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(One spring day in March)


(It’s nice to see them as always.)

– Hold on. President Jun. – Yes?

– You’ve become so stylish. – What are you talking about?


– You must have received some help. – From my stylist.

Not from Cutie?


I heard you two came here together today.

It’s just a rumor.

– Just a rumor? – I don’t mix work with my life.

There’s a rumor that you two use the same car.

– That’s another rumor. – They dumped one of their cars.

They sold it.

I don’t have an apartment anymore.

I can’t shoot for this show anymore.

I live at Hye Jin’s apartment.

(I hate you.)

Calm down.

– Don’t fight here. – Stop spreading rumors.

– All right. – Are you really together?

– I… – Are you really together?

(It still hasn’t sunk in.)

I mean…

– did you watch the last episode? – It was crazy.

So many people left favorable comments…

– about you. – Really?

They said he gave them butterflies.

It was the first time anyone had said that…

in the past 20 years.

Say hello to my girlfriend.

They say it was very manly of you.

Especially when you pulled Hye Jin’s chair closer to you.

A certain part received a rating of 19.6 percent.

– Do you know which part? – Which part is it?

He sure is creative.

It was when Kian84 recited his poem, “Sangam”.

– Really? – It got a rating of 19.6 percent.

– Is it true? – Yes.

(Kian84 wrote a poem for Hyun Moo and Hye Jin.)

(Viewer rating)

(This part received the highest rating.)


I’ve realized something.

– You don’t have to talk much. – The message is important.

As long as you can deliver an important message,

viewers will like it.

(The Grand Award winner is impressed.)

Your poem was amazing.

I’m writing other poems too.

Are there more?

I have so much material around me.

(Material never runs out.)

You should write one about Si Eon too.

(Lee Si Eon and Seo Ji Seung are Together)

(Si Eon has some good news.)

One thing you said gave me goosebumps.

You said, “There are two couples now.”

Did you mean yourself?

(There are two couples now.)

(Including me)

He didn’t mean Kian84 and Na Rae.

You said, “There are two couples now.”

But my girlfriend is not on this show.

You didn’t say anything about your relationship.

– You teased them so much. – Why would I talk about myself?

You gave us such a hard time.

You asked us if we’d had our first kiss.

You didn’t know your relationship was going to be revealed, right?

(Without knowing what was going to happen,)

(he bombarded the new couple with questions.)

(I’ll ask them everything.)

I didn’t know.

You sound so sad.

This is the look…

Hyun Moo had last Tuesday.

(They want to be left alone.)

I sat there too.

– That’s right. – It serves you right.

What’s your girlfriend’s nickname?

Tell us.

Tell us how you met.

– She’s an actress, right? – Yes.

– Should I talk about it? – Of course.

We should all know.

An actor introduced her to me.

Was it like a blind date?

Not exactly.

We just had dinner together.

– That’s how it started. – Did you hit on her?

– Yes. – Of course.

Women don’t usually hit on men first.

How did you do it?



You can’t say anything, right?

What do you mean?

I just asked her out.

And then?

– What are you talking about? – And then what?

We went to a movie together.

And then?

(What are you doing?)

– What do you want to hear? – It’s for the viewer rating.

I’m just curious.

I don’t remember well.

And then she wanted to become together with you?

After eating and going to movies together?

– That’s absurd. – I said it first.

Really? That’s cool.

The thing is,

– Kian84 needs some tips. – Si Eon is glaring.

I’m scared.

(I see.)

So many articles came out for the two days.

It might be your turn next week.


(Oh, my.)


I’m okay even if you’re seeing another guy.

I’m okay even if you’re seeing another guy.

So randomly?

What are you talking about?

You’re obsessed with viewer ratings.

I’d like to say something.

After our relationships were revealed,

some people commented that we should leave the show.

– Why would you? – “You’re supposed to be alone.”

But our show is called I Live Alone,

not I Don’t Date.

It’s not like we’re living together.

– It’s I Live Alone. – You’re right.

Why don’t you shoot something on that topic?

– So… – On that topic?

we’re talking about it.

We’re talking about installing cameras at home.

“At whose apartment should we shoot?”

“At whose apartment?”

“At whose apartment?”

My goodness.

(Let’s start.)

(I Live Alone)

(Last week)

(For a fan meeting,)

(Hyun Moo is learning to dance.)

Just do whatever you want.

(He’s getting into the rhythm.)


(I think you’re a good dancer.)

(He found his talent?)

(You need a female partner.)

(A female partner?)


(A female instructor enters.)

(Eye contact)

– Look her in the eye. – It’s too…

– It’s… – Make eye contact.

What’s with you?

(It’s getting worse.)

(I’m watching you.)


(Will everything be all right?)

(Park Ji Woo Dance)

(Hyun Moo is meeting his fan club after 4 years.)

(Before the class)

– I have to do that. – That looks so cool.

Oh, my.


It’s a basic cha-cha-cha rhythm. I have to dance to it.

– It looks difficult. – It is.

(Hyun Moo will do these moves at the fan meeting.)

He’s demonstrating.

He’s looking at his watch.

So fun.

Turn and go down.

(Will Hyun Moo be able to pull it off?)


How am I supposed to do that?

It looks difficult.

How is he going to do that?

– Forget about the rhythms you know. – Okay.

– He won’t be able to. – The rhythm is given.

Put your feet together.

Left foot.


– Right, left, cha-cha-cha. – Right, left, cha-cha-cha.

– That’s the rhythm. – Okay.

– Let’s speed up. – I get it.

– Right, left, cha-cha-cha. – You’re doing great.


Right, left, cha-cha-cha.

– That was fast. – You’re doing great.

He’s a great teacher.

If you can’t do this,

– you have to give up. – Is there anyone who can’t do this?


(What do you think?)


What did you want to hear?

I was feeling confident.

Do you remember the music I just played?

Try dancing to that music.

That won’t be easy.

(Automatic reaction)


Right, left, cha-cha-cha.

Left, right, cha-cha-cha.

(In sync)



Do we have to do this?




I don’t know what to say.

I’m just too happy.

I’m dying to dance.

Okay. Let’s try this.

You want to dance in your style.

When the music starts…

(Hip movement)

– It looks so different. – You have to use only your hips.

– It looks so cool. – I’ll demonstrate.

Take a look.


It’s cool, right?

He’s so sexy.


– What was that? – That looks difficult.

(It looks difficult for Hyun Moo.)

Something like this.

– You can do it. – There are no unnecessary moves.

– It looks so clean. – It looks controlled.


There are so many movements even before the singing starts.

Of course. You have to do this.

It’s too intense.

It’ll bring out your serious side.

Keep your eye on your partner.

Be serious.

Don’t be angry at her.

Just signal to her that you want to dance with her.


(Will he pull it off?)

(Like a butterfly)

(She approaches stiff Hyun Moo.)

They’re completely out of sync.



You’re dancing alone.

My goodness.

Forget about all rules.

– He’s taking this part away. – He’s taking it away.

He knows that he has to.

Invite her the way you want.

– Invite her? – Yes.

I knew this would happen. I knew you’d give up on me.

I’m just trying to find your own style.



Oh, my. What are you doing?

(What am I watching?)

– It’s that dance again. – It’s that dance.

(He does his signature dance move again.)

(He winks.)

A little more. A little more.

(He’s shocked.)

– Am I okay? – What was okay about it?

Strangely, it’s quite okay.

See? The expert approved it.

Can you do this?

– Right foot. – Right foot.

And then cha cha cha.

– My goodness. – He needs to practice a lot.

It’s very similar to what you did.

Right foot and cha cha cha.

(He copies the steps perfectly.)

(He’s touched.)

What facial expression did you just make?

I was touched by myself.

(His facial expression is as good as an idol’s.)

(He’s so cheesy.)

I have to walk slow to make it look like a slow-motion.

– Right foot and cha cha cha. – And cha cha cha.

And then you do a wave.

– I can’t do a wave. – I will make you do it.

– Many people have given up on me. – I won’t.

I did this for over a month.

I respect you…

– and your rhythm. – He’s full of confidence.

– Really? – Look.

– I think you can do it. – I feel like crying.

And you pretend to fall back.

Like this. From here,

– It’s not a wave. – lean back like this.

Okay. Okay.

– Ready. – It’s similar to a wave.

– Yes. – Right foot and cha cha cha.

Right foot and cha cha cha.

He just popped his chest.

(It’s embarrassing to watch him.)

– He just popped his chest. – What is that?

You are all teasing me.

Do you think this is easy?

(She’s frustrated.)

Teach us the steps.

– I’ll teach you how it goes. – Okay.

Let’s say a woman did this.

What will you do?

(He waves his body.)

(No way.)

Anyone can do it. See?

What’s up with you?

(Will Na Rae be able to do the body wave too?)

You do this.

– You start from your chin. – She’s good.

She’s the only one I can rely on.

– Do you think I can’t do it? – Show him.

(She perfectly managed the choreography of “Gashina”.)

(How would Hye Jin wave her body?)



(She stiffly falls back.)

Wait. Something was wrong.

I thought you’d do well because you did the “Gashina” dance.

She got to practice for that one. Don’t you remember the first time?

You should do a couple body wave.

(Kian84 and Na Rae do a couple body wave.)

This is how you do it.


Let’s thank the audience.

What are you doing?

And go.

(He gives another go at the body wave.)

That’s it.

(The instructor continues to encourage him.)

Right foot and cha cha cha.

(The wave part nears.)

(Here we go.)

(His body wave is pathetic.)

He’s like that bird with a man’s face we saw during the Olympics.

He’s like that bird with a man’s face we saw during the Olympics.

(It moved very stiffly.)

I am like that bird man.

– Bird man. – He’s Bird Hyun Moo.

Bird man.

(He thinks it’s very clever.)

Don’t tell him. Kian84 will draw it.

(He will use it as an inspiration for his cartoon.)

He might draw it.

– Go ahead and draw it. – Cheers!

(He first appeared as a pig seagull.)

(Then he became the man with a big opened mouth.)


(he will be a bird man.)

Bird man.

(His shocking movement…)

– You can’t do a body wave. – I told you so.

– Why would you do this? – I can’t do the wave.

– This is my version of it. – Wait.

You know what I mean, right? I can’t do it.

Let’s only do energetic moves. Let’s skip the body wave.

(He gives up.)

I can’t do the body wave.

(He was so sure to make Hyun Moo do it.)

He was so certain.

– See? You gave up too in the end. – He can’t do it.

I knew it. You said everyone could do it.

I gradually just go back to being myself.

– I respect your limits. – All right.

Now, from here…

He kept saying that. He showed so much respect for me that day.

– Bam. You did this, right? – Yes, I did.

(He comes up with a solution for the bird man.)

– And you do this. – I look too rude.

– No. No. – Okay. She touched me.

She touches you. When she does,

push away her hand and hold her once she returns.

– Okay. I have to look strong. – The audience will shout for joy.

Okay. I will do that. I can’t do the body wave.

– Let’s dance to the music. – To the music?

To the music. Okay?

(He concentrates.)

Okay. Go.

(How will Hyun Moo dance after giving up the body wave?)

Be relaxed.


(Swinging his body, he enters the problematic area.)

Right foot and cha cha cha.

– We decided not to do that. – Look at that.

Spin and hold.

– Isn’t it much better? – Spin and hold.

That’s good.

(That was much better.)

– That was fine. – Yes.

– He didn’t do much. – Right.

The lady did everything.

Memorizing the routine is difficult.

Let’s do the foot switching move.

– And. – And.

1, 1, 1, 1.

(Only the lady is busy.)

She’s doing everything.

She’s doing all the dance.

– I told you I give up fast. – Right.

– Originally, it’s… – You are wise.

We gained about 10 seconds.

– I just have to do this. – He’s a great teacher.

This is what you are supposed to do.

– This is the original move. – You can move your hip.

– Hip, hip, hip, hip. Aren’t I good? – I can’t do it.

Let’s not move your hip.

– He gave up again. – Oh, dear.

You will just stare at the girl. Stare at her.

– Stare at her. – And go.

(She’s very busy.)

Like this. Push and pull.

Push and pull.

She will do everything for you. Spread your legs.

– He respected me so much. – Now, start.

(He looks like a professional.)

She must’ve been so tired.

Great. That’s it.

(He got praised for doing nothing.)

– Is this good enough? – You restrained yourself. Right?

I did.

(He wanted to dance and constantly moved his pelvis.)

– I did restrain myself. – Restrain yourself even more.

– Can’t I do this? – It means he shouldn’t do it.

– No. No. – Just don’t do anything.

– I’m sorry I don’t do anything. – Don’t move.

– Don’t breathe. – Don’t breathe?

Don’t breathe.

He told me not to breathe.

Isn’t it better for her to dance with a life-size poster of you?

– Should I just stand still? – I am sorry.

How can you tell me to stay still when I came here to dance?

– Should I just stand still? – My bad. I am sorry.

– Should I move just a little bit? – Don’t move at all.

– Don’t move? – Stay still?

How can you keep telling me to stay still?

No. No. Supporting your partner is very important in dance sport.

– It’s very important. – Support. Got it.

Next. So we did eight moves in total.

Next, you will pull the lady and hug her.

(He will be hugging her?)

– Pull. – Pull her.

She works a lot.

– It’s hard on the man too. – Is it?

You slightly bend your knees.

When she comes, you will hug her like this.

(He will straighten his knees and hug her.)

– He’s jumping. – Oh, dear.

Don’t jump. There’s no jumping.

(The only thing he learned is how to stay still.)

I went there to learn dancing, and he kept telling me not to move.

Start. 1, 2, 3, 4.

(He bends his knees before he hugs his partner.)

And raise your elbow.

Stay still. Straighten your knees.

(He starts to communicate to Hyun Moo’s body.)

(At the age of over forty, he gets whipped.)

– He started to hit. – Right.

– He got annoyed. – Only then he will listen.

He’s annoyed.

I think he hit way too hard.

The slapping sound was very crisp.

– Ready. – You brought a bat.

I won’t hurt you. Tilt your head up.

It’s because I keep crouching.

Start. 1, 2, 3, 4.

1, 2, 3, 4. Your elbow. Stop.

Look here.

(He stopped.)

Stay still. Stay still.

While holding her, let go of her hand.

Stretch your arm…

and look at her once. While looking at her,

brush her face like this.

(His hand trembles.)

Why are you trembling?

It’s too close.

Just touch her.

(It’s nothing more than that.)

(He doesn’t know where to lay his eyes.)

Where are you looking at?

(Where is he looking at?)

Where are you looking?

– What’s wrong with you? – Nothing.

Have you never had a girlfriend?

Why would you tremble your hand?

This is crazy.

– How can I do this on stage? – You…

How do you do this on stage? This is art, Hyun Moo.

It’s just that I am embarrassed.

This is the toughest part. This is crazy.

Your elbow.

– Lift your elbow. – what about the hand?

Straighten your knees.

– He’s getting beaten again. – Spread your legs wider.

– Spread your legs wider. – He got scared.

– Spread your legs wider. – Okay.

– Hello. – Hello.

(He shyly welcomed Hyun Moo at first.)

– He said he’d respect you. – He became a gang member.

He used to be so sweet.

(After giving up many things, he brought out a bat.)

– I won’t hurt you. – I understand him.

Stretch your arm.

(Hyun Moo is still lost.)

Up, up, up!

(His voice gets louder.)

(It still scares him.)

(You used to do well at first.)

(You used to be a prodigy.)

(Can we please progress?)

(Come on.)

(Let’s go!)

He actually shouted like that.

Put down your foot. Okay.

– Your knee. – My leg is short.

Straighten your back.

That’s all right. Turn back and face each other.

– Okay. – Point at her.

Good job.

Put your left foot forward and raise your right hand.

That’s right.

Who is the teacher?

(He is playing the teacher.)

He is acting like a teacher.

(The teacher is me, and I am the teacher.)

I get it.

Straighten your neck, okay?

Let’s start.

– Good. Be more intense. – Like this.

Be energetic. Try.

Try again.

My goodness.

– Turn. – Ready.

Get ready.

– That stick again… – Hold her hand.

I was scared.

You need a beating.


1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2…

Take her in your arms. Your elbow.

(He follows the instruction.)

Your hand.

Raise it.

Look at her.

Hold her hand.

Stay still. Send her away.

Turn her.

Your finger.

(Point at her!)

(He learned it 10 minutes ago.)

– Point! – Did he forget?

– No way. – I think he did.

Did he forget?

(Hyun Moo is supposed to be focused.)

(Does he remember he is supposed to point at her?)


(I have no clue.)

Are you stupid?

My goodness.

Are you stupid?

Your finger.


– I was too nervous. – Why would you point at me?

I was nervous.

You’re supposed to point at your partner.

Gosh, this is frustrating.

My goodness.

What should we do with him?

He is good at nothing.

(I’m good at this.)

What are you doing?

What’s this?

I have to memorize it.

He’s a human-faced bird.

He’s a human-faced bird.


Just perform as a human-faced bird.

– It would have been better. – How can you say that?


(Don’t use it in your cartoon.)

I’m keeping an eye.

It doesn’t feel right.

That’s so funny.

– That was hilarious. – It’s so funny.

(The enthusiastic teaching continues.)

5, 6, 7, 8…

And pull her.

All the way! Down!


Turn her.


Her neck!

Dip her!

Get back up.


(The studio is filled with commands.)

(Hyun Moo looks immersed.)


(He’s learned every move.)


Good. Bravo.

Good job.

What’s that?

It’s the worst.

– What’s that? – My throat hurts just by watching.

You still haven’t comet your senses.

He’s doing that again.

You still haven’t comet your senses.

He’s doing that again.

(He is happy that the class is over.)

Are you sure you can do it?

I’m so worried.

(The video makes everyone worried.)

(A few days later)

– Let’s go. – Let’s go.

– Let’s go. – Let’s get it.

Let’s watch President Jun’s fan meeting.

Lets’ go. Let’s get it.

Jun Hyun Moo.

(Fan meeting day)

It’s so much.

(He is getting ready.)

(Who is he calling?)

Hi, Na Rae.

Hi, President Jun.

I have a question.

What is it?


(He hesitates.)

Do you remember robe you gave me…

saying it’d make me a fashionista?

Oh, that one.

– Yes. – What about it?

Do you want me to keep it?

Are you going to sell it?

How did you know?

I’m sorry to say this,

but you’re a jerk.

– How could he sell my present? – You must have been hurt.

The thing is…

I really like the robe, but…

Then keep it. Why would you sell it?

If you feel hurt…

(He’s trying hard.)

I’ll just keep it. I have other clothes.

I’m sorry to say this,

but it looked terrible on you.

That makes me feel better.

Feel free to sell it.

Are you sure?

Thank you.

– Have a nice day. – Have a nice day.

(Someone is at the door.)

(It’s his manager.)

– Is it you, Jae Sang? – Yes.

Is that my dance costume?

It’s so showy.

– You have to wear it later. – What’s this?

I should try it on.

I should make sure it fits.

I can’t even dance well, and my costume is so showy.

– Jae Sang. – Yes?

I like this.

What do you think? Doesn’t it look nice?

Doesn’t it look nice?

– Yes. – It looks good on me.

He looks surprised.

He’s stepping backwards.

I like this. What do you think?

– Doesn’t it look nice? – My goodness.

(The pants are too long.)

– It looks good on you. – Right?

Your belly.



– My goodness. – I won’t need any shoes.

(The pants have built-in shoes.)

– Built-in shoes. – I don’t need shoes.


I’m so satisfied.

– It looks good on you. – I want to do other shows too.


I’ve never seen his face like that before.

(I’ve never seen his face like that before.)

He’s on his way now.

Will it be held at Olympic Stadium?

Where are you going?

– Isn’t that MBC? – Isn’t that MBC?

(They carry all the presents.)


It doesn’t feel right.

(The cut-out has fallen.)

Is it broken?

(It’s going wrong from the beginning.)

(He holds it high up.)

(The first floor of the MBC building)


Why did I rent that hall? My goodness.

(Why did I rent it?)

Where is it going to be held? At the cafeteria?

Or in this studio?

– Here? – Hold on. Was it in this studio?

– “Hi.” – No.

– I’m sure many people came. – That might have been a good idea.

(An empty corner of the building)

Let’s put it here. Let’s have a photo spot.

(They set up a photo spot.)

– Radio hall… – A photo spot?

– Let’s put it here. – A photo spot…

I hope someone will take a picture and upload on social media.

(A cut-out is all they have.)

Let’s go.

Gosh. It’s… Oh, my.

(They enter the hall.)

It’s too big.

It’s Golden Mouth Hall.

This is not okay.

Oh, my. The banner has been put up.

(All the necessary things are there.)

They usually hold press conferences there.

(Si Eon recognizes the place.)

It can hold up to 300 people.

– Really? – It’s big.

It’s a grand piano.

– It’s a grand piano. – Even a grand piano…

– Are you going to sing? – He learned how to…

– play the piano from Yiruma. – Really?

(Hyun Moo met Yiruma after the New Year episode.)

I listened to the song, and…

(I listened to the song.)

If you get that rhythm right…

Then I can play two bars.

– That’s right. – Right?

(From the movie, “La La Land”)

It sounds so nice.

(Hyun Moo has chosen this song for his fans.)

(He tries playing.)

There you go.


– That was nice. – My goodness.

I feel like Ryan Gosling.

Not yet.

(What is his right hand doing?)

– What is that hand doing? – What are you doing?

He’s holding a glass of alcohol.

It’s performance art.

It reminds me of “Painted Fire”.

(He continues at home.)

(Even while waiting for shows)

You worked hard.

It feels like I’m holding a concert.

I was very excited.

(He feels excited.)

(He starts rehearsing.)

It sounds nice.

Let’s see how good you are.

I did it.

(He starts to sing nervously.)

There’s so much that I can’t see

(He is still not using his right hand.)

Are you using only one hand?


I guess you’ll use the other too.

I practiced only for a week.

Look at that.


(He does use his right hand too.)

(This technic is unheard of.)

Who does that?

I thought my ankle was going to break.

(It’d give you carpal tunnel syndrome.)


(They’ve finally come…)


Was that vibrato?

I forgot the next part.

– That’s why I improvised. – Are the lyrics right?

– They are. – They are.

(He finished the song without any serious mistakes.)


(He seems proud of himself.)

How was Jun Hyun Moo’s Scrapbook?

– “Scrapbook.” – “Scrapbook.”

“City of Stars”.

I’ll sing the last half of the song in Chuseok.

What’s he talking about?

I haven’t learned it yet.

What do I do now?


– His teacher. – Hello.

– Welcome. – Hello.

I was busy playing the piano.

Come up.

(They kept practicing even on their days off.)

(Three hours left until the fan meeting)

I was really nervous. My lips were dry.

She’s doing all the dancing. Look.

Do you have any idea…

– It’s like a solo performance. – how hard it is to stand like that?

(The result of Spartan education…)

(finally shows.)

I kept thinking about Park Ji Woo.



Get up!


– I’m sweating. – I know.

You have a waiting room.

It’s getting closer.

– My goodness. – The waiting room is so big.

I’m going crazy.

(Jun Hyun Moo fan meeting place)

(While the entrance is getting set up…)

I’m nervous.

(It’s an hour before entering.)

Were you nervous?

Of course. It was my first time.

How did you collect people?

– I posted it on the fan cafe. – I see.

(And he can’t continue.)

(A week before the fan meeting)

– You prepared a lot. – Hello.


– Hi. – Yes.

– President of the fan club. – How’s the preparation going?

– There aren’t that many people. – My goodness.

We had five applicants a couple days ago.


We have barely over 10 people now.

– We have over 10 people now? – Yes.

– I’m going to make it small. – Post it on your social media.

– Post it on my social media? – Yes.

Okay. I’ll post it on my social media.

– 10 people are way too small. – Yes.

Thank you.

(Hyun Moo’s disappointed by lack of applicants.)

10 people.

I’d have more people at school reunion.

10 people.

(He rushed to advertise it on his social media.)

(Will people come as many as people who liked it?)

(He puts on the clothes.)

– Look at that clothes. – Don’t I…

look like…

– a purser of a certain airline? – Yes.

That looks good.

Your shoulders look broad.

(His clothes look neat as if he’s going to fly soon.)

(It’s already dark.)

Aren’t there people going home?

Is this a library or something?

It’s so awfully silent outside.

I know. What time is it right now?

It’s 7pm, but it’s so quiet.

(It’s 7pm right now.)

You must be so nervous.

(The door opens at 7:10pm.)

(It’s quiet.)

– What? – It’s his manager.

(His manager is yawning.)

His manager is supposed to…

– He’s yawning. – There’s supposed to be a line up.

– I feel like crying. – There’s no line.

– They’re coming. – People are coming.

Thank you.

(The first fan visiting Hyun Moo)

– Hello. – I’m so grateful.

(They say hi to the manager first.)

(Why are they sitting in the reception desk?)

They’re executives of I Love Hyun Moo.

They’re staffs then.

They should come.

(Not those fans.)

(Male fan arrives in second.)

– The door opens at 7:10pm. – A male fan?

That doctor always comes.

– Doctor? – His name is Yeon Chang Hwan.

(He remembers the name clearly.)

You already know him.

– Friend. – He’s my friend.

– He’s your friend. – He’s not a fan.

When are your fans coming?

(His friend slash fan takes a selfie with the poster.)

I’m grateful.

– It’s worth putting it up. – A photo zone.


Why aren’t people coming?

This is crazy. There are no people.

This is so quiet.

I was so nervous. It was extremely silent.

The open hall is in silence.


Even though it’s soundproof,

people make noises,

but I didn’t hear any sound at all.

Not just rumbling,

but no breathing at all.

You know how your ears go deafened…

when the plane takes off?

It was so quiet as if that happened.

I wondered if no one has come.

Are there like two people?

That shouldn’t happen.

– I know. – My goodness.

– It’s so quiet. – My goodness.

– It’s serious. – I thought they were filming drama.

I held an autograph event in Busan.

That’s what happened.

– I was worried no one would come. – Did anyone come?

– How many did you have? – I had over 200 people.

(Busan citizens came to meet the great actor.)


I’m expecting 500 people for Hyun Moo.

Definitely 500 people.

– 500 people isn’t enough. – You need 1000 people.

1000. Right. It’s full, and people stand there.

– People need to stand. – The hall’s not big enough.

It’s not.

– People are waiting outside. – Right.

(But in reality…)

I think it’s the end of the world.

It’s so quiet.

Why is it so quiet outside?

(This extremely quiet day is…)

(Hyun Moo’s fan meeting day.)

– My goodness. – My goodness.

– Is he going to be alone? – No.

You know…

– Right. – he received the grand award.

It’s possible.

(Not as much as H.O.T,)

(but he still won the grand award.)

I was nervous.

I should’ve invited my friends.

I was so naive.

(I must’ve been complacent.)

(Few fans enter as if beans growing during drought.)

(Fan club executives don’t have any work.)

“Fan club executives don’t have any work.”

– 10 minutes left. – 10 minutes left.


(The auditorium is simple like a neighborhood meeting.)

– Is it real? – No way.

(He’s feeling delirious.)

(I’d rather not watch it.)

Is it really 10 minutes before the start?

(In 10 minutes, it’s going to be a small meeting.)

[VIU Ver] E235 I Live Alone
“Fifth Anniversary”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

– 10 minutes left. – 10 minutes left.


(The auditorium is simple like a neighborhood meeting.)

– Is it real? – No way.

(He’s feeling delirious.)

(I’d rather not watch it.)

Is it really 10 minutes before the start?

You’re going out.

Good luck, Hyun Moo.

Sit outside.

Sit outside quietly.

– He’s telling him to sit outside. – Let me give you a hug.

– It’s all right. – I’ve gone through a lot.

I have a question.

Did you invite only a few people to make it funny?

– No? – It’s real.

– How did you advertise it? – How could this happen?

Did you know?

President Jun has one million followers.

Why did they follow him?

Come on.

They only want to see me on the internet.

Is the fan cafe not active?

– It’s almost like a ghost cafe. – I see.

Only executives ask how they’re doing to each other.

Some people sell medicine.

Also, you know…

– Ads. – the Ten Commandments.

– Game ads. – There’s the Ten Commandments.

They post traffic regulation changes.

You know stuff like that.

What are you going to do?

– I feel bad for him. – The lights are off.

(President Jun jumps to the dark open hall.)

(How many people came for Hyun Moo?)

(He enters in silence.)

I’m behind the curtains. I don’t know what’s going on.


(He has no idea about the auditorium.)

(He doesn’t know where to look.)

That sound still lingers in my ears.

It was extremely quiet.

I was shocked.

Since then, my hands started to feel numb.

I didn’t know what to do.

There’s no twist.

I’ve hosted many big shows.

The crews ask the audience to stay quiet.

– Before the shoot. – That’s right.

You still hear something.

You hear the audience.


libraries would be quieter than it was there.

It was so quiet, I thought I was at a library.

I didn’t even hear a single creak.

It was silent and I couldn’t hear a single sound.

– I thought I was deaf. – You didn’t hear any voices?

How could that be possible when you won Grand Award?

– It’s different. – Don’t be so serious.

They shouldn’t have given you the Grand Award.

It’s different from having many fans and many viewers.

– Is it? – My goodness.

– I couldn’t look straight ahead. – It’s different from having fans?

Yes, I think it’s totally different.

Kian84 is too serious.

– You should give it a try. – What?

You should try holding a fan meeting.

– Many people will come. – I have a club too.

– I have a club. – Is it an anti-fan club?

– Is it an anti-fan club? – I also have one of those.

Lucky you.

(I also have a small anti-fan club.)

(The curtains open.)

– You must be nervous. – He sounded nervous.

(The seats look empty.)

(Was it a failure?)

It’s a disaster.

(It’s hard to read his face.)

– Wait a second. – Why are you smiling?

(The video pauses.)

Look at his face.

– What’s going on? – Are we continuing next week?

Wait. What is going on?

Weren’t there four people in the audience?

There were 2, not 4.

(Find out how many people came to Hyun Moo’s fan meeting next week.)

(The Rainbow Live)

Do you know what day March 22 is?

– March 22? – What day is it?

– The 22nd? – Don’t you know?

It’s the day before my birthday.

(She’s embarrassed.)

– That’s right. – I’m sorry.

It’s the day before Hye Jin’s birthday.

Remember the date.

– Her birthday is the next day. – Okay.

Her birthday is March 23.

Her birthday is the 23rd…

and the 22nd is…

the fifth anniversary of the Rainbow Club.

– It’s already been 5 years? – Yes, 5 years.

We celebrated the fourth anniversary in Jeju Island.

– Was it around this time of year? – That’s right.

Was it?

We went to celebrate the fourth anniversary.

It’s already been a year and it’s the fifth anniversary.

How long have you been part of the Rainbow Club?

– It’s been four years. – It’s been quite a while.

– It’s about time you left. – It’s been a while.

You’re like the trilobite of I Live Alone.

(He’s the trilobite fossil of I Live Alone.)

We had to find a way to celebrate it properly.

We have a mind-blowing special episode…

prepared to celebrate the fifth anniversary.

You’ll be surprised.

Today, you’ll watch the first part of it and be blown away.

Taking it from where Tae Yang left off,

this member of Big Bang will make Kian84’s heart flutter.

It’s Seung Ri.

(Seung Ri of Big Bang)

Please come out and join us.


(He’s the cute youngest member of Big Bang.)

(He’s back as the charismatic and strong baby.)

(He not only DJs, but also has his own business.)

(He’s a jack of all trades.)

(Seung Ri of Big Bang)

Come on in.

Hi, everyone.

It’s the fifth anniversary.

– He’s pretty good. – Hello.

– Hi. – Hi.

– Hi. – Hi.

(He stands on the tip of his toes.)

– Welcome. – Thank you.

– Congratulations. – Thank you.

He’s very energetic.

– We finally meet. – I know.

– We’ve only talked over the phone. – Why did you call him?

I asked her for a favor.

He owns a DJing label.

I was in a music video…

– of one of their musicians. – She was in a music video.

– Really? – Yes.

– It’s a song called “Macho Man”. – That’s right.

I was the macho man in the video.

(Part of “Macho Man” by Crispi Crunch)

(Na Rae did a great job of acting in it.)

– That’s awesome. – Yes.

I’m sorry I didn’t come see you earlier.

– Did you come empty-handed? – I’ll bring something next time.

I’m sorry, but are you exhausted?

You have bags under your eyes.

The members of Big Bang left to join the army.

You must be making up for everyone.

Yes, I’ve been doing shows for all the members.

Everyone wanted to call GD,

but recruited me instead, since he isn’t available.

So, I’ve been very busy lately.

You sound like an old man.

– He’s like a village leader. – He sounds like a chairman.

I spent some time with older people and it changed the way I speak.

Did you know Kian84 is a huge fan of Big Bang?

– Are you? – Yes, since I was in the army.

What’s your favorite song?

– Well… – Sing a line for us.

– Give it a try. – Do it.

Let’s go.


(It was raining late at night)

(I went to pick you up)

(They don’t know what to say…)

(as Kian84 seems lost.)

I went to pick you up

Okay, let’s take a look at the video clip.

This wasn’t how I imagined it.

That was horrible.

There was an article about Seung Ri being on the show…

and a comment stood out,

saying he thinks Seung Ri would have a huge picture of himself at home.

I’m sure he does.

His nickname is the Great Seungtzby.

He loves partying and glitzy things.

I imagine his house would look like something in Hollywood.

He probably has gold coated on the walls…

– and always has wine. – And champagne.

He might wear silk pajamas.

I heard a little bit about him…

when I met his younger sister.

– My sister? – Yes.

I asked questions about him,

but he’s more down-to-earth than I expected.

It may seem like I live a glamorous life,

but I don’t indulge in luxury.

– Really? You can say that? – Yes.

I only spend on other people.

– I throw parties. – You like to have fun.

I spend money on memories.

He speaks like someone in his 50s.

You’re right.

He sounds like a chairman…

telling his employees not to waste money.

Buy memories, not useless things.

It’s the only thing that lasts.

(This is Seung Ri’s humble abode with a view.)

– Look at that view. – It looks nice.

– It looks very nice. – It’s like the view from a hotel.

– His room is as big as my house. – That can’t be a studio.

It’s really as big as your house.

Your room is as big as my house.

How could you say it’s humble?

Your house has to end with that room to be humble.

It has to be a studio?

That has to be the end of it.

The sink should be next to the bedroom.

I don’t even have a shoe rack.

– He’s the icon of humbleness. – The icon of humbleness.

(The bed covers rustle.)

(I’m sleepy.)

Look at the bags under his eyes.

They’re drooping.

It’s a relief your room is dark.

– Polka dots. – What’s that?

That’s cute.

At least they aren’t made of silk.

They’re humble.

(He humbly walks out…)

(with a toothbrush in his mouth.)

(He brings out a piece of clothing.)

He’s putting a robe on.

That’s right. Gatsby always wears a robe.

– Of course. – I knew it.

I like that robe because it’s soft.

I like your swag.

(Seung Ri is full of swag.)

(Should I start with this?)

– What’s that? – What are you doing?

– What is that? – It’s a bluetooth speaker.

– What? – Oh, a bluetooth speaker.

I don’t see what’s humble about that house.

(Seung Ri’s choice of song fills the room.)

(When Tae Yang was on the show)

(Seung Ri turns the music on way too loud at home.)

– I remember that. – He brings girlfriends home.

That’s why I decided to move out…

and the rest of the members all moved out to live alone.

That was an explicit interview.

– I remember him saying that. – He had a hard time.

(I feel thirsty.)

(His bathroom sink is the color of gold.)

– I told you there’d be gold. – Yes.

It’s gold.

Is that real gold?

No, it isn’t.

(He checks the bags under his eyes in the mirror.)

I don’t like being on TV without any makeup.

– Why not? – Why not?

– I have bags under my eyes. – You look the same right now.

– There isn’t much of a difference. – Is that so?

– You look the same. – Really?

(After carefully washing his face,)

(he goes into the living room that is humble, yet luxurious.)

That’s very nice.

What was your sister talking about? You know how to spend.

I feel relatively deprived.

(His first dressing room is full of suits.)

Why do you have so many suits like someone who works at an office?

Look at all those shirts.

Look at that.

– Do you have two dressing rooms? – This is the second one.

Look how humble it is.

Who lives so humbly like that?

He only has two dressing rooms?

He doesn’t have much. He lives a humble life.

(This is the first time Seung Ri is showing his house on TV.)

Look at the terrace.

(The large terrace…)

– The terrace is nice. – It’s nice.

(overlooks the city of Seoul.)

Your house is very clean.

Are you going to cook?

(It seems like he’s going to cook.)

Do you cook?

Food products you just have to heat up are pretty good nowadays.

There are meals that are ready-to-cook.

(He looks through his refrigerator.)


– Is that a lunchbox? – That’s convenient.

– I think it’s a diet meal pack. – That’s right.

In fact, I never leave any food on my plate.

Even if it’s a lot, I finish my plate.

It’s the same for me. I always finish my plate too.

So I like it as it always serves the same amount of food.

– Wasting food is a bad thing. – Right. It’s a good attitude.

(He picked up a pack of meat as well.)

(He puts the meat on the heated pan.)

(He starts dancing to the music.)

He looks fabulous when he just got up.

He’s full of cheerful energy.


Do you really do that when you’re alone at home?

Music is playing now.

(It’s so exciting.)


From behind, he looks like a DJ.

People might think he’s DJing.

(As if he were a DJ at a club…)

(who creates music with his fingers)


(He’s in a trance.)


– Gosh. – Why?

– Oh, dear. – It’s because you were dancing.

If his mom had been there, she would’ve slapped him on the back.

Gosh. That’s a waste.

(What a shame.)

Is that stir-fried rice and kimchi?

– No, that’s spicy pork. – I see.

Is it really a diet meal?

Well… It’s not a diet meal.

– What did you say? – You said you were on a diet.

Did you eat your diet meal as well?

I craved it that day.

(The delicious-looking meat dish is done.)

– I get hungry whenever I come here. – Me too.

(He dances to the song…)

(while walking to the living room.)

(He calls someone before starting eating.)

– Yes, CEO Lee. – Hi. How did it go?

– “CEO Lee”. – He called Seung Ri “CEO Lee”.

It’s been decided to release the song on March 5.

They’ll finish the rest songs within this week.

What day is March 5?

It will be between the end of March and early April.

– What day is March 5? – I’ll confirm it…

The day will probably be decided within this week.

What day is March 5?

You could’ve checked the calendar.

How many times did you ask that?

March 5 is Monday, right?

– Yes, it is. – What about the other matters?

I’ll arrange a meeting this week…

to confirm the rest.

Check it.

(He’s full of charisma.)

He’s charismatic as he’s a CEO.

(He gives off the vibe of a CEO.)

– Well… Pardon me? – Check it.

– Okay. – He’s fabulous. He’s only 29.

– He’s incredible. – Isn’t he fabulous?

I used to run this DJ label,

but the chairman took it over.

– The chairman? – Chairman Yang Hyun Suk…

– He took over your label? – took over my label.

What about you?

I became the CEO of YG Entertainment’s affiliate.

He’s the CEO of the company.

– Are you still running the company? – Yes.

May I call you “Mr. Lee”?

(He changed his attitude.)

Si Eon, it’s rude to ask a question like that.

You can just call him “Mr. Lee”.


I’ll call him “Mr. Lee” as well. He’s so cool.

However, I’ve never seen…

anyone who treated Rain so casually like you did.

Here you go. Put this on your head.

Why do you always make me do things like this?

Come on. Put it on, Rain.

Your fans criticized me.

To his junior singers,

Rain is legendary.

A lot of them dreamed of becoming a singer because of Rain.

You just realized that you made a big mistake, right?

– He’s probably regretting it. – He’s… Gosh.

What’s so special about Ji Hoon?

(I’m a great actor.)

“I’m a great actor.”

He treats even Rain that way,

but calls me “Mr. Lee”.

– It’s… – He complicated the seniority.

The order of seniority is too complicated now.

Why don’t the three of you meet up some time?

– It’s a mess. – Who has the most seniority?

– Mr. Lee does. – I see.

(He received a message from China.)

It’s Chinese.

(The Shanghai branch was very successful in 2017.)

Do you understand all that?

– Yes, I do. – Didn’t you play a recorded file?

(We’re planning to establish a brand management company in 2018…)

(in order to expand the business into other areas in China.)

– Is there a branch in China? – Yes.

– How many? – There are three in China.

(There are 3 branches of his restaurant in China alone.)

(He replies to the message speaking fluent Chinese.)

I’ll go to Shanghai soon, so I’ll get in touch then.

Let’s meet up and discuss it.

– His Chinese is so good. – He’s almost like a native speaker.

Right? You also speak Chinese.

I can’t hold a candle to him.

He’s amazing.

(He also got a message in English.)

The place is opening in 2019.

What’s that?

It’s in a six-story building in Las Vegas.

And the whole place is an all Asian-themed entertainment complex.

If you have any questions, just ask me.

Do you have a branch in the US too?

I got an offer from Las Vegas.

He’s unbelievable.

(He speaks English fluently as well.)

I might go to Hong Kong next week.

So let’s talk about the plan face to face…

because I need to know about the details.

He’s good at English.

– Seung Ri. – He’s incredible.

Mr. Lee.

You’re so cool.

Seung Ri is such a fabulous man.

I started learning the languages because of my group.

Since the other group members were outstanding as musicians,

I wanted to find something I can do better than they do.

I thought that if I can speak foreign languages,

I could be invited to events in foreign countries.

I started learning foreign languages…

to make a reason for people to look for me.

That’s amazing. How could he thought that way?

He strengthened his competitiveness by himself.

When my group appeared on Japanese or Chinese TV shows,

I talked most of the time.

– I’m sure he got a lot of airtime. – Right.

How long did you study to get to this level?

I think… I learned fast.

I think it suits me.

It looks like you will also open a language school soon.

– Would you open one in Noryangjin? – “Seung Ri School”.

(“Seung Ri School” will soon open.)

I shouldn’t be late today.

(He finished checking his work and his meal at the same time.)

I really shouldn’t be late today.

What is he doing now?

What’s that?

– What’s that? – What is he doing?

Is sewing your other job?

What are you doing?

My goodness.

– Why does he do that? – Isn’t that a cross stitch?

(Is he really cross stitching?)

A cross stitch?

Do you sell handmade crafts?

Will you open a cross stitch school as well?

Who is he, really?

What kind of person is he?

Isn’t Seung Ri a robot?

Isn’t he an AI?

There are 10 clones of Seung Ri.

You’re a decaplet, aren’t you?

(The 10 clones of the Korean Gatsby…)

(work busily to play their own parts.)

(His phone rings at that moment.)

(He speak Japanese as well.)

What we discussed in Tokyo not long ago…

– He speaks Japanese well too. – will be proceeded from today.

I see. Thank you for your help.

I told the staff in Hong Kong as well.

(He keeps sewing while talking on the phone.)

When is my concert tour going to be?

We haven’t decided yet.

I’ll let you know once we set the date.

If you don’t set the date soon,

since I have several other plans,

it might mess up my schedule.

I understand. We’ll hurry up.

– He really lives a fabulous life. – He’s cool.

He’s sewing on a baby shoe while talking on the phone.

(He’s cross stitching with his plump hands.)

(Why did you cross stitch?)

My neighbor recently had a baby.

I thought I should give her a heartfelt gift.

I tried to think of a nice gift.

In fact, I used to enjoy cross stitching when I was a kid.

I thought I could reminisce old memories and use my talent…

while preparing a homemade gift for her.

– For your neighbor? – Yes.

Your neighbor?


(He picks up his phone suddenly.)

He’s unbelievable.

(He’s getting excited again.)

When I saw the pink thread, I thought of Black Pink.

(Pink thread reminded him of Black Pink.)

(Black Pink)

He’s so energetic.

– He would never gain weight. – Exactly.

(My love is on fire)


(Help me.)

(Oh, dear.)

He startled me.

He won’t be able to open a cross stitch school.

I thought his got a cut on his hand.

It hurts so much.

(I’ll blow on your wound.)

I haven’t seen a cross stitch for 10 years.

Did you learn from someone? Or did you find a tutorial video online?

I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

– Cross stitching? – Yes.

(Seung Ri enjoyed cross stitching since he was a child.)

I’m done.

(The baby shoes are done prettily.)

(He’s taking out something else.)

It’s baby clothes.

It’s so cute.

(It looks like he also prepared baby clothes.)

I don’t know who she is, but she’ll love it.

– His neighbor. – Right.

Who is she? Why is he preparing it with so much affection?

(Moving quietly)


(Now, he’s going to wrap the box.)

In fact, that was my first time for wrapping a gift.

(He has never wrapped a gift before.)

I’ve seen it on TV.

Am I doing wrong?

It’s not easy to make it pretty.

Right. This is what I saw on TV.

He did a good job.

– Did you learn how to do it? – No, I didn’t.

The only thing I’m good at is gift wrapping.

You should make yourself look good as well.


He always tries to make himself look good saying he’s a great actor.

(You’re doing well.)

(He’s clumsy.)

This is not right.


– It’s crumpled. – You’re so poor at it.

What’s the problem?

First of all, it’s his first time.

No one can be perfect.

It’s understandable that Mr. Lee is not so good at it.

Seung Ri has clumsy hands.

How dare you?

Don’t be disrespectful to him.

I can’t believe her.


It looks cheap.

It looks like a parcel box.

This won’t work. It looks like a parcel box.

(Tearing up)

It looks like a parcel box.

(He gives up on wrapping the box.)

– It’d be better as it is. – Just tie it with a ribbon.

– I changed my plan. – Good for you.

– The ribbon goes better with it. – As if it was your intention.

(Tying carefully)


(It’s odd. This isn’t right.)

This doesn’t look like a bow.

Why are we all holding our breath?


– He’s not good at everything. – He feels more human.

(My Mom Kang Hyun Sook)

(He calls his mom as he keeps struggling.)

Why is this so difficult?

Can you explain it over the phone?

– Yes, Chairman Lee. – Hi, mom.

– Does your mom call you that? – Do you know how to tie a bow?

– Sorry? – A ribbon bow.

Tie the ribbon prettily,

and cut it with scissors.

That’s correct.

Yes. You can just tie it prettily.

I wish it were that easy for me.

But I can’t seem to make that shape.

– Tie it once, – Okay.

and take out the both ends to opposite directions,

so you can form a shape like a butterfly.

– She sounds so friendly. – But she’s not helping.

– She’s from Gwangju, right? – Yes, Gwangju, Jeolla Province.

– Jeolla Province. – I can feel the southern vibe.

– She’s speaking in Gwangju dialect. – “Cut it with scissors.”

What should we do? Let me think.

I’ll figure out a way of making it look like a butterfly.


How should I do that? All right.

(What should I do?)

Use your brain. Use your brain.

(He speaks four languages.)

He looked so cool until then.

– He speaks four languages. – But he can’t tie a ribbon bow.

He’s a young CEO, but…

What’s this?

– He made it more luxurious. – I tried to make it like a bow.


(I give up.)

– He gave up. – There’s no bow.

It looks incomplete.

– Gosh. – My goodness.

He looks great when he’s showering as well.

(After taking a shower,)

(he goes to the dressing room to complete his looks.)

What should I wear?

(There are lot of dress shirts hanging on the rack.)

Why do you have so many dress shirts?

It’s because I go to the office on a regular basis.

– You’re running a business. – You also have business meetings.

He’s a business man.

His dressing room looks like a department store.

(There are a lot of suits as if he’s shopping at a store.)

(Seung Ri is a young and rich businessman.)

A man’s greed is uncontrollable.

While working as a member of Big Bang for 12 years,

I gained fame and success as a member of Big Bang.

Now, I want to gain success in different fields.

I ran many different types of business before,

and the businesses failed.

Through the experience, I built up some skills.

Fortunately, my businesses are going well now…

without suffering great loss.

(How will CEO Seung Ri dress today?)

– What’s that? – That’s too glamorous.

I don’t think that looks nice.

– My goodness. – Hold on.

– He looks like a hairtail. – Are you copying me?

I look like a Middle Eastern man…

Exactly. You look like a Middle Eastern man.

I look like an oil billionaire.

– He looks like an oil billionaire. – Like a Middle Eastern man.

– That’s too much. – Isn’t that for a party?

You won’t wear a turban after this, right?

(Seung Ri, the billionaire from Dubai)

Let’s keep it simple.

(He decided to wear a black suit.)

His body is also…

– What do you mean? – How does his body look?

He has the body of a CEO.

– The body of a CEO? – Isn’t that a bad thing?

He has the body of a CEO?

(CEO Lee, do you like suits?)

To be honest, unlike my group members…

like G-Dragon or Tae Yang who has great fashion sense,

I can’t match clothes well.

I always wear clothes…

that are meant to put together.

– Like jacket and trousers set. – That’s unexpected.

It’s hard for me to match outfits together.

So I prefer a suit.

I just have to choose a shirt, jacket, trousers,

and shoes.

And a tie too. I don’t have to think very hard.

– He looks great. – He looks nice.

Are you going to work now?

Before going to work, I’ll drop by the next door…

– Oh, the shoes? – to give the gift…

– to my neighbor. – We’ll finally find out who she is.

– His neighbor will be revealed. – His next door neighbor.

(The doorbell rings.)

– It’s right next door. – Yes.

Who is it?

Hi. It’s Seung Ri.

I came to congratulate you.

Okay. Please give me a second.

Who could she be?

(Who could be his next door neighbor?)


– I’ve never come by to see you. – Right.

(Actress Lee Si Young)

– She’s Lee Si Young. – My goodness.

(A restaurant business owner meets a star!)

(They decided to spend the rest of their lives together in September.)

(And Si Young became a mom.)

She and I were going to…

the same skin care clinic. That’s how we first met.

And she moved in to the house next door to me.

To congratulate her on the birth of a baby and welcome her…

as my new neighbor, I decided to visit her.

– Please come in. – Can I come in?

Of course.


(Welcome, Seung Ri.)

Hold on. I think… Your house…

– Why? – It’s different from mine.

– Why is it different? – She must’ve renovated it.

It’s three times bigger than my house.

– There’s more gold too. – Exactly.

Everything is in gold color.

Your house is like a mansion.

– Our houses look so different. – It’s completely different.

Please have a seat.

How can they be so different?

– It’s also sunnier than his house. – Exactly.

(A large, sunny living room)

– My goodness. – Her house is so nice.

(Si Young and her husband’s first house looks refreshing.)

She and I have similar names.

– I’ll bring you something to drink. – Okay.

Anything would be nice.

– We only have one kind of drink. – Okay. Thank you.

I live right next door, but this house is so different.

It’s so different from my house.

It has a great view.

That’s right next to your house. What are you talking about?

Her house is right next door to me,

– You were just jealous. – but it felt like it was better.

I understand you.

We have nothing else to serve you, so I brought…

some fruits.

Goodness. Si Young, even your spoons and forks are gold color.

We rarely use them.

– I brought them for you. – Really?

– I chose the prettiest ones. – Everything is in gold.

Maybe because your husband is a successful self-made businessman,

you two like gold color.

By the way, Si Young,

you look the same as before when you just gave birth.

– Do I? – Indeed.

– Exactly. – Is it because you work out?

I didn’t gain a lot of weight.

She ran a marathon when she was pregnant.

That’s right.

To tell you the truth, I brought a gift.

It didn’t feel right to come empty-handed.

I learned cross-stitching when I was young.

– Did you make the gift? – Please open it.

It’s wrapped nicely, right?

It’s wrapped in a style that is popular in London.

You only taped the box.

It’s a style that is popular in London.

– It’s touching that he made it. – Did you make the gift?

I made the gift.

I can’t believe it.


– Did you really make these? – Yes.

I loved cross-stitching when I was younger.

They are so pretty.

– Did you really make these? – Yes.

Your child was born in the year of the rooster.

Yes, he was. I had a son.

From a small chick…

I am so touched.

Thank you so much.

It didn’t feel right to come empty-handed.

Is this an outfit? My goodness, it’s so cute.

My goodness.

– It’s so cute. – You did a good job.

I will send you a picture of my son in it.

Please tell him that Uncle Seung Ri made them.

I will do that. Thank you so much.

I will tell him that a popular celebrity made them.

I hope I stay popular until he grows up.

What are you saying?

(He worries about his future like a middle-aged man.)

It turned into a comic chat.

– I hope I stay popular. – It’s like Seung Ri’s talk show.

– What are you saying? – I was away for a while.

Of course you will stay popular.

A member of my group, Tae Yang, got married as well.

I heard.

As someone who got married first,

is there anything you would like to say to him?

(That’s so sudden.)

– You are conducting an interview. – This isn’t “Section TV”!

– It’s “Section TV”. – Are you a reporter?

– What was that? – “We are at Lee Si Young’s house.”

I am not sure. Men tend to be mischievous.

My husband is the same.

That’s why I don’t want him…

to take care of the baby.

You don’t want your husband to do that.

A few days ago, I let him watch the baby…

when he was crying.

“I need to go to the restroom.”

“Please comfort him.”

I was only gone for a second.

When I returned, he was breastfeeding him.

– He was breastfeeding him. – What does that mean?


What does that mean?

He is crazy.

I know Si Young’s husband.

– He was breastfeeding him. – I was so surprised…

that I asked him what he was doing.

He said it was his attempt to make the baby stop crying.

He must have been desperate…

– to make the baby stop crying. – That’s ridiculous.

I don’t let him watch the baby anymore.

– I see. – That’s why…

I am worried that…

you or Tae Yang would do the same. Men are alike.

It’s not good for the baby.

Your husband is very mischievous.

He did it in seriousness, but I was upset.

Did his attempt to breastfeed the baby…

make him stop crying?

He kept on crying because there was no milk.

(He stifles his laughter.)

Of course he kept on crying.

I was so surprised.

Why are you so serious?

– You should have laughed. – Of course the baby kept on crying.

This is hilarious.

So that’s what happened.

(My goodness.)

I am focused on the baby…

that I can’t think of anything else.

I don’t have advice.

When I meet Tae Yang,

I will tell him not to breastfeed the baby.

It’s not like that.

I was so surprised.

I hope men wouldn’t pull a prank on babies.

Still, my husband is caring.

That’s right.

It was a funny episode of “Section TV”.

– What are some struggles… – I don’t remember anything else.

other than your husband’s attempt to breastfeed the baby?

– It’s an amazing interview. – He is good.

– Seung Ri is a good reporter. – He is good.

Everything is a struggle when you take care of the baby.

If you would like,


Does she want him to babysit?

(What will she say?)


I can make a breast milk soap and give it to you.

– A breast milk soap? – Yes.

(Look at his facial expression.)

What is she talking about?

Is that a thing?

Do people make soap with breast milk?

– Is that possible? – My goodness.

I learned that it’s good for your skin.

I see.

I am planning to make soap…

because I have a lot of it.

– When I am done… I am making it. – I see.

If you would like, I can give you one.

You should use it.


A lot of mothers do that.

They use the soap to wash the babies.

Their husbands’ skin improves, too.

How does she say all of that without laughing once?

By breast milk, do you mean…

Does it come from you?

Yes, it does. It’s the mother’s milk.

Breast milk. Some people drink it.

– Do adults drink it? – Yes.

I see that it’s beneficial.

It’s rich in antioxidants.

Why are they so serious?

This is ridiculous.

Talking about those topics with Si Young…

made my face turn red.

I am so embarrassed. Seung Ri isn’t even married.

It’s good for your skin.

If you are okay with it, I can give it to you.

– It’s a bit… – Okay. I would like one.

How many would you like?

I have a lot.

Feel free to send me a text.

(He feels dizzy.)

I can’t just ask you to give me a number of breast milk soaps.

Breast milk soap!

(He would be too embarrassed to ask.)

My goodness.

Tell me if you want 6 months’ worth or a year’s worth.

How would you prepare that much?

You won’t have enough soaps to give other people,

but it should be enough for you.

If I give your breast milk soap to other people.

I would be a piece of garbage.

My goodness.

(It’s not a gift he can turn down or share.)

– My goodness. – For goodness’ sake.

(They have no choice but to laugh at her goodwill.)

It’s a great interview.

I am in tears.

It’s the best interview in the first half of 2018.

It’s the best.

It was my first time to hear about breast milk soap.

It’s only soap.

I would be a piece of garbage.

I am sorry for speaking nonsense.

It’s something people should know.

That’s right. It’s a useful tip.

– You are right. – Yes.

– It’s a good opportunity to use it. – I agree.

(His brain is suffering from information overload.)

– I will give the soap a try. – Okay.

If I get the breast milk soap,

how am I supposed to use it?

(Let’s see.)

When I receive the soap, I will have to store it somewhere.

I don’t know how I am supposed to use it.

Tell me if you like it.

Then I can give you more.

(My goodness.)

– I will eat some strawberries. – I…

They talked about breast milk for over 10 minutes.

I prepared a gift, too.

– Really? – Is it breast milk soap?

Maybe it’s a breast milk soap set.

I arrange flowers.

– To get ready for your visit, – She arranged flowers.

I prepared from early in the morning.

I made this.

– There is another one. – You made this.

Please wait.

(They are finally on a different topic.)

– I am exhausted. – The talk of breast milk soap…

kept me awake at night.

– This is insane. – When I am in the restroom,

I can’t help but look at the soap.

– Did you receive it? – I didn’t receive it yet.

– I will soon. – She will give it to him.

My face is burning. None of us knew about it.

It was our first time hearing about it.

Does it really exist?

Breast milk is one of the ingredients.

– That’s right. – It’s not the only ingredient.

That would be impossible to use.

You must be close to her to receive that kind of a gift.

It’s no ordinary friendship.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

– What are you talking about? – You must be close to her.

Would someone get me a shot of tequila?

You are not allowed to drink.

Drink water.

I can’t do this sober.

It will be pretty at home.

How pretty!

– She arranged flowers. – I didn’t add a lot of water.

If you add water, it will keep for a week.

– It will be fresh. – What do I do after a week?

After a week, you send them off.

What is she saying?

Si Young is mischievous.

She jokes around in a calm manner.

– Did you write this with the baby? – Yes.

(Si Young and her baby wrote a letter.)

Her baby is revealed for the first time.

You are right.

It’s a recent picture. He is 40 days old now.

(Cho Jung Yun)

– How cute! – He takes after his dad.

It’s a relief.

– Why? – I think it’s a relief.

I am so thankful.

I think he’s really cute.

Hello, Seung Ri.

My name is Jung Yun. I’m only 40 days old.

Welcome to my next door.

Actually, it hasn’t been that long since I moved in.

Have meals with my dad and hang out with him often please.

My dad bugs me so much…

that my mom wants someone to take him.

She’s not joking. She’s serious.

(Sorry, Honey.)

If you invite me,

I’ll visit you in nice suit.

From Jung Yoon.

– He can wear this. – Thank you.

– I’ll make sure to invite you… – Yes.

– to spend time. – Yes.

I’ll be an uncle who is fun to spend time with.

I won’t breastfeed him.

Let’s hang out often. Let’s have a meal again.

I’ll see you next time.

(Bye now.)

– Thank you so much for today. – Yes.

You don’t need to walk me out.

– Thank you. – Bye.

– “Section TV”. – It’s the best interview this year.

It’ll be the best scene in 2018 for MBC.

Breast milk soap will top the search word for a few days.

Right. I agree.

(Seung Ri is back to his life.)

Going to work.

(It’s first time seeing business man Seung Ri going to work.)

(Off he goes with the chairman car.)

Let’s go to work.

(Where is he going?)

What time do you usually go to work?

Actually, my employees don’t like to have lunch with me.

– They find it uncomfortable. – You nag a lot.

I go to work after lunch.

They only like the pay.

Thank you for calling.

(Seung Ri calls somewhere again.)

– Hello. – It’s me.


What time can you come to work?

– I’ll be there around 8pm. – Really?

Then let’s meet in the studio tonight.

Are the songs ready?

3 songs are ready, and one of them is worth for the title song.

– For the album. – Really?

– Solo album. – Yes.

(Seung Ri’s clock never stops.)

My office is in Samsung-dong.

– Samsung-dong, Gangnam? – Yes.

– Hey, Seung Ri. – Yes.

(He arrives at his work constantly talking on the phone.)

– Is that your company? – Do you own that building?

It’s here?

– Oh, your ramyeon restaurant. – I see.

– He has ramyeon business. – It’s the seminar.

(The place where Seung Ri becomes the greatest)

It looks like the morning drama.

I know. The department head.

– It’s like the morning drama. Look. – You’re right.

(He’s not envious of any other business owners.)


(His greatness explodes.)

– I’ve seen this from drama. – Goodness.

(He has many employees.)

– Are they your employees? – Yes.

(CEO Lee Seung Ri)

– Your company is so big. – Look at his company.

– Wait. That’s your office? – Yes.

It’s like a movie.

(Gangnamdaero, the symbol of success)


(This place is filled with desires.)

You can talk down to Ji Hoon.

– Is that your office? – Yes.

(Today, he forgets about Seung Ri of BigBang.)

– This is marvelous. – It’s like drama.

What is this?

Is this a drama or what?

(I’m CEO Lee.)

(How is CEO Lee’s day?)

Those glass windows are so hot.

– He probably has air conditioners. – You get tanned.

– Your face gets tanned. – Because his back will be tanned?


(CEO Lee goes through documents for approval.)

Come in.

(A mysterious woman hangs around the door.)

(CEO Lee who focuses on the documents remotely,)

(and the mysterious person who walks in quietly)

Did you hire an actress?

I thought an actress was walking in.

– I thought she was an actress. – Dramatization actress.

She’s a department chief.

(Je Bo Young, ramyeon business department chief)

There’s nothing for holidays because it’s closed.

– It’s like a drama. – I agree.

Tell me the truth. Is she an actress?

– Isn’t that a drama studio? – She works for me.

I think I’ve seen her on “Surprise”.

– What? – Isn’t she acting?

– It’s all pretending. – It’s awkward, isn’t it?

– Seung Ri looks awkward. – It’s my daily life.

– I’m going to check it. – I’m serious.

– Is this from China? – Yes.

Interior design for the second store in China.

What about Vietnam?

It’s going to open on March 1.

Malaysian store wants to sell drinks.

– You have a script, don’t you? – It sounds like a script.

It’s awkward.

No. I’m serious.

Who wrote the script?

– Where did Malaysia come from? – It’s my daily life.

Why are Malaysians eating ramyeon?

I signed a contract in Malaysia.

Why does their conversation sound so awkward?

I’m serious. That’s my daily life.

– It’s my real lifestyle. – Okay.


It’s like watching a documentary on CEO.

I started this ramyeon business a year ago.

I already have 35 restaurants.

When I include people in the field,

I have over 200 employees.

I’m expecting 2.5 billion dollars…

for annual sales.

I actually…

don’t joke around anymore…

because if I make a mistake,

all those people won’t be able to get paid.

I have huge responsibility.

(Huge CEO Lee)

Learn how to act.

(He keeps looking awkward.)

– Isn’t this scene so awkward? – It looks like a drama.

(CEO Lee’s life unfolds for real.)

(How cool a hard-working man looks)

(Great Seung Ri moves the world in one word.)

(Put BigBang away in my business.)

(When his employee provokes him,)

(CEO Lee’s upset.)

(He feels delirious by serious business.)

(How’s the end of Great Seung Ri?)

(The curtain opens for Hyun Moo’s fan meeting.)

(For his precious fans who made it…)


(He reveals his chest hair,)

(and kisses on the forehead.)

(Usually fans are jealous.)

(But his fans freak out.)

(Into Hyun Moo’s special fan meeting)

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