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Qeema Bharay Tinday Recipe In Urdu – Recipe No

Trimmings – Ingredients

1 sets an enormous piece of a kg 2 tbsp 250 gm 3 Salt to taste 4 Ginger, crushed garlic 1 tbsp 5 onions 1 tbsp 6 tbsp red bean stew a huge part of a teaspoon 7 cumin a huge part of a teaspoon 8 coriander crushed a huge part of a tbsp Cup 11 coking oil as required

Bit by bit Instructions

Fry the hacked onion in cooking oil and add white cumin seeds to make 1 seared qima. Fry rye seeds, cloves, fennel and coriander in an enormous piece of a teaspoon and squash in a processor then add salt and a huge part of a teaspoon of turmeric and mix well. Pickle flavor is ready. Wash and strip the tendons and cut them in the middle. Fill one tablespoon of cooked qima in each broiler. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes

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Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe In Urdu

Trimmings – Ingredients

1 curds 200 gms 2 salt to taste 3 ginger crushed garlic 1 tablespoon 4 onions 1 tablespoon medium 5 tomatoes 2 tablespoons 6 red peppers 1 tablespoon crushed coriander 7 tablespoons ground turmeric 1 teaspoon 9 white cumin 1 teaspoon 10 Crushed hot flavors an enormous piece of a teaspoon 11 yogurt a huge part of a cup 12 bowl two tablespoons 13 lemon juice one teaspoon 14 gums fenugreek a huge part of a teaspoon 15 new cream four tablespoons 16 cooking oil as required

Bit by bit Instructions

1 Cut the curds into square pieces, finely cut the onion and blend the tomatoes. 2 Mix an enormous piece of some yogurt with salt, a huge part of a teaspoon of red pepper, a huge part of a teaspoon of turmeric, lemon squeeze and bowl. Add and mix well and marinate the curds pieces in it and save it in the fridge for 30 minutes. 3 Put a little cooking oil in a non-stick iron and set up the curds pieces for five to seven minutes. 4 Turn on the contrary side and sprinkle cooking oil on top. 5 Heat 4 to 6 tablespoons cooking oil in a dish and fry onion till splendid. 6 Add ginger garlic and fry gently then blend.

Limited scope Kabab Sandwich Recipe In Urdu

Trimmings – Ingredients

1 Chicken Breast 200g 2 Gravy 200g 3 Double Bread Slices Eight Pieces 4 Salt to taste 5 Ginger Garlic 1 tbsp Ground Garlic 6 tbsp Red Chili 1 tbsp 7 tbsp Grind 1 tbsp Mayonnaise Half Cup 9 Mustard Paste 10 tbsp Egg 1 tablespoon cooking oil as required

Bit by bit Instructions

1 Wash the minced meat and cook in a tablespoon of cooking oil with a teaspoon of ginger garlic, salt and red pepper on low warmth. 2 Wash the chicken chest in an alternate dish with salt and ginger garlic on low warmth. Cook until it breaks down in its own water and the water dries. 3. Crush the chicken with a wooden spoon and fiber it. Right when it chills off, add mayonnaise, mustard and dim pepper and mix well. Apply the chicken mix on the cuts of bread and spot them on a cutting board and cut their edges. 5 Fry the minced meat well, dry its water and when it chills off, pound the edges of twofold bread and mix it. Add 6 eggs. Make little kebabs and fry them in cooking oil until splendid. 7. Cut each twofold part of bread into four pieces and detect the kebab on top of the plate of blended greens and close it in with the contrary side. Take

Add tomatoes and fry. Furthermore add turmeric, red pepper and crushed coriander. 8. Right on the money the stove and fry till the oil disengages, then add some water and let it cook. 9. Concerning an air pocket, cover it with pieces of curds Put it on the tail for 5 to 7 minutes. 10. Finally add cream, sprinkle Kasuri methi and cooked cumin and mix carefully and take it off the stove. Start hot.

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