Drama Korea I Live Alone Episode 265 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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Korea I Live Alone Episode 265 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

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(A cold day in October)

Hello everyone.

Did everyone get fired?

– Hey, – I guess there’s just us left.

why do our family members keep disappearing?

What happened to our family?

They just keep disappearing, one by one.

– We’ll see what happens next week. – Really?

In the end, there will be just me who is left on the show.

– So you’ll be alone. – It’s called “I Live Alone”.

– That’s not a bad idea. – Yes.

Na Rae…

disappeared right after ranking first for brand reputation.

Si Eon is busy with his drama.

He apparently has filming scheduled today.

(What do you mean by everyone is missing?)

– What are you doing? – I am Na Rae Bardem.

(I am Na Rae Bardem.)

What is this?

(An enthusiastic welcome)


I am Na Rae Bardem!

What is all of this?

– What is this? – I can’t believe I’m seeing this.

What are you trying to be?

Your dress is like Kim Kardashian’s,

but your face is Javier Bardem.

What is this?

This is my tear gas gun.

– This is incredibly funny. – I brought a water gun instead.

But nobody knows whether I put water,

– poison, or alcohol inside of this. – It must be alcohol.

– It might have soju inside. – Stop being so limply.

– I said I’d come as Bardem today. – I was so surprised.

(Na Rae Bardem ranked 1st on brand reputation rankings.)

(Na Rae at her peak? Na Rae beat Yoo Jae Seok.)

(She promised that she’d come as Bardem this week!)

Is this the dress that you wore when you were with Hwasa?

– Actually, – Yes.

my stylist wanted to buy the same dress.

But she couldn’t find the same one anywhere.

So she called Hwasa…

and she said that I could just keep the dress.

This dress?

– So you’re saying this is Hwasa’s. – Yes.

Don’t I look so sexy in it?

I love this dress.

But why do you sound like a woman that makes herbal medicine?

(I love it so much.)

– You’re talking in a funny voice. – She’s acting five characters.

Yes, I am five different characters.

It feels like I’m watching cartoons.

There’s the herbal medicine woman, Bardem…

– There’s also the coffee lady! – Yes.

If there is someone amongst us that doesn’t laugh today,

I will hit them with my tear gas gun.


Can you please stop being so limply?

I’m not going to be calm today.

You all better be ready.

I hear Choi Min Sik in her, too.

– I love being like this. – Yes, I hear Min Sik.

(Na Rae is bipolar today.)

– It’s all very funny and all… – Yes, yes.

– but I think you might regret it. – Why?

If you see today’s featured live guest,

I’m not sure if you could keep being like this.

– Why? I love being like this. – I think you might regret it later.

– No, I love it. – Is that so?

Then, now…

we will introduce…

the guest that will make all ladies swoon.

– Who is it? – You don’t know who it is, do you?

You’ll stop being foolish and throw that gun away.

He’s the most handsome friend of Kian84.

– He’s our art school boy. – What?

(The art school boy)

Come out and greet us!

(Art School boy? What do I do?)

I’ve never expected for such a funny day to come.

(Choong Jae is shining.)

A star has actually come down for us.

– Hello. – He’s glowing.

Long time no see!

(The man that made such a dramatic first impression from the start…)

(and made all ladies swoon,)

(Designer Kim Choong Jae is here today.)

Come here, this way. I never thought this day would come.

Na Rae, turn around and say hi.

I’m seeing him for the first time in a whole year…

and I think he’ll be too surprised if he saw me like this.

Is he here?

(They are meeting again for the first time in a whole year.)

(Yes, I am here.)

(Na Rae, how have you been doing?)

Just say hello.

(Have you been well?)

Has it been a whole year already?

(They meet again in such a dramatic setting.)

(Hello, Choong Jae.)

I didn’t expect this.

(So unexpected)

What do you mean unexpected?

Everyone is working really hard.

(All of us are just doing our jobs.)

– Let’s leave the two alone to talk. – Sounds good.

It was almost exactly a whole year ago.

Choong Jae, how have you been?

– Yes, what about you? – This is so awkward.

We finally meet after a whole year.

(They’re finally talking after a whole year.)

You used to visit my house.

It was summer back then.

(Was it last year…)

(when our first encounter, as hot as the summer weather, happened?)

(It was beautiful back then.)

I think you look better…

than how you looked when you did the health checkup.

– Na Rae was very worried. – Yes, I was.

I will cook for you sometime.


why are you laughing like that?

I can’t help but to keep looking at your lips.

Especially the lower half of your lips.

It almost looks like you have a bruise on your lips.

(A star has come down to the Rainbow Club.)

I never thought that I’d be seeing my own home on TV.

I used to sleep here all the time after drinking all night.

We’re seeing Choong Jae’s home for the first time right now.

(Choong Jae is in a deep sleep.)


The room is so bright.

They always use this background music for him.

At this point, we should pay the singers of this song.

What is this, a music video?

(The waking up scene looks like a music video.)

– Even his messy hair looks great. – Exactly.

(He makes his bed right when he wakes up.)

He makes his bed right away, what a tidy person.

He didn’t clean up.

(He didn’t really clean up.)

(He turns on the lights first.)

I’m hungry.

– Why are there so many lights? – There are so many.

It’s almost like the Euljiro Street.

(Choong Jae’s house, bright and cozy)

(There are artistic pieces everywhere in the house.)

(From graphic design tools…)

(to beam projector)

What is that?

Paint and brushes.

(You can feel how artistic it is.)

It looks like an artist’s home.

Hello, I am Kim Choong Jae.

Is this what I’m supposed to do?

This is slightly awkward.

(He begins his day in the kitchen.)

What time is it?

– I wanted to ask that, too. – That was around 10am.

– 10 in the morning? – Yes, in the morning.

Look at how…

he’s scooping the rice with that little cup.

(He’s making rice in the morning.)

Do you cook at home?

Yes, I try to at least eat one home-cooked meal per day.

(He eats at home at least once a day.)

(He’s rinsing his rice skillfully.)

We haven’t seen someone…

making rice at home in a very long time,

since everyone just eats pre-made food these days.

(The table was full of instant food on “I Live Alone”.)

There’s not a lot of people who cook at home nowadays.

(A person needs their home-cooked meals.)

(He prepares the rice first,)

(then takes something out from the fridge.)

(Is that a tomato?)

(He cuts it without using the cutting board.)

– That takes skills. – How can he cook like that?

It looks like he’s quite skillful with knives.

You can tell that he’s good because he does it all the time.

– He knows how to use his knives. – Indeed.

Good to know that he eats well.

(Turning on the blender)

I don’t even drink tomato juice that is already made for me,

let alone make it at home.

I try to watch what I eat.

I used to live with my grandmother…

and it became a habit to eat well.

Rather than eating instant products,

I prefer eating fruits.

This makes me look back at myself.

– This is why his skin glows. – Exactly.

– It must be the fruit. – Yes, I think so.

– That sounds about right. – Look here.

You drink quite some alcohol, too.

But President Jun here…

has such terrible skin for someone who doesn’t drink at all.

It’s the bad food that I eat.

Look at all those pimples.

It’s the bad chemicals in my food.

Now that I think about it, he doesn’t drink at all.

Clearly, alcohol poisoning is better.

– He looks so healthy and fresh. – He does.

– Like a fruit. – Like a fruit?

Look he’s oozing with freshness.

He’s like a fruit.

– What is that? – What are you doing?

I have a 3D printer.

– You have one at home? – Yes.

Is that the one?

It’s so fascinating, even after seeing it a few times.

(He’s printing something from the 3D printer.)

(Choong Jae and Wilson meet.)

(What am I supposed to say to Wilson?)

Wilson is cool when you first see it.

Oh my gosh.

He’s just petting the doll. Why are you overreacting?

You’re making such a big deal out of just petting.

Why can’t I react the way I want?

The background music is so biased towards Choong Jae.

Let’s take a selfie to celebrate this.

It’s so weird…

that Wilson tilted its head towards Choong Jae.

Have you ever seen Wilson like that?

– Wilson seems shy. – It’s like Wilson is alive.

(The star was shining upon Wilson, too.)

Look at how Wilson’s head is tilted towards him.

It was facing away from Kian84 when Kian was filming.

Wilson is leaning on Choong Jae.

– Remember that, Kian84? – It’s just gravity!

Remember how Wilson fainted at Kian84’s house?


(Wilson helplessly collapsed at Kian84’s house.)

It’s just that the gravity pulled Wilson towards Choong Jae.

Let’s put our arms on each other’s shoulders.

You’re looking at Wilson so affectionately.

Wilson was so cute.

(Wilson is blushing, too.)

We never do this.

Why are we showing this now?

(Wilson had to live in fear of death, not gravity.)

Does that look like the gravity is pulling Wilson down?

– Stop it! – That’s not gravity in my eyes.

Why did you punch Wilson like that?

I was just practicing my Muay Thai.

He says that he was practicing his Muay Thai.


(He suddenly lets out a big sigh.)

What is that?

– What do I do? – Are those spider webs?

I haven’t seen spider webs at home in such a long time.

Do you not clean your home often?

My home had a lot of spiders ever since I was moving in.

You must be raising spiders.

I don’t have them as my pets,

but once I clear the webs,

it becomes like that again within 2-3 weeks.

Is that so?

(He takes the webs with his hands and cleans with wet tissue.)


(Go away.)

Why are you using your hands…

instead of wet tissues?

I tried with wet tissues,

but bare hands work better.

I do it as if I am spinning silk.

You’re like Spider Man.

(He’s like Spider Man.)

Na Rae, you’re too much today.

I have to be kind to him, I haven’t seen him in a whole year.

Run away as soon as we’re finished with filming, okay?

– Do you understand? – Yes, I will.

The 3D printer is making something.

That is so fascinating.

(He became hungry after fighting the spiders.)

What should I eat?

What shall I eat now?

I haven’t seen those grocery stickers in forever.

He’s so money-smart.

– Those are from my neighborhood. – It’s good to collect them.

(Choong Jae is money-smart.)

I didn’t know you cooked dishes like that.


That is my best dish.

Is that right?

Do you cook at home often?

I make basic dishes like soup…

and pasta.

That’s pretty extraordinary.

You’re pretty good.

Seaweed soup.

(What are Choong Jae’s life hacks?)

(Is he putting seaweed in the microwave?)

– Why did you do that? – That makes seaweed soft quickly.

Putting seaweed in the microwave softens seaweed quickly?

I didn’t know that before.

(After putting the seaweed in the microwave,)

(he puts sesame seed oil in the pot.)

(Then, he adds minced garlic in.)

You’re quite good at making the seaweed soup.

He really knows how to make it.

This is really legitimate.

I just boil everything together in a pot.

Then the beef might stink.

That’s right.

(He adds in the softened seaweed.)

You’re making the legitimate seaweed soup.

So he adds in the seaweed there…

and mixes it with the rest.

This is done so that the seaweed is soft and not stiff.

You have to fry it with the rest before adding the water.

– Do you just add water by eye? – Yes.


(You’re a professional seaweed soup maker.)

I learned to cook seaweed soup…

in class when I was in middle school.

I was praised for it,

so it became my best dish.

My own tip is…

to season with salt…

instead of soy sauce,

to make the soup taste cleaner.

(He’s chopping different vegetables.)

He’s good with knives.

You seem different now.

I can see just from his cutting skills…

I used to work at a restaurant.


Look at how good he is.

I worked at an izakaya before.

– You worked at an izakaya? – Yes.

I used to make the simple fried dishes when it got busy.

You make cocktails and you can also cook well.

(He’s shaking the cocktail.)

(Now, he’s shaking the frying pan.)

This is unfair.

(Choong Jae is too good to be true.)

(The fried vegetables is ready.)

(It’s fried tofu time now.)

Do you just eat it like that without seasoning?

I have a habit of not eating too salty.

(The habit of eating healthy is engraved on him.)

(Fried tofu is also ready.)


(Now, he takes out side dishes.)

It’s such a small kitchen but he looks comfortable.

He knows how to use his space wisely.

This looks good.

(Do you put the side dishes onto plates every time?)

It is slightly annoying…

to wash these dishes every time.

But when I put everything on a plate,

it really feels like I’m having a meal.

You’re amazing.

This is what makes buying dishes so fun.

The reason why people who cook buy a lot of different dishes…

is because there is so much joy in setting the table.

I do the same when I’m at home.


You sound like Na Rae that I know now.

No, I feel more comfortable talking like this.

You know, it’s tastier that way.

Don’t I sound like Lee Yeong Ja?

– How many personalities are there? – Listen to my voice right now.

I have so many personalities inside of me right now.


(The table is set.)

He is really having a legitimate meal.

– Do you not have a TV at home? – No, I don’t.

Now that I think about it, you don’t have a TV at home.

(He’s eating his meal while watching the soccer game.)


(He’s eating different vegetables, too.)


He didn’t score with the penalty kick.

He’s frustrated.

He’s frustrated, so he’s shoving food into his mouth.

My team almost won.

I’m so full.

He doesn’t waste food.

(He stores the leftover food in containers.)

I’ll eat it again with pork belly.

(He does his dishes right away.)

Washing dishes right after eating?

That seems too unreal.

– That’s unreal? – Of course.

– You have to stack it up. – You wait until the sink is full.

– At least for 3 days. – For 3 days?

You have to wash them when the dishes are all dried up.

You just have to wait for it.

Sometimes, it gets hard though.

Do you two live together?

What situation would that be?

Hi, brother.

(They get along so well.)

(He’s checking the printer.)


I see that the printer takes a while.

It takes a really long time.

I made a key with it and it took more than 30 minutes.

Of course, because it’s making thousands of layers.

(The 3D printer takes a long time to complete a job.)

It’s complete.

Is that the completed product?

– How can you make things like that? – That’s so cool.

That is a vase in small scale.

There are cases, where people build houses with the 3D printers.

– Yes, in China. – Really?

I guess that could be possible.

(This is the actual house that was built with 3D printers.)

(A sunny afternoon in fall)

(He’s turning off all lights.)


(He’s going out.)

Wait, so there’s a road right in front of your house?

You’re right, it is.

The structure of this neighborhood is so unique.

You said the rent is cheaper, right?


Because there is the road right by the door,

people often do not think that it’s a house where someone lives.

– Just… – They might mistake it for storage.

It’s on an uphill,

so a lot of people think that it’s inconvenient.

Some even ask…

if people live here.


– Where is that? – Isn’t that Naksan Park?

Yes, it’s Naksan Park.

(A clear view)

This is great.

I really enjoy how I have such a clear view of Seoul.

It feels so refreshing to me.

I love taking walks,

so I love this neighborhood.

(An outing of a person who loves this neighborhood so much)

It’s like the sun is just shining right on Choong Jae.

(Choong Jae is glowing…)

(under the bright sun.)

I feel like the producer just put any background music they wanted.

Aren’t these random songs?

It’s almost like we’re watching a music show.

– The songs are so random. – It’s like a music video.

Why? I like it.

Wait, this shot is…

It looks like the camera is moving on a rail.

– It’s like a movie. – It’s a music video.

So dramatic.

(It’s like a music video of a rookie singer.)

(A walk of someone who has a special glow)

The weather is great.

He’s dressed similar to Kian84.

Right. Kian84 once jogged at Namhansanseong Fortress…

– or Mount Nam. – It was Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

– Right. It was Suwon. – I was wearing all gray.

(Kian84 jogged at Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.)

They never put a background music for me.

(We could only hear his rough breathing sound.)

We got a close-up shot of Kian84 when he was about to throw up.

– They got a close-up shot… – That’s the radish juice.

of the radish juice stain on my hip.



(It’s a mini gym in the park.)


– My goodness. – He’s groaning.

He’s always working.

That felt good.

(He warms up his stiff body through stretching.)

(While stretching his legs and arms,)

It’s so white.

(the white flowers in full bloom catch his attention.)

Green, white, and yellow.

He suddenly talked about colors.

– It’s a habit. – He did that during colonoscopy.


(He was looking for colors.)

(It’s angular white.)

(It’s a mystery.)

(What is “angular white”?)

What is angular white?

All the vases I am making are angular.

There is a white one.

You were thinking of your artwork.

Yes. I think it was my subconscious speaking.

I am embarrassed.

Why would you be embarrassed? You didn’t swear.

It’s nice.

It’s deep green and whitest white.

(He distinguishes between angular white and whitest white.)

(After studying the colors, he does pull-ups.)

He went up.

(One, two)


He’s good.

Is that it?

I did ten when I was in the army.

I am so embarrassed.

I am so weak.

It’s because he hasn’t eaten anything.

I am in trouble.

He’s still good.

He’s using the rebound to go up. That’s cheating.

I can do the chin-up too if I use the rebound.

Even with the rebound, you can’t do it.

Next week, please prepare a chin-up bar.

– It’s because… – Why don’t you talk while hanging?

(Will he try to present the show while hanging from a bar?)

(He gives up the pull-up and starts jump-roping.)


(He lightly jumps.)

(After warming up)

He’s good at jump-roping.

– He’s doing the double under jump. – He’s good.

– He’s good. – He’s good.

He’s agile.

Is he Rocky or what?

How can you do the double under jumps so well?

– Why can’t you do that? – Can you do it?

– I can do 20. – My feet always stop the rope.

– I can do it too. – You can do that?

– I am so short. – Can you jump?

– You can’t jump. – All men can do it.

I only jump a little bit, but I’m short, so the rope won’t be stopped.

I am like a squirrel in a squirrel wheel.


(Rocky Choong Jae is still doing the double under jumps.)

(He does it very well.)



I’m old now.

(He gets worn out after a few jumps.)

(It’s not that he’s bad at it. It’s just lasts for a short while.)

He’s leaving after getting a taste of it.

Choong Jae used to be a drill instructor in the military.

– He was a drill instructor. – Really?

His bayonet skills are amazing.

– Really? – But why is he lacking stamina?

He seriously lacks stamina.

I am just a civil defense corps member now.

He finished the military service quite a while ago.

Can we see your bayonet skills?

– Show them your bayonet skills. – Is that a gun?

– Show them your bayonet skills. – I can kill you all with it.

Can you show them your bayonet skills?

His skills are amazing. They are really amazing.

I still remember it. It’s PBD…

– PBD what? – PBD…

Poke, beat, defend…

You show us first.

– This is… – Try.

Did you serve the army?

– I was an active-duty soldier. – PBD…

(Hyun Moo shows off his bayonet skills.)

Isn’t that just an idiot playing with a toy?

– An idiot. – Do it well.

– Drill instructors do this. – Poke.

– Doesn’t it hurt? – Right.

– You need to make the sound. – I will…

(Bayonet was used to defeat enemies in a close combat.)

(Every country has a unique routine, and Korea has 19 moves.)

This is too light.

(He shows the bayonet skills with a smile.)

(He’s shy and yet his moves smoothly flow.)

My goodness.

(The tip of the rifle shows discipline and spirit.)

It’s been too long.

We made him do it so unexpectedly.

Thank you.

– You are great. Very restrained. – You are great.

– Rifle. – Do you want to give it a try?

When I was in the army, in Nonsan…

– I know that. – What?

I know this move.

– “Hold the rifle”? – “Advance”

Trainee number 84.


What is he doing?

What is he doing?

Is that what you do?

– Shoot. – Do you have to spread your legs?

– You have to spread your legs. – Charge.

– You have to spread your legs. – Charge.

I am sorry, but…

(That move looks familiar.)

Is that the move?

– They might send you back. – That’s Woo Ki Myung’s pose.

– That’s Woo Ki Myung’s pose. – No, it’s not.

That’s how you do it.

– That’s Woo Ki Myung’s pose. – This week, you will…

– He’s gone sulky. – receive a notice of enlistment.

– Kian84. – It’s been a long time…

since I finished reserve forces training.

Return the gun to me.

(As soon as she receives it, she becomes Min Sik.)

I won’t let it pass!

(Her form is exceptional.)

I think she’s the best.

(She’s called Na Rae Bardem for a reason.)

She’s Korea’s most elite soldier.

– As long as she’s there, – I won’t cut you slack.

our national defense will be strong.

– Strong national defense. – Nobody will attack us.

(He finishes training his weak body.)


(He runs into a cat on the way.)

Do you want this?

(The cat follows him.)

He must be good with stray cats.

– They don’t usually come to you. – I know.

Do you want food?

Wait. Wait.

I will give you something good.


(It looks like he’s done it many times.)

(It’s eating well.)

Why did you start feeding stray cats?

In front of my house,

people leave garbage, not knowing that it’s a house.

In the winter, cats don’t have anything to eat.

So they rip the trash bags.

They don’t live there because they want to.

So I started feeding them.

What will you do now? The winter is coming.

(Another cat appears.)

– They are gathering. – They are siblings.

– They look alike. – Do you want some too?

I will pick these up later. Finish it before I come back.


– That’s funny. – Look at that.

It’s almost like a dog.

They never come near you like that.

I will be back.

(When Choong Jae leaves,)

(the cat that was hiding comes out and eats too.)

(He’s done his duty as the cats’ butler.)

(He goes in somewhere.)

Is it the cafe you always go to?

Hello. I will have one iced latte.

It’s five dollars.


(He carries his latte…)

(and enters the sunny terrace.)

It’s my favorite cafe.

It’s got an open view.

It’s lovely.

(From the rooftop, you get the whole view of Seoul.)

– That’s the best. – That’s lovely.

When I am really stressed, I go there.

And it makes me forget about everything.

(He enjoys the sunshine.)

(He shoots a coffee commercial too.)

I just sit there and stare into the distance.

– That’s the best. – I sometimes draw.

– Here comes another song. – The 24th song is playing.

Did you release an album?

It reminds me of the time when I was a radio deejay.

– There’re many background songs. – People will be…

uploading the playlist online

It suits him well too.


(He passes by the cute cats.)

(Two birds catch his attention.)

What kind of birds are they?

They are so yellow.

(The color addict points out colors again.)

Yellow, yellowish green, and white.

It’s like he’s obsessed with color.

– The birds were so pretty. – Its eyes are black.

Their eye colors are different.

People can’t make those colors.

They are the colors of nature.

(He looks at the photographs too.)

That town is so lovely.

They have photography exhibitions.

(He enjoys every corner of the town.)

That’s such a lovely town.

(He can’t stop whispering.)

(After enjoying the autumn smell,)

(he collects the remaining cat food.)

It pollutes the environment if it’s left there. So you need to take it.

You should’ve eaten it when I gave it to you.

(You’re back.)

It keeps rubbing its face.

(Choong Jae is good to stray cats too.)



(It keeps following him.)

(See you again.)

(He enjoyed nook and cranny of the town.)

(It was a happy outing of the town lover.)

(He washes and gets ready to go out.)

(This is how this man uses toothpaste.)

– My gosh. – He’s so thrifty.

Yes. That’s the joy of a toothpaste.

That makes you feel proud.

I love cutting it at the edge and scraping out the paste inside.

– Right. – That’s tough.

(When foam cleaning doesn’t come out,)

– He’s so thrifty. – My goodness.

That’s it. You cut it in half.

– You have to cut it in half. – You have to cut it in half.

(He’s happy.)

– Right. – When you find a lot inside,

– you become really happy. – There’s a lot in it.

It really makes me happy.

(Let’s pick clothes now.)

(He steam-irons a white T-shirt.)

He irons it too.

(He steam-irons a white T-shirt.)

(Kian84 found a wrinkled T-shirt and wore it as it is.)

Right. He just wears…

Why do you keep inserting clips of me…

and comparing us two?

It’s because you two are so different.

My clothes drying rack is tight.

There is always a big wrinkle in the middle.

– I know. – Right.

It’s cold outside.

(He changed into an ironed T-shirt.)

(Is he wearing a sweater on top?)

Did you just iron the T-shirt that’s going inside the sweater?

I thought I might take it off.

(Let’s go outside.)

I still can’t get used to the fact that…

there is a road right outside the door.

(He wears a helmet and gets on the bike.)

Where are you going?

I’m going to my favorite place.

Your “favorite place”?

(Let’s pedal.)

(He looks around in a relaxed manner.)

Why do you keep inserting clips of me?

It’s so easy to compare you two.

It doesn’t fit well because my head is too big.

He seems so relaxed.

30th song is playing.

(He roams around the streets of Euljiro.)

– Euljiro. – Yes.

That neighborhood is exciting too.

There’s Bangsan Market too.

(He just went around streets on a bike.)

(And it looks like an indie film.)

(But the further he goes,)

(the bleaker it seems to get.)

The shutters are down. Is it okay?

(He goes deeper and deeper into the streets.)

Are there places like that?

It’s like a labyrinth there.

(He fearlessly walks forward as if he’s been here many times.)

– Where is that? – Where is that?

(He arrives at…)

(Is it an old studio?)

– What is that place for? – Is it a welding workshop?

(There are power saws and various tools.)

– It’s where Bardem makes weapons. – It’s where weapons are made.

There are gas guns. I will open the shutter and come out.

(Where is this place?)

It’s my favorite local contractor.

I share my new project ideas…

with the owner too.

(He also gets inspirations for his new projects.)

Have you been well?

(He greets the owner.)

I brought another trouble.

I brought another trouble.

I printed the prototype using a 3D printer.

Are you trying to make a bigger version of that?

– Yes. That’s a model. – You are going to make this?

– How will you make it? – It shows what I want…

– and how it should be made. – What is it though?

– It’s a chair. – It’s a chair.

(He sits next to the owner.)

There is a curve here.

Slice it to get a cross section of it.

And follow the curve above and cut it using a laser.

It will have a chair’s height.

(Is it complicated?)

I want it to look as sophisticated as it can be.

(He checks his contractor’s reaction.)

I think it won’t look good even if you make it.

Really? Are you not getting a good feel about it?

That’s bad.

That would be frustrating.

He usually makes the same things over and over again.

So he likes working with people who want to make unusual things.

Do you want to try it?

– Yes. – Do you want to do it?

It’s dangerous though.

Wear this. It’s mine.

(He begins the work.)

(He concentrates.)

(He builds it according to the drawing.)

(And time passes fast.)

– It’s a commissioned work, right? – Yes, it’s a commissioned work.

It will be installed in Haeundae.

Choong Jae…

planned the exhibition in Busan.

I will be participating.

Ju Ho Min will be participating too.

Along the Haeundae Beach,

100 flags will be put up.

And they will flap together.

These young artists are great.

I’ll go to the exhibition and buy some works there too.

Let’s grab a meal after the Busan exhibition.

– Okay. – Okay.

– Bye. – Bye.

– Get some sleep. – Okay.


(It already got dark.)

Did it already become night?


(Where did Choong Jae go?)

(It’s where he created Woo Ki Myung with Kian84.)

It’s there.

(They also ate ssambap there too.)

I am so hungry.

(What drew hungry Choong Jae’s attention?)

– Soy sauce marinated crabs. – They look delicious.

(His mouth waters.)

Do you need anything?

I was looking at the soy sauce marinated crabs.

This is 10 dollars, and that’s 20 dollars.

Can you give me the 10-dollar one?

You are very handsome.

– He is handsome. – Thank you.

Thank you.

A lot of people in Gyeongdong Market told me I was handsome.

– In the market… – He’s giving him free pancake.

How can you completely ignore me?

I am the handsome man at Gyeongdong Market.

– All right. – That looks delicious.

(He’s market people’s handsome man.)

(You are so handsome.)

(Cameras can’t capture your handsomeness.)

(At markets, his handsomeness drives him nuts.)

I am Mr. Handsome Black Bean.

I see.

He’s the handsomest man at Gyeongdong Market.

(She doesn’t mean it.)

A freebie.

(He gives Choong Jae a hotteok for free.)

– I felt it. – You are too handsome.

– You are handsome. – Am I?

Thank you.

It’s delicious.

(It’s more delicious because it’s free.)

A bundle of mandarins is only three dollars.

(He spots fruits this time.)

Get me a bundle of mandarins, please.

Mandarins are not yet in season, are they?

– I know. – The season is back.

– Is it the beginning? – You know it so well.

He knows the seasons for fruit well.

I know. Men don’t know it.

How much are the apples?

7 for 10 dollars.

I live alone, so seven is too many.

– Can I buy two? – Of course you can.

I never finish apples when I buy a lot of them.

(He’s a frugal and clever young man.)

Thank you so very much.

“Thank you so very much”?

I have never heard someone say that in 10 years.

“Thank you so very much.”

(Even when he just walks around the market…)

He looks great.

There’s halo behind him.

It’s always very bright in the traditional markets.

– Yes. – I feel better now after eating it.

It’s nice and bright.

It’s very bright because the products need to be seen well.

Look how lovely that lantern is.

Even the helmet looks good on him.

Can you at least wait until he puts it on?

Say that after he puts it on.

[VIU Ver] E265 I Live Alone
“Choong Jae’s One Fine Day”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(My gosh.)

(He goes up an uphill with a lot of groceries.)

– What will he do now? – That’s the tough part.

Going up the hill is the tough part.

My gosh.

(He’s on the way to his house on a hill.)

Why are there no street lights?

That’s an industrial area.

I can’t go there.

Why are you pretending to be so weak?

I have night blindness.

You are unbelievable.

I have everything other people have.

(He turns on the light first.)

The sun goes down early since winter is coming.

– You only use lamps. – Fluorescent light…

I prefer warm lights to fluorescent lights.

– It doesn’t look homely. – Right.

(He turns on one fluorescent light.)


(What should I do next?)


I should organize the things I bought.

What am I thinking?

“What am I thinking?”

(He organizes the groceries right away.)

I have so many fruits.

It’s marinated crab party.

Doesn’t it look like a grandmother’s fridge?

(After he finishes organizing the fridge,)

(he touches the 3D printer.)


– Who is it? – Someone came.

– Yes. – Perhaps it’s a stranger?

Who is it?

– Hey. – Who is it?

– Did you bring this piano? – Yes.

(Who visited him at night with a piano?)

This is too big for my house.

It’s too heavy.

He’s my little brother.

– Little brother? – Yes.

(He shyly puts down his bag.)

His brother is handsome too.

Their genes are good.

(Kim Gyeong Jae, Choong Jae’s little brother)

You both have “Jae” in your name.

We know that already.

I am just saying.

– She tries hard. – Yes.

He’s my brother and four years younger than me.

He’s a singer-songwriter.

The elder brother does art, and the younger brother does music.

They are artist family.

We are both not making much money.

He sings well too.

(Na Rae is very into it.)

(Looking for something)

– Mom packed some food for you. – What is it?

– Side dishes? – Yes.

It’s frozen beef bone soup.

Moms love bone soup.

It’s because you can save them for about a year.

– Moms worried about their kids. – Why do they make it?

Let’s eat something. You haven’t been here in a while.

(Choong Jae prepares dinner for his little brother.)

– Are you making something? – Is that meat?

(Are we eating meat?)

(Yes, it’s meat.)

One slice will do, right?

Wait. Your brother is here, and you grill just one slice of meat?

Just one slice of it?


Kian84 asks me every time he sees me,

“Are you seeing anyone?”

Did you just try to impersonate Kian84?

He’s the only person I can mimic.

– Hold on a second. – How do you do it?

He’s always like this.

“Hey, did you see my cartoon this week?”

“It’s super boring, isn’t it?”


“Answer me when I say something.”

(When I talk to you,)

(you should answer me.)

He’s been trying to mimic me.

– Can you mimic Choong Jae? – Choong Jae?

(He thinks for a moment.)

“Hey, you’re here.”

(Hey, you’re here.)

– That’s you. – That’s you.

– He’s so bad. – That’s just you.

Are you seeing anyone these days?

– Me? – Yes.

– No. – Why?

Why do you never go out with anyone?

Your brother is single too?

Everyone who is interested in me…

asks about you.

– About me? – Yes.

(There’s another victim.)

(They used to work together as art teachers.)

(Everyone asked me about him.)

(It’s not like I’m his manager.)

Look how chubby Kian84 was.

He looks like a bullfrog.

– He looks much better now. – He looks so different.

(The bullfrog looks much better after losing some weight.)

They’re not really interested in me.

– Then use me. – Use you?

What a nice big brother.

Most people would say, “don’t use me.”

Of course.

(Seaweed soup is warmed up.)

(The big brother brings the food to the table.)


Did you make the soup yourself? Or did you buy it?

I made it this morning.

(He stir-fries the pork belly with vegetables.)

Isn’t that too little meat?

I should have cooked some more.

(He skillfully whips up a dish.)

(Dinner is ready.)

It’s pork belly…

and vegetables.

(Choong Jae’s specialty, seaweed soup)

(Marinated crabs from the market)

He deserves to be a big brother.

– He’s very mature. – Right.

(The stir-fried pork belly and vegetables taste good.)

Oh, my.

It looks so tasty.



(ASMR brothers?)

(They never put down their spoons.)

(All you can hear is the sound of them eating.)

We don’t meet that often.

It’s nice to see you.


Do you go to a hairdresser these days?


Do you still cut your hair yourself?

– Yes. – Really?

You should go to a hairdresser.

A person who cuts his own hair is said to live a hard life.

– My goodness. – What are you talking about?

– Is that… – That was why?

what you want to say to Kian84?

Hold on. If you knew that,

when Kian84 cut his hair himself,

shouldn’t you have told him?

– I think I did. – He’s told me many times.

I’ve told him before.

Stop cutting your hair yourself. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

– You’ve been through a lot. – Right.

It’s time to cut your hair again.

After I had my hair dyed with Hye Jin,

I went to a hairdresser a few times.

I think I’ll continue.

Eat one more. You can take some home too.

You’re very caring.

Put some in your bag and eat them on your way home.

– I don’t want to. – No?

– No. – You don’t eat enough fruits.

I should get going now.

– Should I pack some grapes? – It’s okay.

– What about mandarins? Take some. – It’s okay.

It’s like holidays.

That’s what happens when a family member visits.

– You want to pack something. – You want to give something.

If you don’t take them, you’ll regret on your way.

(I should listen to him.)

(He puts some fruits in a plastic bag…)

(and puts it in his little brother’s backpack.)

I’ll be going. It’s okay.

– Are you sure? – Yes.

– You’re so caring. – All right. See you.

Not every big brother is like him.


When I think of my little brother, I feel a bit bad.

When he first said he wanted to become a musician,

I didn’t really support him.

We had a little conflict because of it.

We had a fight earlier this year.

He might have gotten hurt.

Seeing him after a long time, I became concerned again.

(He is concerned about his little brother.)

(Even after his brother leaves, he seems busy.)

When they ask me for help,

I don’t know if I should say yes or no.

(What is he doing?)

What are you doing?

I majored in product design. When you study product design,

you take apart electronics and put them back together…

to learn how they were designed.

I’ve, of course, taken apart cell phones too.

So my friends often ask me for help with those things.

To fix a phone, I’m using two broken ones.

– Oh, my. – Oh, my.

Do you get paid by your friends?

No. They just buy me a cup of coffee.

All right. Let’s do this.

You have to be careful not to lose any part.


If I broke anything, I’m doomed.

(He successfully separates the part.)

Next patient.

(He takes apart the other phone too.)


(The parts are perfectly separated.)

– That’s so interesting. – That’s an important step.

You have to transfer the home button…

onto the new phone so that the fingerprint can be recognized.

What is this?

There you go.


(The home button is transferred.)

It’s like a science drama.

It’s incredible.

(He carries out each step carefully.)

I’ve never seen anyone who can fix a smartphone before.


– It’s working. – It’s working.

(He checks if the phone works normally.)


(The selfie camera is working now.)

The selfie camera works.

(The music player works again.)

– My phone is broken too. – Mine too.

I can fix them for you.

Then I’ll have to ask you a favor.

He might tell you to have it delivered.

To avoid me.

After fixing it, he might say, “I’ll put it in a subway station locker.”

“Pick it up.”

(I’ll put it in locker number 6.)

(It’s time to finish his day.)

It feels like I’m living with Wilson.

It’s Wilson’s lucky day.

That’s my favorite series.

– “Desperate Housewives”. – It’s fun.

You watch that?

– It’s fun. – It’s really fun.

Why do you like that one among other dramas?

First of all, the actresses are so beautiful.

– Who is in it? – Eva Longoria.

Yes. She looks South American.

I know Choong Jae’s type well.

Does he like tanned, sexy girls with hot bodies?


He once said you were very pretty.


– Me? – Tall…

He doesn’t like exactly you, but he likes girls like you.

Gosh. What are you doing?

I’ll never forgive you, Dhalsim!

(I’ll never forgive you, Dhalsim!)

Shoot her!

Don’t be afraid. Just shoot her.

Look at this picture of Eva Longoria.

What’s Kian84’s type then?

He likes shorter girls.

– And… – My goodness.

– He likes tanned… – It must be fate.

I’m short and tanned.

It’s true. He likes cute girls.

I like short and tanned girls.

– I should try not to look too cute. – I like tall…

and stylish girls.

(With his head on Wilson’s lap,)

(he watches his favorite series,)

(eating mandarins.)

(The art school guy’s perfect day)

You’ve just watched your day.

How did it feel?

It feels weird even just to hear your own voice, right?


It felt a little weird to watch my daily life.

Kian84, what did you think?

That’s just who he is.

Thank you for the nice words.

He’s said enough.

Why is it so hard to find what to say?

– It’s like that… – When you’re too close…

when you’re too close.

– There’s not much to say. – He already knows everything.

He already knows everything. Exactly.

Please appear often from now on.

You don’t feel uncomfortable anymore, do you?

Now that you’ve even seen her like this.

– Are you talking about me? – Yes, I am.

– Did I make you feel uncomfortable? – No.

– Are you sure? – Yes.

Choong Jae, it was so nice seeing you. I hope to see you again.

Thank you.

(Bardem suddenly points a gun at the members.)

What are you doing?

Why do you keep pointing a gun at me?

I will teach you a lesson.

Get ready to double over with laughter.

Get ready to double over with laughter.

My goodness.

(It’s a perfect day to fall into fall.)

I am a woman who embodies fall.

She changes every time.

(They are the same people.)

Hold on. Why are you laughing at me?

She changes every time.

– Here. – She is like Choo Sa Rang.

(She gets another character.)

(A car comes to pick up the woman who embodies fall.)

Na Rae, get in.

– Na Rae, get in. – It’s Young Hee.

– Hello. – My goodness.

My goodness.

Hold on. Why didn’t you unlock the door?

Hold on. Why didn’t you unlock the door?

– She didn’t unlock the door. – Get in.

You unlocked it, right? Okay.

Although I am younger than her,

I am a senior comedian because I debuted first.

You bought a lot of things.

You have many things in your car.

I rarely go home.

My goodness.

She locked the door again.

Why did you lock the door?

– Why do you keep locking the door? – I don’t want to let anyone leave.

I taught her the art of locking people up.

How long does it take to get there?

35 to 40 minutes.

– Is it your first time going there? – I have been there.

– Have you been there? – Is it your first time going there?

– It’s my first time. – Really?

– I am really excited. – Really?

(Where are you so excited about going?)

I am going to the newlyweds’ house.

The newlyweds are…

a well-known interior designer, Jason…

– You know who Jason is. – That’s right.

You were in a program with him.

And a cool comedienne…

whom I admire, Hong Hyun Hee.

Why did they pick that picture?

It’s so strange to think that they live together.

How did they begin to date?

– I can tell you how it happened. – Tell me how it happened.

Young Hee and Hyun Hee split the safety deposit…

and rented a place.

Young Hee knew Jason…

– through a program. – I see.

– She hired him, right? – She hired him.

Young Hee was busy.

So when the three of them had a meeting,

– she left early. – She left early.

The two of them continued on with the meeting…

and fell for each other.

After how many months are they getting married?

Three months.

– What? – They dated for three months.

– Yes. – That’s so fast.

We were so taken aback.

Young Hee must have been taken aback.

Young Hee nearly had a mental breakdown.

– I bet she did. – She was nearly insane for a week.

Let me make an example.

Let’s say Do Yeon and I asked Kian84…

to draw a webtoon with our stories.

“Talk among yourselves because I have somewhere to be.”

Then the two of them suddenly decided to get married.

They scheduled a wedding.

If that happens, I won’t sit and watch!

(Thinking about it makes her angry.)

I won’t sit and watch!

She is my best friend.

You are making a good use of your water gun.

My goodness.

I feel like a half of me has gone missing.

You and Hyun Hee were known…

as the Hee Sisters.

The two of them are very close.

We were like sisters.

The three of us were the pocket girls.

When one of the pocket girls became too busy,

Hyun Hee and I became the Hee Sisters.

It was like a sub-unit.

A sub-unit.

If we are Girls’ Generation, you are Girls’ Generation-TTS.


(Is it an appropriate comparison?)

It’s a joke among ourselves.

– It’s a joke among ourselves. – That’s right.

It’s our way of making ourselves feel better.

(Their laughter sounds empty.)

Who knew one of us will get married so suddenly?

– It feels strange, right? – Is there no man in your life?

No, there isn’t.

Thank goodness.

You know,

I don’t want to get married right away.

– Do you want to get married? – I want to get married tomorrow.

– Are you serious? – I am serious.

– My goodness. – I am serious.

The thing is,

I like watching myself flirt.

I don’t know if it’s one-sided or not.

There is no man in my life.

I really hope you won’t get married.

I won’t get married.

I believe in you.

– I can’t get married. – I believe in you.

I should look for a nursing home.

We have the overlapping ideal types.

– Who? – You and I?

We always have the overlapping ideal types.

– We don’t. – I was upset.

– Why were you upset? – Kian84.

– What? – Kian84.

– Kian84? – Let me clear something up.

Kiam84 isn’t my ideal type.

After spending time with him,

– he grew on me. – He grew on you.

Young Hee talked about Kian84 even before I had a thing with him.

– Really? – Yes.

It was years ago.

You make it sound like you dated him.

“Before I had a thing with him”.

Before I got to know him.

– Before you got to know him. – It sounds strange.


Then she is serious.

How many times did I tell you that Kian84 is my type?

I told you,

– “Kian84 seems like a nice man.” – That’s right.

I hoped you would introduce me to him later on.

Then you went ahead and flirted with him…

in order to date him.

I really liked him.

– Can I tell you something scary? – What is it?

I am in the same position as you.

I told him that I like him,

but he never gave me a definite answer.

– He never did. – You are right.

He always keeps it vague.

I am going to go outside.

Hold on. Hold on.

– I feel uncomfortable. – Why?

You play with comediennes’ hearts.

You should at least give me a definite answer…

on this matter, Kian84.

What do you think about Young Hee?

Give me a definite answer.

Do you like Young Hee?

Are you willing to meet up with her?

She seems like a nice woman.

– Are you rejecting her? – No, no.

She seems like a nice woman.

She is petite and cute.

Well, I am rooting for her.

– Compared to men… – You are rejecting her.

– I am in no position to do. – You are rejecting her.

Why don’t you have a dinner with Na Rae and Young Hee?

– Seriously. – It could be a casual affair.

– I am okay with having a dinner. – Really?

How about having a drink afterward?

The thing is…

“The thing is…”

– I am rooting for her. – Will you have a dinner or not?

– Are you a cheerleader? – Seriously.

– Stop rooting for her. – She has his support.

It’s her.

– Hello. – Hello.

– Are you here? – Hyun Hee.

Where do we park?

Where do we park?

– Where you park… – What is she going to say?

depends on your capabilities.

What are you talking about?

Hold on. We will back in the back.

We will be there soon.

– Do the best you can. – Okay.

– My goodness. – I think I can park over there.

I can’t believe she told us to do the best we can.

How did Jason decorate the house?

You are curious, right?

– Of course I am. – It’s an interior designer’s house.

(They enter the house with excited hearts.)

– What? – She dressed up too much at home.

Hold on. Who wears a jacket at home?

This is driving me crazy.

– It’s your first time here. – Hold on.

– It’s your first time here. – Hold on.

What are you wearing?

– What? – I am so taken aback.

You didn’t cover the lower half of your body.

You didn’t cover the lower half of your body.

It’s a sheer skirt.

It’s a mistake.

It’s a mistake.


The house…

I was so surprised.

The sound echoes.

It’s your first time here. Welcome.

(The owner of the house welcomes them.)

(Hyun Hee’s house where the sound echoes is revealed.)

(There are a lot of items.)


(The power outlets have the trill of the 220V.)

I mean… It’s too…

(They have no words for the state the house is in.)

– This is… – The wires go like this.

(The door opens if you push it.)


I thought to myself, “Has the house been robbed?”

I had that thought.

I was so surprised.

If you touch it, you will get electrocuted.

– Did you press it? – Hold on.

– What is this? – What is this?

Is this a phone?

I thought it was a phone.

– Isn’t it a phone? – It’s an intercom.

– It’s an intercom. – It should be hanging up.

It goes here.


The shower is too small for two people.

Why would two people use it at the same time?

You and your husband could wash each other.

I have a tub, too.

– Where is it? – I have a tub, too.

– Where is it? – I was so surprised.

The house is empty, right? The veranda is enormous.

The house is empty, right? The veranda is enormous.

– What are these? – She put everything there.

I saw something like this on “Curious Stories Y”.

(I saw something like this on “Curious Stories Y”.)

– A trashed house. – A trashed house.

Hold on. What has been done to this house…

so far?

– Are the walls and floor done? – The walls and floor are done.

– Really? – It’s still under construction.

This is…

– the bedroom. – I was so surprised.

– Look at the photos. – Do you sleep on a picnic mat?

– What is this? – Do they sleep on a picnic mat?

Do you sleep here?

The TV was out.

What happened to the door?

Everything is…

in its raw state.

– Do you know what makes me tear up? – What?

There is a reason why she invited us to this place.

She wants a vanity.

(She wants a vanity.)

– She kept her cosmetic products… – She wants a vanity.

in a shoebox.

– My goodness. – I lead a simple life.

I have never met a celebrity who is so down-to-earth.

– There were no mirrors. – Take a look at these pictures.

– These are nice pictures. – Right?

It’s Na Rae’s first time to see us together.

– How pretty! – Do we look good together?

– Look at the pictures. – It has been photoshopped.

We would be pretty if we are tall.

We would be pretty if we are tall.

– I stood on a platform. – Hyun Hee.

I didn’t tell you that you are pretty yet.

– You look different. – I stood on a platform.

Is this a picture of someone else’s body?

(Is this a picture of someone else’s body?)

We look good together.

(Na Rae and Young Hee can’t believe these pictures.)

(Hyun Hee comes out to make them coffee.)

(She tries to boil some water.)

The thing is,

it has been a while…

since I used gas.

– What are you talking about? – There is no gas.

There is no gas. I will boil water with this.

Hold on. Is this “l Am a Natural Person”?

Hyun Hee!

For goodness’ sake.

Hold on.

(Na Rae feels bad.)

– I want to go home. – She wants to go home.

This isn’t the newlyweds’ house I had imagined.

You start from zero.

She will fill the space one by one.

I want to get my wedding pictures taken.

I was really jealous.

(With the envy of her friends)

Gosh, that startled me.

Is she making ramyeon?

She is making coffee.

It looks like “Curious Stories Y”…

in overall.

– It’s a newlyweds’ house. – “How Is That Possible”.

– No, it’s a newlyweds’ house. – The veranda is packed.

She did the best she could do.

– Hyun Hee, the water is boiling. – What were you talking about?

Hyun Hee, my goodness.

There are no utensils in the house.

– I did the best I could do. – Are those jujubes in a pot?

Why did you bring chopsticks?

– There wasn’t even a plate. – Are those raw jujubes?

Hyun Hee,

I had this thought.

Jason ran away, right?

(Jason ran away, right?)

– Is this a hidden camera prank? – I began to get worried.

– Are you really getting married? – The thing is…

(It’s a sharp question.)

Perhaps Jason agreed to these pictures…

when she sent him the money.

– 50 dollars per a picture. – Listen.

– Every Jack has his Jill. – It’s tasty.

The proverb is true. Every Jack has his Jill.

Please give me some more water.

I drink my coffee light.

I prepared cold water…

– over here. – It’s okay.

I prepared cold water over here.

If I were…

(It’s like a stone ice storage of the 21st century.)

– What? – It’s cold water.

– Don’t you have a fridge? – There is no fridge.

– There is nothing in the house. – There is nothing in the house.

You borrowed this house for a day, didn’t you?

I see.

You wanted to pretend to get married.

(They begin to wonder if the wedding is a show.)

– Seriously. – Listen.

This is a house you can only live in when you are a newlywed.

It will only get bigger from now on.

It’s nice.

Still, it’s nice.

I keep thinking, “Is that woman me?”

Where did she come from?

I don’t know that woman.

(The unfamiliar picture makes them laugh.)

I am so incredulous about this.

I gave you a lot of advice about marriage.

That’s right. She was like a mother-in-law.


She was in “Dongchimi” for so long…

that she knows how mothers-in-law think.

Young Hee is ready to marry off her children.

That’s how much she understands about being a mother-in-law.

She is ready, but she doesn’t have any children.

Jason is a designer, right?

When he confessed his love to me,

he made me a ring.

(Jason made Hyun Hee a ring.)

– It was a handmade ring. – He has the tools.

– It was my first time… – He is talented.

to receive a ring.

– “Did he make this for me?” – He is very romantic.

Back in the days, people didn’t get diamond rings…

to splurge.

They got diamond rings so that they can sell them…

in times of financial hardship.

I told Jason that…

we should be satisfied with the couple’s rings,

but he got me a five-carat diamond ring.

(He got me a five-carat diamond ring.)

Are you bragging?

– I can’t believe it. – Did you ask her?

– I am telling you about… – My goodness.

Listen, Hyun Hee.

You should ask your guests how we are doing.

Why is she in such a hurry?

– I can’t help but become this way. – She suddenly talked about a ring.

I can’t stop bragging…

because I am happy.

Since this is my moment,

you have to be understanding.

– If you complain… – Listen.

Of course we are understanding.

However, there is something called the context.

Your story was out of context.

– It came out of nowhere. – The fact that…

someone did that for me…

What are you looking at?

– Look at us. – She won’t look at us.

– What is she looking at? – She is looking at her husband.

She is talking to the picture.

– What are you looking at? – I am looking at my husband.


I am jealous that she has someone to call a husband.

– I was really jealous. – When Jason was…

in a program with you,

he went on 100 dates.

– Really? – I am serious.

He picked me in the end.

(They become speechless.)

Let’s drink coffee.

Why did you laugh at her?

I didn’t laugh at her.

I simply thought of something funny.

We are in the same class, don’t you think?

You are the light of the ugly girls.

You should listen to me if you want to get married.

I am curious about something.

What was the one push into the relationship?

I will reveal the story for the first time.

We flirted for a month.

I was in “Comedy Big League”.

He had gone to the Philippines to scuba diving.

Then my comedy skit suddenly got canceled.

– It’s like that. – “Jason,”

“I should have followed you.”

Jason usually isn’t interested in other people.

He was looking at a shipwreck in the sea…

while he was scuba diving…

when he suddenly thought, “Is Hyun Hee okay?”

“She is soft-hearted.”

he looked at a shipwreck and thought of you.

– Go on. – When he got out of the water,

he continued to call me…

despite the lack of Wi-Fi.

I could only hear the waves.

I was like, “Why is he calling me?”

He told me that he really missed me then.

Although he is an individualist…

– I am soft-hearted. – That’s right.

At the airport, he asked me if there is anything I want.

I said, “Buy gifts for 100 girls you talk to.”

“From today on, I want to buy your gift only.”

Did he really say that?

(She gets goosebumps again.)

He fell head over heels in love with her.


The Jason I know isn’t like that.

(What is wrong with her?)

Why are you pushing me? It hurts.

I learned how he feels about me.

Do you know what I realized?

When you lose one thing, you gain one thing.

Although I lost a comedy skit, I found love.

You started another comedy skit.

Does that mean you will lose love again?

What are you talking about?

Watch your tongue.

I haven’t had my wedding yet.

– I didn’t mean it like that. – So…

love soothed the sorrow…

in my heart.

I can’t believe they became a couple like that.

– Congratulations. – I know.

After that,

we became close and he confessed to me.

(Upon hearing Hyun Hee’s touching story…)

I am close to tears.

– Why? – She suddenly teared up.

Have you been doing well?

– She is touched. – Why are you crying?

Why is she crying?

She keeps…

Those are crocodile tears.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry!

(She physically stops Young Hee’s tears.)

She pushed Young Hee.

It’s an eyesore.

Why would you say that?

– I just haven’t heard it before. – Also…

Her tears are understandable.

I haven’t heard about the shipwreck before.

Isn’t it a beautiful story?


– I am jealous. – Seriously.

Even though he is younger, he is mature.


I see.

Why do you talk as if he has passed away?

She kept looking at the picture as she spoke.


You kept looking at the picture and sighing.

You will bring in bad luck!

“He was like that.”

You talked like that.

She kept looking at the picture as she spoke.

The picture is black and white, too.


(She talked about the fond memories.)

(Someone knocks.)

Who is it?

– Who is it? – The doorbell doesn’t work.

– Who is it? – It’s a package.

– What is it? – A package.

(A mysterious package gets delivered to the house.)

What is it?

I have no package to receive.

I haven’t even ordered a bed.

– Can I open it right away. – Be careful.

(Hyun Hee opens the package.)

(What is it?)

It’s a dryer.

A dryer.

Slide it out.

We have to put it sideways because she are short.

We have to put it sideways.

– Let’s take it out. – In 1, 2, 3.

My goodness.

It’s cute.

You can dry your underwear in here.

Who sent it? I didn’t buy this.

It’s a gift from me.

(It’s a gift from me.)

I thought hard about what to get her.


I use it at home.

– It must be expensive. – If you have a baby,

this comes in handy.

You are on a different class.

That’s not true.

My gift will look lousy in comparison!

Young Hee got her a folic acid supplement…

so that she can prepare for pregnancy.

This is my first time…

to receive a home appliance as a gift.

I knew you wouldn’t have it.

You are so thoughtful.

Don’t be down.

– No. – You introduced me to Jason.

Right. Young Hee gave her a bigger present than mine.

– She gave her a husband. – Why should we walk like this?

It’s fun to live in a crowded house.

– My gosh. – It makes your life fun.

Is there anything else to hear about?

– Isn’t it useful? – Of course it is.

(Someone unlocks the door.)

– Only then… Who’s that? – Someone came in.

– Hi. – Here…

– He’s wearing sunglasses. – Really? My gosh.

My goodness.

– Is it your first time to see him? – That must’ve felt weird.

It felt so weird.


My goodness. It feels so weird to see them together.

– Oh, gosh. It feels weird. – Let’s show Na Rae.

– Show what? – Us together.

It felt so weird to see them together.

– I know how it feels. – Gosh.

Do we look great together? Tell me.

– What do you think honestly. – Be completely honest.

– Do we look good together? – I’m not sure.

What did you guys talk about?

– I was so scared. – I understand.

She doesn’t hold back in front of her groom.

– It’s for decorating the house. – Yes. I have to decorate the house.

– Wasn’t that food? – No. I bought some paint.

– Jason shopped by himself. – I saw this,

and I thought he bought sushi for us.

– It’s a paint roller tray. – I don’t think it was a good idea.

– Don’t be like that. – Help us finish it quickly.

You bought so many things.

– You want us to do this? – Let’s finish it quickly.

– They planned to do it that day. – We’re here for free food.

– They waited for us. – To make you guys work?

Well… Jason.

You should’ve hired workers instead of calling us.

– This is more meaningful because… – It’s meaningful…

– we can decorate it together. – It’s not that.

Why should we decorate your house?

I helped you guys decorate your houses.

– So it’s time for you to help us. – He’s right.

We should help each other out.

– So what do you want us to do? – Tell them.

– There isn’t much to do. – Not much? Look at this.

We’re going to paint only this wall…

and replace the ceiling light.

We’ll also replace all the switch over plates.

And then we’ll clean the house and hang curtains.

– Cleaning the house too? – I can’t believe them.

That means they’ll finish it that day.

We can’t hang curtains.

Hold on. I’ll give you guys comfortable clothes.

– Young Hee, I think we got scammed. – Gosh.

I got goosebumps.

They were like a scam duo.

I was scammed by Hyun Moo and Hye Jin when we went to Gyeongju.

– That’s right. I got scammed. – Which direction the window faces?

(- East. – I think it’s east.)

(It’s south.)

(Na Rae said the answer first.)

(But Hyun Moo took side with Hye Jin.)

I got scammed with my eyes open.

(I can’t believe the two of them.)

I didn’t know I’d get scammed again. It’s scary.

(While Na Rae and Young Hee are changing clothes…)

He’s tall enough to touch the ceiling.

It’s hard to believe.

(Jason prepares to paint the wall.)

Excuse me.

Honey, can you bring me wet tissue?

– “Honey”. – My goodness.


I’m coming.

Here you go.

– All three of us are short. – They’re like the Minions.


I think we should take the windows out to get the mattress in.

Na Rae, you’re so strong.

– She’s strong. – She has strong arms.

(Na Rae and Young Hee work hard to help the couple.)

– Leave it there. – It’s big enough for us three.

Their bed was delivered.


If they have a bed, their house is complete.

I’ll go out to buy something to eat.

– It’ll come through here. – Hyun Hee went out to buy food…

– just to avoid working. – Right.

And they made only me and Young Hee work.

They really are a scam duo.

Now, we can wash our hands and start painting the wall.

– This is my favorite color. – It’s so pretty.

Evenly distribute the paint like this.

After that…

You should start painting like this. Watch me.

That’s right. In a “W” shape.

And then spread the paint slowly like this.

– Good. He’s good. – Oh, my.

He’s skillful.

Roll it lightly. Tilt it 45 degrees, so you don’t get paint on your hand.

– I think he can paint by himself. – No.

I’ll tell you how to do it and take a nap because I’m tired…

from shopping all of the things.

They have a lot in common. They’re both sly.

– A sly couple. – That’s right.

You can apply the paint like this.

– Jason, I think I get it now. – Okay.

– Like this. – Okay. You push it hard.


Jason, I’m good at this. I’ve done it many times before.

You did?

We need some more lubricant.

Jason, when did you know that she’s the one for you?

You must’ve realized you had feelings for her at some point.

I’m so curious about it.

Did you hear about our trip to Spain?

I can’t wake up in the morning without coffee…

because I’m addicted to caffeine.

Hyun Hee went out to buy coffee for me every morning.

– It was an unexpected side of her. – My goodness.

– He’s so spoiled. – He’s so spoiled.

And the way she drove a car made my heart flutter.

What is going on?

– She’s like a chauffeur. – When I saw her driving…

(Hyun Hee comes back with some snacks.)

Oh, my. You’ve done so much already.

Do you like the color of the wall?

– I thought it was someone else’s… – She likes it very much.

Since Hyun Hee lived there with her grandmother,

– Then it felt so different. – it felt completely different.

Hyun Hee, until when will you keep talking and not work?

I’ll start working now.

But we’re done already.

– Let me try it. – Don’t do it.

He said you shouldn’t do it.

– She’s clumsy. She’ll ruin it. – Na Rae, this is love.

Na Rae, this is true love.

– He won’t let her touch the paint. – He says she’s clumsy…

just to keep her from working.

– It’s not like that. – I really am clumsy.

I think we’re done.

He took her out of work saying she’s clumsy.

That’s right. And he made us work while complimenting us.

– Jason is so smart. – Exactly.

We painted the whole wall by ourselves.

– It’s so pretty. – It’s pretty.

– This is a popular painting. – He’s dexterous.

– I’m craving gopchang. – Good job.

You did a really good job.

There’s no table.

I’m sorry. We don’t have a table.

They don’t even have a tray.

They don’t have anything…

– in their house. – Let’s eat first.

– Come and eat some. – Okay.

Enjoy the food.

(After the hard work,)

(they enjoy delicious food.)

I have so much fun when I’m with her. I told them.

It’s so much fun to eat shaved ice dessert…

with her at a cafe at late night.

I mean, we’re like best friends.

– I envy you guys. – That’s the best part.

I envied Lee Hyo Lee and Lee Sang Soon.

They said they have the most fun when they’re alone together.

Hyun Hee looks like Sang Soon, right?

Jason is Hyo Lee,

and Hyun Hee is Sang Soon.

You like Hyo Lee. You’re marrying Hyo Lee.

Hyun Hee was a big fan of Hyo Lee’s.

Until I met Jason,

I spent more time and money than the guys I met.

– For the guys you met? – Yes. But after I met Jason…

You’ve heard what they say…

It may sound cliche,

but when a man loves a woman,

he spends a lot of time and money.

I realized that it’s true when I met Jason.

– Did Jason spend a lot of money? – Well…

– It’s not like that. – He pays everything.

After it was reported that we were dating,

she read all the online comments even though I told her not to.

People said things like,

“Could Hyun Hee have paid off Jason’s debt?”

I read that comment too.

“I’m sure…”

– “Hyun Hee’s parents are rich.” – Someone said,

– “Jason must be found fault with.” – That one.

– I read that comment too. – Right.

Couples get married only when both the man and woman want it.

I’m saying I’m not found fault with.

Comments like that must’ve hurt her feelings.

Of course.

Oh, right. I’ll tell you a story.

When he proposed to me,

we were drinking coffee at a cafe.

He showed me the balance of his bank account.


He said, “I have saved this much money,”

“so if you won’t stop loving me, let’s live together.”

Jason is reliable.

I felt safe… How should I put it?

I know that we should help each other out,

but what he said made me think that I could…

trust him and plan the future with him.

– Actually, I… – He showed her his bank book.

thought of…

giving her a ring when I propose to her.

– But I didn’t… – It’s nothing special.

want it to be like that. So I simply asked,

“Are you sure you won’t stop loving me?”

That’s what I said.

(He puts his hand down.)

(He puts his hand on her knee naturally.)

– “Whatever the feelings…” – I envied her the most then.

“you have for me now, if you’re sure they will never change,”

“let’s get married.” That’s what I said.

I should be the one who shows the bank account balance.

Is there a proposal scenario you dream of?

You know that I like cook for other people, right?

I want him to cook for me.

Is that all?

So he cooks and sets the table. And then…

When I have a bite of soup,

– I find… – A huge diamond ring.

a 10-carat diamond ring.

They don’t do that these days even in dramas.

You’ll break your tooth.

And then an airplane flies by my house…

with a banner.

– “Na Rae, I love you. Marry me.” – It’s a beautiful girl

– A mariachi band plays music. – It’s like a trendy drama.

(Her dream proposal doesn’t seem to end.)

A bomb blows up in the water at Han River,

and a firework begins.

– Is that what you want? – I don’t want anything.

Everything she said was a joke…

except for the first thing she said.

It’s not so good to hold a big marriage proposal…

because you might get divorced.

Why would you say such a thing?

I was happy imagining fireworks and everything.

– I’m just… – I’ll teach you a lesson.

– I’m just being realistic. – Kian84…

is best at killing the mood in Korea.

He’s so good at that.

Now, let’s get back to work.

We should eat since we ate.

Hyun Hee, come here.

Come on. Move.

– She’s taming them. – All right.

Hyun Hee, we’ve been working the whole time.

We’ve been working the whole time.

(They carry a packaged bed headboard.)

– Why is it so heavy? – It’s really heavy.

– She’s cute. – This is the headboard.

– Oh, no. – It was so heavy.

She looks like she’s hanging on the box.

Let’s open it here.

– We can assemble in the room. – Okay.

(They open the box carefully.)

– Be careful. – Oh, my.

It looks nice.

(The form board cover half of the living room.)


Why did you buy such a big bed?

– It’s for only two people. – Exactly.

– Flip it over. – The bed takes up the entire room.

We just have to assemble the bed.

Honey, be careful not to hurt your hands, okay?

Be careful. Don’t do anything. Just stay here.

– See? Gosh. – Jason seems…

– very attentive. – He acts indifferent though.

That sly scam duo. Gosh.

– I’ll knock them down. – She’s scary.

(I’ll do all the dangerous things.)

(As an expert, he searches for tools first.)

– He looked so cool. – He uses a drill so many times.

Men look great when they work. Jason looks best with a drill.

(He lifts up a large bed headboard so easily.)

He’s strong.

(He puts it where he pictured.)

He’s good at doing everything.

(Now, shall we begin?)

He assembled the bed effortlessly.

(Set the target to aim perfectly.)

(The drill is ready.)


He’s so skillful.

He didn’t make any mistake. He did it so effortlessly.

(No mistake is acceptable.)

(He shows off his perfect skills.)

– Jason is good. – Yes. He’s good indeed.

(That’s my man.)

You know that a man looks cool when he’s focusing on his work.

Look how Hyun Hee is smiling like a winner.

(Look at me all you want.)

All I can see are her nostrils.

She’s not easy to deal with.

– Jason, tell them something. – No.

Hyun Hee, light the charcoal,

so we can cook some meat.

– She runs a resort. – Exactly.

(It turns out they’re preparing the grand opening with two workers?)

Please hold this for me, you two.

Put it in here.

I’ll hold it for you.

– Honey. Be careful. – It’s done.

Gosh. Seriously.

Do you have medicine for stomachache? My stomach hurts.

My stomach hurt so much.

– We need good medicine. – Yes.

– Na Rae, can you screw this? – Yes?

– You know how to do it, right? – Yes. Okay.

I know how to use an electric drill.

– I’ll hold it, and you screw it. – Okay.

Good. It’s done.

– That’s good. – Okay.

– Na Rae is amazing. – I know how to do it.

(Na Rae screw a screw, and Young Hee set another screw.)

(They’re a perfect duo.)

– Good. – Okay.

(Look at them.)

I hope to continue to see you two happy together for a long time.

– What? – Grow some lettuce.

(What is she talking about?)

I’m so happy. It’s good to see the two of you like this.

My goodness.

(Thanks to the workers who have great teamwork,)

(they’re almost finished assembling the bed frame.)

– Be careful, Na Rae. – Okay.

– It’s done. – We’re done.

I forgot. Please put this on them.

– Like this. – I’ll do it.

(Na Rae and Young Hee work hard without a break.)

I’m so grateful. You too, right?

It would’ve taken too long if it hadn’t been for them.

We’re good workers.

– Look. – They become quieter and quieter.

We don’t say anything.

The two of you look like professional workers.

We’re like the staff from the furniture store.

You’ll get a job offer from a furniture store soon.


It seems…

especially comedians tend to be really good at things like this.

– She’s a comedian too. – We know how to survive.

They’re so good with their hands.

(Hyun Hee and Jason are working together.)

Be careful. Watch your hands.

His wife is the only one who’s wearing gloves.

His wife is the only one who’s wearing gloves.

We’ve been working without gloves.

– I used a drill with bare hands. – You did all the work.

That’s how it is.

He wouldn’t care about us.

– You should take care of yourself. – All right.

Help Jason with that.

– 1, 2, 3. – Ouch.

(They put the mattress on the frame.)

– We should hang the light now. – There’s no light here.

– They needed a ceiling light. – Okay.

– I’ll turn off the light. – Okay.

(Turn off the light first for your safety!)

(Na Rae turns on a flash light right away.)

– Na Rae is working so hard. – Exactly.

I mean, it’s their house.

She’s so short too.

Jason is one year younger than me, right?

– I was born in 1986. – He’s younger than you?

– He’s 4 years younger than me. – I’m 4 years younger than her.

– The perfect age gap for a couple. – Right.

In fact, both of my parents…

– adore Hyun Hee. – I envied them for that too.

They like her so much. They said she’s so cute.

– That’s great. – And I…

was happy that she got along well with my family.

It was nice.

(Jason is happy that his parents adore Hyun Hee.)

How could it happen only in four months?

Jason is so smart.

Before he introduced her to his parents,

he showed them pictures of her dressing up as barbarian.

He lowered their expectations.

So when they met Hyun Hee in person,

– they found her so pretty. – She must’ve looked pretty.

You know that we look gorgeous without makeup for a comedy show.

– “Gorgeous”? – When men see me…

with everyday makeup, they react like this. “Gosh. She’s beautiful.”

– “Gosh.” – “Gosh.” Like this.

I think you just made that up.


– She’s so scary. – She’s taking her anger out on us.

– Why are you… – I’m sorry. I got worked up.

Let’s do it first. I’ll turn the light on.

1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3.

– It’s pretty, right? – That’s interesting.

It’s pretty.

The light is important.

It’s interesting.

– The house looks totally different. – I know.

It’s really pretty.

– It makes the room look different. – Exactly.

If you compare to the beginning, the house looks totally different.

– If you put on… – The mattress cover.

the mattress cover,

– I’ll hang the curtain. – He makes you work a lot.

– Then we’ll be done. – Okay.

– This is for the cushion. – Okay.

(The workers make bed right away.)


That’s good.

How much do you get paid per day? I want to hire you.

– Jason, the navy one is the front? – Yes.

(She puts the cushion in the cover smoothly.)

(She shakes a few times, and it’s done.)

– Watch it. – She’s so good like a professional.


– There aren’t many. – It’s as if we came to a hotel…

– They’re hotel housekeepers. – too early.

I’m sorry.

– We’re too early, right? – We checked in too early.


– You can’t come in yet. – I can’t?

You can’t get into the room yet.

– Have you not finished cleaning? – No. Please leave.

You can check into the room after 3pm.

– Please leave. – Okay. I’m sorry.

(She sends the customer out.)

– It’s done. – Ms. Kim. Come over here.

– We should put the cover on it. – Okay.

– “Ms. Kim”? – It’s a role play.

You have to match the corners.

She’s good.

– It’s necessary. There are lines. – It fits perfectly.

She’s so good with her hands.

The blanket is supposed to be spread horizontally.

Right. Just like this.

You need to decorate it.

(They spread the blanket horizontally.)

– It’s done, right? – Yes.

(Making the corners neat)

– It’s done. – She’ll put towels on the bed too.

Making swans with towels.

– Make them face each other. – You did a great job.

It looks neat, right? Look.

She’s a good worker.

(It makes the room look like a luxurious hotel room.)

Who made bed so neatly?

(They start putting hooks on the curtains.)

– At the end? – Yes.

(Jason teaches Hyun Hee how to do it.)

– Like this? – Upwards.

– Put it upwards. – Like this?

– Let me see. – It’s done.

They’re wasting so much time.

She’s working so slowly.

I’ve already come this far.

That lady is still doing that.

Gosh. Who hired that lady?

Young Hee looks like a professional worker.

– Right. – She doesn’t look like a celebrity.

– Her facial expressions. – Her facial expressions…

They called us over to make us work.

Each of us deserves 60 dollars for the work.

– You deserve more. – Right.

– I’ll sit down for a while. – I’m tired.

(She appeases her hunger with cold bread.)

It’s so messy here too.

We did too much work here.


It reminds me of the movie, “Mapado”.

She looks like the lady in “Mapado”…

played by Kim Eul Dong.

(They look alike.)

(They’re taking a break.)

Next up is the final item.

– He wouldn’t let us rest. – You’ll all be surprised.

I’ll drag it on this.

– What is it? – You’ll be surprised.

– What’s in there? – Could a man come in?


(Gosh. Please don’t say that.)


What is it?

– He’s bringing something else. – There’s more to do?

– What is it? – Won’t they go home?

– What’s that? – What is it?

I was so surprised. It was beautiful.

What is it?

It’s an actual log.

– Where did he get it? – Did you pay for this?

Where should we put it?

It’s a table.

– I see. – A log table?

– It’s a bedside table. – It’s so pretty.

It looks romantic.

So it’s not made of light material.

– It’s an actual wooden log. – It’s an actual…


My goodness. I never imagined to have a log in my room.

– Look. – It’s so pretty.

I was so surprised.

– It looks nice. – It looks like a cabin.

– It’s so pretty, right? – It’s pretty.

He spread a fur blanket too.

(They spread a fur blanket on the bed.)

Hold that side.

My goodness.

– It’s pretty. – Pull it.

– Pull it. Good. – You see…

(Na Rae feels envious.)

– It’s done here. – It’s not so practical though.

It gathers dust.

They’ll have a lot of dust mites.

It’s all done. This is the bedroom we wanted.

– It’s so beautiful. – It’s nice.

He did great as an interior designer.

(The couple’s new house will be revealed shortly.)

Their new house will be revealed.

Their bedroom looked like this.

(It looks cozy and warms your heart.)

Isn’t it pretty?

It’s the same room where we sit on a picnic mat.

It looks so nice.

– If you think about… – This is crazy.

(The room turned into a cozy resting area.)

(In the empty ceiling…)

He bought that light at Euljiro.

It’s so beautiful.

(The workers worked hard to assemble this gigantic bed.)

It took us only half a day to decorate this room.

– Exactly. – It’s perfect, right?

So we took a picture. It looks beautiful. Look.

(The house owners take a picture first.)

Here we go.

1, 2, 3.

– I envied them. Look at them. – It looks great.

Why don’t you guys lie down on the bed?

– No. That’s okay. – Just lie down.

Let’s lie down. What’s wrong? We pitched in to assemble it.

– The landlord will throw a fit. – Can you take it at this angle?

– Lie down. – I’ll use my phone.

Just lay on the bed.

– You worked hard, you deserve it. – Can you take the photos?

If you insist.

I didn’t think we’d be laying down on the bed like this.

We took some photos, too, like two workers.


(Worker Park and Kim, labor forever)

Look at those calf muscles.

– Why are my muscles so big? – You’re like a muscle maniac.

Aren’t you hungry?

– What are you buying for us? – I’m very hungry.

I will buy you meat.

Really? I’m just going to make a call, I’ll be right back.

– Eat when you come back, okay? – Got it.

(Young Hee follows Na Rae.)

I’ll give it to you one at a time.

Look at these two, glued together.

Be careful of your hands.

Those are sharp, be careful.

They’re all lovey-dovey.

(They can’t hide their lovey-dovey, newlywed feels.)

What is that?

You two have such good hearts.

It’s nothing.

(Na Rae and Young Hee creeps back into the house quietly.)

Is this a part of the package?

– It’s an added option. – This is a part of the package…

with the assembling of bed frames and everything.

How much is all of this, with the surprise included?

We calculate based on the surface area of the home.

But there is an extra charge for the surprise event.

With all of that added up, it’s 100 dollars for the 2 of us.

That’s a good deal.

We take calls anytime.

I will call you.

1, 2, 3.

(The Na Rae Interior Team quietly approaches the couple.)

Happy marriage to you, happy marriage to you

(What is this?)

(Happy marriage to you)

(The candle falls.)

What happened?

Hold this!

The lady candle fell.

The lady candle collapsed.

Let’s just think that it was bowing.

– It collapsed. – Wait a minute.

Is this a surprise joke or what?

I’m sorry, but is this actually a surprise joke?

– No, not at all. – There was no tears.

Why did my candle just fall like that?

Did you do this on purpose?

– No, it wasn’t on purpose. – It was just adjusting its height.

– You’re so mean. – No, this is totally unintended.

No, no.

It was to say that we hope that he loves you even when you’re old.


– Anyways, congratulations! – Thank you both so much.

Thank you.

You helped us out with the work and even surprised us.

We have to read what the banner says.

– Congratulations! – Our light, Hong Hyeon Hui.

It’s our hopes.

Since we gave a gift to Hyun Hee,

here is your gift, Jason.

This is one of my favorite things that I really cherish.

(What is Na Rae’s gift?)

What is it?

– A dice? – It’s one of those dices…

You have to do whatever the dice tells you to do.

Let me see.

She’s happy.

Don’t throw the cake.

Oh my gosh!

(That’s inappropriate.)

(This isn’t appropriate for teenage viewers.)

What did it say?

– There must be nothing appropriate. – Yes.


(Honey, honey)

the dice has been thrown.

(This isn’t appropriate for teenage viewers.)

My gosh.

(This isn’t appropriate for teenage viewers.)

What does the dice say?


Where are you shooting?

This isn’t a pool party.

My apologies.

I feel like we should get out of there.

– The presents are amazing. – I agree.

– There’s also a handwritten card. – Read it.

I found it.

This is such a good company.

– This is… – It’s my first letter from Na Rae.

It was my first time writing to you.

(Let’s read it together.)

My cool, energetic and charming friend,

(A letter with Na Rae’s heartfelt messages)

thank you for being so cheerful all the time.

I love that you laugh with us.

This made me tear up.

Happy marriage to you

– Don’t cry. – Why are you crying?

This part made me cry,

where it says…

Can you read this part for me?

This part made me cry.

Even though she may say that she’s fine with everything,

please pay attention to her and see how she really feels.

Please love her more than anything.

It made me tear up because there are so many times…

when we have to say we’re okay, even when we’re not.

How did you know?

Of course I know everything.

Do you know how…

people cry when…

their closest friends get married?

(Breaking into tears)

– I tried to hold it back. – Don’t cry!

Stop crying.

This is a crying party.

You have really great friends.

I envy that you have friends who cry for you.

This feels weird. It feels like I’m growing up.

I feel so warm on the inside.

I just wanted to congratulate her before her wedding day.

I wanted to do something for her when she said she’s getting married.

Helping her decorate their room…

with the hopes that only the best things await for them,

it was so great to all be together.

I hope that…

she will live happily ever after.

I received such heartfelt support from Na Rae.

It made me realize what I mean to her in her life.

Knowing that I have them watching out for me,

I feel so happy…

and I think remembering them will always make me happy,

because I know that I have supporters watching out for me.

I can get married happily.

This is how I felt when they surprised us.

Let’s do a group hug.


(Na Rae and friends hug each other tightly.)

This is so heartwarming.

Let’s buy some beef.

I’ll buy you everything.

Let’s go out.

She wants to go out.

She’s hungry.

They must’ve bought you some really good food.

You two worked really hard.

(If you want to love, love like them.)

(Jo Bin from NORAZO is joining The Rainbow Live!)

(Korea’s Lady Gaga struts down the highway rest area!)

(They’re all scared of him.)

(I’m not a scary person.)

(He actually has an elegant and calm lifestyle.)

(From walking his dog to having outdoor brunches)

(Diving into Jo Bin’s elegant charms)

(Henry is visiting his home in Toronto, Canada.)

(He’s finally meeting his father.)

(His father can’t stop showing Henry off to everyone.)

(Thanks to his father, he’s taking photos everywhere.)

(Henry and his father’s first date in their lives)

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