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Korea I Live Alone Episode 263 Subtitle Indonesia Eng Sub

File: I.Live.Alone.E263.181005-NEXT-VIU

This week’s story on Rainbow Club.

Single men spent a passionate and energetic day.

Sangdo-dong flying squirrel Si Eon is on.

He sets off to beautiful and clean scenery for holiday.

Who’s ringing the bell?

Is it Hyun Moo?

Sung Hoon challenges triathlon.

From application to swimming, running and cycling.

Revealing Sung Hoon’s tough Spartan training.

Hurry up.

How am I supposed to try triathlon?

When was the last day for refund?

I Live Alone Power Up Special.


Let’s power up

(One day the rainbow was colored with autumn)

Good to see you.

Long time no see, Sung Hoon.

Long time no see.

– Long time no see. – Rainbow Club member.

– You look cool. – Long time no see.

He’s still the same. Aren’t you busy?

I just finished the drama.

I returned to I Live Alone right away.

– After the drama? – Yes.

You spend half of your week on fan meets?

Half of a year.

He thinks everyone on the earth is his fan.

– If he meets everyone on earth… – But I do go when I get a call.

– By the way, everyone. – Yes.

Have you seen the amazing photo shoot?

– What photo shoot? – What is it?

– Who is it? – Let me see.

President Jun had a photo shoot.

– Why? – Look at this.

– “Why?” – Look at this.

– Is that Hongdae? – A concert?

What do you mean Hongdae?

(Hongdae musician, Ryan Gosrice)

– Is that Nagwon Arcade? – What do you mean?

You don’t know how to play the piano.

There’s one more. Look.

(Fall man, fall and winter fashion)

Why don’t you dress up like that normally?

It’s a model’s boyfriend’s charisma.

How much Photoshop did you do?

– It’s a really good picture. – Only on my face.

Autumn man.

Isn’t that a fraud?

(President Jun’s life photo, it’s a fraud.)

Where were they taken? Hongdae?

– Where do you think? – Nagwon Arcade.

They were taken abroad.

All locations abroad.

Were they taken abroad?

To inform you that Singapore has these unique places…

Pardon me? Hold on. How is that unique?

– Places like Korea. – In the cartoon…

– What is this? – Places like Korea in Singapore.

You flew for six hours to Singapore,

– but it’s like Korea. – Yes.

– Did you take four photos there? – What do you mean?

(It’s not just 4. There are many.)

To be honest, when I saw the magazine,

I thought I went to Dongmyo.

It’s all the same.

The first video is on…

Sangdo-dong flying squirrel Si Eon.

Oh, right. It’s mine.

I was like, “Who is that?”

I thought I was filming a documentary on the mountain and me.

He always says that.

– When he says that, it’s funny. – It’s the best.

I’m jealous.

(Autumn and the great actor)

My house is messy.


– The house got smaller. – It’s getting smaller.

It’s being taken over.

It’s getting smaller.

I don’t have a shoe rack.


Are the walls getting smaller every week?

(The house is getting smaller.)

(You guys are suffering in a small house.)

Right. You must clean the game console first.

– He does clean. – Do you even play it?

It’s been half a year since I stopped playing.

(He cleans what he cherishes first.)


(He wipes the main body too.)

Do you use the chin-up?

I hung a ball on it.

It’s a laundry rack. An expensive laundry rack.


Why do you shake it off there?

You wipe it and shake it off the ground?

(After wiping,)

(that’s enough for the game console.)

(Now, let’s wipe the floor.)

If you live alone, wet wipes are necessary.

Goodness. Seriously.


(He wipes everything with wet wipes in order.)

Why do you…

keep using one wet wipe?

Do you wipe everything with just one?

I hope not.

– But one… – How economic.

– You’re very economic. – One is enough.

(He finishes cleaning with one wipe.)


it’s been a while since I had no drama shooting.

Like a general house cleaning…

House cleaning?

I tried it.

Wet wipe…

People may think I’m wasting money.

But wet wipes are very cheap lately.

I bought 10 dollars worth, and I’ve been using it for a year.

Because a cloth rots.

So, I use wet wipes.

(He picks one wet wipe.)

It’s very serious.

I’m holding my laughter.

How funny is it going to be?

(He tries to shine every corner of the house.)

But it’s the biggest cleaning of all videos we’ve seen so far.

You need to train your house.

If you clean too often, it becomes rude.

Wait. You’re wiping the cushion with the one you used for floor?

(What’s the difference?)

It looks completely different after cleaning.

It’s become a lot more pleasant.

The apartment looks bigger too.


(After cleaning)

(With a rice paddle in his hand, he opens the rice cooker.)

Are you going to make fried rice?

No. I’m making my specialty dish.

(What is he making?)

Fried tofu rice balls?

They’re impossible to fail.


– What’s that? – You need to season the rice.

– You need sauce too. – Is that the right way?

– Yes. – Yes.

That’s how you make it.

(It looks pretty good.)

(Before, he couldn’t even make porridge.)


The fire show.

(How will his fried tofu rice balls turn out?)


Hold on. You’re using bare hands.

– Of course. – After touching wet wipes?

It’s only for me anyway.

The rice balls will taste so salty.

(He eats the rice off his hands.)

(After tasting the rice,)

(he picks up fried tofu.)


The rice is too wet.

– It doesn’t stick together. – It doesn’t.

It’s been too long.


(The rice doesn’t seem to stick together.)

I’m not sure why.

I guess those guys just don’t want to stick together.

But it doesn’t matter so much.

I’m going to eat it anyway.

The interview was about the stickiness of the rice.

He is the first person to personify rice.

(Personification of rice)

(He massages each little guy.)

(He makes fried tofu rice balls with care.)

(He takes another bite.)

(It tastes good.)

That’s the fun part.

(He fills the fried tofu with rice.)



– Filling the fried tofu – Filling the fried tofu

– With rice – With rice

You’re embarrassing me.

Filling the fried tofu

– With rice – With rice

My back aches.

Filling the fried tofu


– rice – Rice

– Making rice balls – Rice balls

That’s so catchy.

(The rice ball song is so catchy.)


Why did you even make rice balls?

He doesn’t want to throw it away.

(He’s done.)

(He washes the dishes right away.)

You’ve changed a lot.

– Doing the dishes right away. – Among the three of us,

I’m the tidiest.

What are you talking about?

Including me?

– Why? – I don’t…

clean the whole place with a wet wipe.

I don’t clean often, but I’m good at cleaning.

But they don’t say…

they want to poop in the morning.

(Only Sung Hoon says he wants to poop.)

That’s just a natural…

– Why are you laughing so loud? – Poop Sung Hoon.

– Poop Sung Hoon. – I just remembered it.

(He’s washing fruits.)

(He makes a cut.)


(He shows off his strength.)

You’re packing fruit too.

Yes, I packed fruit too.

(He packs rice balls and fruit.)

Wild mushrooms.

– Why are you packing those? – I got them as a present.

(He packs wild mushrooms he got as a present.)

(He’s ready to go hiking.)

(He goes to the balcony.)

Why is there so much stuff?

What’s that?

(Swimming goggles and a mat)

(Are you going into the water?)

You have to go to the valley when there aren’t other people.

– When there are many people, – You’re going to the valley?

– the water becomes warm. – What?

This is the perfect season.

When I was living in Busan…

before the military service, I often went to the valley by myself.

People don’t go to valleys as much as before.

Because you can’t cook there anymore.

– Before… – You could cook.

– Right. – You could grill meat.

You can’t do that anymore.

– No. – No.


(He gets ready and leaves home.)

– The weather is so nice. – It’s fantastic.

The clouds look like a painting.

My future home.

That’s how it used to look.

– My home. – That’s how it looks now?

You’re moving there soon, right?

– Yes. – Time flies.

They built it in two years?

– Yes. – Already…

When are you moving?

– Around mid-December. – This year?

– Really? – That’s only two months away.

We should have a really nice housewarming party.

I’m a little worried.

I’ve never lived in a decent apartment.

I can’t believe I’ll be living there.

(Wait for me a little longer.)

It’s hot.

(It’s early fall, but it’s still hot.)

Thank you.

Which mountain are you going to?

– By bus… – Mount Gwanak.

– Mount Gwanak. – Mount Gwanak.

That’s where Hyun Moo and Hye Jin…

– fell in love. – We fell in love there.

(Hyun Moo and Hye Jin fell in love at Mount Gwanak.)

(What kind of memories will Si Eon make today?)

I love to have the bus windows open.

I love to ride a bus during the daytime.

Next stop is Seoul National University.

(The bus arrives at the destination.)

Seoul National University.

There are so many fish.

– There are so many minnows. – It’s amazing.

The water is so clean.

Excuse me.

How much is a cup of pupae?

– Pupae. – Pupae.

Two dollars?

(It looks tasty.)

It looks so tasty.

– I love the soup. – It looks tasty.

I’ll take a cold coffee too.

Gosh, it’s hot.

(He tries it.)

– The soup is nice. – That cold coffee.

Doesn’t that taste better than iced Americano?

– Of course. – Definitely.

Instant coffee tastes the best.

(Sir, you seem to love coffee.)

(Get out.)

(The coffee lady is back.)

When the world barista champion tasted…

the Korean instant coffee,

he asked which barista made it.

“I’m nothing.”

– He couldn’t recreate the flavors. – Exactly.

(Nothing can beat the mass-produced coffee.)

Companies do their best to produce the best products.

That’s why it tastes so good.

(That’s why it tastes so good.)

(He suddenly promotes the industry.)

Do you mean the baristas don’t do their best?

(Are you being fair to baristas?)

They do too.

What are you talking about?

You sounded like a principal.

Kian84, take a couple of months off.

(Take a couple of months off.)

Why do you keep telling him to take a break?

We tell each other to take a break.

– They tell each other. – We tell each other.

They keep telling each other to take a break.

– I love pupae. – They’re the best.

(Pupae are the best when hiking.)

(Mount Gwanak Park)

(He enters the mountain.)

– It looks so nice. – It was really nice.

(With tasty pupae in his mouth…)

(and the refreshing sunshine on his skin,)

(his steps couldn’t be lighter.)

You can go into that water.

(He arrives at a valley.)

(The water looks very clean.)

There are ducks?

I think I’ll go into the water on my way down.

– You’re going into the water? – Of course.

(He says goodbye to the ducks for now.)

It looks so tasty.

– You’re making so much noise. – I’m hungry.

(He enters the mountain while eating noisily.)

(Seoul Trail)


Isn’t that the path the ladies took?

– We didn’t go there. – Exactly.

(Hyun Moo and Hye Jin wanted to go up to the top.)

(The ladies took the easy trail.)

(We’re too old.)

(I’m old too.)

It looks familiar.

(Si Eon chooses the easy trail.)

(Why are you taking the easy trail?)

I’m not going all the way to the top.

I’ll go just a little up.

I’m not a flying squirrel today. I’m just a red squirrel.

They’re fast too.

(Si Eon is actually fast.)

(He can climb mountains very fast.)

(How long does it take to the top?)

(Four hours?)

(For me, it takes only an hour.)

(Are you a squirrel or something?)

(I’m a red squirrel today.)

– He is a red squirrel. – A red squirrel.

(How much will he show his skills?)

(He takes off his sunglasses.)

(Let’s go, red squirrel.)

(My goodness.)

Shouldn’t he crawl on fours?


– That’s how a red squirrel moves. – That’s right.

(This man walks slowly with two feet.)

(He doesn’t do anything other than breathing and walking…)

(until he reaches the middle.)

(Breathing out)

(The video is peaceful and quiet.)

It’s depressing.

(He feels guilty.)

No, it’s fun.

He said it so soullessly.

(He sits down to take a break.)

(The red squirrel quenches his thirst.)

Red squirrels are getting more screen time.

“Red squirrel” will be a popular a keyword.

– Red squirrel. – And pupae.

Gosh, look at the clouds.

(The view is beautiful.)

(I quenched my thirst and enjoyed the view.)

(He gets up.)

– Are you going down now? No way. – No. It’s time to go up.

It’s time to go up.

(Red squirrel readies his ligaments.)

Will he crawl on fours now?


(I will run now that I had a drink of water.)

(I will show you my speed.)

(My goodness.)

– Are you serious? – Are you serious?

(Let’s run to the top.)

– My goodness. – Won’t he get tired out?

(It looks like…)

(you will see him move…)

(in the blink of an eye.)

(You will only hear the sound.)

That’s ridiculous.

(He is like Shin Don.)

(What does this have to do with Shin Don?)

They are trying the save my segment.

(The speed is impressive.)

No way!

Is he using magic?

(Red squirrel runs as if he is using magic.)


(You are pretty good, red squirrel.)

(There are more rocks than stairs now.)

(The red squirrel is found around the top in 30 minutes.)

– That was fast. – Are you already at the top?

– He really is a flying squirrel. – I know.

(The flying squirrel climbs the rocks.)

Can people go that way?

– Of course they can. – That’s incredible.

That’s the top.

There is the flag.

(As he is panting, Si Eon reaches the top…)

It’s nice.

(and finds a beautiful view of the city.)

Look at that.

The weather is beautiful.

The weather really is beautiful.

I can see the tower in Jamsil.

(The air is clean without fine dust.)

– You can see everything, right? – Yes.

It’s a nice season to go to a mountain.

There is no shade.

Of course there is no shade at the top.

(He looks for a shade at the highest point.)

(He goes into a crack between the rocks.)

Why is he going in there?

Do you need to go to the restroom?

– What are you talking about? – He wouldn’t do that.

– He wouldn’t go that far. – I can’t believe you.

(I was looking for a shade.)

(In a small shade,)

(he drinks cold coffee.)

Cold coffee must taste amazing.

– It was delicious. – I bet it was.

It was the best.

(Then he takes out…)

(the fried tofu rice balls he made painstakingly.)

– It looks delicious. – It was delicious.

Fried tofu rice balls are the best.

The rice is intact.

Of course it is.

(He becomes tired after a single bite.)

(He looks like he is eating alone at home.)

– Why do you look so tired? – You look as if you live there.

– Look at him. – That’s his home.

– I know. – I was exhausted.

He really looks like he lives there.

Lee Seung Yoon will appear to host “l Am a Natural Person”.

– “Hello.” – “Hello.”

“Seung Yoon goes to meet Mr. Lee Si Eon.”

I feel like Seung Yoon will show up.

“Who is it?”

(This natural man wants to show his rock house.)

(He suddenly calls someone.)

– That’s hilarious. – Hello.

– Hello. – Hello.

Are you busy?


(This voice belongs to…)

It’s him!

– He is the voice actor. – He is Jung Hyung Seok.

He is an actor.

– We went to the same school. – Really?

I love his voice!

It’s incredible.

I am hiking.

– You are hiking? – Yes.

I suddenly missed your voice.

Your voice would go well with this situation.

This is driving me crazy.

That’s the voice!

I am at the top.

– His voice is beautiful. – Really?

I found a house.

It sounds like he is narrating.

A rock house.

– A rock house? – Yes.

– What do you mean by that? – I found a rock house at the top.

– Really? – Yes.

I have been to Mount Gwanak. I didn’t know such thing existed.

It’s something only I know about.

– Okay. – Please make a comment.

A comment? What comment?

“Si Eon returned to his house at Mount Gwanak.”

(He suggests a shabby comment.)

“Si Eon returned to his house at Mount Gwanak.”

(It’s a treat to the ears.)

(His voice improves the bad script.)

(They become viewers.)

Si Eon, you are a good actor.

I hope you will continue to thrive.


I will thrive as well.

– All right. – I will call you again.

– Okay. – Okay. Bye.

– Enjoy hiking. – Okay.

All right.

I didn’t know that he is an actor.

– He is an actor. – His voice is healing.

(l Am a Natural Person Alone)

(Red squirrel of Mount Gwanak, Lee Si Eon)

This natural man’s house is at the top of Mount Gwanak.

(They really get a healing narration.)


Did he do the narration?

Si Eon is at his house in Mount Gwanak.



Who is he talking to?


There is a room inside.

There is a room inside.

He is talking to the air.

It’s fascinating.

(Let me introduce my room.)

It’s fascinating.

Be careful.

You will get hurt at this rate.

Safety comes first.

It’s a natural man’s house…

that is connected to a cliff.

– The voice actor improved it. – Hyung Seok did a good job.

Hyung Seok, thank you so much.

He got help from a lot of people.

(He got help from Shin Don and Jung Hyung Seok.)

(The natural man returns from the balcony.)

Who is it?

Is someone at the door?

(The conversation flows seamlessly.)

He is good.

The narration improved it.

(He keeps going…)

Who is ringing the bell?

Are Hye Jin and Hyun Moo here?

This is incredible.

Do you think you are in a period drama?

I guess you want to get cast.

(It looks like he wants to get cast for a period drama.)

Please say something more.


This is too much.

(Si Eon’s condition is too much.)

His true thought came out.

(The natural man takes something out.)

What is he eating?

(It’s wild mushroom he brought from home.)

It’s wild mushroom.

(How did he know?)

[VIU Ver] E263 I Live Alone “Power Up Special”
“Si Eon’s Day Off”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

What is this?

What is this?

(The natural man pretends to have gotten at the mountain.)

My goodness.

(It’s a lousy performance.)

(They are at a loss for words.)

What are we going to do with him?

(He chews on the mushroom with a grimace.)

(How does it taste?)

– It’s like a branch. – Of course it is.

You have to roast it.

(Soon after the skit featuring wild mushroom…)


– What is wrong with him? – My arm got stuck.

– Oh, my goodness. – What is wrong with him?

(He enjoys his performance.)

My arm got stuck.

(He must have gotten stressed out in the city.)

– That’s… – It’s about a matter of stress.

He is insane.

Help me.

Hyun Moo!


– Bardem? – Bardem!

– Bardem? – Bardem!

(Come with a gun and save me.)

– You are like Charlie Chaplin. – It was fun.

My goodness.

Did you write the script in advance?

It’s like a movie at an independent film festival.

It’s like a movie at an independent film festival.

(He gets ready to go down.)

Oh, my goodness.

Hyun Seok must be sick of him because he stopped narrating.

(The natural man does what he wants to do.)

I bet Si Eon doesn’t get stressed out.

– He does what he wants to do. – What are you talking about?

(Where does he go after he climbs down the mountain?)

– Is there a pool at Mount Gwanak? – Yes, there is.

(The natural man crosses the footbridge.)

(These people look really comfortable.)

That’s not me.

– My goodness. – They startled me.

They didn’t collapse, did they?

The place was made for that purpose.

It’s really nice.

(He passes the carefree people.)

(It’s a perfect stream to relax.)

It’s lovely here.

(The stream breaks and glitters.)

– It’s so clean. – You can see the bottom.

(The water is as clean as glass.)

There’s more water than I imagined.

(Si Eon hurriedly puts his feet in the water.)

– Isn’t it too cold? – I think it would be very cool.

– I know. – It wasn’t cold.

– It must’ve been cool. – It wasn’t cold at all.

– There are still cicadas. – Yes. It was still hot.

It’s when it was still hot.

What is he doing? Isn’t that koi?

It’s big.

(He dives into the water.)

He’s the wild man.

(He blends right in.)

It reminds me of the time when I went to a stream.

– Right. – It looks so cool.

(The original wild man of Rainbow Club…)

(had revealed his underwear.)

– He’s showing his underwear again. – Wait.

(He took off his shirt too.)


(Kian84 had a lot of fun alone in the stream.)

(Meanwhile, Si Eon is…)

(Is he waiting for the shoot?)

What are you thinking about there?

What is he looking at?

(He’s staring into the air.)

– It’s really nice. – What is this?

Is this the video for Healing TV?

I had been shooting for a long period.

I had one day of break, and I went there.

I was just in the water doing nothing.

– And I loved it. – Right.

– It would be lovely. – It was really lovely.

When they think of rest, they think of staying home,

reading a book, watching TV,

– That’s bad. – or looking at your phone.

That’s not the definition of rest. Resting is…

doing nothing.

– You have to let your brain rest. – That’s the proper rest.

That’s why people meditate.

When I was in the water, it felt so good.

I had a good time,

but I don’t know how it would look to people.

Just don’t read the comments for a week.

(Don’t read the comments.)

(He is healing himself.)

– What is he doing? – That’s healing.

Although it doesn’t mean anything.

(He suddenly brings his two hands together.)

He’s praying too.

(Is it time to pray?)

(No, it’s water gun time.)

– This is… – That’s such an old play.

I haven’t done it for 20 years.

(He brings back the memories of his childhood.)

(The wild man plays with the wild.)

It’s the beginning.

– That’s it. – He loves that.

(He put on the snorkeling goggle in the 40cm-deep stream.)

(All right. Shall I begin exploring?)

– He’s touching the floor. – He’s crawling.

He’s expressing the old saying,

“Swimming while touching the ground”.

The stream was very shallow.

(He continued to explore for a long time.)

(Did you feel healed?)

I went to a place I had never been before.

I found a house in the summit.

He looks like…

Isn’t he a North Korean spy?

He looks a little bit like a primitive man.

I swam in the stream which I love.

I got to do everything I like. It was a great day.

(They were moments of healing.)

You had a real healing experience on your day off.

It’s sweet, it’s sweet

(He ends his day with a sweet peach.)

(It was the happy wild man, Mr. Great Actor’s healing day.)

(I Live Alone)

(It’s a beautiful autumn day.)

(Sung Hoon is just lying down.)

Honestly, my house is similar to Sung Hoon’s.

I just came from a business trip abroad.

And I haven’t unpacked.

(That’s an excuse.)

Why do we keep getting people like him?

“People like him”.

Are we collecting these people?

I think it must be hard to find people like us.

Who doesn’t clean like us?

(There’s another wild man here.)

Let’s stop ventilating the room.

(Last time, he moved the computers to the living room.)

Did you move the computers back to your room?

I didn’t know this before.

When you move your computer to another room,

a technician has to come and reconnect…

– the internet cables. – Right.

And that was going to cost me 25 dollars.

– So? – I didn’t want to waste money.

– Did you move it back? – I moved it back to my room.


I would just pay 30 dollars.

(He makes people want to help him.)

– But it’s… – He has to move them again.

– That’s true. – No.


(The computers are back in his room.)

Why does he have so many computers?

I have 1 TV and 2 computers.

– He loves playing games. – When someone comes over,

– we can play game together. – You need to play together.

All right.

(He tries to do something with his computer.)

Is he going to play a game?


(He searches for something.)

(Korea Triathlon Federation)

– What? – “Korea Triathlon Federation”?

What’s going on?


I will be doing…

the Half Triathlon.

Are you joining it?

It looks so fun. I really wanted to do that.

Only elite athletes can do that.

– I really wanted to do that. – You have to really love sports.

You can’t do that otherwise.

(Actor Song Il Kook finished it and proved his patience and strength.)

I’ve lived 30 plus years.

And I thought I have been living fiercely.

After moving to this house, for about a year,

I became downright lazy and became a proper homebody.

He was too lazy.

I just played games.

He’s a homebody.

I never went outside unless I had to.

I know him well.

He loves his house.

Do you not drink with your friends?

Even if I drink with my friends,

– we drink at my place. – He never comes out.

I only go to places without 3-minute walking distance.

– A track suit and slippers. – That’s him.

– You just trudge along. – Wherever he goes…

Even when he’s going to a luxury bar,

he dresses like he’s at home.

After living like that for a year and half,

– I realized I should… – You’ve been lazy for too long.

You wanted to make things right again.

I realized perhaps I should live fiercely once again.

– Great. – That’s what I thought.

(He’s got a new mindset.)

– Do I have to become a member? – Do you have to resigter?

– You have to apply for it. – Right.

I thought you could just fill in the application sheet.

– That’s when we were young. – I have to join as a member.

I have to authenticate using my phone.

I hate it when they tell you to install software.

– I hate it. – I hate it the most.

But think about not having that.

– It makes you nervous. – Yes.

(He installs the software.)

Make an ID.

(He talks to the computer as he registers as a participant.)


It always tells you to use a special character.

It’s crazy.

It only accepts English.

Look at that.

I will go with “roiiii”.

Let’s make a simple password.

Name. Hoon.

(He’s already tired.)

Register as a participant.

I have to pay 40 dollars to register as an athlete.

I don’t have money.

Only registered athletes can join the triathlon.

(He keeps sighing.)

He said paying 25 dollars for fixing the cables was expensive.

– This is what I decided to do. – There’s a justification.

My name needs to be the name that appears in the passport.

– I need to upload a photo. – It’s complicated.

I don’t have a photo.

(He takes something out.)

(Is it an ID photo?)

– Are you going to stick it? – Are you sticking it?

Strangely, it was a perfect size.

That day will come.

– Of course. – It will just enter the screen.

(The boys imagine the future.)

I hate it when they ask to upload a photo.

Gosh, these people don’t know anything.

I will tell you this as the daughter of a former internet cafe.

– Did your parents run that? – We did.

Didn’t you say they used to run a stationary store?

They once ran a fried chicken restaurant too.

How many years have you been living?

How old are you? Tell us honestly.

I am 52.

(She says she’s 52.)

A lot of people are confused about whether they should scan it.

– Right. – And if they should fax it.

These days, even cell phone cameras are high resolution.

As long as you send it as the original size, it works.

Isn’t this process really annoying?

That’s why I don’t bother doing those things.

You have to do those.

(After getting through the photo uploading situation,)

(he is asked to choose his blood type.)

Is my blood type Rh plus or minus?

This is important.

If ever I get into an accident,

they will need to know which blood to transfuse.

(Hoon asks for help.)


Are you calling your mom to check if your blood is Rh plus or minus?

I thought perhaps she would know.


– Moms know everything. – There’s nothing they don’t know.

Do you know my blood type?

– Is Rh plus or minus? – Mothers are omnipotent.

Isn’t it Rh plus?

– She knows it. – Are you sure?


She’s saying there is a possibility.

Aren’t most people Rh plus?

Are most people Rh plus?

Yes. Most people are Rh plus.

It’s rare, so people put up advertisements looking for Rh minus.

– She’s good. – She is precisely right.

– Right. – So there was that.

Am I a special person or am I a common person?

You are an ordinary person.

– You are an ordinary person. – You are an ordinary person.

Okay. I will call you again later.

– Okay. – Okay.

“If you have a medical condition, please specify.”

It’s like applying for a job.

– It means triathlon… – It’s dangerous.

– is very dangerous. – It’s dangerous.

International triathlons sometimes have fatalities.

It really happens.

Do you have to do it?

I already paid.

We wouldn’t go even if we paid.

We would just waste it.

– You can’t squander money. – It’s dangerous.


Don’t worry, I won’t apply for it.

Write in detail if you have any illnesses.

I’ll introduce myself.


was first put under general anesthesia…

for a surgery when I was in the second grade.

I think they won’t let you do it.

It was a long time ago.

I had a surgery for a tumor in my junior year of high school.

Tumor surgery?

I was put under general anesthesia.

You have to write that?

In my freshman year of university,

I had surgery on it again.

I was put under general anesthesia.

Why do you sound so happy about it?

You aren’t chatting with someone online.

Is this “The Contact”?

Are you playing Han Seok Kyu?

(As if chatting with a stranger…)

(like in the movie “The Contact”)

I had surgery for a slipped disc on my back…

in my junior year of university.

I was put under general anesthesia.

(General anesthesia again)

In my senior year of university…

– What? – Why is there so many?

I fractured both my hands and had surgery.

I was put under general anesthesia.

– Why was there so many? – Both hands?

Shouldn’t he be disqualified to participate?

– I think that would be dangerous. – Bone transplant?

I was put under general anesthesia.

Yes, because of a disease.

– I don’t think you should do this. – You shouldn’t participate.

I was an athlete until I was 28…

with that body.

Then it might be okay.

I’d use that as an excuse not to participate.

I wouldn’t do it for anything.

1, 2…

(He counts the numbers of surgery he had.)

4, 5, 6.

I’m sure it’ll be hard for me to participate,

but I want to overcome that…

and go back to how I used to be.

I respect you.

However, I am healthy now…

and I’d like to participate.

(He is determined.)

(They asked about current illnesses, but he wrote about previous ones.)

I was at the hospital yesterday…

and they gave me a questionnaire to fill out.

One of the questions asked if I had any kind of surgery.

When I first went to the hospital,

I wrote about my jaw and double eyelid surgery.

I wrote all that…

and the nurse told me I don’t have to write about that.

Too much information.

“Will you follow all the rules and regulations of the triathlon?”

Yes, I will.

“I understand I could get seriously injured…”

“or die while participating…”

(Swallowing hard)

“and am fully aware that it is very dangerous and can…”

– “lead to loss of property.” – Loss of property?

I did not know that.

(His eyes waver as he struggles within himself.)

(Will he give up?)

“Aware that is very dangerous and can lead to loss of property.”

I did not know that.

“I have read and agreed to the terms above.”

Yes, I have.

Registration form.

What’s this?

What am I supposed to do? Pay with credit card.

Don’t you need to download something?

I hate things like that.

– Account transfer. – Account transfer?

That’s difficult.


Why is there so many things to fill in?


Account number.


– What? – Security card.

That’s right.

I have it.

I haven’t seen that for a while.

I still use that too.

People ask…

– if I still use it. – That’s right.

It’s as old as phone cards.

– What do you use? – Smart security devices.

– If you press a button, – OTP.

a security number pops up.

Do you mean the device that looks like a small pager?

– Yes. – That’s right.

You have to carry that around then.

There are thin ones like a card.

Where can you get one?

– The bank. – Any bank.

I think making account transfers at convenience stores is the easiest.

– I don’t think so. – That’s too complicated.

He wastes commission.

Is he showing off?

Only the rich wastes commission like that.

– It’s only 80 cents. – It feels like a waste.

It’s that expensive?

Does one card work for all banks?

– Yes. – It does.

You just have to register it.

Into the card?

Who does that?

– You do. – Each person does.

You on the Internet or your phone.

Forget it.

You must really not use the bank.

I do everything myself.

– You go to the bank, don’t you? – Yes, I usually do.

I don’t trust devices.

You’re the same as my dad.

He was born in 1942.

You’re really like my parents.

No one told me about it.

That’s the same for me.

They don’t tell you about it. You have to ask for it.

You need to pay for it…

– when you first get it. – That’s right.

Do we pay for it or do they pay us?

– Why would they pay you? – Why would they pay you?

Why would they pay you?

So I have to pay for the card?

– Yes. – Of course.

You don’t want it if you have to pay for it, do you?

It’s making me consider it.

Can we talk about this later?

What’s the difference between the card and smart card?

That scared me.

What was that all of a sudden?

Is this it?

– Let’s see. – This is frustrating.

The director brought it, wanting to show it to you.

– What’s this? – What is this?

– What is this? – I’ve never seen this before.

What’s this?

(The others are more surprised at the three idiots that are shocked.)

What is this?

(Look at them.)

How is this possible when it’s so thin?

It’s been a long time since it first came out.

– It doesn’t even need batteries. – Really?

It doesn’t?

How does it work when it isn’t solar powered?

Solar powered?

How does it work for different banks?

– You just register it. – He’s at it again.

I feel like we have three old men here with us.

– I’ve never seen this before. – It’s amazing.

Do you still not want to use it?

Do you want to use the old type?

You need to press more numbers.

What do you mean?

You need to press two more numbers.

Don’t you ever call me an old person.

I use an OTP card.

– You’re smart in that sense. – Of course.

I haven’t gone to a bank for ages.

When you use the phone banking system…

Phone banking?

I haven’t heard that for a long time.

Do you do it on the phone?


I’ve never tried that before.

I haven’t used it either.

It’s been at least a decade since I last used it.

I haven’t used it ever since I started using a smartphone.



– He’s using phone banking. – It’s phone banking.

I’ve never seen that before.

Be careful of financial fraud by people that aren’t from banks.


I don’t feel comfortable…

about downloading things onto my computer…

– and don’t use it. – You sound like my mom.

I’d feel upset and annoyed if my account got robbed.

That’s how he feels.

– There’s nothing we can do. – Let’s respect it.

I don’t even shop on the Internet.

I don’t like downloading the verification system.

If I really need something, my mom is good at online shopping.

That’s a relief.

I call her.

I ask her to buy certain things and wire money to her.

– Then she buys it for me. – The roles are reversed.

Do you happen to hide your money…

under the carpet when you get paid?

No, I bet he hides it in crocks.

Tell us the truth. You have a crock at home, don’t you?

Do you carry cash around in shopping bags?

(Does he carry cash in shopping bags to the bank?)

They don’t just carry it in shopping bags.

They tape the bags to their hands.

That’s right.

– They’re worried it’ll get stolen. – To prevent that.

I actually started using credit cards recently.

This is a disaster.

(This old man has manners…)

(and listens to everything the voice says and answers.)

– Please use the other services. – Okay.

Press your social security number.

That’s a waste of time.

You have to listen to all that.


You have 532.79 dollars…

in the account of Bang Sung Hoon.

(Balance of 532. 79 dollars)


You make a lot of money.

How could a Hollywood star have only 532 dollars?

Do you get 50 dollars whenever you go abroad?

No, 10 dollars.

– They must pay for the flight. – And he gets 50 in cash?

Yes, the flight is separate.

Where did all my money go?

Press the amount you’d like to transfer followed by the pound.

1, 2, 3, 40 dollars.

A big chunk of your money is going out.

Isn’t that too much?

Now you only have a little over 400 dollars.

The first digit of your balance has changed.

You have 492.79 dollars left in your account.

This is a reality show.

Press one for…

I’m not like that now, but when I was young…

and in my late 20s, early 30s,

if I had over 100 dollars,

– I felt like I was very rich. – Me too.

– Right. – The moment it’s less than 100,

– I feel uncomfortable. – Of course.

– That’s right. – How about now?

– Now… – 600 dollars?

After paying my phone bill,

I have around 230 dollars left.

How much do you need now to feel comfortable?

It’s the same. I just need 100 dollars.

You have a certain amount you need to feel at ease.



– It worked. – I told you.

Are you clapping for that?

I paid the registration fee.

Why isn’t it going on to the next page?

Do I have to do it all over?

Did it get deleted?

(He has to sign up for the triathlon after registering his information.)

Why do I need to pay 60 dollars?

(I need to pay another 60 dollars?)

Oh, it’s 40 dollars to register and 60 for the triathlon.

It’s separate?

(Let’s see.)

My account.

You have 492.79 dollars left.

(60 dollars is enough to make him swallow hard.)

– Account transfer again? – You have repeat it.

– Again? – I don’t believe it.

– Be careful of bank fraud. – Okay.

Press star for bank fraud or reporting lost cards.

Press the number…

He keeps answering her.

You have 492.79 dollars…

in the account of Bang Sung Hoon.

Your transfer limit is 4,960 dollars.

I don’t have that much money.

– 60 dollars. – It has been transferred.

You have…

432.79 dollars left in your account.

I hate that voice.

This is real time.

Press 1 or 2 to check your balance.

(Is he moved by how nice the automated voice is?)

(Let’s calm down.)

I have signed up.

(He is done signing up after an hour.)

You’re the first person I know that signed up for that.

I need to swim 750m,

bike for 17km…

and run for 5km.

This is where I start.

(Even the half course doesn’t sound easy.)

I go this way.

It’s not like swimming in a pool.

It’s in the Han River.

Could you walk?

– In the water. – It’s the Han River.

How long do your legs…

– have to be to walk? – No.

Can’t you walk, since a crowd of people will swim together?

You should hold onto the legs of the person in front of you.

Why don’t you just get on the back of that person?

(Suddenly laughs)

I can make a refund.

I can get a refund.

That’s not a bad idea. Give it a thought.

I was very hesitant.

(Should I get a refund or not?)

(The biggest decision of his life)

(He decides to participate.)

(He prepares to go work out.)

I was worried…

if I could do that.

I suddenly thought about what I had to do…

until the triathlon.

I’ll work out at the gym…

for three hours in the morning.

Then I’ll go swim at the pool…

and ride my bike home.

I will have to do the same thing until the triathlon.

It’s the hardest to get out the door.

– You just need to get out. – That’s the hardest.

You just need to get out.

(Let’s get out of here.)

(He picks something up from the shoe rack.)


(He opens the shoe closet to look in the mirror.)

(Applying sunblock)

Are you applying sunblock in front of the shoe rack?

(He picks something else up.)

What are you doing?

Do you shave there?

I think that’s a good idea.

(He quickly gets ready to go out.)

(Let’s go to become an iron man.)

(He loads his bike on top of his car.)

– He’s tall. – He can reach the top of his car.

How do you do that if you’re shorter than Sung Hoon?

You step on the tires.

You’ll have to climb the hood of your car.

The hood?

You can attach it to the back of your car.

I don’t want to bike, but I want that rack.

What kind of wish is that?


It would make me look like a man that enjoys sports.

(This is the spending habit of men.)

It looks cool.

– I don’t believe it. – Why does it look cool?

It makes him look like a man that does sports.

(This man really enjoys sports.)

Let’s go.

– You look cool. – You look awesome.

Why does that look cool?

(The sky is clear without any pollution.)

The weather is nice.

(He nods his head…)

(to the beat of the music.)

(He takes something out.)


(He eats a banana on an empty stomach.)

(Licking his fingers)

You need to eat to work out.

(You hurt because of me)

(He finishes his banana in three bites.)

(He is suddenly serious.)

(He unwraps a sausage.)

(He makes sure to eat his protein.)


(Enjoys it while moving his eyes side to side.)

He’s devouring the sausage.

I thought he was eating noodles.

(He finishes his fruit and meat.)

That’s so cool. I want a rack.

Then exercise.

I’ll attach a rack first.

I really want one.

It looks so cool.

(This is why dads has so many items piled up at home.)

I’ll get changed and go in.

Change over there.

(Sung Hoon walks out in his swimsuit.)

(What kind of training do you do here?)


I’ll meet professional swimmers…

– and practice swimming. – With professional swimmers?

I’m determined…

to have a hard workout.

It’ll work out one way or another.

I just need to work my body.

(He scoops water up.)

(Tasting it)

(He checks the water.)

– Why do you taste it? – I don’t know.

– Taste what? – It’s a habit.

Drinking water with chlorine in it?

I just taste it and spit it out.

You want to copy that, don’t you?

Not that.

Why would I?

That looks cool.

He’s really cool.

That’s very cool.

He looks like a merman.

(He walks confidently with his hair slicked back.)

The moms will go crazy.

I couldn’t look that way because it was all glass.

(Shall we let out some sweat today?)

(The swimmers that are waiting for him)

Aren’t they elementary school students?

You said they are professional swimmers.

How much do they swim?

I heard they’re good.

We have a kid that won the National Junior Athletic Meet.

– How old is he? – He’s in sixth grade.

Come and we’ll talk.

– First… – They’re probably very good.

Elementary school student swimmers.

They’re still professional swimmers.

He went to the same school as I did…

and he used to be a very good swimmer.

He was a very good swimmer.

He’s going to train with our team…

for a triathlon.

I hope you can do well.


We used to be on the same swim team…

when we were in university.

He teaches a junior team.

It’s the professional swimmers team…

and one of them broke the record at a swim meet.

That’s how good I heard they are.

Still, they are elementary school students.

I’m sure I’ll be as good as they are.

I don’t feel any pressure.

Are they all in elementary school?

He’s in middle school.

Middle school?

They look physically different.

They grow much faster than we used to.

– Why are they so big? – Of course.

– They look all grown up. – I thought they were teenagers.

4th grade, 4th grade, 3rd grade and 3rd grade.

– Let’s train hard. – What’s your name?

Sung Hyuk?


we will swim 4,600m.


Isn’t that over 4km?

We need to see…

how well Sung Hoon swims, right?

After warming up,

we’ll have him compete with In Seo for 200m.

(Lee In Seo, 200m-record holder)

He broke the record.

Would that be okay?

(This isn’t bad, is it?)

Let’s just do 50m.

– 50m? – Yes.

What about 100m?

– Okay, 100m. – All right.

We’ll warm up with 400m. Okay?

Let’s go into the lanes.

Sung Hoon can use this one.


(Sung Hoon joins the lane for 6th graders, the fastest.)


He’s trying to intimidate In Seo.

(It looks like a commercial.)

(Smoothly puts his cap on)

You don’t have to do that in front of kids.

That’s how you’re supposed to put a swimming cap on.

Look at the moms get excited.

The dad doesn’t look happy.

We’ll start warming up.


(The students go first.)

(They swim at full speed.)

That’s the warm-up?

Yes, that’s how they warm up.

You warm-up like that?

– You warm-up like that? – Sung Hoon looks nervous.

They do a warm-up like that?

But it’s a warm-up.

Why would they swim so fast?

(He starts while grumbling.)

He’s good.

Of course, he’s good.

(However, he seems so relaxed.)

(The students are on Olympics mode.)

He’s really fast.

(Only Sung Hoon swims slowly.)

He’s moving so slowly.

You don’t have to swim fast as it’s just a warm-up.

– That’s right. – But the kids are really fast.

Still, he could be daunted.

(Everyone swims ahead of him.)

(My goodness.)

This isn’t right.

Why? What’s wrong?

I know times changed,

but who would swim so fast for a warm-up?

They always do it this way.


(He practices all kinds of swimming strokes.)

(Starting with breaststroke,)

(butterfly stroke, which looks like a waterproof watch commercial,)

(to backstroke, it’s a hardcore warm-up.)

The wall is here. You should touch the wall.

You can’t stop swimming without finishing the course.


Catch your breath first.

And then try a 100m course, so we can see…

if you can finish a 200m course.

Don’t worry. You can do this.

Make sure you won’t lose.

Kids, cheer for him just once.

– You can do it! – You can do it!

(The children are lining up to watch the match of the century.)

In 61 seconds.

(Swinging his arm)

All right. Get into position.

(His intense stretching makes even the rising star nervous.)

(The match between the old swimmer who is tense…)

(and the rising star with a national record)

He must be really good even though he’s a child.

No way. I bet Sung Hoon will win.

The thing is…

He can’t beat Sung Hoon.

That’s right. Sung Hoon used to be a professional swimmer.

Five seconds to go.

Good luck.

– Ready. Go. – Go.

(Sung Hoon’s start was a little faster.)

– That’s good. He was faster. – Good. Lead the race.

He’s doing well as expected.

– Get the drop on him. – Good.

– Keep going. – That’s good.

(Sung Hoon swims much faster than he did for his warm-up.)

(Left: Sung Hoon, right: the rising star)

Look at In Seo.

(But the rising star turns the game around.)

They’re unbelievably fast.

(The rising star turned first.)

(Left: Sung Hoon, right: the rising star)

– Still, they’re neck and neck. – That’s right.

But he’s an elementary school student.

(The former swimmer is following the active swimmer.)

(Left: the rising star, right: Sung Hoon)

– He’s so fast. – I think he doesn’t even breathe.

– Really. – Sung Hoon, you were a swimmer.

(He swam 50m in 27 seconds.)

How did he swim 50m in only 27 seconds?


(Sung Hoon puts on a spurt.)

Here he goes. That’s good.

No. It’s okay.

Faster. A little faster.

(Sung Hoon hasn’t narrowed the gap yet.)

(Left: Sung Hoon, right: the rising star)

(The rising star)

(Sung Hoon speeds up for the last time.)

(Could he turn the game around with superhuman strength?)

(He has no such thing.)

– He’s really fast. – Exactly.

This is unbelievable.

(Sung Hoon heroically lost to an elementary school student.)

Gosh. Look how slowly he’s moving his arms.

Sung Hoon, what kind of swimmer were you?

When you were a swimmer?

– Were you in a professional team? – Water polo.

He’s asking because he really doesn’t know.

I was in a professional team until I was 28.

– That means… – He was a professional swimmer.

– He received an annual salary. – I did…

How long has it been since your retirement?

– It’s been almost 10 years. – Then it’s understandable.

He must’ve been in better shape…

– when he was a swimmer. – Right.


(Are you okay?)

Thank you.

– Thank you. – Not just yet.

You have to practice more.

In Seo’s record is 58 seconds.

(The rising star swam 100m in 58 seconds.)

Sung Hoon’s record is 1 minute and 1 second.

– It’s no joke. – Sung Hoon did well too.

Everyone, get in your usual lanes.

Get in your lanes.

(The former swimmer lost to a little child.)

I don’t think I can do this.

– It was an intense match. – It’s not easy at all.


I don’t think you can do a 200m course.

(You were very confident.)

I was sure that I would lose.

I had no intention to win in the first place.

– He’s an elementary school student. – No way.

– I went easy on him. – There was fire in his eyes.

(Avoiding the camera)

You see, what’s the point of defeating a child?


I’ll defeat him one day.

I think you should consider a different training course.

Do you still want to try the 200m course training?

In fact, you should do it in order to swim 750m.

– He’s already exhausted. – Seven times longer.

Are you sure you’ll be okay? This is your first day of training.

– This is my first day. – Exactly.

(The coach cares about him.)

Gosh. My arms are shaking.

All right. Let’s begin with the kicking exercise.

(Hold on. His diving position looks familiar.)

Stop. Don’t do that.

(He did a belly flop unlike what he said.)

– A belly flop. – I can see how much it must hurt.

The kids’ mothers look disappointed.

Wait for five seconds.

(The real training session begins.)

(The aspiring swimmers go first.)

(They move their legs so lightly just like swans.)

They’re good.

I know this from my experience. I bet they’re doing that…

absolutely effortlessly.

They’re swimming comfortably.

The kids are smiling while doing this.

Everyone is smiling.

How can it be possible?


– That’s so realistic. – Kids never get tired.

(Sung Hoon walks wobbly as if he’s drunk.)

You can’t swim 750m like this.

(He walks in the water as if he’s still drunk.)


– What did he just do? – He kicked the bottom of the pool.

I haven’t seen anyone grabbing a lane line for a while.

Request for a rope to hold on to at the triathlon.

– Over Han River? – Yes.

What should I do about him?

(The three ways to cheat while swimming)

(His body even starts to sink.)

(Let me just go home.)

Move. Swim faster. Come on.

(You seem to have lost a lot of physical strength.)

The doctor said…

that I got viral eye infection…

because my immune system had weakened…

as I worked too hard without getting enough sleep.

– I was told to get some rest. – What is he talking about?

So I rested at home. I ate a lot and had a good rest.

As a result,

I regained my health, but lost my physical strength.

Hang on. Then why did you drink?


Your lip just trembled.

I saw that too.

– His upper lip trembled like this. – That’s right.

He can’t lie.

Anyway, my immune system weakened.

– What is he talking about? – We know too much about him.

(The kicking exercise continues.)

Put on a snorkeling mask.


(There are many different types of training.)

(Ready. Go.)


(The senses that he hasn’t used for the past 10 years…)

(come back as the intense training continues.)

(I can’t do this anymore.)

Hey. How are you going to compete in a triathlon?

How are you going to do that?

(Shaking his head)

(Everyone feels bad for him.)

(The intense training ends.)

– What’s that? – Green tea.

– Are you trying to lose weight? – I think a 50m course is better.

He’s so strict about self-management.

(At last, it’s the final step.)

You should be ashamed if you lose a 25m race.

If you lose a 25m race.



(The coach helps him stay focused to the last moment.)

– He’s checking his pulse. – Get ready.

My heart can’t seem to stop pounding.


(Could he be able to bring it to a successful end?)

Ready. Go!

– Again. – Why?

(He gave a shout of concentration, but…)

It wasn’t Sung Hoon, was he?

(Sung Hoon lost his focus and made a false start.)

Your legs were wobbly, right?

My legs were wobbly.

(The children are swimming at full speed.)

– Could he have done it on purpose? – The kids used up their energy.

Did he do it on purpose?

To make the kids waste their energy?

Gosh, no. I wouldn’t do that to children.

They’re only children.

Everyone, come on up.

(He braces himself for the final match.)

Only those who break their personal best will go home.

– What? – Break your personal best.

– What was your record? 25 seconds? – Me?

My record for 50m was 29 seconds.

– You swam in 25 seconds. – No. 29 seconds.

He lied about his record.

– 26 seconds. – That’s why I was in my 20s.

Then 27 seconds.

(They settled for 27 seconds.)

Sung Hoon, you’ll do another lap if you can’t swim in 27 seconds.

– You’ll swim another laps. – He has to fight yourself.

My arms and legs already felt so weak.

(He’s mentally and physically exhausted.)

(Sung Hoon, the Rainbow Club’s Mermaid Prince)

(I’ve forgotten how I was humiliated by the elementary school student.)

(Now, this is a fight against myself.)

(The children are ready.)

He should pull it off with determination.


Here he goes.

(Mermaid Prince can’t go down like this.)

(Sung Hoon pushes to the lead with a surge.)

– He’s fast. – I knew he’d do well.

– He’s doing so well. – I can’t even see his arms.

He doesn’t even breathe.

– He’s cool. – He still has it.

(He’s also close to the rising star.)

(It’s impossible to predict the result of the match.)

You can defeat In Seo.

– Let’s go! – Defeat In Seo!

– I think he has a chance to win… – Who is that?

– No. He still has a chance to win. – I don’t know.

(Who will be the winner?)

Wait. No. In Seo made a spurt.

He’s so fast.

(The rising star won again.)

26 seconds.

(The rising star’s record is 26 seconds.)

28 seconds.

Isn’t 28 seconds a good record?

He did really well.

– It’s a really good record. – Exactly.

It’s only 2 seconds behind your record when you were a swimmer.

(He did his best, but…)

I’ll make sure to defeat him at least once…

before the competition.


Why do you keep trying to defeat In Seo?

He’s going to a triathlon because he’s competitive.

Team Two, get ready.


Until when can I request a refund?

(Until when can I request a refund?)

– Request a refund now. – Right. Cancel your plan.

It’s too late now.



(It’s hard to even move his body.)

The kids are still energetic, but he’s exhausted.

They’ll probably go to English class or other classes.

(They’ll probably go to English class or other classes.)

– English class? – I couldn’t think of that.

The day isn’t over for the kids.

They must have a busy schedule.

Some of them will go to a violin lesson.

Sung Hoon used to be a great swimmer.

– “He used to be”. – “He used to be”.

Always cheer for him.

(Cheer up, Sung Hoon.)

Attention. Bow.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – Give me high five.

– Good job. – See you. Good job.

Good job.

– That’s good. – Good job.

– I’ll call you later. – Okay. Go home.

– Good job. – Thank you.

See you.

I feel so wobbly.

[VIU Ver] E263 I Live Alone
“Sung Hoon’s Tough Spartan Training”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-


Why can’t I walk straight?

(Breathing heavily)

(His body feels so heavy.)


The training ended, and I showered, but I was still short of breath.

I couldn’t stop panting.

Did you get weaker than when you were on The Rainbow Live before?

– I got weaker. – I don’t think you were this weak.

(He barely managed to get in the car.)

(And then he heads to somewhere else.)

Oh, no.

(His muscles start to ache.)

Even 30 or 40 minutes after I finished the swimming training…

Shouldn’t you call a chauffeur?

I thought of doing that too.

(By the way, where is he headed?)

What? Isn’t he going home?

We would’ve gone straight to a spa if we were him.

Or we would’ve gone to eat.

(Where is Sung Hoon?)

(Hangang Park)

(He parked his car.)

(He’s trying to fill his stomach.)

He should eat something.

I thought that if I lose weight too, it could damage my health.

So I’ve been eating enough food for excising hard.

(To regain his energy,)

(Sung Hoon eats food whenever he can.)

(However, why did he come here?)

(At that moment, someone shows up.)

Help me up.

(Ji Ho Seong, Sung Hoon’s junior actor)

He used to be a member of the national kendo team.

I told him that I was going to prepare for a triathlon,

and I wanted someone to help me practice running as a pacemaker.

Then he said he’s good at running.

Oh, he’ll practice running.

Let’s go.

– “Let’s go.” – Let’s go.

How about “Let’s lie down”?

– “Let’s take a nap” is also good. – That sounds good.

– “Let’s eat” is also good. – That’s good.

Let’s run the first lap at this speed…

and then speed up. Does it sound good?


Now, let’s speed up.

– No, no. – A little faster.


– You can run at this pace. – No.

Only an athlete can run this fast.

(As his friend is running with him,)

(he runs at a steady pace even though he’s tired.)

It’s good weather for running.

They run differently from Kian84.

– Is it because of the background? – No, it’s because…

– What? They run just like I do. – Kian84.

– They don’t. – Kian84 always…

leans forward like this while walking or running.

– Just like a mole. – I’ll show you.

Like a T-Rex. T-Rex.

Gosh. You look like a dinosaur.

You really run like this.

(Kian84 runs only uphill.)

(He runs like a dinosaur.)

His posture is always like this.

When he finishes running, he always drools.

He drools or spits.

Something comes out of his mouth.

He pretends he’s throwing up.

While swimming, I could’ve met my late grandma.

– It’s true. – Stop talking nonsense.

(Stop talking nonsense.)

Let’s go.

(They’ll run faster this time.)

Let’s speed up this time. Let’s go. Faster. Run.

– Run. – That’s interval training.

Interval training.

– My goodness. – They’re good at running.

His friend doesn’t even look tired.

Run. Faster. Speed up.

(They speed up again.)

Don’t you want to run at full speed?

That would damage the organs in my body.

My joints are almost brand new. Why would I use them?

– Running is bad for knee joints. – It’s a waste of energy.

(He speaks thoughtlessly.)

What? What did you say?

It’s a waste of energy.

You’re unbelievable as always.

The weather is so good.

Let’s run a sprint for the last time.

How far?

To that blue pole over there.

Ho Seong doesn’t look tired at all.

(The blue pole Sung Hoon will run to)

– The loser buys the winner dinner. – Okay.

Since I know how much you eat, I should win this.


(It’s an important race with dinner on the line.)

Set. Go.

(Their pride is at stake.)

(Neck and neck)


He’s too slow. Oh, no.

Sung Hoon’s friend is running so lightly.


Look. He even looks back at Sung Hoon. He seems so relaxed.

(Which one will be the winner?)

(Ho Seong taps the pole first.)

Darn it.

Hey. Give me a moment.

(Sung Hoon didn’t win any matches today.)

I’m so exhausted.

– I’m so tired. – Let’s go and eat dinner.

Don’t you feel excited when you push yourself to the limit?

Kian84, the show off.

There’s a feeling like that.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I decided to give a triathlon a go.

I used to think, “Even if I die…”

“as soon as I finish filming this, I’ll do my best.”

“Let’s give it a try.” That’s how I felt on set.


– You know how it feels, right? – Yes.

– I used to felt that way, but… – How do you feel now?

Of course I feel comfortable on set and have a lot of fun now,

but I think I’m not as passionate and determined as I used to be.

– You feel like you became idle? – The same goes for everyone.

I used to feel so excited even after I couldn’t sleep for two days.

– Me too. – It’s not that I lost my passion.

– My body can’t handle it anymore. – Of course.

Now, I can’t endure it only with my excitement.

– Right. – He’s right.

– What a nice weather. – Yes.

(Where are they going to fill their stomachs?)

Today, I…

– Right. Eat something. – From 1pm?

Eat ramyeon.

There’s only one lunch box left.

– Ma’am, is this the last one? – Yes.

– Eat it. I’ll find something else. – It looks delicious.

But kimchi…

Why do they have only this kind?

(He picks up kimchi.)

He picked up three packs.

(He looks so serious.)

(He’s choosing a samgak gimbap.)

Tuna mayonnaise is the best.

– Jeonju bibimbap is the best. – No. Tuna mayonnaise is the best.

– Gochujang bulgogi is the best. – No. Jeonju bibimbap is.

– I prefer Jeonju bibimbap. – Of course.

(He picked a ramyeon too.)

I’m so tired that I don’t even have any appetite.

(He chose a lot of food.)

– He said he didn’t have appetite. – He bought a lot of food.

It’s 23 dollars.

That’s a lot.

All he has been doing is eat.

You can eat at a restaurant with that money.

Here you go.

– Did you just exercise? – Pardon?

– Did you just exercise? – No. I met my grandmother.

I’m glad you did.

“I’m glad you did.”

Why would she say that?

She’ll be surprised when she watches this.

(He heats up the samgak gimbap in the microwave.)

(He pours hot water in the cup ramyeon.)

(Then he sits at a table outside with a river view.)

– That must be nice. – Of course.

When you eat all that food after exercising…

There’s no point of exercising…

– if you eat this much. – He bought that sausage after all.

It looks so delicious.

(He puts it right into his mouth.)


I don’t even know how it tastes.

Right. He’s too exhausted.

(He takes another bite to feel the taste.)


(It disappeared in a moment.)

I think I’d do it again.

Clearly, he lost his appetite.


(Now, he eats the cup ramyeon.)


(It’s hot.)

(He never stops eating even though it’s hot.)

(He slurps noodles without a pause.)

You eat well.

(He closes his eyes and enjoys the taste.)

He knows how to eat.

I’m so tired that I don’t feel like eating.


I’m so tired that I don’t feel like eating.


If you don’t feel like eating…

(He says he has no appetite, but…)

I don’t know what to say.

Did you bring him to make him sit in front of you?

He look as if he’s watching an eating show.

He’ll send star balloons later.

(Live 4D eating show)


(He places stir-fried kimchi on top of rice.)


(He gulps down.)

I thought you didn’t feel like eating.

I’m forcing myself to eat.

I have no energy.

(He holds the lunchbox on his hand to eat.)

It’s inside.

He put the flake in.

He was in a rush.


Oh, gosh.

– My goodness. – It was my first time trying it.

I’m sure…

– the soup tastes like plastic. – I know.


Were you tired?

(What’s it doing here?)

It’s not late. Add it now.


His friend is positive.

(He tastes it again after adding sauce.)

It finally tastes good.

It’s good now, but I’m finished.

“It’s good now.”

Well done.

What’s that?

(Rice refill)

That’s right. You need to refill rice.

You become ill if you don’t eat that much.

Mix this too.

(He add more rice.)

He’s startled.

(He keeps moving his chopsticks.)

I had no appetite.


I was so tired that I couldn’t tell…

what gimbap tasted like until I had two.

When I mixed stir-fried kimchi with rice,

I finally felt like eating.

The meal begins now.

He can taste now.


(Nice catch)

You’re pretty quick…

– He’s quick. – when you eat.

(He continues eating as if nothing happened.)

I finally feel alive.

He eats fast and a lot.

(Sung Hoon gets up after eating.)

(He goes back to the convenience store.)

He’s going back again.

What’s he doing? Is he going to eat again?

Second round?

One corn dog please.


– I knew it. – He’s wonderful.

– That’s just amazing. – I knew it.

I could finally taste flavors after stir-fried kimchi.

Was it enough or no on that day? Be honest.

I had things to do after, so I didn’t eat full on purpose.

I thought you had no appetite.

I have no appetite.

(Corn dog is his dessert.)

(It’s good.)

Did you take a cab here?

I called someone for a ride.

Go home in his car.

– How about you? – Me?

I’m going to meet my grandma one more time before I go.

Grandma said you don’t need to come.

Stop coming.

– You’re going to ride that home? – He’s going to ride a bicycle.

How long does it take?

From here,

it’s 17.19km.

An hour and a half?

(He puts on the helmet for safety.)

(He sets off.)


(He sets off.)

Let’s go.

Let’s do this.

It must be really hard.

(Clear and cool autumn…)


(Is perfect for a bicycle ride.)


I’ve forgotten about this for a while.

(The more he pedals…)

It’s nice and cool.

(Seoul looks new and exotic.)

Korea is better than any other countries.

– It’s very nice. – Nice weather and clean air.

It’s very nice.

(It’s training, but it feels like healing.)

(It’s nice.)

(While riding along Han River…)

– The sunset… – That’s totally…

is just beautiful.

That’s terrific.

(The sun is setting in distance.)

The view was beautiful.

I haven’t seen such views in a long time.

Extremely clear sky and extremely white cloud.

It was very nice.

After riding slowly for a while,

cycling felt pretty comfortable.

After Yeouido, it’s Wonhyo Bridge.

Hangang Bridge.

Then Dongjak Bridge next.

(He keeps riding to his destination.)

(It’s getting dark in Han River.)

It’s dark now.

(Just a little bit more.)

Let’s go.

Is it different?

– It’s pretty. – If you follow that road,

you can travel the whole country.

(Night in Seoul shines brightly.)

(And Sung Hoon rides within.)


(He crosses Han River without a break.)

(Sung Hoon quietly proceeds forward.)

– It’s wonderful. – It looks like a movie.

Applause. It’s awesome.

(Moonlight view colors the night.)

Hold on. Why didn’t you do the same for Kian84?

Why do you always film something dirty for Kian84?

– Drooling. – Radish soup.

– Or drooling close up. – Or drooling close up.

– Excuse me. – Close up…

He wet his pants again.

Radish soup.

Why do you sweat radish?

Look at that.

It’s disgusting. Gosh.

I feel bad. You don’t need to use a drone for me.

It looks like a sportswear campaign.

“Nothing is impossible.”

(“Nothing is impossible” by Sung Hoon)

(Let’s run fast enough to shoot a commercial.)


– Oh, no uphill. – Uphill.


(Once he tries, he never gives up.)

(He clenches his teeth to complete the ride.)

To the top until the end…

(Run to the top until the end.)

(He runs himself out of breath.)

(And he finally sees the end.)


(He enjoys his own top.)

(The feeling of completion makes him smile.)

(He arrives after a long journey.)


My goodness.



(His legs feel week due to tough training schedule.)

He shouldn’t lie down now.

He will fall asleep.

– Yes. – He can’t go home.

(It was a tough day.)

Does the video end with a guard waking him up the next day?

– “Sir.” – While he was cleaning…

– “What’s he doing here?” – And the bicycle is gone.

– “What’s a young man doing here?” – “The bicycle is gone.”

Have a positive view towards the world.

Why do you think everyone will steal?

Who would take the bicycle?

When I was young, my bicycle kept getting stolen.

There are surveillance cameras everywhere. No one would take it.

– Mine always went missing. – Why are you so negative?


He must feel proud.

Why do you ring the bell?

– What’s he doing? – I need the card to go in.


Sorry to bother you.

I forgot to bring my wallet with me.


Is everything all right?

– No, I was out all day. – Right.

– I just got home. – He’s worried…

because he’s panting.

(He barely drags his heavy body home.)

He looks dead.


(I need to lie down.)

He groans before he knows.

This is my schedule until the competition.

It’s my daily exercise.

So what if I don’t like it?

I need to do it every day. I need to get used to it.

For the first one week,

I need to feel the pain…

to gain strength.

It’s my goal to finish it healthy.

I will cover up my weak strength…

with mentality.

(He passed out.)

What were you saying about mentality?

I need to rest in my break.

My prostate hurts.

My goodness.

– He rode too much. – Oh, from riding.

(Sung Hoon’s ID is Iron Man.)

(If I don’t wake up,)

(please finish “King, Back to School” for me.)

(Who is he talking to?)

(Choong Jae?)

(Two men’s first medical checkup in life)

(Conscious sedation endoscope makes him lose temper.)

(First health checkup in life)

(MBC News, I’m Jun Hyun Moo.)

(He becomes the daily broadcasting station guide for his nephew.)

(As his nephew enjoys his time with his girlfriend,)

(Uncle Hyun Moo gets in their way.)

(Let’s learn to dance with me.)

(I’m going to do it alone.)

(Immature uncle is having more fun than his nephew.)

(What about us?)

It’s fun.

(Wannabe uncle)

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