Drama Korea I Live Alone Episode 266 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea I Live Alone Episode 266 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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(The appearance of the best look)

Good to see you.

People loved…

Choong Jae from last week.

– Choong Jae. – People said…

it’s funny even he just breathes.

“It’s so warm that I won’t need a furnace this winter.”

No furnace?

By the way, Choong Jae’s double-unders.

(His jump was warm enough for people to save money on the heating bill.)

(They started bragging about how many double-unders they can do.)

(But no one believed them.)

– That’s why I… – Seriously?

You brought jump ropes?

– I brought them. – You shouldn’t say anything.

– One for President Jun. – My goodness.

One for Kian84.

You should never say you’re good at something here.

– You have to prove the next week. – I think it’s too long for you.

– Kian84 should go first. – Should I go first?

I think he’ll be good. He was good last time.

It might become boring because I’m too good. Is that okay?

I’ll do double-unders until we finish shooting.

20 double-unders? He won’t be able to do even 2.

– Here we go. – It’s scary.

Double-unders. He took off his shoes.

He should.


(He is like a lizard that ate red ginseng.)

(He’s been jumping rope as part of his Muay Thai training.)

– When are you going to start? – He hasn’t started yet?

I’ll start now.

(He warms up.)

It’s not working.

(He looks like a kid throwing a tantrum.)


– It’s hard. – You don’t know how to do it.

– Two is the highest record? – I was good back in school.

– 2. – Kian84 did 1.

– I did 2. – He did 2.

Kian84 did two.

How many do you want me to do?

– Do more than 2. – Do 5.

Five? No way.

His arms are spread out too wide.

He is doing something at least.

(He only cares about the speed.)

– He is doing something at least. – He is.

– But it looks… – But…

Hold on.

(His knees are put together neatly when he jumps.)

(His contorted face gives him momentum.)

– He is doing something at least. – He is.

(He does 11 at the highest speed so far.)

But why did you do that with your face?

– It looked weird. – His lips twisted.

– He… – Your lips twisted more and more.

He pulls off everything in the end.

I do.

– He really did it. – Do you…

– accept it now? – Hye Jin might be good.

He’s amazing.

But why did your mouth twisted?

My mouth is the most important part for me.

I didn’t want my mouth to get hit.

– It took refuge. – Yes.

I have to protect my mouth by all means.

– You only care about your mouth. – I was surprised.

Today we have The Rainbow Live.

Today’s guest will be a threat to last week’s Na Rae Bardem.

Someone with extremely intense looks…

You’re out of breath.

– I’m dying here. – Are you okay?

Someone with extremely intense looks…

will be on The Rainbow Live today.

Please welcome Korea’s Lady Gaga.

Korea’s Lady Gaga?

(The international fashion icon)

(But there’s a Korean artist who can be a match for her.)

Korea’s Lady Gaga, Jo Bin of NORAZO!

Right. He is Korea’s Lady Gaga.

– Oh, my. – Look at him.

(Crocodile boots and glitter tights)

(Colorful strips instead of pants)

(Plastic bottle hat and heart-shaped sun glasses)


Oh, my gosh.

Hey. You guys are wearing matching outfits.

– I lose. – What’s that?

I lose.


– What’s that? – Hello.

Isn’t that a water rocket?

Is this a Chinese restaurant?

There’s some of his hair in the bottle.

As you’re Rainbow Club,

– I made it colorful. – Isn’t it that?

– Is this a shrine? – Something like that.

It looks like a shrine.


I wanted to bring you good luck.

– He’s a baby shaman. – What?

(The sketch starts.)

Good things will happen to you.

Please protect me.

– Your back is turned to the camera. – Okay.


– Come to the middle. – Come to the middle.

You’re very tall.

Jo Bin, it’s been a while.

It’s been a while.

I’ve been living alone for the past 20 years.

And for the past 14 years, I’ve been a member of NORAZO.

I’m Jo Bin. Nice to meet you.

(His unique themes always betray common sense.)

(The racehorse on stage)

(Korea’s Lady Gaga, Jo Bin of NORAZO)

Which of us seems the most interesting to you?

It’s Na Rae.

I always pay attention to Na Rae’s costumes.

– You don’t like it? – Me?

She’s like a textbook to me.

– That’s right. – She plays that role.

When you plan your next performance,

– do you get ideas from Na Rae? – Of course.

But in real life, she looks beautiful.

– How do you feel? – The thing is,

after seeing Jo Bin’s hairstyle using soda cans,

someone asked me, “When did you do this hairstyle?”

I thought…

he looked so much like me too.

You two look similar.

– Take a look. – Oh, my.

See? Someone sent me this picture.

Let me show you.

“did Park Na Rae appear in NORAZO’s music video?”

That’s the title.

– What’s that? – I thought it was me.

– That’s Na Rae. – It’s me.

(She copies the pose too.)

You look exactly like him.


– You look exactly like him. – Right?

You look the same.

Even if you set this as your profile picture, no one will notice.

They’ll think it’s me. I thought it was me.

All right.

(The man on his way to work)


That music.

(His first appearance seems peculiar.)

If you watch a makeover show,

they do this for moms.

Let’s see how Ms. Jo Bin has changed!

(Let’s see!)

It looks too boring.


– It looks too boring. – Right?

(This hairstyle is way too boring for me.)

You look so elegant.

You’re Korea’s Lady Gaga.

– You’re better than Lady Gaga. – You’re her rival.

(His hairstyle went from triangular to square.)

(Sometimes, he shaved it all off.)

– I’ve seen it. – “Mackerel”.

– What’s that? – He looks different every time.

– That’s Leon. – Yes.

What’s that?

– I’ve seen that one too. – I love this song.

(In addition to costumes, he uses computer graphics too.)

– They do your hair? – Yes.

Will we get to see how your hair is done?


(A soda can is fixed to his head.)

(Three cans)

Isn’t that the hairstyle he had when he looked like Na Rae?

– That’s right. – It’s that hairstyle.

It’s amazing.

It looks great on you.

Come here.

– Your hair is down today. – My hair…

You’re using cans today?

He’s our new member.

It’ll be so uncomfortable in the car.

After I started doing this hairstyle,

I gave up on doing anything in the car.

Everyone thinks it must be so heavy.

Did you put that one can the other way around…

on purpose?

Yes. Otherwise, people might not realize those are cans.

It’s to show them they’re cans.

You have so much passion.

Thank you.


Your scalp must hurt a lot.

Even hair rollers make your scalp hurt.

They must hurt and weigh a lot.

Let me get changed.

You have to change too?

It was my idea, but this costume is really difficult.

(A moment later)


– Sir! – Yes?

Can you help me?

Oh, my.

(I can’t reach.)

I can’t zip it.

You probably can’t wear a pullover.

– That’s right. – You need a zipper.

Comedians wear shirts a lot too.

Yes. You either wear a shirt or use a zipper.

Also, it’s an all-in-one piece.

– What? – What?

It even covers your hands and feet.

– That’s in fashion right now. – It covers your whole body.

How do you use the bathroom then?

– When I go to the bathroom, – You pull it down all the way?

I go into a stall.

– You pull it down all the way? – My member or manager…

(My member or manager…)

Being your manager sounds like a lot of work.

The thing is,

if you don’t go into a stall,

you’ll have to stand there and pull down your outfit.

An old person might come in and…

(Old people would get shocked.)

– He’ll be naked. – With a woman’s hairstyle.

What’s going to happen?

– They’d report him. – They’d get shocked.

You’d have to go into a stall.


Can’t you make some openings?

I did consider having a zipper on the front,

but the silhouette…

– With a zipper… – It doesn’t look as good.

No. It doesn’t look as neat.

It doesn’t look neat.

– You’re professional. – He’s an artist.

– He is. – He pays attention to details.

He cares about the fit.

– It’s incredible. – It sounds so hard.

(An all-in-one suit and a fishnet vest)

(He is ready to perform as NORAZO.)

(It’s time to work.)

(Here comes Korean Gaga.)

– Korean Gaga. – That looks so intense.

That’s so unique.

I already start to want to pee.


Isn’t it suffocating?

– It looks so bizarre. – It does.

(In a suit that’s hard to take off, Gaga gets in the car determinedly.)


Your hair.

There was a car parked right next.

There was not much room.

My goodness.

Isn’t the ceiling too low?



You can’t lean back during the ride?

– No. – You have to sit like this?

He can’t even lean back.

Can’t you get ready when you arrive?

He couldn’t do that.

– It’s hard. – Then he has to bring hairstylists.

You could at least change there.

But with that hairstyle, if I’m wearing ordinary clothes…

– It looks weird, right? – Yes.

– That’s right. – It’d look even weirder.

If I change in the car,

even though I think I’m done,

my clothes are usually not properly put on.

– They’re folded or something. – I know.

You need to look in the mirror.

– You have no choice. – You couldn’t even lie down.

It sounds so hard.

(Where are you going?)

I have a performance in Namwon today.

It’s Heungbu Festival.

I’ll try to have fun.

(You never get used to his style.)

You went all the way to Namwon wearing that?

– Yes. – Namwon is far away.

– Jeolla Province? – Yes. Namwon, Jeolla Province.

(It’s a 4-hour ride.)

How many times do you usually perform in a month?

How many times do you usually perform in a month?

At max,

40 to 50 times.


– 40 to 50 times in a month? – Right. There are a lot.

This must be the busiest time of the year.

– Yes, this is the gig season. – What’s the most…

– What’s the most memorable gig? – memorable gig?

– There was an amethyst festival. – Amethyst?

It was an amethyst cave festival.

When we arrived there,

one person wanted to show us around.

When we got there, the stage looked like a wooden bench.

There were plastic chairs in front.

Old people were sitting there.

– To receive energy? – That’s what I thought.

He asked, “If you could sing here…”

I was like, “My songs…”

I saw old people there,

so I said I’ll just sing one song.

We played “Superman”.

I was like, “Son”, and my voice echoed.

– Son son son – Son son son

When I said “Father”, the son that went inside the cave came back.

– Father father father – Father son son

When I was thinking I couldn’t do it,

old people in front of me were very happy.

– It’s exciting. – So…

I just went crazy and sang. After the performance,

they were all clapping.

How many elders were there?

Maybe four?


(A few audience responded.)

– Four? – Yes.

The staff…

– That’s pretty surprising. – was like,

“Why don’t you perform here?”

“Jo Bin.”

– “Jo Bin. You could perform here.” – Yes.

Yes, so…

– he told me to sing before I leave. – That’s really annoying.

– That’s the chairman voice. – That’s the best photo timing.


They don’t even say much.


– That’s right. – It’s annoying.

(That does everything.)

Oh, my.

It’s connected.

(He unlocks by applying his spit.)

Yes, boss.

– Can you make a hole here? – I know.

I’m afraid my finger will be visible…

– if I make a hole here. – Right.

So I can’t make a hole.

– Hello. – I highly respect you.

– A nuptial song? – A nuptial song.

We sing “Superman”.

In “Superman”,

I say, “Keep going for the first night.”

“Keep going for the first night.”

Keep going for the first night

I change the lyric.

Complimenting the groom by calling him Superman…

– Yes. – means a lot.

You could sing for Hyun Moo in his wedding.

– Hyun Moo – Any time. I’ll be glad.

Hye Jin take care of Hyun Moo

(She’s excited to be asked.)

Keep going for the first night, save the night

Run the earth around 12 times

– Run the earth around 12 times – “Run the earth around 12 times”

– It’s funny. I love it. – That’s how it would go.

The groom will feel pressured.

– Run the earth around 12 times. – Yes.

– That’s… – It’s very cheerful.

(They arrived in the rest area after dark.)

It’s the rest area.

– Tancheon? – Yes, Tancheon.


– You hop off in that look? – Rest area?

We use the restroom and eat.

– You eat in that costume? – Yes.



It’s attention grabbing.

(He enters as if he’s used to it.)

Everything looks good.

I want something dry.

My goodness.

Honestly, I want galbitang.


Have galbitang and use the restroom refreshingly.

– Then you have to unzip it for me. – Of course.

You have to unzip it for me in the same room.

– That’s not a problem. – Okay then.

– I’ll unzip and zip it up for you. – Are you sure?

I’ll have large galbitang.

– He’s going to enjoy it. – He wanted it.

It was recommended.

– In that rest area. – It must be good.

So I chose it.

(They wait for their order on the table.)

Galbitang is heavy enough.

(He found something.)

– Eat more. – Hello.

– Hello. – Hello.

– Are you going for a gig? – They’re Camila.

– A girl group? – Yes.

(Rookie girl group Camila)

– We’re going to Namwon. – Namwon?

– We’re also going to Namwon. – We’re going to the same place.

Heungbu Festival?

Yes, Heungbu Festival.

– Good to see you. – Hello.

– You’re going there too. – It’s like a waiting room.

– Yes. Like a waiting room. – Nice to meet you.

We stopped by on the way.

Right. Awesome.

I didn’t expect to meet you here.

– Good luck. – Good luck.

– Good luck. – Good luck.

– Good luck. – Thank you. See you on the stage.

– Yes. – See you later.


– That happens to singers. – What?

They meet on the way to the gig.

– They leave at similar hours. – Yes.

– He’s having something delicious. – Are you jealous?


– You must be jealous. – Jealous? Wait.

You have me and Na Rae.

– Yes, Kian84. – Every Monday.

– Yes, Kian84. – Every Monday.

Okay. It’s good.

We’re all going to high five when it’s over.

– We’re all going to high five. – Okay. Sounds good.

(Okay. Sounds good.)

(Meanwhile, food is served.)

Galbitang smells nice.

(There’s also ramyeon.)


It’s too slippery to use chopsticks.

(There’s a handicap in every moment.)

It’s nice and hot.

(They look like an isolated island having a meal.)

(Children see it.)

– Children love them. – They’re startled.


He’s friendly.

(They turn around.)

(Young kids have clear likes and dislikes.)

– It’s scary. – They seemed to be scared.

– It’s scary. – That’s funny.

“Mom. He has Sprite on his head.”

(Let’s leave looking as natural as possible.)

They’re all scared.

He’s not scary.

(While waving at children who are leaving,)

(he almost finished large galbitang.)

– Hello. – Hello.

I’m on the way.

– I’m your fan. – Okay.

– Of course. – Give me one second.

(He responds quickly to his fan.)


– Say hello. – Hello.

Can. Yes. You’re smart.

Look at your mom for a picture.

Children are cute.

– Really? – Yes.

– Good job. – Bye.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Bye. – Bye.

Thank you.

(Tancheon Rest Area)

It’s cold.

– Can I have a picture with you? – Yes, of course.

People keep asking you for a picture.

– He says yes to everyone. – A selfie?

– I’ll do it. – Yes, you hold it.

(They’re friendly enough to calculate the angle.)

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

It’s a lot of work to take a picture with them.

I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t do it.

When I take a picture with them, it’s a short memory for my fans.

When they get a new cellphone or something,

– they’re like, “Oh, right. NORAZO.” – Right.

– It could be a memory. – When they get a new phone.

So I try my best to take a picture with them.

It’s been a while since I felt nervous to use the restroom.

– Oh, my. – Oh, this.

– I’ve been waiting for you here. – Really?

– Can I have a picture with you? – Yes.

Hurry up, guys.

– What do I do? – Here I come.

Do you want a selfie with this in the back?

– You proudly work here. – I’ll stand here.

– In the center… – That’s my brother.

He’s men’s president.

I love NORAZO.

1, 2, 3.

We’ll have this.

(He also buys food.)

Hot one for three dollars. Pay for it.

– I’ll have two. – Yes.

– I’ll just give it to you. – Pardon?

– No. – No.

No, don’t be like this.

Make sure to charge us.

I’m glad you greeted us.

Thank you.

I hope you thrive.

– We’ll stop by again. – You’re really handsome.

– Thank you. – You look different from TV.

– Really? – Yes.

Men love them.

– Keep it up. – Keep it up.

Good luck.

Let’s go.

– Your steps look light. – Yes.


(Boarding ritual is held again.)

Why didn’t you move until the car was out?

I have a lot on my mind.

I thought if I say I’ll hop in after the car is out,

I’d look arrogant.

You think too much.

– How is that arrogant? – He’s more timid than I thought.

Why does he think too much?

(The destination is getting closer.)

(He starts warming up.)

(They arrived at the festival.)

(People are performing on the stage.)

– You met them before. – Camila.


(Camila’s performance)

(After Camila,)

(the forever hot man, Nam Jin is up.)

– Nam Jin. – It’s a big festival.

(Namwon elders love it.)

– What is that? – Everyone’s going crazy.

(It’s getting hotter.)

(He looks a bit nervous.)

(This moment is always nervous no matter how much he performs.)

You’re up now.

(He puts on sunglasses in the middle of night.)


You sing after Nam Jin?

(You sing after Nam Jin?)

He must be nervous.

(He gives water to his nervous throat.)

(After Nam Jin and Camila…)

He’s referred as “The Master of Events”.

Please welcome NORAZO.



– Hello! – Here we go.

He’s getting it started.

(He greets and excites the fans by shouting.)

Are you ready to have fun?

(“Curry” by NORAZO)

– “Curry”. – “Curry”.

This song is so exciting.

This song is good.

(They would get into a big trouble if they skip the intro.)

(It’s yellow, spicy)

(And although it doesn’t smell nice, Taj Mahal)

The lyrics are very philosophical.

(But no beef, namaste)

– It’s Indian food, so no beef. – Right.

– No beef. – Of course.

It’s philosophical.

(The curry philosophy contains thoughtful consideration.)

(Right now)

(The crunchy chicken curry is okay)

(If you’re busy, then instant curry is okay too)

(Thank you, thank you)


(He’s dancing hard alone.)

They are singing along.

(Everyone sings the song along.)

(Curry is good only when you eat it together.)

(Namwon, I love you so much.)

He changed the lyrics.

“Namwon, I love you so much.”



(It’s a hit from the start.)

Namwon! Yes!

We will greet you first.

Hello, we are NORAZO.


(People go wild.)

– That feels good. – It’s nice.

When Heungbu got slapped by Nolbu’s wife…

with a rice paddle,

he would have really enjoyed the rice…

if he had this side dish.

– Mackerel? – It’s mackerel.


Let’s sing it together.


(They chose the song that suits the festival concept.)

(Not tuna)

(Not Pacific saury)

(Not hairtail)


(It’s shipped directly to Namwon from the sea.)

(It’s so fresh that it flops.)

(It’s fresh.)

(They are shaking Namwon.)

The excitement was unbelievable.

(So, so, so)

(Solid body)

(Beau, beau, beau)

(Beautiful Namwon)

(Good job!)

(It’s Omega-3 just for you)

(I am Mackerel)

(He turns into mackerel.)

He really looks like mackerel.

(It’s fresh because it’s sent directly from the sea.)

(Like a mackerel swimming in the sea,)

Thank you!

(he worked hard.)

– Is that it? – Encore!

They are asking for an encore.

(They are hesitating to leave.)

(Pretending they can’t turn down the request, they walk back out.)

They should end it with “Superman”.

– They have to sing “Superman”. – Right.

Please calm down.

Can we really give an encore?


We didn’t expect it at all,

but you desperately asked for an encore.

– He prepared that too. – Right.

Which song pops in your mind…

when you think of NORAZO?

– “Superman”! – Which song is it?


There are parts in the middle where we need your help.

Will you join us?

– Yes! – Yes!

Can you shout louder?

(This is NORAZO-style encore.)

Then we will sing an encore.


– It’s their most popular song. – Let’s…

– fly! – This song is so exciting.


(He dances alone again.)

(He puts on an imaginary cloak and pretends to be Superman.)

(Let’s go!)


(Please protect the earth)

(Outside the stage,)

(I am just an ordinary man.)

(Once I put soda cans on my head…)

(and wear tights…)

Let’s go!

(Run, run, run, run)

(Save, save, save, save)

(He is Superman on stage.)

(Dancing hard)

(She looks like she’s going to break her bones.)

(You are great, you are handsome)

(Charisma of Heungbu Festival)

(This is “Superman”.)

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(They are amazed.)

– They perform so well at an event. – Their energy is amazing.

When you perform like that, you cannot not get invited to an event.

They would get invited again.

He’s wearing soda cans on his head.

– Yes. – Well done, everyone.

Good work, everyone.

(He sees something.)

Jo Bin, you are handsome.

I will take photos.

– Photos. – He is so kind.

– Photos. – Come on.

Take one.

Here we go. 1, 2, 3.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

You are so handsome.

Please say that on social media.

Please shake my hands.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– One more time. – Hello.

All right.

Should I look there?

(They take more photos.)

1, 2, 3.

(They take many more photos.)

– They are all men. – Yes, they are mostly men.

They really are.

They must be tired, but they take photos with everyone.

When I say “I’m sorry” and go,

I feel bad.

Jo Bin is so kind to all of his fans,

and he comments on all of the internet posts.

– And he’s immune to mean comments. – How?

I got mean comments.

So I gathered them all. I gathered the meanest ones.

– And I replied to all of them. – What did you say?

Someone said, “You are trash.” So I replied, “Yes, we are trash.”

– No way. – “Yes, we are trash.”

“I hate the tights.”

“I am trying to accentuate my silhouette.”

“Please watch me.”

“You are handsome.”

“My mother was very surprised when she had me.”

I said that.

He’s strong.

That must make the mean commenters feel weak.

After a while, someone compiled them and posted them.

– I saw it. – Someone found it funny,

so he posted it online. And it started to spread.

Seeing that, people said we are really hard-working people…

and that we shouldn’t be mocked.

That made me feel so good, and it once made me emotional too.

They are great.

– They are amazing. – It’s not easy.

It’s not easy.

I thought they would become really successful.

– So… – Are they not successful?

That’s a mean comment.

A mean comment.

– “I thought they’d become a hit.” – I really thought so.

“They try so hard, and they are still not so successful.”

“I must be not good enough.”

“I will try a little harder…”

“and try to satisfy your expectation.”

I am sorry.

My sense of humor is gone. I will go take a break.

I am sorry, but you have never had sense of humor.

– I’ve never had it. – He keeps saying…

that he’s not as funny as he used to be.

But have you ever been funny?

– I really enjoyed it. – Thank you.

See you again. Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

Let’s get changed.

You can get changed in the car.

(He struggles to get in the car.)

(They have to change in the car.)

– How about your hair? – Will he do his hair too?

– How about your hair? – He will take the cans out.

Yes, I will take the cans out.

(Touching his hair)

When will I take these all out?

My goodness.

– You must sympathize with him. – Yes.

You must’ve seen it a lot.

I used to remove mustache on the way home.

That makes me feel puzzled.

I thought about this once.

“Should I just get hair transplant?”

“I wish I can grow mustache.”

I had to draw it every day,

– and I hated it. – Right.

I have to take out so many.

It’s endless.

(He’s turning from Superman to a human.)

Am I done?

(Jo Bin the Human is back.)

Let’s go home.

(He gave his everything at the performance.)

(The next morning at Jo Bin’s)

(Tired from the event, he sleeps without moving at all.)

It would be really funny if there’s a soda can on his hair.

(On top of his head,)

(there is the bottom of his dog.)

(Da On, his roommate)

(The alarm wakes him up.)


(It’s the sound of Jo Bin suffering from the aftereffect…)

(of Heungbu Festival.)

(Moving his hand)

(Groaning again)

He groans a lot.

As I get older,

I unconsciously make those sounds.

I do that a lot too.

Right. Your body just hurts.

(With half-shut eyes, he touches his phone.)

Did you sleep well?

– What’s that? – What was that?

What’s that?

What’s that?

It’s a meditation session.

– Meditation. – Morning meditation.

My body was born again this morning.

What is he saying?

Today, you…

Does it have any effects?

When I achieve a positive mindset…

before getting up,

it sets the mood for the day.

You will be happy.

I will be next to you today.

(The meditation gentleman makes a vow to be with him.)

[VIU Ver] E266 I Live Alone
“Jo Bin’s First Visit”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

The dog is surprised.

I think it was on shuffle mode.

Right. Right.

(His hit song wakes him up.)

(He greets Da On.)

Did you sleep well?

Did you sleep well?

(His hair is like a lion’s mane.)

What’s that? I thought he was Kim Tae Won.

He looks like the character from “Oldboy”.

I thought he was Tae Won.

You are not suffering from hair loss, are you?

I am losing hair.

I have the condition called traction alopecia.

– Oh, dear. – It’s pulled too hard.

– I know that. – Usually women have that.

It has to always hold something.

So it always feels like my hair is being pulled.

– Right. – I know that.

Let’s go. Let’s go.

I will draw the curtains in the morning.

(Pulling back)


(Is it the same person?)

– What? – He looks like Hong Seo Beom.

You are right.

– He looks like Kim Jong Seo. – Kang Seong…

– Kang Seong Jin. – That’s right.

People also tell me that I resemble Gam Woo Sung.

– I see the resemblance. – That’s right.

– You also resemble Na Rae. – Yes.

You resemble so many people.

My goodness.

Hello, I am Jo Bin of NORAZO.

– He resembles Jang Chen. – Jang Chen!

He is handsome.

– He is handsome. – He is handsome.

I said the same thing earlier.

For 20 years, I have lived alone.

An old man who lives alone.


That’s what I am becoming.

In any case, that’s who I am.

(We give you Jo Bin’s house.)

His house is clean.

(His closet is filled with costumes for events.)

My goodness.

All of his clothes are showy.

(A collection of showy clothes)

How showy!

My goodness.

That’s a style I like. I love something like that.

– Is that a style you like? – Yes.

It looks like they decided to wear similar clothes.

I said the same thing!

Are the outfits a set?

– Seriously. – My goodness.

What is going on?

– It’s like a part of my outfit. – It suits you perfectly.

I know.

The color schemes are the same.

– We have similar tastes. – That’s right.

I would gladly take any clothes you throw away.

(He takes something out of the refrigerator.)

(It’s boiled chicken breast.)

– He must watch his weight. – He must work out.

– No, it’s for Da On. – Da On.

– It wasn’t for him. – I am sorry.

– It’s for the dog. – Yes.

– It’s for the dog. – That startled me.

I thought you were watching your weight.

(Da On eats chicken breast first.)

You need to put dog food in the chicken breast.

Otherwise, the dog won’t eat it.

You are right.

You need to blend dog food and put it in the chicken breast.

You should eat chicken breast.

Do you want me to eat like a dog?

– You won’t eat chicken breast. – Although I look like a dog,

I won’t eat like a dog.

That chicken breast can be eaten by people.

I don’t want to eat it. I have tastes.

You should blend chicken breast and put in in the rice.

Then he would take out the chicken breast.

Gosh, he is a smart dog.

Hyun Moo is a smart Shih Tzu.

There you go. There you go.

There you go. Go ahead and eat.

Are you done? Done?

Good job.

The dog sleeps on big bed.

That’s Da On’s bed.

(He prepares his breakfast after taking care of Da On.)

(He chops an onion first.)


(It’s an impressive speed.)

(This long-haired man…)

(is a veteran who has lived alone for 20 years.)

(He has cooked for himself for 20 years.)

I chopped the onion finely so that it cooks…

at the same time as the eggs.

– That startled me. – What happened?

– My goodness. – What happened?

– He dropped an egg. – It’s strange.

When you leave an egg outside, it moves on its own…

– and falls to the floor. – That’s right.

Why do eggs always fall to the floor?

(It’s a mystery she hasn’t solved yet.)

It’s round.

When you are at a restaurant, bowls move on their own.

That’s because of water.

That’s aquaplaning.

(Are you saying it wasn’t the work of a ghost?)

That’s because of water.

I can’t believe I had to explain it.

(It’s an urban legend for some people.)


For goodness’ sake.

I will save the yolk.

(He puts eggs in the bowl.)

(He adds chopped onions as well.)

(Is he making Kian84’s stir-fried onion and egg?)

Is that what you are making?

It’s something similar, but mine will be like a pancake.

That’s right.

(The veteran makes the egg pancake.)

(He uses 4 eggs including the one that cracked.)

(He uses a lot of salt.)

Why did you add so much salt?

Salt intensifies the taste.

– Salty food is the best. – Salty dishes taste better.

That’s right.

(He beats the eggs a lot.)


Does the taste change if you beat the eggs a lot?

It becomes softer.

For how long do you beat the eggs?

I beat them until the color turns yellow.

– Until it turns yellow? – Yes.

(Let’s pick up the pace.)

(Like the magic of contracting the distances,)

(he moves his hands so fast that they become invisible.)

If you take it a bit further, you will be baking.

It might turn into bread.

(Will the menu change unexpectedly?)

(He finishes beating the eggs.)


A little bit of tuna improves the taste.

If you add salted pollack roe,

– it will be amazing. – It’s becoming saltier.

– Salty dishes taste better. – That’s right.

You are sodium monsters.

My goodness.


(Oh, no.)

(It’s a bit burnt.)

(He is upset.)

(It looks like…)

– It’s egg bread. – That’s right.

The backside looks like a pancake.

You are right.

(He transfers it to a plate.)

I feel like he should pour maple syrup over it.


(He sets the table in the living room.)

(He changes the channel.)

(It’s a home shopping channel.)

You must like home shopping.

– I like it. – It’s amazing, right?



My goodness.

Watching the home shopping channel while you eat is the worst.

(He looks like he already bit the bait.)

(Will he make an impulse purchase?)

No, no.

What is that? It’s not a remote.

– What is he doing? – It’s not a remote.

(What did Jo Bin pick up instead?)

(It will continue in Part 2.)

(Jo Bin watches the home shopping channel.)

No, no.

(He picks something up.)

What is that? It’s not a remote.

It’s an abacus.

Why do you use an abacus…

when you have a calculator on your phone?

I used to learn abacus calculation.

– My goodness. – I was at the third level.

– That’s incredible. – I was good at mental calculation.

To be honest, I used to learn abacus calculation at an academy.

You did, right? I did, too.

– I did, too. – I did, too.

– However… – I did, too.

– It was a trend. – I was the last generation.

I had 2 or 3 abacuses at home.

Whenever I went to the academy,

– I put two abacuses on the floor. – Did you roller skate?

– That’s it. – You put them on the floor.

You should put an abacus on your head the next time.

– Like this? – “The King of Mental Calculation”.

It’s a good idea. I am the king of mental calculation

(The signature dance move will be memorable.)

– It’s a good idea. – If you say the wrong answer,

I will slap you.

– The dancers… – Slap, slap, slap.

(It will be a hit.)

In that case, this product is…

(Let’s calculate the total for two products.)

I haven’t heard that sound in a long time.

(Shall I begin?)

He looks like a beast.

– Da On is stuck. – Da On is surprised.

(Product A costs 65 dollars and 45 cents.)


Right now, the top searched keyword must be “Abacus”.

69 dollars and 30 cents.

If I add the two…

If the 2nd one is 69 dollars and 30 cents,

the total is 134 dollars and 35 cents.

– I shouldn’t buy both of them. – What?

He got it wrong.

– Throw away the abacus. – No.

You got it wrong.

(You got the calculation wrong.)

When the numbers are in the hundreds,

I can do the mental calculation better than anyone.

(He gets tested right away.)

427? It’s 789.

Isn’t it 799?

(Hye Jin joins in.)

It’s right.


Don’t say anything.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you don’t say anything.

I’ll pay with card in five installments.

(He finishes eating after shopping.)

I’m done now. Get up.

Let’s take a shower.

Let’s take a shower.

(He washes his hair first.)

(He squats down.)

(This looks familiar.)

– We have plenty of references. – That’s right.

It’s surprising.

(There is a bunch of hair in the drain.)

– You lost a lot of hair. – Yes, I do.

My goodness, all this hair.

– It fell out. – My goodness.

(He knows how that feels.)

The amount of hair I had when I made a comeback…

– and now is totally different. – I know how that feels.

Apply some hair essence.

(Grow, hair)

(He sings a scalp massage song as he hopes for new hair to grow.)

(I can’t make any money)

(Grow, so I can make money)

(Drying his hair)

(He dries it carefully.)

Look at that.

You look like someone in a shampoo commercial.

Look at his silky hair.

(Looking coy)

You look so pretty.

He looks like a mom.

People think I’m a lady when I go to the sauna.

(He is ready to go out.)

I’ll take Sprite.

– Why do you take that? – I’m curious too.

I’m going to work outside.

Wait a second.

(I want to go for a walk.)

Let’s go.

(He collects his things and goes out.)

Let’s go.

Let’s go. Come on.

Let’s go, let’s go.

(Jo Bin goes out with Da On.)

The sun feels nice.

He’s like an aunt.

You’re tall and handsome.

I don’t think anyone would recognize you.

Some people don’t recognize me…

when I look normal,

but some do.

Should we go in?


Come on.

We’re here.

We’re here.

(He starts with doing the dishes.)

What’s this? You must own a cafe.

– Really? – I’m helping out.



Two ice Americanos, please.

– You have shares, don’t you? – No.

It’s just where I go regularly.

– You’re just a regular? – Yes.

Then why do you go into the kitchen?

– He’s very close. – I’ve done that before.

You could do that if you’re really close.

He even works as the cashier.

You could.

When the owner goes to the bathroom,

– I help out. – Regulars can do that.

And a cafe mocha.

– I don’t think she recognizes you. – She doesn’t know.

People that don’t recognize me just buy the coffee…

and others ask me what I’m doing there.

She must not know why the camera is filming you.

She might think it’s “Screening Humanity”.

She’ll think they’re doing a barista special.

(The barista that has big dreams for tomorrow)

(Jo Hyun Joon, Singer and aspiring barista)

(To become the best barista)

– I’ll do it. – I got it.

The owner is here.

– Is she the owner? – Yes.

– Is she your girlfriend? – No.

She taught me how to make drip coffee one day.

Then she told me to make my own coffee.

How close do you have to be to do that?

You seem like a couple.

I guess it might look like we are.

The husband plays music on his guitar at 7pm.


(He makes another cup of coffee.)

(This one is for me.)

Let’s go.

(He comes out with the coffee and Da On.)

Let’s sit over here.

(He sits at a table.)

All right.

(He takes out the things he brought from home.)

Is that to…

make your costume?

Yes, I need to wear something on my head.

Okay, let’s do this.

(He makes his own props.)

(It’s all handmade.)


You make it yourself.

I print it out and stick it on.

He’s like a comedian.

– We make our own props. – That’s right.

(He is meticulous to the end.)



(He is done putting the stickers on the cans.)


(What does he do next?)

– Why is that one so big? – What is that?

It’s for my head.

I wear it on my head.

You’re like Lady Gaga.

– You’re right. – She made a ribbon…

– with her hair. – That’s right.

(He starts making it.)

That won’t be good for the dog.

It’s hair spray.

– Hair spray? – Yes.

Is that hair?

Yes, I wrapped the bottle with hair from a wig.

– It’s for the hot spring festival? – Yes.

Do you make a costume for each festival?

Yes, like I’m wearing this for I Live Alone.

As I make it,

I prepare myself and study the show or event.

– That’s a lot of effort. – Do you put chili in your hair…

– for a chili festival? – That’s right.

Crabs for a crab festival?

The staff would be impressed.

The festival staff would love you.

(Blowing on it to dry)

I seem prepared.

Look at that.

You only wear that once.

I cover it with green paint.

– You recycle it? – Yes, I use it next time.

– All right. – I see cider written on it.


I’ll leave it to dry here.

How long does that take?

30 minutes to an hour.

It takes a while.

– I need time to dry it. – Of course.


(While the props dry)

Bathe in the sun.

Take in the sun.

Should I face this way?

(He turns to face the sun.)

This is nice.

All right.

(They enjoy the sun while his props dry.)

This is nice.

You look like a retiree.

He looks like he’s enjoying life in the countryside…

and waiting for his grandchildren to run to him.

(I like being held by you.)

It’s Da On.


(A lot of time passes.)

(Jo Bin heads somewhere.)

Let’s go.

(Where are we going?)

(Where are they?)

(A restaurant at the arcade.)

Gwang Shik, can I have one?

– I’ll be outside. – Okay.

He understands.


You should eat.

I just ordered food from Gwang Shik.

Should I take you something too?

I have something new on the menu.

– He’s the owner of a snack bar. – I’ll take it to you.

He’s like the president of a co-op.

Thank you.


After moving here,

I go out…

to take Da On for walks.

There are several shops on the first floor.

I went to eat…

and have a cup of tea.

That led to conversations and we became close.

(Turning his head)

Does he deliver it to you?

Yes, they bring it to me.

– He’s a regular. – That’s awesome.

– Sometimes, they eat with me. – Goodness.

I added ramyeon.

Really? You did?

He even gave you ramyeon.

That must be delicious outside.

(It looks delicious.)

(All he has to do is enjoy it.)

I want budae jjigae so bad.

I love it.

I heard there is a group of people that gathers together.

– Yes, the owners of the shops. – You are the president.

He really is.

I’ve become the face of the arcade.

I’m going to eat.

That looks delicious.


(Letting out a sigh)

Eating broth outdoors is really good.

What about eating it indoors?

I wish those weren’t Sprite.

It looks like soju to you, doesn’t it?

I didn’t say that.

That’s how I interpreted it.

(Da On bothers him so he can’t eat.)

I can’t eat if you put your head there.

Put it to the side.

(She listens right away.)

Jo Bin.

(Jo Bin.)

– What’s this? – It’s our new gimbap.

Is it a new menu?

– Try it. – It’s a snack stand.

He said he was going to come up with new dishes.

That’s amazing.

– Enjoy. – I will.

Thank you.

(Thank you. I’ll enjoy it.)

This is nice.

(He tastes the new dishes.)

This is awesome.

(He cuts it exactly in half.)


(He eats as well as Ha Jung Woo.)

(We heard something is troubling you today.)

My biggest worry…

is that I’m aging every day.

I feel a bit awkward…

doing this kind of music now.

– Don’t say that. – When I feel that way,

– I suddenly feel depressed. – Don’t think that.

I’m trying to come up with stage manners…

and costumes…

that won’t feel awkward even when I’m older.

I think I’ll have to come up with something.

Don’t become mature.

I like you the way you are.

It’s over when you mature.

You’re like Peter Pan.

This arcade feeds me.

It feeds me.

(He is flashy on the outside,)

(but warm on the inside.)

(He dreams of being Peter Pan, who never grows up.)

– I enjoyed that. – Thank you.

(We enjoyed it.)

There is a lot to learn…

from the way you think.

When you’re exhausted…

and have things in your hair,

it isn’t easy to say yes to taking photos.

Do you usually say,

– “I’m sorry”? – Can I take a photo with you?

I have a bad experience.

I’ve seen many people that posted it…

and criticized me.

Why would they do that?

– It wasn’t harsh criticism, but… – Did they say you’re ugly?

– Yes. – Do they say you have a big head?

Many people said things like,

“Is he really a celebrity?”

“You look much better.”

– I know that feeling. – They even tag me.

They want me to see it.

– That happens often. – That happened to me too.

It happened too often.

– I know. – That’s why I could empathize.

I’m at a loss for words when that happens.

I feel bad at first…

and then I think about it.

The main person in the photo isn’t me,

but the person who posted it.

At least to the person leaving comments.

– They’re saying nice things to him. – You have a heart…


They may be able to write “Jo Bin is so handsome”, but…

His morning meditations have led to spiritual enlightenment.

It’s very hard to think like that.

(He has a heart of gold.)

We loved how energetic you are as well.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(I Live Alone)

(Canada, where nature and the city coexist)


(Niagara Falls in its magnificent state)

That’s amazing.

(It has many big cities, including Ottawa, Vancouver and Quebec.)

(Toronto is the center of culture.)

I’ve never been there.

– You haven’t? – No.

Have you been to Toronto?

Who has been to Toronto?

– Toronto? – I…

went to Quebec.

That’s a totally different place.

I’ve been to Canada,

but the part that speaks French.

You’re the only one that has been to Canada.

I’ve never been there either.

Is Toronto in Canada?

Did you think it was in the US?

– What? – Park Na Rae.

You honestly didn’t know, did you?

Why isn’t Kian84 saying anything?

It’s a different country.

That’s Quebec.

Did you know Quebec and Toronto were the same place?

– It’s America. – Wait a second. What?

– Wait, what did I just hear? – Canada.

Today is your day.

What did I just hear?

Where is Quebec?

(Rolling her eyes)

Explain it to me.

Is it like Taebaek in Korea?


– Quebec and Taebaek? – Yes.

– Do you want them to be sisters? – Yes.

(Who is visiting Toronto?)

(Henry is back in Toronto.)

He’s a Hollywood star.

He’s lost so much weight.

He went home.

I’m jealous he has a house there.


(What are you doing in Toronto?)

I was in Winnipeg.

It’s a city that’s two hours from Toronto.

I have a movie shoot there.

He said he’s also shooting in Canada.

Today is Thanksgiving.

It’s like Chuseok in Korea.

The entire family gathers together.

– It’s a holiday. – From what I heard,

my mom is traveling abroad.

My brother and sister…

are also in different places.

How unfortunate. It’s the holidays.

– They’re a global family. – Yes, they are.

My dad is alone in Toronto.

I feel bad,

so I’m here…

– to see him. – You should go if you’re close by.

– Of course. – That’s why I’m here.

(He calls someone as soon as he arrives.)

– Hello. – Mom?

– Hi, Mom. – You video called her.


Look where I am. Look, look.

I don’t see.

Isn’t it cool that he speaks English?

What is this?

I’m in Toronto.

– Are you sure? – Yes.

His mom speaks a foreign language.

She’s a foreigner.

That’s surprising.

She looks Korean, doesn’t she?

She was here once.

I was very upset with Henry…

when we went to Jeju Island.

He arrived late.

He said he was late because he didn’t have a passport.

I had no idea what he was talking about.


You thought he was Korean.

You must’ve thought he was joking.

I thought he was joking.

– He was making fun of you? – He brought up the passport.

He doesn’t have any Korean blood in him, does he?

– Not at all. – He has a different nationality.

– Not a single drop. – Right.

He’s just like Javier Bardem.

– He’s a total foreigner. – That’s right.

– It’s just like that. – You’re right.

– He’s like Javier Bardem. – That’s why he’s my son.

I’m Na Rae Bardem.

I’m going to go see Dad.

– He’s alone, right? – Oh, okay.

You need to see him.

Okay, okay. I’ll go right now.

– Okay. – Okay, bye.

– Bye. – Bye.

(He hangs up the phone with his mom.)

(Who is calling next?)


– Hello? – That must be his dad.

– Dad? – Yes.

– Hi. – Where are you?

I’m in Toronto.

– Yes. – Where are you?

In the office.

You’re in the office?

He sounds different…

– from when he’s talking to his mom. – Okay, bye.

(He hangs up in a hurry.)

Come to think of it,

I don’t think I’ve ever video called my dad.

I think it would be awkward.

I’m very close to my mom.

– It’s the same for everyone. – We talk like friends,

but I can’t bring myself…

to act like that with my dad.

We don’t share…

a hobby or anything like that.

I’ve never video called my dad.

– Me either. – It’s awkward.

– I don’t even video call my mom. – Me neither.

I once video called my mom,

and she kept putting the phone to her ear.

It’s a chance to look closely at your mom’s ear.

– Yes. – What are you talking about?

Are you serious?

(Henry’s taxi arrives.)

– Hi. – Hi.

– How’s it going? – Good.

(He’s headed to where is his dad is.)

– It’s rainy. – Yes.

(Toronto is cloudy and raining.)

I’m tired.


He seems so different from when he’s speaking Korean.

(He feels awkward seeing Henry speak English.)

He loves massages.

He’s like an old man.

He aches everywhere.

Could we turn on the air conditioning just a little bit?

(Pressing hard)

Are you Henry?

– What? – What’s that?

Is he Korean?

Are you Korean?

Yes, I’m Korean.

Then turn the air conditioning on please.

This is Henry.

– Are you traveling? – Do I look like a celebrity?

– I was asking if you are traveling. – Oh, traveling.


(This interesting encounter brings out the idiot in him.)

I haven’t been here for a very long time.

(He visits his dad’s office for the first time in a long time.)

(They arrive at his dad’s office.)

This is it. Thank you.

(Looking around)

(His heart beats faster.)

[VIU Ver] E266 I Live Alone
“Henry in Toronto”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(Where is my dad?)


(He finds his dad.)

– You’re here. – Yes.

What are you doing in Toronto?

I’m came back to see you.

How are you?

(What is your dad like?)

His name is Peter Lau.

And he’s…

60 something.

He doesn’t know.

– He was born in Hong Kong. – He didn’t know his sister’s age.

He went to university in the US when he was young.

That’s where he met my mom,

and they immigrated to Canada.

He’s in real estate now.

(He works at a real estate company.)

Is this your office?

Yes, this is my office.

– It must be his first time. – Have you seen my office?

Do you see your picture here?


(Familiar pictures take up space in a corner.)

He has so many pictures of Henry.

You just don’t know,

but all parents are like that.

You’re right.

I have a lot of things to do because it’s Thanksgiving.

Why are you working on Thanksgiving?

Because there’s a file I have to present tomorrow.

(He couldn’t open up his schedule since Henry showed up unexpectedly.)

So, what’s up?

I just came back for Thanksgiving.

– You just came back? – Yes.


He looks so awkward with his dad.

It looks like he’s a customer.

He’s very taciturn.

His dad is very taciturn.

He’s like a principal.

(He looks around, feeling awkward.)

Have you had lunch yet? I’m hungry.

– You’re hungry? – Do you want to go?

– Yes, let’s go. – Let’s go.

(They decide to have lunch together.)

– Okay? – Why did you get so skinny?

– What? – You’re so skinny.

Well, you know…

(Henry is worried as his dad doesn’t look as well as before.)

– Henry, come. – Okay. So we’re going to go eat?

– Yes. We’re going to eat now. – Okay.

(It’s been a while since he got in his dad’s car.)

– You sure you can drive? – Of course. Definitely.

– Okay. Do you know where we go? – Yes.

We’re going to go… It’s…

It’s Peking duck. It’s my favorite place.

– Peking duck. – It sounds delicious.

– How long? – 10 minutes.

– 10 minutes? Okay. – To the restaurant.

Leaves started to turn red and yellow there too.

(Natalie Cole’s “Mona Lisa” makes the scenery even more atmospheric.)

It’s a nice place to live.

Do you know how to sing this song?

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa

Do you know how to play this song?

Of course. It’s nice.

(They try to break the ice.)

(But it didn’t last long.)

(Suffocating silence)

Why are they awkward around each other?

(You don’t talk to your father so much.)

To be honest, I’m not very close to him.

It’s because my dad was very busy working when I was a child.

He didn’t come home while we were awake.

I rarely got to see him.

I still feel awkward around my dad.

That’s why I was quiet.

(When the awkwardness is becoming unbearable,)

(they arrive at Henry’s dad’s favorite restaurant.)

– Henry, this is the place. – Yes?

– It’s your favorite place? – Yes.

– Henry is acting mature now, right? – Yes.

(They walk into the restaurant.)

This is Henry.

– Hi. – He’s my son.

– He just came. – He’s introducing him.

– She’s the boss? – Yes.

Take a picture with her.

Take a picture with her.

She didn’t even ask for it.

(Just do it for now.)

– Dad, she doesn’t even know me. – Yes.

– I know you. You’re Henry. – You know me?

My daughter likes you very much.


I’d like to bring my daughter, so she can see you.

– Okay. – Okay?

He must be so proud of his son.

Henry’s father looks so happy.

(He looks happy.)

Her daughter is pretty.

My goodness.

(The fan event with a few fans)

– Can I do it? – Yes.

(The unexpected fan even is over.)

Dad, why did you get such a big room?

– It looks like a banquet room. – It’s just me and you.

Shall we sit in these two seats?

How about you sit there and I sit here?

– So we’re going to sit like this… – But it’s too big.

How can I give you the duck?

– The duck? – Yes.

They will put the duck on this table.

– Okay. – A rotating table.

Okay. We can sit like this.

– Do you want your phone? – Isn’t it too far?

– It’s too far. – It’s like a business meeting.


This is my favorite restaurant.

The food here is really good. The chef is from China.


Everyone, you know they’re in Canada, right?

They’re not in China.


(A waitress comes to take their order.)

Take a picture with my son.

– He keeps telling that to everyone. – No, Dad.

(No, Dad. We need to order food.)

He listens to his father.

– Do you know me? – Yes.

– Really? – Super Junior-M.

Of course, everyone knows him.

(That’s my boy.)

– Okay. – All dads are like him.

My dad was just like him.

(He had a tour to meet his fans when he visited his father.)

(They went to see every person Si Eon’s father knows.)

(Wherever his father took him, they held a fan event.)

(While meeting everyone,)

(Si Eon took a picture even with someone of a higher status.)


(The waitress leaves after taking their order.)

Dad, stop taking pictures with everybody.

You’re in the restaurant.

They expect to take a picture with you at least, right?

I know, but some people don’t know me.

But she knows you.

Okay. I’m saying sometimes.

Everyone knows you,

– so there’s no… – No. Not everybody knows me.

Henry doesn’t understand how his father must feel.

So are you hungry now?

(They start to feel hungry after the debate.)

It looks delicious.

Why do we always watch things like this?

– Is it duck? – Yes.

– Did you order duck? – Half duck.


(The staff is preparing to do something instead of serving food.)

– This is our tradition. – Okay.

I think it’s too much for two people.

Oh, my. They even play the gong too.

– That’s Peking duck cutting show. – The cutting show.

– They play the gong. – I’ve never seen it before either.

The skin is so delicious.

And the pancake.


(Henry spins the tray, so his father can eat first.)

Have you tried this? I’ve tried it already.

But let’s try some.

It looks delicious.

(He picks up a piece and put it in his mouth.)

– Oh, my gosh. – Is it good? Give me some.

No. I’m not going to give it to you. I’m going to eat it all by myself.

His father is as playful as him.

The cutting show is a big part of eating Peking duck.

(He cuts a lot of pieces, so the father and son won’t fight.)

– It’s done. – Okay. Thank you.

(The cutting show is over.)

– Everyone, they’re in Toronto. – Thank you.

(Let’s not forget that they’re in Toronto, Canada.)

– Dad, I’ll give you some tea. – Okay.

(A cup of warm tea for his father)

(Now, it’s time to deliver it.)

– Dad. – Thank you.


It’s easy to deliver it.

– Dad, cheers. – Henry, happy Thanksgiving.

– Happy Thanksgiving. – Okay.

– Bluetooth. – Yes.

“Bluetooth. Wi-Fi.”

– You go first. – Okay.

(They start eating.)

Henry, your favorite food was always Peking duck.

– Do you remember that? – Yes.

When you were a child,

you fought for more duck with your brother all the time.

(Henry’s father remembers the memory with Henry vividly.)

– Go ahead. – Yes.

(Try the food you used to like.)

(He’s excited to eat it.)

Oh, the pancake.

(He takes out a piece of pancake.)

(He puts some sauce on it.)

(Then he put a piece of duck meat and lots of vegetables.)

(He take a bite.)

– Oh, good. Yes, it’s good. – Do you like it?

(Watching Henry eating makes him happy.)

Henry’s father looks so happy.

– That’s how all parents feel. – Exactly.

Just watching his son eat makes him feel full.

He couldn’t look happier than that.

– Really? – Yes.

(He looks so affectionate for Henry.)

(More dishes come out.)

– What’s that? – Duck hearts.

Chinese style stir-fried vegetables are so delicious.

It’d good indeed.

(Henry tries the spinach first.)

Have some mushrooms.

(Henry’s father…)

(eats meat first.)

Dad, is that healthy?

Well, I’ll just eat a little bit. All right?

And I eat it once in a while. It’s fine.


Oh, my gosh. It’s so good.

– It’s not healthy. – This is my favorite.

He acts so differently from when he’s in Korea.

– He looks like a different person. – “Si Eon, what’s this?”

He’s acting mature.

“Can we eat this?”

(Can we eat it now?)

(Can we? Can we? How does it taste, Si Eon?)

(Even to someone who is seven years older than him,)

(he doesn’t hesitate to do Kong Kong Kong.)

(Feeding him)

(Taking it back)

(Henry was always peculiar.)

Why would he poke him?

He doesn’t do that to his father.

“Kong Kong Kong”.

That’s right.

It’s not appropriate to do to his father.

Hyun Moo, can you do it to your father?

“Open the door.”

I got goosebumps. To my dad?

– On a holiday. – “Kong Kong Kong”.

– No, no. – “Kong Kong Kong.”

– “Open the door.” – Your father…

might punch you in the face.

(Then shall I try some spinach too?)

That’s good. Eat more.

– But you should eat some too. – He tells him to eat vegetables.

No. You need to eat more.

– And… – More.

More the green, Dad.

(You seemed to worry a lot about your father.)

In fact, my dad…

– had cancer a few years ago. – I see?

He got cancer, so…

(He had to undergo chemotherapy.)

He had chemotherapy.

I see why he’s worried.

– That’s why he nags at his dad. – However…

Fortunately, he recovered his health.

– That’s a relief. – He’s healthy now.

I’m relieved.

But he eats a lot of salty and spicy food…

and chips. He eats chips all the time.

He eats chips while watching TV.

So I always tell him to exercise…

and eat a lot of vegetables.

He doesn’t eat vegetables.

That’s why I’m worried about him.

It’s interesting that he nagged at his sister too.

Oh, right.

(Why aren’t you wearing socks?)

(He nagged at her because she didn’t put on socks.)

(Do you have a boyfriend?)

(Let me see your phone.)

(Give me your phone.)

(Give me your phone!)

He acts mature when he’s with his family.

– He acts like a baby around us. – That’s right.

You should eat more too. Go ahead.

(They take care of each other while eating.)

(He suddenly stands up.)

(The restaurant owner comes up to them.)

– He should take a picture again. – Of course.

– Again? – Henry.

That’s the moment that makes your parents the happiest.

(They stand in front of the drawing of the Great Wall of China.)


(Staring blankly)

No picture?

You said you’d take a picture.

– What? – You said you’d take a picture.

(Oh, I forgot.)

He was just staring because he was so happy to look at him like that.

– Was there no one to take a photo? – No.

(He pulls himself together.)

Wait, wait.


(A family photo with someone else’s family)

– Okay. Thank you. – Bye.

(After the third fan event ended,)

(he takes a break.)

– Let me talk to him. – Who?

No, no. You’ll talk to whom?

Is he going to find someone else to take a picture with Henry?

I think he’ll bring someone else.

(Dad, where on earth are you going?)

(A little while later…)

– He’s a very good friend of mine. – My goodness.

I know how Henry must be feeling.

Take a picture with him.

A picture?

He’s a very good friend of mine.

He’s the head chef here.

(He has a hectic schedule as a Hollywood star.)

(VVIP fan event organized by my friend)

(The event organizer improved his photography skills.)

He’s the head chef of this restaurant.

Okay. Thank you.

(The short, but intense fan event)

“Okay. Thank you.”

Dad, how many more?

– He’s the chef here. – He is?

– He works at this restaurant. – Okay.

– He’s the head chef. – Okay.

He’s a very good person.

My dad has a problem.

My goodness.

When I go to see my dad,

he’s at a restaurant with about 15 friends of his.

He doesn’t say anything else.

“My son.”

“He’s a celebrity.”

– It’s because… – What you do doesn’t matter.

It’s really hard to see a celebrity…

– in Busan. – Of course it’s hard.

I don’t say a word when I’m with my dad.

We sit side by side and watch TV while eating.

Then he suddenly calls me over where he is with his friends.

So I go to him.

Then in a very crowded restaurant, he says,

“Han Hye Jin! Han Hye Jin!”

He says my name so loudly.

– “Han Hye Jin.” – Everyone looks at me.

“Top Model Han Hye Jin.”

– My dad does the same thing. – He says my name so loudly.

– They just want to brag about you. – Every parent feels the same.

(Henry’s lunch show including a meal and fan event)

– Are you full? – Yes.

Are you full?

– He said it in Korean. – Yes, I’m full.

Since Henry is working in Korea,

he learned to speak Korean.

Oh, my gosh. My coach is waiting for me.

“Your coach”?

Table tennis. I have table tennis today.

– Table tennis? – He plays table tennis?

At least I have to go there…

to report that I’m there.

Do you want to join me later on?

It’s really nice that he has a hobby like that.

When you play table tennis,

your leg strength is very important. How you stand.

– Yes. – You see…

You have to go like this. Watch me.

What are you doing?

(Moving awkwardly)

Doesn’t he look like he’s wagging his fingers at someone?

It looks like a traditional dance to me.

(He decided to go with the traditional dance artisan.)

Are you trying to be funny?

– He’s taking a picture again. – He’s doing it again.

He took a picture with them before.

They need another one with the hall in the background.

(The photo time doesn’t seem to end.)




(The collector of his son’s photos)

(They’re headed to the table tennis facility.)

– Do you always go here? – Yes.

– You need to exercise every day. – Yes.

Look how he keeps nagging at him. He won’t stop nagging.

– I’m surprised. – When things are going slow,

I will join a gym.

But right now, I’m okay.

I play table tennis…

Oh, you know what?

I also take another lesson.

South American dance called salsa.

– Salsa? – I’m doing that.

It’s an intense exercise.

Salsa is good. You can practice your memory too…

– because there are so many styles. – Right. You have to memorize…

– the choreography. – I like it.

– Right. – I understand.

My dad is a person who enjoys his life.

He rarely stays at home.

Even when he’s home, he must be with a lot of friends.


– He’s just like Henry. – Last time I came,

I didn’t tell him I’d come.

He was having a party.

There were 30 or 40 people in this house.

– They were singing together. – My goodness.

– He’s amazing. – I saw him doing that.

(At the Thanksgiving party,)

(Henry’s father continues showing his cheery energy.)

That’s nice.

Since I’ve been nagging him…

to exercise,

he started to play table tennis.

I’m trying to recover my health,

so that he won’t worry about me.

– “Son, don’t worry about me.” – Henry worries a lot about him.

This is the place I always go.

– This is the CCTCA. – Okay.

Come in.

(Henry follows his dad into the facility.)

– It’s a big place. – This is where you exercise.

– It looks like an Olympic village. – Maybe he’s good at table tennis.

Hang on. This isn’t what we expected.

– How are you? – I’m good.

– Are they all your friends? – Yes.

– Hello. – Hello.

– Do you know him? – Yes. He’s your father, right?


– Hi, Miss Lee. – Is here…

– Hi. – How are you, Miss Lee?

– Miss Lee is my coach. – She’s your coach?

– Is she Korean? – This is Henry.

– Is she Korean? – Hi.

– Hello. Yes, I am. – Are you Korean?

– You’re Korean? – Yes.

She’s Korean.

– You’re a coach? – Yes.

– Did he come here often? – He changed his tone of voice.

– He’s been practicing hard. – That’s how he speaks to us.

– He improved a lot. – Did he?

– Yes. – Does he come here every day?

Look how he’s confirming the truth.

He speaks Korean, so his dad doesn’t know what he’s asking about.

– You play. I want to see you. – No. You play.

– You play first. Dad, you go first. – No.

Okay. Please wait.

I’ll go to my racket.

Yes. Sure.

You wait here.

Did you know that he was my dad?

When I met him for the first time,

– he asked if I was Korean. – I see.

I said I am, and he suddenly asked…

if I knew Super Junior-M.


When we have a lesson, they are usually about an hour long.

He talks about you for 45 minutes.

– He talks about me? – He brags about you…

– for almost 45 minutes. – He must be proud of his son.

What does he say about me?

– Only the good things. – Really?

– That’s what every father does. – I’ll tell him to stop doing that.

– That’s the fun of his life. – He has a lesson…

for one hour,

but I heard he talks about me for more than 40 minutes…

during the lesson.

I didn’t know that my dad thought about me…

that much.

Please tell him to focus on the lesson.

– Okay. – Next time he talks about me,

please tell him to practice hard…

and focus on the lesson.

Gosh. My goodness.

– Why? – Gosh.

– What is it? – “My goodness.”

(Henry’s father changed into shorts.)

– He has a fit body. – He looks great.

(What do you think of my style, Henry?)

– I’m so embarrassed. – Why would he be embarrassed?

– My goodness. – Why would he be embarrassed?

– Henry’s father has a fit body. – Henry.

– What is this? – I got changed.

For the exercise.

– Come in. What is this? – Okay.


I had never seen him in clothes…

like that before.

I didn’t even know he had shorts.

It’s because when I was a child, my dad…

was always so busy working.

Every day, I saw him in a suit…

– with a tie. – He only saw his dad in a suit.

I got to see him only when he was leaving for work in the morning…

or when he came home before I went to bed.

He couldn’t even come home while I was awake.

So I didn’t get to see him often.

– He must’ve been very busy. – So when I saw him like that,

I was surprised.

(Henry’s father, in a shocking outfit,)

(plays table tennis passionately.)

– What? – They’re very fast.

The fact that he can maintain the rally means he’s very good.

Oh, Dad. You can still play?

– He’s amazing. – Henry is surprised.

– Is he good? – He’s very good.

– He’s amazing. – He’s really good.

– You can still play? – He’s doing better than ever.

(He shows off his skills out of excitement as he’s with his son.)

Join me.

See? I told you I’ve been practicing.

I always come here to exercise.

You say I don’t exercise, but I always exercise.

– You have to exercise every day. – I do it every day.

– Every day? – Yes.

Coach, please go hard on him.

Move around. You shouldn’t go easy on him.

Move around.

(The coach got tired because of Henry’s request.)

What are you doing, Coach?

He’s doing so well. He’s doing better than usual.

I’ll play with you.

I don’t think he’ll be a match to his father.

– You play with me. – Play with your dad.

(The match between the father and son with their pride on the line)

No way.

(The hardworking dad versus the high-spirited son)

I’m good at playing table tennis.

Anyone can see that I’m good at it.

I haven’t done this in a while.


– What was that? – Gosh.

He was like that when we played tennis together.

You lost to me in a tennis match too.

(He had a tennis match with Hyun Moo, a beginner.)

(Henry was defeated completely.)

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

You go. Are you ready?

(Henry lost another point.)

Which one? Is it this one?

He does that all the time.

It’s your fault.

– I picked the wrong one. – All right.

(He tries again.)

That’s good.

Okay, okay. I’ve got it.

(He became competitive.)

It makes you competitive.

That’s good.

Oh, my. He can receive it too.

(Then one more time.)

That was good.

He can return such a smash too.

(Henry keeps losing points.)

Henry is so determined to win.

– He’s feeling so competitive. – Yes.

Why can’t I beat him? He’s old.

– What did he just say? – How could he say that?

I think your father is going easy on you.

Henry’s father looks so relaxed while moving slowly.

His father doesn’t move a lot.

(Henry lost completely.)

He needs practice, but he’s good basically.

He has a very strong back.

He picks up sports very quickly.

He brags about his son a lot.

Whatever it is, I just want to do it with him.

It might be awkward,

but my parents are getting old.

Whatever it is, I want to something with him.

Right. Have you ever exercised with your parents before?

– No. – Have you?

I used to play badminton with my dad.

– Really? – When I was young.

– By the mineral spring. – Really?

I played catch with my dad in elementary school,

but I’ve never exercised with him since then.

I never even grabbed the badminton racket.

Me too. I’ve never exercised with him after elementary school.

Didn’t you have this?

During field days in elementary school, parents come to visit.

But my parents both worked.

My grandma came instead.

– That often happens. – That often happens.

I found it embarrassing.

– Because I was young. – Why is that embarrassing?

– Because I was young. – You do that when you are young.

I never thought that way when I was young.

One time, no one came.

They raised you strong.

– I didn’t care at all. – That’s something else.

Since middle school, they never came once for…

– entrance or graduation ceremonies. – Really?

Do you even keep in touch with your parents?

Yes, but my mother is like me.

She’s not disappointed by it at all.

– Really? – Absolutely not.

– Finished? We go now. – Yes.

You take a picture with her.

(There’s always a picture in the end.)

How do players pose?

– Is he taking another picture? – Like this.

Half of the video is about taking pictures.

(Infinite fetter of pictures. Don’t forget this is Canada.)

(Take care of my father.)

It was totally for his father.


He’s my very good friend here.

– Oh, my. – He always teaches me. Come.

Say hello.

– Albert. – Albert.

Henry. My son.

(A photo time again.)

Of course. He’s a global star.

He’s becoming a wax figure.



– Thank you. – Goodbye.

(The wax figure is also friendly.)

How are you?

(He must take after his father, who is well connected.)

(The well-connected father and son are on the way back home.)

Henry. This is my favorite song.

It’s Nat King Cole’s “Too Young”.

– That’s a very old song. – Do you know how to sing this song?

How does this go? Do you know?

(Henry has never heard this song before.)

It’s like listening to…

Patti Kim or Sim Soo Bong.

Do you know this song?


Do you like this song?

Oh, yes.

You sing with them.

I don’t know.

(He searches for the lyrics.)

(He doesn’t know the song, but he gives a try.)

He’s trying to sing with his father.

What a good song.

(The father quietly listens…)

(to his son’s song.)

– Is that right? – Yes.

– You sing it. – Go ahead. I like your singing.

(Go ahead. I like your singing.)

(The son sings each note carefully.)

(The father carefully listens.)

He wants to remember his voice.

(They carefully sing in harmony.)

(Although it’s not a duet where they make an eye contact,)

(but the two softly commune.)

Singing with your father?

– That’s new. – It’s definitely a foreign culture.

– You can never… – I know.

– imagine it in Korea. – You can never imagine it.

I don’t even go to the karaoke with my dad.

(Henry also sang with Whitney.)

(It’s unrealistic.)

(It was hard to accept the foreign culture.)

Go to karaoke with your mom,

or hold your dad’s hand in bed?

(Go to karaoke with your mom, or hold your dad’s hand in bed?)

– Choose one. – That’s intense.

– Piggyback your father. – It’s too much.

Have brunch with your dad?

Have eggs Benedict with your dad.

(Egg Benedict)

My father might throw brunch on the floor and leave.

“What’s this?”

(That culture is too strange for us.)

(They still don’t look at each other,)

(but the Lau men become one with a song.)

It’s awkward with my dad,

but when there’s music, we’re good.

Since I was young, my dad always played the piano…

– and guitar. – That’s strange to me.

– His father plays the piano. – He sang in a weird voice.

His entire family knows how to play a musical instrument.

When there’s music, it’s not as awkward.

(He’s not as young as when they lived together,)

(but they feel a little closer now.)

– Good. – Good song?

– Was that okay? – Okay.

(Daddy, My Daddy in Toronto)

(After harsh training,)

(Sung Hoon’s going to participate in the triathlon.)

(The second advent of a mermaid prince)

(Competition mode is on, and he dashes briskly.)

(Oh, my knee.)

(But a crisis comes when the goal is near.)

(Young triathlete in crisis)

(Followed by…)

(Henry’s second story in Henry House)

(Henry and his father are cooking.)

(Happy Thanksgiving.)

(Warm home party with precious people)

(Our tearfully happy time)

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