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(One spring day in March)

Nice to see you all.

Part 2 of 5th Anniversary Special.

– Who is today’s guest? – I was so surprised.

They’ve had an air of mystery for the past 15 years.

Are they more than one person?

– They’re 2 people. – 2 people.

They are the pioneers of the Korean Wave.

(Who could they be? The Korean Wave?)



(Do you mean these people?)

It’s possible.

They were the pioneers of the Korean Wave.

– Kang Won Rae… – Kang Won Rae is married.

He can’t be on I Live Alone.

– That’s right. – My goodness.


(Singers in the memories)

– It’s not Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha. – Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha.

(They were little kids.)

– We’ll end up mentioning everyone. – It’s not Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha.


– Their song, “Wing”, is famous. – Who could they be?

One of us…

has a history of them.

Si Eon, get ready.

It must be Buck. “Barefoot Youth”.

(Si Eon’s favorite duo, Buck?)

Let’s welcome them.

Guys, let’s welcome them.

Guys, TVXQ is here!


Yun Ho and Chang Min.

Oh, my.

(They’re back.)

(TVXQ is here to create a new legend.)

(The first Korean group to perform at Tokyo Dome)

(Their long break has come to an end.)

(The king of the Korean Wave, TVXQ)

Chang Min,

did you really approve of Si Eon’s Singing?

At the karaoke…

(Si Eon claimed TVXQ approved of his singing.)

(In reality, he sang like Cho Yong Pil.)

I just perceived that he was singing.

He just perceived it.

– That he was singing. – He perceived it.

I sang all five members’ parts by myself.

Now that they’re here…

– Start. – My throat…

At first, it’s sweet and ordinary

(What is that?)

(Kian84 closes his eyes.)

It was terrible.

– It’s hilarious. – Chang Min’s part goes like this.

He’s so bad.

Is he making fun of us?

– And this. – What’s that?

What’s the original version?

– This is the original version. – That’s right.

What’s next?

After that, you do this.

– Like this? I think I can do that. – Yes.

– The king of viewer ratings. – Go to the center.

The king of viewer ratings.

– I might have forgotten. – Viewer ratings of 19.6 percent.

He’s surprisingly tall.

But his proportions are bad.

But his proportions are bad.

– I can see that. – My head is a bit big.

Next to TVXQ…

It’s not that large. It’s medium-sized.

Can you sing that part?

Ready, start.


That looks awful.

(What is he doing in front of the superstars?)

He’s doing a good job.



– That’s Seo Taiji. – Seo Taiji.

His moves look good.

It’s just that…

it has a bit of traditional feel to it.

(His moves suit traditional music better.)

The two of you…

have never revealed your personal lives in the past 15 years.

(Many people are looking forward.)

Do you visit each other’s place often?

You must know how each other lives.

We’ve been living separately for six years now.

We’ve never been to each other’s place yet.

– What? – It’s true.

– What? – Did you have a fight?

– Are you on bad terms? – No.

– Then why? – Are you just business partners?

We didn’t fight. We lived together…

for 15 years.

We lived together in Japan too.

It means they’re tired of each other.

(The Rainbow Live)

Whose place is this?

(The place looks neat.)

– It looks so neat. – It’s my place.

– Is it Chang Min’s? – Yes.

So this is how your place looks.

– You really didn’t know? – No.

We didn’t know either.


(Chang Min’s apartment is revealed for the first time.)

It looks so neat.

It looks like a model house.

I’d love to live like that.

It looks so simple.

– What are those? – Are those liquors?

– They’re miniature liquor bottles. – Oh, my.


Look at the shelves.

– What’s with Yun Ho? – What’s with you?

Are you really in the same group?

Visit his place tonight.

You’ll be surprised to see my place.

(His classic-style study…)

(has many humanities books.)


You keep no picture of yourself in your apartment.

I feel to shy to have pictures of me on the wall.

– Really? – Yes.

Look at all that alcohol.

(As a drink lover,)

(he has a large collection of drinks.)

Look at his wine fridge.

That’s right.

– Do you like to drink? – A lot.

(Chang Min’s day starts in the modern apartment.)

We have to have this scene.

I wish the lights were on.

He’s shirtless.

– Oh, my. – Gosh.

– Why are you shirtless? – It was intentional, right?

What happened?

People don’t usually sleep like that.

Do you sleep without a shirt?

When I’m home,

– I often sleep like that. – Oh, my.

– Please open the curtains. – He’s opening them.

– What are you talking about? – Please open the curtains.

He’s opening them.

It’s automatic.

(The curtains are opening.)

(You see his six-pack abs.)

I love it.

It’s amazing.

(It’s such a pleasant scene.)

It was intentional.

You combed your hair before going to bed, right?

– He must have done push-ups. – Exactly.

– Oh, my. – What’s that?


– Do you have automatic blinds? – Yes.

(Automatic blinds)



Are you shooting a music video?

(Let me be your Wilson for a day.)



No way.

I don’t believe this.

Why would you lie there?

You just got out of your bed.

That’s definitely intentional.

I lie there every day.

The only difference is Wilson.

I do that every day.

Are you showing off your slim belly?

– Are you showing off? – Don’t be like that.

I’ve been living alone…

for about six years now.

(Why did you move out?)

When I was living with Yun Ho,

it was never boring.

But he’d start singing…

so early in the morning.

It’d wake me up.

You were living with Yun Ho.

After work, I need some rest.

But he often brought friends…

– over. – Oh, my.

I really craved some peace and quiet.

But it seemed impossible as long as I lived with him.

Because I was the unhappy one,

I moved out.

(He got his peaceful mornings back.)

Gosh, my stomach aches.

– Oh, my. – You look great.

– Put on a shirt. – Put on a shirt.

He has a lot of heat.

The temperature changes a lot these days.

It’s just his physiological type.

– What? – What?

– Your body looks great. – It’s amazing.

If I were that fit, I wouldn’t wear a shirt either.

You should.

(Let me see.)

(His fridge is well organized.)

I can see that you’re interested in cooking.

Yes, I try to cook often.

I see.

(What did he take out?)

I blend Chinese yam, milk, and honey together.

– Chinese yam, milk, and honey. – Yes.

What if it spatters on your body?

Why would you worry about that?

– It’d be cold. – It’d be cold?



Oh, my.

(He closes the lid using his abs.)

Why would you react to that? Stop it.

Oh, my.

(All the ingredients are blended together.)

(Chinese yam juice is ready.)


I had a drink…

with older people last night.

To live a long, healthy life…

and to be able to continue to drink,

I should take care of myself.

Who else would?

(He’s finished his Chinese yam juice.)

(His day starts.)

(TVXQ t-shirt.)

– It’s your Japanese name. – Yes.

(His name is written too.)

You wear a TVXQ t-shirt?

Your fans would be so happy to see this.


What are you doing?

I’m preparing breakfast.

How often do you cook?

I try to cook…

at least twice a week.

That’s a lot.

(He washes the rice.)

– Look at that. – What are you doing?

You’re putting the liquid aside. Are you making stew with it?

That’s right. You know that.

– He cooks a lot. – You’re experienced.

He knows how to use it.

With my hand…


You’re reacting to his every movement.

Why would you be impressed by that?

That was too much.

– It was too much. – What’s wrong?

I do that too.

– I do that every day. – I’ll stick my finger in your nose.

– Be gentle. – Okay.

(He starts to make stew.)

You’re removing the guts yourself.

It gives a bitter taste.

Instead of buying anchovy stock,

– you make it yourself? – Yes.

(The stock is ready to boil.)

With rice water…


He’s putting a lot of beef.

He’s good.

He is. He looks experienced.

Yes. That will do.

I’m jealous. He looks so cool.

– You don’t cook? – I don’t.

(I don’t cook.)

We’re getting to know about you.

(He separates the liquid.)

He looks like a housewife.

(To the anchovy stock,)

(he adds soybean paste.)

He’s adding the rice water too.

He looks like a chef.

He looks so relaxed.

(The stew is coming together.)

– What are you doing? – He is skillful.

He is.

– Is that a special skill? – Moms do that.

– That’s right. – Why do you do that?

You don’t want to use a cutting board.

You have to wash it afterwards.

– What about the rest of tofu? – You keep it.

– You’re thrifty. – It shouldn’t go bad.

You add water. That’s right.

You’re skillful.

– You need water? – Yes.

– Otherwise, it goes dry. – It goes dry.

You should add salt too.

– Why? – Why?

Salt keeps tofu fresh.

– It keeps long. – In salt water.


I didn’t know.

Hwang Gyo Ik didn’t tell me that.

– You keep tofu in salt water? – I didn’t know.

Yun Ho has become speechless.

– You’re not saying anything. – You must be in shock.

(Soybean paste stew is ready.)

(Let me taste it.)

(It tastes good.)

I try to cook a lot.

When I was living with the other members,

I ate a lot of delivery food and instant food.

I became too used to it.

But I dream of living a long and healthy life.

I want a healthy liver…

so I can continue to drink.

That’s why I started cooking.

How much soju can you drink?

I can drink as much as five bottles.

He is one of the biggest drink lovers at SM Entertainment.

You look like you wouldn’t drink a lot.

That’s what makes him…

– even more attractive. – He’s so cool.

You like men who can drink a lot?

Hyun Moo isn’t one of them.

You’re going a bit too far today.

You weren’t like this on the first day.

Can’t we take turns?

– That might be better. – No.

Breakfast time.

(He watches TV while having breakfast.)

– What’s that? – Current affairs.

Current affairs show?

(It tastes good.)

(While eating,)

(his eyes are fixed on TV.)


(Do you often watch current affairs shows?)

I try to watch news programs.

After the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

robots will take most of our jobs away.

The more software I have,

the more competitive I will be.

– That’s why… – What kind of singer says that?

I became interested in…

learning new things.

I should clean up.

(He does the dishes right away.)

Right away?

You should.

– Otherwise, it smells. – It smells.

And later, you don’t want to do it.

Let me see.

Like this.

(He wraps the leftover rice.)

What are you doing?

If you keep the rice in the rice cooker, it turns yellow.

– That’s right. – You know that.

You should put it in the freezer.

How do you thaw it? In the microwave?

– Yes. – Yes.

You’re so neat.

He dries all the surfaces.


(Let me take a break.)

(He can finally take a break.)


You could relax for a while.

It was time to…

clean the coffee machine.

Is that a coffee machine?


Empty the container.

You have a state-of-the-art apartment.

Do you live in a future city?

– That’s crazy. – I know.

You seem to be living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

That’s right.


I should take a picture with Wilson.

(A picture with Wilson)

(This is nice.)

It looks like a music video.

– It looks like a movie. – He’s so cool.

– Right. – I’m amazed too.

Yun Ho is just like us.

It’s so weird.

He is reacting the same way as us.

He looks the most surprised among us.

(He reacts to every scene…)


Is he a regular member?

I’ll have to watch it when I’m back.

(Where are you going?)


– This is it. – This is it.

How many times are you taking your shirt off?

He can’t take a shower with his shirt on.

Why does he have to take a shower right now?

He’s going out.

You’re supposed to take a shower before going out.

– Is that right? – He looks cool.


– He looks so cool. – His body looks great.

Oh, my.

Can’t you dry your hair with your shirt on?

– Why would you? – He has a lot of heat.

Do you have a lot of heat?

You don’t want your hair to fall on your shirt.

(After taking a shower…)

Gosh. Just go out like that.

What’s wrong?

It’s hot anyway.

(Well-organized wardrobes)

Your dressing room is neat too.

Put it on.

My goodness.

(I’ll wear this one today.)

You look great.

– You look fantastic. – Who is this guy?

I’m sorry, but are you Chang Min’s fan?

– No. I just… – You lived with him.


(Shoes are lined up.)

– It looks like a department store. – His apartment is so nice.

(I should get going.)

(This reminds us of someone.)

(Yun Ho’s house is revealed.)

(What is Yun Ho’s lifestyle like?)

It’s time to see Yun Ho.

– There he is. – Yun Ho.

Here we go.

It’s my first time to see this.

(It’s Chang Min’s first time to take a peek at Yun Ho’s life.)

– That’s how it should start. – It might be better than you think.

(The study reflects Yun Ho’s life.)

(It’s decorated with various books and trophies.)

When my family used to live in a rental house,

the owner’s space, which was upstairs, looked like that.

Look at the trophies. He loves himself.

(There are photos of him which he can’t see enough.)

He’s on even the mousepad.

(The big photograph of himself confirms that he loves himself.)

He loves himself.

My goodness.

(The living room is simple yet classic.)

What is that?

It’s elegant.

It looks like a set of a weekend TV drama series.

– That’s… – He’s the son of Gwangju.

He’s like my ex-landlord.

– What are those? – What is that?

– What is that? – Why do you have a steel mortar?

It was handed down to me by the person who used to lived there.

He said it will bring me luck.

You don’t use that, do you?

I don’t use it. It’s just for a display.

– For a display. – It’s too unusual though.

Why would an idol singer have a steel mortar?

(Yun Ho’s bedroom is empty.)

Isn’t that your uncle’s house?

– It looks like my uncle’s. – it looks like my uncle’s.

Did he visit his uncle for a holiday?

Isn’t it the house of an old and successful businessman?

It looks like the house of someone who was rich in 1988.

(Where is Yun Ho?)

(Why is he sleeping on the sofa when he has a bed?)

I try to sleep on my bed.

But I always end up on the sofa.

(He hears the alarm and barely manages to get up.)

(He’s still half-asleep.)

Hello. I am Yun Ho of TVXQ.

Look at that floral wallpaper. It’s so cute.

His jacket is matching.

– You figured it out. – By the way…

What’s up with the wallpaper? Is that what you like?

It’s nice for guests staying in…

Are the guests older people?

– They must be elders. – Elders.

You’re the first person to match your outfit to the wallpaper.

That really surprised me.

I am Jung Yun Ho, and I’ve been out of the army for about a year now.

My nickname is Mr. Passion.

I’ve been living alone…

for about 4 to 5 years.

I must’ve made Chang Min’s life miserable.

That’s why he moved out first.

Chang Min and I are the opposites.

Chang Min is neater than me.

(He looks to the side.)

Gosh, that surprised me.

Wilson is treated so differently.

His house is really tidy though.

(He’s tired.)

(He folds his blankets right away.)

After serving the army, I became more…

– organized. – He got a lot neater.

He folds them nicely.

Hyun Moo served the army when Donghak Peasant Revolution happened.

– I served with Mr. Jeon Bong Jun. – Right.

How many years have you been part of the reserve forces?

– I’m exempted from the duty now. – He’s done with everything.

You’re done with the civil defense training?

– I am done. – A long time ago too.

How is it a long time ago?

Did you have to serve for three years in your time?

What are you talking about?

That’s my father’s generation.

Do you think I fought in the Vietnam War?

– How long was the service? – 2 years and 2 months.

– That’s… – 2 years and 2 months?

That’s much shorter than I expected.

– Come on, Yun Ho. – Everyone thought it was 3 years.

(His curtain is too classic.)

(Something rattles.)

– What is he doing? – What is he doing?

My goodness.

I haven’t seen that door in 20 years.

– My grandfather’s house had that. – Isn’t that a relic?

– Sometimes, it gets stuck. – Right.

I haven’t seen that in such a long time.

I think there will be some kind of garden outside.

(Your door seems like an antique.)

I like it better.

These days, you can open the curtains with just a finger.

I prefer doing it myself…

and touching the door.

I like that better.

(What is the first thing he does after waking up?)

– What? – It’s him.

As soon as he turned on the TV, his music video started playing.

Why is he watching that?

What is that?

Even I don’t watch myself as soon as I wake up.


(He dances aggressively.)

– My goodness! – No way!

(It’s a culture shock.)

– What happened? – What is he doing?

(What on earth is going on?)

– That is… – What is he doing in the morning?

What is wrong with this man?

(He does his very best.)

What is wrong with him?

– I do that to wake up. – My gosh!

(He looks amazing.)

(He practices dancing without washing himself.)


(He’s very serious.)

– Do you always do that? – Why is he dancing?

It stretches all my joints.

(He’s unbelievable.)

People think it’s strange that I dance in the morning.

I don’t know how people will accept this.

But I have pride.

I have pride in my performance.

(He really loves himself.)

He really loves himself.

– He has pride in himself. – He loves himself.

Let’s go.

(His morning dance practice doesn’t seem to end.)

(He really enjoys it.)

What is that?

I admire him that he can do that without drinking.

I envy his neighbors. Look at that.

He did that several times when we lived together,

but I never thought he’d do that when he’s living alone.

Wilson, aren’t I good?

I need a bigger audience.

– What is he saying? – What?

He’s not going to call people, is he?

Wait here. I need the audience.

– Maybe they’re waiting in the room. – I need a bigger audience.

– My goodness. – What is he doing?

Why is he doing this?

(What is he doing with the stuffed toys?)

– What’s wrong with you? – Oh, dear.

No way. What’s wrong with you?

(He lets the audience sit next to Wilson.)

(This is not enough.)

I’m starting to understand why Chang Min moved out.

– My gosh. – I think he ran out.

Are those dolls your audience?

– Yes. – What’s that?

(He gets the big bear too.)

Wilson, he’s even bigger than you.

This is enough.

All right.

(What is going on?)

I will dance harder.

I try to imagine that people are watching me…

and train my image.

Are you really dancing?

– No, don’t do it. – This is just the beginning.

– Don’t do it. – Don’t.

– What’s wrong, Yun Ho? – He says he’s nervous.

(All the concerts of TVXQ had been sold out.)

(All the sofa seats are sold out too.)

Please stop it.

Oh, dear.

(He does his very best.)

(I will show you the best performance.)

(Why do you do this?)

That question is funny. “Why do you do this?”

It’s our first time to see such a caption.

(He thinks it’s funny too.)

It’s boring to dance alone. It’s boring.

When the stuffed toys are watching,

it feels like a concert hall.

I can perform more easily.

I don’t know if I am strange.

(He successfully finishes the performance.)

(The toys want to clap.)

Mr. Lee Soo Man knows that you do this, right?


That must be a nice practice.

That was a good workout.

I should clean now.

– Where is that? Is that a veranda? – Yes, it is a veranda.

It’s like we are time-travelling.

(He cleans every nook and cranny.)

He clearly…

developed a habit of cleaning.

– Did he not clean before? – He didn’t clean at all, did he?

– He never cleaned. – That’s not true.

I chose a day and really cleaned everywhere.

But it’s my first time to see him cleaning so skillfully.

(He sets the cleaning aside.)

(He takes out a portable mic.)

(He’s impressed by it.)

(Isn’t he in the middle of cleaning?)

(They are shocked.)

(He’s got a floor cleaner on one hand…)

(and a mic on the other hand.)

How many years did you live together?

About 10 long years.

10 years? You put up with him for a long time.

He’s good.

(He starts to really practice singing.)

You must’ve seen him do that every morning.

My gosh.

(It’s like he travelled 5 years back in time.)

(He won’t stop singing.)

He used to sing unnecessarily well in the morning,

and it really upset me.

He does sing well.

(It’s exciting.)

All right. I’m done cleaning.

– My goodness. – This is unbelievable.

– It is. – This is my morning routine.

Ever since I was young,

– I’ve been training to sing live. – He sings so well.

Na Rae, when you are alone at home,

do you practice gags and come up with…

– sketches? – Do you do comedy in front of toys?

People might think I’ve gone mad.

(People will think she’s crazy.)

How can you say that?

– I am talking about myself. – You’re talking about yourself.

People will think that I’ve lost my mind.

Yun Ho always practiced really hard.

(Chang Min acknowledges Yun Ho’s passion.)

Let’s go.

(It’s time for the audience to leave.)

(He safely takes them home.)


(He collects all the coin on the table.)

Do you have a coin karaoke at home?

– No way. – Really?

– Do you really have it? – Really?

– It must be true. – It must be.

Don’t do it.

(Yun Ho acts mysterious.)

(Where is he going with all the coins?)

– What is that? – Vault.

When you went to elementary school in the old days,

– that’s where you put test paper. – For test paper.

– The day before the test. – Yes.

People might be interested.

I’ve never revealed the vault.

This is the first time I’m revealing it.

– Gold? – That’s weird.

But why did he bring the coins?

– That’s a nice one. – Are their gold bars?

– What’s he doing? – I want one too.

Pig. Pig.

– What? – He’s saving?

– A piggy bank? – A piggy bank?

Why do you keep them in the vault?

I’ve saved up in those piggy banks…

since I was a trainee.


That’s the first thing I do in the morning to remind myself.

– That’s meaningful. – Because you didn’t have…

much money when you were a trainee.

– It was very difficult back then. – You saved up as much as you can.

I’ve heard this somewhere.

– You’re originally from Gwangju. – Yes.

You had no place to sleep, so you slept…

– In the subway. – on the street.

– You slept in the subway? – I used to.

I heard you sometimes emptied it…

– to eat soft tofu stew. – Yes.

It was impressive.

First, there are piggy banks.

(Piggy banks from the time he was struggling)

Also, it’s pretty old, but a patent.

– What? – A patent?

– You have a patent? – For what?

What patent?

I said…

I have a habit of inventing on a show in the past.

No one believes me when I say that.

They thought I was lying.

I kept studying and got a patent.

I’ve never seen an idol with a patent.


(He checks to see everything is there.)


– He’s weird. – He’s really weird.

(He’s getting ready to go out.)

(Neatly organized closet)

Was it unimaginable?

It was chaotic before.

You’ve gotten so much better at organizing.

– I’m surprised. – Is it shocking?

How bad was it?

I changed after I was enlisted.


(He drinks milk for hunger instead.)

The kitchen looks antique.

I haven’t seen cherry color in a long time.

(His house seems amiable.)

(He decides to wash the dishes later.)

(He’s going out.)

Look at the gate.

It looks like presidents’ houses.

With guards in the front.

Let’s go.

What is that? A kick scooter?

– Is that an electric kick scooter? – Electric?

No. It’s manual.

– Is that a kick scooter? – You have to push it yourself.

I haven’t seen that in 20 years.

– It’s a time machine. – That’s fun, right?

Hasn’t it been like 20 years since that came out?

– It’s old. – But it looks like an electric one.

(He sets off to his destination with joy.)


(I’m going first.)

(He enthusiastically pushes his foot.)

It’s a nice weather.

It’s nice.


(It’s Yun Ho.)


– You go around on that? – It’s near my house.

(He looks like a boy in the neighborhood rather than an idol.)

It’s a nice weather.

People will be surprised when they see him pushing it with his foot.

– Probably. – “It must not be electric.”

It’s a lot of work.

That’s how I played when I was young.

– Right. – It’s unbelievable.

Everything’s digitized nowadays.

I don’t want to lose the analogue vibe.

– Analogue vibe. – You love analogue.

(He arrives at a supermarket pushing his foot.)

I’m hungry.

Let’s go.


I’m going to eat this.

Thank you.

(He buys salmon sushi in the morning.)

– Have a good day. – Thank you.

(He looks for another menu.)

(Fried tofu sushi)

(He carefully makes selections.)

(Deep fried shrimp too.)

I thought you don’t eat fried food, but you do.

– It’s 5 dollars and 90 cents. – Okay.

So far, Yun Ho likes to go out.

Chang Min likes to stay home, right?

– Yes. – Right?

(He hangs groceries on both handles.)


– Goodness. – He can’t keep the balance.

– Because it’s not electric. – Yes.


(Power up.)

(He’s back home safe.)

The gate is my favorite part of his house.

I can’t believe this house is inside that building.

Look at the door.

It feels like his mother would greet him.

That bugs me.

– That’s such an old table. – I know.

– Did you buy that table? – Yes.

That’s what you like.

You love antique.

At least the TV is the latest style.

I thought you’d turn to change the channel.

When it falls out, you need to use the monkey to turn it.

If it falls out, he has to watch MBC for life.


Is he watching the news?


The lowest price ever.

But you can’t get it at this price after the live show.

(He’s watching the home shopping channel in the end.)

It’s home shopping.

He looks like a housewife.

No. That was 600 dollars last time.

– He remembers it. – The price didn’t drop.

I expected him to watch current affairs show in that house,

but he’s watching home shopping.

He’s the father, and he’s the mother.

How did you live together for 10 years? You’re so different.

I know. Who suffered more?

– Chang Min. – No word necessary.

(He just smiles.)

(Chairman Yun Ho is having breakfast watching TV.)

(I can’t see.)

Just this once.

– What? – Chairman’s seat.

It looks like “The Last Supper”.

– What is that? – He looks like a chairman.

I do have “The Last Supper” on the wall.

(Next to “The Last Supper”)

He’s eating deep fried shrimp for the last supper.

Is he going to buy it?

No way.

It’s a draw for one person. I probably won’t make it.

– You can’t get it. – You shouldn’t hope for it.


(He eats roughly.)

He eats various food in one meal.

That looks delicious.

He eats well.

He looks like a jobless son…

that his parents are sick of.

Both his parents are out to work,

– and he’s left home alone. – The landlord’s son.

The landlord’s son replaces the bulb for you.

(He’s moving to the living room.)

– Is the TV too far? – Yes.

The remote can’t even reach that far.

– Is that why you got up? – Yes.

(He needs to get up to change the channel.)

(He’s changing the channel in front of the TV.)

(Folding cupboard is on.)

– He’s buying it. – He’s thinking.

What’s for free? I want a free gift.

A free pot or something?


Home shopping is actually pretty good.

– Really? – I love it.

All my pots are from home shopping.

I have a question about the one touch folding cupboard.

Do I get anything with it or just that one?

There are no perks?

– What a picky customer. – Okay.

There are no perks.

– Then you don’t buy it. – Then you don’t buy it.

How frugal.

– They should give a container. – I compare the deals before…

making the purchase.

It’s perfect if there are perks.

(He still can’t let it go.)

(He calls them again.)

Home shopping. How can I help you?

I called after watching TV.

Do I get any perks with it?

(Stop it, Yun Ho.)

You want it even though you don’t use it.

– That’s right. – You don’t even use it.

There are no perks.

I’d like to buy it.

Which product would you like to order?

5 by 5.

I’ve placed the order for you.

You’ll receive the product within 3 to 5 days.

– Did you need it? – Yes.

You don’t buy things from home shopping because you need it,

but you think you need it as you watch.

You think you’re going to use it.

– It’s their magic. – Yes.

(He finished breakfast as he placed an order.)

I love the master bedroom.

I haven’t seen those closets in a long time.

That’s what mothers used to buy when they got married.

Isn’t that an old-fashioned closet?

At least it isn’t mother-of-pearl.

– Mother-of-pearl? – Mother-of-pearl?

A mother-of-pearl closet?

– My goodness. – My goodness.

(My goodness.)

Why does everyone take a shower?

– You should before going out. – Is that so?

– I’ll do that from now on. – He’s very muscular.

(It’s Yun Ho’s time.)

He’s very muscular.

(He gets ready to shave.)

It looks like a commercial.

He’s shaving.

Didn’t you put too much on?

– Didn’t it go inside your nose? – Wasn’t that too much?

(Make yourself look sharp.)

– You don’t use an electric shaver? – No, I use a razor.

– You don’t? – Do you get a thick beard?

I’m used to it since I was young.

– You must like analog systems. – He must like analog systems.

My goodness.

He could’ve closed the front of his robe.

My goodness.

– My goodness. – My goodness.

Isn’t he applying to much pressure?

Yes, I think I am.

This is similar to what I do.

(How is it similar to what you do?)

Stop looking for similarities.

He found one thing.

It feels refreshing if you apply a lot of pressure.

(He energetically opens the door of his closet…)

(and takes some clothes out.)

(He continues…)

(bringing more clothes out.)


You just throw it on the floor, since you have a lot of space.

(This is how Yun Ho decides his outfit.)

College students do this on the day before orientation.

It’s what you do do to pick an outfit.

(Clothes are all over his floor.)

(He considers his options.)

Didn’t you take too many out?

It’s like a tournament.

(It’s like a tournament.)

– I see. – A tournament?

Is it like the Ideal Type World Cup?

That’s interesting.

(The styling tournament has begun.)

(He eliminates the ones he doesn’t like.)

Not this one.

Not this one, either.

It’s almost the final round.

The interesting thing is that I do the same thing.

I told you to stop finding similarities.

– This is the second thing he found. – I’m telling you a fact.

Is this the result of the tournament?

Excuse me, but wasn’t that the only outfit in the tournament?

You’re right.

(I’ve decided to wear this.)

Doesn’t that look like a door pharaohs use?

– Pharaohs. – Pharaohs?

– Like at a temple. – Yes, in Egypt.

– How could you be so different? – This is so interesting.

I’m confused.

Going back and forth between the two houses…

makes it seem like we’re on a time machine.

It’s like we’re jumping from the past and the future.

– You’re right. – The past?

(Meanwhile, what is Chang Min doing?)

(Where is he?)

Where did you go?

Is that a skin care shop? What is that?

– Are you at a cooking class? – Amazing.

– Do you take cooking classes? – Yes, I do.

So you can live a long and healthy life?

Yes, so I can cook myself good food and live a long and healthy life.

How long have you been taking cooking classes?

– It’s been 3 to 4 months. – I’m impressed.

Let’s start with taking the roll.

She even takes the roll.

– Kim Gyung Jin. – Here.

Let’s see. Kim Eun Joo.

– Shim Chang Min? Okay. – Here.

– Is your last name Shim? – Yes.

For the first 15 years, everyone thought my last name was Choi.

– I did, too. – I was surprised.

(They all thought he was Choi Chang Min.)

It’s weird to hear her call you Shim Chang Min.

– Is your last name Yun? – No, he’s Noh Yun Ho.

No, my last name is Jung.

– Did you think he was Yun Yun Ho? – Yun Yun Ho?

– That doesn’t sound right. – Yun Yun Ho?

Maybe he thought his name was Ho.

I’m Jung Yun Ho and he’s Shim Chang Min.

– I see. – Interesting.

TVXQ made a debut when I was 20.

I was called Drawing84…

or Drawing Hee Min.

– Drawing Hee Min? – Drawing Hee Min.

It was a trend to put something before your name.

I remember that trend.

That’s right.

– They’re ready. – Hi.

– Hi. – Hi.

We’re going to make two things today.

We’ll make Andong-style braised chicken and sesame dressing.

(Andong-style braised chicken?)

– Andong-style braised chicken. – You make that?

It goes amazingly well with soju.

You must like to drink.

We’ll start with preparing the ingredients.

We’re going to use onion, potato, carrot, and green onion.

Let’s begin.

Cut it into big pieces.

Since we’re going to boil it for a long time,

if the pieces are too small…

– That looks fun. – It’s a lot of fun.

You just have to but them into similar sizes.

I’ll just cut this into half.

Just cut the potato into 3 or 4.

This is how you prepare everything.

We’re done with that.

Let’s take a look at the chicken.

– Buy this at a supermarket. – I wish I could try that.

– I think I’d be good at it. – It’s all cut up.

All you have to do is wash it a couple times in cold water.

Wash it thoroughly in running water.

Then cut up the big pieces.

What should you do next?

The students taking the class…

don’t seem to care who you are.

They didn’t even look surprised to see me.

What do you add next?

– Cooking wine. – Cooking wine.

You always need cooking wine when cooking with meat.

– To get rid of foul scents. – It gets rid of foul scents.

What is the difference between cooking wine and refined rice wine?

Cooking wine is slightly sweeter.

– That’s right. – She’s a good teacher.

She gives us a lot of useful information.

Food becomes too sweet if you use too much cooking wine.

No wonder.

That’s what happens.

You wouldn’t use cooking wine…

for a dish that shouldn’t taste sweet.

I found refined rice wine here.

It already smells nice, doesn’t it?

I’ve added the carrots and onions.

You can say this is almost done.

If the carrots are cooked,

you just have to add the final ingredients and you’re done.

Let’s make a napa cabbage salad while that’s boiling.

We’ll start with the dressing.

First, you have to grind sesame seeds.

I’ve already ground it to make it easier for you.

How do you grind sesame seeds?

You can use a grinder.

You can use the iron mortar at Yun Ho’s house.

– Use that. – Mortar?

It might turn into sesame oil if you use that.

That’s a good idea.

Go to your stations…

and try cooking it with the ingredients I gave you.

– You try making it yourself. – Of course.

We try making it right away.

Let’s see.

I need some cold water.

(He picks an onion up.)

(He cuts it exactly into half.)

(Is this right?)

You can look at the handout if you don’t remember.

And take a look at the one the teacher made.

[VIU Ver] E237 I Live Alone
“TVXQ is back”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(Chang Min slowly takes each step.)

(He is immersed in cooking.)

(He hesitates.)

(How am I supposed to cut this?)

You’re very meticulous.

(He decides to cut it in 4.)

Make it round?

You usually cut the edges round.

It’s because the edges will break off if you don’t.

That’s why you make it round.

That’s right.

It breaks off unevenly.

So, there’s a reason you do that.

(He is focused.)

(He is only finished getting one piece of carrot ready.)

(He glances over at the others.)

Chang Min is a good cook,

– but he’s a bit slow. – He’s slow.

– That’s right. – He takes his time.

(He’s slow, but perfect.)

(I’ll do as I please.)

I was getting anxious that I was falling behind,

but I hate competing with others.

– He’s very different from Yun Ho. – I hate it.

I wanted to focus on myself…

like the tortoise did in the race against the hare.

He knows what he wants.

(Preparing the carrot is a struggle against himself.)

Are you trying to carve something out of the carrot?

– I’m rounding the edges. – I see.

(I’m Max Chang Min.)

(You can’t waver if you want to become the best.)

(This is Chang Min’s way.)

– The song… – It’s over.

– He’s taking his time. – You’re really slow.

The teacher is here.

What is he doing?

– Does the knife cut well? – What?

– Does the knife cut well? – Yes.

You don’t have to do too many.

She looks frustrated.

Teachers don’t approach students that are doing well.

– She comes to me often. – Is she always next to you?

(The teacher makes him speed up.)

Why does it seem like I’m the only slow one here?

(The other students are cutting the chicken.)

You must get self-conscious if the person next to you is fast.

– It’ll make you anxious. – That’s right.

Don’t let that bother you.

(The student next to him is done cutting the chicken.)

Oh, no.

(Don’t let that bother me.)

– He moved on to the chicken. – He’s cleaning the chicken.

(He finally begins preparing the chicken.)

(He slowly works with it.)

(He’s even checking for specks of dust.)

Can I go to the sauna and come back?

Look at that.

(He turns the stove on.)

(The stove makes noises as if telling him to hurry up.)

(It makes a clicking sound.)

That noise was annoying.

It must make you more anxious.

Why is everyone else turning their stoves on already?

(He moves a little faster.)

(I feel impatient. Nevertheless, I go my own way.)

It’s as if he’s listening to a song again.

And now

(Chang Min would go his own way in any situation.)

(I’m going to eat this chicken.)

(I will make sure to clean it perfectly.)

He’s doing it neatly.

(He’s so meticulous that he wouldn’t miss anything.)

It looks as if he’s picking lice out of hair.

(He never compromises the quality of his work to finish it faster.)

That’s so funny.

(Chang Min cooks chicken his own way.)

It’s done.

(Chang Min finally turns on the stove.)

(There’s a clear difference in speed.)

It’s boiling hard already.

Some people behind him is already eating it.

(Could he be able to finish it within today?)

(Chang Min finally turns on the stove.)

(There’s a clear difference in speed.)

– It’s boiling hard already. – Exactly.

(The student next to him is already preparing vegetables.)

I think people behind him are already eating.

(Let me see.)

(He keeps going on in his own way.)

Carrots first.

(Meanwhile, the other students are…)

(almost done with braised chicken.)

(Is my braised chicken done?)

I think he should boil it for a long while seeing that color.

– I think… – You need to cook it longer.

You still have a lot of soup, so boil it a little longer.


Chang Min, you should eat now.

– It looks delicious. – I want to taste it.

– Was it okay? – You should boil it down.

It’s unbelievable.

You made it bland for your health, right?

No. I just said it was unbelievable.

– What does that mean? – It was delicious.

I thought you said you messed up.

I think you misheard him.

(He’s carefully putting in noodles.)

He’s doing well except he could do it a little faster than that.

– Exactly. – Other than that, he’s doing well.

– They’re doing the dishes. – They were already eating.

– They’re eating. – She’s doing the dishes.

(It’s finally done.)

– It was delicious though. – It looks delicious.

– Shall we eat braised chicken? – Yes, let’s do that.

– He’s taking a photo of it. – He must feel proud.

(Chang Min’s Andong style braised chicken and salad)

– How did it taste honestly? – To be honest,

when I ate it,

the taste reminded me of Haheo Mask.

That means you failed.

If it reminded you Hahoe Mask,

– it means the food was bland. – That’s right.

It looks good.

(Shall I try a bite?)

– You’re going to eat it at home. – Yes.

You eat what you cook in the class with drinks at night.

– That sounds wonderful. – I did a good job.

(He puts the food in containers.)

Did you go there to make food to eat with drinks?

He went there to learn to cook.

(He puts the containers in his bag hurriedly.)

– I’ll get going, Teacher. – Okay.

– You did a good job today. – He’s rushing out.

To go home and eat it with drinks.

He’s moving so fast when times like this.

– Has has drinks at home. – He’s moving so fast now.

– I mean, he can’t drink there. – He hasn’t moved that fast before.

(Meanwhile, Yun Ho is heading to somewhere.)

– Hi. – Hi.

– Hey. – Go ahead.

I’m on my way there now,

– but… – Hurry up!

The traffic is bad.

– All right. – Why would you yell at me?

I didn’t yell at you.

I think he’s the one who yelled first.

– Who could that be? – Okay. I’ll be there soon.

(The song Yun Ho chose while driving in a traffic jam)

– He’ll sing again. – Again?

(“Western Sky” by Lee Seung Chul)

My goodness.

(He starts singing his heart out.)

Doesn’t your throat hurt if you sing so often?

Surprisingly, his throat is just fine after singing like that.

I wish I could forget about you

(The driving seat turns into a stage…)

(only for him in an instant.)

– Here he goes again. – It’s still shocking to me.

I sing in my car often just like he does.

Stop trying to find the things in common.


That’s sexy.

– Look how it’s trembling. – That was good.

(I think I just gave myself chills.)

“I think I just gave myself chills.”

– I don’t believe this. – He mesmerized himself.

– What’s going on? – He loves himself so much.

It’s not like that.

I didn’t realize that I overact like this.

He’s like a jukebox.

This song must be…

(What’s the next song?)

(“Affection” by Young Turks Club, 1996)

It’s an exciting song.

(Imitating the sound)

You should make that sound.

It sounds like hiccup.

(He imitates the 1990s style sound effect.)

(You said you loved me)

He’s a big fan of retro music.

I also like retro music so much.

Do you?

What’s that place?

Hey, brother.

Who could that be?

You look so great today.

You know I always dress like this.

Who is he?

(Son Ho Jun, Yun Ho’s friend in his neighborhood)

– You look so different today. – They’re close friends.

– Why are you so late? – I’m sorry.

I’m about 10 minutes late.

Stop lying. We waited longer than that.

Can I get something to drink?

Order something.

Can I get just one Americano?

Who will pay?

– Let’s decide by a draw. – Come here.

Right. That’s a good idea.

– Okay. – There’s no need.

I will pay.

(What’s with him?)

He was conscious about the camera.

Ho Jun is too conscious about the camera.

I’ll pay.

(I’ll pay.)

My friends from elementary, middle, and high school…

gathered all together.

We haven’t gathered all together like this…

for a while.

They’re my friends who remember how I used to be in the past.

Then they all must be from your home town.

Yes, except for the one I met in college.

– They’re all from Gwangju. – Yes.

Everyone in there is from Gwangju.

All right. Here we go.

Four cups of Americano.

– I know what your credit card is. – Gosh.

He even remembers his credit card as he visited there so often.

Seriously. Here.

(He picks one of the credit cards.)

– Whose is that? Is it Ho Jun’s? – Whose is this?

Whose is that?

(You can tell by his face that it’s his credit card.)

– Whose is that? – It’s mine.

He speaks in dialect. It sounds friendly.

“It’s mine.”

He’s my friend from elementary school.

Let’s have a match between meat lovers and vegetarians.

You can pair up with him.

– Hey. – You’re a meal lover, right?

– Not every fat guy loves meat. – That’s not what I meant.

I’m speechless.

– Elephants are herbivores. – That’s right.

Some of us have carnivore personalities…

while the others have herbivore personalities.

– I see. – We’re not so different though.

Do you know how to bowl?

– Meat lovers versus vegetarians? – Yes.

– Let’s go. – Okay.

Let me finish this.

You like bowling.

I like playing sports and physical activities.

You have such a dynamic lifestyle.


I haven’t ridden in your car for a long time.

– It’s been a long time, right? – Yes.

Let’s listen to a song.

You’re going to play TVXQ songs again, right?

Singers don’t usually listen to their own songs.

– He knows you well. – All right.

(“Summer Story” by DJ DOC)

Off we go.

I feel like we’re going on a trip.

(Ho Jun is dancing overenthusiastically.)


(They’re heading to the bowling alley while boosting up the energy.)

The song was released when I was in elementary school.

I want to go on a trip.

– Let’s go on a trip some time. – I promise.

– Let’s do that. – Once I finish my work.

You were so cool when we went to Nami Island.

– I remember that time. – Right?

Our car was moving forward.

Your fans were following our car.

They split up and come in front of our car…

to pay the motorway toll for you.

It was such an amazing scene.

Ho Jun said he can’t get married because of Yun Ho.

– Did he really say that? – Yes.

He said that in an interview.

How often do you meet him?

We met each other six days a week when we met often.

– You two are really close. – After we finished work.

What did you do together? Did you have a drink?

We rarely drink.

We try different things together. For example, we go on a trip…

– or play video games. – Six days a week?

We try to make good memories.

That’s great.

If you two start dating…

(Na Rae, help me out.)

– You would feel sad. – Exactly.

You must feel…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you two go on a double date?


(Just a little more…)

(We’re almost there.)

We don’t have a girlfriend now.

He kept himself together. He almost lost it.

– He didn’t fall for that. – We failed.

He fooled us instead.

We almost got him.

I almost forgot. We should eat that food.

Today is the day of the first full moon of the year.

– Is it? – Yes.

– We should eat porridge. – Five-grain rice, not porridge.

– Don’t we eat porridge? – What?

Why would you eat porridge?

Did you just take a health checkup or something?

– Why would you eat porridge? – You mean, five-grain rice.

We should eat five-grain rice.

Do we eat five-grain rice on this day?

Are you sure it’s not porridge?

– It’s five-grain rice. – He looks a little stupid.

You should eat nuts as well.

You eat porridge on the winter solstice.

I think it’s porridge.

– Is it five-grain rice? – No. It’s cooked rice.

– I’m sure it’s porridge. – Gosh.

What should we bet?

– I’ll buy you a new pair of shoes. – That’s a good idea.

I just typed “Full moon day”, and five-grain rice is all over here.

– Food to eat on the full moon day. – You should buy him new shoes.

See? I was right.

– “Five-grain rice”. – I’ll focus on driving.

Yun Ho is stubborn, right, Chang Min?

He is indeed.

He always insists he’s right.

People like him would say,

“I’ll eat porridge on the full moon day.”

– “My family eat porridge.” – That’s right.

He would insist on eating porridge for decades.

“I’ll eat porridge no matter what.”

I want to ask someone else. Shall we ask someone?

Go ahead.

– Jung In must know. – Ask him.

Ask him if I’m right or not.

– Jung In runs a restaurant. – He must know.

– Jung In. – Yes?

– Today is the full moon day. – Yes.

What should we eat?

Red bean porridge.

– My goodness. – Red bean porridge?

Right? It’s red bean porridge, isn’t it?

– No. Cooked glutinous rice. – Cooked glutinous rice?

Yes, we should eat cooked glutinous rice.

It’s five-grain rice.

It’s glutinous rice.

– Glutinous rice… – That’s right.

– It’s glutinous rice, isn’t it? – Yes.

– Right? – Yes.

You weren’t right either.

(None of us was right.)

– Isn’t… – Look how stubborn he is.

He’s so stubborn.

Isn’t glutinous rice one of the 5 grains for 5-grain rice?

– That’s right. – That’s right.

It’s five-grain rice.

I should ask the others.

– Did he call someone else? – Is he asking another person?

(He calls someone else.)

– Hi, Yun Ho. – Jin Young, I have a question.

On the full moon day,

– She’s also from Gwangju. – Yes, she is.

we eat cooked glutinous rice, right?

We eat nuts.

– We eat nuts as well. – “We eat nuts.”

And what should we eat for a meal?

– What should we eat? – What should we eat for a meal?

– A lady on the pea patch – Why is she singing?

What’s wrong with her?

She sings whenever she gets a call from her friend.

(I give up.)

– She does that without being drunk. – Jin Young.

What kind of rice do we eat?

Glutinous rice.

It’s glutinous rice, isn’t it?

– Isn’t it glutinous rice? – You’re right.

– It’s glutinous rice. – Right?

Okay. I see. Thank you.

– Have fun. – Okay. Bye.

Listen. You don’t have to buy me new shoes.


– it’s five-grain rice. – Really?

It’s true.

I’m so embarrassed of you.

He’s a competitive person. He hates losing.

So he makes a bet on silly things.

He once bet on how many times traffic lights would change.

– Is it really 5-grain rice? – Yes, it’s 5-grain rice.

Are you still talking about it?

(In the late afternoon,)

(Chang Min came back home right after the cooking class.)

– He went straight home. – He came back to the future city.

– “Future city”. – “Future city”.

– The 4th industrial revolution. – The 4th industrial revolution.

Dear me.

(He must be tired from installing a cooking program in his brain.)

I’m sleepy.

Right. You should get some rest.

I was tired.

(The tranquil future city)

What’s that?

(The doorbell sound breaks the silence.)


(Who could that be?)

– Who is it? – Did Yun Ho come to ask about it?

– Since Chang Min learns to cook. – “Is it five-grain rice?”

Who is it?

– Who is he? – Who is he?


Hi, hi.

You’re early.

I know.

– Okay. – It happened.

I meant to get some rest if you come later.

Who is he?

He’s my guitar instructor.

– What? – You’re taking another lesson.

You’re learning to play guitar.

What should we do today?

(Why are you learning to play guitar?)

As I said before,

robots will replace human jobs…

because of the fourth industrial revolution.

So I have to build up skills to prepare for that time.

The fourth industrial revolution won’t come that soon.

– He’s like an AI. – He has too many worries.


Are you talking about avian influenza?

What are you talking about?

(If not, never mind.)

– Oh, dear. – Now, play some music.

(He tunes his guitar.)

(How well could Chang Min play the guitar?)

(He’s quite skilful.)

– That’s nice. – It’s not just a hobby.

(Everyone is impressed.)

(A refreshing melody to welcome the 4th industrial revolution)

Oh, no.


(He makes a mistake.)

(He’s having a hardware problem.)

Okay. It was a warm-up. I’ll start over again.

(It was a warm-up.)

This is terrible.

I can’t bear to hear your play.

– Your instructor is strict. – Take it slow. Do as you always do.

(While Chang Min is being intensely trained…)

I haven’t played guitar for a while.

(While Chang Min is being intensely trained…)

(A truly intense debate began.)

It’s glutinous rice.

– No. – Ho Jun, listen to me.

When you were a child, your mom cooked glutinous rice…

and seasoned vegetables, and she wrapped it with dried laver, right?

– She didn’t? – Didn’t your mom do that?

– That’s five-grain rice. – That’s glutinous rice.

– They’re still talking about it. – Not again.

5-grain rice is cooked rice with other 4 other grains.

You said it’s the same thing as cooked glutinous rice.

They’re different names to refer to the same food.

That’s nonsense. How can they refer to the same food?

(Musical notes on the music sheet look so peaceful.)

It’s time to relax.

Good. That wasn’t bad at all.

Just don’t rush it.

I’m so relaxed now.

(Chang Min looks greatly relaxed.)

That’s beautiful.

A man who can play a musical instrument looks fabulous.

(Chang Min, a man who can play the guitar)

– It’s like a teen drama. – Exactly.

(Chang Min’s guitar play made everyone relax.)

Do you know that, by any chance?

Do you know what day is today?

– Is he talking about it again? – Are they still talking about it?

Do you know what day is today?

(Ji Oh, Yon Ho’s middle school friend)

– It’s the full moon day. – That’s right.

What should you eat today?

Flavored glutinous rice.

Flavored glutinous rice?

Flavored glutinous rice?

(Now, there are three different opinions.)

I remember… Is it multi-grain rice?

Do you know what it is?

– We’ve been talking about it. – We should eat five-grain rice.

No. We should eat glutinous rice, not five-grain rice.

I’ll call Baek Jong Won and ask him.

– If he says I’m right, say no more. – “Baek Jong Won Chance”?

– We eat walnuts too. – Right?

Is he going to ask Baek Jong Won?

– Right. – I think multi-grain rice is right.

Wait. Then I’ll ask Youn Yuh Jung.

– Youn Yuh Jung? – She runs a restaurant.

– Does she run a restaurant? – “Youn’s Kitchen”, a TV show.

(He was fooled.)

– Did she not pick up? – None of them did.

For now…

Listen to me. Five-grain rice is the correct answer.

Please start bowling now.

(This is the peaceful debate-free zone.)

(He’s working hard to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution.)

The two of them are completely different.

– He’s… – He’s fabulous.

My goodness.

(He’s playing a different song now.)

They look like they’re in two different groups.

(Chang Min prepares for the new era by learning new things.)

– 1, 2, 3. Let’s go! – Let’s go!

Here. Up or down?

– I’ll go first. – Okay.

– 1, 2, 3. Let’s go! – Let’s go!

– He’ll go first. – Are you the last one?

– Are you going last? – You go last.

– I’ll go second. – Okay.

– Who’s the second? – I am.

I think he’s good at bowling.

– What was that? – He’s so strong.

My goodness.

I thought it was a rubber ball.

(As if he went back to his childhood,)

(he threw the ball easily.)

– Great. – That’s good.

My gosh.

(Powerful strike)

– He got a strike. – I thought it was a rubber ball.

Ji Oh, show your skills.

(I’m a meat lover.)

– What do we want? A strike! – A strike!

(It’s Team Vegetarian’s turn.)

– Good job. – Ji Oh, you can do this!

Ji Oh, you can do this! Come on!

That’s okay.


All of them are good at bowling.

(The match is neck-and-neck from the start.)

You are good.

They are good.

It went like this.

– Ho Jun, it’s Baek Jong Won. – Did he get a call?

– It’s Baek Jong Won. – He got a call.

They will talk about rice again.

The bowling game was just getting started.

Sir, I would like to ask a question.

– Okay. – When it’s full moon day,

what do you eat?

What kind of rice do you eat?

– What will be his answer? – Five-grain rice.

5-grain rice. Glutinous 5-grain rice.

Glutinous five-grain rice.

– He said that. – Sir.

What’s the difference between five-grain rice and glutinous rice?

To make glutinous rice,

you don’t need any other grains.

– It’s sticky rice. – It’s glutinous five-grain rice.

You need other grains to make five-grain rice.

Youn Yuh Jung is on the phone.

– I am hanging up now. – Okay.

Let’s hear the second answer.

– Ma’am, I am Yun Ho. – Hello, Yun Ho.

I was in a shoot.

I called you…

because Son Ho Jun, an actor, and I have a bet…

regarding what kind of rice you eat on full mon day.

(He asks his question carefully.)


What is this?

– This is embarrassing. – What is this?

(Do you eat five-grain rice?)

(Do you eat glutinous rice?)

(It’s a matter of pride.)

Regarding what kind of rice you eat on full moon day…

– 5-grain rice. – 5-grain rice? I see.

– 5-grain rice. – 5-grain rice? I see.

I feel bad.

– I feel bad. – They were thorough.

– Five-grain rice. – I feel bad.

– Did you admit defeat? – I did right away.

(I, Yun Ho…)

(admit defeat.)

(It has ended.)

(The man whose answer was glutinous rice falls.)

Let’s go.

The man whose answer was glutinous rice is alone.

It’s not glutinous rice, you fool.

– Okay, Ma’am. – Jun Ho didn’t disappoint.

Did you hear that?

‘It’s not glutinous rice, you fool.”

He is still on the phone.

– Okay, Ma’am. – Jun Ho didn’t disappoint.

– All right. – Thank you.

– Okay. – I will eat five-grain rice.

– Okay. – Okay.

When he is with his friends,

– he becomes really stubborn. – “Stubborn”.

He speaks a dialect.

When his teeth are set on something,

he gnaws until the end.

“He gnaws until the end.”

– That’s hilarious. – That’s a dialect.

Gnawing and stomping.

Do you place a lot of bets with Chang Min?

– No. With me, – No, I don’t.

he never has a bet or a competition.

– Why not? – Why not?

He said he doesn’t like competitions.

I don’t want to get caught up in those arguments.

– He is a pacifist. – That’s right.

(Chang Min’s situation)

– Look at him. He is in peace. – He is in peace.

Who cares if it’s glutinous rice or five-grain rice?

– That’s right. – You can eat either one.

– Just make braised chicken. – That’s right.

Just go your own way.

(He enjoys peace without any arguments.)

Who is that?

– Is someone else coming? – Are you having another lesson?

– No way. – No way.

It looks like he is.


You are here.

(He shows up with fitness equipment.)

– Who is he? – He is…

my personal trainer.

– He helps with your exercise. – Yes.

You don’t go outside the house.

This is the plan for the day.

Number one, burpee test followed by dumbbell shoulder press.

Number two, dumbbell press.

Number 3, dumbbell fly. Number 4, AB…

– He came with a written plan. – Number five, mountain climber.

What is this?

– It’s your daily exercise routine. – What is this?

(It’s the path he chose.)

(To keep his abs perfect,)

(live a long life without any illnesses,)

(and drink delicious alcoholic beverages,)

(exercise is the answer.)

– How does he do that? – It must be hard.

– Is that a burpee test? – I am impressed.

(He follows the rigorous workout that is written on the notebook.)

5, 6.

(The peaceful apartment…)

(gets filled with the sound of heavy breathing.)

7, 8.

Come here. You are dead.

The personal trainer is expressionless.

– Two-foot mountain climber. – No.

– He doesn’t smile at all. – He doesn’t smile.

He is very different from Sung Hoon’s chief trainer.

(With a variety of sounds and facial expressions,)

(the chief trainer kept Sung Hoon entertained.)

1, 2.

(I don’t do that.)

The last one.

(The workout turns more difficult.)

Oh, my goodness.

(Dragon fly is the highlight.)

That exercise is very difficult.

– My goodness. – That’s incredible.


– What’s that? – He is miming.

– That’s incredible. – I can’t believe it.

– One more. – He is good.

– The last one. Spare me. – He is incredible.

That’s incredible.

Stay strong until the end. Go down since this is the last one.

Go up.

(He walks in the air as he groans.)

Okay. Take a break. You did a good job.

– Are you exhausted? – Yes.

– You aren’t exhausted. – Yes, I am.

I am dying.

You won’t die. Let’s do it again.

(While Chang Min is half dead…)

What does Yun Ho want?

– A strike! – A strike!

– That’s insane. – Come on.

(He really wants to win.)

– That’s it. – That’s it.

(He gets 9 pins.)

(It’s not a strike.)

What did I do wrong?

– “What does Yun Ho want?” – Ho Jun, let’s go.

– Let’s go. – Let’s go.

All right.

(There is tension in the air.)

(He threw the ball.)

– That’s it. – Nice.

(It’s a strike.)

– That’s it. – Nice.


Yun Ho, you will get a strike the next time.

Yun Ho, you will get a strike the next time.

I can tell he is motivated.

Yun Ho has a competitive streak.

He won’t let it pass.

(He wants to gnaw on the last pin.)

You did a good job.

(He sets his jaw and throws the ball.)

He got it.

He is good at this.

(Controlled satisfaction)

He is good.

He is good at this.

– He is unbelievable. – The third players mean business.

They are neck-and-neck.

(They are one point apart.)

Do you have a bowling ball and gloves?

To be honest, I never got my own bowling ball.

I have a unique hobby…

you will see later.

It’s beating someone’s ball with a house ball.

(It’s beating someone’s ball with a house ball.)

I want to beat other people…

– with a house ball. – It’s a unique hobby.

He is so competitive!

It’s cooler to win without special equipment.

It’s like saying, “I win no matter which ball I use.”

I want to keep doing that.

“Bring your weapon.”

– “I can beat you with anything.” – I tell them to bring their balls.

– Do you understand that? – For 15 years,

I tried to distance myself from his competitive streak.

He is a pacifist.

These two very different people lived together for 10 years.

“What’s the use of knocking over all the pins?”

I want to live in peace. Why should I knock over anything?

That’s right.

– He is a pacifist. – The pins didn’t do anything wrong.

That’s right.

Ho Jun and I have about the same scores.

Why is this so nerve-wracking?

(The five-grain rice incident…)

(hurt Yun Ho’s desire to win.)

The five-grain rice incident left him a bit upset.

His face shows annoyance.

(I want to win.)

– “I desperately want to win.” – My goodness.

(He adds fire to the furnace that is his competitive streak.)

(With smile gone from his face,)

(he watches his rival bowl.)

That’s it.

There are four drinks.

He failed to take it out.

Yun Ho, since Ho Jun missed one,

you should miss one as well.

That’s utter nonsense.

(That’s utter nonsense.)

– That’s it. – He did it.

(A cold-hearted strike)

He is overjoyed.

– He is good. – He is a game changer.

That’s it.

That’s it.

(After throwing the ball in a controlled way,)

(he moonwalks in delight.)

Oh, man. Oh, man.

(Team Vegetarian is leading.)

– Let’s go. Let’s go. – There you go.

(Yun Ho’s team member staggers.)

My goodness.


The floor is slippery.

– What was that? – The floor is slippery.

(The furnace of his competitive streak lights up.)

(It needs more fire.)

(This is the moment…)

(the desire to win and concentration become one.)

(He aims with his desire to win.)

(It can’t be another strike.)


(He wiped out the pins with his desire to win.)

Let’s do this.

(Team Vegetarian’s ceremony…)

(makes the meat lover speechless.)

– It’s possible. – We lost.

It’s a clean loss.

– It’s a clean loss. – We lost.

Good game, everyone.

– Good game. – Let’s go.

Seriously, Yun Ho is very competitive.

If he loses, he can’t sleep that night.

He must keep going until he wins.

One time, we played bowling until 8 in the morning.

My shoulder felt like it was out of joint.


Your arms will be out of joint.

I couldn’t do this at the end.

I moved like this at the end.

– Like this. – It’s pretty serious.

Your friends will end up losing on purpose.

(They’re thankful they lost pretty quickly.)

(At the same time, Chang Min survived from working out.)



Let’s not go too far, but just a little.

– Do what? – Do what?

Stop it now seriously.

(It’s about time to rest now.)

What’s he going to do?

(He’s focusing again without any break.)

(It’s evident that he’s tired.)

He’s an eccentric Galileo.


He’s an eccentric Galileo.

(He’s following after Japanese drama.)

I’m studying Japanese…

from my favorite drama.

Oh, he’s studying Japanese.

I’m not in the level…

where I need a teacher.

(He surely is the king of Korean Wave.)

That’s awesome.

He’s pretty fluent already.

– He’s pretty good. – Of course.

We performed in Japan for a pretty long time.

(He’s pretty fluent in Japanese.)

(Their class of seizing Japan)

Are you able to communicate in Japanese?

– Yes. – Yes.

Can you do it now?

What do you think of it so far?

You look better than me.


– That’s not true. – When you watch it,

I look weird.

No. You look hot.

You planned it, didn’t you?

I just saw Japanese comedians.

– Japanese comedians. – I think I’ve seen it before.

(It looks natural.)

He looks like he’s studying for an exam.

It’s like a day of the ace student.

– King of Japanese Special. – Yes.

(King of Japanese)

I want to express better.

(How to study Japanese)

(Precisely organized vocabulary note)

I should review.

(Thorough review)

I should watch without the subtitle.

Without the subtitle.

There are still words I don’t know when I watch without the subtitle.

What was this word?



(The best king of Japanese)

It took all day.

The loser and the winner.

– We should order. – I’m hungry. What’s good here?

Jeyuk bokkeum and webfoot octopus bokkeum since it’s the season.

It’s my friend’s restaurant.

– Are you able to finish it? – Of course.

– Are you hungry? – I am.

– Okay. Are you going to drink? – He’s talking like the owner.

– What? Coke. – Coke?

You’re drinking coke with jeyuk bokkeum?

It’s so delicious.

– My goodness. That’s shocking. – It’s so good.

My goodness.

(Nationwide cheers)

Congratulations on your return.

– Congratulations. – Thank you.

He’s drinking as if it’s raspberry wine.

You don’t understand them, do you?

It’s a bunch of men together and no drinks.

I don’t understand it.

– Me neither. – Me nether.

I only drink on certain days.

I drink until the end on those days.

Do you drink a lot?

When I decide to drink,

I drink until all my friends go home.

You drink well, but you don’t.

Isn’t that because he’s competitive?

He’s fighting against alcohol.

– He doesn’t want to lose. – Until someone passes out.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

I’ve had it before.

– That’s incredible. – It’s a lot.

This is good. You know what this is?

It’s the cousin of hairtail.

(He eats competitively.)

(He eats too.)


It’s Yun Ho’s favorite.

– Thank you. – Awesome.

– Awesome. – You can leave it here.

– Thank you. – Jeyuk.

You can leave it here.

(Eat a lot, my sons.)


(It’s delicious.)

(Hungry Chang Min is cooking something.)

– Tomato. – Tomato?

(He adds cheese on sliced tomato.)

It’s broken.

– Caprese. – Yes.

(For caprese…)

– Wine. – Yes.


I’m not sure.

(I’m not sure.)

(He smiles as he sees the wine.)

What’s the expensive one?

Do you have Romanee-Conti?

Enough with Romanee-Conti.

– Romanee-Conti. – I’m sick of it.

– There’s only one I know. – Romanee-Conti.

She’s been using that all year long.

I drink la tache.

– La tache? – La tache.

– I’m going to remember it. – It’s tasty.

– You know? – It’s a huge refrigerator.

It’s glamorous.

– Right? – Yes.

– Is it red or white? – What does he mean by that?

It depends on.


– Come on. – It depends on the day.


– Red. – Right.

Isn’t it red wine?

Since I’m drinking…

(Since I’m drinking…)

Turn off the lights.

(Turn off the lights.)

– Is the news on? – He loves news.

Keep the volume down.

(He gets ready to drink alone.)

(It’s perfect.)

(With braised chicken and caprese he made)

That’s great. What a great day.

(As he opens the bottle,)

(happiness floods in.)


Look at him. He’s a true wine lover.

It feels like your fatigue for the day is gone, doesn’t it?

It feels like I’m getting awarded for the day…

when I drink alone.

(Paradise from…)

(delicious food and a sip of wine)

(He loves it.)

(The perfect wrap up…)

(of the day for Chang Min)

You don’t enjoy the meeting, but drinking itself.

– I enjoy drinking. – Right. I can tell.

When I drink alone, I feel relaxed.

Don’t you feel lonely?

I lived with a crowd since I was young,

so I feel relaxed when I’m alone.

– That’s the vacation for you. – Yes.

(He enjoys drinking alone,)

(and grabs a note.)

(What’s he writing?)


Is this a public campaign or what?

No one lives like this.

(Do you keep a diary?)

I have a habit of keeping a diary…

from time to time…

since I was enlisted.

Even if I write only one sentence,

I thought I should leave a record of each day.

(When Chang Min wraps up his day in peace…)

– Cheers. – Cheers.

(Yun Ho and his friends are having fun with passionate cheers.)

I still remember it. When I was struggling,

he gave me money.

You never gave me any money.

(You never gave me any money.)

Who gives money to whom?

Have you seen a corner store giving money to a large supermarket?

(That makes sense.)

That’s a good comparison.


That’s so easy to understand.

– He’s talking nonsense. – That’s easy to understand.

I’m talking about when I was a trainee.

I had a hard time when I was a trainee.

Even though he struggled too, he shared his pay with me.

– It reminds me of the old days. – Back then,

when I came to Seoul once every month for university exam,

I met him. He was living in Seoul.

I came back after a month…

and saw him wearing the same clothes.

I came back next month, he was wearing the same clothes again.

I gave him…

20 or 30 dollars except for the bus fare.

Yun Ho’s parents…

– Both my parents. – were against it.

I don’t have memory of getting money from my parents after middle school.

– I earned money for myself. – Even in high school?

I became a trainee when I was in grade nine.

I commuted to Gwangju for school.

– Commuting? – Yes.

– To Seoul? – I went to Seoul after school,

– No way. – practiced until 2am,

and went to Gwangju on the first bus at dawn.

That’s impossible.

That’s why you dance every morning.

– I understand it now. – It’s a dance of grief.

That morning dance will make me cry now.

We must cry watching it.

When I was struggling, I walked everywhere.

I made you all walk with me at least once.

Everyone walks.

Come on.

I think that was when…

he struggled the most.

– Right? – Yes.

He had the biggest accident.

It was hard, but I couldn’t tell anyone about it.

I didn’t even tell my friends.

I wore the ugliest…

most sagging clothes around.

That gave me motivation,

and a chance to succeed.

He must’ve wanted to forget it by walking.

(He must’ve wanted to forget it by walking.)

Honestly, he cried a lot back then.

(He cried a lot.)

That’s when I got the passion…

I have now.

I struggled before then.

It was crazy cold.

It snowed like crazy that day.

Why does he keep using “crazy”?

When people from Jeolla Province say that,

it means it was unbelievable.

They use “crazy” instead of “unbelievably”.

(This is crazy funny.)

Don’t we use the word “extremely” often?

I don’t think that’s a dialect.

Yes, it is.

I said I’m extremely sick…

and my trainer told me to get rid of my dialect.

That’s because of your intonation.

– It’s the words I was using. – Come on.

Did you use a weird intonation?


No, I didn’t.

I didn’t say it like that.

I’m pretty sure you did.

– I’m sure you did too. – I know you did.

– That’s why she said that. – I’m telling you that I didn’t.

– Isn’t it standard language? – Extremely?

No, it isn’t.

– It isn’t? – No.

– Extremely. – Extremely.

– It isn’t standard language. – He doesn’t look so sure.

What happened to the former newscaster?

– Very… – It’d be funny if she finds it.

It’s an adverb that means “past a certain degree”.

It’s standard language.

– It’s in the dictionary. – That’s right.

I’m extremely flustered.

(He pretends not to care.)

Why do two people from the same neighborhood talk so differently?

You’re right. Aren’t you from Songjeong-dong?

I mean Songjeong-ri.

I’m from Gwangju,

but I can’t understand what he’s saying.

It’s because he has a strong accent.

Are we really from the same neighborhood?

Yes, we are.

I lived in Songjeong-ri, but went to school…

– in Bongseong-dong. – That doesn’t matter.

You lived in Songjeong-ri.

You, farmland.

Our neighborhood was better that Songjeong-ri.

It was a rising new town back then.

Why would anyone argue over that?

– I don’t know. – Even when I was in the army,

– people argued over regions. – He’s right.

– We lived in a new town. – That’s right.

– Did you have a park? – We had everything.

– I’ve been to Songjeong-ri. – Look.

We had River Yeongsan flowing right by us.

(They burst into laughter.)

– Have you visited other places? – We have a view of the river.

– A view of the river. – Is that so?

The important thing is that we have a movie theater.

Do you have a train station?

Look how far the conversation has gone.

– Does the train stop there? – In the suburbs…

I’m sorry, but can we quit this?

I was born at Hakdong health center.

I was too.

I was born at Gwangju Hospital.

Do I have to tell you where I was born?

(He wants to stop this argument.)


These hillbillies have become a success.

That’s true.

They didn’t use a dialect until they gathered together.

– It’s always like that. – It’s because you hear it.

I start using a dialect when I meet my friends.

How are we going to pay for this?

Let’s play credit card roulette for the last time…

and stop playing it.

Give me your credit cards.

– What if she knows what to pick? – You can’t watch.

I think she’d know.

– All right. – All right.

– Close your eyes and pick one. – She’s going to close her eyes.

(She’ll close her eyes and pick a card.)

– Let’s do this. – Okay.

– We should try that. – We’ll do it at the next dinner.

– Let’s do it. – Okay.

Keep your eyes closed,

so you don’t know which one belongs to whom.

I wouldn’t pick my son’s, would I?

– Don’t look. – I’m not looking.

(They argue.)

– What are you doing? – It’s all right.

Here you go.

– Close your eyes. – Pick one.

I have my eyes closed.

(Let’s pick a credit card.)

(I have a bad feeling.)

(It’s like a sword is piercing my heart.)

(Has she finally…)

(chosen a credit card?)


(Is she going to choose Ho Jun’s card?)

(No, she hasn’t picked one yet.)

(He sighs in relief.)

(She mixes them around.)

(She has chosen one.)

– Thank you. – Yes.

– Thank you. – Yes.

– Thank you. – Yes.

Thank you for dinner.

Thank you.

Look at her face.

(My goodness.)

Thank you for dinner, Mother.

This is your destiny.

How could she choose her son’s credit card?

This friend paid at the coffee shop.

– That’s right. – That’s right.

How could I choose my son’s credit card?

– Cheers. – Cheers.

Yun Ho’s album will be a success, since I’m paying for this.

For the success of Yun Ho’s album.

– Cheers. – Cheers.

Bottoms up.

(Yun Ho’s passionate life was even better when with friends.)

(We enjoyed that.)

You’ve seen each other’s house…

– for the 1st time in 6 years. – Yes.

– It was our first time. – You never visited each other.

– No. – That’s interesting.

I was shocked to see him organizing and cleaning.

(Hyun Moo bursts into laughter.)

That’s what surprised him the most.

Seeing him interact with people…

made me realize that Yun Ho hasn’t changed.

Would you like to live together?

– No, that’s not possible. – He’s adamant.

I think we’re able to stay as close as we are…

– because we keep a distance. – That’s right.

It’s nice.

I was surprised how different his life is from mine.

It’s very like him.

I like it.

It made me feel good and I haven’t felt like this for a while.

Are you usually unhappy?

Come on.

Why would you say that?

You’re going to make Chang Min drink today.

I think he always drinks anyway.

That was great. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

(We wish TVXQ the best.)

(Everybody, it’s Daniel.)

(It’s time for you to come to LA.)

(Rainbow Club’s 5th anniversary special)

(I Live Alone in LA)

(They thoroughly enjoy the vibe of LA.)

(It’s like a scene from a movie.)

(Is this a Hollywood disaster film?)

(A dark feeling sweeps over him.)

(Welcome to Hollywood.)

(The members are cornered.)

(I’m pee.)

(Why are you putting us through this?)


(See you soon.)

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