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(Scream for a gift in the center of Chuseok.)

Good to see you.

We’re shooting on the day of Chuseok.

That’s right.

So, one of Rainbow Club members…

gave me a gift.

You didn’t have to, President Jun.

I say I wouldn’t,

but I do.

– Hold on. – It’s pretty big.

– It’s pretty big. – Yes.

– I can tell by the weight. – This is from me.

To Park Na Rae Mom.


Mom? Did you just say my mom?

– Mom. – Yes.

– Yes. – It’s burdening.

It’s from Henry.

– Oh, from Henry. – It’s from Henry.

– It’s from Henry to Hye Jin. – My son.

– Henry… – Goodness.

– makes good money. – He sent large gifts.

Why is it heavy?

My goodness. Henry is so cute.

How about Si Eon and Simon D?

– There it is. – It’s all here.

– Leave them on their spots. – Shall we?

This isn’t a ritual.

It looks like they’ve gone somewhere.

– Simon D sits here. – Here.

What are you doing? We’re not remembering them.

It’s for them.

This is the least we can do.

– For Hwasa. – For Hwasa.

I’ll leave it here since Hwasa visits from time to time.

Yes. Hwasa’s can go there.

Goodness. Look at what my son Henry wrote.

“Mom. I miss you so much.”

“Don’t you miss me?”

“Have happy Chuseok. From Henry.”

– Look at this. – Goodness.

“Hye Jin. Have happy Chuseok.”

That’s how you write a bird.

Bird. It’s “Have happy Chuseok.”

– Can I open it? – We should.

You’re supposed to open the gift right away.

I never got anything for Henry.

– I feel so bad. – Hey.

– These are nuts. – Nuts?

– It’s expensive. – It’s…

This looks expensive.

A bag of mixed nuts aren’t expensive,

but this is the expensive one.

You showed a different reaction when I gave you black beans.

(President Jun also gave them nuts as a gift before.)

(They were touched at first,)

(but soon, President Jun’s bean gate happened.)

(Hye Jin gets 4 times more beans.)

(His gift made them grab a fist.)

It’s a different reaction.

– Of course, it’s totally different. – Yes.

Anyway, thank you very much.

– Thank you. – Hold on.

My son sent us gifts from faraway country.

You’re so close by, President Jun.

– Yes? – What’s going on?

I’ll send you gifts when I’m far away abroad.


I’ll make sure to get something for you.

I just don’t want to show it on TV.

He never shows.

– We don’t even know. – Anyway,

we must appreciate it.

Let’s video call Henry.

I’ve sent him a message in advance.

(President Jun is thorough.)

It’s Henry.

(We miss you, Henry.)

– Son. – Henry.

– Son. – Henry.


Henry. I miss you, my son.

We’re all here. I’ll show you.

– Hi. – Hey.

Thank you for the gift, Henry.


– Happy Chuseok. – Happy Chuseok.

Why do you bring it up so close?

Thank you for the gift, Henry.

How did you think of this?

I can’t be there.

You didn’t have to send it from far away.

Why do you keep bringing it up close?

– I like it up close. – Yes.

When are you coming to Korea?

Just hold the phone yourself.

(Although it’s nice, it’s too close.)

Why do you keep bringing it up close?

To show him his mom close.

When are you coming to Korea?

Hurry. I miss you.

Are you coming in October?

Yes. I will go right away.

Only you two are talking.

– Hand it over to us. – Okay.

I will hand you over to Kian84.


– Did you get a haircut? – Yes.

Now that I see you, I have nothing to say.

Then why did you want to talk to him?

I’m leaving soon.

– Really? – Just wait.

Anyway, hurry. I’ll hand you over to Hye Jin.

Henry. Take care of yourself.

Hye Jin.


– You really have nothing to say. – That’s why I didn’t ask.

Families have nothing to say to each other.


(Rainbow Club members are like a family now.)

(Henry quietly…)

Oh, my goodness.

(Oh, my goodness.)

I love it.

– Bye. – Bye.

(Holiday isn’t fun until the whole family gathers.)

(See you soon, Henry.)

(I Live Alone)

(Top model, Dhalsim, bear the weight of babel.)


This is not good.

– We hate this scene. – Yes.

– It’s dangerous. – Yes.

(Dhalsim warms up on the treadmill.)

Even walking is hard.

She’s watching UFC.


You watch UFC while exercising?

She’s the top fighter here.

(She must feel itchy…)

(to watch bloody fight video.)

(Do you exercise like this every day?)


when I have casual clothes shooting coming up,

– Casual clothes. – I exercise every day…

for three weeks.

Sometimes I go to the gym twice a day.

Do you go regularly…

even off season?

Of course.

Models don’t have a fixed line between season and off season.

Legs to your shoulder length.

Shoulder length.

(She starts stretching for real.)

Straighten your waist.

Open up your knees and stretch.

(She has become used to this move.)


(Revealing front teeth)

Front teeth.

(Her front teeth are unleashed as she relaxes her muscles.)

One more time to the side.

– It’s difficult. – Of course.

(Dhalsim stretches her side.)

She can stretch her side.

Goodness. What?

– That’s Dhalsim. – Dhalsim power.

What is that? Seriously.

(She doesn’t forget to practice yoga power.)

Place your elbows.

(She changes the position for stretching.)

Stretch slowly.

– Two. – You look tired.

(The viewers find the position more painful.)


Take a deep breath.


(this skill didn’t come from nothing.)

She was using skills she learned in the gym.

(She practiced all this.)

Why do you groan?

We’ll go easy since you have a knee problem.

– I have a knee problem. – Switch your legs.

– She has a knee problem? – She has a knee problem.

Yes, she has a knee problem.

If you have a problem, you should go see a doctor.

How could you go to the gym?

I’d go straight to the hospital if I were her.

– I’d be hospitalized. – I’d be hospitalized.

You do that when you have a knee problem?

That’s like Taereung.

You do that when you have a knee problem?

– That relaxes my knees. – Three. Go slow.

– It’s heavy. – Four.

– Seven. – I don’t get it.

She has a different way of thinking.

Eight. Go slow.

5 more. 1.

I’m heating up my knees.

– Two. – Gosh. That looks hard.

I don’t understand why you would heat up your knees.

She should just get a massage.

(Maybe you should just get a massage.)

Come on. Okay.

Have a cup of water.

Let’s go for two sets.


It already looks tiring.

(2 years ago,)

(Dhalsim was extremely energetic.)

That’s right.

(The way the top model managed herself seemed like a UFC player.)

That was when I lifted the most weight.

You can lift heavy weight even though you’re skinny.

(It was the first time Rainbow Club members saw it.)

(I think I’d lose if we fight.)

– You lose for sure. – It’ll be over in five minutes.

(Not even the two of us can win.)

– No. – We’ll both lose.

(The Rainbow fighter reigned with power.)

(After 2 years…)

Eight. Strain on your hips.

10. Just 2 more.


(She looks as if she’s a retired fighter.)

One more. Breathe.

My goodness.

– It hurts so much. – You have bad knees.

What are you going to do?

(What is this?)

It’s heartbreaking.

What happened to Dhalsim in just two years?

– Gosh, my knees. – Goodness.

Do you want to untie it?

It’s all right.

(How bad are your knees?)

They’ve been bad since I was in New York.

It’s been 10 years.

Models take…

powerful steps on the stage.

– See that is… – It’s bad for knees.

I have to keep stomping on my knees.

The hardest part in New York was that…

all models’ basic shoe size is 270mm,

– Really? – but I wear 245mm.

So I arrived in the show hall early every time,

– and you know paper towel, right? – Yes.

I grabbed so much paper towel.

So I put it in front of shoes.

I couldn’t put it in the back because they were sandals.

My toes were barely hanging.

If you look in the pictures…

I’m wearing in 15cm high heels.

My knees couldn’t stand it.

It’s called a cat walk…

because we walk like cats.

How should I say it?

We pretty much pound our knees on the ground.

We take very powerful steps.

We also walk very fast that we run out of breath.

We never walk on barefoot or sneakers.

We wear this big high heels.

Hold on. Your shoes are on flame.

I thought you’re wearing Harley-Davidson.

(It looks like a motorcycle.)

I just had to wear these today.

(Dhalsim came to work on a bike.)

About three years ago,

you know hot packs?

I can’t drive without them.

– I can’t drive. – Why not?

– Because your knees are cold? – Yes.

What’s amazing is that when we climbed Mount Gwanak,

– I reached the top late. – Yes.

She said she can’t go down fast due to bad knees.

Climbing up is okay, but going down is hard.

Going down is hard due to bad knees.

But she went down an hour earlier than I did.

– Then how bad are your knees? – You should’ve gone down first.

My body is unusable.

Then you should be carried on a stretcher.

I was looking for a cable car.

(She starts the squats again after pulling herself together.)

Let’s begin.




– Is that from your knee? – It sounded like something bent.

(Something must have bent for sure.)

– Let’s do 10. – Gosh.


My knee’s making sound.

Give up. Your knees can’t stand it.

It doesn’t hurt more just because it makes sound,

but I can’t focus on exercise because that sound bothers me.

I used to hear that from my grandma.

What are you saying?

My grandma’s knees used to make sound.

(She tries to reduce the pain with medicine.)

– What is that? – That reduces…

heat in knees.

You should get checked up in hospital.

(Why do you keep exercising in this condition?)

I relieve stress…

– by exercising. – What?

It will only stress you more.

I relieve stress…

by lifting weights.

But I can’t do it.

I exercise to relieve stress,

but I’m more stressed because of my knees.

Wouldn’t you feel better when you lift a drink glass?

To lift a drink glass, I lift weights.


There’s something in common. They’re both lifted.

I always focus on…

exercising my abs and hips.

I believe hips are the most important in women’s body.

Here are the hips.

What are you doing?

(Dhalsim got more confidence from it.)

That was good time.

(Her hips caught celebrities’ attention.)

– It looks awkward. – I find it awkward too.

You worked out so much at the time.


(That line mean a lot to Bardem as well.)

(Come on.)

Do we have to see this every week?

Are you embarrassed like me?

No, I love it. I wish to see it all the time.

My butt is all about me, Park Na Rae.

(There may be someone who has never seen it,)

(but no one has seen it only once.)

Yes, the Butt Bardem.

For flexible butt.

This won’t do anything. You aren’t wearing any weight.

I should add weight.

It’s not fun until it’s heavy.

No, due to your knees.

Get a rehab if you want weight.

He said that to me for seven years.

Should you get a rehab?

– Grab it. – Let me push up.

– Grab it, and one. – I’m going to keep my head up.

1, 2.

– Oh, that. – I’m sick of it.

– Three. – It’s my favorite.

– Five. – It will break your waist.

– Six. Is this okay? – Yes.

(With a little bit more weight…)


(Dhalsim trains her hip line.)

Go slow. Three. How are you doing?

– I won’t add more weight. – Why not?

– It’s not good for your knees. – Add more weight.

(She adds more weight mercilessly for her hip line.)

Take your center. Three.

That’s how she exercises her hips.

I exercise my hips in Pilates. It’s very hard.

– You want more hips? – Yes.

I’m going to bring up my hips up to my shoulders.

– To be real Bardem. – Yes.

Add one large weight please.

You’re using a professional term.

– Hurry up. – 2.5kg?

(Hurry up. I’m getting dizzy.)

It’s going to put pressure on her knees.

Go slow. One more. Pause.


Kim Kardashian.

Na Rae Bardem.

(Their lines)

That is on every week.

Dhalsim, you have a long way to go until you catch up with me.

– I’m working on it now. – Yes.

(Among pain,)

(there’s something she wants to seize along with the hip line,)

(top fighter ranking title)

It’s way too long.

(She has controlled with her physical strength until now.)

She wants to fight badly.

(She didn’t hesitate to use the lash for love.)

She hit a lot of people.

Now that I’m doing this,

I want dead lift badly.

No dead lift. You’re going to ruin your knees.

– Go get your knees fixed then. – I got the sign.

– You’re relaxed now. – I feel the joy…

– of weight lifting. – I got the sign…

– to lift more weights. – No.

I can never relate.


– That’s terrible for your knees. – Eight.


I need to do finishing exercise.

(She spurts until the end.)

I should get an X-ray.

(The pain has finally come.)

– I don’t get it. – Me neither.

Exercise addiction is what I don’t understand the most.

How could you get addicted to it?

– I know. I don’t get it. – Right.

It’s the video I could never get it in I Live Alone.

It drives me crazy.

(She visits hospital after exploiting her knees.)

Where do you want the treatment?

– It’s my regular place. – Right knee.

Is that the place?


It’s the orthopedics office I go to.

I’ve only been there when I had a broken bone.

I visit the orthopedics office the most often.

(She waits nervously.)

(She waits nervously.)


– Come in. – Yes.

(What diagnosis is waiting for her?)


(She enters saying hello brightly.)

– How are you? – Good.

My knees have gotten bad again.

When do they hurt the most?

I want to lift more weights, but I can’t.

– When you do weight lifting? – Yes.

“Weight lifting.”

Why would you go to hospital for that?

How much weight do you want to lift?

Large weights.

[VIU Ver] E262 I Live Alone
“Hye Jin’s Knee”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

Face this way.

– Doctor. – Yes?



– Yes? – Let me take an X-ray of my nose.

– Last time… – Nose?

– I broke my nose before. – Why X-ray your nose?

People thought I got my nose done.

I had a thick makeup on.

(As she watched Na Rae crying…)

It was an issue.

(Did Han Hye Jin do a nose job?)

How did you break your nose?

I broke my nose as I fell.

Why did you fall?

I slipped.

Is it from the fight with Si Eon?

Hold on. President Jun.

– Yes? – Did you…

– Me? – No. What are you talking about?

I’m a terrible fighter.

Right. I see that you’re fine. What happened?

I fell down while we were on a trip.

It was swollen pretty bad.

It was swollen bad.

On that day,

when I saw her, I thought she did a Navi makeup.

I thought she wanted to try it out.

Sure. Let’s take a picture of your nose…

since you’re here.

This is…

(Knees aren’t the first priority.)

Can I smile? Do I have to stay still?

– Just stay still. – She didn’t get her nose done.

I just need to compare them.

(After the nose X-ray…)

– Right. – Spine.

I’m nervous.

I’ll show you the nose since you’re worried.

There it is. My nose sank by 1mm.

It’s broken.

It sank like this, but the bones knitted so nicely.

– It healed nicely. – That’s a relief, right?

Like this. It healed nicely.

So the gap here is filled now.

(The grin disappears from her face slowly.)

“You need a plastic surgery to fix your nose.”

I was actually waiting to hear him saying that.

Then I would’ve had a reason for having my nose done.

– You don’t need a nose surgery. – I was disappointed.

To be honest, I thought of what I would do…

if the doctor told me that I need a nose surgery.

– I made some plans. – We all hope for that kind of luck.

So I looked into famous plastic surgeon for nose surgery.

But the doctor said my nose healed nicely, and I was disappointed.


The left side of your pelvis is a bit higher than the right side.

However, the problem is…

If you compare the shape of the two sides,

– this side is a bit smaller. – He’s right.

And the other side is a little wider.

– Yes. – That means the right side…

– is tiled backward. – It’s uneven.

And the left side is tilted forward just like your posture.

I always tilt my hips in the same direction when I strike a pose.

– I do the same on a runway too. – I see.

No model tilt her hips in the same direction like I do.

Weirdly, I always…

– tilt my hips to the left side. – Right.

In my opinion, your pelvis…

– doesn’t seem to get worse. – I’m relieved.

– However, your knees… – Her knees are the problem.

Oh, I didn’t take an X-ray of your knees.


– Doctor. – I forgot because of your nose.

Let’s go and take just one more shot.

(He forgot the top priority because of her nose.)

I’m sorry.

Oh, no. My left knee is swollen.

When I looked down, I could see that my left knee was swollen.

– Hye Jin, unlike my expectations, – Yes.

your knees…


It must be bad.

He seems serious.

It’s worse than I thought.

Let’s go back to the examining room.

(How bad could it be?)


Your current knee condition…

This is your right knee.

And this is your left knee.

– They look the same. – No.

We need to look at the gap between the bones.

(There’s a difference in gap.)

However, this side is narrower than the other side.

Here. This side.

When you stand up,

your body weight is not put right in the middle.

It’s put on the inner side.

That’s why arthritis mostly develops…

– On the inner side. – on the inner side.

Considering your age,

the space between the bones have decreased a lot.

That means…

the cartilage in your knees…

– have gotten thinner. – It’s worn out.

The joint space has narrowed too much for your age.

– He’s right. It’s much narrower. – It’s narrow.

Let’s take a look at the MRI result…

that you gave me five years ago.

It seems that you were managing to…

preserve the cartilage.

And for the past five years,

the joint space got much narrower.

It’s narrowing over time.

This is what we call…

overuse syndrome.

If you use your muscles more than your muscle capacity,

– your body can be damaged. – She overused her muscles.

She worked out too much.

– Yes. She should stop working out. – I never work out.

– It’s not because I worked out. – Workouts can be this dangerous.

– Mine are like brand new knees. – Stop saying it’s the cause.

– The same goes for me. – These are brand new knees.


Overusing them causes an infection, which can lead to swelling.

You said your knee was swollen when you took the X-ray.

Since it’s warm from swelling,

– I put an ice pack on it. – Right.

A long while after that,

– I use warm compresses. – I see.

If you keep going on like this,

you may end up in a bad condition…

that can be considered as degenerative arthritis…

sooner than normal people.

– Arthritis? – Yes.

Therefore, you better refrain from doing exercises…

such as treadmill running.

(She’s banned from running on a treadmill.)

Never do that again. You shouldn’t run on that machine.

Such as treadmill running.

– It’s not good for your knees. – I bought a treadmill not long ago.

Exercises like that are bad.

Exercises that are strenuous to your knees.

– You should just lie down. – Instead,

I recommend you riding a bicycle.

Swimming is also very good.

Walking in water helps to increase…

muscle strength.

If you just walk in water…

– Would that be enough exercise? – Of course.

(She just did intense workouts.)

– It’s a good exercise. – I heard it’s a good exercise.

The buoyancy can reduce stress on your knees.

Also, while walking in water,

water resistance helps you…

– strengthen your muscles. – I don’t like resistance.

The best thing you can do is to do different exercises.

Do you understand?

I understand, Doctor.

– Please go for physical treatment. – Okay.

– Thank you. – See you.

(She gives her knees rest.)

– Isn’t that nice? – It’s so nice.

– It’s nice and warm. – I like it so much.

– It’s like a spa. – Exactly.

– I feel like eating a baked egg. – With rice punch.

I can’t believe the physical therapy reminded you guys of a spa.

(A few days later)

What is this place?

(Hye Jin is headed somewhere dressing neatly.)

Are you going for a job interview?

She retired and… I know you have a knee problem,

– She quit being a model. – but I didn’t know she’d quit.

(Where is Hye Jin headed?)

(She came to a swimming pool as her doctor recommended.)

I thought I should do exercises that I didn’t usually do.

So I got a job as a swimming instructor.

What’s with that reaction?

– Hello. – Hello.

There’s… There’s a gym bicycle in the water.

Yes, it’s a underwater bicycle.

(Underwater bicycle)

You’ve never seen it before, right?

It has no chain.

That’s amazing.

But could it be enough exercise?

If you try it, you’ll feel the burn in your thighs.

I’m serious. I can assure you.

– Really? – I want to try it too.

– It’s simple. Hop on it, – We can do that too.

and just pedal.

It looks easy.

– It looks easy, right? – Yes.

It looks fun.

– It’s an underwater bicycle. – Yes.

(She puts her bicycle in the water.)

She startled me.

She’s so tough.

– Exactly. – Are you doing it with me?

(What kind of exercise could it be?)

Just one moment.

(Hye Jin is excited about a new type of exercise.)

Put your feet on the pedals.

There are all sorts of exercises.

Try pedaling now.

Right and left.

Look ahead.

That’s all.

– That’s all you need to know. – It’s good.

It helps to strengthen the inner muscles…

more than the outer muscles.

– Good. – This is quite hard.

– No. You haven’t even started. – I’m tired.

It’s not the time you feel it yet.

– Not just yet. – But I’m tired.

I hate that kind of trainer the most.

– Me too. Smiling while talking… – Exactly.

“You haven’t even started.”

If you can pedal more than 60 times in 1 minute…

If you can pedal more than 60 times in 1 minute…

That means I should pedal once every second.

That’s right. Once every second.

In fact, average people in good health condition…

– pedal 80 times. – In 1 minute.

– 80 times. – In 1 minute?

And it’s possible for anyone.

– Then… – It sounds tough to me.

– how many times should I… – Let’s… In one minute…

(80 divided by 60…)

– Gosh. – Whenever she calculates,

she rolls her eyes.

– How many times in one minute? – It’s about…

– It’s about 1.5 times in 1 minute. – Right.

– 1.5 times. – Yes.

Let’s give it a try. Ready. Go.

– Both of them are wrong. – 1, 2, 3, 4,

5, 6. You’re doing well, and your posture is good.

This is a famous exercise called New York Bike.

I’ll give you these gloves, so you can work out your upper body.

Good. Put your hand in it.

– And hold the bar. – What’s that?

That’s what mixed martial artists do.

That’s good. You haven’t seen them before, right?

Famous fighters do the same training under water.

Many athletes do underwater cycling.

Especially Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Does he?

He really does it.

– It’s true. – He really does it.

(And he does it in his own swimming pool.)

– Is that his own house? – Yes.

He’s bragging about his pool after all.

– He’s bragging about his house. – Exactly.

I hope he’ll appear on I Live Alone someday.

– He lives alone too. – Right.

And Beyonce. She…

(Beyonce, the international pop star)

(She lost weight by cycling underwater.)

Should I give it a try too?

– You won’t do it. – Right.

I was just saying.

Spread your arms with the palms facing each other.

And clap in front of your belly button.

Keep pedaling.

A little faster.

That’s a tool to increase water resistance.

– It’s much harder with the gloves. – Of course.

– Look ahead. Straighten your back. – It must be a good exercise.

– Keep going. 1, 2. – She didn’t let me take a break.

I had to move my arms and legs at the same time.

And five. Spread your arms again.

Okay. Now, put your arms down,

and raise them up with your palms up.

It doesn’t seem so hard outside of the water.

Right. Only I can feel it.

– Can you feel it in your belly? – Yes.

That’s good.

It works out your shoulders, back, arms,

and abs. Your whole body aches after that.

– It sounds nice. – It’s a full body workout.

An average person would throw up after doing it for only one minute.

Okay. Behind your back this time.

Do you want to make your back smaller?


Clap behind your back.

She keeps making a dolphin sound.

It was so hard.

My goodness.

It’s hard to move under water.

1, 2, 3.

And four.

(She thought it’d be easy to cycling under water.)

And four.

– It looks easy thought. – It’s never easy.

Try moving your arms and legs at the same time. It’s no joke.

That’s good. Up and down.

That’s good. Keep going.

– This is a full-body workout. – I’m frustrated.

You should work out your upper body at the same time.

1, 2, 3.

And four. Keep pedaling.

– It was incredibly exhausting. – Really?

It was more difficult than I thought it would be.

It was painful to use my upper and lower body together.

If you lift your butt…

Lift your butt and let go of the handles.

(Lift your butt and move your hands to the side.)

– This is the hardest exercise. – There were variations.

This is the hardest exercise.

You’re like an athlete.

You are doing a good job.

What do you think? Your knees feel comfortable, right?

– They aren’t strained, right? – That’s right.

That exercise looks nice.

Let’s go on for a bit longer.

Let’s go on for a bit longer.

Keep pedaling.

You are going too slow.

That’s not enough to work out your thighs.

Let’s go on for a bit longer.

In 5, 4, 3.

It stays at 5. 5, 5.

3, 3, 3, 3, 3.

I am wearing gloves.

(I am wearing gloves.)

You are moving too much. Flex your ab muscles.

A little bit longer.

In 5, 4, 3,


3, 3, 3, 3, 3.

(A little bit longer)

A little bit longer.

Keep your palms up.

(This is a thigh exercise from the netherworld.)

(The next exercise is a water trampoline.)

It’s a trampoline.

It looks fun.

Kian84 loves trampolines.

(Let the springs guide your body.)

1, 2.

(It looks easy.)

– It was really exhausting. – Six,

7, 8,

nine. Face forward and keep going.

I know someone who should be here.

What are you doing?

Is she a water strider?

(A water strider?)

Kian84 drew her well.

(The water strider kicks.)

Say goodbye to arthritis.

– Say goodbye to arthritis. – Arthritis?

I don’t have arthritis.

(For healthy joints)

You are doing an amazing job.

There you go. Jump.


(Pain begins to fill her body.)

That looks exhausting.

There are two types of pain.

Good pain and bad pain.

I am sure you are experiencing good pain.

What is she talking about? There is no such thing as good pain.

Doesn’t she seem like an animal trainer?

She trains Hye Jin as she would a seal.

– A dolphin show. – She will throw a mackerel pike…

later on.

Then Hye Jin will eat it.

I am sure you are experiencing good pain.

(Her encouragement is like a mackerel pike.)

My goodness.

(Hye Jin’s limbs move.)

What is that?

(The session ends with a stretch.)

It works out my flanks.

Your muscles are relaxed now.

Shall we go to the board?

– Are there more exercises? – Are there more exercises?

– It’s the last exercise. – It’s a paddle board.

I really wanted to try it in Hawaii.

(It’s a balancing exercise you do on a paddle board.)

(There is a high chance you will fall into the water.)

Come on. Climb on top of it.

You will try rowing.

Hold this.

Row and move forward.

Where do you want to go?



I have never been to Hawaii.


That’s incredible.

Speed up.

Keep rowing.

1, 2.

It’s a long way to Hawaii.

I don’t want to go.

It’s a long way to Hawaii.

You can’t go to Hawaii on a paddle board.

It’s a long way to Hawaii.

– I will go to Jeju Island. – Jeju Island?

Okay. Row on the different side.

There you go.


Grab the handle.

Two. A little bit more.

A little bit more.

This is the intermediate course.

If you want to take this…

– a bit further… – Can you do yoga on it?

Doing yoga on a paddle board is in trend these days.

I am exhausted.

– I am exhausted. – You can do this.

(It’s the Number 1 member’s weakness.)

(She stepped on horse manure in Jeju Island.)

She stepped on horse manure.

I am good.

(Hye Jin is the worst at balancing herself.)

I tried many exercises.

You will try standing up.

That’s it.

It’s hard to stand on a paddle board.

Go slowly.

Instead of standing up, squat.

– Slowly. – Go into the water.

Maybe she will break her nose again.


Instead of standing up, squat.

Squat. Okay.

(It’s a success.)

You are the first.

(This is easier than I expected.)

You are the first.

You are the first student I had…

who is so tall.

You are also the first student I had who stood up right away.

Let’s move on to the next stage.

You are doing great.

Move the paddle board from side to side.

Right to left. Do it harder.

Make the water splash more.

You are trying to make me fall into the water.

Do it harder.


A little bit more.

(She looks like someone.)

I remember that.

(I am not moving.)

– I am not moving. – He is like a newborn calf.

I am not moving.

How could you be so bad at balancing yourself?

(This couple has the same sense of balance.)

That’s not true. I was shaking the board on purpose.


Here it comes.

That’s good.

(The dolphin loses its balance.)


Watch your legs.

One leg at a time.

Thank goodness no one was there.

Do a 90-degree turn to face me.

What are you talking about?

A 90-degree turn?

Do a 90-degree turn. In 1, 2, 3.

In 1, 2.


I tried to jump,

– but my feet won’t move. – You are good at this.

– Don’t be like that. – In 1, 2.

(She gives it another try.)

In 1, 2, 3.

– She is good. – Seriously.


Do another 90-degree turn.

(Do another 90-degree turn.)

She is merciless.

One more time.

I have never seen someone like you.

You are the first.

(Hye Jin, the dolphin, continues to succeed.)

(She can only say, “Wow.”)

That’s great.


(A woman with a poor balance makes an incredible progress.)

Please sit down.

Let’s try something.

Bring one foot in front of your hands.

– I know this move. – It’s hard.

You will try the warrior pose.

How will I do that?

Among the yoga poses,

there is something called the warrior pose.

You bring your arms up.

– I know that pose. – I didn’t expect it,

but she made me do the pose.

All right.

That pose is hard even when you are on the ground.


It will be hard.

Tighten your ab muscles.

There you go.

Put your arms above your head.

(Put your arms above your head.)

– Three. My goodness. – I did it.

You are cool.

Are you good?

That’s incredible.

Are you ready for the next step?

– Hold on. – Here comes the next step.

Lift up…

– your knee in the back. – What?

(Lift up your knee in the back.)

Your knee in the back.

Your knee in the back.

Stand up.

(Her knee defies gravity.)

Hold the pose for three seconds.

I am so moved.

I am so moved.

(Before she enjoys the moving moment,)

(Hye Jin falls into the water.)

My goodness.

You have to fall into the water.

You did an amazing job on your first lesson.

I will be able to do it if I try again.

That’s right.

– It was only your first try. – She became competitive.

(She becomes competitive after falling into the water.)

You fell into the water once.

Now, let your body guide you Pay attention to the sensations.

Think about your navel.

– Your navel. – What should I do?

You can do it.

What should I do? What should I do?

Don’t make your body stiff.

That’s good. That’s perfect.

Hold the pose for five seconds. Five.

(I will succeed this time.)

Make yourself graceful by leaning back.

That’s good.

You are doing a good job.

She isn’t like how she was at Jeju Island.

– She looks like a rhythmic gymnast. – Hold on.

Put your hands on your knee.

It’s okay.

– It was really hard. – Good job.

(She succeeds without falling into the water.)

– I am amazed. – You’re exaggerating.

No, I am not. You are the first one to do so well right away.

Take your hands off of the board.


– May I ask you one more thing? – Yes.

You answered confidently.

(She accepted without thinking.)

– Should I move forward? – A little bit.

– I am at my limit. – Now,

do a plank.


– Isn’t this the end? – No.

Let’s take this a bit further.

I am becoming greedy.

I am sorry.

Now, you are on your four.

– Now… – You will ask me to lift a foot.

Lift… That’s right.

– You will ask me to lift a foot. – Lift… That’s right.

– Lift a foot. – Here, here.

(Am I done?)

– I did it. – Yes, you did.

You did it.

Now, let’s try a side plank.

A side plank?

You are the master of exercises.

(Her nostrils flare.)

(She gives it a go with a dolphin’s screech.)

(She lifts up her arm and leg at the same time,)

(but fails right away.)

My goodness.

When I am at a gym, I always lift up one foot.

– I did it without thinking. – I see.

I would like to stop drinking water.

Okay. Let’s wrap up…

with a meditation.

– Go on the paddle board once more. – It’s our favorite exercise.

– That’s right. – In 1, 2.

(Hye Jin goes on the paddle board.)

You won’t do a side plank.

There isn’t much to look at.

Lie down comfortably.

That’s a true water bed.

Put your hands on your sides.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in.

(How was your day?)

I think…

I’ve been neglecting my knees too much.

I feel sorry for my knees.

For the past 19 years of my career,

my knees been working hard…

and allowed me walk nicely.

Now, I will take good care of them…

so they won’t be in pain.

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

(Dear my knees, let’s live happily ever after.)

I think…

You should learn drawing.

I think you should live the second phase of your life.

– Is she preparing for retirement? – Second phase?

– Why mention the second phase? – Right.

There are a lot of…

young models now.

You need…

– to find the new way of earning. – She adds weights to…

– Gosh. – New way of earing?

Instead of adding more weights to the barbell,

you should just draw orchids.

– Yes. – I should draw orchids?

Or you can hit Kian84’s neck.

– That would be nice too. – I’m going to hire an assistant.

(He’s thinking of hiring an assistant.)

– Will you be okay with me? – Will you be okay with her?

You would have to practice drawing more.

It would be nice to find another profession.

– Another… – Another profession?

Why are you trying to make me retire?

You just feel bad for her, don’t you?

Your job is too tough.

And you’ve enjoyed all the fame.

Your modeling career has already reached the top.

You mean she won’t enjoy any more fame?

This is it for her. It’s a downhill from here.

She can just take a cable car and go down. Is that it?

Or should she bungee-jump?

Like an athlete, a model also has a heyday.

And her heyday has passed.

It’s over for her?

(He’s flustered.)

Like a soccer player… I need to talk well.

Like a soccer player, doesn’t a model’s career reach the peak?

This is the peak of my career.

It’s my first time ever hearing such advice.

Nobody else has told me to prepare for the second phase of my life.

It’s the advice only Kian84 can give you.

No. I thought a model’s career is at its peak…

when the model is in her 20s.

– Models in their 20s. – That’s what I thought.


can I be your assistant?

No, you can’t.

(You can’t be.)

– Then why tell me that? – You are not going to accept her.

Why tell her to prepare for the second phase of her life?

You can’t even let her color your drawings?

You should hurry and sell your tablet.

Kian84’s intention wasn’t bad.

– Right. – He was just worried about her.

Right. I know.

Just know that he had good intentions.

(It will continue in Part 2.)

All right. Coming up next is the person with many nicknames.

She went from Na Rae Corgi to Na Rae Bardem.

It’s time to observe Na Rae Bardem’s life.

All right.

I heard your mother will be making a special appearance.

Since the preview got aired,

my mom’s been calling me every day.

She’s been asking me to edit out her parts.

She doesn’t like how she looks.

She’s lovely though.

– Why would she say that? – She’s very worried.

Do you think the camera failed to capture her true face?

I think it captured her face too well.

(The camera truly captured her mother’s face.)

There are a lot of things here.

– She came out right away. – Yes.

(Ko Myung Sook, Na Rae’s mother)

She looks lovely. Why is she unhappy?

– Did you go shopping with her? – I did.

You went shopping with your mom?

What do you think about this?

Leopard pattern doesn’t suit me.

The leopard pattern is nice.

She doesn’t like flashy outfits.

She doesn’t. And yet she’s wearing ruffled blouse and a jump suit.

You know I don’t wear something like that.

– That’s Na Rea’s style. – The leopard print is lovely.

– Leopard is in fashion right now. – Right.

You should wear this to Sapporo.

Do we have to wear that to go to Sapporo?

– Sapporo? – It’s my first time.

My mom is…

going on her first trip abroad.

– Really? – Yes.


For a long time, I wasn’t very successful as a comedian.

So I couldn’t afford to send her on a trip.

And that fact has been really burdening me.

My mom was born in 1959.

She will be turning 60 next year.

So she wanted to travel abroad.

In the past, she always worked.

When you run a restaurant, you can never leave it.

So she’s been working all her life.

– Yes. – Then…

I wanted to buy her something.

So I went shopping with her after years of not doing it.

– That’s meaningful. – Yes.

I want to buy something comfortable for the trip.

When you go to a nice restaurant, you need to dress nicely.

– Should I buy a dress then? – A dress is good too.

– A long one. – A long one?


– How about this one? – It’s…

This is flashy.

– It’s nice. – It’s lovely.

– It’s nice, isn’t it? It’s ethnic. – It looks comfortable.

– Can you show us this one? – Flashy prints are in trend.

It’s available in two colors.

Would it fit me though?

Do you want to come in and try it on?

– It’s available in two colors. – Two colors?

– The green one is lovely. – That’s lovely.

Isn’t it lovely?

Mom, this color is really nice and vibrant.

– This? – Yes.

It will be about this long.

Isn’t it too green though?

You think this is pretty?

– I like this one better. – Do you?

(The navy one is her type.)

You have to try it on.

You should try it in the fitting room.

(She decides to try it on.)

When you wear something with a vibrant color,

you need to wear a vibrant color lipstick.

It brightens your face.

– The green one is better. – It’s too ethnic.

You look like someone from Africa.

– Why would you say that to her? – What do you think?

It’s too ethnic.

It’s your fault.

That’s just like what Sam Okyere’s mom wore.

I am close to him, so I watched that.

Mom, can you get changed?

The dress was really pretty.

I look good in achromatic-colored clothes.

I know that from experience.

How can you wear achromatic-colored clothes all the time?

You should try wearing colorful clothes too.

I thought the leopard print was really nice.

I don’t like leopard print.

– How about the red pants then? – Gosh, no red pants for me.

It’s similar to when Hye Jin took me shopping.

– Red pants look great in photos. – It’s similar.

(When Hye Jin and Kian84 went shopping together,)

(Kian84 was shocked by the pink shirt.)

– What do you think about this? – That’s bad.

(Kian84 was terrified by the purple shirt.)

Who wears red pants in my age?

My goodness. A lot of people wear red pants, right?

Usually, it’s a set.

The red pants look so cool.

It would feel really cool when you wear it.

This looks really cool, Mom.

– What? – Don’t you like red pants?

I won’t wear red pants.

– She didn’t even try it. – Moms…

– never listens to the daughters. – I am sorry.

When you go abroad, you need to wear vibrant colors.

– It makes you look good in photos. – Look how nice I look.

– Even the umbrella is cute. – I know.

It’s your chance to wear the bold colors you wouldn’t…

– normally wear in Korea. – Of course.

That’s why I kept recommending it to her.

I don’t have any red clothes.

I like simple outfits.

– Black and white. – I like achromatic-colored clothes.

I don’t like flashy outfits.

I love…

– You love colorful clothes. – colorful clothes.

I like primary colored clothes. And I like shiny things.

– Bling-bling. – I like silver…

and bling-bling things.

My mom hates everything I like.

Does your mom not like this style?

– I… – I saw this in my kitchen.

Why would you see this in your kitchen?

I saw it while washing my dishes.

It cleans dishes very nicely.

It cleans them very nicely.


When I wear like this, Mom tells me this.

“You are a celebrity, but your fashion is outdated.”

“Why would you wear such a glittery skirt?”

I didn’t talk to her for two days when she said that.

– Really? – Really.

“What do you know? Do you know the world of celebrities?”

– And I left. – Really?

– You fought because of that? – We actually fought.

But unfortunately, the three of us are with your mom on that.

The three of us are with your mom on that.

What do you know about the life of a celebrity?

(The mother and daughter with distinct taste continue shopping.)

By the way,

aren’t these for young people?

What do you think about this?

– That looks nice. – Right?

– It has to be longer. – She would still hesitate.

What do you mean it has to be longer?

You told me not to wear white.

This embroidery is lovely.

These pants are so flashy.

I don’t get what moms say.

– Is it for summer? – It’s lovely, isn’t it?

It has too many things going on.

It’s pretty if you wear it there.

I think this store only has small sizes.

There aren’t stores that only have small sizes.

(She blames the size.)

– Isn’t that pretty? – I think it’s too small.

– I don’t think it’ll fit her. – It’s small, right?

It won’t fit me, will it?

You foresaw that.

She doesn’t like that.

I didn’t know what…

and asked for the right size from the warehouse.

You should’ve known better.

– You look good in blue. – This looks good on you.

You should wear blue.

That isn’t too bright.

Should we take a look at outdoor clothing?

Outdoor clothing?

It’s essential for parents.

I have to be comfortable if I’m traveling.

Are you going to the Himalayas?

Why do you need outdoor clothing?

– This is pretty. – That?

It’s a T-shirt.

– This is pretty. – It’s nice.

Isn’t it too dark?

That’s Sapporo style?

It’s a nice shade of blue.

Did you hear that?

– It’s black. – I’ll buy this.

I think it’s okay.

It’s nice and interesting.

After having a huge fight with Mom while shopping a while ago,

we don’t go shopping together.

She and I have totally different taste.

The only black clothes I have…

is for funerals.

I rarely wear black clothes.

I wear the same clothes to funerals all year long.

Mom only wears black, white and gray.

When I look at pictures from my childhood,

I’m the only kid wearing black.

It’s like I’m a member of the Addams family.

I’m always wearing black.

My goodness.

I’m always wearing black.

– It’s true. – Is that Na Rae?

Yes, it’s me. I’m always wearing black.

– You look chic. – Yes.

I was always like that.

I think what you wear as a child affects your style.

I don’t wear corduroy pants.

My mom dressed me in it too often when I was young.

I hate brown corduroy pants.

I hate it and can’t wear it.

– Is it out of defiance. – Yes, I think so.

My mom bought me dress shoes when I was young.

I wore dress shoes, knee socks and shorts to school.

(Dress shoes, knee socks and shorts in elementary school)

I was so embarrassed.

– I think that would look cute. – That’s how rich kids dress.

We had quite a lot of money back then.

– Are you bragging? – Do you know how I walked?

I want it to wear off quickly.

– Did you drag your shoes? – This is how I walked.

– You wanted to it to wear off? – Yes.

– You didn’t want to wear them? – No.

You’re a horrid son.

– He’s mean. – You broke your parents’ hearts.

This is a gift for our customers.

– Really? – How do we carry it around?

They gave us tissue as a gift.

She always receives it when she buys clothes.

– She has so much tissue. – You should take it.

– Bye. – Bye.

I guess they just give us this.

Everything you bought…

– are neutral colors. – No, they aren’t.

– Yes, they are. – It’s my first time buying blue.

That isn’t blue.

It’s black.

Don’t you go shopping with your mom?

You’re a model.

Is that even possible?

– Why? – Don’t daughters go with moms?

That only happens in dramas.

– That’s right. – Right?


– Don’t you link arms and shop? – Why would we link arms?

I go shopping with my mom.

(This son goes shopping with his mom.)

– Really? – Yes.

– Then why are your clothes… – That’s what I mean.

– I buy my mom clothes. – You’re a good son.

Do you go shopping with your mom?

I can’t remember the last time we went together.

I remember going…

to the 7th and 8th floor of department stores.

Event halls.

Why would you go there?

Clothes there are on sale.

– Sale? – They aren’t even the right size.

– Clothes from the previous season. – She loves that.

She loves previous styles.

– Hi. – Hi.

What do you think of that leather coat?


It’s stylish.

We went in and I saw…

a beautiful camel colored coat.

– It’s pretty. – It is, isn’t it?

– Try this on. – No.

Why don’t you just try it on?

She’s saying that when it won’t look good on me.

– I don’t believe it. – Just try it on.

Trench coats aren’t easy to look good in…

– and leather is harder. – It’s so pretty.

– She looks good in brown. – It looks good.

– Look in the mirror. – Are you going to Sapporo?

– Yes, we are. – It’s so pretty.

– It makes her look thinner. – It’s the perfect length.

Mom, it’s very stylish.

I have several trench coats.

She has several trench coats.

Come on.


Where would I go wearing a leather coat?

This is perfect for airports.

– You should wear it there. – That’s right.

You can wear comfortable cardigans when you’re there.

It doesn’t fit my taste.

I wanted to use the trip as an excuse to buy her clothes,

– but she had no idea. – That’s right.

What about a skirt like this?

– No. – Why do you like those patterns?

Why not?

Look at this skirt.

– Is that really your mom? – Yes, she is.

– Is she an actress? – No.

I don’t think she’s your mom.

Can I take a look at the scarves?

Scarves should have brilliant patterns.

Yes, since it livens your outfit.

– How about the sky blue one? – I have a sky blue one.

This one is better.

Isn’t that too dark?

I have a sky blue one.

– You do? – Yes.

It’s pretty.

– I think it’ll look good on her. – Yes.

She won’t buy it.

That would look good with a trench coat.

That’s right.

You could wear this with jeans or a casual outfit.

It also goes well with shirts.

She can’t hide her feelings.

She’s scary.

Is that okay?

Let’s see.

She put it down right away.

That’s like what Kian84 wore to Gyeongju.

It looks nice.

It’s Kian84’s taste.

She must like subtle colors.

Yes, she only likes subtle tones.

I want to buy that small one.

That’s nice and bright.

– That one. – That’s so pretty.

It’s pretty.

It’s very bright.

Look how bright it is.

She can’t say it’s too small for her.

Since you said this is too dark,

which of these two should I buy?

She started being conscious of me.

– Buy what you like. – She doesn’t like either.

Which looked better on me?

That’s a hard question to answer.

– She’s asking the clerk. – That’s hard.

She knows what your mom likes.

Are you going to dress casually?

– Yes. – Then this would be better.

She said the right thing.

Is this okay?

(Conscious of what Na Rae thinks)

Won’t this look okay with casual clothes?

She’s fixed on that.

She keeps going back to that.

Since your daughter thinks this is too dark,

– go with the bright one. – Okay.

Wait a second. Do you want to buy this?

– I know you want this. – Buy her what she wants.

I think I’d wear it more often.

She’ll wear it more often.

Now I understand how she feels.

Once I sent her clothes…

and it came back to me.

– Really? – She’s that stubborn.

Did she tell you to wear it?

You should wear it.

I’m sure it’s the same for all celebrities,

but as a model I get so many…

clothes, shoes, bags and scarves.

We often get to take them home after shoots.

However, if it doesn’t fit my taste or looks too old,

I give it to my mom.

When I visit my mom’s place,

I see it taking up a section in my mom’s closet.

It’s piled up on one side…

in their boxes and unopened.

Goodness. That section is named “You wear it”.

– You wear it. – You wear it.

Which one did you buy?

– I bought this one. – Why?

– Why didn’t you buy this one? – You said you like this one.

Yes, I think that one’s nicer.

– Did you hear that? – She’s so cute.

– Do you also give us tissue? – Yes.

– Why do they give you so much? – You should’ve brought some.

Yes, I should have.

I have so much tissue.

Why do they give out tissue like a gas station?


– Thank you. – We have so much tissue.

– Bye. – Bye.

– That’s a lot. – Bye.

I brought all of it.

There are many colorful clothes here.


Let’s look around this side, since we didn’t come here.

This is pretty.

It’s too short.

No, it isn’t.

(She’s straightforward.)

– This is nice. – No.

– Why not? – It doesn’t fit my taste.

– Why not? – Look at it.

This yellow one is pretty.

I don’t like it.

– Would you like to try this on? – Should I buy this?

Is it too dark?

I’ll wear this.

I have too many trench coats.

(Glancing at her)

You should try red pants.

This is pretty.

– It shimmers. – Yes, it’s pretty.

It’s nice.

Would you like to buy it? Wait.

Can we have one of these?

– Why? – Buy it.

– Wait. – Buy the glittery top.

– The glittery top? – Yes, but it.

I’m not going to wear glittery clothes.

I won’t wear it.

We’ll take this.

– It’s a big size, right? – I’ve never worn glittery clothes.

You should give it a try.

Should I just buy the yellow one?


– Yellow looks good in pictures. – That’s right.

(They agree on the yellow cardigan.)

This is nice and big.

– Isn’t that pretty? – It’s very pretty.

– She looks good in it. – She looks good in that.

– Do you have anything yellow? – No.

– Really? – This is my first.

– Do you want this one? – Yes.

Do you have a new one?

– Let me check. – Okay.

(She’s about to pay.)

No, it’s okay.

Do we get tissue?

Why are you so obsessed with tissue?

Are you relieving your stress on tissue?

You’ll have enough to last a lifetime.

It’ll last forever.

Would you like a bag for that?

No, it’s fine.

How are you going to carry all that around?

All that tissue.

– Look at that. – I know.

Are you sure you don’t need a pouch?

Yes, I’m sure.

We’re done. Let’s go.

You need a pouch.

(She grabs a taxi with her tissue.)



How many boxes of tissue did we get?

Look at that.

– We have so much. – Yes, we do.

It’s me.

– Where? – It’s me.

– I’m over there. – I see that often.

– I look good there, don’t I? – Yes.

Are you looking at my picture?

Yes, I saw it.

It was my mom’s first time seeing it.

– Really? – Isn’t that in Mokpo?


People will think it’s interesting…

if I’m on the buses of Mokpo.

She doesn’t show how she feels about things like that.

(She stares without saying anything.)

Should I shoot a local ad for Mokpo?

They might pay me in octopus.


That’s nice.

What are you talking about?

You can eat something healthy.

You’re giving me a headache.

I’m proud of her.

It makes me happy.

She must be very happy.

She went through a lot…

and I never told her what to do.

She’s done everything on her own.

She does it before being told.

(She does everything on her own.)

Can you come to Gwang Seok’s wedding?

– He’s getting married? – Yes.

My friend’s brother is getting married.


– Did Aunt Yong Sil introduce them? – Yes.


You should go on a blind date.

You introduced me to an Oriental medicine doctor,

but he turned me down.

That man…

didn’t seem…

very reliable.

How would you know?

I saw his picture.

It wasn’t that I like Oriental medicine doctors.

It’s like…

an event you don’t want to go to.

You say I’ll go if you pay me a million dollars.

You say that since you know they won’t pay you that amount.

I said I’d give it a try if it’s an Oriental medicine doctor…

and she brought one.

My mom…

is a matchmaker.

If she sees someone nice,

she’d cheat and set him up with me.

(She’d cheat and set him up with me.)

She chose someone and set me on a blind date.

– Did you meet him? – She must’ve liked him.

She introduced me to an Oriental medicine doctor.

– I was thankful. – Of course.

– He was three years younger. – That’s nice.

He wanted my phone number,

– but it’s hard to give it out. – That’s right.

You should give it to him if you’re on a blind date.

Why are you so upset?

– Why are you getting upset? – I’m not.

– You’re weird. – You scared me.

So I gave it to him…

and he texted me.

He said he’d watch me on TV…

and cheer me on from afar.

Then why did he want to meet?

That’s what I want to know.

Did you say this one is 40?


She wants me to meet someone else.


He’s six years older than me.

Who cares? Some even meet men 12 years older than themselves.

I want a man 12 years younger.

My goodness.

Should I tell him to send a picture?

– What? – The 40-year-old.

Picture? Let’s see a picture.

She looks hopeful.


(Na Rae’s mom makes a call.)

The doctor you told me about.

– Again? – It’s another doctor?

– Why an Oriental medicine doctor? – From what I see,

she wants him to give you medicine your whole life…

since you drink a lot.

You’re trying to cure your liver.

– She wants a personal doctor. – Yes, I think she does.

Send me a picture.


You said he looks like Zo In Sung.

Zo In Sung?

Didn’t you say that?

– He must be very handsome. – Goodness.

He looks like Zo In Sung?

Your expectations are up.

He’d be too good for me.

You should’ve seen a picture.

I did.

– And? – So?

He does look like Zo In Sung,

but in a very different way.

– I didn’t meet him. – Goodness.

It isn’t about looks, but you need to get a feeling.

It’ll be colder in September.

(They arrive home.)

We got so much tissue.

– What? – We got so much tissue.

– Change into comfortable clothes. – Okay.

– I’ll change too. – Okay.

(Her mom changed first.)

She said she’d cook for me.

Mom, what are you doing?


What should I do?

We finished shopping.

What should I do?

It’s too dark here.


It isn’t dark at all.

It’s very bright.

It’s nice.

Moms like it very bright,

especially the kitchen.

It can’t be too bright at a bar.

Is it dark? It’s nice and bright.

Do you need help?

– What? – Do you need help?

(She keeps asking what she should do.)

What should I do?

You have nothing to do.

There’s nothing to do when you’re here.

This looks delicious.

– What is it? – It has dried radish greens.

She made doenjang soup with dried radish greens.

My mom is a very good cook.

She must be good if she ran a restaurant for a long time.

She’s good.

She must be a master chef.

(She’s good with the knife.)

The sound of a knife on a chopping board.

(The food is prepared with heartwarming sounds.)

She’s also very quick.

That doenjang soup was delicious.

I told her I wanted seafood pajeon.

You need to have jeon on rainy days.

It gets crisp if you add ice.

What? Really?

– It gets crisp if you add ice. – I see.

Could I have some salt, assistant chef?

Am I your assistant?

– Here you go. – There.

You need to add a lot of sugar in pajeon. It tastes much better.

You add sugar in pajeon?

Do you know how it tastes at restaurants?

– Sweet and salty. – That’s right.

It’s because of the sugar.

It tastes much more savory.

(The cooking goes well with two skilled chefs.)

I want that.

– Do I add this to the soup? – Yes.

It’s for color.

Do you normally add it?

It’s for color.

You looked relaxed.

(She takes a ladleful of the mixture and pours it onto the pan.)

It already looks delicious.

(She presses down with a mother’s love.)

This one is too big.

I can’t flip it…

because I’m scared the oil will splatter.

(However, she flips it in one try.)

(She puts it on the plate her assistant gives her.)

Take this.

That looks amazing.

It looks delicious.

I’ll lay out the side dishes.


Your bamboo shoots are good.

She brought bamboo shoots and jangjorim.

My goodness.

(She pours warm soup.)

– Let’s eat. – That must be good.

(The best meal of a rainy day)

I’ll take a picture.

I took a picture.

This looks good. Let’s eat.

I also like oatmeal rice.

(The warm meal helps them relax after a tiring shopping session.)

This helps my stomach relax.

She must have been stressed…

from shopping with you to say that.

This is good.

Do you usually add dried shrimp to doenjang soup?

– Yes. – That’s how you learn.

It’s much more refreshing.

Try this.

It looks so good.

(This is it.)

It’s okay.

It’s delicious.

Right? Although I didn’t add many things.

It’s so good.

I wanted to bring some. It was that good.

Your jeon is the best in the world.

It’s because I’m your mom.

You’re used to my cooking.

I might have had it when I was young,

but I’ve lived apart from you for a longer amount of time.

I moved out when I was 17.

Was that when you were 17?

– Yes. – After you graduated middle school.

Yes, I was 17.

Now I’m 34.

I lived half of my life with you and half by myself.

It’s been a long time.

(It’s already been that long.)

Did you see Simon D’s parents saying they like me?

Yes, I did.

(I really like Park Na Rae.)

(I want a daughter-in-law like that.)

They seem like your in-laws.

Did you see it?

They were just saying that.

They might really want me as a daughter-in-law.


Why are you sighing?

She’s objective.

You don’t seem to like Simon D.

You can’t rap when you’re old.

Why not?

– Yes, you can. – She looks for potential.

Is Kian84 better?

(He looks forward to her answer.)

I can’t say anyone is better.

You have to like him.

Do you not like either of them?

– Those two? – Yes.

She isn’t answering.

You must not like either of them.

Not for a son-in-law.

[VIU Ver] E262 I Live Alone
“Preparing Na Rae’s Mom First Trip Abroad”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

They’re good as friends.

As friends?

I think she likes Oriental medicine doctors.

– No, she doesn’t. – Moms don’t know…

how popular webtoons are.

They could think webtoon artists are hungry artists.

I make quite a lot of money.

(I make quite a lot of money.)

Adults don’t know.

(Whom would you choose out of the two?)

Kian84 is better.

He seems more reliable and nicer.

However, I’ve never met…

Simon D.

So, I don’t know.

I don’t know how Na Rae feels.

I’m not better.

(He is embarrassed at what Na Rae’s mom says.)

Are you satisfied with your mom’s answer?

My feelings matter the most.

That answers everything.

Where is the last place you visited?

I went all around Jeolla Province,

but I didn’t go anywhere far.

Because of the restaurant.

Jeju Island was the furthest you’ve traveled, right?

It was her first flight when she went to Jeju Island with me…

and that was the furthest she traveled.

Jeju Island is the farthest place she’s traveled to.

Overseas trips are complicated.

What do you mean?

On a plane to Japan, there are only Japanese people.

– Really? – You have to speak Japanese.

Oh, my. What should I do?

“Oh, my. What should I do?”

Can’t I just speak a Jeolla dialect?

It sounds a bit like Japanese.

You can’t. You should learn Japanese.

What does “gozaimasu” mean?

– Gozamaisu. – It’s not “gozamaisu”.

I’ll teach you after eating.

She knows a little, but she’s mixing up the words.

Of course. She never uses it.

Just leave them here.

It’s okay.

Have a seat.

– Mom. – Yes?

When we were going to Jeju Island, we didn’t have to fill out anything.

– Fill out what? – An arrival card.

When you’re landing in a foreign country,

you have to fill out an arrival card.

– She’s never done it before. – Try it.

(When Si Eon was going to Japan,)

(he had to fill out an arrival card.)

(he didn’t know how to do it.)

He wrote in Korean.

(He filled out the form in Korean.)

(He had to fill out another one in English.)

I filled one out recently,

and at the immigration desk,

I had to change everything for 30 minutes.

It was difficult.

It might be confusing at first.

At first,

– I had no idea. – Right.

– Try it. – I printed the forms out.

– You printed them out? – Really?

I can’t see anything.

– Why not? – Where’s the text?

Do you see the instructions?

– Try to follow them. – Should I write here?

– Your name in English. – In English?

I don’t know what to write.

– I don’t know. – Hold on.

“Ko Mo Sin”?

Ms. Ko Mo Sin.

– Her name is Ko Myung Sook, – “Ko Mo Sin”?

and she wrote, “Ko Mo Sin”.

– There are many letters to write. – I forgot.

I mean… Where’s your passport?

Did I bring it? Let me see.

This is serious. You wrote, “Ko Mo Sin”.

Who is Ko Mo Sin?

You’re embarrassing me. Stop it.

I would have humiliated myself abroad.

Exactly. Good that I’m teaching you.

It would have been bad.

Do I have to write it in English?

Your name is written in English here.

Name, Ko Myung Sook.

– She can just copy it. – That’s “Ko Mo Sin”.

(She can only laugh.)

Write everything.


– There’s a lot to write. – Your birthday too.

Oh, my. Here? Here?

It’s too complicated.

– You need your glasses? – Yes.


They’re not that strong.

– Can you see now? – Yes. I can see clearly now.

(Does she see better now?)

What is this?

Do I write, “Mokpo”?


Your occupation.

– Even I don’t want to fill it out. – I’m a housewife.

Let me tell you what you did wrong. What does it say here?

“Please write in either English or Japanese.”

And you wrote everything in Korean.

It’s wrong.

– Here? – Everything.

Everything in English?

Write your last name in Chinese characters first.

– In Chinese characters? – Yes.

It’s so much work.

No. Hold on.

– Only your last name. – She should write her last name.

– Only my last name? – Yes.

I’ll give you a new one.

– I brought more copies. – You’ll need about 20.

– Last name here, first name here. – Oh, I see.

It would have been really bad.

You would have humiliated yourself abroad.

– Gosh. – That’s right.

Your nationality is Korea.

– Here? – Yes.

E, A.

Korea. Your birthday…

You have to write the year last.

Write the date first.

– The date? – Yes.

No. That’s not what I mean.

– Write just the date. – I see.

You were born in January, right? Write, “01”.

– For the date, write, “04”. – It’s so complicated.

– It’s really complicated. – Try it again.

– There are more copies. – In the opposite order?

– Yes. – I printed out 10 copies.

Fill it out again.

There will be someone who can help me.

Let’s just start packing.

No. You should know how to do this.

– Your address… – I’ll forget everything.

My head is all cloudy. I’ll forget everything.

You should know this.

You can’t write your occupation in Korean.

What’s the word in English? I don’t know.

I don’t think everyone else knows how to do this.




Write, “housewife”.

– Housewife. – Housewife.

– Housewife. – Yes.

This part is really important.

If you mess it up, you won’t be allowed to enter the country.


“Have you ever been deported from Japan…”

– “or left Japan…” – She’s never even been there.

“under a Departure Order in the past”?

Yes or no?

It has never happened. So it’s “yes”.


– It would have been a problem. – She would have been denied entry.

She would have been dragged out like that.

Is it “no”?

It’s confusing.

– The words are so difficult. – Right.

Sign here.

– Sign? – Good.

I should take this form and memorize it.

You can just copy it.

I gave it to her.

It would have been a problem.

Mom thinks, “They’ll help me.”

But as you know, no one helps you.

You have to fill it out yourself.

It was a good idea.

You know what’s important?

A Japanese person will ask you in either Japanese or English…

– They’ll ask me? – the purpose of your visit.

I say, “sightseeing”?

– Yes. – But…

– I can’t say it in Korean, can I? – You can’t.

Should I say it in Japanese?

Either in Japanese or English.

If they ask you how long you’ll be staying there…

3, 4.

3, 4?

– 3, 4! – 3, 4.

3, 4!


3, 4! Like that?

– 4 days. – 4 days.

I’ll be staying for 4 days.

If they ask you the purpose,

– say, “tour”. – Tour.


Japanese people are not that good at English.

You should learn a few basic Japanese sentences.

That’d help.

In English, you say, “toilet”, right?


As Japanese people can’t pronounce it well,

– they say, “toire”. – Toire.


Where is the toilet?

It means, “Where is the toilet?”

Try it.

– Toire. – Try it.



(Repeat after me.)

I can’t pronounce it.

– Try it. Let me write it down. – Toilet.

(Na Rae wants her mom to read it out loud.)

(She write in big Korean letters.)

But there’s a problem.

Even if she says that, she won’t understand the answer.


“Where is the toilet?” The person will answer.

All she can say is, “Yes.”

– That’s right. – She won’t know where it is.

Still, it’s good to know.

My pronunciation is bad.

If I pronounce it wrong,

they won’t understand my question.

It’s not like that. “Where is the toilet?”

“Where is the toilet?”

Good job.

– “Where is the toilet?” – “Where is the toilet?”

Or just say, “Toilet.”


– “Toilet.” – You’re teaching her how to act?

– It’s better. – It’s better.

– Just say, “Toilet.” – “Toilet.”

Pretend your stomach aches. “Toilet.”


– “Toilet…” – “Toilet.”

Just say that.

You should know how to say thank you.

Thank you.



(She’s cute.)

She must be shy.

Thank you.



Isn’t that a Jeolla dialect? “Gozaimaisuka.”

“Does it taste good?”

Try this. “Excuse me.”



Gosh, this is frustrating.

That’s not right.

– “Excuse me.” – “Excuse me.”

Good. I should write down a few sentences for you.

I’ll write them down.

It’s good to learn.

I was in Japan for 15 days recently,

and I don’t speak Japanese.

I didn’t say a word.

– It’s frustrating. – Right.

It’s good to learn a few sentences.

– Of course. – I couldn’t say anything.

I just kept…


– I kept bowing. – You’re guilty of something.

Are you a pigeon?

I couldn’t say anything. I just gestured.

Even people who didn’t get any education managed it.

Don’t worry.

Let me teach you one more thing. “Expensive”.

I’ll forget everything anyway.

My head is all cloudy. I’ll forget everything.

How do you say “thank you”?

That teacher…

– You remember it. Say it again. – She said it.


– That’s not right. – “Gozaimasu.”

(Is this right?)


My pronunciation is all wrong.

My goodness.

“Expensive”. I’ll write it down.

– Write it down. – “Cheap”.


With this, you’ll master Japanese.


(Na Rae wants to help with packing.)

Let’s start packing.

Others don’t bring such a huge suitcase.

– It’ll be too crowded. – You need it.

Oh, my.

Big suitcases are too…

– No. – It’ll be too clunky.

Mom. I thought of something.

(Na Rae brings something from the kitchen.)

The food there…

Food in Jeolla Province is pretty salty, right?

But Japanese food is kind of bland.


– She might not like the food. – Eat dried seaweed.

Also, if you make any Japanese friends,

give it to them as a gift.

Pack some dried laver. And…

And parched rice.

Facial masks to use in Japan.

Facial masks.

– Toothbrush and toothpaste. – Okay.


– To prevent a sunburn. – Sunscreen cream?

You can’t do the laundry there.

It’s good to put everything in a bag like this.

You can also reuse the bag.

As your mother ages,

the roles are reversed.

– That’s right. – Now, I’m worried about her…

as if she’s a little child playing by the water.

I’m worried if she skips her meals,

misses her buses, or can’t find the restroom.

That’s right.

(Na Rae takes out the clothes they bought earlier today.)

I think you chose nice clothes.

Right. They’re pretty.


They’re pretty.

(She’s not sure.)

– Shall I try the scarf too? – You should.

The scarf and…

She should try the clothes on.

With that? Shall I wear those?

Try this on first.

What color goes well with yellow? This one?

It goes well with green.

– Green? – Just try it on. Then we’ll decide.

She relies greatly on Na Rae.

I chose the clothes for her in my style.

Come on out.

(How could Na Rae’s mother look?)

I’m excited.

– Mom, you look gorgeous. – She looks fashionable.

She looks so fashionable.

– She looks like a Japanese star. – You look amazing.

Of course. She looks as fabulous as Bae Yong Joon.

This is perfect.

– Is it perfect? – Yes.

Well… I like it a little.

– I’d give it 50 out 100 points. – 50 points?

– I don’t like it 100 percent. – She won’t wear it in Japan.

(Spaced out)

No way, she said she liked it.

She really looks like a Japanese celebrity.

My goodness. I’m shocked.

– And… – Yes.

– Here you go. – What’s that?

– Open it. – What is it?

What is this? Should I open it?


(What did Na Rae buy for her as a gift?)

Is this an umbrella?

– It’s a sunshade. – I see.

Should I hold a sunshade too?

It’s hot there.

You didn’t have to do this. I can buy one…

in Japan.

Buy another one in Japan.

(Shall I use the sunshade my daughter bought for me?)

It won’t open.

– Oh, no. – What’s going on?

– Hang on. – She’s too strong.


(Hold on a second, Mother.)

What’s wrong…

– with this sunshade? – It’s okay if it works well.

– Oh, dear. What’s wrong with it? – The sunshade…

– How should I… – Like this.

No one opens a sunshade like this.

Gosh. Seriously.

The sunshade is at fault.

The sunshade is flipped inside out.

– You should… – I don’t know what I did wrong.

You’re unbelievable.

– It’s done. It’s pretty. – Like this.

– It’s pretty, right? – Yes.

It reminds me of Korean card game.

She looks like the person in the December card.

– The December card? – Yes.

(The December card looks)

It’s because of her hat.

– She should take her hat off. – Try on the shoes too.

(Na Rae takes care of everything.)

Do these shoes go well with the outfit?


– Let me see. – Look. Aren’t her shoes pretty?

– Na Rae takes good care of her. – Come look.

– The overall looks are nice. – That’s good. Okay.

She looks fashionable.

– You liked it, don’t you? – Yes, I liked it.

(How did you enjoy the time with your daughter today?)

She helped me out when she had a lot to do.

She’s always very busy.

She needs to get some rest when she has no work to do,

but I’m very grateful for her help.

I always tell my friends…

that my daughter is more like…

– an elder sister to me. – My goodness.

– She… – That’s the best compliment.

always takes good care of me.

She got teary.

– Did you not know she cried? – No.

I’ve never seen her crying before.

That’s how I feel…

about Na Rae. She feels like…

(I want to rely on her sometimes.)

my elder sister, not my daughter.


should be the one who takes care of her like that.

But she takes care of me.

(She’s my precious daughter who helps me out with everything.)

That’s why I feel that way.

(Na Rae becomes teary-eyed too.)

My mom…

lived as a mom for the past 30 years.

She became a mom when I was born.

I hope she will spend…

the rest of her life…

as a woman, as Ko Myung Sook.

I want to be her mom in my next life.

I think I can do better if she were born as my daughter.

(This is how Na Rae really feels.)

(And it’s how every daughter in the world feels.)

It makes you feel emotional to see your mother’s interview, right?

My mom never tells me about things like that.


I get surprised whenever I see her saying such things.

– I don’t know. – I’ve never heard the expression,

– a daughter like an elder sister. – Me neither.

It’s not that I take good care of her.

You know that younger sisters don’t listen to their elder sister.

That makes sense.

– Put one foot forward like this. – Okay.

Forward. Put it forward.

– It makes you look thinner. – What are they doing?

– I taught her how to pose. – For photos?

– Is she… – Did you teach her that too?

Is she going for a photoshoot?

Shaking your leg is not cool.

– You look great in it. – My goodness.

I hope she enjoyed her trip.

You did a good job.

Did she have a good trip?

– Why? – What’s wrong?

Did watching your mother’s interview make you feel emotional?

No. She had to cancel the trip.

– Why? – Why?

The thing is…

One week before her trip,

an earthquake occurred…

– in Hokkaido. – Oh, right. I saw it on the news.

– That was before the earthquake. – Yes.

You should be grateful that she didn’t go.

– She could’ve been in trouble. – That’s crazy.

I’m relieved, but my mom was so excited about the trip.

– So what happened? – She didn’t go anywhere.

– And? – After that,

she started looking into a trip to Zhangjiajie.

Then she should learn Chinese.

– She should learn Chinese. – “Excuse me.”

Yes. Expressions like “Excuse me” and “It’s nice”.

– Oh, gosh. – And “Thank you”.

You’ll have to buy her a new outfit because of the weather.

That’s right. I have to buy her a new outfit.

– She’ll need thick clothes. – You’ll start all over again.

I should buy comfortable shoes as she’ll walk a lot in Zhangjiajie.

I bet she’ll go on a trip without telling you.

I think so too.

She’s been avoiding telling me where she’ll going.

We’ll see you next week.

(Si Eon came to his house in Mount Gwanak.)

(Who’s at the door?)

(Is it you, Hyun Moo?)

(He enjoys a relaxing time in the wild.)

(Si Eon climbs the mountain so easily like a flying squirrel.)

(“I Live in the Wild”)

(Sung Hoon gives triathlon a go.)

(He stakes everything he has.)

(The intense match against elementary school students)

(This won’t work.)

(His body doesn’t work the way he wants it to.)

(“My ID Is Triathlete”)

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