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(1 week before his fan meeting)

– Not many people signed up. – What should he do?

(He has a million followers on social media.)

(Only 5 of them signed up for the fan meeting.)

(Why are then even following him?)

(The day has come.)

(One hour before admission time)

(This is driving me crazy.)

(The lobby is almost empty.)

(Fortunately, a few fans appear.)

(They’re my acquaintances.)

(Some people are showing up.)

(10 minutes before the event)

(It looks like a neighborhood meeting.)

(It’s hard to believe.)

(The studio is in shock.)

(The curtains open.)

– You must have been nervous. – He said so on the phone.

(The audience looks almost empty.)

(They have a feeling that it’s a failure.)


(President Jun smiles as if he’s lost his mind.)

– Why are you smiling? – My goodness.

What happened?

I think the audience will be full.

– I’d say 5 people. – Will there be about 5 people?

Who thinks the audience will be full?


– How many people can be there? – 300.

– I think it’ll be full. – You think it’ll be full.

What about you, Kian84?

– I’d say about 50 people. – 50 people.

I hope it’ll be full.

What about you, Hye Jin?

It’s okay. Don’t say it.

– His face… – 50 people are not a lot.

is saying everything.

His face has already said the number.

He doesn’t look happy.

It’s an honest look.

He looks so depressed.

He’s never looked that sick.

Maybe we shouldn’t laugh.

– Right. – I think it’ll be full.

It made me reflect on myself.


(The lights are on, and the curtains are opened.)


That’s more than I expected.

There were many people.

There were more people than I expected.

That’s a relief.

(The audience is almost full.)

That’s nice.

(It’s nothing to compare to this though.)

– That’s H.O.T. – Of course.

(But it’s enough to make Hyun Moo happy.)


Many people came.

I was so thankful.

I really was.

It made me want to make the event really fun.

Were there about 60 people?

– About 80. – 80?

Don’t raise the number.

– Hold on. – There were about 80, right?

Hold on. Something is wrong.

I heard there were 60 to 70 people.

There were 80.

The sound director and lighting director were my fans.

They were cheering for me.

– You should count them too. – Our directors?

No. The people who work at the hall.

– They were my fans. – What are you talking about?

He’s out of his mind.

– There were about 70. – 70.

(Let’s check.)

(47 in the middle rows)

(Including the fan club staff,)

(there are 61 people in total.)

(If you count Wilson in, it’s 62.)

(In any case, it’s more than Hyun Moo feels he deserves.)

I thought there would be about 10 people in the audience.

I was going to cry.


I’m so thankful that so many turned up.

– There are young men too. – There are young men too.

Jun Hyun Moo’s Scrapbook.

Jun Hyun Moo’s Scrapbook.

(He’s so funny.)

I’ll start with a song.

They’re laughing so much.

This is the first time I’ve ever played the piano.

I prepared a little something for you.

It’ll be very clumsy.

I practiced hard for a week.

Please enjoy.

Many people are taking pictures.

Of course. They’re his fans.

– Thank you. – You’re doing great.

(Fans are excited.)

– Here we go. – They’re all his fans.

(In front of the best teacher, Yiruma,)

(he didn’t even know where the C was.)

(The special training paid off.)


(Hyun Moo is getting the hang of it.)

I’m in love with the piano.

It suits you.

(Yiruma’s encouragement cheered him up.)

(As if he was a maestro,)

(he has been practicing hard.)

(He can only use one hand at a time.)

(The other hand helps out from time to time.)

(He has definitely practiced enough for the past week.)

I think the reaction would be the most enthusiastic…

when I start to play the first part of the song on the piano.

I think they’ll be impressed.

They’ve never seen me playing the piano before.

They’d be surprised.

Of course.

– They’d love it. – It’s a new side of him.

(Finally, it’s time to perform.)

(He’s nervous.)

(He carefully plays the first bar.)

(The fans are surprised by the unexpected choice of song.)

– Look at that. – People are going wild.

Did you see the girls?

– So that’s how fans react. – You have girl fans.

(He has a smooth beginning,)

(and he enters the singing part.)

(He makes a mistake.)

(He goes out of tune on the very first bar.)

(Oh, dear.)

(They still love it.)

Fans love that though.

I must’ve been too nervous.

If you clap for me, I will give it another try.

(He gets through the crisis by asking the fans to cheer for him.)

(He calmly gives another try.)

(Don’t make a mistake this time.)


(Hye Jin is shocked.)

(He completely sets the melody free.)

Oh, my gosh.

It’s too serious.

(The members are perplexed.)

(They make sure to record his embarrassing moment.)

(He makes another mistake.)

(It’s his fingers this time.)

(She stops filming.)

Oh, dear.

(We have to just sit and watch this tragic moment.)

City of stars… Oh, dear.

(He keeps repeating the word “stars”.)

(He’s playing as if he’s wearing a cast on one arm.)

(The masterpiece slowly dies out.)

(They offer a silent tribute to it.)

(Even the hand that’s playing the piano is struggling.)

My goodness.

(Na Rae is about to cry.)

(It’s a total mess.)

(But surprisingly, some of them look happy.)

– I can’t watch it anymore. – Am I taking a piano lesson?

I can’t watch it anymore.


I was really nervous. That’s my worst performance.

What is that?

(He’s already covered in sweat.)

(It’s finally close to the end.)

(He struggles until the end.)

(He tries his best.)

(After finishing the performance, he looks at the audience.)

(Has he disappointed them?)

(They are nervous.)

(He checks the audience.)

(They cheer loudly for him.)

(They applaud him passionately.)

(This is the shouting…)

(of those blinded by Hyun Moo.)

(In the deserted open hall,)

(they enjoy their own party.)

(Hyun Moo is relieved by their passionate reaction.)

Look at them.

Among all the performances I’ve watched, yours is the best.

I am tearing up.

– I am tearing up. – Oh, dear.

I am so embarrassed.

I didn’t get to show you one tenth of what I practiced.

I made so many mistakes.

Do you want me to give another go?

– It’s okay. – That’s okay.

(They refuse the offer.)

Clap your hands if you want me to do it again.

(Only a few people clap their hands.)

Clap your hands if you think I’ve done enough.

(You’ve done enough.)

You are my fans without a doubt.

I will not to it.

– My fans don’t lie. – Thank you.

If they don’t like something, they say it.

Thank you for coming.

I will make it worth your time…

so that you won’t regret coming here.

I asked them to hand out…

the Q and A sheets at the door.

(He tries to do a Q and A session.)

There are more crew members and fans here.

Please hurry and take it out. It’s embarrassing.

If you have time, can you take a seat too?

Why are there so many crew members?

A lot of you asked questions.

I was worried that there would be only three sticky notes.

I am glad there are quite a lot of note.

My goodness. Thank you so much.

(This is a cake to celebrate his winning of Grand Prize.)

Congratulations on winning Grand Prize

It’s a song to celebrate your winning of Grand Prize.


(dear Hyun Moo.)

– Thank you so much. – He must’ve been happy.

– Can you take… – Stay healthy.

“Stay healthy.”

I am not old enough to be hearing such a thing.

Have you taken photos? Please take some photos.

(I will save a photo of my Hyun Moo.)

– Thank you. – “Save a photo of my Hyun Moo.”

Thank you so much. Thank you.

(He’s happy.)

Thank you. Thank you.

– Really? – I wrote a letter.

– My goodness. – I will read it to you.

Thank you.

Is she a fan?


– She must be nervous. – “I am Eun Ji.”

“First of all, congratulations…”

“on winning the Grand Prize.”

(Congratulations, Hyun Moo.)

“Perhaps you’ve become busier than before.”

“We’ve waited very long to meet you.”

My goodness.

(The last fan meeting was held 4 years ago.)

“But through…”

– This is sad. – “the show I Live Alone,”

“which shows us how you are doing,”

“we are enjoying watching you.”

“It seems like you are working with good people,”

“and it makes us happy.”

“During Na Rae’s Summer School,”

“you made an adult joke to Hye Jin.”

(Checking each other’s chili yield, they flirted with each other.)

I am sorry.

Why is it so sad?

(Why are they playing a sad song?)

“You dressed up nicely for a photoshoot,”

“but you were so playful.”

“And it was very much like you.”

“There were so many fun moments.”

“I hope you will be on I Live Alone for a long time.”

“Don’t forget your I Love Hyun Moo family.”

“Please write on our website often.”

– You should. – “Cheers up always,”

“and please take good care of your health.”

– “Cheers, Hyun Moo.” – Thank you.

Thank you.

– Thank you. – She’s such a great fan.

She’s been my fan for a very long time.

Hyun Moo.


What is it?

Hyun Moo.

This lady sounds like she’s been smoking a lot.

(He’s joking.)

– Who is it? Where are you? – It’s me, Hyun Moo.

(They are happy.)

(The lady with a hoarse voice is…)

It’s Na Rae.

Thank you for coming.

They love her more.

They shouldn’t like her too much.

– Thank you for coming. – Hello.

Na Rae.

(Hyun Moo’s fan came to see Na Rae.)

“I’ve come to see Na Rae.”

Whose fan club is this?

Who is it for?

How can you be so good?

So many of you came.

– I am so thankful. – I entered in the middle of it.

Were you doing this?

– We were just about to start. – Is that right?

Should I help you with it?

(That’s great.)

Please present it.

Someone wrote this.

“Please show us your chest hair.”

(Oh, dear!)

– You will get disgusted. – Yes.

Show us. Show us.

– Show us. – You will…

(They love Hyun Moo’s chest hair.)

His fans were so eager to see his chest hair.

– Really? – They wanted to come up on stage.

I was really shocked. I thought they would be disgusted.

They must be the only ones who want to see my chest hair.

Is it similar to looking at my nostrils?

(During the interview in Thailand,)

(Henry was asked to show his nostrils.)

– They love my nostrils. And you? – They love my chest chair.

You will all come up and pluck everything out.

We have to pluck them out.

– Why are there so many of you? – Everyone should come.

– Come on. – Why are we doing this?

(The fans gather to share the labor.)

– Why are you queuing up? – Queue up.

You will pluck one strand each when he reveals his chest hair.

He will be the first celebrity…

to reveal his chest hair.

Hyun Moo’s chest hair will be revealed now.

3, 2, 1. Reveal!

(Here we go.)

(They are horrified.)

It’s disgusting because you only saw a part of it.

It’s okay when you see everything. I look like a cute black bear.

They are taking photos. What are they doing?

Goodness. What are they doing?

Why would you take a picture?

– That’s why they’re his fans. – Exactly.

– Please show us more. – What are you doing?

They want to take pictures with his chest hair.

Good. Looking good.

– Oh, my gosh. – Next.

– You have so much hair. – What’s that?

It looks like he’s wearing a shirt.

– Thank you. – You’re welcome.

Take a picture with his chest hair.


– Please give him a big hand. – Thank you.

What about this one?

– Many people are curious about it. – What is it?

“Is there something going on between you and Hye Jin?”


– Is there something going on? – As you all know…


I mean…

I don’t deserve her.


All right.

Look at this. “Hyun Moo.”

“Are you interested in marrying a fan?”

– Is it a man? – A fan wants to marry him.

– Who wrote it? – Yun Kyung…

She’s sitting in the front row.

Why did you write it?

– Na Rae looked so surprised. – Did she…

(What is on this teacher fan’s mind?)

I want to marry you.



This is the first time I’ve ever heard that from someone.


– I think she means it. – She does.

Can you come up on stage?

I’m so thankful.

That’s what you’re supposed to hear at a fan meeting.

– Tell us three charms of his. – First of all,

he always…

– does his best. – She sounds serious.

He is talented and smart…

– as well. – He’s smart.

I like the way he looks too.

He is handsome and looks kind.

– Handsome? – Sorry.

I can’t agree with you on that one.

[VIU Ver] E236 I Live Alone
“Hyun Moo’s Fan Meeting”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

He is handsome.


Kim Soo Hyun or Jun Hyun Moo?

– 1, 2, 3. – That’s too much.

(Kim Soo Hyun versus Jun Hyun Moo)

– 1, 2, 3. – That’s too much.

You went too far.

It’s too much.

She’s Hyun Moo’s fan.

Jun Hyun Moo.

(She chooses Hyun Moo over Kim Soo Hyun.)

Jun Hyun Moo.



– Hold on. – Why are you surprised?

You’re my fans.

This is not Kim Soo Hyun’s fan meeting.

Park Bo Gum or Jun Hyun Moo?

(Park Bo Gum versus Jun Hyun Moo)

– 1, 2, 3. – You went too far.

Jun Hyun Moo.

(She chooses Hyun Moo again.)

She really is Hyun Moo’s fan.

(His jaw dropped.)

I appreciate it even if you’re joking.

Can we have a hug?

– Thank you. – Thank you.

I have to go now,

but Hyun Moo has prepared a lot for you.

I hope you’ll have a good time.

Please give Na Rae a big hand.

– Thank you. – Thank you, Na Rae.

– No problem. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – You’re beautiful.

– Thank you. – Stay healthy.

Thank you.

Na Rae did a great job.

Thank you.

I was so worried people would leave when Na Rae left.


I’ll put my personal items up for auction.

They like it.

All the profits from the auction…

will be donated to charity.

That’s why I can’t sell these items too cheap.

I wore this jacket…

at MBC Entertainment Awards…

when Hye Jin danced to “Gashina”.

(Rehearsal of last year’s ceremony)

(He was wearing that jacket.)

If you watch I Live Alone, you’ve probably seen it.

All right.

(No reaction)

No one seems to want it.

Usually, people compete for an item.

At normal auctions, prices go higher and higher.

But here, the prices will go lower and lower.

But there will be lower limits.


Let’s start at 100 dollars.

100 dollars.

(2nd silence)

(No one raises their hand.)


let’s go down to 70 dollars.

70 dollars.

(3rd silence)

My goodness.


All the profits will…


All the profits will be donated.

Let’s go down to 40 dollars…

from 70. Wait.

Let’s go down to 40 dollars…

from 70.

Let’s go even lower than 40.

– Why? – Why?


35 dollars.

– You should sell it for 40 dollars. – What?

– She raised her hand first. – I wasn’t in my right mind.

Is that how it works?

So that’s how it works.

You’re not even a good host.

He was so nervous.

Her face was all red.

So that’s how it works. Then I’ll sell it for 40 dollars.


This didn’t look good on me,

but it looked great on Henry.

The jungle jacket.

The jungle zip-up jacket.

– It looks great on you. – He’s so cute.

– He’s so cute. – He looks great.

Henry wore it.

Henry… That’s right.

Someone said, “Henry wore it.” My goodness.


Are you really my fan?

Why would you say that?

To be precise,

Henry was the last person who wore it.

I haven’t worn it since then.

Did you wash it?

“Did you wash it?”


My goodness.

Is that important?

You’re going to buy it if I didn’t wash it?

Let’s start at 50 dollars.

They’re so cold.

(It’s quiet again.)

– It’s quiet like a library. – 45 dollars.

(Shaking head)

Even though Henry wore it…


35 dollars.

30 dollars.

– I should have bought it. – Exactly.

This is not going well.

24 dollars.

(A woman raises her hand.)

– 24 dollars. – That’s a relief.

Thank you.

Why am I nervous?

(He puts the next item on.)

It looks like a shopping channel.

No. It looks like a trade fair for small businesses.

It covers your nipples.

It’s good when you’re working out.

What’s that?

It’s a nipple cover.

I’ve never seen it before.

No one is buying it.

(A woman raises her hand.)

(Will someone buy it?)

Can you try putting some stuff in the backpack?


You’re here to buy things, right?

This is not a flea market.

It can hold a lot.

I’ll fill it up.

No, don’t put too much in.

– What if she doesn’t buy it? – You better buy it.

(You better buy it.)

(She opens her wallet.)

– Amazing. – My fans are very rational.

– Can you give me a discount? – A discount?

Sure. You don’t have any competitors yet.

How much can you pay?

31 dollars.

You seem to really need this backpack.

I put two hoodies in it.

You can have them too.

(I’m jealous.)

(The auction continues.)


The two of you. Congratulations.

A white jacket.

80 dollars.

It’s a sky-blue jacket.

(It’s sold.)

Isn’t it cute?

Thank you.

The auction is almost over now.

The problem is this.

(It was Na Rae’s present.)

You look like a rich Chinese man.

(It turns you into a fashionista.)

Na Rae gave me permission.

We’ll start at five dollars.

The thing is,

the regular price is 12 dollars.

(Two people want to become a fashionista.)

There is another in the back.

I’ll raise the price.

Six dollars.

7, 8,

– 9… – It’s the Na Rae effect.

– 10. – Oh, my.

– 11. – Goodness.


(Giving up)

Na Rae…

Isn’t that what normally happen?

Auctions are supposed to look like that.

The auction is finished now.

Next up is…

Hyun Moo Quiz.

If you say the correct answer,

you can draw a prize.

Pick a good one.

Here goes the first question.

“What was the score of Hyun Moo and Kian84’s fashion battle?”

No one would know.

Please say your answer.

2 to 1.

Who won?


Kian84. Correct.

(Kian84 won 2 to 1.)

– How does she know that? – She must be Kian84’s fan.

– She’s Kian84’s fan. – You must watch I Live Alone.


Nice to meet you. Please pick one.

Don’t look.

Will you show it to the audience?


(What’s this?)


– Why? Why? – She’s freaking out.

Did you see a ghost? Why?

– Why does she keep laughing? – What’s wrong?

Front hug.

(Congratulations, Front hug.)

It’s a penalty.

Usually people get jealous in fan meetings


I’m sorry. You picked the wrong one.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Look at their reaction.


(Let me hug you.)

(This is the hug of a star and a fan.)

– This is what I expected. – He’s hugging her tight.

(She doesn’t know what to do.)


She just groaned.

She just groaned.

I’m sorry.

Is this all?

It is. Excuse me?

She’s like, “Is this the award?”

You should be thankful that the star hugged you.

What do you mean is that all?

What more do you want?

– What do you want? – Nothing.

– Are you sure? – Can I have a picture with you?

Picture? Yes. Sure.

We have many unique moments.

A fan hugs the star and asks, “Is this all?”

(That’s hilarious.)

1, 2.

(He still takes care of his fan.)

– Here. – Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

The next question.

When’s Hyun Moo’s birthday?

– Me. – Me.

November 7, 1977.


(November 7, 1977)

I didn’t expect them to know my birthday.

Here. Don’t look.

Pick one and show me.

Show it to the audience.

She doesn’t look happy.

What is it?

Fearful hairline kiss.

Let me tell you what it is.

On MBC Entertainment Awards, Kian84…

– She doesn’t look happy. – kissed on…

– Why isn’t she happy? – Na Rae’s hairline.

I’ll be Kian84,

and you’ll be Na Rae.

She’s clapping. She likes it.

She’s asking me for it.

I can’t bail on her as a man.

What’s he doing?

(This is the original hairline kiss.)

– Hold on. – They’re doing it.

(Just like that day)

We can always break up if it doesn’t work out.

(My goodness.)

Well… I love you, Na Rae.




Horror experience.

Usually if you do that in a fan meeting,

– people usually say no. – They’re against it.

They’re clapping. They support you.

They’re glad it’s not them.

– “I survived.” – “I survived.”

This is going to be the last question.

What is…

Hyun Moo’s blood type?

– Me. – Me.

– Me. – Yes?

– B. – B. Correct.

Okay. Come up please.

I’ll give you one big present.

She looks nervous.

This is from a famous author.


Oh, my gosh.

(It’s the only picture of Hyun Moo…)

(in fit body enshrined in his house.)

Look at her face.

– I think she likes it. – Do you really like it?

– Yes. – She’s hugging it.

Thank you.

It’s the best body in my life.

It says, “Amazing body of the grand award winner.”

You’ll have to pay if you throw it out.

Thank you. That’s the end of it.

Now, I’ll play the celebratory videos.

– Is it what we recorded before? – Yes.

Only a few people are there.

I see two people sitting there.

(It’s Na Rae again.)

You’ve all made your way today…

to see Hyun Moo.

Why did you record so close?

She’s giving a message of congratulations.

Goodness. King Hyun Moo.

(Congratulatory speech from Jae Seok and Sae Ho)

You invited famous guests.

I’m overwhelmed that many people have come…

– for Hyun Moo. – Yes.

Bye, Hyun Moo.

– Thank you. – Congratulations.


It looks like a concert.

(He’s busy getting ready for the next stage.)



That’s the most reaction I’m getting.

(He rushes to get changed…)

(and keeps practicing to avoid making mistakes.)

I ruined the piano performance.

I totally ruined it. I must’ve gone crazy.

– That was pretty serious. – You better do it right this time.

He’s really funny lately.

I think he’s the best.

Although I meet him…

– every week. – They love it.

– He’s the best host in Korea. – Yes.

He’s a thoughtful guy.

– We love Hyun Moo. – I love Hyun Moo.

What does Hyun Moo mean to Ji Suk?


They say it as if they’re programmed.


As someone who loves Hyun Moo,

– I’m touched. – It’s Shin Dong Yeob.

Please continue to support him.

I love you. Congratulations.

I appreciate what they did.

(The congratulatory messages are over.)

(A tense moment)

My goodness.

I was less nervous than the piano performance.

You shouldn’t have played the piano in the beginning.

You should’ve played it at the end…

– after talking. – I was so nervous.

(They look forward to it.)

(The light comes on.)

(Hyun Moo is nervous,)

(whereas his fans can’t stop laughing.)

(He has tried his best for his performance.)

(He practiced even on his off days.)

(This dance isn’t easy for him when he can’t dance.)

I actually practiced during the whole new year period.

(He rehearsed in front of the club members.)

What is that?

(Only his face looks serious.)

Are you serious right now?

I’m worried about the dance the most.

It’s important that I do it exactly as I learned.

I keep making mistakes…

– in 1 or 2 parts. – I hope you do well this time.

It’s driving me crazy.

(He wants to present a perfect performance this time.)

(The audience is stirred as his partner appears.)

That looks great.

(There’s no escape anymore.)

He looks cool until now.

(His fans are looking forward to it.)

(He reaches out his hand confidently.)

(With the same heart,)

(they’re all nervous.)

(The performance begins.)

(They don’t want to miss it.)

(His partner approaches with a splendid move.)

(They expect something funny rather than wonderful.)


My goodness.

(Good job.)

(Hyun Moo looks frozen.)

(His partner leads him.)

(You can tell he’s nervous from the way he moves.)

(Hyun Moo and his partner concentrate.)

(Everyone is nervous as they watch.)


They need to go crazy.

There are many different kinds of fan meetings, Henry.

(It’s fine to be off beat.)

(It’s important that he’s doing his best.)


(They aren’t sure if they should laugh or not.)

(He performs as he practiced.)

His look.

You look like John Travolta.

I succeeded.

(Rather than moving to the music,)

(he dances counting the beats.)

(Sometimes he can’t help laughing,)

(but his fans find it adorable.)

(Are you still there?)

(They’ve fallen in love with the new look of Hyun Moo.)

It was better after I relaxed.

You’re not nervous anymore.

(He pulls off the climax.)


(He starts to relax.)

Hyun Moo. That’s pretty difficult.


(He had a successful performance.)

I approve.

– I approve. – I’m relieved.

It’s such a relief.

(Applause for Hyun Moo who tried so hard)

(He can’t leave out the silly dance.)

(His partner rushes to leave.)

(This is what makes people like him.)

(They cheer for his frankness.)

(This is Hyun Moo’s fan meeting.)

Don’t I look like a fat carp?

You look like a snakehead.

Thank you.


Even though it’s nothing,

I practiced for a whole week.

I’m embarrassed.

They’re going to call for an encore, aren’t they?

– No encore. – “No encore.”

Why am I running out of breath?

As you can see,

The female dancer did everything.

I’m ending the day with the sports dance performance.

I won’t be able to forget this day for the rest of my life.

As I was looking at each of you,

I stored it in my memory.

This was very meaningful…

and I’ll work even harder from now on.

I was actually able to look back at myself today.

I think I only focused on my work…

and didn’t communicate with you…

as much as I should have.

I regret that.

I’d like to truly thank those of you…

that came here to see me.

I won’t forget this…

for the rest of my life.


there’s one thing idol stars always do.

We’re going to take a group photo.

You even brought a banner.

I’ll take it home with me.

All right.

(He’s an idol star to his fans at this moment.)

(He takes a seat to take a group photo.)

(Everyone raises their hands and makes the peace sign.)

Here we go. 1, 2, 3.

(They are happy to be here with Hyun Moo.)

This fan cafe was formed…

even before I was hosting variety shows.

It started when I was a nobody…

and tried to crack jokes as a guest on shows.

I’m very thankful for them.

I won’t forget every moment of this day.

It encouraged me a lot.

Thank you.

– I made mistakes. Yes? – Please look here.

I’m sure I made mistakes today.

Wait a second.

Aren’t we taking the picture together?

Let’s line up to take pictures.

Those of you who want to take a picture…

can come forward.

I’m thankful for you. Thank you so much.

I won’t ever forget this. Thank you.

– You’re my role model. – Thank you.

You must be very thankful.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

They made time to come all the way there.

Thank you.

I’d like to ask him to post more often on the fan cafe,

post more pictures…

and continue shooting I Live Alone.

When he gave me a hug.

(When was your favorite moment?)

When he kissed me on the forehead.

She seemed embarrassed,

– but she must’ve liked it. – I don’t remember it clearly,

(She’s ecstatic.)

but I think it was nice.

I liked it when he played the piano…

because I could see how hard he practiced.

It was even better because Park Na Rae came.

She livened the mood.

(The fan meeting was more enjoyable because of the surprise guest.)

I hope she’ll always be at the fan meeting from now on.

Na Rae just found herself another fan.

He came to like Na Rae.

I was happy and touched that he prepared so much.

I was a fan since I was in high school.

I’m sure he’ll go through many things…

as a TV personality.

(Tears well up in her eyes.)

She’s crying.

Even if you face hardships while you work,

I hope you can always stay positive like you are now.

I’ll always be cheering you on.

– My goodness. – Everyone…

worries about you and is supporting you.

I truly respect…

and support you.

1, 2, 3.

(These are fans that support Hyun Moo from unseen places.)

Thank you.

(Since you won the Grand Award, let’s get married this year.)

(They grew fonder of each other through this day.)

(Hyun Moo is thankful for the fans that are always be his side.)

I didn’t know about that part.

– You did a good job. – Thanks.


when the curtains opened while I was playing the piano,

– I was disappointed. – Because of the small audience?

Yes, there weren’t many people…

and I wondered if that was really everyone.

That’s how I felt at first,

but despite the fact that I didn’t communicate with them,

some came from very far away.

One fan even closed the pension he runs.

I regretted feeling that way.

I should treat them better.

You’re not often on social media, but you should be from now on.

Even when I was on social media,

I was busy posting pictures I took with celebrities.

I’m embarrassed.

From now on, I’ll also post pictures I took with Si Eon and others.

You haven’t posted any pictures of me.

Do you follow him?

Yes, but he doesn’t reply to my comments.

(Hyun Moo feels bad.)

– I’m jealous. – Why are you jealous?

What? It’s because I’ve never held a fan meeting.

You can invite all your anti-fans.

You’ll need a huge place.

Hold it at Gocheok Sky Dome.

– The fact… – Gocheok Sky Dome?

that someone cries for you is…

I often cry because of you.

What are you talking about?

You should hold a fan meeting sometime.

(Let’s hold one together later.)

(Watch Seung Ri’s single life in Part 2.)

(Seung Ri is on I Live Alone.)

(Welcome to Seung Ri’s house.)

(Do you like Seung Ri?)

(He’s full of energy.)

(He moves to the beat.)

(He can’t hide his joy.)

(He has a surprising hobby of cross-stitching.)


(English, Chinese)

(He’s fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese.)

(29-year-old Seung Ri is a young and rich CEO.)

(What is his daily life like?)

Let’s go to work.

(This is where Seung Ri becomes a CEO.)

(He has several employees.)

– That’s impressive. – Yes, it is.

My goodness.

Is this a scene from a drama?

(His office has a view of Gangnam.)

(Why is Seung Ri sitting here?)

(He starts his job as CEO Lee.)

Do you often go to the office even when you’re busy?

I try to go at least three times a week.

– Really? – There’s a reason.

– People work harder with me there. – Of course.

They’re also human beings.

So, when I’m not there, they watch video clips…

– and dramas. – What?

What are you talking about?

They need to film the next scene.

I can’t stand that.

– I see. – I really can’t stand it.

This is what a CEO should be like.

(An employee comes in to brief him.)

(Je Bo Young, Manager of ramen company)

Did you close the one in Cheongdam and put it on the market?

– I’m going to. – Make sure you do.

– Did we get all the money? – Yes, we did.

The amount of pre-orders was too high.

It’s approximately 400 thousand dollars.

Didn’t you say we needed 800 thousand?

It’s for the stores that are opening in March and April.

This looks like a morning drama.

You’re right.

Doesn’t this look so awkward?

I can’t imagine this.

All right.

It’s 1.5 times the amount it was.

Do you have a surprising recipe…

like Baek Jong Won?

– I’m not a chef. – No.

I don’t know how to cook,

– but I love delicious food. – Of course.

So, I know…

what I want and what others want to eat.

Do you visit other ramen places to benchmark?

Japanese ramen is made with pork leg bone.

– That’s right. – When you make the broth,

you have to sell it within three days.

You can’t use it after three days.

– That’s right. – You have to throw it out.

That’s a waste. It’s a loss.

(He uses technical terms.)

(Na Rae is mesmerized.)

Wait a second. Who do I have to talk to for a franchise?


Are you going to open one near Na Rae bar?

That would be a good idea.

That’s it for you schedule.

When is the meeting?

It starts at three.

(A seminar for franchise owners will start soon.)

What’s that?

– It’s a seminar. – For franchise owners.

I’ve often seen this on morning dramas.

I only imagined this. Is that the CEO’s seat?

(CEO Lee’s seat)

(CEO Lee, the ramen master)

Okay, I’ll see you later.

It looks like a reenaction.

Let’s film scene 23.

(I Live Alone Movies, CEO Lee, The Ramen Master)

Hey, bro. I’m…

(He speaks perfectly on time.)

This is funny.

I’m calling people in Malaysia.

Why do you often use the word “bro”?

It’s easier to record what I’m saying…

– than type it into a text. – That’s a good idea.

You can also deliver your feelings.

Hey bro, I need to know about the details about the resort.

I need to know about the place…

and I need to know…

the kitchen issues. Just let me know.

– Was that English? – Yes, it was.

(He takes a break after leaving a message.)

(His phone rings.)

Hello, brother.

He calls so many people like that.

– Hey, bro. – Hey. How are you?

I’m good. Thanks. And yourself?

– It’s regarding the new outlet. – Yes.

I just want to ask you…

if we may play some of your music videos or not.

Actually, I don’t want to take advantage of my fame.

I just want to focus on the food.

I see. Okay. Thanks.

– Bye. – See you soon.

He doesn’t want to use his fame.

– He’ll focus solely on food. – He’s cool.

(Seung Ri uses his phone so often.)

It seems like he makes all the calls at once.

His phone bill must be very high.

(Who is he calling this time?)

Hi, Seung Ri.

What are you doing, Tae Yang?

– He’s Tae Yang. – Are you at home?

When will we meet up?

On the 21st.

All our group members will be there, right?

I think so.

I envy you.

(Tae Yang is a newlywed groom.)

Do you think your wife can set me up on a blind date?

– A blind date? – Yes.

Did you see anyone you like at our wedding?

What… I… Well…

– At your wedding? – Yes.

– He saw someone at the wedding. – The bride’s friend.

They’re all my friends.

Tae Yang’s bride.

I met Ms. Chun, the actress.

I made friends with her at your wedding.

We’re going to have a meal together some time.

– Did you meet someone? – Didn’t he say, “Ms. Chun”?

– “Ms. Chun”? – Who could that be?

Chun Woo Hee?

– Chun Woo Hee? – Yes, that’s her.

She and I go to the same beauty parlor.

– Goodness. – Well, I…


I’m embarrassed to tell you this.

– Go ahead. – What happened?

– I’m embarrassed. – Tell us.

– Come on. – What happened?

I found Woo Hee so energetic and cheery.

– Is she? – Yes.

However, it was very hectic there,

so I couldn’t ask her for her number.

– Then how… – How did you make plans with her?

I followed her on social media.

You really like her.

And Woo Hee…

followed me back right away.

All the cast members of “Sunny” including Nam Bo Ra were there.

I suggested we should eat all together.

– Are you and Woo Hee… – Are you two close friends?

(He’s getting his hopes up.)

They’re all my friends.

No, we’re not.

– I see. – What?

I’m close with everyone else but Woo Hee.

You’re never helpful.


Okay. See you then, Tae Yang.

(At that time,)

(the conference room is being filled with people.)

– Oh, the franchisees. – They’re the franchisees.

– You have that many branches. – Yes.

It happened.

(The room is crowded.)

When did you start to run a business?

In fact, after I joined Big Bang,

I started to run businesses when I was 20.

– I tried many different businesses, – I see.

– but all of them failed. – What was your first business?

What business did you run?

– A dance school. – An institute.

I ran a dance school.

But I suffered a great loss, so I closed the business.

I also imported waffle makers.

It works well, but it takes too much time.

– That’s not good. – That’s not good.

– Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. – Cristiano Ronaldo.

I got the management contract, but he never came to Korea.

Also, I ran a night club.

It is banned to do it now, but at that time,

bartenders set cocktails on fire as a show.

– That’s right. It was a show. – It was a show.

One day, during the cocktail show,

– the ceiling caught fire. – My goodness.

– So… – Did the sprinklers go off?

– The sprinkler went off. – Gosh.

– During a fire show. – It turned into a pool party.

– During a fire show. – That’s unbelievable.

It turned into a pool party.

Nowadays, you’ve been running a club and…

And a restaurant business.

– Ramen restaurants. – Yes.

– The past failures helped you… – I’m running a club as well.

– become a successful businessman. – That’s right.

The plaque awarding ceremony will be held first.

– After that… – Why does he carry that around?

Si Young gave me those flowers.

It’s not a flower bouquet.

I will tell you when to begin.

(Let’s stop talking about the flowers.)

He’s walking in.

(It’s time for me to be the CEO again.)

(Here comes the CEO.)

Hello, everyone.

Hello, everyone.

(Yoo Seung Ho as CEO Lee, “Ramen King”)

(The scene fits the situation perfectly.)

– They look the same. – This scene seems more natural.

This scene seems more natural.

(It feels as if we’re watching a drama.)

(The young and rich CEO in real life)

(I’ve come to begin the meeting.)

(CEO Lee is sitting in the seat of honor.)

Let’s begin.

Today, we don’t have any serious agendas.


– What? He put it on the table. – Why did he put it on the table?

The owners of Myeong-dong and Hongdae branches…

kindly prepared the refreshments.

Thank you.

The franchisees prepared the refreshments.

Did the owner of Myeong-dong branch prepare this?

Yes, I did.

– Thank you. – You’re welcome.

We’ll begin the meeting now.

Why do they all look like actors?

(The meeting begins with performance reporting.)

The sales in December, 2017, were nearly 2 million dollars.

In January, 2018, the sales increased greatly…

to 2.4 million dollars.

He looks like a kid millionaire.

“The Era of Success”.

“The Era of Success”.

CEO Lee, please come forward.

(Clearing his throat)

Why would you clear your throat like that?

– CEOs always do that. – It’s just…

I had to speak in front of them.

You memorized your lines, right?

Speak as you practiced.

(Scene 24, The conference room, Seung Ri walks in serious manner.)

Since the New Year has begun,

we prepared appreciation plaques…

for a few people we’d like to thank.

– We’ll have a brief ceremony. – It’s a plaque awarding ceremony.

I see.

(CEO Lee does everything that CEOs usually do.)

This is for Director Choi Eun Ok of the menu development team.

She helped to develop our recipes.

CEOs have to keep their employees motivated.

They should reward their employees.

Please give her a round of applause.

She takes care of the toughest part.

Please say a word.

She won’t say anything because you didn’t give her any money.

She would’ve given a long speech if you’d given her a monetary reward.

The owner of Hongdae branch, please be quiet.

The owner of Hongdae branch is always like that.

Regardless of time and place,

he speaks his mind.

– He never holds back. – So sometimes,

I get taken aback.

I wonder why he behaves like that,

– but he doesn’t say anything wrong. – That’s right.

The owner of Hongdae branch…

is very charming.

You have to keep an eye on him.

I know you’re all very busy,

but since we gathered, I’d like to…

take some questions from you all.

You’re not there as an event host, are you?

I do that every year…

at the beginning and the end of the year.

It’s because most people think…

that celebrities only lent their names…

when they start a business without participating in running it.

– But I really do that by myself. – I see.

– You should. – Or else,

the franchisees won’t trust me.

– They’re just not used to it. – They wouldn’t mind…

even if the business fails as long as we work together.

– We can encourage each other. – You have something to say.

If I only lend my name, and the business fails,

– they would complain to me. – That’s right.

“What have you ever done for us?”

To prevent that, I do everything by myself.

Please raise your hand. And feel free to ask any questions.

– No one is speaking. – It’s a question time.

– They’re all looking away. – They’re avoiding asking questions.

Sir, do you not have any question?

– You’re doing so well. – I see.

– Me? – Yes.

It would be nice if you can reward us more.

What… How would you like me to reward you?

“Show me the money.”

You could reward the branch that gets the highest sales.

Everyone, please do not chase only money.

If we keep doing our best…

to serve good food, money will follow us.

Does anyone else have any questions?

Please go ahead.

– The Hongdae branch owner. – I knew it.


You have opened a lot of branches.

However, CEO Lee,

have you ever visited our restaurants?

(He froze.)

All you did was striking this pose.

He always strikes the same pose.

– That’s my signature pose. – Is that a victory pose?

That’s my signature pose.

On the opening day. Aren’t I right?

– Before we opened our restaurants, – He’s right.

– No one dared to say that. – he had never visited us.

– Am I right or not? – You’re right.

I have a question.

You only visit the restaurants in foreign countries, right?

He wasn’t drunk, was he?

He seems very upset.

I’m sure you visit the restaurants for business purposes,

but it seems to me that you spend more time on having fun there.

When you go overseas.

You could spend less time on having fun,

so you can visit our restaurants…

and stand on the cashier counter for just 30 minutes.

Your fans can see you there.

I agree.

– You must answer his question. – In 2018,

please spend less time on having fun…

Isn’t he the CEO?

Seung Ri seems utterly flustered.

– Please visit each restaurant. – Seung Ri looks like a franchisee.

Wouldn’t that help to improve the sales? That’s all.

Thank you for your opinion.

The Hongdae branch owner, thank you.

Because many franchisees make requests like this,

celebrities tend to hesitate to start a business.

My gosh.

– Nevertheless, – They might have a fight.

I’ll accept your request for my visits.

I’ll make sure to visit each branch this year.

I’ll do my best to be a CEO who works with…

the franchisees, so please watch me.

That’s a promise. Let’s give him a hand.

– Gosh. You’ll have to visit them. – Gosh.

He’s so…

He must be getting the highest sales.

– He’s very confident. – Not really.

– That’s not the case? – That’s not the case.

I have one last thing to say to you.

Many of our customers complained you play only Big Bang’s songs.

Please refrain from playing Big Bang’s songs too much.

We’ll play the songs of the artists under SM Entertainment.

Go ahead, and play their songs.

My goodness.

He’s so funny.

(He’s very funny franchisee.)

There are many other singers.

I understand.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come.

We’ll finish the meeting here. A round of applause.

He finishes the meeting hurriedly.

The owner of Hongdae branch kept talking weird things.

Thank you. Yes.

Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you.

– You must’ve ridden a motorcycle. – Yes.

I like your jacket. It’s good fabric.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(CEO Lee came out first to see the franchisees off.)

The owners of Hongdae and Myeong-dong branches,

– please stay for a meal. – Okay.

– Let’s eat together. – Okay.

They and I have a special bond.

– You have a special bond? – I booked a table at a restaurant.

– Shall we go and eat? – Okay.

You’re not going to complain to them, right?

– Is it a private consultation? – Exactly.

Let’s go.

Who are they?

He arranged something else just for them.

(Who could they be?)

That’s a fancy restaurant.

(CEO Lee is entering the restaurant with the franchisees.)

– He looks a bit upset. – Indeed.

He asked them to see him privately.


Mom and Dad, please sit there.

Aunt, please come here.

Please sit inside.

(No way.)

– What? – He’s your dad?

(She dropped her phone in surprise.)

– Were they your parents? – Really?

– Aunt, please come here. – Shall I sit inside?

– Yes, please come. – Okay.

(It’s an unexpected family meeting.)

– I don’t believe this. – Is your dad a franchisee?

– My dad runs Hongdae branch. – I’m speechless.

– Really? – My mom runs Myeong-dong branch.

My goodness.

My aunt runs Gwangju branch.


It’s a family business.

– No wonder. – Right.

No wonder.

(The owner of Myeong-dong branch prepared the refreshments.)

I get it now.

His dad was teasing him.

He was straightforward only because he’s Seung Ri’s dad.

It all adds up now.

It’s not easy to say something like that to a CEO.

– We can’t meet even on holidays. – Exactly.

We didn’t see him on holidays either.

Chairman Lee couldn’t even eat my rice cake soup.

Mom, why do you keep calling me “Chairman Lee”?

(She loves Chairman Lee with single-minded devotion.)

Does she call you “Chairman Lee”?

What would the real chairman think when he finds out?

I call you “Chairman Lee” because you’re the chairman.

To me, you’re Chairman Lee.

What dishes did you order?


(Aren’t they taking our order?)

I’d like a glass of soju.

– Dad. – Take a look at the menu.

– Don’t rush it. – Please wait.

This is a fancy restaurant that requires table manners.

It’d be so funny if he orders soju at that restaurant.

– I wanted to treat you to… – Is it Korean traditional cuisine?

I prefer gukbap.

(He’s clear about his preferences.)

– Dad, come on. – At a restaurant like this?


I barely managed to book a table at this restaurant.

Every parent is like his dad.

– “This isn’t my style.” – They worry about their children.

Dad is so funny.

Whenever he comes to Big Bang’s concert,

he doesn’t stay in the concert hall.

He keeps going around outside the hall.

That’s right. I did.


As if they’re talking about someone else.

He took pictures with my fans.

– That’s how proud he is of you. – He treats my fans so kindly.

Why did you go around outside during my concert?

You should’ve watched my performances.

When you appeared on “Radio Star”,

you said that I told you, “Don’t live like a beggar.”

– So I became like a star. – That was a good one.

(Seung Ri tells a great quote of his dad before.)

“Son, don’t live like a beggar.”

“Son, don’t live like a beggar!”

They asked him if he’s the one who said that.

“Are you the one who said not to live like a beggar?”

It drives me crazy.

I think it became popular.

“Don’t live like a beggar.” Right?

Let’s eat.

Thank you for the food.

(Chairman Lee, I’ll enjoy this.)

Dad, I have to drive.

Don’t drink alcohol.

– It’s good to see you again. – It’s strong.

– Thank you. – Cheers.

Make time to eat with us like this just once a year.

Why are you talking as if we never see each other?

– I just want to drink with you… – He showed his affection for you.

or play golf with you just once a year.

(He told his son his honest feelings while he’s tipsy.)

When Dad was running a golf range,

the typhoon that caused the most damage in South Jeolla Province…

in history, Typhoon Maemi, hit Korea.

– Was it Typhoon Maemi? – Yes, it was.

I remember Typhoon Maemi.

It was catastrophic.

Mom, Dad,

my little sister, and all the staff members were holding hands…

while praying that the golf range wouldn’t fall down.

When the typhoon struck the area,

once one of the pillars collapsed, the others also collapsed…

– consecutively just like dominoes. – They collapsed?

– 16 pillars. – Did they collapse?

– They collapsed at once. – However,

the insurance didn’t cover natural disasters.

These days, the net in a golf range…

– It goes down automatically. – moves down when wind blows.

Back then, there was no such system.

– It moves automatically. – It’s different now.

We went through a hard time.

I thought Seung Ri didn’t know about it.

(They talk about the past hardship calmly.)

I think it’s the same for every family.

After the family go through…

a shocking incident or tremendous hardship,

every member of the family suffers because of the painful memory.

I was only in sixth grade when it happened.

I was too young, and I couldn’t find anyone to blame.

Since it was a natural disaster, I couldn’t blame the earth.

I couldn’t blame the higher being.

It was simply frustrating.

(He was simply frustrated.)

(Their food is served neatly.)


– Is this all? – Sorry?

Is this all?

(Dad, what did you just say?)


(Oh, right.)

Let’s talk when he leaves.


(Walking out slowly)

Every parent is the same.

– They always behave like that. – My mom complains about food.

In front of the staff members.

[VIU Ver] E236 I Live Alone
“CEO Lee’s Life”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

At Tae Yang’s wedding,

Chairman Yang Hyun Suk, Psy,

– and Big Bang members were there. – They were all there.

– Mom and Dad were behind me. – That’s right.

Since it was a wedding,

the guests were served wine and champagne.

– Dad crawled toward me and said, – It wasn’t just me.

“Son, is there any soju here?”


Why did you ask for soju at a wedding venue?

Don’t get me the wrong idea.

All three of us were thinking the same thing.

Tae Yang’s dad, G-Dragon’s dad, and me.

(The dads of Big Bang members were in one mind.)

Chairman Yang also drank soju.

– I saw him drinking soju. – Right?


What makes me the happiest is…

the fact that I had a chance to know the dads of his group members…

through the members of Big Bang.

That’s right.

They’re all very down home. So am I.

It’s not easy for the members of a group to get along well,

but it’s harder for the parents of them to get along well.

Do the dads meet among themselves?

Yes, they meet sometimes.

That’s amazing.

Mom and Dad, what did you think about…

while watching Tae Yang’s wedding?

What type of woman do you wish…

that I will marry?

What worries me the most is…

that you enjoy running businesses too much.

From a woman’s perspective…

– Running too many businesses… – That’s right.

If the husband starts…

all sorts of businesses,

his wife would hate it.

Do you not have an intention of getting married?

Since I’m a man, I have romantic feelings for a woman sometimes.

But when I was about to fall in love, I had to go overseas.

I found someone else there, but I had to move to another country.

I guess you fall in love easily.

When I went to Japan, I found a nice girl.

I talked to her in Japanese.

I liked her, but I had to go to China.

– Did you leave while dating her? – No.

– He was interested in her. – They didn’t start dating.

– You’re now frustrating me. – In other words,

he had to move away when he just became interested in her.

He couldn’t take it to the next level.

To be honest,

both your mom and I worry a lot about you.

Why would you worry about him when he’s so competent?

We’re worried because he’s competent.

Being competent is a good thing.

I don’t want anything else.

I just want him to stay healthy.

That’s the most important thing to parents.

I’m so worried that his hair keeps falling out.

– Is your hair falling out? – Is that true?

Isn’t this your first time revealing that?

He shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve been taking medicine for about 10 years.

– What medicine? – 10 years?

– For hair loss treatment? – Really?

My hair is falling out in this area.

(He proudly shows his condition.)

I’ve been a member of hair loss related internet community…

for about 10 years since I joined the community in high school.

– Is it a bald community or what? – My dad,

my grandfather, and my great grandfather suffered from hair loss.

– Did they all suffer from that? – Yes, they did.

That’s why I became a member of the community.

Why are you suddenly telling us about your hair loss?

– Your hair looks fine. – The thing is,

when Big Bang released “Bang Bang Bang”,

I dyed my hair blonde.

I had that hairstyle for a year.

The hair dye was very strong.

(The hair dye was very strong.)

My scalp…

– couldn’t stand it. – Of course not.

That’s when I began to have a receding hairline.

– Really? – It wasn’t severe,

but it was the beginning of a problem.

When I went to the hospital and got it checked,

the doctor told me that it wasn’t severe.

However, I was suggested to take hair loss medication…

every day.

I heard that taking hair loss medication…

makes you less virile.

That’s only the case with medicine.

– Cream is fine. – It doesn’t make you less virile.

– The thing is… – What is this?

Is this a meeting for people with hair loss?

– What are you talking about? – Listen to me.

I am taking medicine.

Let’s have a talk at a cafe after the shoot.

(It’s a meeting for people with hair loss.)

Here is the thing.

You are a successful celebrity…

and a growing entrepreneur…

who travel around the world.

However, we will always see you as a child in danger.

– All parents are the same. – He is a child.

When I get drunk, I miss him.

He picks up when I call him around 2am or 3am.

“Have you been well?”

“Where are you? China? Hong Kong?”

“Let’s eat together sometime.” That’s the end of the conversation.

– It’s like that between men. – Sons are like that.

In other words, you should be nice to your parents.

Don’t you agree?

Don’t you agree?

(His words reveal…)

(how much he wants to see his son.)

He misses his son.

He misses me.

He wants his son to visit often.

The only thing the parents want…

is to talk to their children face-to-face.

That’s what all parents want.

How do you want me to be nice?

There are many ways. I shouldn’t have to list them.

There are many ways.

This is nice.

(He catches up with his family.)

(After an enjoyable meal,)

(he hurriedly gets into the car.)

Where are you going? Are you going to work?

Yes. I have another work.

(Today, he cross-stitched,)

(visited a neighbor,)

(went to his office,)

(and attended a board meeting.)

(What else will he do?)

– Thank you. – Your day is packed.

(Seung Ri doesn’t take a break.)

(His energy doesn’t run out.)

(He enjoys the music in a cute way.)


The speakers, lights, and videos are heady.


I opened a big club recently.

We are ready for a simulation.

Okay. I am on my way.

(He drives quickly…)

(and arrives at his destination.)

(He enters proudly.)

– Hello. – Hey.

(Everyone greets President Lee.)

Let me see the lights.

Show me the lasers.

It’s cool!

(The club shines like President Lee’s passion.)

(I am proud of my own work.)

It’s cool.

Let me hear the music.


(That’s good.)

(He feels the sound with his entire body.)

(He is done.)

The music is nice.

It’s loud.

He lives diligently.


Staff members, I am happy to know that everything is in order.

What I do has a common theme.

It makes people happy.

I like serving tasty food…

a lot of people like.

Clubs are places people can enjoy themselves.

I like them.

I am doing things that deliver energy…

and living diligently.

Do you ever rest?

This is rest for me.

The thing is,

I don’t travel for the sake of traveling.

If I have matters to discuss and decide…

with my friends in Malaysia and Singapore,

I go and get the job done.

Afterwards, I hang out with those friends.

You are so optimistic.

You go to places for work and play afterwards.

That’s right. That’s how I spend time.

Playing is never your priority.

He is a workaholic.

(He is a workaholic through and through.)

(He hits the road for the next schedule.)

Where is he going?

– Hello. Hello. – Hello.

(Where is he?)

(He arrives…)

– Where is he? – A jiu jitsu gym.

(Everyone is training with passion.)

I have shown my jiu jitsu moves on I Live Alone.

The high-class members of the world of jiu jitsu,

the champions, train here.

– That’s incredible. – I will be joining them…

for training today.

– You wore a uniform before. – That’s right.

It was when Tae Yang had a housewarming party.

(When he visited Tae Yang’s house,)

– You showed up like that. – You wore a uniform.

(he showed up in a uniform like a fighter.)

(Jiu jitsu competition that was held in Japan last year)

You won medals!

– Did you win medals? – Yes, I won medals…

at a competition in Japan.

(It’s Seung Ri’s jiu jitsu time.)


You are here.

(Who is he?)

– He is Oh Jin Hwan of 1TYM. – That’s right.

(The icon of hip hop in 1998, 1TYM)

That’s him.

That’s incredible.

My goodness.

(Oh Jin Hwan of 1TYM)

I am a former member of 1TYM, Oh Jin Hwan.

It have learned jiu jitsu for 4 or 5 years.

I first got started because of my competitive streak.

Now, I train regularly because it’s fun.

Did he become a professional?

– Yes. He has won medals. – Really?

His ears became those of a professional.


(Jiu jitsu changed the shape of his ears.)

To prepare for a competition in Japan,

Seung Ri came to our gym and sparred.

I remember that he made me fall once.

It surprised me.

His potentials are scary. I must train harder.

– Who is better? – He is much better than me.

Of course Oh Jin Hwan is. He has learned for 4 or 5 years.

It has been a while.

– You should change. – Okay.

I don’t remember.

(A moment later)

Did you draw the dark bags under your eyes?

– Don’t say that. – It looks like he drew them.

I always have dark bags under my eyes.

You are bound to have them…

with that packed schedule of yours.

(Looking around)

He is bound to have them.

It’s completely different from what I learned.

They are champions.

(He is very nervous.)

I need to use the restroom.

– Why are you so nervous? – All of them are champions.

(This is very nerve-wracking.)

My goodness.

He can’t even open the door.


There are so many people who are so talented and strong…

that I become small…

and humble.

I can’t help but keep my head down.

Since I realized that playing sports completes me,

I train diligently.

(He becomes humble.)

He is humble.

(Kwon Hyuk Il, the master of the gym)

He looks serious.

Let’s bow to each other. Sit down.

– It’s a class with the champions. – That’s right.


(They stretch their bodies first.)

You have to stretch, right?

Yes. It’s important to warm up so that you don’t get injured.

Put your hands next to your knees.

Put your legs together and lift them up.

– Push your hands further up. – It’s a difficult exercise.

Push your hands further up.

Let’s make this a bit harder.

It’s a difficult exercise.

(People groan left and right.)

Even the champions are struggling.

Yes, they are.

Put your hands in front of you and lift your legs.

It must be hard.


Try harder.

What’s wrong with my body?

(What’s wrong with my body?)

Two people will make a team.

We will have a sparring practice before we have a regular one.

They will spar right away.

– You will spar with Oh Jin Hwan. – Yes.

All right. Go.

(Seung Ri attacks first.)

(Seung Ri binds him from the start.)

(The incessant attacks…)

(make him a bit flustered.)

He’s flustered.

Tap. He needs to tap.

He shouldn’t go that way.

(He easily escapes through a gap.)

(He escapes the second attack…)

(pretty fast again.)

– You escaped. – He’s really good.

(2 minutes are gone so fast.)

He’s a bit surprised.

(Is it my turn now?)

(It’s Jin Hwan’s turn to attack.)


He’s locking you in an arm bar.

– You need to tap. – You must tap.


Your face turns red.

Tap. Tap now.

Your dark circles are gone.

– He tapped. – He tapped.

(Seung Ri ends up tapping.)


You probably don’t know. That hurts a lot.

(Let me take a break.)


(Wait. Wait.)

Goodness. You can’t even say anything.

– He’s my senior. – He’s 1TYM.

He didn’t go easy on me.

(He can’t escape from his senior’s warm arms.)

(He barely escapes.)

(It was hard.)

– Do you keep going? – My goodness.

Oh, my goodness.

“Right. Hurry up.”

(While the time is broken, his consciousness…)

(travels to the happy memories of jiu jitsu.)

– That’s the one. – That’s what you expected.

You can do that to other members.

You had fun when you did it with your members.

Why does he keep lying down?

(I had fun with my members.)

(2-minute sparring is over.)

– It’s only been two minutes. – Right.

He’s sweating.

He was in the agony.

He has muscles of iron. I couldn’t do anything.

When he went to high school,

he was known as a fighter.

There were so many rumors about him.

I couldn’t even dare to talk to him when I joined YG.

I think he is a fighter.

Don’t say that.

(5 minutes of break)

(He’s worn out.)

Jin Hwan looks fine.

– He’s a pro. – He doesn’t look tired at all.

(I’m dying.)

Whom should I do it with this time?

It’s going to be five minutes now.

– Who? – Seung Ri.

– Are you going to be okay? – Sure.

– Aren’t you tired? – He’s going to die.

– Are you going to be okay? – Yes.

Then you should partner up.

– What was it before? – It was a practice.

– You enjoy it. – This time, it’s real.

(Sparring match between Jin Hwan and Seung Ri)

It doesn’t matter who wins. What matters is how much I endure.

(That’s what he says.)

Of course I’m going to lose,

but it’s not going to be easy.

We’ll have to see, but I’m going to try my best.

(Big Bang versus 1TYM)

(Unavoidable head-on match)

Thank you.

(The match begins.)

– That’s it. – That’s it.

(They quickly explore each other.)

Do it for real this time.

– You lied down. – You lied down.

(You’re pretty good.)

(It’s an intense battle.)

(He finds a chance.)

– That’s it. – Right now.

– Flip him. – You’re biting the bullet.

Flip him.

– Raise his leg. – Tackle.

(Jin Hwan is flustered by his sudden attack.)

(Drag his attention then…)

That’s it.


(My goodness.)

– That sounds painful. – That must be painful.

(He rapidly tries an arm bar.)

I’m trying to lock him in an arm bar.

– He’s locked. – I was about to.

You missed it. He escaped.

(The first attempt fails.)

(Jin Hwan attacks actively.)


Arm bar.

– Arm bar. – He’s locked.

Lock an arm bar.


That’s it. Good job.



– You’re caught. – You’re caught.

I got caught.

(He failed the attack.)

You escaped the first attack.

(He tried his best.)

(Oh, right.)

(There’s still 4 minutes left.)

– It’s only been a minute. – A minute.

My goodness.

(Jin Hwan’s violent love is back.)

– That looks painful. – I’m constantly beneath him. Look.

He wouldn’t leave me alone.

(No exit in his love)


(His eyes become tearful.)

– My goodness. – Who is that?

My poor CEO Lee.

When you’re crushed down, it feels…

(His suffocating love, when will it end?)

It’s over.

You’re worn out.

(The long 5-minute sparring is over.)

– Good job, Seung Ri. – Good job.

That must’ve been so hard.

You didn’t have a chance to attack him, did you?


I couldn’t try anything.

(Worn out)


Jin Hwan’s still energetic.

Actually it ended before I had a chance to try anything.

Still I got to have a good match with someone…

I’ve respected since I was young.

It sounds like he’s retiring.

– My goodness. – I had a great time.

(I had a great time.)

That’s all for today. I’ll see you next time.

Thank you.

(The class is over.)

Thank you.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

(The hours slipped by.)

How are you so strong?

I overreacted…

to win.

I wanted to show you what a man in his 40s can do.

1TYM is already in their 40s.

I was scared of you the most when I joined YG.

– Are you saying I’m nothing now? – No.

Are you saying I’m nothing now that we had a match?

I was scared of you…

and Baek Kyoung the most.

I couldn’t even talk to you back then.

I didn’t even know who you were.

You just joined.

– How have you been? – Well…

Baek Kyoung told me it’s been 11 years…

since we stopped being on air.

I got many calls…

for the first time since.

I thought I shouldn’t do it unless all four of us do it together.

Singers who were very popular in the old days…

get back together now.

Sechs Kies is back.

– H.O.T. – Right. H.O.T is back too.

– 1TYM should do it too. – People are…

– I hope 1TYM get back together. – getting back together now.

They had a many fans.

– We’re small compare to them. – What? 1TYM is crazy too.

What’s he talking about? I loved 1TYM.

– We have our own business now. – I miss them so much.

So we couldn’t do it.

I’d like to see 1TYM getting back together.

We stopped…

as I was enlisted in the army.

We’ve actually discussed whether to get back or not.

As far as I know, Danny is performing in the US.

Teddy is working as a producer now.

Baek Kyoung and I are business partners.

We work together in various fields.

We talk to each other from time to time,

but we couldn’t get back together as 1TYM.

I’d like to see 1TYM getting back together.

– Gather Big Bang. – Big Bang?

It’s going to take a while to get back together.

I support you.

– Come often. – Okay.

(Even though he’s busy…)

1, 2.

(He still takes care of other people.)

1, 2, 3.

(He still takes care of other people.)

(Seung Ri’s great life)

You really are a strong baby.

It was great.

– It’s amazing. – You’re amazing.


You live three times more than other people.

I enjoy it.

You can never avoid the dark circles.

I love busy life.

I hope you don’t get exhausted.

People with so much energy…

suddenly become exhausted from working so much.

That happens when you turn 30.

You can get exhausted.

– Is it going to be next year? – Yes.

When you become 30, you realize your body can’t take it anymore.

– Just over a year? – I’m serious.

I must do this to focus on my life.

– To focus. – Right.

I caused many troubles in Big Bang.

I was the troublemaker.

As I concentrate on my business…

and live with responsibility,

I don’t even have time to cause any trouble.

I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time to think of anything.

– That’s cool. – I concentrate on this.

I used to consider myself as a person with busy life,

but I feel like I’m nothing compare to his life.

I thought he was showing off,

but after seeing his life,

he looks very cool.

I respect him.

I’ve seen…

one variety show with him on it.

I saw his eyes.

You know…

He seemed he just came from the country,

and as he watches the 63 building,

he thinks “I’m going to conquer that building one day.”

– Desire? Ambition? – He had the eyes of ambition.

He really is doing it.

He’s accomplishing it.

– It’s cool. – Right. It’s cool.

I thought I have a lot to learn from him.

You should go say hello to him on Chuseok.

I should send him dried corvinas every holiday.


(My goodness.)

This is my way of life. What’s your problem?

– You’re humiliating. – Why?

(They’re funny.)

I hope cheerful Seung Ri…

– stays as an energetic man. – Yes.

– Thank you, Seung Ri. – Thank you.

(We support Great Seung Ri.)

(Part 2 of I Live Alone 5th year anniversary)

(The king of Korean Wave, TVXQ! returns.)

(Yun Ho and Chang Min’s lives are revealed for the first time!)

(Chang Min’s fresh morning)

(Oh, my.)

(I want to be Chang Min’s Wilson for one day.)

(I’m proud of my performances.)

(He’s very passionate.)

(I feel relaxed when I drink alone.)


(Yun Ho always has fun with his friends.)

(He spends time with his close friend Son Ho Jun.)

(The men grow closer through this time.)

(The passion and innocence of TVXQ.)

(“Starry Night” by Mamamoo)

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