually nervous.

Let’s watch now.

(One tough guy’s non-possessive life)

(Sunlight enters the room directly.)

(A man is hiding from the sunlight.)

I didn’t put the curtains up.


(He wakes up buried in a blanket.)

It’s cold because it’s close to the window.

Goodness. Drafty windows?

Why won’t you put the curtains up?

Do it for me.

You want me to?

Sure. Since I was wrong in “Happy Together”, I will do it.


There are five large windows in my house.

(There are many.)

Why are there so many windows in your house?

It’s all windows in the living room.



(Let’s wake up now.)

(He wakes up with his face wrapped.)

(He throws with the right hand.)

(He throws with the left hand.)

(The bed is made after two touches.)

(He goes outside.)

– What? – What’s wrong with the living room?

– I thought it was the sales office. – My gosh.

(The table looks like a display.)

(In the kitchen…)

– Nice. – The fridge.

– Why isn’t there a fridge? – I don’t have a fridge.

– What about TV? – That’s the living room.

(It’s messy without TV.)

It’s only recent since I started living on my own.

You used to live with your brother.

Did he take all the appliance when he moved out?

Here’s what happened.

I was barely at home due to work.

I gave things you need immediately to my brother.

I told him I’ll buy new.

– You’ll buy new? – Yes.

So I live without it.


a musician, Microdot.


You’ll probably introduce me on I Live Alone.

It’s been…

almost a month…

since I started living on my own.

– He’s cute. – He’s cute.

(He moves diligently.)

(He finds Wilson.)


(He’s old enough to touch anything interesting.)

Why would you poke his eye?

I actually didn’t know what these rainbow bears were.

“Rainbow bear.”

– Wilson. – Right. Wilson.

(Rainbow Bear)

(Let me organize the rack first.)

(He moves it with one hand.)

(Hidden behind his innocence…)

Oh, my.

He’s physically powerful.

– He’s strong. – He’s strong.

I’m too powerful.

Look at his calves.

I thought he was Yoon Jeong Su.

He also likes to work out.

(He’s a muscular exercise mania.)

Check out his arms.

– They’re kind of thick. – Do you work out?


– It’s like a thigh. – Do you work out?

It’s amazing.

(His arm’s too big to wrap around with two hands.)

– I exercise a lot. – Goodness.

– It’s become bigger than before. – Oh, my gosh.

Look at this.

He works out so much that he’s almost addicted to it.

I love working out.

It’s iron. He’s Iron Man.

You know Tae Won Seok?

(He handed protein shake…)

(to Si Eon who is exhausted from waiting.)

He works out in the morning…

and again at night.

He’s my species.

– Species? – Species?

– Is everything about fishing? – He’s a human.

– Species? – Species?

– Is everything about fishing? – He’s a human.

(Hairtail Hye Jin)

I’ve seen many people like him.

– He uses species often. – Right.

He says species because he fishes a lot.

“He’s my species.”

(It’s all for exercise.)

(He drags it to his face.)

I move things to my way.

Instead of moving myself.

Most things including the couch.

(He organizes neatly.)

(Let’s see.)

(Suffocating multi-layer structure)

– Oh, my goodness. – Oh, my goodness.

The water bottle is like this.

– Let’s buy a fridge. – Yes.

(Older brother is worried about the younger brother.)

(He grabs a bottle or water.)


(He lifts his Adam’s apple roughly.)

– What’s he doing? – What’s that?

(Bottoms up.)

I have a big Adam’s apple.

(He takes something out and disappears.)

(The tough guy’s next schedule is…)


(putting on a face mask.)

(Did you not wash up?)

I normally do it without washing up.

– Just a little bit of water. – What?

– You put it on without washing up? – I just put it on.

I didn’t commit a crime.


I actually didn’t know I had to wash up before I do that.

I washed my face clean…

the night before I went to bed.

I thought it’d be still clean.

You have to wash your face before putting it on.

Does your face get dirty while you’re sleeping?

– Yes. – Your face becomes oily.

Your face becomes oily.

– But… – You have to wash it off.

It’s better than not putting it on.

I started it only recently.

I’m exposed to sunlight quite a lot.

(He hangs out the laundry.)

(He grabs one sock.)


(And it shakes.)

(It’s critical even if you just brush past.)

When I slap the sock,

– it rolls then unrolls. – Does it wrap?

Then it’s straight.

(Rolling skill is normal.)

(Tough manual spin-dry)

(Surround sound)

Doesn’t it rip into pieces except the shoulder?

– You know how to do laundry. – That’s a good idea.

I’m like Cinderella.

I always did that when I lived with my brother.

– Really? – You’re good at housekeeping.

(He seems to take a rest finally.)

It doesn’t recognize my face.

(Face recognition failed.)

It couldn’t recognize my face.

I have no pocket.

(He keeps it in his side pocket.)

(Laundry is done.)

(He enters the kitchen without a break.)

(Let’s make breakfast.)

(Breakfast menu is…)

(protein supplement.)

(Pour enough water.)

(Sprinkle muscle powder.)

– Why do you take it? – I saw him eating chicken breast.

To restore my muscles…

since I work out too much.

(Here comes morning protein.)


(He stands at attention.)

– I drank it up. – You drink that up?

– That’s so much. – Yes.


(He washes the dishes right away.)

(After breakfast,)

(Microdot changed to go outside.)

He’s good at English.

He’s from New Zealand.

(He’s from New Zealand.)

(What’s that noise?)

Someone’s visiting.

– I was very glad. – Who is it?

Who is it?


Awesome. The fridge is here.

– Your fridge arrived? – Yes.

– I’ll enter. – Hello.

– Fridge, right? – Yes.

Would the regular fridge fit in here?

Yes, that’s enough.

– Really? – Yes.

Then I’ll put that in here, or how about here?

– Both of them. – “Both of them.”

– They’re one set, right? – Yes.

You bought two fridges?

Kimchi fridge is necessary…

– because I have a lot of fish. – Necessary?

Oh, you keep fish in kimchi fridge?

– Vegetables too. – You can keep it in regular fridge.

– No. – It’s a different temperature.

– To ripen. – Oh, ripe.

– Both of them. – They’re one set, right?

Wouldn’t it be cool to lay them out together?

– Yes. – Then…

let’s leave them here.

– Then the fridge… – What?

Why didn’t you put one in the kitchen?

What are you going to do about that space?

I’m thinking about putting a Christmas tree there.

– In the kitchen? – Yes.

Actually in other countries,

– Christmas trees are in a corner. – Why?

When they’re in a small space, gifts pile up.

– It’s cozy. – It piles up.

We always put it in front of windows in Korea.

You do that to see it from outside.

Then other people would think my family is happy.

– Yes. – By the window all the time.

– It’s always by the window. – It lights up.

I’ve never thought that way, but that sounds about right.

Showing others is important.

Fridge and kimchi fridge or…

kimchi fridge and fridge.

I’ll be the fridge.

– If I win, we’ll put that here. – Okay.

If you win,

kimchi fridge here. Rock-paper-scissors.



– Rock-paper-scissors? – What?

I play rock-paper-scissors for everything.

That probably has never happened to him in his life before.

– Ready or not, rock-paper-scissors. – Ready or not, rock-paper-scissors.

– Rock-paper-scissors. – Rock-paper-scissors.

(The engineer wins.)

– I lost. Fridge here. – Okay.

Fridge here and kimchi fridge here.


I feel like the fridge should come here.

It’s all right.

(They end up installing as Microdot said.)

Awesome. It’s huge.


(He opens the fridge.)

(He’s happy just to look at it.)

I was very happy.

Were you thinking of putting fish in it?

How did you know?

(He suddenly puts on the hoodie and touches his phone.)

Brother. I got my fridge.

When other people film…

hip hop music video in front of a car,

I’m going to do it in front of the fridge.

(Like this.)

(Cars and planes are too cliche.)

Check it out.

It’s full of swag.

When other people show off their cars, it’s the fridge for me.

That’s so like you.

– Yes? – We’re not done yet.

(He can’t take his eyes off the fridge.)

(They start building the fridge.)

My older brother used to say…

home is where you want to go back.

– Yes. – A place of recovery.

The moment I got the fridges,

I felt like home for the first time.

(Even before installation is over,)

(Microdot starts filling it up.)

(Vegetables are moving in early to the new fridge.)

(It’s finally installed.)

(He gives water to engineers who set up the fridge.)

– Here. – Thank you.

You give them water for working hard.

I wanted to give them sports drink, but I didn’t have any.

(He grabs something in his room.)

I paid this for myself.

This will grow your muscles big.

So I gave them protein bars instead.

– You gave them protein bars? – Yes.

That’s probably the first time in his life.

To receive a protein bar after installation.

– I can see it. – You can mark it.

It’s awesome.

– Can you take a picture of me? – Sure.

(Can you take a picture of me?)


(The engineer’s flustered by the customer’s request.)

How would you like the angle?

– Make my face look small. – It’s probably his first time.

– Right. – You already have a small face.

– I have a huge face. – How do I make it look small?

(I have a huge face.)

Oh, my goodness.

– He’s rich. – Never mind.

Fridge rich.

(He changes the angle following the pose.)

1, 2, 3.

(It means the world to the fridge rich.)

(Microdot who likes the new fridge)

I’ve never seen pictures like that.

– It’s the first time in my life. – Yes.

(A group picture on timer)

– Hold on. – Why are you taking a group photo?

Why are you taking a picture with him?

(Unexpected photo)

There was no one else to do it for us.

You two look like a duo.

Right? We look like we’ll release a mix tape for 2018.

– Like… – He’s a model.

(After shooting…)

– Thank you. – My pleasure.

– See you next time. – Yes. Bye.

– Thank you. – Bye.

Here it is.

(He brings something.)

(Let’s get started.)

He must be excited to fill up the fridge.

– Fish? – Yes.

What’s that?

– Fish… – Frozen?

I recently caught fish.

I asked the captain to ripen it.

He kept it frozen and delivered it on time.

– Awesome. – That’s sea bream.

– That’s sea bream. – That’s red sea bream.

– Red sea bream. – What’s that?

– That’s rockfish. – Rockfish.

There were also marbled rockfish and yellow tail.

– Yellow tail. – Yellow tail?

It’s yellow tail season because the water temperature dropped.

– Winter yellow tail is the best. – Yes.

Yellow tail is the best.

(He quickly finished putting fish away.)

If you caught anything good, bring it to Na Rae Bar.

I’ll send them any time.


(Microdot gets ready to go out.)

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Nice house.

It’s a rent.

I didn’t have much money when I moved in.

I still don’t.

You jog.

(Stimulating Jog84’s desire to jog,)

(he jogs lightly at first…)

(taking each step to the music.)

Do you jog every morning?

Yes, I jog if I don’t go to the gym.

It’s beautiful.

It’s really pretty.

– You’re right. – I love nature.

(He’s already sweating.)

You look like an athlete.

It reminds me of Korean National Training Center.

(With a vibe of an athlete,)

(he enjoys jogging on a nice day.)

(After finishing his jogging,)

(he arrives at his regular snack bar restaurant.)

– Hello. – Welcome.

– Hello. – Yes.

You go to the snack bar restaurant after working out?

Oh, my. That looks good.

That’s humane.

(High-calorie food will even out his exercise.)

Is flour tteokbokki better or rice tteokbokki?

– I still don’t know. – I can mix it for you.

– Mixed please. – Yes.

And a lot of soup please.

– For dipping. – Okay.

I would like a mix of sundae and liver.

Did you say you want rotten sundae and liver?

Of course.

– Rotten sundae and liver? – Yes.

– Rotten? – He said “Mix”.

– I said “Mix”. – Your pronunciation was off.

You want mixed sundae and liver, not rotten sundae and liver.


(He is cool.)

Would you give me the soup separately?

I would like to add it to my order.

– Kimchi gimbap. – He seems like a child now.

(Although Microdot ordered haphazardly,)

(she prepares the food methodically.)

(Steaming sundae)

Good luck.

Thank you.

– I will cheer you on. – Thank you.

Have a good day. Thank you.

(His hands are heavy with food.)

– You are carrying two bags. – Yes.

I heard that Microdot is a gourmand.

I am a gourmet and a gourmand.

– A gourmet and a gourmand. – Yes.

He eats a lot.

He has eaten 80 sushi in a single sitting.

– Really? – I ate 86 pieces.

– Really? – I ate 86 pieces.

– Weren’t you full? – I was full after the meal.

I went to have ramyeon afterward.


(Microdot arrives home.)

(He moves a parcel as soon as he comes home.)


– Don’t you have a table? – No.

My goodness.

(They are reminded of Kian84’s table setting.)

A lot of men who live alone eat this way.

– I gave you a table. – I don’t use it.

– Why not? – It’s a hassle to unfold it.

– My goodness. – “It’s a hassle to unfold it.”


You have to unfold it, wipe it, fold it, and put it away.

– It doesn’t take that long. – You simply unfold and fold it.

Someone wrote a comment,

“Kian84 lives only because he was born.”

That’s correct.

I live diligently, but…

“I guess I was born. Shall I live?”

– It’s fun to eat on the floor. – It is, right?

That’s right.

(He is comfortable.)

He is used to this.

It’s comfy to lean against the refrigerator.


(He stretches his body reverently.)

(The thought if eating food…)

(makes him shake his hands.)

(He begins to open the containers.)


(With nimble hands, he sets the table.)

Gosh, this is killing me.


(The menu of the day is the snack set.)

(Before he digs in,)

(he sets something up.)

I don’t have a TV.

He is the same as me.

There are cheap cell phone holders.

– Buy me one. – Hold on.

Buy me one.

– Hold on. – You can buy me one.

– I will buy a curtain… – A curtain.

– and a cell phone holder. – A cell phone holder.

Make sure you get those gifts from Hyun Moo.

(Even the cell phone holder shows that…)

(he is a natural man.)

It’s a fishing video.

Do you watch fishing videos?

Your life is “The Fishermen and the City”.

I love it.

What was the biggest fish you have caught?

– How big was it? – How many centimeters?

I have caught giant trevally…

and swordfish.

It was…


It weighed somewhere between 50 and 60kg.

Why did you look at Na Rae as you said that?

He looked at Na Rae and guessed the length.

That’s right.

Why did you do this?

It was bigger than a woman.

– No way. – I will show you photos.


Every photo on his SNS is about fishing.

This is a fishing account.

– Do you have a fishing account? – Yes, I do.

(His SNS is full of photos.)

Let’s see that one.

– It’s so big. – Let’s show this one.

– It’s twice as big as me. – Let’s show this one.

Its face is bigger than a person’s.

– My goodness. – There is a video.

I couldn’t even stand up. I had to sit down.

It was really nice.

Kian84 had deep-fried a fish head.

– Oh, my goodness. – I remember that.

This head won’t fit into a pan.

He will have to use an iron pot.

Thank you for the food.


When I eat snack food,

I always get separate soup…

so that I can dip fritters, sundae, and gimbap…

in it.

It goes well with everything.

I have dipped meat in the soup.

It’s tasty. It tastes like seasoned meat.

– It’s really tasty. – I bet it’s tasty.

Food dipped in tteokbokki soup tastes amazing.

That’s right.

(Dipping food is addictive.)

It looks delicious.

He is the manliest person.

The manliest person?

(This is it.)

(He dips sundae in the soup.)

I am craving sundae right now.

I really want to eat sundae.

(The taste makes his shoulders move.)

It has been a while.

– It looks delicious. – My goodness.

You should breathe as you eat.

(There is no time to breathe.)

(My goodness.)

(He dips…)

(and dips.)

Dip sundae.

(He is almost done with the meal.)

(It looks delicious.)

(He calls someone.)

– Hey, bro. – Jung Hwan.

Where are you?

He called Ahn Jung Hwan.

– What are you doing? – I am eating snack food…

after a jog in the neighborhood.

With your girlfriend?

No. Alone.


Do you want to play soccer this evening?

I can’t believe you asked Ahn Jung Hwan that.

(He makes friends easily.)

I want to stop playing soccer.

Are you turning me down?

It’s bad to play soccer at night when you are old.

Really? You are young.


After I run 500m, I need to walk 500m.

Then you should keep it within 500m.

– Jung Hwan. – You always have a retort ready.

Jung Hwan.

– All right. – Okay, Jung Hwan.

I have a question. You are friends with Lee Duk Hwa…

and Ahn Jung Hwan.

How did you become close to them?

– I call Duk Hwa “Big brother”. – “Big brother”.

– That’s right. – How about Lee Gyeong Gyu?

– “Big brother”. – Both of them are “Big brother”.

Who do you call by name?

The borderline starts…

– at the early 40s. – 40s.

What does that make me?

We call him “Sir”.

He is “Big brother”.

– “Big brother”. – “Big brother”…

– He is “Big brother”. – “Big brother”!

Am I “Big brother Hyun Moo” or “Hyun Moo”?

Hyun Moo.

That’s it.

Isn’t it awkward when you are with older people?

– It’s not awkward. – He doesn’t find it awkward.

Even when I lived in New Zealand,

I went fishing with my friend’s dad.

He makes friends very easily.

(He calls someone.)

Su Geun loves futsal.

– Big brother. – I am sorry.

What is wrong with your voice?

I just got up because the shoot ended late.

No way! I am sorry I woke you up.

It’s okay. It’s about time I wake up…

for the shoot.

– Thank goodness. – Yes.

I asked you if you can play soccer.

– I guess you can’t play. – I got gout.

– Did you get gout again? – I can hardly walk.

Gosh, I feel bad.

I heard the door open. Aren’t you walking right now?

I have to walk!

– He has to walk. – You should go to a hospital.

I took my medicine.

– This is chronic. – My goodness.

– I heard it hurts a lot. – Okay.

It drives you crazy.

All right.

(He ends the call.)

Food goes in a separate bin.

(A bit later)

(He puts on his shoes…)

(and goes to the kitchen.)

You are like a foreigner.

My home, my rules.

I vacuum the floor anyway.


It looks like you will get groceries.

– I have a new refrigerator. – He needs to fill it up.

It’s the best feeling.

(He will go and fill up his refrigerator.)

(With an excited heart,)

(he arrives at a nearby mart.)

I will buy groceries.

He looks like a burglar in “Home Alone”.


(He isn’t a burglar.)

[VIU Ver] E268 I Live Alone
“Microdot’s Packed Days”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(He looks around.)

(He finds something.)

There are eggs. I should get some eggs.

He pronounces “Eggs” in a funny way.

October 23rd.

October 25th.

(He checks the expiration date.)

– I am not home every day. – That’s right.

It would be a waste to throw them away.

(Something catches his eyes.)

(He gets drawn to the beer section.)

He loves beer.


18 dollars.

(He isn’t a burglar.)

(He filled the cart with beer.)

(He feels like he’s got the entire world to himself.)

(Should I start emptying the store?)

(He buys one.)

(He buys more.)

(He gets ice cream too.)

When you live alone, that’s the exciting part.

(He gets a box of tangerines.)

He’s got a big hand too.

He does.

I don’t mean your actual hands.

I mean you are a big spender.

He’s got big hands too.

His actual hands are big too.

(He got an elevator full of groceries.)

He bought loads.

Right. It’s not easy to buy that much…

when a man lives alone.

That’s intense.

(He gets stuck in between the elevator doors.)

He got over it.

(He heads home.)

(Why is he pressing the bell?)

They are my neighbors.

– Why? – Why?

I went to give them fruits.

– Why? – Sometimes…

They have kids.

During Chuseok, they brought me jeon.

They must’ve seen that I don’t live with my parents.

They once gave me fermented skate.

They gave me potatoes…

– farmed by their grandmother. – Really?

I sometimes give them honey from New Zealand.

I just leave it in front of the door.

When I have a shoot, I sometimes come home late.

– He’s very mature. – You are good neighbors.

They often give me things.

It’s really not easy to do.



thought about buying wine, but I didn’t know if you drink.

You give me food,

so I bought you some tangerines and pears.

– They live harmoniously. – Wait.

– Why? – I was cooking side dishes. Wait.

– Is she giving you more? – It was a perfect timing.

She was cooking.

Perhaps you smelled the food and went there?

– Intentionally? – Yes.

He knew she would be cooking by this time.

She gave me jeon and stir-fried anchovies.

– They were amazing. – Were they?

This is amazing.

Thank you.

It’s such a lovely sight.

– Thank you. – My goodness.

– That’s a lot. – I will bring these back.

I will come back with something else.

No. No.

You can return the empty containers.

– No way. Thank you. – My gosh.

It’s very rare to see a young man like him.

It’s like a public campaign advertisement.

– That never happens now. – It was amazing.

I should put these in the fridge first.



These are the very first side dishes going in the fridge.

Where should I put these?

(The neighbor’s love enters the new fridge.)


(It’s nicely placed on one side.)

They are the very first side dishes in my fridge.

The focus is on the side dishes.


(He carries the groceries.)

(He carries everything all at once.)

Life is all about one shot.

One shot.

No matter how many bags there are, I move them all at once.

– Right. – I hate going back and forth.

Let’s go.

I am excited.

You feel the best when you fill the fridge.

It felt amazing.

The ice creams must’ve melted.

– Beer. – My goodness.

(He fills every compartment with beer in an orderly fashion.)

(They are standing in single file.)

That feels the best.

– It was like a rainbow. – Did it feel like a rainbow?

(Is this every man’s dream?)

(He filled the fridge with beer.)

It looks great.

Chicken fever.

(What’s inside the box?)

It’s chicken breast.

– Is it to build muscles? – Yes.

My gosh.

I ordered

These chicken breasts

My goodness.

He bought so much of it.

He’s a big spender.

(He got too excited because of the fridge.)

(He cools it off with an ice pack.)

You lose hair if your hair is too hot.

You lose hair if your hair is too hot.

(He prevented the hair loss.)

(He’s done organizing the fridge.)

(The side dish compartment is fairly empty.)

(But his fridge is filled with the things he likes.)

(He cleans the floor too.)

(He uses his hand to clean.)

That’s how my dad used to clean the floor.

I am too lazy to run a vacuum cleaner.

It’s all filled up. That’s done.

Good fridge.

Good boy.

(He’s been busy all day.)

(Is he going to rest now?)

Welcome to my office.

(The master angler…)

(starts something again.)

Is he working on the music?

(We’ve forgotten about…)

(Microdot’s real profession.)

(He’s been rapping since he was nine.)

He was really cute then.

My gosh. He was so cute.

(He was born to be a musician.)

You worked with Dok2.

(Microdot is a rapper…)

(beloved for his explosive energy on stage.)

(He goes back to who he was before he became the angler.)

(Showing off his professionalism,)

(Microdot works on the lyrics.)

Actually, I am…

always working. I work in the car.

I work a lot while working out.

You work whenever you get inspired.

I am always writing down lyrics.

I was in the waiting room a while ago.

I thought of a line, so I wrote it down.

I sympathize with him.

Spending more time on something doesn’t mean it will be better.

– Right. – Right.

You just have to be prolific.

These days, you spend a long time on one episode, don’t you?

– Me? – I spend a long time.

You just said spending a lot of time on one thing isn’t good.

– I am sorry. – I just can’t do it fast.

– You should draw with speed. – You should start a new one.

You should start drawing “Couple King”.

– I am preparing it. – “Couple King”.

“Couple King”.

The darkness passed like season

Even if I get swept by worries and waves

I will return home to you

(After spending time as the rapper…)

– Yes. – He is my producer.

When you have time later, can you combine the beats…

He never rests.

He needs to take a nap.

– Can you email it to me? – He must be very tired.

Okay. I will send it to you now.

– Thank you. – Okay.

During the whole time, he never yawned.

He’s got so much energy.

– He’s not tired at all. – If you did that,

you would yawn every minute.


(He yawns like he’s breathing.)

(The master of yawning reminds us of our fathers.)

I would be yawning half of the time.

(He would’ve been yawning half of the time.)

(But he doesn’t yawn at all.)

There he is.

(He must’ve been waiting for the call.)

Are you in Korea? Are you busy?

I am at the gallery.

Really? I am…

coming to see your exhibition.

– You are going to an exhibition? – Yes.

– What exhibition? – Art exhibition.

Recently, I haven’t gone to many,

but I go to my friends’ art exhibitions.

When you search it online,

you get all the information.

You can find out which galleries…

are showing which artists’ exhibitions.

I sometimes…

go to galleries alone.

When I go to an art exhibition, I get a lot of inspirations for music.

They do a different kind of art with a different view of the world.

I love seeing arts like that.

I went to one the other day.

(He posted about how fun an impromptu exhibition is.)

– We went there together. – You went there together.

(He sometimes goes on a date to a gallery with his girlfriend.)

(He gets ready to go to the gallery.)

Let’s pack the soccer uniform.

I should pack it.

(He is playing soccer after the gallery.)

He takes everything he needs outside.

– You don’t want to come home. – In the morning,

I pack all the clothes for the day.

(He’s perfectly prepared for all the events.)

(Microdot doesn’t waste 1 minute or 1 second.)

His day is long.

It seems like his day is twice longer than other people’s.

I always lack time.

(He uses up the time in the car…)

(and listens to music.)

(He soon arrives at the gallery.)

(It’s Microdot’s friend’s exhibition.)


I know who he is.

– He’s famous. – I’ve been there too.

– Sambypen. – I know him.

– Hello. – Hello.

It’s Choong Jae.

– He’s Choong Jae. – It was my first time to meet him.


– Hello. – Hello.

It was my first time seeing him. That’s why I am not talking.

I just said hi to him. I didn’t know what to do.

– Monopoly. – I know.

– Monopoly. – You have to catch the plane.

Does he have to go? Okay.

He had to go to the US.

I talked to him for about exactly three minutes.

Have a safe trip to the US.

Bye, Se Dong.

– Bye. – Are you staying?

I am going to take a quick look and go.

You came to look at the show.

Yes. I did.

(They unintentionally end up watching the exhibition together.)

(There is silence.)


When you were…

on I Live Alone,

you had a lot of lamps in your room, didn’t you?

– I did. – That’s you, right?

– I watched your part. – I have a lot of lamps.

Yes. When you woke up, you turned on five lamps.

– You watched it. – I did.

(Microdot remembered seeing Choong Jae on TV.)

That’s the part.

– After waking up… – The lights.

He’s cute.

That was the term often used in Joseon Dynasty.

I see.

(They become quiet again.)

(It’s so awkward that he doesn’t know where to lay his eyes.)

I never knew Microdot feels awkward too.

– He’s quieter than when he’s alone. – I thought he would be sociable.

(They feel like they should say something.)

– What did you do today? – What do you see?

– I didn’t do anything today. – I… You didn’t do anything?

My new fridge arrived today. I got groceries.

– You got groceries. – I moved out just recently.

I am in trouble.

I have nothing in the house.

– They keep talking to each other. – Right.

What are you doing after this?

I’m going to have dinner and then play soccer.

– Soccer? – Do you play soccer?

I love soccer.

– Do you play it? – Are you going to bring him?

– Yes. – That’d be hilarious.

Do you want to come with me? You can come if you want.

We’re a few people who used to be professional players…

and a few celebrities. It’s going to be fun.

In Jamsil.

– But you don’t have to come. – It means he has to come.

(It means he has to come.)

– I’ll have to take a rain check. – Okay.

After this, I’m headed to my agency.

There will be a Halloween event.

– A party? – For Halloween…

– I saw it. – That’s right.

– Banana. – It’s Halloween today.

He dressed as a banana.

That’s what he missed the futsal game for.

– That’s what he wanted to do. – Choong Jae is busy these days.

He is.

– Please invite me again. – Sure.

I’m having an exhibition too.

Stop by with Se Dong when you have time.

All right.

(Are you going to Choong Jae’s exhibition?)

I’m really interested.

If Choong Jae invites me,

I’ll definitely go.

Can you take a picture of us?

It’s not even my exhibition.

That’s right.

(Next time, it’s soccer, not banana.)

– Bye. – Bye.

(In addition to finishing one more task, he made a new friend.)

(But his day is far from over.)

(He is on his way somewhere again.)

He’s so busy.

I think he’ll never even have a hangover.

I cure it by working out.

My goodness.

You’re unbelievable.

– By working out? – Are you AI or something?

Do you ever feel tired?

I do feel tired. I feel tried even right now.

(It’s 1:30am.)

– You’re the most energetic one. – It doesn’t show at all.

– Seriously. – I’m having so much fun.

You guys all…

We don’t look okay?

You remind me of “The Walking Dead”.

We’re zombies?

– How could you say that? – It’s 2am right now.

It looks rotten.


In “The Walking Dead”…

– “The Walking Dead”? – It’s his heart?

Yes. His heart is showing.

– I wanted to look stylish today. – It’s “The Walking Dead”.

What are you talking about, you can see my heart?

– You don’t have a heart. – It’s pretty.

(Where is this guy with a healthy heart headed?)

(He calls someone.)



Is it okay if I come now?

– Of course. Please come. – I’m already on my way.

(It seems like he visits the place often.)

It’s my favorite rib place.

This is not an advertisement.

You usually get the original set, right?

I have very good meat prepared for you today.

Yes! Thank you.

(As he is about to eat delicious food,)

(he starts humming.)

(A moment later)

(He arrives at his favorite restaurant.)

– Hello. – Hello.

It’s so smoky in here.

Is it for Halloween? Hi.

– Have you been doing well? – Yes.

– Please go inside. – Okay.

– He’s here. – Hello!

– Hello! – Hello!

Over there?

(It looks like a Halloween dinner table.)

Thank you.

– Do you eat out alone often? – Yes.

I have no problem eating alone.

(He leans his phone against the water bottle.)


I’m about to eat alone.

I thought I should start this.

What I’m getting is my favorite food, ribs.

– I recommend it. – You’re broadcasting?

My food is here.

Your food is here.

(My food has been served.)

Korean spicy and…

(Did he get two?)

Here you go.

– How many portions is this? – It looks so tasty.

I want two original sets.

I’m going to play soccer later.

That’s why I’m getting so much food.

It tastes so good.

(Their mouths are watering.)

It looks so tasty.

You ordered a third one too?

You’re going to eat everything alone?

I’m sure he can.

Are you a food fighter?

This is amazing. I’m not a pig though.

I have to celebrate because my refrigerator arrived.

(He is eating 3 portions to celebrate his new refrigerator.)

I like eating different kinds of food at the same time.

Sweet, spicy, hot, and cold.

That’s how I usually eat.

I’m a gourmet. It’s just that I eat a lot.

I’m a gourmet and gourmand.


(Let me focus on eating now.)

But it doesn’t look weird even though you’re eating alone.

I don’t feel lonely at all.

(I have three friends with me.)

(Why would I feel lonely?)

It looks so tasty.

This is painful.

Do you like eating at night?

I like eating in general.

(He cuts the bun in half.)

You know how to enjoy food.

You’re making a hamburger?

I usually put butter. It’s fantastic.

You have to dip it in the sauce too.

You have to dip it in the sauce too. Always.

You definitely know how to enjoy food.

He seems to enjoy it so much.



(dip, and eat.)

(He has no problem eating alone.)

(The restaurant starts to fill up.)

(Microdot enjoys his Halloween dinner alone.)

(He is completely immersed.)

(The people behind him are enjoying dinner as a group.)

I started to hear the other people’s conversations.

– At some point? – Yes.

But the man behind you is by himself too.

(I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who came alone.)


(He is joined by 3 people.)

He’s not alone.


Were you jealous?

(Am I the only one who is alone here?)

(His eyes are out of focus.)

(He keeps on chewing.)

You look lonely.

Look at his face. He’s zoned out.

If I listen to other people’s conversation, I don’t feel lonely.


What happened?

He’s trying to listen.

That’s right.


(He looks for someone.)

– Excuse me. – Yes?

I just wanted to talk to someone. Can I get some wet wipes?

– How does your food taste? – It tastes amazing. As always.

Another original set, please.

– What? – What?

(Is he getting a 4th dish?)

(To be continued in Part 2)

– How does your food taste? – It tastes amazing. As always.

Another original set, please.

– What? – What?

(Is he getting a 4th dish?)

– To go. – Full size?


(Were you guys surprised?)

I ordered it for a certain someone.

You’re not alone in your life.


(He’s so romantic.)

Whoever that certain someone is…

– We’ll just have to imagine. – Yes.

Here is your food and some drinks.

Thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Thank you.

(He gained some insight during his dinner.)

(It’s in the middle of the night.)

(But his day is not over yet.)

(He arrives at the futsal court late at night.)

(Futsal Park)

Did you get your uniform?

We can see your breath.

– But it’s cold. – I have a jacket.

It’s your older brother, Sanchez.

– Are you wearing thermals? – I’m wearing them underneath.

– Will it be okay? – I think so.

(The other players are warming up.)

– That’s Noh Woo Jin. – He’s a former soccer player.

That’s DinDin.

(Singer DinDin)

Those are Woodie Gochild and PH-1.

– Are they rappers? – Yes.


Come here, guys.

– I won’t go easy on you today. – Okay.

The loser buys beer. Team DinDin versus…


Okay. Let’s do this!


Stay on alert. We can’t lose to DinDin.

I was a semi-professional soccer player in New Zealand as a child.

I played in a semi-professional team until I was 20.

When I was a kid,

soccer meant everything to me.

– All right. – It’s okay.

Let’s go. Let’s go.

(He has dazzling soccer skills.)

He has great skills.

He’s doing it again.

Follow him.

Cut the ball. Okay.

He’s good.

He’s good at dribbling too.

Okay. Get the ball.

It’s coming.

(He’s more active than anyone else in the soccer field.)

No, no.

– Nice. – Hey.

– Get up now. Come on. – Let’s go.

We don’t have time to waste.

(He’s happy as long as he plays soccer.)

Keep going.

– He’s like Lionel Messi. – He gets the ball through everyone.

(He has a chance.)

– Shoot. – Stop him. He’ll shoot.

– Stop him. He’ll shoot. – It’s a mid-range shot.

(Power shot)

– I Live Alone! – The goalkeeper almost blocked it.

I Live Alone!

It’s called I Live Alone shot.

(The I Live Alone shot was a success.)

We should mark Microdot.

(Aren’t you tired from living such a busy life?)

24 hours a day is not enough for me.

I wish I had 40 hours in a day.

I have so many things to do…

and have a long way to go.

So every moment counts. I can’t waste a single moment.

When I watched I Live Alone,

I saw Hyun Moo.

I saw him…

lying in his bed.

(Microdot’s observation journal of Hyun Moo)

(1. He lies in bed.)

(2. He moans.)

(3. He lies in bed even in broad daylight.)

(4. He snores too.)

– Why does he always lie down? – He lied down so often.

Was I always lying down?

I thought, “Why would he lie down in broad daylight?”

It’s a waste of time.

But it’s good to see him happy.

I just want to live like this.

Yes. Lie down all day long if you want.

It makes me reflect on myself.

(You know I’m just kidding, right?)

I like you.

(The game continued until late night.)

(Microdot keeps himself busy to be happy.)

We made a bet.

– DinDin suggested it. – Let’s go. Follow him.

– Come on. Move. – Come here.

Where did he go?

We enjoyed your video.

Most importantly, he never lied down.

– My feelings are hurt… – Were you sick or something?

when he said I always lie down.

I’m really hurt.

I came to reflect on myself.

I told myself to live my life to the fullest.

I think you’ve been saying that every week. You haven’t changed yet.

– He reflects on himself every week. – I saw him saying that on the show.

– Kian84 works hard too. – Of course.

It’s just that he has a different lifestyle.

In fact, keeping the deadline is only an excuse.

– What? An excuse? – I lie down while working…

– because I get tired. – You don’t have any hobbies.

I tried, but I can’t help you.

I’m just telling the truth. He lives his life to the fullest.

– It motivated me a lot. – Me too.

– How was it? – I’m so honored.

It feels like a dream.

– It feels like a dream? – When I first came to Korea,

there was a TV show I wanted to appear on.

It was I Live Alone.

Was it on your bucket list?

It was something I could never even imagine.

– Really? – Yes.

– Will you come on the show again? – Of course.

– Are you serious? – Yes.

Make some sashimi with a fish you caught for us some time.

No problem.

– Really? – Yes.

All right. Thank you.

(Don’t get tired, and we’ll see you again soon.)

(I Live Alone)

(This man looks best when he draws.)

Kian84 looks cool when he works.

Of course.

– What’s that? – It says, “Kian84 Inc.”

(Kian84 Inc.)

(A corporation?)

I don’t think I can do all the work by myself anymore.

I’m too tired.

I never worked with an assistant.

But I’ll hire some assistants.

So I opened my own office.

(The newcomer CEO’s awkward hand gesture)

– Does your company have shares? – Pardon?

– Shares. – Are there any shareholders?

– You know what share means, right? – Yes, I do.

I was told I needed the title to go from freelancer to entrepreneur.

– That’s right. – Are there shareholders?

Shareholders? Oh, right. I’m the major shareholder.

(He remembers it finally.)

– So you actually started a company. – Yes.

I’m relieved that he knows what it means.

Your tax accountant explained everything to you well.

(The name of the place where the major shareholder…)

(is working…)

(Narae Art?)

– Hang on. – “Narae Art”?

– Did you name it Narae Art? – No.

– He wouldn’t do that. – No.

– Hang on a second. – It’s not like that.

– Kian84, I thought… – I…

– we talked about this… – You’re so clingy.

when we all had a drink together.

You said you got over me,

and you wanted to stay friends with me.

– What’s that? – He’s been saying that for a year.

It’s not like that. The previous owner of that place…

– used the name “Narae Art”… – Why did you choose that place?

He wanted to say, “Na Rae is art.”

Narae Art.

The rent for this place is reasonable.

– You see… – It’s creepy.

I’m sorry, but when will you get over her?

I rented the place because the rent was reasonable.

Kian84, are you trying to win the best couple award again?

– Let’s talk about it after this. – This is driving me nuts.

I think you have a chance.

Gosh. I don’t like this.

I really don’t like this.

However, it was… You’ll know shortly.

– It gave me goosebumps. – Why?

I really don’t like this.

(While things aren’t going well,)

(the weather seems to be unusual.)

What’s with the weather?

– It was sunny before then. – My goodness.

– Oh, right. – The sky turned yellow suddenly.

(He’s working hard,)

(but he feels like something’s wrong.)

The sky wasn’t just dark. It turned yellow.

It really is yellow. My goodness.

There was lightning too.

What’s going on?

– It feels like a horror movie. – “A long silhouette”?



(Dhalsim walks in.)



– Hello. – Hey.

(This feels as if…)

It felt as if a witch walks in.

– Hey! – I thought you were on a broom.

It’s because of the thunder.

Lightning was striking.

The sky turned yellow…

– after it got dark. – The higher being is angry.

It felt like…

the entrance of a strong character in a comic book.

She’s wearing her father’s suit.

Whenever Hye Jin shows up,

– there’s a thunderstorm. – That’s right.

That’s hard to believe.

That’s right.

– It happened then too. – When she visited Song Kyung A.

At the track meet…

It was such a terrible weather.

– It rained when she met her mother. – It rained that day too.

(People call me a witch who brings the rain.)

I think she has an unusual energy.

She’s one tough girl indeed.

It’s so weird.

You’re here.

– Was this an art school before? – Yes.

– It was an art school for children. – Why is the name Narae Art?

– I don’t know. – What?

The previous tenant named it.

What a coincidence.

It was a coincidence, right?

It can’t be a coincidence.

Would it be a coincidence?

– You’re saying that again. – Of course.

I didn’t choose this place because of the sign.

It feels strange.

– It’s an actual office. – Of course.

(Hye Jin looks around the office curiously.)

– I feel strange too. – What?

– What’s that cake? – Yesterday was my birthday.

– Right. – How many cakes did you receive?

I have three whole cakes. I’ll have to eat only cakes for a while.

Shall we celebrate one more time?

(I prepared a cake too, Kian84.)

What do you think?

(She brought him a cake with a storm.)

Will you sing for me?


– Will she sing for him? – This is so awkward.

(They’re having a birthday party alone together.)

– You and I… – I’ll be outside…

– while you’re singing in here. – Hey.

– Don’t say that. – I’ll come back when you finish.

That’s ridiculous.

What is wrong with her?

What’s with her?

(It still feels so weird.)

– She’s scary. – Dhalsim, why did you do that?

Happy birthday to you

(Kian84 covers his eyes.)

– It’s good to see us like this. – Are you having a hard time?

I don’t do that even for my own brother.

My goodness.

Look at that. He’s looking at the wall.

He was looking at the wall.

– I couldn’t look at her. – Hey. Look at me.

Happy birthday to you

(The witch sings the entire song.)

Why would you…

– Thank you. – Why would you…

Why did you thank the wall?

Why would you keep your eyes closed?

– He was… – I felt awkward.

– He kept his eyes closed. – This is so awkward.

(The awkward birthday party ends.)

– Hye Jin, put on my… – Shall I change shoes?

Put these on.

(Put on my slippers.)


– I really hated to wear them. – Why are you wearing those?

I have only one pair of slippers.

– My shoes are clean. – He ruined my look.

(It’s dirty as if he had been digging coal.)

He gave me those slippers.

(The dirty white slippers)

I kept them in an art school,

so they got pencil lead on them.

But the soles are clean.

– Can I wear my shoes? – Your shoes?

You should wear slippers in my work room.

You should.

Gosh. Seriously.

I won’t take off my socks.

– Come on. Okay. – Your slippers are so dirty.

– It’s warm. – Sorry?

– It’s warm. – So…

– She can feel his warmth. – Anyway…

– You know… – What… I mean, what…

Hye Jin, what do you…

– want to learn? – I’m thinking of including…

my drawing in my photography book to celebrate my 20th anniversary.

– It’ll be 20 years next year. – I thought…

– it would be nice. – That’s awesome.

You’re celebrating the 20th anniversary?

You’ve been a fashion model for a long time.

You’ve been a model for a long time.

Everyone says the same thing.

– She’s a living history. – Of course.

She’s like trilobite, ammonite, or mammoth…

in the modelling industry.

– Don’t say that. – Mammoth.

Should I retire?

(Should I retire?)

When I…

celebrated my 15th anniversary,

I wanted to summarize the 15 years of my modelling career.

And I chose to write a book.

I liked working on my book alone…

while reminiscing the times.

To celebrate my 20th anniversary,

I wanted to do the same thing using images instead of words.

And luckily,

I had someone around me…

who has the ability to make it happen.

(Hye Jin brings her tablet PC.)

Is this the one you used to draw Hyun Moo?

– Yes. – The expensive tablet?

– It was a disaster. – Oh, that. Gosh.

I look like I have mold on my face.

– Hey. – Mold Hyun Moo.

Did you draw something else?

I think there’s no difference.

I don’t know. Maybe I should give up on drawing.

– I’m not good at it. – Since you’re here,

give it a try. I’ll teach you.

This time,

– it was different. – Was it?

Her drawings looked different from before.

Who do you think he is?

Wait. Just a moment.

I caught a glimpse on it.

You’ve improved a lot.

– Really? – Yes.

(She reveals it with confidence.)

It’s Hyun Moo.

She improved a lot, right?

She got so much better.

(Chubby cheeks)

She got so much better.

I’m sorry, but I look like a blowfish.

Why did you draw my cheeks so big?

She drew him like an ocean sunfish.

It looks like I have no neck.

Is this how he looks in your eyes?

(Is this how he looks in your eyes?)

What do you mean by that?

His eyes…

(His eyes look unnecessarily sparkly.)

What do you think about this one?

(She reveals another drawing.)

– What do you think this is? – Oh, this…

– This is nice. – Is it?

– That’s great. – She did a good job.

You think that’s great?

It’s good. It looks like an illustration.

(The delicate lines makes it look like an illustration.)

Isn’t this you?

Yes, it’s me.

What do you think this is?

These people are watching you.

Why do they have different hair colors?

Exactly. You need to pay attention to that point.

Is it kind of an international fashion show?

Like Paris fashion week?

Yes. I’m at an audition.

– Did you draw your first audition? – Yes.

Did you draw that moment?

Yes. I tried to…

– I’m so embarrassed. – express my feelings.

You drew yourself pretty, but drew me like a blowfish.

(He’s still sulky.)

They have different hair colors…

because they’re from different countries.

I have dark hair because I was the only Asian.

However, they’re all under your feet.

– I mean, they’re the judges. – No.

– You’re stepping on their heads. – Is she stepping on them?

I drew the judges from behind.

– They’re watching me. – They’re stepping stones for her.

They’re under your feet.

Your drawings reflect your thoughts.

– He’s right. – Exactly.

But my hand gesture shows that I’m shy.

Your hand gesture?

(Let me see.)

– What are you looking at? – It looks like…

you’re doing stretches for a fight.

My goodness.

(Judges, let’s get this started.)

The judge can’t even look you in the eyes.

(She’s avoiding eye contact.)

They’re discussing with each other whether to hire me or not.

– But I… – She’s not avoiding eye contact.

I think it’s really nice.

She’s not avoiding eye contact.

How about this?

– You did well. – Are you serious?

Isn’t it good?


She improved a lot.

How did you improve so much in a short time of period?

I got used to using the tools.

I think you have your own drawing style now.

– That’s nonsense. – It’s really good.

I think she has four different drawing styles.

– It’s not easy to do that. – The one with my chest hair,

Her drawings are different from each other.

the one where I look like a blowfish,

and the drawing of herself are drawn in different styles.

Anyway, I will teach you how to do it.

I prepared…

– a desk… – Where is your desk?

I… I work here since I’m the owner.

I’m the CEO.

– Is this the CEO’s desk? – Yes.

It’s behind me.

Why are you sitting there?

I told you to sit over there. Why are you sitting here?

– I prepared everything for you. – This is cool.

(She can’t hear him.)

(Hye Jin became distracted.)

Think that I’m not here,

and show me how you work.

There’s nothing special about how I work.

Why do you draw cartoons?

Why do you draw cartoons?

What kind of question is that?

This is my job.

Why isn’t she learning?

She avoided starting the lesson.

(She avoids drawing.)

Anyway, go sit over there, and I’ll teach you how to draw.

No. I’ll just look around your office.

I’ll look around here.

You came here to learn how to draw.

(Hold on a second. This scene looks familiar.)

(Let’s draw that.)

(It reminds him of the memory of those little boys.)

He seems to have run out of energy.

What’s this?

– Why is she acting like that? – It’s a hammer.

Should I tell you everything?

(Kian84 got the hang of having a conversation with her.)

(Hye Jin is excited to hear the answer.)

That’s a shelf.

– I know that. – Do you want me to go on?

What’s next to it is a cooling fan and heater combo.

Your hair… You didn’t wash your hair, did you?

– I washed my hair. – You have dust on your hair.

I washed my hair.

(His face becomes like the way he looked that day.)

Well… What shall we do?

Sit over there and start drawing.

– What are you talking about? – She went there to learn to draw.

– What is she doing? – I’ll teach you.

What’s wrong with her?

– Order some delivery food. – Hey.

Did you come here to chill?

She’s wearing pants that look like martial arts uniform.

I have to finish my work today. I’m busy.

– Okay. – I thought I’d teach you.

(Why did you act like that all of a sudden?)

It was just so embarrassing.

I felt like… How should I put it?

Imagine Kian84 is getting ready…

to show me his runway walk in heels, and he’s trying to impress me.

I felt the way he must feel in that situation.

I was so embarrassed…

to draw in front of an expert as if I were trying to…

act like an artist.

I think that’s why I acted like that.

– I was embarrassed. – I felt shy.

(Kian84 successfully made her calm and sit down.)

This is amazing.

Watch this, Hye Jin. You need to use shortcut keys.

I can’t use shortcut keys.

I can’t even type letters.

You just need two shortcut keys.

Okay. That’s good.

– B… – What?

for brush.

– E. What do you think it is? – B for brush.

What could E be?

– Eraser? – Correct.

I was impressed by myself.

Press B.

And draw lines.

Press E.

Erase the lines your drew.

(Press B to draw and press E to erase.)

And if you…

enlarge the screen,

press F1.

– You said I needed only 2 keys. – And F2…

– You just taught me 4 keys. – No more than 4 keys.

That’s all you need to remember.

– Then you can use the program. – That’s interesting.

I’m computer illiterate.

I haven’t heard that expression for a long time.

It reminds me of Lee Chan Jin’s computer class.

Doesn’t it look like an old computer license school?

It also looks like an institute for senior citizens.

– Or a college for the elderly. – Look at the sign.

(It has a vintage vibe.)

First, draw a self-portrait…

or anyone you want to draw.

– What is she doing? – She’s signing.

(She signs as if she’s paying with a credit card.)

Why are you signing there?

– Eraser. – Eraser.

I can still draw lines.

You shouldn’t keep pressing the key.

You should take your finger off the key.

You shouldn’t keep pressing the key.

(Hye Jin was pressing the key.)

That happens often in computer classes for elderly people.

It takes time for them to understand instructions.

– Hey. – Gosh.

You should take your finger off the key.

– You shouldn’t keep pressing it. – Oh, no.

– I have a bad feeling. – Eraser.

Hang on. I need to do some stretches.

She didn’t do anything.

My shoulders are aching.

(I feel like I’m losing my energy.)


Are you going to beat someone up?

(He scoffs.)

My shoulders hurt so much.

(But he starts doing stretches with her.)

I catered to her. I actually do stretches sometimes.

What are you doing?

What’s that?

I know students like Dhalsim.

Before they start studying for an exam,

– They organize their desks. – they buy all kinds of pens,

– organize their diaries, – They buy new notebooks.

and buy new notebooks.

And then they go to bed.

Shall I demonstrate for you first?

– How to use the tools? – Yes.

I’ll show you.

You look so cool, Kian84.

Kian84 moves his hands so quickly.

Shall I draw Si Eon?

I’ll see how similar…

the image of Si Eon in your memory is to Si Eon.

His lips are the important point.

His lips look similar to Joker’s. It’s an important point.

He has lips like Joker’s?

His mouth has slightly upward corners.

– That’s right. – Right.

– His mouth looks like this. – Watch it carefully.

The sly mouth.

– He said, “the sly mouth”. – “The sly mouth”.

Also, Si Eon’s eyes are also…

– Gosh. – He has slightly slanted eyes.

– That’s not how he looks. – I don’t think…

He part his hair like this these days.

Oh, my. Hey.

With his hair…

– It looks like Si Eon now, right? – The shape of his face…

I realized hair is an important point.

I want to include a line.

“Han Dhalsim.”

It looked more like Si Eon when Kian84 imitated his voice.

“Han Dhalsim.”

– It looks like Si Eon. – Is it similar to Si Eon?

– Yes, it is. – Kian84 is good.

This is so fun.

Hey. This is so much fun.

(Kian84 draws Captain Idiot effortlessly.)

– Now… – Are you done already?

He draws effortlessly.

Kian84, you’re amazing.

Kian84, you’re really incredible.

His skin color…

is a little bit reddish.

(He starts coloring the drawing.)

Isn’t this the right color?

And Si Eon has a moustache shadow.

Just a little darker here.

– He didn’t get laser removal. – Gosh.

It doesn’t even look like a human.

– Oh, right. – Look.

He has… He has this.

(He adds under-eye bags.)

I’ll add shade to it now.

(He adds shade to it.)

– It looked like Si Eon. – Oh, yes.

– It looks like Si Eon. – It does?

How am I supposed to do this?

It look very difficult.

Just draw as you feel. It’s okay.

Not anyone can do that.

– Give it a try. – It’s amazing.

It became a panel by itself. That’s so interesting.

He looks like he’s about to speak.

You need to use a keyboard shortcut.

(It turns into a practice session again.)

(Pressing down)

– Lift your finger. – Take your finger off now.

Take it off after pressing it, okay?

(Take it off after pressing it, okay?)

(Forces a smile)

I don’t know why I keep getting angry.

Come on.

– Hold it in. – This part…

I don’t have to draw the left eye?

She’s sucking the energy out of you, isn’t she?

– He was standing like that? – Hye Jin.

I just have to draw the eyebrow and bone structure under it, right?

Just draw.

I talk a lot when I’m learning something.

It’s good that you ask many questions.

That’s good.

What if you didn’t do this for the 20th anniversary?

Can’t you just pass for this time?

At the 30th anniversary? I’ll be 47.

You can do it when you’re 47.

– Go and do your thing. – Okay.

(Go and do your thing.)


– What are you eating? – My sugar level dropped.

– Crackers. – I see.

(He suddenly feels tired.)


Oh, no. He’s exhausted.

– My goodness. – I was so tired.

Drawing webtoon is hard.

Are you listening?

– She’s asking him again. – I need some rest.

(Bursts out in laughter)

– I feel like I did a ton of work. – Goodness.

– Are you okay? – Yes.

Go and draw.

I thought she was quiet because she didn’t say a word at first,

but she’s probably the most talkative person I know.

I think you’ll draw if I’m drawing.

This looks like a teacher and his student working together.

Now it looks nice.

(Kian84 draws Hye Jin.)

– Isn’t that impressive? – Yes.

(Hye Jin carefully starts drawing too.)

(Kian84’s version of Hye Jin)


(It is filled with smiles.)

– You look like you’re having fun. – No, I’m not.

Doesn’t Kian84 draw very well?

– Yes. – He’s really good.

If you went to the workshop with me,

you might have ended up dating him.

– What? – What are you talking about?

Are you saying you would date him…

if you weren’t dating Hyun Moo?

– That’s how impressed I was. – I think that’s what she means.

I’m just telling you how impressive it was.

– You felt attracted to him. – I’m out of this.

– I’ll put you two together. – What are you doing?

– She’s totally attracted to Kian84. – Pass.

I should be hitting her. Why are you hitting me?

– Pass this. – What are you talking about?


[VIU Ver] E268 I Live Alone
“Hye Jin’s Visit to Kian84’s Studio”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

Let’s see.

(Let’s take a look.)

(How did Hye Jin draw Kian84?)

(Would she have drawn him like a handsome cartoon character?)

It looks like a “wanted” poster.

(It looks like a “wanted” poster.)

(It’s a sketch of a suspect.)

He looks nice, is 180 cm…

I’ll tell you what I copied.

Do you know the commercial he was in?

It was for a cosmetics brand.

– Really? – His hair is wet.

(Kian84’s sketch by Hye Jin)

– Who are you? – What is this?

It looks like a sketch of a suspect.

Turn this on.

Use this to control it.

Press 5 for 50 percent.

(He kindly teaches her.)

– Are the police here? – Just a moment.

– I’ll pay it. – It’s okay.

(A moment earlier,)

(Kian84 had ordered lunch…)

(for the tired apprentice.)

It’s lunch.


– I’ll pay. – What?

– How much is it? – She often pays.

– Did you see the t-shirt? – Why?

I think it says, “Make it rain”.

– What does that mean? – What about it?

– Look. – Did it say that?


I’ll pay.

I’ll pay in cash.


You were hoping for rain in your face.

– Please let it rain. – Let it rain.

I didn’t think about what I was wearing.

Who writes that on t-shirts?

You should wear it when there’s a drought.

The nation needs you.

You should wear it when there’s…

– a severe drought. – What?

You shouldn’t be sitting there and drawing.

It looks delicious.

(They sit down to eat lunch.)

– That looks delicious. – I wasn’t actually…

thinking of drawing,

but wanted…

to express something on a photo that…

could help me deliver a message.

That’s difficult.

– On a photo? – It’s hard.

– Yes. – I see.

(That’s difficult.)


– I… – He makes it look delicious.

I want jjajangmyeon.

You know…

You drew a huge ball when…

you wanted to express fear or anxiety.

– Right. – A huge ball.

The person looks small…

– standing in front of it. – That’s right.

I don’t know how to implicate my expressions like that.

I’m like a sensitive porcupine…

when I’m backstage,

preparing to walk down the runway.

– Why? – Because…

I can’t make mistakes on the runway.

You feel the burden of having to be perfect.

How can I express the feelings, thoughts,

and scenes I had and saw…

into a cartoon…

for it to be interesting and stylish?

I wanted to learn how to express my feelings.

– You’re the best at doing that. – You can do that.

I want to draw that.

I think that’s a good idea.

You can do that if that’s what you want.

You’ll have to find a photo first.

I’ll have to find a photo first…

and draw what I told you earlier.

You want to express your emotions through a drawing.

It was my first time doing that.

I’ve never drawn on a photo before.

It’s unique work.

You took so many pictures.


Of course, my life is about…

– walking and being photographed. – It’s your daily life.

It’s two-thirds of my life.

I want to take this photo. Can I do that?

Let me see.

She wanted to express her emotions on that photo.

I’m sorry, I’ll blow it up a little.

It’s because you want to express your emotions.

– Hey. – What’s that?

– Wait. – I mentioned emotions,

– but he zoomed into my face. – It’s like a character.

Come on.

Don’t you think this looks wrong?

You want to express anxiety.

Can you at least cut it at the neck?

What are you doing?

You cut my head off. I don’t believe it.

– He always does weird things. – That’s Kian84.

This is an anxious look on your face.

Look at my face.

I’m sad.

It looks funny.

What is this?

Kian84 didn’t know what I meant.

What’s that?

You wanted it to look like a cartoon.

– That’s what Kian84 thought. – Isn’t this what you had in mind?

I thought I just needed to express it in a cartoon-like way.

She really does look anxious.

You want it to be half photo…

and half cartoon, mixed together.

– Right? – Yes, that’s right.

(Like this?)

(Or maybe this?)

– A different picture. – Okay.

No, the one with me in a robe.

– This one? – Yes.

What are you feeling here?

This is backstage before the show.

My hair and makeup are already done.

This is 20 to 30 minutes before the show begins.

(Hye Jin in a nervous and sensitive state)

You only get one chance. You must be nervous.

The porcupine you mentioned?


Porcupine? That makes me nervous.

I can’t do it here.

– Porcupine? – Yes.

(Trust me.)

(He zooms in first.)

He zoomed in.

Are you going to draw a porcupine on my face?


Then just the back?

They don’t understand each other.

– No, they don’t. – They have different ideas.

You should go to Lee Mal Nyeon…

– or Joo Ho Min. – Lee Mal Nyeon would be better.

No, I want to do it with Kian84.

Do you know why this is good?

– This is you. – Yes.

The image in the mirror could be a porcupine.

– That would be a good idea. – He’s a genius.

I got goosebumps.

I’ll give it a try.


You’re going to erase my nose?

– Is that a porcupine’s nose? – I think…

that would be wittier.

Why are you trying to be witty?

(It’s hard to deal with his novel ideas.)

(She’s transforming into a porcupine.)


(She jumps up to her feet in surprise.)

I want more quills…

and not just on my head, but also on my body.

– On your body too? – Yes.

I want it to poke through the robe.

This is how you felt?

Can you zoom out? Let’s take a look at it.

Enjoy it.

– I love it. – Is that okay?

I want to add words.

That was just a practice session.

That’s right.

– Of course. – Right.

(Kian84 and Hye Jin’s first meaningful work)

“Don’t touch me”. I see.

– This makes it clear. – That’s nice.

I like your handwriting.

I like that.

Adding a drawing to that helps me understand…

how you were feeling.

(Do you like your first work?)

Yes, it was exactly what I wanted.

The porcupine face was shocking,

but that’s how I feel when I’m backstage.

Kian84 expressed that well.

I have a photo from a different show…

saved here.

That one.

– Don’t blow up the face. – Okay.

(It’s a photo of her on the runway.)

What would be a good way to draw on it?

Let’s see.

Maybe I could draw a long…

High heels?

Let’s say we draw it all the way to the bottom.

– Like this. – Okay.

Even when I’m wearing heels 20cm high,

– I feel like they are 2m high. – I see.

– That’s a good idea. – That’s awesome.

– I like it. – Kian84.

Can we get rid of the runway?

– Should I draw a single log bridge? – Yes.

Do you want it shorter?

(They work like hand in glove.)

Like that.

(Kian84 sketches)

All right.

I wanted it to look more unstable,

so I drew it horizontally.

Oh, that’s what you want.

It makes it look narrower.

Let’s give it a try.

What’s this?

(He colors the part under the narrow runway.)

It does look unstable.

Does it look like I’m walking on the edge of a wall?

(She is suddenly walking down the edge of a wall.)

It does look like a wall.

It looks scary.

Yes, it does.

– You’re so talented. – Is this what you want?

It really is impressive.

He’s good.

(He shows off his skills.)

I’m sweating because I’m nervous.

That’s nice.

Let’s change the shade.

– I like it. – Why is she smiling like that?

– Do you see what I wanted? – Yes.

I like it.

I should call it “cliff”.

What about “bottomless cliff”?

– I like that. – You didn’t even think about it.

Say it like you mean it.

It’s very nice. It’s great.

– Come on. – That’s funny.

Maximize it.

I like the title “cliff”.

It’s like a place you’d see in the afterlife.

(“Bottomless Cliff” expresses the anxiety on the runway.)

It was fun once we started working on it.

It was fun. I got into it myself.

We had fun. I enjoyed it.

Would you hire her as your assistant?


Is she far from ready?

This is work.

It was fun and I enjoyed it, but…


Would you like to have fun every week?

Maybe once a week.

You’re busy though.

– I’m not busy. – You aren’t?




(They finish their work.)

I’ll post this.

No, don’t do that.

Post it where?

There is a community of people that draw.

(A community of people that create their own work)

What are you doing?

They’re all people that draw well.

This is a drawing?

Some are beginners.

– Some are good. – It was that surprising.

I made a debut as an artist…

by posting my cartoons on that website.

We had fun while drawing it,

but I wanted to see what other people thought about it.

I think comments people make are the most accurate.

That’s why I posted it.

If you listen to the thoughts of others,

– it could be helpful. – That’s right.

– Seriously. – Let’s take a look at it later.

(While they wait for people to leave comments…)


let’s go to a market…

and buy some of the things you need.

I have everything.

What do you have? A pillow? That’s unbelievable.

He didn’t wash it for a year.

This is tiring.

My mouth is dry.

(They get ready to go out and Kian84 goes into a corner.)

Why are you taking your helmet?

– Motorcycle… – Why are you taking that?

– Let’s take the motorcycle. – What?

Let’s take the motorcycle.

You’re taking that motorcycle?

Let’s see.

(Why is Hyun Moo giving a look of disapproval?)

Does this even work?

It works well.

I gave Hyun Moo a ride on it.

(It was an enthusiastic weekend for the two men.)

(This time it’s Hye Jin’s turn.)

I won’t fall, will I?

Your legs are too long…

– and I’m worried they’ll drag. – My legs almost touched the ground.

It doesn’t have a foothold in the back.

– Then what do I do? – Put a foot on the exhaust pipe…

and the other somewhere here.

Somewhere there?

– What’s this? – Hold onto that.

What is that? Why is that in his hood?

(Why are his sunglasses in his hood?)

– I don’t know. – He doesn’t know.

It was my first time wearing that this year.


You’re hard to understand.

You might find a nest there later.

A nest?

(She puts it back in his hood.)

(She gets on.)

Where am I supposed to put my foot?

It’s too low.

My legs will drag on the ground.

– The exhaust pipe. – Or else you’ll drag them around.

Let’s go.

(She squeezes her foot on top of the exhaust pipe.)

I’m scared. This is scary.

I’m embarrassed.

– I’ll go slowly. – I’ve never been on a motorcycle.

– Really? – Yes.

(I’ll drive you safely.)

This is funny.

I’m riding on a motorcycle with Kian84?


Am I dreaming?

What are we doing?

That motorcycle has that effect.

I thought I was dreaming too.

It’s uncomfortable because it doesn’t have a foothold.

This is fun.

– It’s fun, isn’t it? – Yes.

Motorcycles are fun.

(I bought a new car I’ll go pick you up)

Were you singing?


(It gets dark as they ride along.)

It’s dark.

It’s dark. What are we doing?

The view is nice. Look over there.

(The view is nice. Look over there.)

(Like going around Rome in “Roman Holiday”)

– They’re comparing us. – Like that?

There’s such a huge difference.

(Going around Gwacheon, “Gwacheon Holiday”)

It was “Bundang Holiday” for me.

Bundang holiday?

Do you know we’re going at 20km per hour?

– Right now? – Yes.

It’ll take us an hour.

– It’ll take all night. – It’ll take an hour.

(Still, he drives safely…)

(and enjoys the holiday in Gwacheon.)

Look how dark it is.

(I love traditional markets.)

Look at that.

– It looks delicious. – There’s so much good food.

It smells delicious.

Let’s buy a blanket first…

and a pillow.

A blanket, a pillow and slippers.

That’s all you need, right?

Are you buying a blanket?

He sleeps on the sofa while he’s working.

– He must get tired. – It’ll get cold then.

It was very cold that day.

(They look for the items on their shopping list.)

Do you need something?

– What is it? – I need underwear.

I’m going to buy trunks.

He suddenly went in for something that wasn’t on the list.

My underwear is all worn out and I need to buy some.

(They go underwear shopping as if they were siblings.)

– I want a cheap one. – The cheapest is three dollars.

I’ll take one of these.

This one?

– It looks nice. – Okay.

Buy a nice one, not a cheap one.

(They go to buy things that are on the list.)

– Let’s see. – They have slippers here.

– Slippers. – They do?

(He finds slippers at a kiosk.)

– This. – They look warm.

Do you have any for men?

Don’t these have different sizes?

Of course. It’s different for men and women.

You need to check the size.

I think these are too small for you.

I’ll wear these.

– So pretty. – I’ll take two pairs.

Two pairs?

I’ll buy it for you.

She’s generous.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Put it in here. – Bye.

I’ll carry it.

Of course. I’m just putting it in the bag for you.

(They look chummy as they walk around the market.)

Something smells nice.

I see a place that sells blankets.

(They find a place that sells blankets.)

– Hi. – Hi.

It so clean and they have a variety of blankets.

He’s going to use it at his workshop.

There’s something I’m looking for.

– These are warm. – They’re microfiber.

– What’s that? – It’s very warm.

It is?

– This looks warm. – Yes, it felt like this.

This is it.


Isn’t this expensive?

It’s 170 dollars.

– It is? – It’s expensive.


– What about this one? – It’s 50 dollars.

I’ll take this one.

Wait, wait.

– It’s okay. – He can lie down on it, right?

– Yes. – Should I try it out?

Yes, I’ll give it to you.


– 50 dollars. – This is 50 dollars.

(He takes it in with his whole body.)

What do you think?

Don’t fall asleep.


– Just feel it. – I like the texture.

Did you feel it? Next is the 170-dollar blanket.

170 dollars?

– It’s different. – Come on.

– Don’t overreact. – Wait.

He liked the expensive one.

It feels different,

This is better.

Get this. You make a lot of money.




– You can never get this? – It’s…

(Expensive blanket goes against his preference.)

– Do you want me to pay for it? – It’s…

(Do you want me to pay for it?)

No, it’s all right.

You spent over 400 dollars last time.

Come on.

You were able to spend summer nicely.

I’m not shameless.

(He decided not to ask Hye Jin for help.)

Just the blanket?

– Yes. – Oh, pillow.

I can put this in there.

(By the way, how are we going to carry this?)

We rode a bike here.

– Do you deliver? – Of course.

Can you carry it like this?

You can’t carry it. I have to carry it.

You can carry it.

Let me see if I can put my arm in it.

It won’t work.

(She does everything Kian84 asks.)

– We rode a bike. – What is that?


A peddler.

A peddler who goes to every market in the country.

Even her clothes are perfect for it.

Doesn’t it look like a drum that you play with your foot?

She’s like…

an itinerant vendor.


I can’t believe…

we just wrecked the top model.

– All because of you. – An itinerant vendor.

Come on.

You two are perfect for each other. Fashion peddlers.

(Fashion peddler couple)

– Thank you. – Thank you.

I hope you thrive.

– That looks good. – How about some sundae?

This is cheating.

Can I get it without cutting?

I love sundae so much. What should I do?

How long is two portions?


I’ve never seen anyone eating sundae like that.

– What? – Yes.

(Long pieces)

– Like that? – Just…

– That’s how she eats. – Why?

– When I was young… – To hold it and chew?

Like gimbap.

When I was young, at the entrance of market,

the lady always sold it in a big piece.

And she wrapped a piece of paper around it.

Not even a paper cup.

– I carried it around to eat. – Wait.

Are you from the refugee period?

Are you older than me?

(Is she from 1950s?)

Really? I’ve never seen this before.

That looks good. It’s driving me crazy.

(Kian84 tries the lump sundae for the first time like Hye Jin.)

That was actually pretty good.

It’s good, right? That’s a delicious way to eat it.

– Thank you. Bye. – Thank you.

(With a piece of sundae in their hands,)

(shopping is over.)

(They’re back to Kian84’s office.)

Shall we check replies?


There may not be any.

Don’t look too forward to it.

What if there are so many?

What if there are so many replies?

Are you looking forward to it honestly?


Let me see.

What would the public say?

(Let’s see.)


That looks like a character in Kian84’s cartoon.

You drew exactly the same.

(He enters the community to check the replies.)


(He opens the posting.)

(It’s funny to see it again.)


At the same time.

(They’re almost like real sister and brother.)

At the same time.

Let’s check the views.

“Evaluate my drawing please.”

– 266. – 266.

That’s not bad.

Two people left replies.

“Two people?”

(What do replies say?)

“I have nothing to say.”

(I have nothing to say.)

“What are you doing here, Kian84?”

How did they know?

They all know even though I changed the nickname.

Because of the ID.

“I have nothing to say.”

“I have nothing to say” is awesome.

(A grateful person left a rely even though he has nothing to say.)


Can I leave a re-reply for the first time?

– What are you going to write? – It’s going to be under my ID.

(She doesn’t care.)

“Thanks for the rely.”

(She must’ve been very grateful.)

That’s even longer than the person who left it.

He wrote 6 letters, but you wrote 7.

Why would you put that in trash?

I realized…

two things today.

First, it was very fun.



really a comfortable friend.

Surprisingly enough,

he feels more comfortable than my real brother.

It’s fun when I’m with Kian84.

I can relax.

It was fun.

If I had a sister,

she’d be the sister I want.

But the one I meet very rarely.

If we meet too often, we’d fight.

We should meet rarely, then she’d get me things I need.

I can tell you’ve gotten closer.

Right. It’s not awkward anymore.

I should sell that online.

– That tablet? – Yes.

Do you even have…

linger affection left for drawing?

(Do you even have linger affection left for drawing?)

Why do you have linger affection for drawing?

I want to know.


it’s just…

I always work on something intense…

inside the noise and crowd.

Doesn’t it comfort you…

when you do something in silence…


That’s what it is to me.

It’s my hobby. I don’t need to be good at it.

– No, you don’t have to. – Right.

Being good…

As long as you like your hobby.

Thanks for the blanket.

– You paid for it. – Oh, I paid for it.

I feel like you paid for it every time I bought something.

– Well done, Kian84. – You too.

(In one country town…)


(Hwasa visits her grandma’s.)

(It’s a village festival since Hye Jin’s here.)

(And a cultivator drive with her dad)

(Hwasa’s country diary)

(They gathered at Si Eon’s house.)

(All he has is a piece of bread.)

(A piece of rotten bread)

(They go shopping for calendar photo shoot.)

(He’s excited to get the great item.)

(A gate to inferno opens with the item.)

(They fell in the calendar inferno.)

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