Drama Korea I Live Alone Episode 267 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea I Live Alone Episode 267 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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(The Day the Youngest Member of Rainbow Club Returns)

Good to see you.

Henry is back.

(Henry is back.)


– Korean star. – Hang on.

Hello, everybody.

It’s so nice to be back.

It feels strange.

You look different.

What do you think?

– Your hair is suddenly all up. – You’re wearing glasses.

I wanted to look smart.

Doesn’t he look like Superman?

– With a bang like that. – You’re right.

– Superman? – Because you’re a superstar?

– No. – Because he’s a superstar.

I haven’t been here for so long.

– Long time no see. – Long time no see.

– It feels strange. – Right. Long time no see.

Is that gold?

– What? – What is that?

– Is that an ad? – Is that an ad?

– That’s an ad. – That’s an ad.

This flower must be on air.

Wait. What’s it for?

– What’s this? – What’s this?

I’m not getting married.

Welcome to Korea.

Why didn’t you do it when he walked in?

You can take it off now.

– Okay. – Can I take it off?

Let me put this on Wilson…

– after a while. – Put it on Wilson.

Why are you so big now, Wilson?

Wilson swelled.

(Wilson swelled.)

We watched your video last week when you weren’t here.

We were touched by your encounter with your father.

Wasn’t it weird?

– No, I loved it. – I loved it.

It was like a well-made American drama.

He’s right.

It was just so awkward…

with my dad.

I’m not close with my dad.

– We’re not close. – But…

we consider that very close.

– We’re even worse. – We’re even worse.

Are we going to chat with Dad or what? We have nothing to do.

You should be like, “Good to see you.”

Good to see you.

– “Good to see you.” – “Dad.”

“I’ll see you in next Chuseok.”


(Combination of a big city and great nature)

It’s still wonderful to see it again.

– Toronto. – Toronto.

I got to know for the first time. Toronto, Canada.


(Welcome, my son.)

It was still awkward at that time.

(Although it’s awkward between the father and son,)

(Henry’s father is just proud of his son.)

– He kept taking pictures. – Okay.

Look at Henry’s awkward face.

It’s an unbelievable scene.

It’s my first time seeing Dad on TV.

Him on TV.

– We have… – We have never done it before.

This is really interesting.

(Henry and his father made happy memories together.)

– Are you going home now with Dad? – Yes.

That’s my house.

(Henry’s Home Sweet Home)

What a nice house.

(Revealing Henry’s house in Canada)

Did you live there since you were young?

– Yes. – Since you were a baby?

– Since I was nine. – You barely moved?

– That’s a very nice house. – Henry’s rich.


We have many musical instruments.

They’re not mine. They’re all my dad’s.

– There’s a separate room for music. – Yes.

There are four bedrooms?

It looks like a drama studio.

(Henry’s house looks like a drama studio.)

You know that’s from a drama. The rich’s house.

– It’s always in weekly series. – Yes.

(When you go up sleek stairs to the 2nd floor…)

That’s my room.

– Really? – Yes, and…

everything’s still there.

(Henry’s room is still the same from his childhood.)

(There are traces of Henry everywhere.)

That’s me.

(Also, a picture of young Henry)

(It’s good to be back in my room.)

(While Henry’s enjoying his break,)

(his dad is doing something.)

He’s doing something.

(He washes vegetables clean.)

– What is that? Garlic? – He knows how to cook.

My dad is a really good cook.

– Really? – Yes.

– You got your father’s DNA. – Of course.

You got your father’s cooking and music DNA.

– Okay? – Yes.

I can cut. What do you want me to do?

I finished cutting already.

It was my first time cooking with Dad.

(Henry has never cooked with his dad before.)

So, it feels very awkward.

I’m trying my best…

not to look awkward.

It’s weird to be in the kitchen with Dad.

It was really awkward.

– Put on here? – Put all the pieces inside here.

(They get down to cooking.)

What kind of curry are we making?

– Indian curry? – Thai curry.

– Thai curry? – Yes.

– Oyster sauce. – Okay.

Then fish sauce.

It’s complex.

– Little bit more. There. – I can tell he cooks often.

– He has all the spices and sauces. – Yes.

– Okay, now… – That looks good.

– That looks like ssamjang. – This looks like Korean…

– gochujang. – No.

– Right? – No gochujang.

I only ate it since I was young.

I never cooked with him before.

– It was interesting. – For the first time in life.

(Stir gochujang in light heat.)

Coconut milk.

– All of it? Are you sure? – Yes. Yes.

– It does look like curry. – That’s good enough.

(How’s Dad’s Thai curry?)

Now you have to chop this.

– How do I chop? – A little bit.

Chop 1 piece into 2.

Just like this?

(Just like this?)

– Like that? – Yes.

This is best galbi.

– Why didn’t you thaw it? – Goodness.

How do you cut this? How do you cut it?

– You chop it. – What do you mean?

– Like this? – Want me to show you?

(Dad decides to show him.)

Henry’s pretty good with a knife too.

I know.

– He’s different. – He chops at once.

His father chops with a power at once.

– You know it’s Dad’s power. – Of course.

Put in the center.

(You chop in the center.)


He chops as if he’s chopping wood.

You can never catch up the years of experience.

(Temperate knife skill)

What’s your favorite among Dad’s food?

– Steak. – Steak?

– Yes. – Steak.

How do you cook it?

– Medium? – Medium?

Why do you want to know?

So I can try it later.

It depends on the person.

Don’t you want to know everything about the Hollywood star?

Just go have a meal with your father.

(Just go have a meal with your father.)

– Have a meal with your father. – Right.

Don’t ask Henry what he likes. Ask your father.

My father likes well done.

– He doesn’t like blood. – Is that so?

– He likes fully cooked steak. – Yes.

– Nearly burned. – Okay.

– Cut? – Yes.

And you don’t need it in between.

I know.

I know how to do it. Watch. I learned.

– He’s good as I expected. – I know.

– Cut it? – And take out the in between.

– Like that, right? – Yes.


(He attempts to fake it.)

(How dare you try to fool me?)

– He’s cold. – He doesn’t react to it.

Your guest is coming. Hurry up.

I kept joking in case it was awkward.

It feels even more awkward.

– That made it even more awkward. – It’s more awkward.

(No more jokes and he concentrates.)

(He finished cutting the ingredients in such short time.)

That’s done.

(He moves the ingredients.)

What about those?

To stir-fry when the guests arrive.

– I prepared the ingredients first. – You can stir-fry right away.

If you leave it in there, you’re just overcooking.

Someone’s coming now.

(Henry goes out to greet the guests.)


– Oh, my gosh. – Right?

(Oh, my gosh.)

(Who are these people Henry greets warmly?)

Who are they?

– Are they your father’s friends? – My two friends.

No, my friends.

How could you say father’s friends? Come on.

Are they your age?

You can still be friends regardless of age.


(They were both born in 1989.)

I know. I thought he was your father’s friend.

– No. – But it’s weird for your father…

– Why does he look so old? – to call your friends.

– How could you say old? – Foreigners…

– Because he has mustache. – Because of his mustache?

Foreigners tend to look older than their age.

– Really? – Yes.

They’re both my age.

Not another 12 years around.

– He wasn’t born in 1953. – No.

We went to same school since middle school.

– Okay. – Yes.

Oh, my gosh.

– Oh, my gosh. – Right?

– How are you? – After you, sir.

– Hey. – Charles. Oh, my gosh.

– How are you? – He’s Asian.

– He’s Korean. – He’s Korean?

– He’s Korean? – He’s Korean.

What’s up?

What are you all preparing?

– Let me get it. – Mr. Jewish.

How are you?

So we prepared all this stuff.

Wait. How long has it been since you’ve seen each other?

Were you at the reunion?

Right. We had a high school reunion which you missed.

– Which you missed. – Did you set up?

– I set up. – 10 year reunion.

So that was like pretty recently. Two years ago?

I couldn’t speak Korean when I met him.

I still can’t.

My Korean might be better than yours, man.

No way. You know I go to church every week, man.

Still. You know I live there.

– You live there? – You speak now. Let me see.

I’ve never spoken to him in Korean.

– Yes? – You speak.

It’s awkward to talk in Korean.

You sound weird in Korean.

I think I’m better. Hey. I’m actually better.

– Okay. – I think I’m better.

Charles sounds more fluent.


Wait. What’s your Korean name?

– Hwang something. – Hwang.

– Hwang what? – Yes.

Don’t you know? Don’t you remember?

(Hwang Charles?)

– Charles. – It’s…

Hwang Yeong…

– Yeong Cheol. – Yeong Cheol?

– Yeong Cheol? – You knew that.

Your name is Yeong Cheol?

Like Kim Yeong Cheol?

Yes. Same character.

Kim Yeong Cheol and Hwang Yeong Cheol.

Your name is Yeong Cheol? I didn’t know his name is Yeong Cheol.

You guys speak well in Korean.

I do know because some of my friends…

He speaks Korean. Dad. Say some Korean to him.

Do you know Korean?

Hello. I love you.

Thank you. You’re welcome.

“Thank you. You’re welcome.”

I put down all the things I know.

That’s all I know.

They come to my house for steak even when I’m not home.

Then they’re your father’s friends.

– No. – They’re your father’s friends.

Yes, they are my father’s friends.

It’s like my dad and Kian84 hanging out together.

– That’s so weird. – Then he’s your father’s friend.

“Hyun Moo. I’m having soju with your father.”

“Make sure he goes home safe.”

I can never imagine it.

“We’re planning to go to internet cafe.”

– “Internet cafe.” – Internet cafe?

Or VR room.

(I’ll take you to VR room for the 3rd round.)

Come on. It’s even more interesting.

Oh, my gosh.

– What? – I think…

– violin teacher’s here. – Your violin teacher.

– No. – Let’s go.

– Oh, the violin teacher. – The scary teacher.

Why are you so scared of her?

I think he’s the scariest person in the world.

He said he is scary.

I’ve never seen him smiling in class.

He’s like the teacher from “Whiplash”.


(Something like this?)


(Answer, Henry!)

– Your violin teacher. Let’s go. – No.

Dad. You go.



Dad. Wait.


No, it’s not violin teacher.

It wasn’t the teacher.

– Good to see you. – Come here. Come on. Come in.

– Are you okay? – You look so handsome.

– You look beautiful. – When did you come?

– When did you come? – Today.

They’re my friends who live next door.

The bald man?

– Come here. – Aren’t they your father’s friends?

No, the man in the back.

– Wait. – Wait.

– Who’s your friend? – Settle it down.

Wait. Am I taking this wrong?

– Are they all your friends? – I’m confused too.

Is this “We’re the World” or what?

– What’s going on? – What’s going on?

Do you tell them to be your friends?

– Let me explain. – Who’s your friend?

– It’s my friend’s mom in the front. – Okay.

It’s my friend’s dad behind her.

His dad. Then?

That’s my friend in the back.

Come on. Don’t lie.

(It’s a chaos again.)

– Why? – The man in the back?

– Yes. – Isn’t he your violin teacher?

– No. – I thought he was your teacher.

– No. – I thought he was your teacher.

I thought his father was Henry’s friend.

He says he’s the father now.

– Hi. – Hi. My name is Mario.

I’m Henry’s friend from grade six.

Oh, watch.

Okay. Come in.

Oh, my gosh. Okay.

Maybe he’s here.

– Deep breathe. – No, you guys stay there.

– Don’t. – Do you know who this is?

I’m scared. He’s scary.

You better believe me.

(Finally, the door opens.)

(How scary is he?)

(How scary?)

(Very scary.)

(It’s a nervous moment.)

He looks charismatic.

Oh, my superstar.

– Oh, my superstar. – He says superstar.

“My superstar.”


Oh, my gosh. How are you?

– I’m good. How are you? – My gosh.

– 12 years? – Yes.

I haven’t seen him for a long time,

but my dad and he kept…

in touch.

Your father keeps in touch with him.

You’re the same. The same incredible.

Blame it on time.


Meet my…

He’s actually in Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

That’s the best orchestra in Canada.

He’s the boss there.

– Number one? – He’s the boss.

– Number 1? – Yes, he’s the number 1.

He’s my neighbor.

– Hi. – Hi.

But neighbor where?

– Right here. – Right here. Next door.

– Next door. – I see. Hi.

– They’re my parents. – And then they’re his parents.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

I can’t tell who’s Henry’s friends now that they’re all mixed up.

– I know. – They’re all mixed up.

People who look young are my friends.

– That’s the hard part. – That’s the hard part.

I’ll go cook. You guys just sit. Just relax.

(He starts cooking with prepared ingredients.)

(Add garlic…)

(and meat.)


– He’s good at using the wok. – He’s good.

(Both meat and women’s hearts bounce.)


(He smells it with his heart-shaped nose.)

(He’s done cooking.)

My father taught me this recipe.

It must be good.

– Isn’t that galbi? – That looks like short ribs.

There’s also pineapple.

(He cooks stir frying vegetables.)

That looks good.

Henry. You have to put down for the curry.

(Add tofu in stir fried vegetables.)

Save another.

– It’s done? – You need to turn this on, right?

– Yes. Downstairs. – Somebody has to help me.

Come. Help me.

– I’ll help him. – You help him. Let’s go.

Yes. What do you want me to do?

– That’s your friend, right? – Yes.

He looks like your father’s friend.

He’s not my father’s friend, but my friend.

– Okay. – Not your father’s friend.

(The highlight of Thanksgiving continues.)

(Large turkey is coming.)


I think I’ve seen this from “Surprise Mystery TV”.

– I know. – It was really embarrassing.

Put the coleslaw closer to the…

What is that?

It was cooked for too long.

No. Stop. I know what you’re thinking.

No. Stop. I know what you’re thinking.

– What do you mean no? – It’s…



– black turkey. – What?

black turkey.

I understand.

No, so it’s…

(No, so it’s…)

It was ruined.

(It was ruined.)

If it was chicken,

– I would’ve said black chicken. – Silky chicken.

But it was turkey.

(The teacher has a strange smile.)

What if the violin teacher goes back to his old self?

It looks normal to me.

– Probably look very tasty. – Yes.

– Probably look very tasty. – Yes.

– Crunchy. – Yes. Crunchy.

– Right? – Yes.


– I was thinking… – Or…

you can go vegetarian. Okay? Please.

Oh, this side looks good.

– That’s a good idea. – That side looks good, right?

(So, Henry’s meal is ready.)

(A feast with Henry and his father’s heart)

Thank you everybody for coming.

I missed you all so much.

– I love you. – I love you.

Thanks for inviting, Henry.

– It’s totally foreign culture. – I know.

So, everyone, right?

I love you.


– What is that? – Okay.

– I love you. – I love you in different languages.

– We love you too. – We love you.

– Happy Thanksgiving. – Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes. Happy Thanksgiving.

(They begin the turkey cutting.)

– This is very… – It’s actually good.

Everyone, oh. 1, 2, 3, oh.

(Audience is here.)

– Thank you. – It’s beautiful.

That looks good.

It wasn’t burned at all.

– Yes. – It was perfect.

Thank you.


– I think this stuffing is good. – Yes, it’s good stuff.

Thank you.

– Anyone want this? – He’s teaching yoga.

He’s fine.

He looks good.

We were a bit nervous.

– We served curry to Indians. – That’s right.

This is good.

– Yeong Cheol. – Thank you.

(It feels like I’m home again.)


But you teach violin.

(He takes many big bites.)

(He can’t stop.)

– Yes. – Many times?

Okay. One day…

(I can’t hear anything.)

(Let me have one more scoop.)

He looks happy.

Dad, sit down.

(He keeps scooping the curry like he’s digging a well.)

He’s enjoying it.

He’s finished everything.

That’s a relief.

(Would you like a bowl?)


– They should do the waves. – They should.

They should do the curry waves.

I’m going to…

– It tastes pretty good. – Yes.

(He drinks the curry.)

Do you like the curry?

This is good curry. It’s nice with pineapple.

Who made it?

– We made it together. – You did?

Very nice.

Can you show a little bit more reactions on the good food?


(He means it 200 percent.)

(Rishi’s dad takes another bite.)

Honestly, I don’t believe my son can cook.

This is good.

– It’s good. – It’s actually good.

– Are you sure? – It’s good.

Did Rishi tell you about his girlfriend?

(Rishi’s dad’s fork stops.)

Do you have a girlfriend?

He knows.

I’m just kidding.

– Do you mean Te Amo? – Te Amo.

– Do you have Te Amo? – That’s not it.

I’m talking about Rishi’s Te Amo.

– Rishi’s Te Amo. – Do you have a girlfriend?

I have…

You’re thinking. It means you have one.

Are there 10 Te Amo’s?

– Zero. – Doesn’t that mean infinity?

– It’s infinity. – It’s infinity.

– Infinity. – Infinity.

It’s zero.

This is Rishi’s.

(The heartwarming dinner continues.)

Do you remember? “Henry.”



You were very scary.

Do you remember “Romanian Dances” by Bartok?


I remember you putting this on video.

You put it on video.

– Yes. – You made a video.

Do you remember that one?

That’s why I remember him.

He was so scary.

I had no idea, but the teacher…

watches my shows…

– on his tablet PC. – He watches the videos.

– Really? – Really?

– He watches everything. – Yes. He called you…

his superstar.

Does he watch I Live Alone too?

(Kian84 ruins the mood.)

– Well… – That’s an unexpected question.

– I’m sure he’s watched it. – I think he’s watched it.

It’d be so touching if he has a video of I Live Alone too.

– I’ll find out. – Please.

I don’t practice anymore.

Neither do I.

(Henry and his teacher continue to talk about violin.)

We had a lot of fun.

Dad, is my…

Is my violin here?

– Is it still here? – We have one left here.


What is that?

That’s a piano. It’s Dad’s.

Dad, do you want to play that?

Let me entertain you guys.

My dad can play all kinds of instruments.

– All kinds? – Yes.

My teacher is here. You have to be good.

I fed him with turkey. I don’t care what he says.

(He doesn’t care.)

No, he doesn’t.

He’s amazing.

I’m so jealous.


It sounds a bit like trot music.

(The old-fashioned rhythm…)

(and good food)

It’s just like Misari.

He’s not very good, but he can play all kinds of instruments.

– In Misari, – At restaurants…

– if you go to a restaurant… – It’s just like that.


(The Misari vibe used to fascinate young people.)

(It’s been adapted to Canada.)

(The mood deepens.)


Henry, bring your violin.

Your mom always plays this song. Bring your violin.

– Violin? – Yes.


Let me go get it. Is it upstairs?


I don’t know where it is. I’ll look for my violin.

(Henry is getting his violin.)

(I’m pretty sure it’s here.)


(There it is.)

– That’s… – Is it from your childhood?

the violin I used at competitions as a kid.

Is it the right size then?

– Violin size… – Okay.

Violin size…

But toy violins are small.

– They are? – Yes.

(The 2nd part of the performance has begun.)

It does feel like Misari.

Right? I told you.

I didn’t realize it before.

You can’t just ask them to play a song.

(The coffee girl is back.)

You should at least give them a cup of coffee.

That’s good manners.

Is there anything in the world you don’t know?

Solomon’s seal tea is good too. They drink too much coffee.

At night, they become tired.

– You’re the coffee girl. – Yes.

(The romantic pop song time is over.)

Okay? Come.

No. Play the guitar.

– Good. – Beautiful.

I want you to play the guitar. Let me play something with you.

Play the guitar. I don’t like that.

– I don’t like that. – But I like it.

– I don’t like it. – Your mom likes it.

(Dad insists on playing the piano.)

It sounds a bit…

Isn’t that a set in Korea?

– It’s like a 70th birthday party. – A 70th birthday party.

(In the end, Henry joins.)

I wanted the guitar.

(Piano and violin)

(This song sounds familiar.)

– What song is that? – It’s a really famous song.


“The Moon Represents My Heart”.

“The Moon Represents My Heart”.

(The father and the son play the song together.)


– He keeps making mistakes. – Just let it pass.

– Yes. – Okay.

Just sing along.

Thank you.

(Henry wants to wrap up.)

(But Dad doesn’t stop.)


(What’s this melody?)

– Is it “Happy Birthday to You”? – “Happy Birthday to You”?

(Charles appears.)

His dad made mistakes on purpose.


– I was so surprised. – It was Henry’s birthday.

It was his birthday.

He made mistakes on purpose.

You guys. I thought…

I was worried you didn’t celebrate your birthday.

Your dad is so sweet.

You guys tricked me.

You tricked me.

(Everyone fooled Henry.)

(What happened?)

(While Henry is getting his violin…)

– While he’s getting the violin… – Really?

They had a plan.

(Henry’s dad talks to Charles.)

– When he comes down… – Okay.

(While the father and the son are playing the song together…)

(It’s time.)


Your dad is amazing.

I didn’t know. I didn’t notice it.

(007-like surprise)

I was only focusing on my violin.

(Let’s celebrate here too.)

Thank you.

– Here. – Sorry we’re late.

– It’s okay. – 1, 2…

1, 2, 3.

– Let me make a wish. – Make a wish.

– Hye Jin. – Yes?

Your hands are burning.

(Henry loves this kind of joke.)


(Happy birthday!)

(Henry is so surprised that he doesn’t know what to do.)

I was so surprised.

You must have been.

I thought it was strange.

We had played that song more than 100 times.

Why was he making mistakes? I almost got angry.

I completely fell for it.


Thank you, everybody.

– Okay. – What a happy family.

It makes me so happy.

Okay. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time…

in 17 years or more.

We haven’t celebrated Henry’s birthday together.

We haven’t celebrated Henry’s birthday together.

(They haven’t celebrated birthdays together.)

This is really my first time.

I feel very happy.

– 17 years? – What are you doing? Don’t cry.

[VIU Ver] E267 I Live Alone
“Henry’s Thanksgiving”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

He must have felt overwhelmed.

I really feel very happy.

Thank you, all of you.

I really feel very happy.

Thank you, all of you.

Thank you, Henry.

– I was so surprised. – You were surprised, right?

I thought my dad would never cry.

I’ve never seen him weak before…

in my life.

You could say he was being weak, but as it was the first time,

– he must have been overwhelmed. – He was overwhelmed.

Thank you, Henry.

It’s the first time.

(He feels too shy to look at Henry.)

(But he plucks up his courage and shows his love to his son.)

My dad hasn’t hugged me many times before.

It’s something new for us.

On every birthday, he’s been overseas.

The last birthday we celebrated together was when he was 18.

Today, Henry is here…

on Thanksgiving.

We cooked together,

and we ate together.

We shared the sumptuous meal together.

It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

My goodness.

I am happy.

I am very, very happy.

Well done, Henry.

I was really grateful.

(He’s so grateful that he’s dumbfounded.)

When he said he was proud of me,

I regretted telling him not to make me take photos…

and to brag about me to other people.

(He got embarrassed, and he kept stopping his dad.)

– I felt very sorry to him. – Right.

I never knew that Dad…

loved me that much.

I thought my dad doesn’t love me.

– My gosh. – Really.

Since I was young,

I always wondered if my dad…

loved me or not.

When you first went to your dad’s office…

and saw your photos everywhere, what did you think?

(What did he think when he saw his photos in his dad’s office?)

– Just… – I didn’t think about anything.

But as soon as we saw it, we knew.

– He really loves you. – He misses you so much.

He just never expressed it.

You have to treat him better. Just treat him better.

He’s been keeping his feelings to himself until that day.


He wanted you to realize it.

Okay. Let’s eat.

– Thank you. – You all tricked me.

Did you know?

(The father and son clumsily expressed love for each other.)

– Thank you, guys. – It’s lovely.

Do you want to take it upstairs and have some cake?

Take it upstairs?


Thank you, everybody.

You have a Christmas tree?

We always have it. It’s always festive.

What do you say about the way I do it, Henry?

– Henry, our ritual is… – What?

to feed the birthday boy.

– Really? – Yes.

Can you do this then?

– Yes. – Say, “Airplane is coming.”

And make the buzzing sound.

Is she going to do it?

(Rishi’s mom grants the birthday boy a wish.)

Here we go.


Now we have to line up to feed you.

– No. No. No. – Yes. Yes.

Do it to your teacher. He wants it too.

No, I couldn’t do it.

Honestly, when he was…

drafted to go to…


– “Drafted”. – “Drafted”.

Good choice of word.

Korea was like a drill for him.

– I get it. – It’s a very big mission.

It was very much like a drill.

I thought he might not make it through.

When he graduated high school…

and told me that he wanted to go to Korea,

I couldn’t sleep.

I thought, “Oh, my gosh.”

I didn’t think he was going to become successful.

But I only kept it inside. I didn’t tell him that.

I had to give him courage.

I told him to go.

After three months,

he called back.

That was a tough time.

I felt very bad.

I cried inside. Why?

Because his voice was shaking.

I knew…

– I knew… – He’s a baby.

he was missing us. And he was crying.


I wasn’t crying.

I wasn’t crying.

“How are you?”

– No. – He was crying on the phone.

– Did you cry or not? – I am sure he did.

This is what happened.

I was so lonely.

When I first came to Korea. I had no friends.

– You couldn’t speak Korean. – You couldn’t speak Korean.

I was walking alone one day, and I felt so lonely.

– I was walking alone at night. – You would feel lonely.

I called home.

I called them for no reason.

I was crying really hard.

But I was pretending not to cry.

– But your dad knew. – He would know.

– I thought… – They know everything.

he didn’t know.

But you know what?

I didn’t tell him to come back.

I told him.

“Henry, look at The Beatles and all the other celebrities.”

I encouraged him.

I told him to look beyond this time.

This is a hurdle you have to go through.

Once you get through this, you will be fine.

After that, 6 months, 12 months,

1 year, 2 years passed.

And I thought he was fine.

That period had passed.

Every morning and every evening,

I see him on TV.

I see him performing.

He is successful now, and he’s got everything.

Anyway, go play some song.

Anyway, go play some song.


Yes. Please some song.

He suddenly made me play.

Play for us. Please.

Please go and play.

– Me? – Come on.

(There’s so much pressure.)

– I haven’t… – Play a little bit.

– played in so long. – It’s okay.

– I was so nervous. – His teacher is there.

– Yes. The teacher was there. – You would get nervous.

It’s okay. It’s fine.

You have to perform in front of your teacher.

There’s a bit of pressure. Sorry.

He would’ve been fine if his teacher wasn’t there.

I was really nervous.

(He’s excited.)

(Henry plays violin and Charles plays piano.)


Try. Try it.

(The teacher and pupil reunited again after 12 years.)

(At this moment, they strictly become teacher and student.)

(The song they will play is…)


– What is that? – That song?

What’s that?

(This will verify the past 12 years.)

It must be really tricky to play this song.

It’s a really tough song to play.

Can he do it without practicing?

I was so nervous.

My palms are sweating.

We are getting nervous.

I have never been so nervous in my life.

Even when I performed in front of 10,000 people, I wasn’t nervous.

(He wasn’t nervous anywhere, even when he was bald.)

My gosh.

(He have never felt this nervous.)

My violin teacher who’s been teaching me since I was young…

was right in front of me.

I am nervous.

Okay. Try. Try.



(He checks A note with the teacher.)

– He just knows. – He’s scary.

A little bit higher.



(Lower it now.)

(Lower it a little more.)

He’s scary.

See? He’s scary.

When I heard it, it was tuned right.

The teacher is different.

– Almost. – Almost there.

(My gosh.)

– He’s scary. – He’s scary.

Don’t be nervous.

You are Henry, the superstar.

What’s going on? What?

(What happened?)

– Oh, dear. – What?

The string broke.

– Oh, my gosh. – He’s screwed.

– It broke. – Why did the string break?

Why did the string break?

It’s an old violin.

Do you have extra string?


– No way. – It’s never happened to me before.

– Is he not going to play now? – I am done.

You did it on purpose, didn’t you?

I didn’t. It just happened.

He intentionally did this.

– He just cut it. – You couldn’t do it on purpose.

(The fourth string and his mind are both gone.)

(Everyone stares at Henry.)

(What do we do?)

– What will he do? – It’s okay. It’s okay.

(The teacher is saying it’s okay.)

I can pick up a violin from somebody.

He can’t borrow it.

Hey, let’s just do it without it.

Hey, let’s just do it without it.

Can I play without the E string?

– With three strings? – Oh, my gosh.

– Yes. – Oh, my gosh.

I don’t think I can.

With three strings?

– How can you do it? – I thought it was my only chance…

to meet my violin teacher.

And everyone was expecting to see me play.

How can you play without three strings?

What do we do?

Look that way.

– Look that way. – Okay.

– I will close my eyes. – Plug your ears.

– Ears. – Only you.

Okay. I will close everything. Okay?

(Is there a song you can play with three strings?)

Is there such a song?

The string that broke was for high notes.

So I had to play everything with strings that make have low-pitch.

It was your first time to do it, wasn’t it?

It was my first time in life.


– Okay. – Okay?

With three strings? Can you do it?

(He will try to play “Humoresque” with three strings.)

Ready? 5, 6, 7, 8.

(He’s very excited.)

(He starts playing with three strings.)

(He watches him gently.)

(I have to film this.)

Can you do that with three strings?

Is that what makes him a genius?

– He’s good. – He’s good.

(He’s happy.)

How can he play like that without one string?

It doesn’t show at all.

(It’s not obvious that he’s playing with three strings.)

(He slowly becomes confident.)

(He gets up from the seat.)

(Please watch me from up close, teacher.)


Look at him.

(He made a mistake.)


I said “again” in Korean.

Again. Again.

Again. Again. Please.


Go ahead.

(Relax, my genius pupil.)

Yes. One more time, please.

– One more time, please. – His nightmare is coming back.

“One more, one more.”

“No! One more.”


All right.

(He calmly goes back to being a genius.)


(It doesn’t matter whether a string breaks.)

(I still have…)

(three strings.)

(He finishes the performance with his extraordinary skills.)


Good job.

With three strings!

I loved it.

It’s great. You should leave it this way.

– Like this? – Exactly like this.

This will be a beautiful violin.

It’s nearly impossible to play the violin without a string.

– You have to use another string… – Really?

– instead of the last string… – Really?

– to play. – Did Paganini really do that?

I don’t know if you understand, but it’s very difficult.

Please add a subtitle that says, “Without a string”.

– “Without a string”. – Hold on.

This is a bit…

– Was it staged… – Did he do it on purpose?

to show you’re a genius?

– He is sly. – I swear…

this isn’t product placement.

That doesn’t mean what you think it means.

– Did you stage it? – Did you tighten…

– the strings on purpose? – I swear I didn’t do it.

You wanted people to compare you…

to Paganini.

Henganini, explain yourself.

– Henganini! – Henganini!

It was really hard.

He recreated the sound.



One more song, one more song.

– What? – With three strings, one more song.

– One more song? – Please.

(He wants to hear his son play.)

I really wanted to play,

– but there were only three strings. – It’s okay.

Do any neighbors have a violin?

I have it at home.

– Why don’t you go home and… – No, no.

(He wants to lend his violin to Henry.)

Come on.

– It’s a short trip. – Okay.

It’s a short trip.

This became something bigger.


(A bit later)

Okay. Here it is.

– Here. – It’s big.

Oh, my goodness.

Henry, it’s yours.

(He unexpectedly comes to play his teacher’s violin.)

– Take it. – Thank you.

Lending your violin to another person…

is really big.

– That’s right. – People don’t do that.

People don’t do that.

On the first day of our lesson,

I still remember him telling me not to touch his violin.

He told me not to touch it or blow on it.

That’s why it was meaningful for me.

I see that it’s something impressive.

To Kian84, it would be something like…

– lending his tablet PC. – That’s right.

– I lend anything. – Really?

There are different types of geniuses.

This violin costs 200,000 dollars.

– 200,000 dollars? – Does it cost 200,000 dollars?

It’s at least 200,000 dollars. It’s incredibly old.

It’s as old as Paganini.

– It’s historic. – Yes.

All right.

That’s right.

My goodness, it’s beautiful.

– Be careful. – What should I do?

If you cut the string again,

the atmosphere will turn awkward.



My goodness.

(I trust you, Henry.)

The bow alone must cost 100,000 dollars.

(It’s unverified information.)

– Come on. Let me try it. – You earned it now.

(It sounds amazing.)

Don’t break this one.

Don’t break this one.

(His teacher’s violin makes a different sound.)

It’s homemade.

My goodness.

– Isn’t the sound different? – It’s different.

Even a layman like me can tell the difference.

Is it good?

Is it okay? Perform.

– Ready? – His dad sounds angry.

Will he play the same song?

(He tries “Zigeunerweisen” again.)

(I am ready, master.)

He is filming.

(With his teacher’s violin,)

(he plays with seriousness.)

(That’s incredible.)

It’s a hard part.

(He begins to play fast.)

(The screen isn’t frozen.)



– I am doing a terrible job. – What?

Was it your first time to play it after a long while?


(His teacher loves it.)

Good, good.

You are a genius.

– That was amazing. – An expert would know…

that I haven’t played the violin in a long time.

– It was incredible. – I haven’t been this moved…

since Vanessa-Mae.


– How do you know Vanessa-Mae? – You are an old man.

I haven’t been this moved since Eugene Park.

We only know two violinists. Eugene Park and Vanessa-Mae.


Good, good.

One more. Just one more.

– One more. Just one more. – He continued to ask me to play.

– No. – I will never end.

– One more. – I can’t play it anymore.

I know how he feels.

When the parents see their children do well,

they want to show everyone.

Whenever there was a 70th birthday party…

in the neighborhood,

my mom always asked me to imitate a squid getting grilled.

One more squid, one more squid.

One more squid, one more squid.

That’s it.

(She gets forced to imitate a squid getting grilled.)

She always asked me to do it! I hated it!

– I did it so many times. – Both of them are geniuses.

I did it so many times.

No, no.

– One more. – Then play the piano.

It will be great.

Something small will be great.

Play something small on the piano.

Yes. Put it back. Put it back.

Anything small. It can be whatever.

(Touch us in a small and significant way.)

Dad, didn’t you want to sing “What a Wonderful World”?

Do you know the codes?

I see trees

That’s right. That’s right.

You know this song, right?

What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong.

Whenever there was a family gathering,

my dad and I sang it together.

Will your dad sing?

(He shouted out “One more” because he was proud of his son.)

Okay. Start.

Okay, okay.

What an extraordinary family!

It was our first time to do it after many years.


(He begins to sing with a similar voice.)


(He films them.)

It’s nice.

He is good at imitating Louis Armstrong.

(And I think to myself)

(What a wonderful world)

Do you guys want to sing together?


– How are they so amicable? – This is unfamiliar.

This is unfamiliar in Korean culture,

but it looks good.

We get into the atmosphere only at a karaoke.

Children and parents hang out separately.

Then the song gets cut off after the first verse.

(She relates to it.)

“I am going to sing next.”

(The father and the son become one with music.)

(Are you satisfied, Dad?)

(Let’s sing the 2nd verse.)

– He wanted to stop. – I tried to stop.

That’s the Korean culture.

He lived in Korea for too long.

We cut off songs after the first verse.

He became Korean.

(The father and the son sing the 2nd verse as well.)

(How was it to spend Thanksgiving with Henry?)

I can’t express it.

However, he knows that I am happy.

We spent a day together.

This is something I didn’t know,

but I think I missed Dad very much.

I think I missed Dad very much.

Thank you, everybody, for coming.

Thank you.

In 1, 2…

He jokes around.

It was my first time to joke around with him.

– Dad, come here. – I am taller than you.

No, you can do it.

– It’s a group photo. – Everybody.

(They wrap up with a group photo.)

Thank you…

for coming and singing.

(A cold autumn day decorated with the fall foliage)

(Sung Hoon is going somewhere…)

(with his bike on its rack.)

(He left a bunch of bananas in the back seat.)

(He takes one.)

(Taking a bite)

Do you eat bananas to keep in shape?

I feel heavy if I eat too much.

(He eats two bananas so he doesn’t feel heavy.)

What? You don’t want to feel heavy…

– and look at that. – He’s eating three bananas.

You can gain weight if you eat too many bananas.

– Wait. – Each is over 100 calories.

He’s eating another.

– He’s eating so quickly. – Wait a second.

– Just eat rice. – That’s right.

– What are you doing? – That’s 500 calories.

They were small bananas.

– What? They’re huge. – We saw how big they were.

Not even monkeys would eat that many.

– It was delicious. – What?

(He arrives at the Han River after eating five bananas.)

Waking up in the morning

(He takes his bike off the rack.)

The sun is blinding.

I still haven’t bought a rack.

– Why do you want one? – It looks so cool.

– I don’t believe it. – It’s so cool.

I think he’s lost it.

It’s a day before the triathlon.

They hand out the numbers today…

and give people an hour to practice swimming in the Han River.

That’s happening today.

A day before the race?

All the participants go for that the day before.


It looks like orientation day at a high school.

Yes, it does.


I must really be doing this.

I’m really doing this.

(He looks nervous.)

The last part of it…

is running 5km.

Thank you.

(Walking up to the booth)

(Where is he headed briskly?)

(The numbers of each participant)

It looks like they divide the names by age.

Yes, they divide us by age.


858, that’s right.

– 858. – Iron man 858.

Get your gift at the next booth.

– I’m number 858. – Can I have your ID?

– You must be getting your number. – Yes.

Do I have to wear this until tomorrow?

– Yes, you have to. – You can’t lose that.

Is it okay when I go in the water?

– Yes, it’s okay. – Make it tighter.

You don’t have to worry about that.

Is that paper?

– You get one at clubs. – It’s like clubs.

– Oh, clubs. – You know those, right?

– Of course. – You know them well.

They don’t rip easily.

It doesn’t come off even when I try to take it off in the morning.

It’s all the way up here the next morning.

It’s all stretched out.

– Because you pulled on it. – That’s right.

You try to take it off in your sleep.

– It’s uncomfortable. – That’s right.

– They’ll check here. – Good luck.

– Good luck. – Thank you.

How old are you?

We’re 28.

– 28? – Can I shake your hand?

– It doesn’t matter then. – Me too.

– Thank you. – This is nice.

It’s a relief I don’t have to compete against them.

You have to be in the same age group?

Everyone does all the categories together,

but the results are divided into age group.

– It’s different? – I only look…

at the results of those from 35 to 39.

I only compete with them.

They award you within that age group.

Even if I participate, we wouldn’t compete together.

– Because of the age. – 35 to 39?

You’re that old?

I look young, don’t I?

He’s in the age group between 70 and 80.

I can be in the top three.

In that age group?

(Let’s get ready.)

(He tears off the small number…)

(and puts it on his helmet.)

(Where should I put the rest?)

Put another small one in the front of your helmet.

In the front?

(Like this)

Thank you.

This is my first time.

Everyone is the same at first.

They’re nice.

Is that okay?

Good job.

(He puts the stickers on his helmet with the help of others.)

(Let’s move to the next place.)



– I was rejected. – It’s Sean.

It’s shaking.

I think it would’ve been very difficult for me…

if it weren’t for Sean.

I couldn’t train as much as I wanted to…

because of practical reasons.

I asked if I could train with him…

and he willingly helped me.

(Thankfully, he even joined at 5am.)

I was able to train well because of him.

Do I need to buy that?

The race belt.

You need that.

(I need your help.)

– What is it? – I don’t have my wallet.

He is a huge donator, but that’s too much.

I didn’t know we’d need money.

Hi, how much is it?

It’s on a discount and costs 10 dollars.

– 10 dollars? – Yes.

You don’t take credit card, do you?

– Of course we do. – You do?

– Did you bring your credit card? – No.

– Can I borrow yours? – You want to borrow his.

– You sound demanding. – He snatched it away.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

I’ll go get my bike inspected.

Okay. Where should we meet?

I’ll come back after the inspection.

– Do you need to check it? – Yes.

Here it is.

Can I go in?

– Do I leave my bike at my number? – Yes.

Thank you.

– 858. – It’s at the end to the left.

Thank you.

Everyone was nice and helpful.

(Iron man 858 gets the help of several people.)

(This is my spot.)

(The spots are designated so they can easily find their bikes.)

(He puts his helmet in a basket.)

(This is perfect.)


(The donating angel is back.)

Did you hear everything you have to do?

You can’t take your clothes off.

You can take the top down.

– But I take it off here? – Yes.

It’s very strict.

There are places in between swimming and cycling…

and cycling and running.

You change there…

and leave after changing.

– Wait. – It must be chaos.

You take your clothes off out in the open?

You don’t take everything off.

Were you imagining it?

Come on.

Your eyes got huge when you asked that…

and your cheeks are red.

– You should participate. – Goodness.

– How could your eyes get so big? – Her eyes got huge.


During the race tomorrow,

what if I go into the full course instead of the sprint course?


That happens once in a while.

If you want to be that person…

(I won’t stop you.)

No, I’m serious.

I’m very serious.

(It wasn’t an easy decision and he’s serious.)

It’s a big challenge.

When I was younger,

I’d think of it lightly, since it’s the half-course.

I might not have thought much of it,

but my biggest worry…

is whether my knees…

will hold up.

There are problems…

with my cartilage.

However, I want to do this since I made up my mind to.

I’ll let it take its course.

It’s going to hurt if you have problems in your cartilage.

Don’t your knees hurt?

They hurt a lot.

Shouldn’t you refrain from participating if you’re hurt?

That’s what I thought at first,

but let’s say I used my knees as an excuse…

and train for the next race.

I realized I might come up with another excuse next time.

– He thinks differently. – He totally does.

He thinks like an athlete.

– We’d massage our knees. – That’s right.

We’d just lie down.

– I don’t understand. – Get acupuncture.

(Practicing swimming in the river one last time)

(Many participants are practicing.)

They open it for an hour for people to practice.

That’s impressive.

– It looks so cold. – How long is the swim?

– Hi. – Hi.

– Do you see the buoy? – Yes.

Come right back when you reach it. Don’t go past it.


– Good luck. – Thank you.

(He jumps into the water…)

(after being wished good luck.)

That must be cold.

It looks like when you went wakeboarding.

– It looks cold. – The water was 17°C.

It must be so cold.

It looks so cold.

– Remember I rode a bike underwater? – Yes.

The water was 30°C, but it was cold.

– It’s twice as cold. – 30°C?

I like swimming in Jacuzzis.

– Jacuzzi? – Jacuzzi.


(The cold water makes your body feel like it’s freezing.)

(Despite the cold,)

(he pushes forward in the water.)


(he stops.)

What is it?


(He starts swimming again.)

(He goes to the halfway point and turns around.)

(He swims for a while…)

(before stopping again.)

What’s wrong? I’m worried.

(He isn’t able to move.)

(Is something wrong?)

It was my first time swimming in the Han River.

I didn’t think it would be difficult,

but it was very cold…

and I could see the current and waves.

It’s different from a pool.

My biggest concern is…

that you can barely see anything in the water.

I might go off course.

– That’s what you see. – That would be a problem.

There isn’t a net in the water, is there?

A net? Are you fishing?

Are there piranhas there?

Come on.

– There are catfish. – There could be eel.

I’m scared of things that might be at the bottom.

I’m scared of that too.

If you go off course, it could become 800 or 850m.

I’m worried since I can’t tell.

(Will he be able to complete the race without any problems?)

(He prepared for the triathlon for the past month.)

For a month.

He continued training…

after it was shown on the show last time.

– We had a shoot that day. – Yes.

He rode his bike home from here.

– After dinner. – Really?

That was part of my training.

It was when I started training.

He brought his bike and rode it home.

That’s impressive.

(This is a battle within myself.)

(A journey of pushing limits and finding myself)

– Impressive. – Impressive.

I’m nervous.

(The preparations are done.)

They make him look so cool.

It’s because he is awesome.

– I’m jealous. – Me too.

It’s the day of the race.

(He wakes up early and turns the lights on.)

He’s all ready.

There’s so much to take.

– Yes, there is. – Since it’s several categories.

(858 Bang Sung Hoon)

It’s so early.

He must be so nervous.

My mind was blank at that point.

– Since you’re sleepy. – Why is this scene so long?

– It’s unnecessary. – Right.

No, it isn’t.

It was nice.

(After the nice scene)

You lost a lot of weight.

(A month ago versus Now)

– He did lose weight. – You look fit.

(Traces of his training can be seen.)

(He dresses in comfortable clothes…)

(and gets ready.)

I need my wallet.

(Falling over)

I need my wallet.

Why is he falling over?

Why did it fall forward?

(He gives its bottom a high-five.)

– He’s positive. – He doesn’t care.

– We’d think it’s bad luck. – You’re right.

We’re looking for 101 reasons not to participate.

(He suddenly remembers something.)

(He goes out to the balcony.)

It’s cold.

– What was that? – I was talking to myself.

I can say that when I’m alone.

He isn’t himself right now.

– It’s the day of the race. – He’s nervous.

(He finishes packing.)

(He is ready to go out.)

Let’s hit it.

(He looks determined…)

(and nervous.)

– He looks determined. – How do you feel then?

Are you excited?

Up until that moment…

– Was your mind still blank? – Yes.

When I used to participate in competitions,

I rarely got nervous.

You clear you mind of all thoughts.

You must not get nervous easily.

You want to go to the bathroom right before a relay race.

– That’s right. – That’s right.

– That’s right. – That’s why I can run.

– You itch all over. – You itch?

– You have so many excuses. – Yes, I do.

I always need to go to the bathroom.

(I always need to go to the bathroom.)

It’s so dark.

You look like a boxer.

I lost some weight.

– You look handsome. – This is like watching a movie.

He’s there.

(He arrives.)

The race begins after sunrise, right?

Yes, it begins after the sun rises.


Why did you go so early?

There are many things you have to do…

in preparation before the race.

(He takes everything he packed…)

(and heads to the race grounds.)

(He also brought bananas.)

(Breathing out)

I can see my breath.

(People are gathered together because of the cold.)

Good luck.


– Can I see your wrist band? – Yes.

– Here it is. – Okay.


(Sung Hoon enters.)

(The final preparations are being made.)

(More and more participants arrive.)

I can’t imagine…

how excited they must be.

There are so many people.

You’re testing your limits.

That’s right, you are.

Look at that.

(He goes to his spot.)

Cycling shoes.

My clothes…

and my running shoes.

Can’t you wear any kind of shoes?

That’s up to you.

It’s a waste of time to change shoes.

(He changes right into his swimming suit.)

It’s cold.

(He shows off his nice body despite the cold.)

It isn’t dry yet.

It isn’t dry yet.

He wore it the day before.

(He’s in his wet suit.)

(He controls his breathing.)

(He is ready for the race.)

(He heads somewhere.)

Good luck.

Good luck.

(People cheer him on.)

– Good luck. – They must all know.

(He is waiting for someone.)

(It’s Sean.)

He’s here.

My lifesaver.

I can see my breath.

The water must have dropped to 13°C.

Isn’t this amazing?

Everyone is here early in the morning.

Yes, it is.

This race…

has a good purpose.

It started…

to help disabled children in Korea.

No wonder the fee didn’t seem like a waste.

(No wonder the fee didn’t seem like a waste.)

You hesitated.

You seemed to think it was too much.

No wonder.

(When he was signing up for the race)

Why are they playing this?

His balance was revealed.

It’s 40 dollars to register…

and another 60 to sign up for the race.

(His balance was in inverse proportion to his feelings.)

She keeps saying that.


We soon…

have to go and stretch.

– Warm up. – Okay.

I’ll come to you later.

Okay. Good luck.

Good luck.

You have to survive.

It’s only half course.

I’ll survive the half course.

I’ll be okay.

That’s how I really felt.

Since I was ready, I thought I’d be okay.

Of course.


I hate going uphill.

Why is there no one else?

– He could be first or last. – You’re right.

Oh, no.

I think half the people are done and going back.

Good luck.

(He parts with Sean…)

(and goes somewhere.)

(Many people are cheering Sung Hoon on.)

We will now warm up.

Please gather at the starting point of swimming.

You must be nervous now.

(Everyone starts gathering.)

We’ll start the warmup exercise.

All the healthy people are there.

(They move to the music.)

(The sun starts rising.)

It was so pretty.

That’s impressive.

Look at that.

We wouldn’t do it if we were asked to.

That’s at the beginning of any kind of race.

(That’s at the beginning of any kind of race.)

(Sung Hoon follows along without being lazy.)

(This looks familiar.)


I started feeling nervous…

about the race.

(The reality hits him.)

(The warmup exercise is over.)

I’ll make some announcements.

It is currently 8.3°C…

and the water is 16.5°C.

When the water temperature is under 18°C,

it feels colder than sitting in a cold bath.

It’s very cold.

– So I suggest… – It’s really cold.

you should wear full body swimsuit.

– Good luck, everyone. – It’s colder than cold bath. Gosh.

(Good luck, everyone.)

Did you put on a timing chip band?

– Timing chip band? – Yes.

No, I…

(For Sung Hoon who has never participated in a triathlon…)

– It’s in my bag, so I will… – I see.

– You should put it on. – Should I put it on too?

– Yes. – Why do we need it?

That chip is to check your record.

But you didn’t wear it?

– I didn’t know. – There’s a sensor inside of it.

You can’t compete without that.

Your time won’t be recorded.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be disqualified.

– You’ll be disqualified. – Is that so?

You’ll have no record.

I see. I’ll be disqualified.

(Fortunately, he brought the chip.)

Is this it?

This one? This is it?

[VIU Ver] E267 I Live Alone
“Sung Hoon’s Triathlon Challenge”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

Honey, I’m going to…

I would’ve been in trouble if I hadn’t worn it.

– You should thank him. – Yes.

All the contestants helped each other like he did.

The contestants for the standard distance men over 40, please come.

– Please come down. – It’s beginning.

So they…

They’re racing in the full distance.

(The contestants are walking to the starting line.)

(It makes Sung Hoon nervous too.)

Even I feel nervous too.

The color of the swim caps are different…

– for different age groups. – Orange is for people over 40.

So they’ll start the race like that?

(It feels like everything is happening to him.)

There are so many people here.

(Many people gathered for a fight against themselves.)

– The full distance course? – They’re amazing.

All of them.

(Watching them ignites Sung Hoon’s passion too.)

(Whistle sound)

It’s beginning.

– Look at them. – The cold water…

They’re so… They’re jumping into the water.

Aren’t they so cool?

Hyun Moo, did you watch “Tears of the Antarctic”?

– Yes, I did. – Penguins jump into the water.

– I meant to talk about it too. – That’s right.

It reminded me of “Tears of the Antarctic”.

The penguins jumped into the water all together.

The mom penguins.

(Sung Hoon is ready to become a penguin.)

(While the standard distance race is continuing…)

– That’s a magnificent sight. – Indeed.

The standard distance contestants…

have already finished the swim event.

There are female contestants too.

(While other contestants are fighting hard against themselves…)

They’re amazing.

They’ve moved on to cycling.

(Sung Hoon takes something out of his bag.)

(He eats a whole box of chocolates all at once.)

He’s eating the whole box of chocolates all at once?


– It’s to boost energy quickly. – Yes, to boost energy.

He wants to boost energy for the race.

(Maybe he starts feeling hot. He takes off his padded coat.)

I’m nervous.

(Iron Man Sung Hoon prepares for the race like a tough guy.)

– I’ll get going. – Okay.

– You can do it. – Good luck.

“I challenge myself.”

Okay. “There’s nothing impossible.”

(Everyone cheers for Sung Hoon who seems determined.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Go, Sung Hoon!

(The crowd is cheering.)

Go, Sung Hoon!

I was so embarrassed.

– You can do it! – I mean, I’m not a special person.

I’m not a special contestant.

(It’s as if he’s a hero in crisis.)

It looks as if he already won a gold medal or something.

I’m not a special contestant.

– They’re all contestants. – Exactly.

– Go, Sung Hoon! – You can do it!

(They cheer for him like a national team player.)

He’s almost like a national team player.

He lost his energy again.

– He’s probably feeling burdened. – I was so embarrassed.

Sung Hoon, you look…

(He ended up in the front row while receiving cheers.)

– He’s in the front row. – Is he in the front row?

(Iron Man 858 is leading the group of people in their 20s and 30s.)

I hope you’ll come in first.

(I hope you’ll come in first.)

(He feels pressured.)

– He must be under pressure. – Of course.

It’s nice to have fans cheering for him.

All the athletic people gathered there, right?

– Exactly. – Right.

(Sung Hoon looks nervous.)

(Was it that nervous?)

Not really.

I was relaxed until that moment.

I just thought, “It’s time.”

– Were you not nervous at all? – Until then.

But people were cheering for you.

– Exactly. – I would’ve been so nervous.

Can’t you go to the bathroom?

You look nervous.


(He looks like he’ll throw up even before he begins.)

His fans would’ve been disappointed if he had thrown up there.


“Gosh. I can’t go now. Give me a minute.”

Let’s begin the race.

– Honey, you can do it! – You can do it!

Now, I’m really going.

– You can do it! – You can do it!

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Let’s get it.

– You can do it! – Citizens are cheering for him.

– You can do it! – He’s very popular.

Sung Hoon, Mr. Popular. I hope he’ll complete the course safely.

– “Mr. Popular”. – “Mr. Popular”.

(The contestants gathered in front of the starting line.)

Five minutes are left.

(One minute before the beginning)

(There’s tension in the air.)

– 1, 2, 3. – 4 people at a time.

(The race begins.)

They’re jumping into the water like penguins.

– Oh, dear. – Go, penguins.

(The iron penguins go into the water all together.)

(One of the penguins does a belly flop.)

– What is he doing? – A belly flop.

– My gosh. – Don’t dive deeply.

(One of them holds onto the rope while going into the water.)


Who just screamed?

(While someone screams…)

– A belly flop. – A belly flop.

It hurts the belly so much. It feels like your belly is torn.

– He’s going in very carefully. – Was there a person like him?

(It’s Sung Hoon’s turn.)

Sung Hoon, show them how to dive.


Sung Hoon, show them how to dive.

(That’s good!)

(This is how a former swimmer dives.)

(He jumps into the water like a merman.)

(Now, he has to catch up with the contestants in front of him.)

(Sung Hoon is swimming in the midst of a lot of people.)

Since everyone is wearing a yellow swim cap, I can’t find him.

Where is Sung Hoon?

(As soon as he went into the water…)

He’s so fast as expected.

How can anyone beat him when he’s that fast?

(He has to pass other contestants in the crowded lane.)


(It’s hard to see ahead due to the muddy water.)

(He’s getting closer to the person in front of him.)

– I can’t see him. – Isn’t he too close to him?

– He might get kicked by him. – Exactly.

(He bumps his head on the feet of the person in front of him.)

In the beginning of the race,

every time I moved my arms, I touched someone else’s foot.

I hit my face on the hips of the person in front of me.

– I got hit and pushed. – Poor him.

– They play rough too. – Yes, they do.

– It’s understandable. – It’s a competition after all.

I can’t do a triathlon because of that.

(In the midst of chaos,)

(Sung Hoon move around him.)

Sung Hoon is moving around him.

(He starts passing others in an empty space.)

He’s fast. He’s really fast.

(His skills are his weapon.)

He’s a former swimmer.

– Again? – He bumped into someone again.

His way is blocked again.

(He keeps swimming regardless.)

– It must’ve been tiring. – Again.

Oh, no.

I got hit and kicked.

My goodness.

(In the race like a battle,)

(he joined the leading group in an instant.)

– He’s in the leading group. – It’s like a movie.

Sung Hoon really is superior when it comes to swimming.

– He’s cool. – They’re no match for him.

He was a professional swimmer.

The background music makes it more like a movie.

(Sung Hoon is in the third place.)

– He’s in the 3rd place. – He’s in the 3rd place.

(He gets to the finish line after passing two buoys.)

He just has to pass two more people. Go pass them.

He doesn’t have to.

(In the race like a movie, he swims around the first buoy.)

Why did he change the swimming stroke?

I couldn’t see ahead because the water wasn’t clear.

If I had 100 percent energy,

I think I used only 70 percent in swimming.

I thought I might run out of energy in cycling.

– So I saved my energy. – Good. You should adjust pacing.

You shouldn’t go too fast in the beginning.

(He’s in the third place even when he didn’t swim at full speed.)

He’s in the third place even when he didn’t swim at full speed.

(At that moment, the second place moves in the wrong direction.)

That’s because he can’t see ahead.

Sung Hoon is in the second place.

(Sung Hoon moved up to the 2nd place.)

(A large number of players are swimming behind him.)

(Behind the lonely first place,)

(Sung Hoon is following him in the second place.)

(The first place comes in.)

– The first place came in. – He’s amazing.

(Sung Hoon is coming in in the second place.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – They recognized Sung Hoon.

He started later than others, but came in second.


(He finished the 750m swimming race.)

– That’s incredible. – So far, he seems like…

– he can win a medal. – He came in second.

– That’s amazing. – It was a 750m race.


(The 750m swimming race is just the beginning.)

(He has to run to the transition area as soon as he comes back.)

(After changing into his cycling clothes,)

(the race begins without giving him time to catch his breath.)

(Every moment he’s spending is included in his record.)

– Run. – You should run.

– Run. – Everyone was just like you. I…

You couldn’t run?

Hang on. You could run, but tried to look cool to the watchers, right?

– It wasn’t like that. – Is he enjoying the attention?

My goal was to complete the race.

I wanted to relax and walk to the transition area.

– But some ladies… – Did they tell you to run?


I’m not lying. They really shouted.

They must’ve been worried.

– “Why wouldn’t he hurry?” – Right.

– I really wanted to walk. – They thought he was wasting time.

– It’s a waste of time. – Right.

All the other contestants probably ran as fast as they could.

If we’d been there, we would’ve said,

“Gosh. Run. Run please. Run.”

Like you’re their own son.

– So I… I started running. – You should’ve run.

– You should’ve run. – I’m glad you did.

Keep going, Sung Hoon!

(He runs just as people say.)

– You started running. – You have to run.

– Go, Sung Hoon! You can do it! – You can do it!

Go, Sung Hoon!

He should hurry up here.

– Here… – He should find it fast.

Hurry up.

It’s okay. Take it easy. You must be tired.

Hurry up. Come on.

– Gosh. Seriously. – Winning wasn’t my goal.

– Let’s not rush him. – Hurry up.

Gosh. He’s moving so slowly.

– Gosh. You, ladies. – This is so frustrating.

– Hurry up. – The ranking doesn’t matter.

See? He shouldn’t hurry.

(His legs become wobbly.)

Dear me. Why is it so tiring?

– Hurry up. – You shouldn’t be tired already.

– You should start now. – He came in second.

He’s moving so slowly.

(They’re acting like his parents.)

– You guys are just like the ladies. – I’m so frustrated.

Gosh. You’re acting like his parents.

(Sung Hoon, I’m thirsty.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Thank you.

Good. I can finally breathe normally again.

– Shall I go home now? – No.

– Shall I go home now? – No.

Why are you moving so slowly? Hurry up.

– See? – Hurry up.

I was scolded so much.

It’s not too late.

You’re taking too much time. Go now.

– All right. I’m going. – So many people nagged at me.

Go ahead first.

– Come. – It’s a waste of time.

– It’s a waste of time. – It’s sad.

It really is a waste of time.

(Shall I go now?)

(He’s finally going.)

“He’s finally going”.

(Everyone feels like they’re watching their own son.)

They’re excited to see him going.

Hurry up!

Oh, dear. Why is everyone so rigid?

(He walks energetically with all the parents’ hopes.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Go, Sung Hoon!

Go, Sung Hoon!

People cheer for him so enthusiastically.

(On the strength of your cheers,)

(I’m setting off now.)

– You taped your knees. – Yes, I did.

He has knee problems.

Oh, boy. My legs are wobbly.

Please be attached to the pedals.

His legs are so wobbly, he can’t get his shoes attached to the pedals.

(His right foot is done.)

One more to go.

Okay. It’s done.

– Good. – It’s done.

I have cycling shoes like yours at home.

– If you wear cycling shoes… – It’s too slippery on the pedals.

You have to buy the right pedals…

for that kind of cycling shoes.

– Oh, I see. – What?

– Why did you buy the shoes alone? – Did you buy the shoes,

but not the pedals?

That’s why I haven’t riding my bicycle since then.

– Then why are you buying a rack? – Why do you want to buy a rack?

I like how it makes my car look sporty.

– Like you’re an outdoor person? – Exactly.

– That’s crazy. – I love a bike rack.

It looks sporty.

(Now that he’s had his shoes attached to the pedals…)

– Okay. It’s done. Let’s go! – Go, Sung Hoon!

(He starts to rid it at full speed.)

I didn’t know there were particular pedals for the shoes.

(Right under the warm sunlight,)

(the iron man speeds up quickly.)

Thank you.

(He’s relaxed.)

– He’s not the bottom place. – It’s an uphill.

Oh, gosh.

I hate going uphill.

I hate it.

You can do it.

– Go, Sung Hoon! – You can do it!

(After the uphill area which he hates so much,)

(the race area shows up in front of his eyes.)

(On the open road in the city,)

Oh, my. That’s beautiful.

Imagine you ride a bicycle there with more than a thousand people.

(Almost a thousand people are riding a bicycle together.)

It’s beautiful.

It’s magnificent.

Korea is so beautiful in autumn.

– We start here… – This looks fun.

and go straight down and turn around the corner.

(Pass the halfway point.)

(Then go back to the starting line, and you finish one lap.)

– Three laps? – Yes.

(You complete the race after three laps.)

(He’s in good condition maybe because of the scenery.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Keep going.

Keep going.

It was so nice.

I haven’t ridden a bicycle…

with that many people my entire life.

It was so much fun.

He’s passing everyone.

(He’s passing the others quickly.)

(And when he starts feeling tired…)

Keep going. You can do it.

Let’s go!

– Is this your third lap? – Yes.

This is the final lap.

Go, Sung Hoon!

Let’s go!

(He’s riding in his final lap.)

Cycling was easier than swimming, right?

– It was easier and more fun. – Be honest. Right?

(He’s passing the halfway point.)

Sir, you can do it.

Since everyone was cheering for each other…

– You can talk and see clearly. – Right.

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Thanks. Let’s go!

– Let’s go! – Let’s go!

(Everyone is cheering.)

Where should I go after finishing three laps?

Should I go straight?

– Do you still have energy to talk? – I finished three laps. Where to?

(Sung Hoon asks for a direction.)

Should I go this way when I finished the sprint course?

I was afraid I might go to the full distance course.

– You shouldn’t. – Right.

(Fortunately, he comes back to the starting point.)

– He’s back, right? – Yes. He should change again.

– At the transition area? – I’m going back there.

– What’s this noise? – What’s wrong?

The chain fell off.

– The chain fell off. – Oh, no.

I’m relieved it fell off after he finished the race.

Slow down.

(He has no time to waste.)

Right. He has no time to waste. Hurry up.

Running must be really tiring.

You’re acting like the citizens on the road.

– Come on. Hurry. – Faster.

He’s exhausted.

– Hurry. – He’d be tired anyway.

(He’s back to the transition area.)

However, I’m worried…

if your knees will be okay while you’re running.

That’s what worried me the most too.

– My goodness. – The last shoes.

(He can’t seem to calm his breath.)

Hang in there just little longer.

They’re coming in with a relaxed face.

Hold out a little longer.


My knees.

He’s thinking of doing a celebration.


(He’s reaching his limit.)

(You should run no matter what.)

– Go, Sung Hoon! – Go, Sung Hoon!

How many kilometers should you run?

I think it was 5km.

(The final course is a 5km marathon.)

You can do it.

(He’s running out of energy.)

(Running alone is tiring.)

(But he has to run uphill.)

– I’m tired. – Keep going.

I noticed some bad signs…

– shortly after I started running. – Did you have knee pain?

– Did it start hurting? – Yes. Right away.

I thought it’d be hard for me to finish the race, and it’d hurt.

At that moment, I thought…

I would even crawl if I could complete the race.

– I was determined. – Right. You finished two events.

– You shouldn’t craw on the ground. – It’d hurt even more.


You would have scratches on your knees and bleed.

I would’ve taken a bus to go home if I were him.

I would’ve taken a taxi.

Gosh. My knees hurt.

– Oh, no. – His knees hurt. Poor him.

My both knees…

started to hurt a little when I started running.

Especially my right knee hurt badly.

(He has a long way to run.)

Should he run that long?

(After turning around the corner,)

(he has to run another long distance.)

(It’s painful every time he takes a step.)

My knees.

– Is it a downhill? – Downhill is even harder.

Just walk.

My knees.

My goodness.

(It’s getting more painful.)

It must be painful.

I know what it’s like because I jog.


You don’t want to run even just for a blister.

I don’t run even just for a blister.

This doesn’t make sense.

Were you drooling due to pain?

Good luck.

(People cheer him up from time to time.)

“When do I reach the halfway point?”

“Where’s the end of this road?”

That thought in my head…

made me both mentally and physically…


(The moment he was almost worn out,)

(he sees the turning point in far distance.)

He must’ve been very excited to see the turning point.

Since then, I cheered up again.

Do I turn now?

Thank you.

After I reached the halfway point,

I kept thinking…

“I can do it. Let’s go.”

“I’ve made this far. Let’s go.”

“I believe in myself,”

“so let’s make it to the end.”

I kept telling myself while I was running.

Thank you.


(Let’s go.)

(From now, it’s not about his strength…)

– Good luck. – Good luck.

(but his spiritual strength.)

Good luck.

(He’s getting thirsty.)

(People tell him to cheer up…)

(and the cheering voice from the bottom of his heart…)

Just bear it once.

(make him want to run again.)

My knees.

My goodness.

I was telling these guys.


“I’m really sorry.”

– “But bear it just this once.” – Yes.

“Just bear it this once,”

“and once I reach the finish line,”

“I’ll make sure…”

“to go to hospital and get treated.”

– I’ll be nice. – “Just bear it this once.”

That’s what I was thinking…

while I was running.

– Good luck. – Yes.

(Until the far away finish line…)

Good luck.

(he runs receiving people’s support.)

– Thank you. – Good luck, Sung Hoon.

(he runs receiving people’s support.)

I can do it. I can do it.

I can do it.

You’re almost there.

(He finally enters the finish line access road.)

My knees.


Good luck.

(he sees the finish line.)

Are you going in?

(The last spurt before the finish line)

(This is the end.)

Sung Hoon.

You can do it.

(He completes triathlon sprint.)

Well done.

You’re amazing.

(A new epic of finishing it)

– That’s wonderful, Sung Hoon. – He’s putting on the medal.

They put the medal on you when you finish it.

That must feel good.






He’s laughing because it’s just too hard.

This is crazy. I really did it.

(I really did it.)

(It’s an absurd truth.)

I really did it.

(How do you feel to complete the race?)

After I passed the finish line,

I was just exhausted.

I was thankful to my knees.

They helped me…

finish the race without any major problems.

I was thankful to my knees.

We’re going to have an award ceremony.

Let me announce the result.

(First, it’s the standard distance.)

(Only the top 3 receive the prize.)

Did you make it into top three?

I’m afraid he didn’t.

Next, I’m going to announce sprint.

First place from age of 18 to 24.

(They award young ages first.)

First place from age of 25 to 29. Lee Hwi Jae.

From 35 to 39.

(They’re finally awarding 35 to 39 where Sung Hoon’s in.)

(1st place between 35 to 39)

(His lips are getting dry.)

Sung Hoon?


(A different player’s name is called.)

(Then how about the 2nd place?)

(Since I placed the 2nd in swimming,)

(let me be the 2nd to receive the award.)

Second place for Min Joon Hong.

(Another player is called for the 2nd place.)

– Third place. – Sung Hoon?

Let’s hope for the third place.

Third place for Woo Dong Hwan.

(Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it in top 3.)

Third place for Woo Dong Hwan.


– You still did a good job. – You were hoping for it.

It was my first time.

I’d be too greedy if I desire to be in top three.

I thought that is ridiculous.

– Right. – Of course.

May I go in?


I just want to check my record.

– Here. – Bang…

(He looks up Sung Hoon’s record.)

If you look here,

– are you in 35 to 39 age group? – Yes.

– Sung Hoon. – Yes.

(What’s Sung Hoon’s rank?)

– You placed the 5th. – 5th?

He made it to top five.

(That is amazing.)

He made it to top five.

– Then… – Wait.

What’s the difference from the third place?

From the beginning,

I wasn’t interested…

in the record.

It’s 42 second difference from the fourth place.

It’s three minute difference from the third place.

What a bummer.

It’s only 2 to 3-minute difference.

Why do you all care about the record?

It’s a competitive society.

What matters is that I completed it.

It’s only 40 second difference with the fourth place.

I completed the race.

No, be quiet.

(Will someone tell me that I did well?)

– What about swimming? – For swimming…

– According to the record… – Yes.


You placed the first.

– In that age group. – Oh, in that age group?

(He placed the 1st in swimming.)

He placed the first because he started late.

– That’s right. – I completed the race.

The record doesn’t matter.

You placed the 1st in swimming, but 5th in running?

Wait. If the record doesn’t matter,

you shouldn’t have checked the record.

– Why did you check? – She’s right.

– Look at him. – You still checked it.

Then you should’ve just went home with the medal.

It took 13 minutes…

to race Han River?

That’s about right.

How about you swim to cross the bridge…

from now on?

– When there’s traffic. – There’s so much traffic.

(That’s hilarious.)

I placed fifth.

I placed fifth.

(He tells everyone that he placed the 5th.)

(How was the challenge?)

Good job.

(How was the challenge?)

Everything was perfect.

The weather was very clean.

Also, people were just enjoying the race,

and they were all cheerful.

I loved their energy.

I think everything was perfect.

I think this will help me…

run again.

I wouldn’t even be sad if I placed 15th or 20th,

but I just had to place fifth.

It feels…


Good luck next year.

Why does everyone tell me good luck next year?

Good luck next year.

(The iron man’s dream comes true.)

Did someone tell you good luck next year?

Good luck next year.

Be honest. When you found out that you placed the fifth,

did you regret that you didn’t get changed faster?

When you walked to the bicycle.

Only if you rushed a bit more.

Only if you ran.

That came to my mind when I checked the record.

But that wasn’t my intention when I was in the race.

You talk about the record too much.

Stay away from the record.

You said completing the race is what matters.

See you next week.

(We support Sung Hoon’s challenge.)

(Rapper Microdot is on the Rainbow Live.)

(He puts on a mask pack without washing up.)

(It doesn’t recognize my face.)

(5 dishes of snack food for breakfast)

(It’s amazing when you dip it.)

(He’s also close with neighbors and electricians.)

(He’s the real insider in this district.)

(Let’s get to know each other next week.)

(Kian84 opened his own company.)

(I’m the CEO.)

(Hye Jin’s first day at work)


(Dhalsim on top of CEO)

(When are you going to draw?)

Why am I on your moped?

(Dhalsim and Kian84’s Noisy Office)

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