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Korea I Live Alone Episode 263 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: I.Live.Alone.E264.181012-NEXT-VIU

(The season your heart gains weight)

Good to see you.

(Rainbow Club starts cheerfully.)

This year was pretty much her year.

She becomes the news topic all the time.

– Na Rae? – I thought you’d say it yourself.

– You dressed up like police. – Police?

– Sexy police. – You look great.

– I’m a chimney cleaner. – Are you?

– Super Mario. – Why do you look so great today?

Did you say Super Mario?

– You look like Madonna. – Madonna?

– Yes. – Madonna.

Women have a different point of view.

You look like a mushroom from Super Mario.

– What mushroom? – Be quiet, rice cake.

– Be quiet, rice cake. – Okay.

I will share it with you on New Years.

Guess what Na Rae’s…

brand reputation for…

– October, 2018 was? – Perhaps the 1st place?

She won the first place.

(“Park Na Rae Places 1st Beating Kim Jong Min, Yu Jae Seok”)

That’s amazing.


The future Grand Prize winner.

No way.

Na Rae is the best.

We’re living in the Park Na Rae age.

Kian84, what are you doing?


– You look so happy. – That’s too obvious.

– Is it too obvious? – What are you doing?

I wanted to do it secretly.

– I mean… – How do you feel?

I’m so thrilled.

It’s all thanks to Hwasa’s makeup…

– and Si Eon’s… – Bardem.

mention of Bardem.

(The credit goes to everyone.)

Now that you’ve topped the chart,

you’ll be nervous next month.

– You’re right. – Right?

You’re afraid of going down, right?

From next week, I’ll dress like Bardem.

Can I borrow a gas gun?

My eyes are usually on Hyun Moo,

but now they’re on Na Rae.

Stop it.

I think the light has moved towards Na Rae too.

(They’re teasing Hyun Moo.)

You’re just saying that.

You look so happy. You want them to continue, right?

(Please continue.)

(One autumn day perfect for a picnic)



Why are you yawning from the beginning?

Let me see.

Are they ready?

(He calls someone.)

Hi, Hyun Moo.

Hi. Are you ready?

– Yes. – Who is it?

I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.

Okay. I’ll come down around then.

How is Roy today?

He’s excited.

He loves you.

(Where are you going?)

I have to pick up my nephew, Roy.

I’m on my way to my cousin’s.

He’s in 3rd grade now. He’s 10 years old.

He’s very cute.

He has to go on a field trip.

Some kids visit government offices.

They have to visit different places.

My cousin asked me…

if I could show my nephew around the broadcasting station.

I said yes because I thought it’d be a great experience for him.

Was it too much to ask?

– Not at all. – I’m worried.

That’s not what I’m worried about.

I’ve met Roy only on holidays.

I know. I’m worried.

Should I tag along?

What does he like?

He likes…

– tangsuyuk. – Tangsuyuk?

– I’m not talking about food. – And…

I’m just trying to figure out what I should talk about.

Oh, that’s what you mean?

He likes soccer.

– He likes soccer? – Yes.

He’s a huge fan of Son Heung Min.

Son Heung Min?

Does he like any TV celebrities?

He likes iKON.

They’re the most popular among elementary school students.

Is it because of that song?

– Yes. “Love Scenario”. – “Love Scenario”.

It’s that song. They sing it more often than their school songs.

(It’ll be an unforgettable song for every kid.)

Look at that. It’s like that everywhere.

(Once someone starts, everyone sings along.)

They change the lyrics.

Something like this.

(I’m late for school My teacher scolds me)

They do that.

– They change the lyrics like that. – Right.

(I didn’t do my homework I got beaten up)

– They change the lyrics. – They keep singing it.

They sang it so much that it became a banned song.

It’s banned?

– They sang it too much. – They sang it too much.

The melody must appeal to kids.

– It’s almost a traditional song. – Right.

How many kids are coming?

Roy and one other kid.

It’s a girl.

She’s not just a friend. It’s something more.

– There’s something going on? – There is?

– There is. – There must be.

Elementary school students date too these days.

They start early these days.


I’ll find out what’s going on between them.

They say it’s somewhere between friendship and love.

That means…

it’s closer to love.

You think so?

– They don’t stay there long. – I see.

I’m almost there.

I’ll call you when I arrive.

Okay. See you soon.

So Roy is feeling well?

He is.

That’s good. Okay.

That might not be a good thing.

– You’re right. – Right.

– Kids should be a little tired. – Right.

The weather is so nice.

(Hyun Moo arrives at the destination.)

(He gets out of the car.)


He looks awkward.

He’s so awkward.

– Roy. – Hi.

You’ve grown a lot.


You’ve grown a lot.

– Right? – Roy is handsome.

This is Yeon Ji.

– Is she your girlfriend? – Yes.

– This is Li A. – She’s Roy’s little sister.

– She’s so cute. – Roy’s little sister.

I’m causing you so much trouble.

Not at all.

– It’s a ball. – Bow to him.

It’s a ball? Hello.

She’s bowing.


She’s bowing.

She bowed to my car.

Let’s go.

Thank you so much.

Is Li A coming too?

No. She’ll stay with me.

– How old is she? – She’s three.

– Do you want to do it again? – She’s three?

Do you want to give him a kiss?

– Hi. – Do you want to?

– Do you remember me? – She’s bowing.

I held you once.

– On New Year’s, right? – Yes.

– That’s right. – She’s grown so much.

– I have a gift for you. – What is it?

It’s coffee.

– It’s not soy sauce? – No.

It’s so much.

One more thing.

The kids will give you a hard time.

– They look quiet. – When you get tired,

eat this chocolate.

Are they going to give me a hard time?

– Do I really need it? – Yes.

I didn’t understand why she said that.

Kids exhaust you.

I was an art teacher for little kids for a while.

I even drove a shuttle bus.


“Go upstairs!” I teach.

“Get in!” I put them in the car.

I drive and drop them off.

Your energy just runs out.


In Roy’s backpack…

are questions for the Rainbow Club members.


What time should I pick them up?

Around 5:30pm.

– 5:30pm? – Come around then.

– I’ll come downstairs. – Should we get in?

Yes. Let’s get in.


It must be their first time in a celebrity’s car.

– Put on your seat belt. – Put on your seat belt.

– Anything to remember? – Well…

It’ll be very hard for you.

I don’t think so. They’re very quiet.

They haven’t revealed their true colors yet.

– See you later. – Okay.

– See you. – See you.

– Be careful. – Come around 5:30pm.

I hope you survive.

– Is she sending him to war? – Seriously?

Will it be really that bad?

– See you. – Bye.

Two kids might be okay.

I thought so too.

They were quiet in the beginning.

(So far so good.)

How long have you been together?

– Since 2nd grade. – 2nd grade?

– 2nd grade? – It’s been a year.

You’ve been together for a year?

Right? Who asked who out?

We asked each other out.

At the same time?

At the same time?

What did you like about Yeon Ji?

I liked her face.

That’s the best answer.

He asked you out because you’re pretty.

Because you’re so pretty.

(Let me brighten up the mood a bit.)

(We were in love)

That’s a good idea.

We could spend about 20 minutes singing that song.

They look excited.

(They all start to sing along.)

1, 2, 3.

We were in love

(We were in love, we met)

(We met Uncle Hyun Moo)

That’s how they sing it.

It’s just two lines.

(A 3rd-grader teaches Hyun Moo how to sing the famous song.)

About 10 minutes passed while we sang that song.

– It was a good idea. – They didn’t ask me any questions.

Who is your favorite iKON member?

Do you know who they are?

– What? – Do you want to talk to them?

– On the phone? – Yes.

Let’s ask them to sing the song on the phone.

– Sounds good! Let’s call them. – Should we call them?

You called iKON?

– Of course. – Hold on.

– You know iKON? – You’ll see.

Which member though?

Who do you know?


– B.I? – Really?

– He made that song. – That’s right.


(Is he really calling B.I?)


It’s me.

– Look at Roy’s eyes. – What are you doing?

He’s busy, but he can rap for you guys.

Listen carefully.

You can start, B.I.


(I’m not really okay)

(We’re going through…)

(Each other…)

What song is that?

I’m sorry. I don’t know the lyrics.


I must have surprised you.

What’s going on?

Is he fake?

Hold on. Is it really B.I?

Isn’t it Kian84?

– Is it Kian84? – Isn’t it?

He suddenly called me…

– and asked me to sing. – Or is it BewhY?

I know someone at YG Entertainment.

You have a music show soon, right?

They loved your rap.

Please explain later.

Hold on.

Isn’t it Yoo Byung Jae?

He’s the only one I know at YG Entertainment.

– What? – What?

(What is this?)

– Isn’t he good? – He is.

He’s so cool, right?

It was weird.

– He’s so cute. – Very weird.

– Very weird. – “Very weird”.

– I don’t think it was him. – I don’t think it was him.

They know.

– I don’t think it was him. – I don’t think it was him.

(He spits out the water.)

– Exactly. – They’re smart.

Kids these days are so smart. They know they shouldn’t say it.

Uncle Hyun Moo.

Are you on I Live Alone?

I am. It’s been a while.

What’s that smell?

What smell?

(What smell is he talking about?)

– Do I smell? – Uncle Hyun Moo.

– Uncle Hyun Moo… – It’s not from me.

Take me to I Live Alone.

You want me to take you?

Who’s driving this?

He doesn’t listen. He only questions.

My manager is driving.

Where are we going first?

We are…


Where are we going now?

How do I get to…

– I Live Alone? – He asked 150 of those questions.

(Something’s wrong.)

(What’s he going to do?)

You don’t look good.

– Where do we rest? – Aunt?

Where do we rest?

Rest? Do you want to rest?

No, the rest area.

– Rest? – Yes.

– We’re resting now. – Oh, dear.

– The rest area. – Rest more.

Lean back.

Grab gum in here.


(It seemed the gum made him quiet.)


Would you like a gum, Uncle Hyun Moo?


Why not?

What’s this?

Can I spit the gum here?

It’s a knock down.

Don’t you go crazy?

I haven’t talked to kids in a long time.


(He has given up.)

I see what your mom was saying.

(He didn’t take her advice seriously.)

(I hope you’re back alive.)

I need some chocolate.

It hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet. You’re eating chocolate already?

I see why your mom said that.

– Here. – Chocolate.

I thought food would keep them quiet.

– No, that would make them worse. – Chocolate.

Of course, their sugar level rises up.


20 minutes felt like 2 hours.

It was extremely hard.

Why does he have deep bags under his eyes?

When I talk about A, he answers B.

If I approach him with B, he talks about C.

He suddenly goes back to A.


It was really hard both physically and mentally.

Is it far to Sangam-dong?

We’re here, kids.

Let’s go.

(They arrived at the place for the field trip.)


– They always hold hands. – See? They are dating, right?

(He proves to be the hit walking his toes out.)

(You don’t know who I am in here, do you?)

(I Live Alone)

(“Unexpected Q”)

(“Omniscient Interfering View”)

(The son of MBC is on every time you turn on the TV.)

Isn’t it your first time here?

(Spacing out)

Isn’t it interesting?

– You two… – This place?

You are holding hands tight.


Hello. Wait.

How much is it for 1 adult and 2 children?

You know MBC theme park on the first floor?

Look at this.

– I want to check it out too. – Kids.


When did they put it up?

– What? Oh, my. – Who is that?

(Hyun Moo and Hye Jin greet them.)

Oh, my.

(She screams in 3 octave.)

Why are you standing together?

(Just like the jangseung couple that protects the town…)

What about us? Where is us?

– I should take a photo of it. – I’m the son of MBC.

It’s Uncle Hyun Moo.

Let’s take the picture together. This is a baby bear.

– Father bear. – You want me to be in the photo?

You’re the father. Baby and the father.

– Father and baby. – Take a picture of me.

– Baby. – The white button.

– I will do it. – Let’s do it together.

– Wait. – You really love playing.


– Take a good picture of me. – Kids are directing your pose.

– Grab this. – She wants you to hold the hand.

Like this?

What am I doing?


(He smiles the same.)


How many is he taking?

It doesn’t have much memory left. Why would you take that many?


– Can you tell who’s who? – That’s true.

You took 80 photos.

– “80.” – Good job.

It’s hilarious.

– Why did you put two of us there? – Next to “We Got Married”.

Oh, it’s next to “We Got Married”.

– I Live Alone. – Yes.

I Live Alone.

I knew I Live Alone is part of it.

– It’s me. – It’s Na Rae.

(There it is.)

– There we are. – Na Rae. Si Eon.

(Members greet you in I Love Alone house.)

It’s I Live Alone.

I knew I Live Alone is part of it.



– Let’s switch. – Stand here.

– With Kang Nam… – Wait.

How cute.

1, 2, 3.

(Uncle Hyun Moo. My feet are sweating.)

All I Live Alone members are here.

Old members too.

It’s this person.

– That’s you. – Lee Si Eon.

– Si Eon. – Lee Si Eon.

– There he is. – That’s what it looks like.

(What would kids like?)

Oh, it’s the drama, “W”.


Yes. You can experience the city chase scene from “W”.

– Oh, you’re right. – There’s the city chase.

Or you can travel Jeju Island city.

Do you want to travel Jeju Island or…

– Nostalgic “W”. – chase in the city…

– Jeju Island. – It’s not “W”.

– Jeju Island? – No one chose “W”.

They don’t know “W”.

What is this?

There you go. You must have started.

(Roy starts moving.)

Just look straight.

(The VR machine is down to his lips.)

– Where in Jeju Island is it? – Put this on for me please.

– You want me to put it on for you? – Yes.

– Is it down? – It goes down…

– because he has a small face. – Good now?

(He rattles along with Roy.)

I want to do this.

Oh, my gosh.

(He makes a sound.)

– Uncle Hyun Moo. It’s fun. – Is it?


(He’s busy holding the machine.)


(He’s a real horse, not a VR.)

(Yeon Ji is finally moving.)

– She’s moving. – She’s riding a horse.

Where in Jeju Island are you?

She looks like she’s getting a treatment.

– Are you okay, Yeon Ji? – It’s a massage chair.

Yeon Ji?

Are you okay, Yeon Ji?



Oh, you’re horseback riding.

You can watch it.

– You’re horseback riding, Roy. – Yes.




More please.


(He doesn’t mean it.)

It’s done.

That’s what fathers are like playing with children on weekends.

– It’s the real response. – Yes.

I heard that’s why all fathers look like in kids cafe.

What about Yeon Ji?

She’s almost done.

Well done. You’re done.

– Was it fun? Was it scary? – Was it fun, Yeon Ji?

– When I was riding… – It was fun.

Were you scared?

What? I wasn’t scared.

Yeon Ji. Were you scared?

It’s not, is it?

We weren’t scared.

You follow the kids.

Is it fun?

(The couple elopes.)

Let’s do this.

(Spacing out)

It would’ve been better leaving them alone.

It looks like you should leave them alone.

Let’s go.

(I can’t do this anymore.)

(Field trip doesn’t matter now.)

Oh, my. Their time alone.

Look at Yeon Ji.

She leads him.

She’s a new woman.


(Wait. What about Uncle Hyun Moo?)

– Come here. – Do you know “Dae Jang Geum”?

– Sit down. – Come here.

No, sit here.

– Sit down. – Take a picture of me.

Like this.

Look at the camera. 1, 2.

(We don’t know “Dae Jang Geum”.)

They don’t know “Dae Jang Geum”.


It’s here.

It’s a real brush.

(He poses naturally.)

Just pretend.

I think I’m here as a photographer.

1, 2. Look at the camera. 1, 2.

(Do your best please.)

Eating food.

Hold this.

Keep eating.

They should be full eating that much.

It must be fun.

Airborne shot is the trend now.

Keep eating.

(Neither food nor face is visible.)

– Stay there. – I’m full.

Thank you.

Thank you.

– Okay. – They’re cute.

Do you want to be a member of “Infinite Challenge”?

You go first, Yeon Ji.

– Put your face in there. – We’ll do it together.

You want to do it together? Okay.

1, 2.

– They’re cute. – They’re cute.

That’s cute.

1, 2.

That looks real.


(She looks vexed.)

She looks so cute.

– Smile nicely. – I struggled so much that time.

It’s lovely.

Isn’t it like an opening scene…

– of a romance movie? – Right.

– You go to a theme park. – Right.

(While this couple is shooting a romance movie,)

(Uncle Hyun Moo became quiet.)

Aren’t you being too quiet?

Look at that.

He’s just blinking.

(The wedding shoot wasn’t easy.)

What is that?

This is where the children…

can learn to dance.

Idol dance. Idol dance.

– Let’s go inside. – No.

Come on in.

– Let’s learn to dance. – No.

You can learn BTS’ dance.

– Come here. – Let’s do something else.

Why? Why are you running away?


– Kids. – Let’s do this.

Why do you hate it so much?

– This is it. – I am doing it alone.

(He goes sulky.)

– You stay here. – You went there to have fun.

I was curious.

– I can learn BTS’ dance? – Yes.

You can learn to dance or dance to the song.

Do you want to dance to the song?

I will dance to the song.

I know how to dance.

(How his body moves the way it does is a mystery.)

– You love dancing. – I love dancing.

(He’s an ambitious dancer.)

(Why is he bowing?)

Hello, we are BTS.

They are BTS members.

Don’t you think you are too blurred out?

– Isn’t that a ghost? – Isn’t that a ghost?

You can get an autograph.

(The children are getting celebrities’ autographs.)

This one? Dalshabet?

(The ghost member of BTS starts wobbling.)

No way.

(He’s half beat late.)

– What is that? – My gosh.

(He moves like a toad.)

– He’s covering his tummy. – We have a similar body.

(He swings his arm.)

(The ghost is trying hard in the center.)

(But he keeps falling behind.)

What is he doing?

(This is how it would actually look.)

(His tummy waves.)

(He moves his lower tummy instead of his pelvis.)

(The blood pressure checking wave is the highlight move.)

[VIU Ver] E264 I Live Alone
“Hyun Moo & His Nephew’s Field Trip”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(He fails to hold his neck.)

(Next he has to kneel down and wave his torso.)

(He replaces it with Billie Jean dance.)

(He remembers it late and squats.)

(He ends the dance by pointing fingers at them.)

Dhalsim, you are amazing.

You really embraced him with love.

It was love.

High-five, Ji Min.

(He ignores Hyun Moo.)

High-five, Ji Min.

(He calmly steps back.)

(What’s up?)

Hyun Moo looks like a set.

– He’s like a ghost. – Bye.

(On October 12, 2018, the ghost member of BTS is found.)

Do I not get a score?

(After the dance, he gets into this.)

(He experiences the life of a king.)

I feel like I have conquered the world.

My goodness.

I think he would’ve been a very greedy king.

(The couple gets in the picture too.)

(Making a fuss)

There you go.

– Look. We’re in the photo. – You can put your arms down.

(They take a lot of photos.)

Look at this.

Wasn’t it fun?

It was fun.

– Thank you. – That…

– Thank you. – I love it.

Let’s go.

(They shop at the gift shop.)

(There is a variety of character goods.)

Do you see those cups?

They are placed in the very center.

– Do you see them? – Is that our towel?

I didn’t know we had towels.

– I want this. – Choose whatever you want.

Let’s buy this.

Should we buy this?

– Park In Bee? – We need a pen.

– What? – A pen.

– I have a pen. – You are so good.

Don’t you need a cup?

– Roy? – “President Jun”.

It says “President Jun”.

You don’t need it?

Because his mom doesn’t buy him much, he’s hesitant.

You can buy this too if you want.

Do you want this?

– No. – I don’t need it.

You are very frugal, aren’t you?

– We want to pay. – I would’ve bought everything.

– Is that all? – They only chose cheap ones.

You can buy more things.

– Don’t you want more things? – Do you have a lot of money?

(Do you have a lot of money?)

– “Do you have a lot of money?” – I don’t have a lot of money.

– Roy was… – But…

– I can buy you more. – He was being considerate.

– You must’ve looked poor. – I know.

(They must’ve thought Hyun Moo was poor.)

I wonder what Mom has been saying about me.

“Your uncle has no money.”

I want to buy this.

We need something like this.

– You can buy a big one. – Buy the big one.

Yes. Buy one each.

I want to buy this. I am going to give it to Li A.


– It’s for Li A. – He’s buying his sister’s gift.

Are you choosing a gift for Li A?

Let’s buy this for Li A.

Yes. Let’s buy this.

– This is for Li A. – Mom.

You are buying one for Mom.

She’s so lovely. She bought a gift for her mom.

They are spending more and more now.

– Let’s go. – They are…

(They got a gift for their family.)

They are so good.

– Does your mom like that? – I don’t need…

– a plastic bag. – Let’s go.

(His nephew teaches him about saving the earth.)

Yeon Ji, you are good. Thank you.

– What are we doing now? – You won’t even look back.

You don’t need me now that you got your things.

– What are we doing now? – He just keeps chasing them.

We have to eat now.

Let’s go.

Let’s go this way. This way.

– Hello. – Hello.

– Where is that? – Over there.

They said they like tangsuyuk,

so we went to a Chinese restaurant.

What do you want to eat?

– Jjajangmyeon? – Tangsuyuk.

– He likes sweet and sour pork. – Tangsuyuk.

Can you divide one jjajangmyeon…

– into two? – Do you want me to divide it?

One jjamppong.

You must’ve been very stressed out.

I asked them to make it extra spicy.

Uncle Hyun Moo.

Please buy Yeon Ji milk.

– Milk? – Yeon Ji…

always drinks milk.

– My goodness. – He’s so sweet.

Do you want to drink milk?

– Milk? – Eat this.

He says you want to drink milk.

I don’t want to drink milk.

I drink it at school and at home.

Did you drink a lot of milk at home and at school?

So you don’t want to drink it?

(For Yeon Ji who doesn’t want to drink milk…)

We will get one Coke.

(Hyun Moo looks very tired.)

He looks like our fathers.

We always wondered why Dad is always lying down.

– Right. – Right.

I understand him so perfectly now.

That was his only day to rest.

Whenever I see a photo of me…

on his shoulders, I feel so sorry to him.

He was…

just about Hyun Moo’s age then.

Hyun Moo is always tired.

Imagine how tired he must’ve been.

Looking after children isn’t easy.

– Tangsuyuk is here. – Tangsuyuk is here.

(Tangsuyuk comes out first.)

– Let’s eat it. – A while ago, it was…

It’s too big, isn’t it?

Do you have to cut it?

– I thought it was too big. – It’s too big.

It’s hot too.

Eat this.

(It’s cut into nice small pieces.)

You are good at using chopsticks.

Try it. It’s good.

(Roy takes a bite too.)

(Hyun Moo takes a bigger bite.)

(He goes for another one.)

You eat well. Isn’t it good?

(He gives some to the children,)

(and he eats one.)

(Only after serving the children,)

(he eats more.)

(The hard work makes it taste sweeter.)

(Jjamppong and Jjajangmyeon are served.)

– Here’s the jjamppong. – Thank you.

Look at that jjamppong.

I will mix it for you.

I will mix it for you, Yeon Ji.


Do you want me to cut the noodles?

Do you want me to cut the noodles?


– Don’t you want to go there? – Yes.

– How much? – He’s taking good care of them.

Eat it using a fork.

(Uncle Hyun Moo is getting used to taking care of children.)

(After taking care of the children,)

(he eats jjamppong.)

That looks delicious.

It’s so refreshing.


– Do you want to try this? – What’s refreshing?

– He wouldn’t understand. – He wouldn’t.

Why is it refreshing when it’s hot?

– How should I explain? – This is really difficult.

Whenever fathers go inside a hot tub or sauna,

they say it’s refreshing.

(Let’s see.)

I made a mistake.

That’s the worst.

It’s hot.

It’s hot.

You have to explain it from their perspective.

Try it.

– What did you do? – What are we going to do?

– What are we doing to do? – Why are you so tall?

– Why is that pink? – Why…

– Hye Jin. – What are we eating?

– Did you kiss Hyun Moo? – Show us your Dhalsim character.

(Did you kiss Hyun Moo?)

(She stares at Si Eon.)

Kids would say that.

What kind of a kid would say that?

– Kids say that. – Kids say that.

– Kids say it. – Kids say it.

Kids ask a lot of unexpected questions.

Which one? This? The water?

Try the jjajangmyeon.


(He gets more and more tired.)

Eat everything.

(He’s covered in sweat.)

– Well done. – I feel bad for him now.

They say this.

They say once you start feeling bad for Go Gil Dong,

it means you are an adult.

– Right. – Right.

I hate Dooly.

I feel sad when I see Goh Gil Dong.

Honestly, Dooly came to Earth in an ice glacier…

and happened to stumble upon Gil Dong’s home.

– That’s right. – From Gil Dong’s perspective,

Dooly is a dinosaur living off of him.

Dooly even brought friends.

– Michol. – And Ddochi.

He brought all them.

An alien, an ostrich…

The saddest part was…

when Gil Dong was tired and told them to play quietly.

He was lying down with his back turned to them.


– The vacuum cleaner? – was vacuuming the floor…

and shaved off his hair.

(He got his whole body waxed unexpectedly.)

When we were young, we thought of Gil Dong as…

– We hated him. – someone like Gargamel.

That’s right. He was a mean old man.

We hated him for being mean to Dooly.

Now I understand him.

Who knew we’d understand him after seeing this video?

(The noodles are soggy.)

Goh Gil Dong.

Jun Gil Dong.

(I need to feed these kids.)

It’s Dooly and DDochi.

– Dooly and DDochi. – Dooly and DDochi.

She looks like Ddochi.

Uncle Hyun Moo,

don’t be on TV.

Don’t be on TV.

I wish…

you weren’t on I Live Alone.

– What? – What?

I was hurt.

– Why? – Because you aren’t funny?


I want you to go to sleep early.

Because he doesn’t get to sleep.

Because I look tired.

Sleep early.

– Do I look tired? – Yes.

I think you’ll be tired.

– Because you might be tired. – I think you’ll be tired.

Because I might be tired?

That’s why you don’t want me to be on the show?

I thought you were telling me to quit my job.

– I don’t believe it. – Don’t be on the show.

Because I’m tired?

– Yes. – Yes.

They’re so sweet.

I was have looked exhausted.

They must have watched the one when we went to Gyeongju.

(A heat wave hit the summer of Gyeongju.)

(Roy felt bad for the sweating Uncle Hyun Moo.)

You must be right.

– They must’ve watched that. – They must’ve watched that.

Uncle Hyun Moo.

I want to do what you do.


I Live Alone.

– You need to live alone. – That’s right.

My grandma lives alone.

My grandma lives alone.

Bring her when she has time.

Tell her she’s going to a shoot next week.

His grandma lives alone too.

Then bring her the next week.

(Grandma special)

– Are they coming to the show? – Of course.

I Live Alone, Grandma Special.

(I Live Alone, Grandma Special)

Why do you have to live alone?

That’s a philosophical question.

She’s very philosophical.

I don’t live alone because I want to.

You’re ending the day with a philosophical question.

Here. Cheers.

Cheers, you did well today.

(They finish their meal happily.)

We’re here. Let’s go.

(The three return to the broadcasting station.)


Hi, Uncle.

I’ll carry that for you. Give it to me.

– No. – Isn’t it heavy?

– No, it isn’t. – Don’t take it.

It’s okay.

(The two are still excited.)

They look very excited.

(Hyun Moo looks tired, walking behind them.)

This is funny.



– Bird poop. – Bird poop.

– Bird poop. – Poop, poop.

Poop, poop.

They must have been so happy.

(I Live Alone, Waiting room)

All right.

Take your notebooks that have the questions out.

Ask me the questions.

The members of the Rainbow club are perfect for answering questions.

We have an actor,

a webtoon artist, a model, a comedian…

(This group of people have various jobs.)

Who wants to go first?

– Me. – Go ahead.

You’re the Son Heung Min of hosts.

That was nice to hear.

The Song Heung Min of hosts.

Wait, wait a second.

– I sometimes hear that. – That’s your handwriting.

No, it isn’t. I wrote it with my left hand.

I heard you always tried hard,

since you were my age…

and that you have a notebook full of stories.

Is that true?

– Did your mom write the question? – Yes.


(Roy’s cute mistake)

Yes, no.

You’re curious, aren’t you?


I wrote in a diary every day.

My writing skills led to my speech skills.

That’s how I became the Son Heung Min of hosts.

What are you talking about?

Are you listening?

Yeon Ji.

– Go, Yeon Ji. – Whom do you think…

is the prettiest out of the people on TV?

Who wrote that question?

– My dad. – Your dad?


It’s like a question a dad would ask.

– Her dad wrote the question. – Yes.

There’s someone I didn’t think would be pretty, but is.


Han Hye Jin?

Hye Jin is pretty on TV and in person.

– Park Na Rae? – Yes.

Many people don’t think she’s pretty,

but she’s gotten much prettier.

He wanted to say Hye Jin,

but is embarrassed and talking about me.

She’s pretty. Do you have any other questions?


Who is it?

(Who came to the waiting room?)

(To be continued in Part 2)

Who is it?

(Who is it?)

Hyun Moo?

It’s the person I said is pretty.


– Beautiful. – Beautiful?


– Beautiful? – She’s pretty.

Isn’t she pretty?

Na Rae looked nice that day.

– Did she look that pretty? – Hyun Moo must have kids.

Did you two talk about this?

– What can I do? – You’re very understanding.

What’s this?

This is exciting.

– They’re my niece and nephew. – Your niece and nephew.

– I see. – Come in.

Your niece and nephew.

Should I change into flat shoes? They might be cared.

– Hi. – It’s okay.

Hi, I’ll bend over.

– Hi. – Han Hye Jin.

Hi, you’re so pretty.

– Hi. – That’s Yeon Ji.

You’re very tall.

I’m the same height as the kids.

We’ll first have the children interview you.

They have many questions.

All right, fire away.

Who wants to ask Aunt Na Rae the first question?

– Okay, Roy. – Roy.

Go, Roy.

What do you have to do to become a comedian?

He’s so cute.

You have to explain it easily so they understand.

The most important thing…

is the face…

you are born with.

Are actresses pretty or not?

They’re pretty.

Are comedians funny or not?

They’re funny.

Even their faces have to look funny.

So it was very easy for me to become a comedian.

I see.

You did a great job today.

Thank you.

That’s it.

Did that answer your question?

Yes, I have another question.

He has a list of questions.

He asks, but doesn’t listen to your answer.

What kind of food do you like?

– Let’s see. – It’s a three-syllable word.

It’s three syllables.


– Seaweed? – Seaweed?

She likes things to drink.

– What else can you think of? – It’s something you drink.

– Coke? – Water?

– Not coke. – Yes, water.

It’s water.

Do you know what this is?

– What are you doing? – They’re children.

What is this?


That’s right, it’s water.

I’ll say I like water the best.

– Okay. – Water that gets me drunk.

Do you have any more questions?

– No. – Okay.


He was brisk.

You became a comedian because you look funny.

That’s right, and I like water.

Ask Aunt Hye Jin your questions.

Can you become a model…

even if you’re short?

No, you can’t.

You were too cold.

– Aren’t there short models? – You can be a model.

(She kills their innocence.)

Wait, they’re young children.

You can’t be cold like that.

She’s saying that to you.

What are you talking about? I’m going to Milan.

I have another question.

Do you need to be skinny to be a model?

Yes, you do. You can’t be like Uncle Hyun Moo.

He can’t be a model.

He’s fat.


– He called him fat. – He said that.

We communicated well.

He suddenly understands the things you least expect him to.

He’s fat.


(Roy is a straight shooter.)

I must have had too much jjamppong.

– I love this. – I don’t believe it.

– Yes. – Who is it?


– Hi. – Come in.

Everyone is here.

I heard your son and daughter are here.

Yes, the children I’ve been hiding.

Sung Hoon.

Sung Hoon was on that episode.

Who is that?

– Who is that, Roy? – Is his name Roy?


– Jun Roy? – Yes.

– He’s Park Roy. – Is his last name Park?

Park Roy.

Is his last name Park?

– What? – That’s right.

You don’t know him, do you?

You hired him, didn’t you?

– You wanted to look nice. – He’s the son of my female cousin.

– That’s right. – A female cousin.

He’s Park Roy.

Ask, Yeon Ji.

Uncle Kian84,

could you draw us?

– She wants you to draw them. – You want me to draw you?

Should I draw them?

– Where should I draw it? – Draw me one too.

– Let’s draw it here. – Here.

Okay, I’ll draw here.

(He decides to draw it in Roy’s notebook.)

(He concentrates right away.)

(While Kian84 is drawing,)

(Hyun Moo yawns.)

I was only there for a short while, but it was exhausting.

It’s done.

Do you like it?

You look so tired.

I’ve never seen Hyun Moo like that.

His face is blank.

I’m done.

Look forward to it.

– Hurry up. – Okay.

These clients are very fussy.

– Hurry up. – Why is it taking so long?

– Here. – 1, 2, 3.

Look at their faces full of expectations.

(Hyun Moo is nervous.)

1, 2, 3.

(Here it is.)

Didn’t I do a good job?

Look at Roy.

This is Roy.

(You can see the look on Yeon Ji’s face changing.)


(This is me?)

You made them look so old.

You should’ve drawn the prettiest person you know.

I drew realistically.

What do you think about the drawing, Yeon Ji?

Tell us the truth. Are you upset?

It’s pretty.

She doesn’t think so.

– She doesn’t like it. – What about Roy?


Let’s hear Roy read his letter.

(Roy reads a letter he wrote.)

Uncle Hyun Moo,

thank you for showing us around…

the broadcasting station.

We learned a lot…

and the experience…

was a lot of fun.

He wrote this before I took him around.

It’s a letter from the future.

Also, thank you…

for sending me a video message on my birthday.

– A video message? – You send a video to your nephew?

Hi, it’s Uncle Hyun Moo.

What is this?

I don’t know.

Happy birthday.

Brag about this.

Don’t forget…

that I’ll always support you.

I love you. From Roy.

Thank you.

That’s for you.

– Tell your mom thank you. – Okay.

That’s a gift.

Really? Thank you.

Kian84 drew in it and he gave it to you.

You should take this.


You don’t…

have to give it to me.

You don’t have to give it to me.

Roy liked it,

but Yeon Ji didn’t.

I’ll keep this.

I’ll take a picture of it and send it to his mom.

Are you upset because of the drawing?

You don’t like it, do you?

(No, I don’t.)

Should I draw it over?

I’ll draw another one.

Yeon Ji.

– She doesn’t expect anything. – She looks tired.

Yeon Ji.

His mom is calling.


Hyun Moo.

– I’m in the lobby. – Are you here already?

Yes, I’m here.

Where should I wait for you? Should I stay here?

Yes, I’ll take the children there.

All right.

She’s already standing up.

– Did something happen? – No, not at all.

We need to play soccer.


– You’re busy, aren’t you? – They need to play soccer.

Do you have somewhere to go?

Are you busy or not?

Say you have to be somewhere.

– We have to go. – Okay.

Mom has to go somewhere.

Okay, I’ll be right there.

He loves playing with you.

– Bye. – Bye.

Your mom is here.

Roy, play soccer with your uncle and leave after dinner.


We already ate.

– You did? – You can eat again.

– You should sleep over. – That’s right.

– Sleep over at his house. – Sleep at my house tonight.

– Si Eon will be there too. – No.

(Si Eon will be there too.)

Let’s play soccer all night.

Let’s go.

– Bye. – Bye.

– Come again. – See you next time.

Li A is sleeping.

(It’s time to go home after learning about Hyun Moo’s job.)

Go straight.

Li A is here.

It was hard, wasn’t it?

No, it’s okay.

I just lost some weight.

You sound happier.

– You gave them gifts? – Yes.

It’s nothing.

He’s very close to Yeon Ji.

What do you think their relationship is?

They’re dating.

It’s been a while since they started dating.

– Really? – You just didn’t know.

Was I the only one that didn’t know?

– It’s been at least 8 months. – 8 months?

– Bye, Hyun Moo. – You’re busy, aren’t you?

Thank you so much.

Thanks for the letter you wrote.

– I didn’t write it. – Is that so?

Roy wrote it.

– I’ll call you later. – Bye.

Bye, Roy.

– Bye. – Bye.

(Let’s play soccer next time.)

Hurry home before it’s dark.

Before it’s dark.

– Why are you in such a hurry? – It’s dangerous if it’s dark.

(What do you think of Uncle Hyun Moo?)

I’m curious what he’ll say.

He has a big face…

and has good-looking eyes, nose…

and mouth.

– Really? – Whom is he talking about?

He’s very positive.

I love you, Uncle Hyun Moo.

– I don’t believe it. – That’s touching.

I didn’t know he said that.


He had no idea.


(It was a tiring, but worthwhile day with Roy.)

(Hyun Moo’s babysitting diary)

(I Live Alone)

(A day like a documentary)

– It’s been a while. – Yes, it has been.

– What’s that? – I was surprised.

I thought your upper body was missing.

I thought it was a frog.

– Is that your underwear? – No, my shorts.


I’m still using the comforter you gave me.

(Si Eon bought Kian84 a down comforter.)

Thank you.


Why did it turn yellow?

– Wasn’t it white? – Didn’t you put covers over it?

I wash my comforter.

I should give you covers. I have new ones.

– Come on. – I wash it too.




(The frog legs start moving.)

(Kian84 wakes up showing off his looks.)



(He groans as soon as he wakes up.)

(He looks uncomfortable.)

– What’s wrong with you? – Do you have a hangover?

I took some medicine the night before.

Do you know that?

How am I supposed to drink this?

(It’s medicine to take before a colonoscopy.)

I have a medical checkup today.

The men…

in my family…

get sick often.

– My grandpa and dad were sick. – Family history is important.

– Of course. – I like to drink…

and smoke.

So I’m getting a full medical checkup.

I’m looking forward to another legendary episode.

– No. – I was the first…

– to start it. – Yes.

– I did it both ways. – Both ways.

Baby, one more time.

– Si Eon got a colonoscopy. – He became a colonoscopy star.

(I think I need to use the bathroom.)

Kian84 says he’ll put an end to it all.

I saw a comment that said…

that I Live Alone is cheating.

– This is cheating. – That’s right.

– Listen. – Should I get ready to laugh?

No. I… I…

Oh, I see why Si Eon said that.

I took it very seriously.

It’s more like a documentary.

– You’ll show everything as it is. – Yes.

(He drinks medicine for the colonoscopy.)

(Closing his eyes)

It tastes so weird.

It tastes really bad.

That’s right.

(He barely managed to finish it.)

(He drinks water to feel better.)

(Gosh. It’s so bitter.)

I remember that.

(I drank it all,)

(so I should lie down.)

(Plopping down)

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

It makes you nauseous.

(At that moment, Wilson flops down.)

– Oh, no. – They’re just the same.

Why did Wilson fall?

Wilson looks so cute when it’s lying down like that.

– The universe helped me. – It’s funny.

(He wakes up thanks to Wilson who shares his pain.)

Oh, right. I have to fill in this form.

These days, you have to fill in the questionnaire beforehand.

That’s right.

It’s chilly.

(Shall I fill it in while covering my body with the blanket?)

I’m starting to feel it.

“Marital status”.


(Knock, knock)

It came. It comes all of a sudden.

It comes when you lie down or stand up. It’s unpredictable.

I did it the night before. I’m doing it again.

(The struggle continued from last night.)



(His legs are wobbly as a result of the long battle.)

Even I feel tired.

I started to feel exhausted.

It makes you feel so weak.

(Please help me.)

– I should buy him a heater. – It looks exhausting.


Oh, no. He’s going again?

It exhausts you.


Has it come again?

My goodness.

(Yes, it’s come again.)

(It seemed to let him go,)

(but calls him back.)

– Gosh. Seriously. – Goodness.

It feels like it stopped when I’m sitting down,

– That’s right. – but when I get up, it comes back.

It affects your bowel movements.

There’s no warning signs. “What?”

All of a sudden, you feel it. “What?”

– That’s right. – “What’s wrong with me?”

Does it come out all of a sudden?

You should run to the bathroom.

And then there’s an explosion.

It’s necessary to empty your bowel.

For the past 35 years,

that was the first time my bowel has been emptied.

– It feels nice when it’s empty. – Right.

It’s kind of detoxification.

(He’s getting rid of 35-year-old toxins in his body.)

I think your bowel must be empty now.

Oh, dear.

He’s exhausted.

He had a hard time.

Gosh. I’m hungry.

(Kian84 sets off to the hospital.)

When you think that your bowel is completely empty…

I had to go to the bathroom on my way to the hospital.

What did you do?

(What else?)

This is driving me crazy.

(You should run to any place to go to the bathroom.)

We’ll arrive shortly.

– We’re here? – Yes.

– Thank you. Goodbye. – Thank you.

Did nothing happen on your way to the hospital?

– No. I emptied it completely. – Your bowel was completely empty.

Gosh. I’m nervous.

(He enters the hospital while his body feels light.)

These days, getting a health checkup…

– is easier and more comfortable. – That’s right.

(He waits for his turn to check in.)

(I’m nervous.)

– I’d like to submit this. – Yes. One moment please.

One more person will come.


I asked someone to join me as I thought I’d be bored.

– Who’s coming? – You’ll see.

– Will he get a checkup too? – Yes.

– I heard people do it with friends. – That’s a good idea.

It’s boring when you do it alone.

(One man appears like a star in the sky.)

My goodness.

(He has a face like the statue of David.)

– I haven’t seen him for a while. – This is Kian84’s video,

but the background music plays only for Choong Jae.

Choong Jae is taking over my role.

I’ll play a supportive role.

The leading actor has been replaced.

(Kim Choong Jae)

– Kian84. – Hi.

Is Choong Jae doing well?

– He asked me the same thing. – What did he say?

He asked if you were doing well.

– Am I a messenger or what? – Like a dove.

– The dove, the messenger. – You two should ask each other.

You’re dressed like a dove too.

– Hello. – Check in now.

– What should I do? – Fill in the questionnaire first.

(Choong Jae came with you.)

He said he had never done it before either.

I said, “Good. Then let’s do it together.”

(Good. Then let’s do it together.)

He’s been living separately from his family for a long time.

And in his workroom,

there’s a lot of dust in the air.

– I think it’s bad for his lungs. – You’re worried about his health.

That’s why I asked him to join me.

(That’s why they decided to get a checkup together.)

Please change your clothes in here,

and come to the end of the hallway over there.



– You’re focusing on it more now. – Me?

You were leaning forward.

No. It’s not like that.

– I can’t believe you. – I have poor eyesight.

(Kian84 changed into patient clothes.)

(And the star is shining on the hospital.)

– Why do you keep playing that song? – You don’t have to do that.

– Play it when Kian84 appears. – When I appear…

Kian84, you should’ve left the top out.

What’s wrong with him?

(He tucked it in.)

That’s my style.

Mr. Kim Hee Min, please come in.

Stand on the mark please.

– Stay still. – Everything will be revealed.

I don’t mind.

(He’s curious.)

(Height: 180.4cm)

– 180cm? – 180cm?

I grew a little taller.

Could it be that the soles of your feet…

got thicker with dead skin?

Could he have gain fat in his feet?

With a callus.

I think… Whenever I finish drawing my comics,

I lie down.

– You get flat from gravity pulling. – What are you talking about?

– But I lie down all the time. – Do you?

– He should be 3m tall now. – Exactly.

I was 179cm tall when I checked it in the military.

I grew 1.3cm taller.

– 1.3cm? – Yes.

– I’m jealous. – That makes you feel good.

No wonder people around me said I looked taller.

I’m taller than 180cm now.

– You’re a man who’s 180cm tall. – He looks so proud.

(He’s trying to hide his emotion.)

– Please stand on the mark. – You get competitive.

Isn’t Choong Jae taller than you?

He was a little bit taller than me when we were in school.

Straighten your back.

That way, you can fully express your height.

– He’s nagging. – Oh, gosh.

– He’s kibitzing like an old man. – Chin up a little.

(Kibitzing Kian84)

(Choong Jae is 179.6cm tall.)

– He lost. – I got shorter.

(Oh, yes. It’s 1 to 0.)

– I got lighter and shorter. – Why did you get shorter?

(You’re taller than Choong Jae.)


– He looks happy. – Being tall makes a man proud.

I’m proud.

– I’m relieved I’m taller than him. – Right.

You can’t beat him when it comes to the face.


It’s 1 to 0 now.

Please stand on the line.

– Tell me the numbers you can see. – It’s an eye test.

Left… Two.

– He looks like Gung Ye. – Four.

– He looks like Gung Ye. – Six.

Can you tell me the direction of the gap?

– This side. – That’s correct.

You have good eyesight.

Your left eye is 1.5, and your right eye is 0.9.

Considering that you watch a monitor every day, you have good eyesight.

– What was the result? – 1.5 and 0.9.

He has very good eyesight.

(It’s Choong Jae’s turn.)

How can anyone see those numbers?

– Four. – I can’t even see them from here.


(Number two is written.)


He has poor eyesight.

He has poor eyesight.


Your left eye is 0.9 and right eye is 0.8.

Please follow me.

Will Kian84 win a complete victory?

Are the two of them competing against each other?

It felt like it a little bit.

Of course.

It’s 2 to 0 now.

Both of you will have a pulmonary function test.

– Mr. Kim Hee Min, please sit here. – Hello.

– Oh, the blowing test? – Lung capacity test.

Blow into this…

– as hard as you can. – I’ve never seen anyone…

who put it that much into the mouth.

Blow until you hear the beep.

(If he wins again, the score will be 3 to 0.)

Let’s begin. Breathe in.

Harder. Harder.

Keep blowing until you hear the beep.

– Keep going. – He’s trying to beat Choong Jae.


Look at his face.

– You have to do it again. – But…

– Why? – Why?

Should I do it twice in a row?

– I misunderstood what she said. – You shouldn’t take it out.

– You shouldn’t take this out. – Then…

should I do it again after I breathe in?

I’ll show you.

(She demonstrates for Kian84.)

– This is it. – Oh, I should breathe in again?

– Then that’s it. I get it. – Don’t take it out.

Let’s begin. Start by breathing in.


Goodness. He’s determined to win the competition.

(Please… Please…)

– He’s struggling. – He could drool.

Breathe in.

Okay. It’s done. Good job.

– You did a good job. – Thank you.

I ran out of breath so quickly.

(Next up is Choong Jae.)

You always breathe in dust in your workroom.


You should check your lungs.

Breathe in deeply and blow hard.

– Here he goes again. – He nags all the time like a mom.

– I have an experience now. – Let’s begin. Put it in your mouth.

Let’s begin. Breathe in.

– I’m worried about him. – Now, blow.

– Hold it as long as you can. – Oh, no. That’s not good.

(Left: Kian84, right: Choong Jae)

(He’s already enjoying the joy of his third victory.)

Okay. It’s done.

Good job.

Thank you.

I think we need to do it all at once.

Which one of us has better lung capacity?


– Gosh. – They’re still competing.

I was just curious.

You have to come back later.

– Can I see the result later? – Yes.

– I understand. – It’s a lung capacity contest.

Let’s move on.

He doesn’t drink or smoke. He leads a healthy life.

– Right. – He’s two years younger than me.

That’s right. He’s younger than Kian84.

So if I’m not even healthier than him…

I became a little competitive.

Mr. Kim Hee Min is here.


– Hello. – Hello.

I’ll start with a thyroid ultrasound.

– Thyroid? – Chin up a little bit.

When I got a thyroid ultrasound,

the doctor said I have a beautiful thyroid.

That’s the only part of your body that’s beautiful.

Please look at the monitor.

It looks very clean and balanced.

– It’s normal. However… – That’s a relief.


(However? What’s the problem?)

You can see the dark spot under the chin, right?

– What’s that? – That’s a cyst.

Is it not a problem?

The probability that a cyst develop into cancer…


is about 0.1 percent.

– I’m relieved. – 1 in 1,000.

I’m relieved.

Let’s move on to the abdomen.

We’ll have a look at your liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen,

– and kidneys. – I was worried about my liver.

You drink too often.

(Kian84 drinks six days a week.)

(Kian84 drinks while eating his meals too.)

Can you see if I have liver cancer through this test?

Of course.

This is your liver.

The normal liver should be dark like this part.

But yours look a little bright, right?

What’s the problem?

(His liver looks too bright?)

Oh, no.

(Is Kian84 all right?)

(What happens to me now?)

You have fat in your liver.

– He has a fatty liver. – He has a fatty liver.

– Heavy drinkers usually have it. – Is it because he drinks a lot?

But it’s a mild fatty liver on level one.

– Is it the lowest level? – Yes. It’s a mild level.

You have a fatty liver,

but the other organs are all healthy.

– Thank you. – Drinking alcohol…

isn’t a major cause of a fatty liver.

– Really? – And you need…

an ultrasound test to check your liver health.

– Is that so? – He’s right.

You sound like a doctor.

I have the same experience.

He’s the colonoscopy star for a reason.

Don’t doubt Si Eon when it comes to a health checkup.

– He’s top notch. – That’s right.

– He’s an expert. – We can’t hold a candle to him.

Na Rae, stop trying to justify drinking.

(The expert’s honest, straightforward advice)

(Choong Jae finished the ultrasound test after Kian84.)

What did he say?

– He said I’m in serious condition. – Why?


– Everything is normal. – Are you serious?

– Everything is normal? – Gosh.

He always makes boring jokes.

He’s handsome. What more do you want?


That’s interesting.

I’m tired.

They haven’t done a colonoscopy yet.


I guess there were no fun moments.

It says, “Several different tests continued.”

– They’ll fast forward it. – It means it’s boring.

– They skipped a lot of scenes. – That’s right.

It’s like a compilation.

It looks like a medical documentary.

I’m craving meet and soju.

– Of course. – It’s normal for him to crave it.

But you should eat porridge on empty stomach.

Please sign this.

This is a consent form.

Please read it through before you sign it.

“Have you drunken all the cleansing medicine?”

Yes, I did.

– Here we go. The legendary moments. – “I Go Alone”.

The legendary moments are about to be revealed.

– Today’s highlight. – Don’t go anywhere.

Watch it like a documentary.

My goodness. It’s a little scary.


Conscious sedation can be scary.

It doesn’t say anything like, “You may die”, right?

Or “We do not take responsibility of your death.”

“Your heart may stop for a moment, which can put your life in danger.”

(Choong Jae calmly reads the worst possible situation.)

– Really? – It says it happens very rarely.

We’ll be okay as they’ll give us emergency treatment.

If I don’t wake up,

finish my comics, “College King”, for me.

– Okay? – Why would you say your last words?

It was a joke.

– Okay. I’ll finish it. – Thanks.

How would he finish your comics?

(Choong Jae kindly plays along with his joke.)

You can have the writer’s fee, and give the rest to my mom.

“You have the writer’s fee, and give the rest to my mom.”

Please give it to me.

– Me? – You won’t swear, will you?

I’m worried. I think I’ll swear.

I’ll draw blood and give you an injection.

– I hate that the most. – That’s scary.

It scared me too.

(I can’t watch it.)

– Please hit my arm hard first. – Okay.

– You want me to hit your arm? – Harder.

(I’ll forget the pain through another pain.)

(Oh, gosh.)

(The needle is going in.)

Is it done? Is it done?

I think it’s in.

I haven’t started yet.

What’s wrong with you?

– She… She dragged on. – What was that?

You can just think that it’s not your arm.

– Hit my arm hard please. – Okay. Clench your fist lightly.

– Hit it hard. – Clench your fist lightly.

– Stay still. – Okay.

– This might sting a bit. – Okay.


(While he’s making a fuss about blood drawing,)

(Choong Jae goes for blood drawing too.)

What if I scream?

[VIU Ver] E264 I Live Alone
“Kian84’s Health Checkup”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(He looks calm, and his eyes are sparkling.)

He was a drill sergeant in the military, so…

I was a drill sergeant too.

(I was a drill sergeant too.)

– You were? – But I made such a fuss.

(He almost cried.)

(The two of them have a lot in common.)

– He… – He’s looking at it.

– He’s always calm. – My goodness.

Gosh. He’s watching it.

– Maybe he doesn’t feel the pain. – I’ve never seen anyone like him.

– That’s unbelievable. – He’s watching that.

He stays calm whatever happens.

– My goodness. – Goodness gracious.

I’ll be compared to him.

– He’s reliable. – I’ve never seen anyone like him.

– Me neither. – Choong Jae wins this time.

– Face us and… – “Stomach Examination Room”.

Kian84, are you 57 years old?

– No. – That’s not his age.

Number 57?

I was surprised. I thought it meant he’s 57.

I thought I should call you “Mr. Kim”.

I’m starting to feel nervous.

I’m going to anesthetize your throat. It’s very bitter.

Please open your mouth. Open your mouth.

He’s preparing for a gastroscopy.

– It’s started. – That’s anesthetic.

(They’re talking as if they’re watching TV.)

(Sleep inducer is given to him.)

– Okay. – Is it done?

Honestly, I don’t remember anything after they put that in my mouth.

(Si Eon called it a mouthpiece.)

– “Mouthpiece”? – Are you a boxer or something?

(He humiliated the equipment by calling it a mouthpiece.)

We’ll see the flow of Kian84’s mind.

That’s good.

(He talked about the mind flow whenever he had a chance.)

I just follow the flow of my mind.

That’s right.

(How will the flow of his mind be this time?)


(Doctor, this feeling…)

– What did he say? – I hate that feeling.

I don’t remember what I said.

It’s normal…

(Is it the sweet dream that Si Eon had?)

Look at that.

(That’s it, Kian84.)

That was legendary.

Hyun Moo.

My goodness.

I guess everyone becomes like that.

Is he trying not to fall asleep?

Why is he making that noise?

– What’s wrong with him? – Isn’t he under anesthesia?

I don’t remember.


(He keeps rolling his eyes.)

(And the test begins.)

(It’s time for a colonoscopy.)

To be honest, my web comics…

The webcomic artists back then…

What did he just say?

(He’s starting to show the flow of his mind.)

(What are you trying to say?)

The webcomic artists back then…

They face situations like this…

It sounds like he’s doing an interview.

He has a constructive topic though.

(While he’s talking about the past and present of web comics…)

Let’s begin.


What happened?

– Relax. – What are you doing now?

(He starts whining.)

Could he have woken up?

(Si Eon laughs as he has the same experience.)

How did he scream like that as soon as it goes in?

(He can’t remember any of it.)

– Relax. – What are you doing now?

– Stop it. – Relax.

Gosh. No.

(As he’s getting out of control,)

(he gets an extra sleeping inducer injection.)

– They’re giving him more injection. – “What are you doing now?”

– “What are you doing now?” – Maybe he’s very healthy.

I don’t think that’s the case. I heard…

anesthesia doesn’t work on heavy drinkers.

– That makes sense. – I see.

They’re immune to it.

I can’t believe he screamed as soon as it went in.

“What are you doing?”

He was upset.

(He barely managed his test.)

(Kian84 is sleeping deeply now.)

I’ll put this in your mouth.

You don’t have to bite it hard.

I’m curious about his test.

I’m going to give you an injection.

(He’s getting a sleep inducer injection.)

I’m going to give you an injection.

Take a deep breath. Your arm might feel sore.

(He falls asleep.)

He’s so obedient.

(Everyone talked about how they fell asleep within five seconds.)

“I’ll never fall asleep…”

(One of them fell asleep with his eyes open.)

Not yet.

(The true stories like a fairy tale)

– Choong Jae is the ideal patient. – Exactly.

(The test proceeds smoothly.)

He behaves himself even when he’s asleep.


Pink color.

– He’s talking. – Pink color.

“Pink color”?

Wine color.

– He’s such an arts student. – He really is.

This is…

angled white.

– What? – “Angled white.”



– What? – “Green.”

Oh, black.

It’s going to hurt.


They’re adding more.

(Choong Jae ends up getting more injection.)

(The colors are disappearing.)

He’s been studying colors lately.

Really? He must be under a lot of stress.


He’s a real artist.

What’s angled white?

What’s angled white?

Block sugar?

Or fried chicken radish?

All his pieces are angular.

– And it’s white. – His pieces?

I feel bad for him.

(The battle with colors is over.)

(Kian84 is having a sweet dream.)

– Oh, my. – Oh, my.

They’re together now.

(You’re here.)

Why is it so funny?

– His eyes are open. – Are you up, Hee Min?

He’s up.

– He didn’t get affected. – He’s up already.

(What’s this?)

(Why am I so normal?)

I don’t feel anything.

(How is that possible?)

Are you okay?

I keep burping, but it feels…

– uncomfortable to lie down. – Because we injected air,

your stomach feels full.

Fart a lot, and you will feel comfortable.

– Oh, my. – That’s right.

His stomach is filled with gas.

(Let’s go fart.)

How does he wake up so fast?

You probably feel dizzy.

You’d feel better if you look far when you walk.

(Unlike Si Eon who was dancing,)

(this is the resilience of arts student.)


– It’s unbelievable. – Why is that music played?

Why that song when he’s on the way to fart?

This is…

– It suits him. – a evil editing.

(Kian84 at the same time)


He’s getting up.

(What’s he going to do now that he’s up?)

I don’t remember anything.

I wonder what he’d say.


Open your eyes.

– Open your eyes. – Yes.

– He really opened his eyes. – He’s up.

– You’re in a hospital. – Hospital?

Lie down.

Did I swear?

– No. – He’s worried.

– I didn’t swear? – No, you didn’t.

This is what Si Eon did.


He remembers it.

(He still remembers Si Eon sending Morse code.)

Patient Kim Hee Min. You had a colonoscopy.

I’m going to remove the needle.

It’s going to sting.

(It stings.)

I haven’t removed it yet.

– What happened to your body? – It’s going to sting.

What a coward.

He looks drunk.

It’s going to sting a lot.

(He exaggerates more as his pressure goes up.)

Does it hurt a lot?

– Is removing a needle that painful? – No, it’s okay.

– Is it that painful? – No, it’s okay.

Why does it hurt so much?

Why does my stomach hurt so much?


(Same symptom, different reaction)

– It looks real. – You need to emit gas…

to feel less uncomfortable.

– Is it filled with gas? – What?

– You need to emit gas. – It felt like I was drunk.

– Do I need to fart? – Yes.

(The level of alcohol in blood is evident in his speech.)

That was such a basic question.

– Do I need to fart? – Yes.

– Do I have to fart? – Yes.

– Then it wouldn’t hurt. – Wait.

(Emitting gas)

– What? – Now?

(He didn’t mean to fart here.)

(As the pain settles…)

What’s wrong with my tongue?

Right. What’s wrong with his tongue?

What’s wrong? Wait. This is weird.

This is wrong.

Choong Jae.


– He’s not even listening. – Are you okay?

– Are you okay? – He’s not even listening.

I think Choong Jae is not himself either.

I’m asking if you’re okay.

You need to respond…

when I call you.

Isn’t that Choi Yang Rak?

“You need to respond.”

(To Choong Jae who isn’t himself…)

Life is tough.

(Life is tough.)


(When life is tough, one person comes to his mind.)

– Our names? – Us?

(Are you going to call her too, Kian84?)

(It’s a nervous moment for no reason.)


– Oh, my. – Mom.

I miss Mom.

Oh, my.

I miss Mom.

It’s sad.

I can’t watch this anymore.

Why did I act miserable?


I miss Mom.

Your mom will be touched.

I miss Dad.

Why can’t I stop crying?

Oh, my.

Did you cry?

Why am I crying?

My goodness.

He’s a good son84.

Do you want to talk to Mom?

Call her.

Call her?

Video call?

No, no video call.

No video call.

(No, I don’t want her to see me like this.)


I’m in the hospital.

(He lies down after completing his mission.)

No, I had conscious sedation endoscope.


(He’s getting embarrassed.)

– Your mother will be worried. – Thinking about mom makes you cry.

It’s not that I never call her.

But that happens when I’m drunk.

– You weren’t drunk. – It’s conscious sedation endoscope.

(I called you drunk, Mom.)

I miss you, so I called.


Just wait, Mom.

I will be successful,

and be a good son.

You should run to your mom right after.

He needs to go to Jeju Island.

Mom. Don’t be sick.

You need to live long.

(Things he wanted to say, but couldn’t say before)

(The most precious person crosses his mind.)

Mom. Don’t be sick.

Wait. Mom. Wait.

I can’t stop crying. Wait.

Wait. Mom. I’m hanging up.

Oh, my.

His mom will be touched.

Why am I crying?

(Why am I crying?)

Oh, my.

Why am I crying?

Oh, my.

He’s emotional.

– He’s very emotional. – Are you crying?

– What? – Your eyes are teary.

If you feel better, I will help you sit up.

– Let’s sit up. – Sit up?

(Kian84 is finally getting up.)

Let me help you.

Your legs might feel weak. Wait.

Oh, dear.

– Why do you stagger? – Let’s put the robe on properly.

Flex your legs and stand straight.

He’s pulling the pants up so high.

They’re tying the waist band on his chest.

I will put your cellphone in the pocket.

(It seems upset.)

– The pants are too high. – What’s that?

His waist is right down his chest.

He’s fine.

(Their endoscope was eventful.)

(They go to hear about the endoscope result.)

First, I will explain the result of Kim Hee Min.

Finding a polyp is the main purpose.

You’re clean with no polyps.

– That’s a relief. – That’s awesome.

You can have the next endoscope five years later.

– Really? – Five years later?

There wasn’t anything serious in gastroscope.

You have reflux esophagitis.

Because he sleeps right after eating.

Do you have acid reflux or a heartburn?

– Any symptoms? – When I clean my tongue,

I keep retching.

That’s because you put the toothbrush inside.

(The toothbrush keeps going in.)

(That could reach down to his stomach.)

Retching became a habit.

– Even when I’m drinking. – Then…

That’s not good.

Usually alcohol, cigarette,

coffee, chocolate and soda aren’t good.

Eating too much or lying down after eating is also bad.

I will prescribe you medicine.

It’s best if you try not to retch.

I will explain Kim Choong Jae’s result.

In the endoscope,

we found an infection inside your large intestine.

This may appear…

when you suffer from enteritis.

We did take a biopsy of it.

You don’t get the biopsy result today.

You will have to…

wait for a week for the result.

You should check.

– See what it is? – That’s right.

No polyps were found, and it was clean.

That’s good.

You only have a dental inspection left, and I will help you with that.

– Thank you. – Bye.

You shouldn’t be careless because it’s good now.

– You need to maintain it. – Yes.

This way please.

(They’re on the way to receive a dental checkup.)

17 years old…

– Hello. – Hello.

Let’s lean back.

Dentist is always scary.

I hate that leaning back part.

Open up.

(She checks his mouth condition.)

17, 18 caries.

– 24… – Goodness.

– There must be something. – 12…

(Numbers pour out scary.)

27, 28 caries.

– 27 second caries. – Why are there so many?

Are you saying they’re all decayed?

You have many cavities.

– It must mean cavities. – Are they all decayed?

Do I have to pull out all my teeth?

They are cavities.


You don’t pull out your teeth just for a cavity.

You probably have that many.

I Live Alone treated them for me.

(Instant treatment is carried out upon discovery.)

(Full recovery)

Let’s sit up and take a look.

It must be serious.

This is the X-ray.

Those are wisdom teeth.

– Yes. – Wisdom teeth up and down.

Your wisdom teeth are decayed.

– Yes. – And another one on the other side.

It’s also decayed.

Do I have to pull out those three?

– 3? My goodness. – You still have 3 left?

We’ll try treating it first.

But it’s highly likely to be pulled out.

It’s best to start with simple ones.

We’ll do scaling today. It’s one of the urgent.

– All of them? – All of them.

Your gum is pretty serious.

I knew I had many cavities.

But I was too lazy to go.

I also need to go regularly.

This happened because I abandoned it.

My goodness.

You don’t like to do scaling, do you?

– I’ve never done it before. – Never?

– Yes. – Why not?

I didn’t want to do it.

You’ve never done it before?

I’ve never done it before.

It must feel very refreshing.

I will start from top left.

Turn your head left.

(He makes tight fists.)

Relax your shoulders.

Yes. Hands on your bellybutton.

You’re obedient.

It’s water.

It doesn’t ache that much.

It’s scary at first.

Is this okay?


Honestly, it was painful.

Is it that hard?


Is it bearable?


(Is it bearable?)

Did the doctor tell you it’s better to pull them out?

It’s easy to pull out.

You should’ve pulled them out since you were there.

If it’s easy to pull out,

– it means it’s really bad. – Right.

You can rinse now.

– It must feel really refreshing. – Wasn’t it refreshing?

It felt good when it was done.

Thank you.

You need to pull out…

– at least four. – Yes.

You have cavities.

And this is suspected to be a cavity.

– How many cavities? – This is suspected to be a cavity.

It’d be faster if you count the good ones.

You’re right. Exactly.

At least seven.

– Seven cavities? – My goodness.

Did you clean your tongue only? Didn’t you brush your teeth?

– I brush my teeth every day. – Only his tongue and throat.

He must clean his tongue and throat only.

I should’ve treated them before.

You should do it when you have a chance.

Everyone visits dentist regretting.

– Okay. – Well done today.

– Thank you. – Good job.

Thank you.

I’m satisfied except for teeth.

As much as it was painful, it was good…

– to check my body. – You finished big homework.

It was the first time…

to see my organs.

It’s a relief to be healthy.

Scaling is nothing.

I should’ve got it done earlier.

– I know. – It’s refreshing.

Let’s get it done every two years.

– I know. – It’s really necessary.

Thanks to you, I was able to get a medical checkup.

It was a good idea to ask you to come.

(Na Rae raids her friend Hong Hyun Hee’s new home.)

(How’s her newlywed life with Jason?)

(Mat in master bedroom, danger of electric shock)

(Eco-friendly fridge)

(Why do I sweat from my eyes?)

(Friends struggle to save the new house in danger.)

(What will be the end of it?)

(Na Rae’s please take care of the newlywed’s house)

(Choong Jae’s on Rainbow Live.)

(He releases his artistic spirit in 3D,)

(and his handsome cooking skill.)

(He’s generous enough to embrace stray cats.)

(His life is interesting just from breathing.)

(Into his endless magnetism)

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